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Chapter 59 Causes and remedies

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 There was no sign of the second wave of monsters since then, and Diana, who had gone to the mansion to check the damage, came back while I was still on the lookout for the others.

 ”Master Neil, there was no human casualty.”

 ”I see, I’m glad to hear that everyone is safe.”

 I patted my chest, relieved that there were no human casualties, which was my biggest concern.

 All I had to do now was to wait for Lewya, who had gone to check the buildings and fields outside the mansion, to come back after she finished checking.

 Then, during the waiting time, I raise a topic of conversation before Diana’s sermon starts.

 ”The fence has been reaped, did it help against the monster?”

 ”No, it was easily broken through and it didn’t even stop them.”

 Well, it was just a simple wooden fence, so it’s no wonder it fell down when the monster hit it hard enough.

 While I wish we could have prepared a better barrier for safety, there is the problem that we do not have enough people and construction materials to build a barrier.

 Moreover, if we build a wall, it will be very time-consuming when we still expand the settlement.

 I thought for a moment about using magic to build a wall, but considering the amount of magic power required to maintain the wall, it is not very realistic, so I came to the conclusion that a simple protective fence is the only solution for the present situation.

 While I was thinking about this, Lewya came back to me after checking the situation.

 ”I’m back. I’ve checked with the spirits and there seems to be no monsters in or around the settlement.”

 ”That’s a relief for the time being. How was the damage?”

 ”The farmland is fine. Livestock and buildings are safe. The only damage is that the the animal meat that the big man hunted were eaten up.”

 The animal meats, well, to tell the truth, there has been a surplus of meat recently, so the damage is not that much.

 At any rate, it’s a good thing that the damage was only this much after the attack.

 If there is a problem, I don’t know why the monsters, which had never shown any sign of coming near to the settlement, attacked this settlement after all these years.

 If only one of them had wandered into the settlement, it would be one thing, but when the swarm has been heading straight for the settlement without looking aside, it is almost certain that they have been aiming at the settlement from the beginning.

 ”Hmm, I don’t understand at all.”

 ”What on earth are you worried about?”

 ”I’m wondering why the monsters attacked this settlement. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence.”

 ”Well, now that I think about it, they seem to be in high spirits… Don’t you think they came to this settlement for something?”

 ”Aiming for something, huh?”

 It is very possible, but the question is “what” they came here for.

 When I was again puzzling over this question, Lewya opened her mouth.

 ”Perhaps, Garv and the others were after the animal’s meats?”

 ”Garv? Is that the name of the creature?”

 ”Yeah. They’re monsters that hunt before the snow piles up and wait for the snow to melt in their dens. If they smelled the blood of the meat that the big man killed, it explains why they came straight to this place. And there are also many monsters that don’t care what they look like during the period of food gathering, and they appear in places that you wouldn’t normally go near, so we should be careful in many ways during this period.”

 Well, that would certainly explain why monsters that have never approached us before have suddenly come to the settlements.

 ”Then, should we stop hunting during the Ice Star month?”

 ”It would be best to play it safe. But even though the surplus is dried meat, if we stop hunting altogether, I think it is inevitable that we will run out of meat.”

 Well, with a settlement group of 30 people depending on the results of one person, it was obvious that if we stopped hunting, we would run out of meat in no time.

 However, if Lewya is right about the cause of the monsters attack, there is a strong possibility that something similar will happen in the future.

 We need to take some kind of countermeasures, but as far as the way to eliminate the fundamental cause of the attacks, there were several ideas, but all of them had many problems.

 In the end, we discussed on the spot about countermeasures against the attacks, and finally we came to the conclusion that the defense capability of this settlement is insecure, and that we should secure the defense capability as soon as possible.

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