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Volume 10 Chapter 1 Heaven’s Sword Episode 14 – Beyond The Smile

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 My name is Iwanari Nico. I have been working as a driver and a suit actor for many years.

 The reason I chose this job is because of my name.

 I always want to be able to smile.

 My mother gave me the name Nico, hoping that I would always be able to smile.

 I remember always smiling when I was a child and liking this name.

 ’Mom! I’m going to become an actress!’

 So, I decided to become an actress because of the Driver’s tokusatsu I saw when I was a child.

 I think I was very excited when I took auditions, passed the agency, and went to my first shoot.

 ’Don’t smile, you ugly bitch! You’re disgusting!’

 However, I was continuously insulted by a man on set, and I couldn’t smile during the recording that day.

 Even at the next set, and the next… every time I tried to smile, thoughts of that man would flash through my mind and I couldn’t smile properly.

 I guess it was something called trauma.

 I became afraid to smile in front of people, and even standing on the scene with my true face exposed became terrifying.

 ’Nico-chan, would you like to try being a suit actor?’

 Back then, I was in the Masked Driver show because the director, who had been kind to me, asked me to join. I had been practicing action scenes ever since I started in this industry because I looked up to Drivers from the start. If I became a suit actor, I wouldn’t need to reveal my face. The director liked me, so I quickly accepted the opportunity. However…

 ’Director Hongou, I’m glad you invited me to be the new Driver, but I’m thinking of retiring.’

 Director Hongou has always been a passionate woman since the first time I met her. Like me, she entered this industry with a longing for Drivers and has caused a sensation with innovative camera work and sensational scripts.

 Hongou Hiroko’s first personally shot film started in a small theater and quickly spread nationwide, and it was recognized, leading her to be chosen as the director of the next Heaven’s Sword. Such a person lowered her head and pleaded in front of me.

 ’Please! Just one more time…! Even just once is enough. This work… and Heaven’s Sword still need your strength, Iwanari-san!!”

 Her figure overlapped with the image of my younger self, full of passion before she lost her smile.

 Ah, I immediately realized that this person likes Masked Driver.

 Because I also liked this work as much as she did.

 Just like me, she must have been saved by the Driver.

 ’It’s impossible for me to play the driver role because I’m already old. But if it’s a monster… as a chijou actor, it’s fine.’

 I was overwhelmed by Director Hongou’s enthusiasm and decided to retire once, but I withdrew that decision and took on the job.

 This will probably be my last job.

 It’s interesting that I, who have always been a driver suit actor, will play the role of a monster in the very end.

 To be honest, I once thought that I wanted to try being on this side too.

 ”Mom! It’s almost time for driver!”


 Oops, when I was lost in thought, time flew by…

 ”Mom, let’s watch driver together today!”

 ”Of course.”

 I will be turning 54 years old this year, but my daughter Emi was born when I was 48.

 I was truly happy when I received frozen sp*rm from the government in recognition of my many years of accomplishments.

 I had my eggs frozen when I was younger, but it was still difficult to give birth.

 That’s why I can’t help but think that my daughter is really cute right now. If possible, I want her to be different from me and have a smile, so I named her Emi.

 ”It’s exciting!”

 Seeing my daughter jumping around in front of the TV, I can’t help but smile.

 ”It’s started!”

 Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword.

 This work became a hot topic because it was the first time in the history of drivers that a man, not a woman, transformed into a driver. Compared to previous works, this work is very well made.

 Not only defeating the enemies but also Kenzaki’s kindness in trying to save their hearts touched everyone, and the social situation incorporated into the background made many adults strongly consider whether the current society is really right.

 In fact, after the program ended, discussions would heat up on social media and bulletin boards, and sometimes the trending ranking would be filled with that topic. It was even to the extent that on the Sunday intense debate of the national broadcasting, which usually discusses politics and economics, there were times when a live broadcast would start immediately after the broadcast because of Heaven’s Sword, even though it was a different station, and the program ended only with talking about Heaven’s Sword.

