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Chapter 203 Failure Story

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 One night, around ten days after Kilk came to the village, Harmon and his friends, after finishing their usual hunting, were sitting in the dining hall, having a drink. Maybe it was the alcohol, but they were more into talking than usual. Despite their different backgrounds and ages, they rarely had common topics. But there was one thing they could all discuss.

 ”Do guys really prefer women with curves? It’s uncomfortable when you can feel bones on a woman with no flesh.”

 ”Harmon, your issue is that you only care about how they feel in your arms. Slender limbs, a defined waist… admiring with the eyes is also important.”

 ”Even a plump woman can be enjoyed, okay?”

 ”Alright, calm down. Everyone has their own preferences, okay? Speaking of which, my preference—”

 ”Shut it. As long as she’s got a pretty face, nothing else matters to you, shoulder-pon man.”

 ”What did you say, you punk!?”

 Amidst Jott’s surprise at Harmon’s words, Kilk tilts his head and asks a question.

 ”Shoulder-pon, what is it?”

 ”Oh, I see, Kilk doesn’t know. Alright, let me teach you, Kilk.”

 ”What!? Hey, stop”

 Jott tries to cover Harmon’s mouth in a panicked manner, but before he can do so, arms extend from both sides and restrain Jott’s body.

 ”Ugh! Dominic! Demar! Let go, damn it!”

 ”Well, calm down, Jott. Didn’t you say the same thing? Now, let’s listen to Harmon’s story quietly.”

 ”Harmon, now’s the time. Let Kilk hear it.”


 Harmon gives a thumbs-up to the two and turns towards Kilk, starting to speak.

 ”Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jott. Jott left his homeland, a theocratic country, in order to fulfill numerous dreams and came to the empire. Among those dreams, the first one he tried to achieve… was to lose his virginity to the best woman.”

 ”Ahh… I see.”

 At that moment, Kilk had a feeling that the conversation might not be very useful, but since he had asked the question, he couldn’t just dismiss it. So, he decided to quietly listen to the rest of the story.

 ”They say that in the Imperial Capital, there’s a fancy place called ‘Heaven’s Bedroom (Tenjou-no-Shitsu),’ where the women are really special. People come from other countries just to visit it. And you know what? It costs five gold coins just to get in.”

 ”Five gold coins…”

 Compared to a regular store visit, which costs about five platinum coins, the difference in price is huge. Kilk couldn’t believe that some people would spend that much money just to be with a woman.

 Kilk knows this, but it’s not easy to save money in this business. In the beginning, people might end up with even less money after going hunting, and it’s common to end up in debt.

 Even though people think that hunting monsters and collecting materials in dangerous places brings in a lot of money, it’s not as profitable as it seems. Yes, the materials sell for a good price, and there’s the additional request fee, but after buying the necessary equipment and tools for hunting and covering the maintenance costs, the money disappears quickly. As Harmon mentioned, it’s common for the expenses to be more than the income, and many people were discouraged by this reality, causing a lot of them to quit this line of work.

 ”Nevertheless, Jott worked hard for three years. He did difficult tasks, saved money, and lived simply. Finally, he saved five gold coins.”


 Kilk, who knew how hard it was, praised Jott for saving so much money in three years.

 ”After saving, Jott waited for a few days. When everything was ready, he went to the ‘Heaven’s Bedroom.’ He paid with gold, chose a woman, and went into a room. As the woman undressed, Jott felt excited. He was so tense during this. But when the woman was completely naked and about to undress Jott, he couldn’t hold back and reached his limit. The end.”


 Kilk, who finished listening, had a difficult expression on his face. Honestly, there were parts that made him feel uncomfortable, but more than that, he couldn’t say anything because the result of three years of hard work was too sad.

 ”Darn, darn it… Hey, Kilk! Don’t you have any stories of failure like that too?”


 ”It’s not fair that only mine! Come on! Don’t you have at least one?”

 ”Oh… yeah.”

 Normally, Kilk wouldn’t talk about his own failures, but because he was drinking and felt sorry for Jott, he accidentally revealed it.

 ”Dimash also has women who sell their bodies, but there are no places like brothels or red-light districts. These so-called city women work individually with clients. When I was in my late teens, I wanted to sleep with a woman, so I paid for a city woman…”

 ”Oh, really? And then?”

 ”Since they work individually, they don’t have rooms like brothels. So when it’s time, we go to a hidden alley, but it’s quite cold outside, and I was nervous because it was my first time… And I couldn’t go all the way.”

 ”Didn’t Dimash have a magic tool to keep warm? It must be important in cold regions.”

 ”Of course, they had it. But even with the magic tool, Dimash is a very cold world, so the cold is reduced, but it’s still cold. Even the water stored in barrels in town freezes by morning.”

 ”So, the magic tool was there, huh? I underestimated Dimash a bit.”

 ”In that kind of environment, it’s no wonder ‘things’ would shrink more.”

 ”So, what did you do after the failure? Did you try again in Dimash? Or did you do it after coming here?”

 ”No… the first failure stayed with me. I didn’t want to waste money by failing again, and when I thought about what I would gain even if I succeeded, I lost interest instantly.”

 ”You’ve always been like that, right?”

 ”No matter how tough the environment in Dimash is, there must be a limit to efficiency. Sleeping with a woman is for the sake of memories and experiences… huh? Wait a minute. Does that mean you haven’t had that experience since then?”

 Harmon and the others looked at Kilk when they heard those words. Kilk, looking uncomfortable, avoided their eyes and drank his drink. Everyone understood from his reaction that Kilk was inexperienced.

 ”Oh, I get it! You haven’t had much experience! Haha, now’s not the time to be drinking!”

 When Harmon said this, everyone except Kilk stood up and surrounded him, blocking his way.

 ”What’s happening, guys?”

 ”Come on, Kilk. It’s time for you to learn about women.”

 ”I’d rather not know—Hey, why are you holding my shoulder!? Why are you grabbing my waist!?”

 ”Let’s go! To the Red Light District!”


 ”Wait, wait! Put me down!!”

 Lifting the resisting Kilk, Harmon and the others disappeared into the night settlement.

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