Male Idol Extra 1

Chapter 1 Shirogane Aqua In A World With A 1~99 Male-To-Female Ratio, Where The Guys’ Bbq Begins

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 My name is Shirogane Aqua.

 I’m a 15-year-old high school student belonging to the idol agency Beryl Entertainment.

 When people think of idols, they usually imagine singing, dancing, and performing live. However, nowadays idols are branching out into various fields like acting in dramas and modeling.

 I’m one of those idols. Currently, I’m in a seaside town filming for the Sunday morning special effects drama, “Masked Driver: Heaven’s Sword.”

 ”It’s way too hot…”

 Entering the dressing room, I quickly unzip my Driver suit.

 I strip off my top and collapse onto the tatami floor.

 ”Hey, Aqua, that’s a bit too defenseless.”

 As I lie there, my fellow Beryl talent, Nekoyama Toa, walks in.

 Toa is not only a friend from high school but also plays Kagami Natsuki, a fellow Driver in “Masked Driver.”

 ”Here, have this.”


 Toa breaks a stick-shaped ice cream into 2 and feeds one half into my mouth.

 It’s soda-flavored!

 ”Ice cream is delicious…”

 ”It’s the best for hot days, right?”

 Toa tucks his hair behind his ear and smiles at me.

 …This is bad, maybe because of the heat, but sometimes Toa looks like a girl.

 Initially, I mistook Toa for a girl when we first met, leading to some misunderstandings. Thanks to Toa’s coming out, we cleared up the confusion, teaching me not to jump to conclusions based on appearances.

 ”Are you both here?”

 My well-mannered friend Mayuzumi Shintaro, wearing glasses, enters the dressing room.

 Shintaro, like Toa and me, plays Tachibana Zanki, another Driver.

 ”Hey, Shintaro, what’s up?”

 ”Anything going on?”

 Toa and I echo each other.

 ”Director Hongou just invited us to join the BBQ. What do you say?”

 ”Let’s go.”

 I immediately agree with Shintaro. Summer calls for BBQs.

 After all, barbecues are the best in the summer. We need that meat power.

 ”Yeah, I’m in too. By the way, where’s Tenga-senpai?”

 Tenga-senpai, Tenga Akira, is a college senior older than us. He’s also a comrade who takes on the role of Kamishiro Hajime, transforming into Driver.

 Tenga-senpai, Toa, Shintaro, and I are all part of the Beryl Entertainment.

 In this crazy world where the male-female ratio is 1 to 99, men are extremely rare. And if they’re working as actors, the numbers become even smaller. Naturally, there aren’t any guys willing to take on offers for Sunday morning tokusatsu dramas.

 However, having reincarnated into this world from a normal one, I had always aspired to be an idol. So, I eagerly accepted the offer. During the first filming scene, the 3 of them who came to observe were asked by the director, Hiroko Hongou, to join as Drivers.

 ”Tenga-senpai is probably already preparing for the BBQ. He said leave the meat grilling to him.”

 Finishing my ice cream, I toss the empty tube into the trash.

 ”Alright, shall we help out too?”

 As I head towards the door, Toa grabs my arm in a panic.

 ”Aqua! You can’t go out like that! It’s not good to be shirtless!”

 Oh… right. Looking at myself in the mirror, I realize I’m shirtless with my Driver suit halfway off.

 I quickly change clothes and head towards where everyone is gathered, accompanied by Toa and Shintaro.

 ”Director Hongou, good work.”

 ”Great job, everyone! Come over here!”

 Director Hongou, in a tracksuit and sandals, beckons us over.

 We headed towards where Tenga-senpai and the director were, talking to other staff members along the way.

 ”Tenga-senpai, we’ll help with the preparations too.”


 While chatting with the staff, we assembled barbecue grills and tables, set up chairs, handed out chopsticks and plates to everyone.

 Director Hongou is passionate but kind, always praising and encouraging everyone. Maybe that’s why the filming location feels so cozy.

 ”Alright everyone, feel free to eat as much barbecue as you want! Oh, and just a heads up, there are minors here so adults, please avoid alcohol.”


 We dug into the meat. The juicy meat juices made our cheeks melt.

 High school boys are growing boys, and meat after a hard day’s work tastes amazing!

 ”Just let the meat sizzle in the smoke.”

 Fellow cast member Kobayakawa Yuki-senpai was munching on barely cooked meat.