 [That masked face, Noh mask (Nou Men)!]

 In the screen, a woman was standing there, hurt by those words.

 Ah… finally, this episode is being broadcasted…

 I know this episode because it’s the one I appeared in.

 [I just can’t understand what that child is really thinking.]

 The child who became the target of Chijou this time was a child who was not good at expressing emotions. She was taken advantage of by Chijou’s executive, Tora-uma, and was made into the Monster Noh Mask.

 [These are the people who had their emotions taken away by Noh Mask.]

 Commander Tajima, played by Abe-san, gazes at the figure of the emotionless women with a painful expression.

 Behind him stood Yuki, who plays as the Night Shadow team, and Aa-kun, who plays as Kagami.

 One of the extras who appeared in this scene was a fan of Toa, who she saw in a magazine, and they even said that they performed the emotionless acting by sticking a ballpoint pen into their thigh.

 I was surprised too, but on the set of Heaven’s Sword, not a single person is not a professional.

 Even extras put their lives on the line for the filming.

 [Kenzaki… So you were working part-time in a place like this?]

 [And Tachibana, what are you doing in a place like this?]

 Kenzaki, played by Aqua-kun, and Tachibana, played by Shintaro, coincidentally encounter each other at the cafe terrace of a wedding venue.

 […Hmph, Kenzaki, you’re here because you heard the information that Chijou was spotted in this area, right?]

 [Yes…. But it has been several days since I came here, and I don’t feel Chijou’s presence.]

 This time, Chijou, who has lost emotions, is a natural enemy for Kenzaki, who can sensitively sense people’s emotions.

 On the other hand, Tachibana, who analyzes data from sighting information, can predict where Chijou will appear next with his exceptional thinking ability.

 [I found you, Chijou!]

 [You, driver, b*stard!]

 Tachibana straightens his suit collar, spreads the jacket hem left and right, and shows the belt.


 Tachibana catches the grasshopper-shaped transformation tool that jumped out of the grass and attaches it to the belt.


 My daughter, Emi, who saw Lightning Hopper, gets excited.

 Lightning Hopper, who fights with a gun as a weapon, actually often has Shintaro-kun as the suit actor because there are not many intense actions.

 Director Hongou thought a lot about what the four boys wanted, so most of the time, the four main Drivers are played by the real people.

 Among them, Aqua-kun handles all the action scenes himself, and the tremendous physical abilities have been proven even in the Monday 9 PM drama.

 [Why, Chijou, do you steal people’s emotions?]

 [For the sake of, stealing human emotions.]

 It was a difficult situation for the Lightning Hopper, who had been cornering Nou Mask with accurate shooting, but the battle was brought to a close distance, putting him in a difficult situation.


 The Lightning Hopper, who had his gun knocked out of his hand, was blown backwards by the enemy’s rapid fire.

 Noh Mask approached, intending to finish him off.

 However, in the next moment, the sound of sirens approaching from SYUKUJYO’s vehicle could be heard.

 At the same time, a bee-like machine flew in from somewhere, making a buzzing sound as it danced in the air.

 Thinking that it would be bad if other drivers came out and made a bigger fuss, Noh Mask prioritized escaping from the scene.

 [Hey! Are you okay!?]

 Before SYUKUJYO, Kamishiro played by Akira-kun spotted Tachibana. Kamishiro, who lifted the de-transformed Tachibana, took him back to the cafe where he was staying for the time being.

 [Huh! Where is this?]

 [Don’t worry. It’s my room.]

 Tachibana showed hostility towards Kamishiro, but felt grateful for being helped and expressed his gratitude sincerely.

 At this point, the relationship between Kamishiro, who acts completely independently unlike Tachibana who is under the control of SYUKUJYO, is not very good.

 [Why did you help me?]

 [I wanted to talk with you properly.]

