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Chapter 26 Contact Person

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 Two weeks have already passed since the escape from the settlement, and we have been able to settle the farmland as planned without any delays since then.

 Lewya-san also regained her strength and went back to the village to discuss with the other elves about the deal, and the past two weeks passed so calmly that it was hard to imagine how noisy it was at the beginning.

 Well, it was calm only on the outside, and some people like Bellick-san may not have been so calm on the inside, but let’s put that aside for the time being.

 Anyway, our settlements have been progressing smoothly since then, but today we have something special.

 It’s the day that a Contact Person from my parents’ side of the family comes to check on the settlements as well.


 ”Master Neil, please calm down a little.”

 ”I don’t know what to say…”

 Diana admonishes me for my restlessness, but if I can calm down by being told to calm down, then I have no trouble.

 ”Don’t you think you should be the one to explain the current status of the settlement and the future plans for it, Diana?”

 ”That’s not the way it works. It’s Master Neil’s duty to manage this settlement.”

 ”I know that, but I think there is a right person for the job. Diana is definitely better suited for this job than I am.”

 As was the case in my previous life, I am not very good at this kind of explanatory work.

 The people who come to visit me are usually those who are in a higher position than me, and as a weak communicator, I can’t speak properly at that point, and when they ask me unexpected questions, I’m already ruined in many ways.

 As the argument between me and Diana had been going on since this morning, it came to an end with the sound of a knock on the office door.

 It was a slave woman who knocked on the door and told me that a visitor had just arrived and she had just sent him to the parlor.

 ”Now, Master Neil, let’s go to the parlor.”

 ”I guess I don’t have a choice, huh?”

 Not wanting to keep the inspection staff waiting, I got up on my feet and left the office with Diana to go to the parlor.

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll be there if you need anything.”

 ”I’ll be counting on you then.”

 I wish she would intervene before the time comes, but I don’t say anything because I know I will get a complaint from her if I do.

 Well, I arrived at the front of the parlor while I was thinking like this.

 ”Master Neil!”

 ”I know!”

 Diana calls to me as if rushing me as I stand in front of the door. I knock on the door of the parlor with a bit of a brusque response, open it, and enter the room.

 ”Oh, young master, and Diana, I’m glad to see you’re doing as you always do.”



 As soon as I enter the reception room, I freeze at the sight of someone who comes in with a few casual words.

 ”Is that you, Ronald-san?”

 ”Haha, young master, who else could be such a handsome guy besides me?”

 ”It’s definitely Ronald-san.”

 I don’t know anyone else who can say he’s handsome with such confidence.

 No, more than that.

 ”So, what’s Ronald-san doing here? Could it be that the inspector who is coming today is you?”

 I couldn’t help asking this question because the selection of this person was too unexpected.

 Because this Ronald-san, an official of the Counte Atmiras, had never been in a settlement, nor had he been involved in the management of a territory at all, so to speak.

 ”Yes, why Ronald-san is here?”

 ”Well, this is the territory of the Count Atmiras, but isn’t it difficult to come and go because of the location of the enclave, right? It takes several days just to go back and forth, and it’s quite difficult for an unaccustomed person. Besides, the secretary does not have enough time to keep a person detained for a few days just to receive a report and inspect a still small settlement.”

 ”Don’t tell me you’re suggesting that instead of sending the secretary on a horse-drawn wagon, you’d rather send only the governor to receive the report and inspect the settlement…”

 ”That’s quite a notion, young master.”

 Seriously, I know Father said he was okay with failure, but isn’t this too much of a stretch?

 It’s true that this settlement is still in its infancy and there’s not much to see here, but that doesn’t mean that he would send someone from a different field… But it’s better for me than a scribe from a different field, isn’t it?

 Ronald-san is someone I know, and he won’t ask me any questions like the bigwigs who came to inspect me like in my previous life.

 ”By the way, young master, I think the Diana is frozen up…”


 I turned around at Ronald-san’s words and saw Diana standing there stunned with her mouth open.

 She seemed to be surprised by his visit… But I couldn’t help it.

 ”Hey, Diana!”

 ”Ah! Please forgive me, I must have been a bit preoccupied…”

 ”No, you were frozen for quite a long time, you know? I mean, are you really that surprised?”

 ”Hahaha, what is it, Diana? Are you that happy to see me? It’s only been a little more than two weeks, but Diana is really lonely…”


 As if interrupting Ronald-san’s cheerful laugh, the knife plunges into the sofa on which Ronald-san is sitting.

 If the knife had been pushed even a few centimeters higher, Ronald-san’s son would have died.

 ”Please forgive me, my hand slipped.”

 Diana pulls out the knife, looking at Ronald-san with cold eyes that have no trace of apology in them.

 ”Ronald-san, please be careful with your mouth. Even though we are the only ones here, you can’t confuse public and private matters.”

 ”I-I understand, but you can’t talk to me while you have a knife in my son’s hand. If you do that, Father, I won’t be able to give Diana a sister or a brother.”

 ”If you wanted to, you would have already made one, wouldn’t you? How many years do you think have passed since I was born?”

 As you may have guessed from this conversation, Ronald-san is actually Diana’s father.

 By the way, her mother is my father’s servant, and she also has an older sister who is a servant of my younger brother, Katis, and the whole family is in the service of Count Atmiras.

 ”And please don’t call Master Neil ‘young master’. Master Neil is an adult and a member of noble society, and it is beneath Master Neil’s dignity to be treated like a child.”

 ”No, I wouldn’t talk to him like this when other people are watching. It’s only because Diana and young master are the only ones in the room right now.”

 ”It’s N・e・i・l-sama, do you understand? Or do I have to remove the lower part to understand?”

 ”…Yes, Neil-sama.”

 Diana, you have no mercy on your own father.

 But while it may be wrong to mix public and private matters, it would be nice if Diana could let her guard down at least at a time like this.

 Anyway, I’m starting to feel sorry for Ronald-san, so I’m going to give him a helping hand.

 ”Excuse me, Ronald-san, this is the report up to yesterday…”

 ”Oh, yes, yes! I’ll check it!”

 Ronald-san quickly takes my offer of help and checks only the date written on the top of the report without looking at the contents of the report.

 ”Yes, I have received it.”

 ”Are you sure you don’t need to check the contents?”

 ”Yes, Master will check the report, and I will be briefed directly without reading the report.”

 ”Normally, wouldn’t you also check the contents of the report to make sure there are no discrepancies with the facts?”


 Ronald-san is at a loss for words at Diana’s correct argument.

 She may be right, but I think it’s too much to ask such a much to Ronald-san, who is only a supervisor.

 However, if I carelessly interject at this point, I might get involved in this situation, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut for now.

 Oh, wait a minute… that report also mentions the issue of the heir with Diana, doesn’t it?

 What kind of a drama is it to have Diana’s father reading the report of my affair with Diana in front of us?

 ”I’ll just read it quickly then―Master Neil, give me a minute…”

 ”No! Wait a minute! Ronald-san, I just remembered that the report is incomplete!?”

 ”Incomplete? That’s all right with me.”

 ”That’s good to know! But since I don’t want to make you wait, let’s just explain about the settlement first!”

 ”Eh, no, but Master Neil is going to explain it to us, isn’t he? Even if he explains first, then we’ll have to wait for the report to be reworked after all.”

 ”Don’t worry about such details! Let’s hurry up and do it right!”

 ”Wait, Master Neil!?”

 I forcefully pull him out of the parlor and lead him out of the mansion, without making him say whether or not he wants to go.

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