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Chapter 172 Popular Person

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 It was when I observed the three of them in combat training and exchanged opinions with Alex-san about their fighting skills.

 ”…Someone is come.”

 Oza-san, who had been silent until now, opened his mouth with just one word and stood up from the spectator seat and went down.

 Thinking that, I leaned out from the spectator seat and looked back to see a figure walking towards me.

 ”I’ve been thinking for a while, but what kind of person is Oza-san who can notice someone approaching from this distance?”

 ”He is a warrior. A true warrior who lives only to polish his own martial arts, that’s Oza.”

 ”A warrior… But if that’s the case, wouldn’t the Banrai Battle Axe be more suitable for Oza-san than the Shouhyou Spear?”

 ”Well, actually, he used to belong to the Banrai Battle Axe, but he suddenly transferred here about three years ago. I asked him for the reason, but he only answered with one word, ‘to further polish his martial arts,’ and didn’t go into details.”

 The Banrai Battle Axe is a firm that values strength above all else, and in a sense, it is an empire-like firm that considers actual ability as the measure of trust. On the other hand, the Shouhyou Spear is a solid firm that values achievements as the measure of trust, and it can be said that it is completely opposite to the Banrai Battle Axe. It was quite strange for someone who entered the Banrai Battle Axe to transfer to the Shouhyou Spear.

 There must have been some reason for Oza-san as well, and it’s probably best not to inquire too deeply. While thinking about such things, the figure approached, and when it came to the bottom of the spectator seat, it looked up at me and called out.

 ”Master Neil, are we doing a special training today?”

 The person who called out was Momoka, and she asked me if we could do sword training. I smiled wryly and answered her question.

 ”No, I’ll pass today as well. Instead, Oza-san is waiting, so prioritize that.”

 ”Okay, understood.”

 In fact, the reason why the members of the Shouhyou Spear are here is not only to watch Eurus’s training, but also because Momoka is here. To explain how this came about, we need to go back to the day after the members of the Shouhyou Spear came to the settlement.

 Since Eurus and the others started training together in combat, I no longer had the opportunity to directly face them and could only watch their fights from the spectator seat. At that time, Momoka came and invited me to do sword training after a long time.

 I thought that it would be a good opportunity for practical study to show the three of them sword training, even though it had nothing to do with magic, so I temporarily stopped their combat training and asked Momoka for her cooperation in sword training. However, the members of the Shouhyou Spear came there.

 Apparently, when they were guided to the settlement by Lewya, they were told that this place was being used as a training ground, so they came to move their bodies when they were free. It felt impolite to ignore them just because we were in the middle of sword training, so I stopped and gave a slight bow, and then the members of the Shouhyou Spear started their own self-training.

 After a while, when I happened to shift my gaze away from Momoka, everyone stopped and stared at me and Momoka. I pride myself on my sword skills because I learned them for self-defense, but I’m not so skilled that I can be showcased, and they are more experienced in actual combat than I am.

 I wondered if there was something strange about me, and I couldn’t continue training in a mental state where I wasn’t focused, so I put down my sword and interrupted the training.

 ”Oh, are you done already?”

 ”Well, since there’s still training for the three of them, let’s stop here for today. I’ll rely on you again.”


 Well, if the members of the Shouhyou Spear are going to use this place in the future, it will be a little difficult to do training. If we do it, it might be better to do it in an unnoticed different space. While I was thinking about that, Alex-san approached me and called out.

 ”Master Neil, may I have a moment?”

 ”Ah, yes… um, is there something strange about my sword?”

 ”No, what I want to ask is about the girl who was your opponent.”

 ”Eh, Momoka?”

 ”Is she Master Neil’s sword instructor?”

 ”No, it’s not like that. She usually helps with the work in the settlement and only trains with me when she has free time.”

 ”I see. Well, if you don’t mind——”

 ”——I would like to have a match with her.”

 When I looked towards the voice that interrupted Alex’s words, I saw a large man with thick arms standing in front of Momoka.

 ”Oza, you haven’t received permission from Master Neil yet. Stop acting on your own.”


 Oza, as he was called, seemed to not hear Alex’s words and simply waited for Momoka’s response. On the other hand, Momoka, who was asked for a match, looked at me with a troubled expression.

 Why does everyone keep asking me for confirmation? I’m not the one hiring Momoka for sword training, and it’s her own choice. Let her do as she pleases.

 ”Well… Momoka can do as she likes. Don’t worry about me.”

 ”Understood, then I’ll accept your fight.”

 ”I see… I appreciate it.”