 Through repeated conversations, Kamishiro has started to feel the meaning of saving Chijou’s heart rather than just defeating them.

 That’s why he has begun to feel a sense of discomfort towards SYUKUJYO’s policy of mercilessly destroying them without exception.

 On the other hand, Tachibana, who works at a law firm, does not bend his stance of judging according to proper rules.

 Therefore, the discussions between these two are at a stalemate.

 [I’ve come to understand by acting together with Kenzaki. What he is doing has meaning! That’s why…]

 [It’s too late to realize it only after Kenzaki gets hurt or something irreversible happens! Chijou is the enemy to be defeated! That’s why he should abandon that softness. Weren’t you saying the same thing in the beginning!!]

 Tachibana grabs Kamishiro by the collar and gets closer to his face.

 The filming of this scene was harsh.

 The person who was holding a camera was a veteran like me, but they fainted in the middle of shooting the scene.

 It’s not unusual for Heaven’s Sword filming, as everyone approaches the shooting in such a battered state.

 ”Hey, Mom.”

 ”What’s the matter, Emi?”

 ”So, This is just Tachibana-san and Kamishiro, who love Kenzaki-sama, competing with each other, right? Both of them have nice faces though. Somehow, they both seem serious about their love. If they marry Kenzaki-san, I feel like I’ll get sick. Rather, Emi prefers Kagami-chan. Kagami-chan is cuter, after all.”

 Emi? Boys can’t marry each other, so what on earth are you talking about?

 My daughter’s sensibility is a little unique, and even as a mother, there are times when I can’t understand it.

 Despite this, the story continues to progress and will soon reach its climax after a commercial break.

 [Commander Tajima, are you really sure about this plan?]

 Night Shadow Misa in wedding dresses casts skeptical looks at Commander Tajima.

 [Yeah! The data shows that happy women are more likely to be attacked by Chijou. So, I thought that if we showed the smile of a blissful woman at a wedding, we could attract them. And that’s the result that our entire SYUKUJYO team arrived at!]

 When Commander Tajima snapped her fingers, Kagami, wearing a wedding dress, came out from behind. Even in this scene, many staff members felt dizzy.

 I’ve said it many times before, but the filming of Heaven’s Sword was extremely tough, unlike anything I’ve seen in the past.

 [The wedding ceremony of Night Shadow Misa and Kagami Natsuki will now be held]

 I thought Yuki-kun (Kobayakawa Yuki) would become a great actress.

 If she were a normal actress… no, even if she were a veteran actress, it wouldn’t be strange for her to faint at the scene of getting married to a man, even in a drama.

 That’s exactly when I accepted it in my heart.

 That day, that moment, if I hadn’t been insulted by the male actor I co-starred with, would my life have been different? I’ve never stopped thinking about it. But it wasn’t like that.

 I realized that I couldn’t become someone like Yuki-kun. Just knowing that was enough for me to feel that there was a meaning in participating in this filming.


 [Wave of Happiness. Welcome, your emotions.]

 The staff at the venue shout.

 Of course, the one who appeared there was none other than the person I am acting as a suit actor for, Noh Mask.

 The attendees of the ceremony stand up and simultaneously take out guns from their pockets and aim them at Noh Mask.

 Of course, everyone except the venue staff is a member of the SYUKUJYO team.

 [You’ve been caught!]

 [Dirty humans, you have, deceived me.]

 Night Shadow Misa provokes the Noh Mask and laughs sinisterly at seeing that.

 [Heh! Finally, this time has come!!]

 Night Shadow Misa takes out a belt hidden in the bouquet and attaches it to her waist.

 [Come on! Stag Beetle!!]

 Night Shadow Misa reaches her hands high into the sky. However, there is no sign of the Stag Beetle coming no matter how much she wait.

 ”Misa-chan… It might be better to give up already…”

 My daughter. Don’t say that to her… Yuki-kun was pretty concerned during this time too.

