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Chapter 213 The Wind’s Yearning

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 It was the day after Neil fell ill when this event occurred.

 ’…Sorry, could you say that again?’

 When the earth spirit asked this, the wind spirit hesitated before speaking the same words once more.

 ’So, about… cooperating with the noble’s request, are you not willing to do so?’

 ’What’s brought about this change of heart?’

 Although the earth spirit inquired about the unexpected words coming from the wind spirit, the latter evaded the question and did not clarify her true intentions. However, by the time the wind spirit began speaking in this manner, the earth spirit had a rough idea of her true intentions.

 ’Is this an attempt to atone for causing Neil’s illness?’

 ’It seems the effect may have been a bit too strong. I never expected such a change in her attitude.’

 ’So, what do you intend to do, earth?’

 The earth spirit had initially refused to cooperate due to the wind spirit’s resistance. However, if the wind spirit became cooperative, there should have been no reason to refuse. Yet, refusing the request had caused another issue to arise.

 Offering to cooperate only at the time when Neil fell ill might give the impression of succumbing to pity.

 As an earth spirit, it was frustrating to be underestimated with sentiments like ‘spirits can be swayed by emotions.’

 One might think that delaying the offer would be a solution, but that could lead to the misunderstanding that ‘even spirits can be broken with time.’

 Earth Spirit has always believed that there should be a clear line between spirits.

 That is why the act of affirming something once rejected blurs the line, and a decision once made cannot be overturned without a proper reason.

 At least the wind spirit changing her mind wasn’t enough to reverse the decision.

 ’Our decision has already been made once. I have no intention of overturning this.’

 ’…I see’

 The wind spirit murmurs helplessly at the words of the earth spirit.

 The wind spirit, which cannot be honest, cannot say out loud that she wants the noble’s wishes to come true, and since the earth spirit has declared that she has no intention of cooperating, there is nothing it can say.

 Perhaps the wind spirit’s desire to do something about it was conveyed, and the water spirit spoke up.

 ’Then, how about this? Instead of granting the wishes of nobles, we wish to grant the wishes of slaves.’

 After Neil fell ill, the slaves began to pray at the altar in his place.

 At first, the slaves didn’t care about what Neil was doing, thinking, ‘It’s something for the nobleman, it’s none of our business as slaves.’ However, when Neil fell ill, they couldn’t help but wonder what he was so earnestly doing in the rain, so they decided to ask Lewya.

 It turns out that Neil had been praying to the spirits to improve crop growth. This led to a discussion about how, as people involved in agriculture in some way, it might be a good idea for them to do the same, and thus they began to pray.

 ’Didn’t you say that the slaves not only grow crops but also enrich the land, earth?’

 ’…I see, water. So, the reason for rejecting the nobleman’s wish was due to insufficient compensation for the slaves’ labor.’

 ’Yes. Even if the wind opposes fulfilling the nobleman’s wish, can’t we agree to fulfill the slaves’ wishes? Look, if we easily fulfill the slaves’ wishes here, we might be able to see that nobleman’s angry face, right?’

 ’!! Y-yes! That’s right! That’s actually a good idea! Earth, I also think wishes should be fulfilled after all!’

 The wind spirit jumps onto the purported reason for the earth spirit’s dislike of nobles prepared by the water spirit, and together they persuade the earth spirit.

 The earth spirit, who was willing to reconsider if there was a reason to overturn the decision, agreed to the persuasion, and thus the spirits ended up nurturing the crops in the settlement.

 After the issue surrounding the settlement’s crops had been resolved, a change occurred in the wind spirit.

 Previously avoiding Neil and keeping a distance, the wind spirit began actively observing Neil.

 Observing Neil’s way of life and witnessing his serious demeanor while dealing with documents, the wind spirit came to understand that nobles also work, realizing how skewed her perception had been.

 Upon realizing the distorted perception, the wind spirit gradually started observing Neil and humans more closely, and the aversion within the wind spirit began to fade.

 It would have been nice if the wind spirit no longer interfered with humans, but this time she started to interfere with humans in a different way.

 Perhaps trying to atone for the bad things she had said in the past, the wind spirit not only controlled the temperature of the crops, but also controlled the temperature of the entire settlement to make it comfortable for the people.

 She thought she was going to get a lecture from Earth Spirit for doing her own thing again, but surprisingly, Earth Spirit didn’t say anything about this.

 From the beginning, spirits have been controlling the natural environment to keep it in a constant state so that the world does not collapse on its own and head toward destruction.

 This time was an extension of that, and according to the Spirit’s “scale”, it was not a significant issue. Moreover, considering that being too strict might provoke the wind spirit to throw a tantrum again, which would in turn lead to the water spirit reprimanding her, the earth spirit decided to turn a blind eye to the situation to some extent.

