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Chapter 191 Volume 4 – Character Introductions

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 Name: Glaceus Gladigium

 Status: Emperor of the Gladigium Empire

 He is the emperor of the Gladihium Empire, to which the Count Atmiras family belongs.

 In his younger days, he used to do whatever he pleased in various places and was called the “Rampaging Lion.” However, after ascending to the throne, his ferocity subdued, but his recklessness remained unchanged. Therefore, he is now called the “Rampaging Lion King,” with a different meaning as well.

 Gus ability as a king is by no means low, but rather, it can be said to be quite high. However, in principle, he delegates everything to his subordinates and only handles the minimum amount of government affairs. As a result, those who do not know much about Glaceus evaluate him as “excellent as a soldier, but mediocre as a king.”

 He stands out among the emperors of the past, and it is said that no one can understand Glaceus’s thoughts, including Glaceus himself.

 Since the time he came into contact with Neil when he was young and tried to develop the item box, he has continued to monitor Neil. He has also read Neil’s letters and reports to his family, but when he learned about the new type of item box and the existence of elves, he came to the settlement the next day. He is surprisingly agile for an emperor of a great nation.

 When he met Neil in the settlement, he pointed out Neil’s naivety and threw words that seemed to deny him, but he is helping Neil in order to fulfill his wish.

 Neil’s intention was to suppress the nobles, while Glaceus, in addition to fulfilling that wish more than Neil anticipated, also executed a harassment by praising the products of the settlement and attracting a large number of people to the settlement. However, if this can be handled well, it will bring great benefits to the settlement. So, rather than just harassment, it can be seen as a little push mixed with some personal grudge towards Neil, who had been keeping secrets from himself.

 As a side note, Glaceus became greatly interested in the swing in the settlement and seriously considered exchanging his throne for a swing. However, this story probably won’t come up in the main story.

 Name: Nash Hedmar

 Status: Head of the Hedmar Viscount Family

 He is a noble of the Empire who governs the territory adjacent to the northern part of the frontier.

 He and his wife are childhood friends with Ronim, a representative of the sincere and wise man, and they spent time together almost every day until they were locked up in a mine due to the former feudal lord’s mismanagement.

 Nash, in the past, was a dwarf with such a strong core that Ronim called him “more stubborn individual than himself.” Despite being worn down by the hellish days of an uncertain future, he rose up to save his clan and eventually became a noble of the empire after going through many twists and turns.

 Taking on the role of the new lord in place of the former lord, he achieved his long-cherished desire to liberate his clan from the depths of hell. However, despite having saved his clan, he found himself isolated and not recognized as a fellow clan member due to his newfound status as a noble of the empire. He was neither able to discard his noble status nor regain his former state, leaving him in a state of isolation and helplessness. As a result, he survived in imperial society in a state of complete transformation, losing not only his core but also his very heart, becoming completely immersed in the ways of the empire’s nobility.

 In fact, the employer of the trio who were investigating the pioneer settlement was none other than Viscount Hedmar, as Neil had expected. Viscount Hedmar had been wondering when Neil would ask about it, but since Neil never brought up the topic, he decided to dangle a bait by saying, “I will answer one of your questions sincerely,” to see Neil’s reaction. However, he realized that Neil was constantly thinking about others and forgetting about his own convenience, and he found it foolish to see Neil as an imperial noble. So, although not everything, he revealed his true feelings.

 In other words, at that stage when he said “I will answer sincerely,” as advised by Lucena, Nash had no intention of speaking sincerely, considering it as a mere verbal promise. After Nash spoke sincerely to Neil, Zora and Ronim appeared, and while showing parental affection towards Zora, who had grown up as a respectable dwarf employee, Nash left the pioneer settlement without compromising his position as an imperial noble.

 Name: Zora

 Status: A Sincere Dwarf employee

 She is the representative of the sincere dwarves and the legitimate daughter of Nash Hedmar also Ronim’s stepdaughter.

 Due to the difference in birth and upbringing, Zora experienced bullying in childhood. Additionally, after learning that she is not the true daughter of the aristocracy, she began to self-hypnotize herself, saying, “I am a dwarf.”

 Although she verbally expresses dislike for the aristocracy and their lack of trustworthiness, the underlying resentment stems from her anger towards her parents, who became aristocrats and abandoned her, and her grudge towards the aristocrats who pushed her parents into a situation where they had no choice but to abandon her.

 These emotions also include Zora’s own internal feelings. Initially, when she arrived at the settlement, she held negative emotions towards the aristocracy and the fact that they restrained the settlers for work. She also harbored resentment towards Neil. However, after Neil risked his life to protect her, Zora began to open her heart. When she finally met her biological parents at the settlement, suppressed emotions overflowed, causing her to temporarily lose control. However, Neil’s attitude and words helped her regain composure.

 Zora, who had returned to her usual state, pondered between her biological parents and her adoptive parents, Mire and the dwarf. Instead of choosing one or the other, she realized that she was both, and that is why she exists in her current self.

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