 [Why! Why, is it only me…]

 Night Shadow Misa is depressed, and several ordinary Chijos approach her.

 [Please hold yourself together, Senpai!!]

 The one who protected Night Shadow Misa was Kagami, who was standing next to her.

 SYUKUJYO’s attacks cannot completely defeat Chijou.

 Therefore, SYUKUJYO’s plan, which incorporated Night Shadow Misa’s transformation, quickly fell apart, and they became solely defensive.

 The character I play, Noh Mask, is convinced that this is the chance to crush SYUKUJYO, so I provoke additional regular Chijou.

 [Do it!]

 [Kuh! This is not good as it is…!]

 At that moment, a bee flying from somewhere and a grasshopper emerging from the shadows crossed the battlefield in a fight.

 [Tachibana Zanki, let’s pause for now.]

 [Yeah, don’t hold me back, Kamishiro.]

 The Chijou surrounding the two back-to-back individuals. But the grasshopper and bee break through the gap and land in their palms.



 Director Hongou captures the two’s cool transformation with amazing camera work.

 To showcase the two’s cool transformation scene in its entirety, we’ll go up to three cameras today.

 Of course, we won’t forget Tachibana butt’s close-up shot. And surprisingly, Kamishiro butt’s close-up shot is included this time.

 Social media and bulletin boards will be in an uproar.

 [Noh Mask! Don’t pile on more sins!!]

 [Why not? I’ll collect, those emotions.]

 Kamishiro, who transformed into Poison Chalice, approaches Noh Mask for close combat persuasion.

 However, she has always been bad at expressing emotions, and becoming Chijou has completely drained her of emotions.

 So no matter how much Kamishiro persuades Noh Mask, those words do not reach her heart.

 [Tsk! I told you so!!]

 Lightning Hopper aims the gun at Noh Mask. The gunshots fired by Lightning Hopper are blocked by Tora-uma, a member of Chijou who appeared from the shadows on the ground.

 [D*mn…! You again!]

 [Good…! Be more frustrate! Be more irritate! Tachibana Zanki, confront the darkness within your heart!]

 Since their encounter in Episode 8, Tora-uma has been targeting Tachibana.

 By gaining more power and converting many people into Chijou, Tora-uma is not lagging behind just one injured Lightning Hopper.

 While Lightning Hopper is being easily dealt with by Tora-uma, Poison Chalice, who has become desperate, is blown away to the wall.


 Poison Chalice, who crashed into the wall, shows signs of suffering as he rolls on the ground.

 This would never happen normally, but Akira-kun is acting out these scenes himself.

 That’s why, if people look closely, they can feel the person’s breath.

 [Hmm… I guess it’s impossible for me after all…]

 Naturally, my eyes narrow as I watch the screen.

 Akira-kun… Even though he was trying his best at that time, I really thought he had grown compared to the current Akira-kun.

 [Don’t give up!]

 Officer Kagami approaches Kamishiro and spreads his arms to protect him.

 [We can only compete against Chijou with the Driver! You can’t give up!]

 To cut to the chase, I know his, Toa’s, gender.

 And also, the gender of Officer Kagami is also depicted.

 That’s why I think this scene makes it clear that he is indeed a boy.

 But he’s not just an ordinary boy around here. He’s a boy who can fight like Aqua-kun.

 [Watch out!]


 The revived Night Shadow Misa blocks the attack launched by Noh Mask. The two of them stand in the way of Noh Mask to protect Poison Chalice.

 [You’re, in the way.]

 As the character Noh Mask that I play, I forcefully punch Night Shadow Misa and throw Officer Kagami’s body far away.


 [Officer Natsuki!!]

 The words of Night Shadow Misa and Commander Tajima resonate in the wedding venue.

 Everyone was prepared for Kagami’s serious injury, which sent him flying up to the balcony.

 My daughter, Emi, is also eagerly watching the screen with a nervous expression.


 Bracing himself for a strong impact, Kagami closes his eyes and clenches his teeth.