 During this time, the wind spirit did not cause any significant problems. However, in the middle of the Ice Star (Ice Star) period, an incident occurred where children went missing in the settlement.

 Although the incident was not completely resolved, a different problem arose elsewhere.

 When Neil formed a search party and headed outside the settlement, the atmosphere in the settlement became unstable.

 The cause was the temporary departure of the wind spirit from the settlement. With Neil’s return, the atmosphere stabilized, and the wind spirit was promptly summoned by the earth spirit.

 ’Why did you leave your post without permission? Without a guardian, nature becomes wild. This is an abandonment of your duty as a spirit, and it should have been understood without being stated.’


 The earth spirit asked quietly, as if admonishing, but it seemed that the wind spirit was aware of her wrongdoing, as she fell silent without any retort.

 ’Did you go with the noble and do something?’

 ’I didn’t do anything, just watched.’

 ’Really? There must have been something, judging from the way the others who returned looked. Lately, it seems like you’ve been showing favoritism towards humans. It’s hard to believe that you, who have been observing humans in distress, didn’t do anything. Let me ask again, really—’

 ’Annoying! It has nothing to do with the earth, right!?’

 With a fit of anger, the wind spirit simultaneously vanished, leaving the place.

 The water spirit opened her mouth in shock as the earth spirit couldn’t even say anything to stop it.

 ’You, you’re not good at conversation, but there’s a limit to how bad you can be at conversation. Isn’t there a better way to listen?’

 ’I’m just telling her the truth. It’s hard to imagine that the Wind wouldn’t do anything in front of a person in trouble.’

 ’If you have proof, don’t ask bad questions and simply ask, ‘Tell me what you did.’ I’m also angry.’

 ’Just because it’s so hard to think about it doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing. I think it’s probably true, but there’s also the word ‘just in case’. That’s why the form of a question is necessary.’

 ’Sigh… If you’re really honest, you’re really serious and inflexible. Even if you try to explain the truth to people who are easily swayed by their emotions, you won’t be able to convince them.’

 ’Then what was the correct answer?’

 ’Of course, we also clash with our emotions. I told you that the Wind is easily swayed by her emotions, and it’s not just her own emotions; she’s also easily swayed by the emotions of the other person.”

 ’She’s conflicted with emotions…I don’t understand.’

 ’Well, I guess. For now, I think it’s better to just wait and see. Anything you say in the current climate, which is full of antipathy towards her, will only have the opposite effect. If something really goes wrong, the Creator will tell you something, right?’

 ’…It’s too late after you’re told.’

 The water spirit replied, and at the same time the earth spirit answered with some anxiety.

 However, the earth spirit knew that it would be useless to say anything to the now emotional wind spirit, and although he was concerned about the current situation, he did as the water spirit said.

 Immediately after her disappearance, the fears of the earth spirit became reality.

 The spirit of the wind began to try to materialize.

 The materialization was unstable, unable to maintain a certain shape, and unable to continue for a long time, but the earth spirit warned of this wind spirit’s behavior, and at the same time asked the reason for it.

 This is what the wind spirit says. It seems that there is a limit to understanding humans just by observing them, so she would like to get her hands on a human body.

 Of course, she knew that if she came into contact with humans in that state, the earth spirit would dislike her, so she was careful not to be seen.

 However, since she wanted something to refer to in order to materialize, she practiced materializing while observing people, so there was a limit to how far she could avoid being seen.

 If shewere about to be seen, she would stop materializing, but as a result, rumors of figures suddenly appearing and disappearing spread throughout the settlement, which led to a ghost commotion.

 At that time, the wind spirit still thought that it was something like experiencing a real human body, but something happened that changed that idea.

 Well, about contact with Neil.

 Originally, she should have disappeared the moment Neil recognized her, but she was filled with indescribable emotions and forgot to disappear.

 Until now, she had only been watching from one side, but the fact that Neil recognized her, called her out, and paid attention to her made her feel very comfortable.

 After that, she ignored the words of earth spirit and started actively engaging with Neil.

 Of course, this was a complete violation of her role as a spirit, and even the water spirit could not defend this. The earth spirit also reported the situation to the divine spirit tree and asked for instructions, but…

 ’――’Maintain the status quo, and leave the wind spirit alone.’ That was the instruction from the creator.’

 ’…What is that?’

 This time, there was no blame for the matter, and it contained the acceptance of interference with humans to some extent.


 ’I didn’t ask.’

 ’Why not!?’

 ’I was told by the creator to leave the matter of the wind alone. So I will do just that.’

