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Chapter 99 The Sincere Dwarf Part Two

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 ”Hmm, is this the settlement, huh?”

 After passing through a narrow mountain path, the destination we arrived at was as I had heard, a large farm with several simple wooden buildings and a partially collapsed mansion. In addition, there was a wooden fence that was unreliable for protecting against monsters. It could be inferred that the foundation for settling had not yet been established.

 ”It’s quite warm. Is this some kind of magic?”

 As Larnan had said, just a moment ago, my hands holding the reins were so cold that they were numb. However, as soon as we arrived at the settlement, warm weather enveloped us as if we were welcoming the “Beginning Month.”

 ”In the northern city, I’ve heard they use special magical tools that cover the entire city to block the invasion of blizzards and prevent warm air from escaping. Perhaps there is something similar in this settlement as well.”

 ”Hmph, as expected of a noble. They even prepare such magnificent things.”

 ”Watch your mouth. We came here to work, not to fight.”

 ”I know.”

 Despite saying that he understood, Larnan continued to have a sullen expression, making me wonder if he really did understand.

 The reason why we didn’t want to accept the noble’s request personally was not only because we personally disliked nobles, but also because there were many people who openly harbored hostility towards nobles.

 Dwarves like Larnan are not uncommon, and it is rather rare to be a moderate like him who thinks that as long as we don’t get involved, it’s fine.

 And I hope that Larnan and the others don’t get into trouble with the nobles, but I feel down when I think of my position between the two sides.

 ”Haah… well then.”

 Upon arrival, I looked around, wondering who to talk to, when something strange caught my eye.

 ”What is that?”

 On the other side of the agricultural land where the laborers were working, there was a strange area that had been cleared with an abundance of tree stumps and fallen logs. The stumps were all the same height and looked like they had been cut down with an incredibly sharp and huge sickle, creating an eerie sight.

 While I was wondering if it was the result of some kind of large-scale magical experiment, I saw a silver-haired woman walking toward me, who was clearly different from the laborers in terms of atmosphere and attire started walking towards us.

 ”Excuse me, but are you from the Sincere Dwarf?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Please let the client know that we have arrived.”

 ”Understood. And who is the representative?”

 ”That would be me.”

 ”I see. Please allow me to accompany you to the residence.”

 Hmm, a meeting with the client, it seems.

 ”All right. What should we do with the others? Should we prepare for work?”

 ”No, I’ll call someone else to guide everyone to your lodgings. Since you must be tired from your long journey, please rest for the day.”

 ”Oh, that’s very kind of you.”

 They’re quite considerate, and while there’s no ill will, I’m a little puzzled by being treated like guests.

 ”Ronim, I’m coming with you.”

 ”You take care of the others. I’ll meet them alone.”


 ”I said I’m fine on my own. Don’t worry, nothing troublesome will happen that you need to think about.”

 Worrying that it might be more troublesome to introduce Larnan to the noble who made the request, I persuaded him and headed to the mansion where the noble was likely located alone.

 Now, led by a silver-haired woman, I was escorted to the reception room of the mansion.

 I was told to wait for the master to be called, but I wondered what kind of person would come out.

 According to Gibbett, this noble prioritizes the interests of the empire as a whole over their own, in a sense, an unusual man, and not like a noble.

 And the story of Atmiras’ prodigy is also well-known, developing alchemical fertilizers and item boxes and spreading them without monopolizing them.

 However, even such actions, if seen as a means to increase one’s own evaluation and gain further benefits, are not necessarily ridiculous but rather more troublesome than impulsive and easy-to-read nobles.

 When dealing with such aristocrats, it is necessary to understand the hidden meanings behind their words and not take them at face value, otherwise, there is a risk of being offered a deal that is not in our favor.

 However, since this is just a face-to-face meeting and the contract itself has already been concluded by the contract that we have submitted, there is no need to read the true meaning hidden in their word.

 Although there is a possibility that they may make additional requests, since we do not intend to stay here for a long time, I can simply refuse them.

 At any rate, I think it would be better not to prolong the conversation, and to simply exchange the minimum necessary greetings as a meeting. Just as I was thinking this, the door to the reception room was knocked, and two people opened the door and entered.

 One was a young man dressed in fine clothes, and the other was a woman with black hair, dressed like the silver-haired woman who had guided me earlier.

 ”Nice to meet you, my name is Neil Atomiras, and I’m here by request.”

 ”I am Ronim, the head of the Sincere Dwarf, and I consider myself lucky to have met the prodigy of the famous Atmiras.”

 ”Hahaha, the prodigy of Atomiras, huh?”

 This subtle reaction to my greeting, did he catch on that my greeting was just a formality?

 But the way he’s acting is strange, almost like he’s not used to being teased… No, it’s not wise to jump to conclusions.

 This may be an act to catch me off guard, so let’s not think about anything else and just get it over with.

 ”Thank you so much for accepting our request, especially since it’s coming from such a distant place, and a frontier settlement at that.”

 ”Well, when the representative of the Harvest Hoe begged me, I couldn’t refuse. And with it being a request from a frontier settlement, I’m sure nobody else was willing to do it.”

 ”Are you acquainted with Gibbett-san?”

 ”Oh, yeah. I’ve known him for a long time, and he’s told me a lot about Master Neil. You’re an altruistic and wonderful person.”

 ”No, I am not such a great person. I just happen to dislike quarreling with others, even though it might seem like I have altruistic tendencies. That’s not the case at all. In fact, I’m more selfish than anyone else.”


 What’s with this guy? This guy is way too humble to be modest.

 No, it’s not just modesty, it’s self-deprecation. This is unbelievable.

 In the world of nobles, appearances are everything, and belittling oneself in front of others is an act that brings nothing but harm to one’s status, even if there is a loss to them.

 Does he really think that way? Even if he does, what’s the point of expressing it to someone he’s just met?

 I am wondering what to say to him, who is different from any nobleman I know.

 ”Well, let’s discuss the plans from here on out.”

 Those words bring me back to reality.

 I can’t afford to be distracted by unnecessary thoughts in front of a noble.

 I need to make sure I don’t miss a single word he says and stay focused.

 ”We have prepared the necessary materials, but there may be shortages as the construction progresses. If there are any shortages, please inform Diana or Lewya, who was guide Ronim-san earlier.”

 ”Understood. Regarding the work, is there a priority?”

 ”Please prioritize the repair of the mansion, followed by the rooms where non-combatants will evacuate, and then the installation at the front at night.”

 ”Repair takes priority, huh. By the way, the servant who guided me here said I didn’t have to work today.”

 ”Yes, I told her to do so. I thought you would be quite tired just coming to the settlement, so I hope I wasn’t being too presumptuous.”

 ”No, I’m grateful for your consideration, Master Neil.”

 ”I’m glad to hear that.”

 Seeing the man smiling like he was really relieved, I started to lose my mind about this man at last.

 I could not read his purpose, and he did not seem to say anything additional.

 I was confused if he was really an aristocrat or not. Just when I was starting to wonder, he asked me a question.

 ”Well then, do you have any questions?”

 ”Huh? Oh… no, not really.”

 There were many questions I wanted to ask, but I suppressed my rising doubts, realizing that it was dangerous to prolong a conversation with a noble about matters unrelated to work.

 ””I see. In that case, let’s end it here. Ronim-san must be tired too, so please let Diana guide you to your lodging and get some rest.”

 ”Huh? Oh, okay. I understand, I’ll do that.”

 What a quick and easy way to end the meeting. Even though I had hoped for this outcome, I never expected the encounter to end so quickly and easily

 In the end, the meeting with the client ended without any additional orders or complaints about the contract.

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