 However, what attacked Kagami was not a strong impact from the hard ground.

 Due to the impact of something hitting his body, Kagami cautiously opens his eyelids.


 As if gently embracing a celestial maiden who descended from the heavens, someone gently catches Kagami, who is wearing a wedding dress.

 Only white men’s leather shoes are shown on the screen.

 No one makes a comment like “No way, that’s just not possible!” This is not a question of that kind.

 [Noh Mask… Do you really not have any emotions left inside you?]

 Ah… This is bad. Even an old lady like me is getting excited, just the voice alone is already unfair.

 And yet, Aqua-kun is wearing a white tuxedo just like that legendary wedding today.

 Perhaps every woman watching this is thinking right now, “Marry me.”

 [It’s useless, Kenzaki Souji! She no longer has any emotions! That Chijou is just a cyborg who has even forgotten how to laugh! Fuhahaha! It’s too late this time!!

 Lightning Hopper attacks the laughing Tora-uma.

 However, the attack is easily dodged, and Lightning Hopper is counterattacked by Tora-uma.

 [Go! Defeat, Kenzaki Souji, defeat the Heaven’s Sword!]

 Following Tora-uma’s instructions, Noh Mask slowly approaches.

 Kenzaki, with one hand holding Kagami, points to the sky with his index finger on his other hand.

 [My mom said]

 It’s a promise line, but without hearing it, the week won’t start.

 Facing Noh Mask, Kenzaki gently lowers Kagami’s small body to the ground.

 ”Just like I said… Kagami-chan is definitely the right choice. Director Hongou understands!”

 Emi mutters something while looking at the screen.

 I wonder if she’s okay? The kindergarten teacher also mentioned that sometimes Emi murmurs something alone. I’m a little worried about Emi…

 [A truly good man is neither a good-looking man nor a strong man. It’s about a man who can make a woman smile]

 Emi spreads her arms in joy. By the way, this line is all ad-libbed, and the one who thought it was Aqua himself.

 As for Aqua-kun, he’s catching a flying beetle. But just when everyone thought he would transform, Aqua-kun surprises everyone by giving the beetle a gentle kiss on its back and then lets it go.

 [I don’t need to transform right now.]


 Everyone, including Tora-uma, shows a surprised expression. Even Emi is shocked and opens her mouth wide. Emi… if you keep making that face, you’ll become Morikawa-san, so stop it.

 [Don’t worry, Noh Mask, I’ll go and pick up your heart now. So just wait there quietly.]

 Wowwwww! So cool!

 Looking back at that moment, I can’t believe I was able to endure watching it head-on.

 I must have had a lot of adrenaline rushing through my head.

 Wow, looking at it again, it’s too intense to look directly at.

 Kenzaki, unaware of the inner turmoil in my heart, slowly descends the stairs and approaches the place where Noh Mask is, one step at a time.

 When attacked by the general Chijou, Kenzaki gracefully avoids the attack and throws them to the ground by grabbing their wrist.

 [Don’t! Don’t, come here!!]

 Noh Mask’s voice showed a hint of panic for the first time since arriving here.

 Perhaps she felt fear from Kenzaki’s commanding presence, or maybe her heart was stirred?

 In any case, Kenzaki’s actions caused ripples in Noh Mask’s previously calm emotional state.

 [If you want to attack, go ahead. Even if I’m defeated, that will prove that I, Kenzaki Souji, was a true man until then. However… there is no woman in this world who I cannot embrace. So rest assured, and let your heart be embraced by me.]

 Yes, this is also improvised. Or rather, from around this point, the scriptwriter gave up trying to compete with reality and threw in some absurdity, so all of Kenzaki’s lines are ad-libbed.

 [Who are you, scoundrel! What in the world, are you?!!]

 I think everyone on set nodded in their hearts at this line, especially the scriptwriter.

 Kenzaki approached Noh Mask and gently embraced her with his entire body.

