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Chapter 2 Fifteen Years After Birth

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 In the year 2207 of the Grygys, in the third wind week of Water Star (湫星), I was born anew as Neil Atmiras in the different world of Kaldor.

 So far, I am happy with the name Neil, and although the date is a bit peculiar and hard to remember, it is a trivial matter.

 The problem was my status in the world.

 ”Really, young master Neil isn’t crying, is he?”

 ”Yes, he didn’t cry at all when he was born.”

 I lay in my crib, and people who seemed to be servants looked at me and called me “Little Neil” or “young master Neil”.

 It seems that I was born not as an ordinary citizen in this world, but as the son of Count Atmiras.

 Since I am the first born, I am expected to take over as the heir of the family, and my hopes of a free and easy life in the other world have been shattered in an instant. In an instant, my hopes for a free and easy life in another world were shattered.

 To make this come true is impossible unless I run away from home or my family itself falls, but I can’t bear to cause trouble to my parents just for the sake of my own desire, and I can’t wish for their downfall.

 Well, traveling is not the only way to enjoy the other world.

 If I was born as a nobleman, I should enjoy this world as a nobleman with all the advantages I have… that was my optimistic thought at that time.

 In the year 2208 of the Grygys Era, the first fire week of the year of the Harvest Star (結星), in short, a year and a half had passed since I was born. I was impatient to be able to walk around freely on my own two feet.

 One of the reasons is that in this world, or more precisely in the Gradigim Empire to which the Count Atmiras belongs, the role of nobles is very important.

 The Gradigim Empire was an absolute monarchy, where the orders of the emperor were absolute, and any failure to follow his orders could result in not only deprivation of title but even physical beheading.

 Even if a person failed to follow the orders, his/her head would be physically cut off.

 Besides, I had been poisoned by the otherworldly novels of my previous world and my senses had become numb, but there was no way I could play the role of a nobleman comfortably.

 The management of a territory covers a wide range of things, and it is not enough to think only about the territory, but to spend time fighting with other nobles for power and grievances, while fearing when the emperor’s order will come.

 And this is the biggest problem: when I was reincarnated, I asked God to give me a special ability, but he never told me what kind of ability he had given me.

 I tried to find out some way to find out, and I tried to look through various materials in public after I became able to move around, but unfortunately, I could not find any way to distinguish the different abilities.

 The only way to find out is to ask God directly, but I don’t know how to communicate with God any more than I know whether there is any way to identify my supernatural or not, so I am stuck in the end.

 In the year 2212 of Grygys, in the third wind week of the Water Star (湫星), I celebrated my fifth birthday.

 Now that I’m five years old, I’m no longer under suspicion when I read books or work hard to learn magic, and I don’t have to steal people’s attention anymore, which has made me realize a few things.

 Compared to other people, I seem to have progressed a little faster.

 At first, I thought that it was simply because I was still an adult and people around me saw me that way, but after thinking about it, I realized that in my previous life, I was an incompetent of incompetent, and I got dizzy just by looking at some complicated materials or reference books, but now I can understand the contents of them rather easily.

 I wonder if this is the result of the supranatural ability of my brain, in which case, I have a glimmer of hope for the future.

 In the year 2222 of Grygys, the first fire week of the Beginning Star (始星), I am now 14 years old, and I will be 15 years old at the next star change.

 Incidentally, there are no four seasons or months in this world, and the five stars play the role of both seasons and months.

 The year is divided into five stars, which move in the following order: Beginning Star (始星)→Water Star (湫星)→Flame Star (焔星)→Ice Star (焔星)→Harvest Star (結星), and return to the Beginning star as the beginning of the year.

 Then, there is an attribute week that corresponds to a day among the stars, but I will explain this later.

 But that is not what is important now.

 In this world, a person is considered to be an adult at the age of fifteen, which means that I will become an adult this year.

 I have been able to relax a little because I am a child, but this will not be the case when I become an adult.

 Since my father is still working, I am not expected to take over the reigns of the family out of the blue, but I am often told by my father that I should be aware of my status as an aristocrat and that I should help him with his work.

 To tell the truth, it was not so much a matter of concern, but if I thought of it as a long-term succession, it would be much better than if I was suddenly handed over the reigns of the family.

 I thought that I would have no problem as long as I learnt from my father’s work, not knowing yet that a terrible ordeal would be waiting for me on my fifteenth birthday.

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