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Chapter 210 The Young Spirit

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 After finishing my bath, I didn’t go to the dining hall that day. Instead, I lay on my bed, contemplating rebirth.

 The earth spirit told me that if I didn’t like the idea of rebirth, I should try to persuade Wen otherwise.

 On the other hand, the water spirit had nothing negative to say about rebirth. Everything she said was positive.

 If all the spirits were as positive about rebirth as the water spirit, then the earth spirit wouldn’t have given me such advice, and there was something that bothered me about it.

 ”…Was it really such a trivial matter?”

 Those were the words I hesitated to say at that time, the words I wanted to say to the water spirit, who had lost her emotions through rebirth, “Why did you cry and feel sad over such trivial matters?”

 ”Wasn’t it important enough to make you cry and feel sad?”

 This thing should have been very important, but has it just become impossible to feel that it is important?

 Even if I talked to the current water spirit about this, the answer I would get was already determined, as the person himself recognized that it was a trivial thing to do.

 The earth spirit must have understood this as well, and told me this story.

 ”I wonder what Wen thinks about rebirth again.”

 I understand the thoughts of the earth spirit and water spirit regarding rebirth.

 But what’s important is what Wen thinks, and not knowing that…

 ”…If Wen is positive about being reborn, does that make sense to me?”

 If the person herself is convinced, can I conclude that there is nothing I can do to protect the settlement?

 I turn my gaze to one of the two swords hanging on the wall near my bed.

 It was a beloved sword that received the blessing of Wen, who decided to seal it away until an emergency occurred because of its incredible power.

 I was planning to rely on this sword if I really had to do anything, but thinking that even using it would be seen as Wen’s interference, I couldn’t help but hesitate.

 In the end, no matter how much I thought about it, my thoughts remained unorganized, and before I knew it, I let go of my consciousness.

 The next day, on the surface I was going about my work as usual, but my mind was full of thoughts about Wen.

 ”Huh… I wonder what’s going on?”

 ”Master Neil”


 When my name was called, I looked up and before I knew it, there was someone else in the office where I was supposed to be the only one.

 ”Lucena-san? Oh, when did you?”

 ”It’s been going on for a few minutes. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer, so I excused myself and went in, but you seemed to be thinking about something.”

 ”Ah, sorry.”

 I seemed to be so focused that I was surprised that I didn’t even notice someone had come in.

 “It seems like you haven’t been doing much since this morning, so why don’t you take a break?”

 ”No, I can’t take a break if my work isn’t progressing…”

 ”You were so engrossed in your thoughts that you didn’t even notice me coming in, and now you’re able to focus on your papers right after saying that?”


 As Lucena suggested, even if I try to focus on work here, it’s clear that I will immediately start thinking about Wen and won’t be able to concentrate.

 In the end, I decided to follow Lucena’s advice and take an early break.

 However, just taking a break won’t make this worry disappear. When I returned to my private room, I opened the window right away and stared blankly at the sky for a while. Suddenly, a strong wind blew in through the window, and Wen materialized behind me.

 ”Taking a break early today?”

 ”I’m having a hard time getting any work done.”

 Opening the window in my private room and waiting is the signal Wen and I agreed on when we want to play together.

 In the past, Wen would want to play with me anytime and would wait for me in the office until I finished my work.

 While I was happy that Wen liked me and didn’t mind playing together, I also wanted some personal time and being distracted while waiting for my work to finish in the office made it difficult for me to focus. After discussing it with Lewya, we agreed that Wen wouldn’t interfere until I gave the signal.

 Well, Wen seemed unhappy when we made this decision, and even after that, there were times when Wen would invite me to play without me giving the signal. But as time passed, Wen seemed to understand that I also needed personal time, and recently, Wen only comes to play when I give the signal.

 However, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still being patient, and when we do play, I end up being forced to make up for the time I couldn’t play before.

 ”Neil, I want to play cards. This time, I won’t lose.”

 ”…No, I’m sorry, but I actually didn’t signal Wen to play. I just wanted to talk.”

 ”Talk?… Sure, go ahead.”

 Wen, with a slightly dissatisfied expression at not being able to play, still takes a listening posture if she’s willing to accompany me.

 ”What do you want to talk about?”

 ”Well, Wen, what do you think about the rebirth of spirits?”

 Wen’s expression, which was dissatisfied with my question, changes to a displeased one, and she looks at me with a probing gaze.

 ”…Did you hear it from the Earth?”

 ”I heard it from the Earth spirit, and I also heard it from the Water spirit. That’s why I want to know what Wen thinks.”

 After a silent moment of staring at each other, Wen looks down, slowly opens her mouth, and begins to speak.

 ”I don’t really think anything about the rebirth. The Earth says a lot, but the Water says it’s not a big deal.”

 ”That’s because the Water spirit thinks that way because it was reborn. But how would you know, Neil, who is not a spirit and has never been reborn?”

 ”You don’t need to be reborn to understand. Having your emotions erased is not something insignificant.”

 Certainly, the person who was erased may not feel it’s a big deal.

 It’s only natural since the emotions that make you feel that way are erased.

 ”Neil, are you saying the same thing as the earth?”

 ”I don’t know what the earth spirit said to Wen, but if it’s about breaking the rules for your sake, I agree with the earth spirit.”

 ”Why? Why can’t I get involved? Neil must be in trouble too.”

 ”…I am certainly troubled, but we are still in the stage of preparing for an attack. If we have time, we can come up with countermeasures and handle it ourselves.”

 Having said that, it has been a whole star since the labyrinth took action.

 According to Kuune-san’s story, an attack could happen at any time, so there is no room for complacency.

 However, if I honestly say that, Wen will stop offering to help.

 So I thought that she would give up if I didn’t force her to lend a hand… However.

 ”Why are you saying that to me?”


 ”Even though you do the same thing all the time, why are you telling me it’s no good?”

 ”Do the same thing all the time… I can’t believe it.”

 I felt unsettled as I understood what Wen was trying to say.

 ”I want to be helpful to everyone like Neil.”

 ”What are you talking about? From monitoring daily activities to managing the temperature of the crops and the entire settlement, Wen, you’re already plenty helpful to everyone. And don’t say ‘like me’.”

 I couldn’t accept Wen’s words about wanting to be helpful to everyone like me.

 I’m an idiot who can’t help himself.

 Knowing it’s reckless, I understand that I should leave it to others, but I can’t convince myself and end up risking my life just because I can’t satisfy my own heart.

 It’s true that there were things I could save thanks to such recklessness, and I don’t intend to be ashamed of my actions, but miracles can’t happen so many times.

 If I continue like this, someday I’ll have to pay for this recklessness.

 Knowing that and still unable to stop, there’s no greater fool than me.

 Knowing I’m such a fool, I couldn’t approve of anyone following in my footsteps.

 ”I’m definitely not a good example to follow.”

 ”But you’re always helping someone, being appreciated.”

 ”I do get scolded and looked down upon later. There have been times when being reckless turned out to be a good thing. But most of the time it’s just unnecessary recklessness, or even stirring up the situation.”

 Even though Wen is young as a spirit, she has lived for decades.

 I thought that if we talked properly, there would be no way she wouldn’t understand…

 ”…Neil, you idiot! I don’t want to know anymore!”


 Contrary to my expectations, Wen throws a tantrum and disappears.

 Maybe the conversation was a bit hasty. I thought that if I gave her some time, she would be able to understand and accept it. At that time, I was somewhat optimistic.

 Days have passed since then, but Wen not only hasn’t come to me, but she hasn’t shown up in front of anyone at all.

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