 ’This decision is impossible! What kind of reason would justify it? I can’t be satisfied without a proper explanation–‘

 ’Calm down.’

 The earth spirit interrupts the heated water spirit with a calm but powerful tone, as if pouring cold water on it.

 ’Why are you getting so worked up? You were supposed to be on the side of the wind. Isn’t this decision also something to be happy about for you?’

 ’That’s… *sigh*… Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry. It wasn’t like me.’

 ’Have you calmed down?’


 ’Before, you said you were the same as the wind when you were born. Is that the reason?’

 ’Yes, that’s right. When I was born, I received a clear warning, but it’s unfair that there’s no blame for the wind, isn’t it? The creator has become quite kind without me knowing. I wonder if even the creator has developed emotions.’

 In a composed yet still dissatisfied manner, the water spirit threw words at the decision of the divine tree, as if rubbing it in.

 ’Shouldn’t things from the past have ceased to matter by now?’

 ’…Yes, that’s true. But even though it’s over, there may still be a hint of dissatisfaction with the way it was handled, don’t you think?’

 ’I can’t believe the Creator would disregard the rules without reason. There must have been some justification for this incident.’

 ’If you understand that, then come and tell me the reason…’

 As the earth spirit looked on in disbelief at the inflexible situation, the water spirit seemed to lose her anger and returned to her usual self.

 The reason why the divine tree allowed the wind spirit’s outrageous behavior remained unknown at that time, but the spirits later learned that it was caused by Neil, who possessed the ‘crimson.’

 After continued contact with Neil and the others, the wind spirit, now named Wensis, began to be called Wen by everyone. As she continued to interact with Neil and the others, she began to understand humans more deeply.

 This became particularly evident after she could fully materialize, and once she could eat with her mouth, she understood why humans were so particular about food.

 She once tried gnawing on raw meat like a wild beast, but the taste and smell of the bloody flesh spread throughout her mouth, making her impossible to swallow. Wen, who had previously questioned, ‘Why do humans take the lives of so many creatures just to eat? Why don’t they do the same as other beings?’ came to understand the difficulty of the matter firsthand.

 She realized that humans weren’t taking lives unnecessarily, but because it was necessary, they did so. This understanding came after comparing raw meat with Narsht’s cooking.

 Having obtained a body similar to that of humans and having lived in a similar manner, Wen came to understand the inconvenience of the human body and the irresistible desires that arise from the flesh. As a spirit, Wen could easily free herself from these troubles by dissolving her physical form, but humans cannot.

 Seeing humans living with only one life in such an inconvenient body, Wen truly admired them from the bottom of her heart.

 Unlike themselves, able to exist for thousands of years without life or hardship, humans faced their desires for decades, controlling and living with them. Wen realized the greatness of humans, who, despite only materializing for a few hours, succumb to the desires of the human body. Wen deeply respected humans from the bottom of her heart, and she respected Neil.

 Unable to even imagine, let alone imitate, the difficulty of risking one’s own life to protect others, Neil’s determination to carry out such acts against opposition appeared to Wen as if he were a hero from a fairy tale.

 She wanted to become like Neil, willing to risk something to help someone.

 She admired Neil more than anyone else, could not tolerate anyone belittling Neil, and that’s why――

 ”――Please stop being like me.”

 Being denied the aspiration by the very person she admired was a heart-wrenching experience for Wen.

 To have what she believed to be great and what she respected be invalidated by her symbol.

 It felt like everything Wen had desperately tried to understand until now was being negated, and she couldn’t bear it.

 Since leaving Neil, Wen had stopped manifesting and had been observing the settlement as a spirit.

 ’Neil is an idiot.’

 Wen muttered the insult towards Neil, not knowing how many times she had been today.

 It wasn’t that Wen couldn’t understand the meaning behind Neil’s words.

 It was precisely because she understood the meaning behind Neil’s words that she realized how unreasonable he were, something that an ordinary person couldn’t fathom. Wen admired Neil, who would go to such lengths to help others, even if it meant doing something unreasonable.

 In terms of reasoning, Neil’s words were correct, but her heart doesn’t follow logic.

 No matter how many logical arguments are made, it’s not something that can be accepted.

 ’What should I do?’

 Wen repeatedly asks herself this question. She has asked the same question over and over again, and she knows there is no satisfying answer.

 But that’s when it happens.


 At the edge of Wen’s vision, something shimmering red appeared among the people walking on the main street.

 It is the radiance of the soul, and there is only one person with a red soul.

 It was unusual for Neil to be seen walking outside during the day when there were a lot of people walking around, so Wen reflexively caught it in the center. and–

 ’–Who is it?’

 Wen realizes that it is not Neil who is there.

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