Male Idol Extra 3

Chapter 3 Sayamu Inko, A Miracle Outside Of Streaming

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 Sayamu Inko, that’s another name I go by.

 I’m a Vtuber signed to a major agency called Holospray, and today, I was streaming my usual game as Inko.


 ’Nice knife!’

 ’Inko is bad at the game’

 ’That was almost close!’

 ’You have the wrong weapon’

 ’You should have thrown a grenade there’

 ’Why didn’t you run away and heal?’

 ’Let’s do better next time’

 The game I’m playing is EPEX Legend, commonly known as Apex.

 It’s a battle royale game where 3 players form a team and 20 teams land on the same field, competing to be the last team standing. Apex is also the game chosen for CreamRAW, an upcoming tournament I’ll be participating in.

 Right now, I’m in the midst of daily practice matches for the CreamRAW Cup finals at night. Tonight, I’m also scheduled to play with my team against other tournament participants.

 I woke up much earlier than the meeting time and started streaming to get some practice in, but I’m not in good form today, and nothing seems to be going my way.

 ”Ugh! I can’t do this anymore!!”

 My aim faltered at the very end, and I bang on the table in frustration.

 ’Inko, calm down’

 ’You’re not in good form today…’

 ’Those things happen, don’t worry!’

 ’Rank is tough with the new season. Don’t worry’

 ’Why don’t you play with another streamer instead of randoms?’

 ’Got a table slam’

 ’She’s angry, lol’

 ’She’s raging again’

 Ah, I’m not getting any better. Maybe I should end the stream and take a break…

 No, I still want to end with a win. It’s just not right to end like this.

 ”Ya gotta stop with the early whackin’, I’m tellin’ ya! Pleeease!”

 The time between pressing the ready button and entering the match feels like an eternity.

 ’She’s speaking Kansai dialect now, lol’

 ’This is getting intense’

 ’I’m laughing at her praying’

 The game screen changes as the match completes.

 When I play games as a wild card, aka solo, the other 2 players I’ll be matched with are either solo players like me or a duo.

 Of course, the players I’m matched with are random, so there will be people with different playstyles.

 Some people are really toxic, but I don’t really care. I’m the type to talk back, and if they turn into video clips, I just think of it as extra monetization. Thanks!


 Along with the “Match Complete” message, the screen transitions to the loading screen for the match data.

 ’Murmur… murmur…’

 ’Here comes the next victim’

 ’The person you’re matched with, please carry Inko-chan’

 ’Good luck!’

 ’Come on! Come on!’

 As the countdown on the loading screen reaches 0, the screen changes again to show the teammates I’ll be playing with in this match. As soon as I saw the screen, I raised my fist in victory.

 ”Two Predator badges! Let’s goooo!”

 This game has a ranking system, divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Predator from lowest to highest. Predator is the highest rank. They’re definitely strong.

 ’Seriously, LOL’

 ’Inko-chan is lucky’

 ’You’re going to win’

 ’I’m sure your team will win, I’m going to take a bath’

 ’This is it, you’re definitely going to be champions’


 ’Wait a minute!!’

 ’Inko! Name! Name!’

 ’Look at the names!’

 Names…? Could I have been matched with a famous pro gamer or a former pro gamer streamer?

 Or maybe I was matched with someone from the same Hololive or a Vtuber from another agency that we’ve interacted with.

 I look at the comments and quickly check the names of the 2 players.




 Shiro-kun and Tama-chan?

 ’Shiro-kun is hereeeee!’


 ’Bad news, Inko, you’ve used up all your luck before the tournament’

 ’Wait a minute, are they both streaming?’

 ’Are they practicing?’

 ’This is it. You’re going to win.’

 ’Let me tell you this first, you know what happens if you get in the way, right?’

 Huh? Huh? I was taken to the character selection screen before I could fully grasp the situation.

 What’s happenin’ here, huh?

 ’They’re both offline.’

 ’It’s too close for comfort that they’re practicing even though they’re offline…’

 ’Ugh, my heart is racing…’

 ’Is there a reason to play the game offline? Or is this a date?’

 ’Why are they offlineeeeeeeeeee!’

 ’There’s a chance they’re fake, but what do you think?’

 ’Thank you, Inko. I’m able to meet these offline players thanks to Inko!!’

 ’Shiro-kun, Tama-chan, invite Mayushin-kun too instead of just dueling!’

 ’Mayushin-kun: “Eh, me…?” ←’

 ’Inko, pick your character!’

 ’Inko, greet the 2 of them and ask what they’re using!!’

 Ah, darn it! Because I was spacing out, I accidentally selected the character Black Hound that I used in the previous match.

 Well, he’s strong anyway, so it’s not too bad. Next, Tama-chan chooses the robot Zipper Finder, and Shiro-kun picks the character Newt who controls gravity.

