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Volume 9 Chapter 45 Interlude – Shirogane Aqua, Mirage In The Desert

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Force majeure.

 Due to external forced stimuli, no matter how much I try to maintain my rationality and be careful, I cannot resist the instinctive physiological reaction as a man.

 In other words, no matter how much I tried, there was no way to prevent this situation.

 ”N-na, na, na…”

 Kohina-senpai, who saw my enlarged thing, trembles her lips.

 I am grateful to Kohina-senpai who helped me in a pinch, but this is unavoidable.

 For example, if Kohina-senpai had a childlike figure like Lapis, I think I could still endure it.

 But this person has a baby face and is short in height, yet she manages to show herself as an adult woman through her expressions and gestures, and above all, her body is that of a proper adult woman.

 With a small buttocks and a proper chest, even when I saw her in her underwear, Kohina-senpai looked very feminine and made me realize that she is a real girl. Looking back now, since the time when her chest pressed against me when we were riding a bike together, Kohina-senpai has always been a woman in my eyes.

 ”Sorry, Kohina-senpai. I didn’t mean for things to turn out like this…”

 Kuh… Even though I, the main body, am looking apologetic, my Aqua-kun doesn’t even show a hint of bowing his head.

 Instead, he looked cocky and bowed his head vigorously. Hey, you know, the person in front of you is a senior in the entertainment industry!

 Can’t you at least pretend to look apologetic or something?

 ”Are you… are you okay with that…?”

 Kohina-senpai glanced at mine for a moment and looked up at me with a worried expression.

 Even if she’s rotten, she’s really an actress, after all. Not to mention, just being in this world full of women, she understands how to act like a girl.

 Especially because she already has a pretty face, seeing her make that kind of expression just… Hmph!

 Even though Kohina-senpai is looking, mine thrusts forward even more.

 ”…If I release it, it will go back to normal, so I will take care of it myself when everyone is not around, so don’t worry.”

 Actually, I feel sorry for Kohina-senpai, but I want to mas***bate quickly, so I want her and everyone else to leave the bath together.

 ”T-there’s no helping it. Then, let me do it with my hand, so hurry up and release it to feel refreshed.”

 Huh!? What is this person saying!?

 As I open my mouth, dumbfounded, Kohina-senpai cautiously grips my thing.

 It’s so small! Oh no… this is bad.

 I’ve said it many times, but because of my good original specifications, when a woman recognizes it, there’s something that can’t be resisted as a man that wells up from deep within my heart.

 ”Well, if I remember correctly, it should be treated it up and down like this…”

 Ah… this is impossible.

 In the face of a situation where I’m being treated as a woman, there’s no man who would choose to handle it himself at this point. It would be foolish.

 ”Hey… I was trying to ask if it feels good, but when I look at your face, it feels good, right?”

 Kohina-senpai, unusually blushing and showing signs of embarrassment, makes me feel even more like the opposite sex.

 Feeling apologetic, I stroke Kohina-senpai’s entire body with a gaze that seems to be licking her.

 ”What? Are you using me as your material?”

 Yeah… Kohina-senpai will notice, after all?

 Because, well, she’s clearly well endowed, and with her stomach area and lower body, no matter how I look at it, she’s a woman.

 It’s not like Kanon’s perfect body, but it has a moderate perfection that makes me think, “Isn’t this what an ideal cute girl’s body would be like?”


 ”Geez, to think that you’re surrounded by such beautiful girls and would fantasize about me, you have such bad taste in women! Find other cute girls to fantasize about. It’s such a waste.”

 No, no, no, with that clearly panicked voice, the gestures that scream embarrassment, and that seductive expression that makes me feel like a woman, aren’t they practically saying, “Please satisfy yourself with me”?

 ”Really, you’re an absolute idiot… Even after being insulted so much, why does it still get bigger? Stupid, stupid!”

 It’s all your fault for being too cute…

 Ugh, what should I do? Can I still interact with Kohina-senpai normally after she helps me satisfy myself?

