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Chapter 20 Just Kidding! Chaliapin Sauce

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 The story ended there, and the elf woman went back to the forest… well, not quite, but she had healed her wounds but not regained her lost blood and strength, so I asked her to stay at the mansion for a night to take care of her.

 Incidentally, after that, the elf woman introduced herself briefly to me and told me that her name was Lewya Nym Valliale.

 To tell the truth, I am quite puzzled by the sudden softening of her attitude, such as agreeing to stay the night and introducing herself to me.

 From the timing point of view, it seems that the fact that she knows I am a member of the Atmiras family is definitely a factor, but I have never heard of any connection between the Atmiras family and the elves, and it is a mystery to say the least.

 Although some ambiguities remain, I don’t want to do anything rash to disturb the situation while it is improving, so let’s put this story aside for the time being.

 Time flies, the sun is setting now, and the mansion is filled with a spicy aroma that stimulates the nostrils and the stomach.

 ”Master Neil, how is it?”

 ”Hmm, I think it’s good, it’ll probably go well with this.”

 We were currently in the kitchen of the mansion, working on the sauce for tonight’s dinner, Heindahl’s steak.

 The reason why Diana and I were doing this, and not the slaves, was because of the sauce we were making.

 First of all, I have to make a statement as a premise that the level of food in this world is, to say the least, not that great.

 Even for a single steak sauce, all the sauces sold in the supermarkets in my previous world tasted much better than the ones in this world.

 It may be misleading to say so, but when making sauces for meat dishes at home, I may mix ketchup and oyster sauce, but the sauces in this world are like putting only ketchup on the steak.

 I am not saying that ketchup is bad, but to be honest, it is not complex enough for steak sauce, and it is not suitable for steak either.

 I thought I would have to get used to it, as it was the standard in this world, but I got fed up with the overwhelming number of steaks on the table and the lack of variations of steak sauces, which was probably a part of the food culture in this world. Therefore, I went to the head chef who was working in the mansion at that time and asked him to make one steak sauce.

 I asked him to make a steak sauce called “Chaliapin Sauce,” which is a sauce made of grated onions, butter, red wine, soy sauce, and so on, which originated in Japan.

 The reason why I asked for chaliapin sauce is that I either did not know how to make other sauces or could not get most of the ingredients for them, while I could get most of the ingredients for this chaliapin sauce, and I had made it before in my previous life.

 However, the only bottleneck in making this chaliapin sauce was the existence of soy sauce.

 I tried to find soy sauce for a while, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it, and I had to recreate the chaliapin sauce without it.

 Well, to be precise, it was the former head chef who made the sauce, and I only commented on his prototype sauce, saying that it lacked depth of flavor or richness, and to be frank, the head chef probably thought I was a child who always asked him to do something.

 I was a basic communicator, but I kept ordering him to make a good sauce, and I think that shows how much I was fed up with the sauces in this world.

 Well, the chaliapin sauce was made without soy sauce, but thanks to the efforts of the former chef, it turned out to be as good as the steak sauce in the world where I used to be.

 However, in the end, the sauce could not be reproduced perfectly, and it was a kind of a fake Shaliapin sauce, which was different from the original one except for the use of grated onions and red wine.

 Still, the sauce, named after the former chef, was called “Narsht Sauce,” which completely overturned the conventional sauces and became a sauce loved even by the royal families of other countries regardless of empires.

 By the way, the reason why I have been using the term “former” chef for a while now is that the former chef, whose name became famous thanks to the Narsht Sauce, decided to move to a noble family that offered better conditions, and he is no longer at mansion.

 Now that Diana has made the sauce that I have described at length, and I am tasting it, it has not been widely used by the common people.

 Most of the sauces are made of onions and other inexpensive ingredients, but some of them contain expensive spices.

 It would be very unreasonable to ask someone who has never made sauces or handled spices to make sauces with such expensive spices, and considering the possibility of failure, I came to the conclusion that it would be better to make the sauces ourselves.

 ”So that’s it for the sauce, how about the steaks?”

 ”Y-yes! It’s cooking now, please wait a moment.”

 ”Oh, yeah…”

 I feel uncomfortable to see the woman who has become so embarrassed because I have asked her to come to me.

 I guess it is inevitable because the relationship between master and slave has been established, but when she is so afraid to talk to me, it is even more difficult for me to talk to her.

 In such a case, the main character of a novel is good. He could communicate with the person, but unfortunately, it is too difficult for me who does not have the ability of communication.

 Well, I made a sauce with bold ingredients, and I hope that it will not only improve their motivation but also make them feel a little better about me.

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