 ’White Newt’

 ’White Newt and White Zipper, this is it.’

 ’Both of them have matching white skins!!’

 ’By the way, Mayushin-kun’s Dive also has a polar bear skin.’

 ’Shiro-kun aside, Mayushin-kun and Tama-chan really like Aqu-tan.’

 ’Wow, this is definitely real.’

 ’Inko… are you going to die?’

 ’Even though they’re a boy, they’re seriously practicing for the game…’

 The screen changed again, and our squad was announced to all the teams participating in this match as the Champions Squad. The Champions Squad is the team that performed the best in the previous match. Look, since the arrow’s pointin’ at Shiro-kun, he must’ve won the last bout. Ain’t no surprise, he’s a real Predator, ain’t he?

 ”Nice to meet you.”

 ”Nice to meet you… eh? Inko-san?”

 When I was hesitating, both of them greeted me first on voice chat, VC. And it seemed like Tama-chan noticed me… I hope I don’t look like a cocky senior making my juniors greet me first.

 ’Inko, you’ve become quite important, huh?’

 ’Wow, Sayamu Inko-san makes juniors greet her.’

 ’I’m out.’

 ’Inko-chan, seriously?’

 ’Just like Aiko-chan-sensei, Inko-chan is acting all high and mighty.’

 ’Inko always says, “Juniors should greet first.”‘


 ’Oh my gosh, just hearing his voice makes me pregnant.’

 ’Shiro-kun’s voice is knocking on the door of my baby room.’

 ’Since I can’t find diaper, I put a bucket under my chair just in case.’

 Oh no, I need to greet them quickly, or they’ll think I’m a scary senior!

 As I turned on VC, I also told the Holospray staff managing the chat to cut off anyone making inappropriate comments.

 ”Uh, h-h-h-hello, this is Sayamu Inko from Holospray. I’m streaming, is that okay?”

 ”Oh, it’s fine.”

 ”Inko-senpai, nice to meet you.”

 Wow, both of them are so nice!

 Wait, I’m the Jumpmaster!

 The Jumpmaster is the one who decides where the team lands on the map.

 I quickly handed over the Jumpmaster role to Shiro-kun.

 ”Can I leave the Jumpmaster role to you? You can land wherever you want.”

 ”Then let’s land here.”

 ”I’ll land over here, Shiro will go there, and Inko-senpai, can you take this spot?”

 ”O-okay, got it, I’ll do my best.”

 Oh no, my hand holding the mouse is sweating a lot.

 And I think I’m gettin’ underarm sweat too.

 I don’t want ’em thinkin’ I’m a sweaty girl, so I’ll spray a bit! There we go

 ’Unlike Inko, they seem experienced.’

 ’This is the difference between a Master and a Predator.’

 ’A senior being carried by her juniors, LOL.’

 ’Normally, shouldn’t the girl lead and carry them?’

 ’Even Inko can carry (carrying healing items for the two of them)!!’

 ’I heard a spray sound just now, but spraying through the screen doesn’t help, lol.’

 ’But I understand the feeling.’

 Ughhhh! These guys are so annoying!

 We’re trying to have a fun time as a trio, stop ruining it!

 I wrote in my chat.

 ’Shut up, be quiet, you idiots!!’

 Damn it, I can’t stand it anymore, I need a drink!

 I opened the vodka bottle that was nearby and took a big gulp.

 ’Here comes the profanity queen, LMAO!’

 ’I’ll make sure to report this to the holospray management. Holospray administration.’

 ’Hey! You just drank alcohol, didn’t you?’

 ’You’ll get scolded by the company again for streaming while drinking!’

 ’Well, she’ll come back later with a tearful apology stream.’

 ’Go for it, that’s what makes you Inko!’

 ’Inko, please don’t mess around with your “equipment” during the stream!’

 All right! After taking a sip, I’m starting to calm down a bit!

 I slapped my own cheek to get myself back in the game.

 ”Here I go!!”

 I slowly descended at the end, I descend slowly, being the last one, and start scavenging for nearby items.

 ”Inko-san, Shiro, are you ready?”

 ”We’re already good to go here!”

 Ey, hold on a sec! How come you two are so quick at scavengin’ for stuff?

 I’m here fumblin’ around tryna find anything.

 Ahhh, why’s it that there ain’t no weapons when I need ’em the most?”

 ”Hey, wait a moment.”

 ”OK! I’m crafting some items.”

 ”Inko-senpai, take your time.”

 Without even examining them, I just pick up the weapons lying around in the vicinity.

 As a result, the weapons I have now are a pair of joke guns called Elstar.

 ’A senior who slows down their junior.’

 ’Hey, Inko…’

 ’Inko, you’re so slow, go to hell!!’

