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Chapter 45 Sales and Spending

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 After successfully completing the business meeting at the harvest hoe, we drove the lightened wagon through the town, and I couldn’t help smiling at the weight of the load in my hands.

 ”Hahaha, it seems the last time I lost was a complete disaster.”

 ”Master Neil, be careful not to drop the bag.”

 ”Don’t worry, I won’t make such a mistake.”

 With these words, I grab the bag full of this sale in my hand and hold it tightly so that I don’t drop it.

 The weight of the bag in my hand, the feel of the coins tightly packed in it, and the sound of the coins rubbing against each other, it’s, well, irresistible.

 While doing such a rich man’s thing, I lightly open the tightly bound bag to check its contents.

 The weight and quantity of the coins are different from the last time I sold my crops, but the most important difference is the color of the coins, unlike the last time when they were all copper-colored, this time the bag is filled with gold and platinum coins.

 ”There are more platinum coins than gold coins.”

 ”That’s natural, even if it’s a difficult crop to obtain, it’s still a crop, and even taking into account the large quantity, it’s more than enough.”

 ”I know. They’re coming to the settlement tomorrow to buy the crops.”

 If we can sell them as well, we won’t have to worry about the operating fund of the settlement for a while.

 However, it is a different story if we will be able to conclude the fixed-term contract, and we should secure several sources of income so that we don’t end up gambling on the fate of the raccoon.

 ”Diana, there is something I want to buy before we go back.”

 ”What do you want to buy?”

 Now that I had enough money, I could do more, and I instructed Diana to go to a certain store to carry out an idea I had been thinking about for a long time.

 By the way, the platinum coins in the sales, in my former world, “platinum” is platinum, but here it is platinum mixed with other metals.

 In the empire, there were four kinds of coins, from the lowest to the highest, copper coins, large copper coins, platinum coins, and gold coins.

 In the past, silver coins were used instead of platinum coins, but after silver was found to be useful as a catalyst for magic, its value soared, and when it became clear that it was more expensive to melt silver and sell it as a catalyst than to use it as currency, there was a shortage of silver coins in many countries.

 Although it has been considered a crime to tamper with coins for a long time, people could not resist their immediate desires when they knew that their silver coins could be turned into gold coins, no matter how strictly the laws were enforced.

 In the end, it was decided that it was no longer feasible to continue using silver as money, and platinum coins were made in place of silver coins.

 While I am sharing such trivia, it seems that we have arrived at the destination.

 ”We have arrived!”

 ”Okay, I’ll go and get what I need, Diana watch the wagon.”

 ”I understand. But Master Neil, please be careful not to spend too much. It’s for the operation of the settlement.”

 ”I know.”

 I reply to Diana’s advice and step into the store I’m looking for.

 This is a specialized store for alchemy tools and materials, and my purpose was to buy all the necessary equipment for alchemy.

 The reason why I suddenly bought alchemy equipments is that I wanted to make the most of my free time during the daytime and create something useful for my development.

 I have been thinking for a long time about the possibility of making some local specialty by alchemy to secure a source of income, and now was the time to take this chance when I had enough money.

 Now that the minimum equipment has been decided, I need to buy some cheap stuff so that Diana won’t be angry with me…

 ”Ah!? Isn’t this the latest model of alchemy’s furnace from “Naritetsu”!? Seriously!? I couldn’t get it even if I went all the way to the capital, but I didn’t expect to find it here…”

 The Naritetsu I’m talking about is a firm specializing in blacksmithing called “Naritetsu no Hibashi,” and the alchemy furnace they make is supervised by a famous alchemist, so it’s a very popular product among alchemists because it’s made to satisfy their every itch.

 It has already been almost half a year since it was put on the market, so I thought it was about time to get it, but I never expected to see it in such a place far from the capital city.

 ”The price is, well, getting expensive, isn’t it?

 It is natural that the price is higher than that of buying directly from Narutetsu, since they purchase and sell them from Narutetsu.

 But when I turned away from the furnace, thinking that I could not touch it, I said to myself

 ”No way!?”

 I looked away, and there was a small version of the furnace that was about two times smaller than the one I had wanted so badly.

 It is reasonably priced, and the amount of products that can be made at one time is quite small, so it must be a model for individual use only.

 Considering my intended use, I would definitely have preferred a larger one for mass production, but the fact that I could buy a smaller version for a reasonable price completely captivated me, and from that point on, I forgot my original purpose and started buying equipment, until Diana, who came to check on me and was concerned about my slowness, stopped me. And until that time, I had spent most of the money.

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