 As soon as Oza prepared himself, a pressure emanated from him that caused the air to ripple, causing me and Alex to hastily step back from the scene.

 ”If Oza is this motivated, it means he’s fascinated by her skills.”

 ”Wait, wait! Is this really just a match, Alex-san? It feels like it’s about to turn into a fight to the death! Shouldn’t we stop this?”

 ”Once Oza enters combat mode, words won’t stop him. If you interfere, he might kill you.”

 Suppressing the urge to shout that they should have told me if he was such a dangerous person, I looked at Momoka, who was facing Oza at close range. Despite being in such proximity to Oza, Momoka’s expression remained unchanged, calmly observing him.

 ”Don’t you have a weapon?”

 ”I don’t have one. My own body is the most reliable weapon.”

 ”I see, understood.”

 As Momoka muttered those words, she threw away the sword she was holding and assumed a fist-fighting stance.

 ”What are you doing?”

 As soon as Momoka threw away the sword, the pressure from Oza increased, and the air became even more tense. However, Momoka showed no signs of fear and calmly evaded all of Oza’s attacks with seamless movements.

 ”That woman, what kind of nerves does she have? Normally, even if her body doesn’t flinch, it would be strange.”

 ”Hahaha… Just hearing the sound of the air bursting makes my legs tremble, right?”

 ”No, rather than avoiding Oza’s attacks, what’s abnormal is that she’s perfectly deflecting all of his power without leaving any room, Master Neil. If she were to miss and graze her skin, it would be torn apart along with the flesh. She’s flawlessly flowing with Oza’s strength. I’ve thought she was more than just an ordinary person since she sparred with Master Neil, but who exactly is she?”

 ”Well, Momoka used to be an escort for traveling entertainers, but when the entertainers stopped traveling, she started working in the settlement. She mainly helps out where there’s a shortage of manpower, so she doesn’t have a specific role or position.”

 So, if I were to answer Alex’s question, it would be “Former escort for traveling entertainers, current helper.” However, it seemed that Alex wasn’t satisfied and continued to gaze at Momoka as if probing. Well, it’s absurd to expect him to be satisfied with such an answer after witnessing such a feat right in front of him.

 But no matter how excellent Momoka’s skills were, just the pressure from her punches could burst the air. Just the thought of missing one and getting hit sent chills down my spine.

 Now, I watched the match without making any moves, wondering how long this match would continue, and anxiously observing for a good twenty minutes. Suddenly, Oza stopped moving and lowered his arms, releasing his stance.

 ”Huh? Oza-san, what’s wrong?”

 ”I couldn’t hide my fatigue anymore. Only the final blow was slightly slower. Even in perfect condition, I couldn’t land a single blow. I decided that there was no chance of winning while carrying fatigue.”

 I couldn’t see any difference in his movements, but even such a small difference must be significant to Oza-san himself. Oza-san, who had been fierce until just before the match, now spoke to Momoka calmly as if nothing had happened.

 ”It’s a complete defeat. There were those who dodged attacks and those who had no choice but to take them, but you’re the first one to take them perfectly. Can you tell me your name?”

 ”I’m Momoka. And you?”

 ”I’m Oza. Momoka, once this body is fully recovered, I want to challenge you again.”

 ”Sorry, I have work in the afternoon, so it’s impossible.”

 I was impressed by how clearly Momoka could speak to Oza-san, who exuded an atmosphere that brooked no refusal.

 ”…I see. When will your work end?”

 Still, Oza-san keeps to ask her. However, he was interrupted by Alex-san.

 ”Hey, Oza, you haven’t forgotten about your night security job today, have you?”

 ”…Ah, yeah.”

 ”What was that just now? I won’t allow any behavior that interferes with your security job.”


 ”Don’t say ‘but.’ Go back to the barracks and rest quietly.”

 ”…I guess there’s no choice. Let’s withdraw for today. Momoka, what about tomorrow?”

 ”I’m fine, but I don’t think I can spar with you multiple times during lunchtime.”

 ”I see, it’s a shame that there’s a limit, but if we can spar, I won’t complain——”

 ”——Wait a minute, what are you trying to monopolize? I can’t just stay silent after seeing that. I also want to spar.”

 ”Yeah, count me in too!”

 ”Me too!”

 Somehow, things have taken a strange turn. It seems that watching Momoka and Oza-san spar has ignited a fire in the others. In this natural flow, or rather, as an expected result, a competition for the order of who will spar with Momoka next began, and just before the match with Momoka, it felt like another battle was about to start.

 ”That’s enough for now.”

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