 ’There’s a dumbass here who got flustered and picked up 2 trash weapons, LOL.’

 ’Of all things, that’s the only thing that dropped, lol.’

 ’Inko, are you kidding me?’

 ’Well, Shiro-kun and Tama-chan are both exasperated.’

 Ah, dang it, ain’t no use complainin’. This here’s all I got!

 This game’s just plain crappy!!

 ”I think the center of the area is probably congested by now. Let’s move along the edge of the safe zone and hunt down those who are moving out while adjusting to the area.”

 ”Yeah, Shiro, that’s a good idea.”

 ”Got it.”

 We slowly move towards the center of the circle.

 ”What weapons are you guys using? I’m using a 6x Longbow and Mastiff.”

 ”An Iron Sight Wingman and a P2020.”

 ”I’m using an Elstar and an Elstar…”

 Shiro-kun, maybe being considerate, said, “That’s a unique combination.” Tama-chan couldn’t help but laugh, and her giggles spilled out. Ugh, embarrassing, I, embarrassing, I, I blushed in front of the streaming screen.

 ’Inko-chan, come on.’

 ’Hey, there’s one person using a weird weapon combination!’

 ’Inko-senpai, can you please take this seriously?’

 ’This is what a senior looks like when they drag down their juniors.’

 ’Does the vodka taste good even though it makes you be considerate to Shiro-kun?’

 ’Tama-chan’s laugh is so cute, I want to put her on my back and take her home.’

 ’Tama-chan’s Longbow.’

 ’Aqua-sama’s eggplant and Tama-chan’s Longbow.’

 Shaddup!! Ain’t no other choice!!

 This’s all I got!!

 ’Oh, gunshots.’

 ’There’s a fight going on here.’

 Ey, ey, ain’t you two s’posed to be scoutin’? Wait up for me.

 Let the big sis handle her part too

 ’A senior who uses a scouting character but can’t scout.’

 ’Inko-chan, come on (with a huge sigh).’

 ’What’s a scouting character?’

 ’Black Hound, which Inko is using, is a character that can scout the surroundings.’

 While I was all flustered, Tama-chan whipped out his Longbow and sniped an enemy from afar.

 Huh? That enemy’s like a grain of rice, ain’t normal to pull that off.

 ”One down.”

 ”I got one from the other team too. Let’s throw a Gravity Ball.”

 ”Got it, then I’ll throw a kunai and zipline up. Let’s charge!”


 Um, um, gotta climb that cliff first…

 Wait up, you two! Inko-senpai’s comin’ soon!

 ”I’m done!”

 ”Me too!”


 After climbing the cliff, I took out my weapon, Elstar, but there were coffins from 2 teams lying in front of me.

 It’s already over?! What the heck! It ain’t fair, everythin’s done when I arrive!

 I’m startin’ to feel embarrassed ’bout what I said earlier, ‘Inko-senpai’s comin’ soon!’. Good thing I kept quiet. I’d be blushin’ like crazy.

 ’Inko LOL’

 ’What Inko did → Just climbed the cliff’

 ’The cool scenes of the 2 of them are not shown at all’

 ’Inko-chan, at least you should have captured the brave figures of the 2 of them properly!!’

 ’It was all over by the time we climbed the cliff de~gozaru’

 ’Shiro-kun and Tama-chan are too strong’

 ’Breaking news: Inko-senpai is not needed’

 After looting the coffins and preparing our equipment, we flew to predict the final area from the jump tower nearby.

 Of course, it was Tama-chan who read the final area and Shiro-kun who gave the instructions to jump from the tower. So I didn’t do anything…. Well, can’t do nothin’ ’bout it! Them two are just too darn quick. What’s their deal? Speedy at grabbin’, speedy at movin’, and who knows, maybe they’re speedy at other things too? Well, that might just be my kinda folk.

 While I’m sittin’ here thinkin’ ’bout these pointless things, Tama-chan’s gettin’ all flustered ’cause he can’t find a spot to touch down.

 ”What should we do? There’s no place to land.”

 Oh no, no, no, there are enemies everywhere and there’s no place to land.

 But if we jus’ plop down anywhere, we’ll just be hunted and turned into toys. We gotta find us a spot to touch down, somehow!

 ”Let’s land here for now because we can fit under the stairs of this building. I’ll go check out the first floor.”

 Oh~, Shiro-kun is always calm even in situations like this, I can rely on him….

 The 3 of us landed like sliding under the stairs. Shiro-kun then went to check the lower floor skillfully.

 In the meantime, Tama-chan held off the enemy team on the upper floor, and I guarded the surroundings.

 All’s goin’ well so far, ain’t it?!

 ”There’s no one inside, so let’s go in here. We’ll have to live with the ones upstairs, but let’s do our best to survive.”