 I couldn’t help but feel proud of how amazing I was to still be standing like this.

 [Me? My name is Kenzaki Souji, a name of a man who brings smiles to all women in this world… no, not just the present, but also the past and the future]

 It seems like even in the picture of my mother’s memorial, she is smiling. So even in the past… I can’t say such a joke and laugh. Director Hongou, you really chose an incredible person as the driver.

 [A smile… can I also smile… is it okay?]


 The remaining human heart in Noh Mask barely shows her face.

 [But… I’m bad at smiling…]

 [Do I look like a man who would miss a girl’s smile? So go ahead and smile without worries.]

 Kenzaki gently touches Noh Mask’s cheek. Noh Mask overlaps her palm with his hand.

 Thinking this is bad, Tora-uma tries to interfere. However, Lightning Hopper, whose helmet came off and transformation is starting to wear off, grabs their ankle.

 [I won’t let you go…]

 Similarly, Poison Chalice stands up and restrains the ordinary Chijou with Kagami and Night Shadow Misa.

 Chijou is also taken aback by their intense performance.

 [Don’t get in the way!]

 Tora-uma kicks Lightning Hopper’s body over and over again.

 But Lightning Hopper still does not let go of that hand. Shintaro’s improvised acting to show his determination touched many hearts on set.

 [You’re the one who’s getting in the way…]

 Commander Tajima’s low voice resonates in the venue.

 [That stubborn guy, trying to save the heart of a girl by showing determination!! And you, a fellow girl, are getting in the way!!]

 Everyone was surprised by Abe’s unexpected improvisation, but the staff continued to film and the cast remained focused on their acting.

 Although she is usually faithful to the script and doesn’t do things like this without warning… a smile unconsciously overflowed.

 At first, it started as a small flame. But then, Director Hongou’s passion infected everyone, leading to Aqua-kun, Shintaro, and Abe’s improvisation.

 Ah! That’s why we can’t stop filming Heaven’s Sword.

 [I wonder if I’m able to smile well…]

 [No matter what anyone else says, your smile is very lovely. It conveys modesty and kindness. That’s why I’ll say it over and over again. Myself, Kenzaki Souji, and everyone here, we all think your smile is wonderful.]

 Tears naturally overflow from both of my eyes.

 In fact, I was crying inside at that time too.

 Earlier, before today’s broadcast started, thanks to this scene being filmed, I was able to make my daughter, Emi, smile.

 I thought I shouldn’t laugh. I thought I shouldn’t become happy.

 But.. when Aqua-kun said that. Ah, Aqua-kun is unfair…

 Even though I understand this is acting, just a special effects show, it easily slips through. It’s not just saving the heart of a woman like me, who is just a suit actor.

 [Thank you… hey, can you listen to my final request?]

 [Oh, of course.]

 She whispered something to Kenzaki in a small voice, and then her face that appeared when she said it disappeared into the air like mist.

 In the next moment, Noh Mask, whose heart had completely disappeared, pushed him forcefully. That was her final moment.

 [I have certainly heard your final wish.]

 A stag beetle flies towards Kenzaki, who shows his back. It’s difficult for Director Hongou, who purposely doesn’t show Kenzaki’s face, to direct this.


 As the ED song “FULL SPEED” plays here, it’s undoubtedly captivating. There’s no more hesitation. Her heart, previously trapped within the Noh Mask, has been rescued by Kenzaki. Now, all that stands before her is a monstrous entity.

 ”Go, Kenzaki-sama, defeat Noh Mask!”

 Emi cheers with all her might towards the screen.

 My daughter… I’m sorry. It’s your mom who is inside that Noh Mask.

 [Driver… Kick!!]

 Noh Mask was easily defeated, and Tora-uma escaped in that opening.

 In the end, they may have won. However, no one showed a smile.

 Even though her heart may have been saved, we couldn’t save her life.

 A strong sense of powerlessness lingers in the air. Still, Kenzaki untransforms, looks up at the sky, and smiles.

