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Chapter 29 Guild-like and a Means of Getting Money

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 We arrived at the city and headed to a certain place to exchange Heindahl’s materials and crops for cash.

 The place is called “Firm (ファーム)”. If I were to explain it quickly, it would be easier to understand if you imagine a guild-like place that often appears in fantasy stories.

 As “guild-like”, it is actually something different from a guild, and its reality is more like a corporation than a professional association.

 However, what they do is almost like a guild, such as taking requests and mediating them, buying materials and distributing them to merchants, and so I described “Firm” as guild-like.

 As I said, there are various kinds of “Firm”, and it is important to choose the right Fam to work for and the right place to bring materials.

 Without further explanation of “Firm”, we visited “Gospel of the Morning Sunrise”, a major firm which has branches in various cities.

 The reason why we chose it was because it is a major firm and they would purchase the materials at a high rate when we brought them in.

 It is a matter of course, but since they are in business, they will not buy what they cannot sell, and it is quite common for them to refuse to buy the materials even if someone bring them to them.

 Especially for small firms, there is no way that they have their own sales channels, and there is a high possibility that they will refuse to buy the materials even if you bring them to them, so it is better to bring them to the big ones at first, and if they refuse to buy them, give up or bring them to the firms that specialize in handling such materials.

 There is an option to bring in the materials to a specialized firm from the beginning, but in this case, since we have vegetables and other crops, we brought them to a major firm that deals with a wide range of materials.

 As for how much Heindahl’s materials and crops sold for, to be honest, they did not fetch a good price.

 ”Hmm, I expected to be outbid, but I didn’t get much more than I expected.”

 ”Well, the reason is the reason, it can’t be helped.”

 One of the reasons for the lower-than-expected price is that the area around Denar is a prosperous agricultural area, and there is little point in going out to buy crops from the outside.

 From the beginning, there was no need for crops, and buying more than necessary would only make them rot, so even if they were bought, they would only be worth two or three pieces of money, which is not enough to fund the operation of the settlement.

 As for Heindahl’s material, it was in poor condition.

 Many of the materials were ruined due to the unskilled dismantling work when removing the meat from the hull, and only some of the materials were worth a lot of money, while others were refused to be bought because they were unusable.

 Moreover, because I had to split Heindahl vertically in order to push it into the item box, the shell, which is an important material, was also split vertically, which narrowed the range of processing, and the materials that I was able to sell did not fetch much.

 Well, even if all the materials could be successfully dismantled and sold, it would have been nothing more than a drop in the bucket for the operation of the settlement.

 ”Good grief, we were thinking of earning money by growing crops, but that price is not worth the effort of bringing them all the way here.”

 ”It would have been better to consume them ourselves.”

 ”Seriously, it would definitely be better that way. I mean, what should we do with the seeds we’ve already planted?”

 We planted a lot of seeds with the assumption that they would be shipped, so in a few weeks we would be able to harvest more than we can handle on our own.

 It would be a shame to let them rot, but considering the price, we can’t bring ourselves to sell them.

 We argued a lot on the way here, but as long as we haven’t even secured the minimum amount of money to begin with, our settlement plan is no more than counting one’s chickens before they’ve hatched.

 If we don’t find a way to secure the minimum amount of funds first, our settlement group will soon be out of operation.

 ”Master Neil, would you mind if we look around other firms as well?”

 ”Yes? What are you going to do if there is nothing to sell?”

 ”To check the requests for transactions posted at the firm.”

 Oh, I see. That’s how it works.

 The fact that someone is going all the way to the firm to get the item means that the item is hard to get within this city otherwise.

 Diana may have figured out which goods are likely to be sold in this city, and then she may have thought of using them to make some money.

 So, we go around to the various firms and confirm the trend of requests and goods posted in this city.

 We carefully assessed what is needed in this city (town), taking into account the different trend of requests posted by each firm.

 ”Well, it seems that the overall demand is for materials for monsters. Some crops that can’t be grown in this area are also in demand.”

 ”The rest are potions and other medicines and their materials.”

 ”Potions, I can make them too, but if I can’t produce them at the factory level, I can’t use them to fund operations.”

 We discuss the things that are likely to be in demand in this city that were posted on the request form.

 However, we couldn’t come up with an idea to make money so easily, and if it were that easy to come up with an idea, other people would have already put it into practice by now.

 It was then that Diana stopped unexpectedly.

 ”Master Neil?”

 ”Hmm, what’s up?”

 I stop and turn around, and Diana opens her mouth with a serious face.

 ”Let’s buy some slaves.”


 I stood there for a while with my mouth open, dumbfounded by Diana’s unexpected proposal.

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