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Chapter 64 Neil and the New Settlers

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 Exactly one week after I had asked Gibbett-san to recruit some people to guard the settlement, they arrived at the settlement earlier than I had expected.

 He brought four people with him, one of them is a girl named Liana, an employee of the Harvest Hoe. She is still young and I am not sure if she can do the job properly by herself, but as a shy person, she is easier to talk to than the adults who can work very hard.

 I wonder if Gibbett-san took this into consideration when he brought Liana?

 Anyway, the second person is Gaadhir-san, who is the security guard I had asked for, and he seems to be a veteran with a lot of experience.

 The reason why there is only one person I asked for is that he was brought here in a hurry in order to strengthen the defense of the settlement, and he will bring back another person later as soon as he finds a good one.

 The next two people were Gaadhir-san’s wife, Glayna-san, and his son, Neo, and I was surprised at the unexpected arrival of these two people, but fortunately there was a dormitory that no one was using yet, so I decided to have them live there with their families for the time being.

 So our new settlement with four new members was more crowded than before.

 Today, I would like to take a look at the situation of our new settlers.

 The first one is Liana, who sits behind the counter everyday at the branch of the Harvest Hoe, waiting for customers. There were days when no one came to the store for a day, because only a few people, except slaves, could be customers in this new settlement.

 Probably because of this, Liana, who had been waiting for customers earnestly in the beginning, is now seen playing with Neo in the settlement, but sometimes I can hear someone’s angry voice that Liana called from the supposedly unoccupied store.

 It is probably an employee of the head office, who is connected to the store through an item box, and who notices Liana’s absence and calls her.

 The sight of Liana rushing into the store every time she hears such a voice is already becoming a familiar sight in the settlement.

 Next is Gaadhir-san, who is asked to guard the nighttime area since many of us are active during the daytime.

 I once peeked in on him in the middle of the night because I was worried that he might be under stress because he was guarding alone at night and spending most of the daytime in bed, which left him with very little time to interact with others. But I was relieved to see Narsht-san serving Gaadhir-san his evening meal and chatting happily with him, and I realized that my fears were unfounded.

 I don’t know how long they had been getting along so well, but I am glad that they made good friends so soon… Yes, really, I really envy them, how they can make friends so easily and talk so easily.

 Also, at dawn, I started to see slaves being trained by Gaadhir-san before work started.

 When I first saw them, I thought they were fighting or something, and I ran to them, but when I asked them about it, they told me that the slaves had asked him to give them lessons.

 Apparently, after the previous attack, they have come to feel that they must protect their families in times of need, and they practice on Gaadhir-san’s free time before or after work.

 At first, I frankly felt that it was difficult for them to even defend themselves, let alone protect their families, but either because the driving force was to protect their families or because of Gaadhir-san’s skillful teaching, their movements changed visibly and they all improved to the extent that they could manage at least self-defense.

 It is a very good thing from the viewpoint of defense that everyone is getting stronger, but… isn’t this a flag of rebellion? Is everything okay?

 I am aware that I have done a lot of things, such as separating them from their families and punishing their families instead of themselves, even though it can’t be helped, and I’m honestly afraid that the slaves will revolt sooner or later.

 Next to Gaadhir-san is his wife, Glayna, who has been helping him with all the chores of the settlement at her own request, although there was no particular job to be assigned to her since she is an unscheduled member of the staff.

 Most of the chores are cleaning of the house, transportation of goods, harvesting of crops, and so on, and when Liana is busy buying the harvested crops, she also helps with the work of the Harvest Hoe.

 Her personality is very cheerful and she treats the slaves in a normal way, so I feel that the atmosphere among the slaves is somewhat relaxed.

 The last one is Neo, the son of Gaadhir-san and Glayna, who is still a five-year-old child even in this world where people are basically treated as adults.

 He is not yet old enough to help us, so we tell him never to go out of the settlements, and we let him have his own way in the settlements.

 At the beginning, Neo was playing around because of his curiosity, but he soon got tired of the empty settlements. He is fine when he is playing with Liana, but when she is away for work, he is often seen standing around looking bored.

 When Neo is playing around, the slaves who seldom smile sometimes smile at him, so I hope that Neo will be playing around to bring smiles back to the slaves.

 Therefore, I am thinking of preparing a playground equipment such as a swing when I am free next time.

 I am relieved that the newcomers are getting used to the new settlement and are getting along well with it.

 However, I was still unaware of the fact that I had been paying attention only to the individual and not to anything else.

 The threats creeping in from the outside, and the strange changes in the settlements…

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