 [I fulfilled your wish. So… with a smile, I’ll send you off with a smile.]

 Following those words, everyone looks up at the sky and bids farewell to her soul with a smile.

 What is this? I can’t help but think again, but it’s not a show to watch on a Sunday morning.

 Even if I knew what would happen, my heart still gets hot in an indescribable way.

 And I remember this moment.

 ’Iwanari-san, is it true that you’re retiring?’

 After the shoot, Aqua-kun said that to me.

 ’Yeah… I’m getting old, you know.’

 ’That’s a shame…’

 ’Ah, I’m happy to hear you say that. But, I was able to appear in a good work in the end. Thank you.’

 I shook hands with Aqua-kun.

 I actually wanted to continue a little longer.

 I wish I could have helped make this work even better… Oh, why did I refuse Director Hongou’s offer, I regret it now for the first time.

 ’If possible, I wanted Iwanari-san, who is knowledgeable about Driver, to teach me the action.’

 Akira-kun, who overheard those words, comes over to me and Aqua-kun.

 ’Iwanari-san… please! Could you please teach me the action?’

 I was surprised that Akira-kun bowed his head to me, an old lady, without hesitation.

 ’I want to perform a cooler driver’s act! But I still can’t figure out what to do…’

 I thought he was serious. Even now, he’s working hard and still wants to improve.

 Although it’s not Tajima-san, I was inspired by the young boy’s determination.

 ’Director Hongou, please. I don’t need money, but could you let me teach Akira-kun about Drivers’ action?’

 I immediately went to Director Hongou and bowed my head.

 ’I believe in your words and have been waiting. I’ve been keeping your seat open, Iwanari-san.’

 Director Hongou’s words made my heart race.

 And so, I became a member of the Heaven’s Sword staff after this shoot.

 ”Mom, today’s driver was interesting, right?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right.”

 Hehe, I wonder when my daughter will notice my name in the final credits.

 I’m really looking forward to her reaction at that time.

 ”Oh, that’s right, it’s time for the Sunday Debate!”

 Emi hurriedly switches the channel to the national broadcast.

 ”Emi, you watch difficult programs, huh?”

 ”Yeah! Because if I can’t study, I won’t be able to enter Otomezaki Academy like Kenzaki-sama!! So I’m studying a lot from now on!”

 Wow, my daughter is amazing! I stroke Emi’s head and praise her.

 ”Oh! It’s started!”

 A familiar face appears on the screen.

 [Good morning, everyone, fellow citizens!]

 Ah… it’s the Prime Minister. By the way, she said she would make a live appearance on the Sunday Debate today.

 [As you all know, I am the guest for today’s Sunday Debate, but actually, the interviewer, Morikawa-san, seems to have fractured her collarbone while participating in a lotion sumo wrestling during the recent recording. She is currently hospitalized in the Arabian Peninsula Federation and unfortunately, she cannot come today.]

 I thought it was unbelievable, but it might be possible for Morikawa-san.

 By the way, my daughter Emi is laughing hysterically when she heard about Morikawa-san’s fracture.

 [So, today, as a special treat! Yes, it’s special. We have invited this person as a pinch hitter! Please welcome!!]

 I thought it was like the Prime Minister being the opening act, but then I saw a familiar figure from behind.

 Emi, who was laughing hysterically, suddenly stopped moving and stared at the screen intently.

 [Good morning, everyone who has just woken up. Welcome home to everyone who has returned from night shift. And to everyone who has to work on a Sunday, thank you for your hard work. And to everyone who is about to go out, have a safe trip. I am Shirogane Aqua from Beryl Entertainment. Nice to meet you today.]

 Along with the familiar morning greetings, Aqua-kun’s smile fills the screen.

 Me and my daughter, caught off guard, both had our mouths half-open, just like Morikawa-san. I muttered to myself,

 ”Your smile is the most unfair thing.”

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