 Honestly, in my mind, I’m already embracing her.

 I cover Kohina-senpai’s small lips with my own, to make her understand that I’m a girl too, and thrust forcefully, face to face, in the missionary position. This is what’s going on in my mind right now.

 ”…Are you going to finish? If you’re about to finish, don’t be embarrassed and just say it, okay? I can’t just leave your s*men lying around, so I’ll have no choice but to let you use my mouth. Be grateful, won’t you?”

 I think men are really sad creatures.

 I respect Kohina-senpai, and I didn’t want to see her in that way.

 So I tried to endure it, but as soon as my lower body was touched a little, this is how I react.

 My mind is filled with thoughts of pleasuring myself with her. All I want is to pleasure myself with her.

 Even the feeling of guilt for using her for s*xual release turns into a sense of taboo, arousing myself.

 As evidence, every time Kohina-senpai moves her hand up and down, my desire-filled testicles sway forward and backward.

 ”I’m sorry… I’m about to come soon.”

 When I say that, Kohina-senpai opens her mouth without saying a word.


 Oh… how pathetic. But I’m sorry. My mind is already filled with lewd acts with you, Kohina-senpai.

 Lifting up her petite body, pressing our bodies together face to face, shaking it up and down, or grabbing onto the wall and pounding her from behind, I wonder how good it would feel. Every time I think I shouldn’t be thinking about such things, my fantasies grow within me.


 Oh no! Because my attention wandered, it almost ejaculated in the wrong direction.

 At that moment, Kohina-senpai opens her small mouth wide and takes my Aqua-kun in with quick judgement.

 My p**is, unable to withstand the momentary pleasure, ej***lated into Kohina-senpai’s mouth as she approached. It came out a lot because it had been building up.


 Kohina-senpai briefly twisted her face in disgust, then swallowed my s*men that had accumulated in her mouth all at once.

 Ah… a sense of guilt and apology wells up inside me.

 ”I’m sorry…”

 I lowered my head apologetically. It’s not something that can be resolved with an apology, but it’s all I can do. Kohina-senpai gently strokes my head as if pampering me.

 ”You don’t have to apologize. There are guys in the world who have their moms do things like that for them, so I just followed the instructions from a website that teaches how moms should handle their sons’ s*xual needs in a professional manner. It’s the same thing, so don’t worry about it anymore!”

 Ah… I see, in this world, there are guys who do things like that with their moms.

 Well then, maybe I should do it with my mother… No, no, that’s too much.

 Yeah, definitely not… I repeatedly remind myself that thinking further is dangerous and that she is my mother, after all.

 If I don’t do that, my mother will become just a big, beautiful sister with breasts.

 ”…But it came out a lot. The website didn’t say it would be that much… Hey, do you maybe want me to have your baby?”

 *Bfuh! I choked because Kohina-senpai said something outrageous.

 ”But really, even if it had accumulated, it’s not normal for a man to produce this much. If you really want to impregnate me that badly, I have no choice but to do it… but not now. Let’s wait until both of our jobs settle down. Can you endure it until then?”

 ”Ah… no, Kohina-senpai, that would be bad. Don’t worry. I can manage it… Plus, I’m not normal. It’s more like it comes out normally like that… I’m really sorry. And thank you for that in the end!”

 I quickly left the place as if escaping.

 It’s really not good anymore. I had a feeling that if I relied on Kohina-senpai any more than this, I wouldn’t be able to go back.

 ”Oh… I guess he’s just embarrassed because he’s also a boy, right? Oh well, never mind. But if you have so much left to give, give it to Ako first, idiot. Don’t waste it on me. This dumb useless Aqua…”

 I don’t look back. Because if I were to look back, I would notice that Kohina-senpai has a girl’s face.

 And once I notice that, our current pleasant relationship will undoubtedly crumble.

 Right now, I… want to be in this current relationship with Kohina-senpai.

 So I will postpone this issue until the day I surpass Kohina-senpai.

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