 Wait, is that safe to eat? It’s practically raw…

 Kobayakawa-senpai is a top young actress, usually calm but playing a clumsy role in the show.

 ”If you want rice, just let me know!”

 I perked up at the staff lady’s offer.

 When it comes to barbecue and rice, there’s one classic dish you can’t miss.

 ”Excuse me, can I have some rice, please? A bit more if possible.”

 ”Sure, here you go.”

 I got a plate piled high with rice from the staff lady.

 As she saw it, she gave me a suspicious look, as did Shintaro sitting nearby. They seemed worried, but hey, I don’t mess up that often!

 ”Aqua… what are you planning to do with that mountain of rice?”

 ”Hehe, thanks for asking. Listen, here’s the plan!”

 I washed my hands, grabbed some white rice, and shaped it into onigiri by rolling it in my palms.

 But this was no ordinary onigiri.

 ”Excuse me, Tenga-senpai, can I use some space to cook?”

 ”Sure, go ahead. But make sure to eat your veggies too, junior!”

 I drizzled soy sauce on the onigiri and placed it on the hot griddle.

 When it comes to barbecue and rice, this is the classic grilled onigiri!

 ”No way… really?”

 ”If I can eat that onigiri, I’ll have no regrets in life.”

 ”I want to smack myself for thinking I was getting used to things lately.”

 ”As expected of Aqua-kun, always doing something unexpected.”

 ”I want to become a grain of rice… and be tightly held by Aqua-sama.”

 ”From tomorrow, I’ll become an onigiri!”

 The staff ladies seemed to be buzzing about something, but the sizzling sound of soy sauce on the griddle drowned out their voices.

 The smell of soy sauce while grilling onigiri is just amazing. When it comes to grilled onigiri, this is it.

 I placed the finished grilled onigiri on a plate and sprinkled bonito flakes on top.

 ”Here, Shintaro and Toa, try this.”

 I handed plates of grilled onigiri to the two.

 Come on, it’s delicious, give it a try! As I encouraged them, they used chopsticks to break apart and eat the grilled onigiri.

 ”This is delicious, Aqua.”

 ”Yeah, it’s tasty, Aqua.”

 Of course, it is! While thinking that, Director Hongou approached me and whispered in my ear.

 ”Aqua-kun, would you mind making grilled onigiri for the staff too? I’ll handle the grilling.”

 ”Got it!”

 I went to the rice cooker with sesame oil and salt, raised my hand.

 ”Who wants grilled onigiri?”

 Everyone lined up at my call.

 The smell of soy sauce had everyone hooked.

 I scooped rice with a ladle, placed it in my palm, and shaped each one with gratitude.

 I always rely on the staff ladies, so I have to do this much.

 ”Dad… mom… Thank you for giving birth to me.”

 ”I see… I’ve been living for this day.”

 ”Thank you, thank you.”

 ”I’m really glad I took on this job.”

 ”Director Hongou, I’ll follow you for life…!”

 ”Instead of just one more year, can you keep doing Heaven’s Sword forever?”

 ”Sorry to the people on the bulletin board. I’m going to eat Aqua-kun’s handmade Onigiri now.”

 I make Onigiri and place them one by one on the plate held by the lady.

 For some reason, many people were eating them without grilling them halfway through. Maybe they were really hungry.

 As evidence, everyone was slowly savoring the Onigiri while crying.

 ”Thank you, Aqua-kun.”

 ”No, thank you too. Oh, here, this is for Director Hongou.”

 I take a separate Onigiri and hand it to Director Hongou.

 Director Hongou looks surprised for a moment, then smiles.

 ”Oh, you even prepared one for me, Aqua-kun, thank you!”

 Director Hongou enjoys the Onigiri. Everyone must have been really hungry.

 Looking around, most people were smiling, but some were crying. When asked what happened, they said they were tears of joy. Maybe they skipped breakfast or lunch? Thinking about that, I was told to leave them alone.

 ”Umm, junior… Wh-what about mine?”


 Tenga-senpai looks at me with a sad expression.

 I can’t say now that I forgot about my senpai’s portion….

 I reluctantly offer the remaining Onigiri to Tenga-senpai.

 ”Junior… want to eat together?”

 ”Yes… senpai.”

 We shared the last grilled Onigiri together.

 For some reason, a few staff ladies who saw this collapsed. I hope they’re okay from the heat, they should be careful of heatstroke.

 Anyway, the BBQ with the staff ended in a friendly manner.

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