 ”I’ll guard the rear, so Inko-senpai, go inside the house first.”

 Ughhhhh! That was a close call! My HP bar’s dang near empty!

 Phew, that was really dangerous, but thanks to the 2 of you, we managed to safely reach the safe zone.

 I can’t let them down, so I can’t be the first one to fall.

 ’Living together…?’

 ’Living together?!’

 ’I just want to live together with the 2 of them in the game.’

 ’Does the team above understand? If they do, this is more than just a game.’

 ’I’m going to start playing EPEX tomorrow.’

 ’Get this? If you play Apex, you can go on a date (game) with the 2 of them and live together.’

 ’If you live together with the team above, Inko will be staying in the same room with the 2 of them.’

 ’Even though it’s just in the game, is it okay for an adult woman to bring 2 underage boys into her house?’

 ’Police, this is the place!’

 ’I reported it to the admin.’

 Living together? Me with the 2 of them… huh!? No, no, focus on the game, me!!

 I scanned the surroundings and relayed the information to the 2 of them.

 ”There are 2 enemies here!”

 ”Oh, I can shoot them from here.”

 ”OK! I’m covering the front, so Inko-san, cover Shiro.”

 ”Got it!!”

 Finally, the time has come for my Elstar to fire!

 Bang bang bang bang, a loud and unnecessary sound accompanied by a beam of light flying towards the enemy.

 I can’t see, ya know! The light effects are too strong, and I can’t see the enemy.

 Plus, even with a 2-4x scope, I couldn’t control the recoil of the gun and barely hit anything.

 ”Nice shot!”

 Even so, thanks to Shiro-kun’s skill, my shots, even though they were just grazing, combined with his to defeat several teams.

 There are only 3 teams left, the team above that wants to live together and one team far away.

 ”Let’s go up there first!”

 ”Okay, Shiro-kun, go up to the top with the lift first. We’ll follow you later.”

 ”Got it.”

 Shiro-kun’s Newton has the ability to manipulate gravity and floats in the air, throwing grenades into the room.

 We threw grenades from the lower floor in sync with Shiro-kun’s grenades, cutting off the enemy’s escape route.

 One person tried to rush out, but they were taken down by Shiro-kun’s 2 quick shots from outside.

 Tama-chan and I defeated the remaining 2 characters while chipping away at their armor.

 ”Watch out for third-party attacks! Slow them down with a Gravity Ball!”

 Shiro-kun’s Gravity Ball, used by Newton, is an evil ultimate move that pulls all nearby characters to the black ball that’s been thrown.

 ”Inko-senpai, I’ll zip-line to you and we’ll cross-attack them together!”


 The other team must have been helpless, as the 2 of them quickly wiped out the last team too.


 ’As expected of the 2 Predators, you’re both skilled!’

 ’Conclusion: Aqua-sama is cool even in the game!’


 ’This time, I’ll get the knife!’

 ’Inko-senpai, your kill count is maxed out, but is 469 damage a joke?’

 ’Does the taste of victory carried by your juniors taste good?’

 ’Thank you, Shiro-kun!!’

 ’Thanks, Tama-chan!!’

 ’Inko-senpai, take those 2 from Beryl to Holospray right away!!’

 ’Sigh… I wish I could be shot by Shiro-kun too. Preferably a white one.’

 ’GG for me who hurriedly put a bucket under the chair.’

 Admin, it’s fine to boot out the pervs.

 ”Good work, everyone. See you later!”

 ”Thank you. Let’s play together again!”

 ”U-um, thank you so much, both of you!!”

 Sigh… I’m exhausted. I’m glad I didn’t lose or get knocked down and drag the team down.

 ”Sorry, but I’m going to end the stream now. I need to practice a bit before the main event. See you all later!”

 I turned off the stream and lay face down on the bed.

 ”Ah, I’m beat. But Shiro-kun and Tama-chan are not only cute but also cool… hehe, living with Shiro-kun…”

 Ugh… There are less than 2 hours left until the gathering time, but I ended up imagining something strange because of those 2. But I’ll tough it out for now, yeah, I’ll tough it out… Alright, I couldn’t take it.

 After it was over, I was filled with disgust for myself. I knew it was wrong to use Shiro-kun, who had been so happy playing the game until just now, for such a thing, but I couldn’t stop myself.

 There is no time more empty than when I’m washing the used goods after I’ve calmed down, but humans are such foolish creatures that I forget about it again and indulge myself when I’m horny.


 After putting away the washed goods, I turn on the PC streaming screen again.

 ”Well, I’m refreshed, so let’s play another custom match today!”

 I get back into the game and click the start streaming button.

 By the way, I lost the practice match badly, but my talk was in top form that day.

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