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Volume 9 Chapter 44 Shirogane Lapis, Nocturne Of The Hot Sand

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 Why aren’t girls equal?

 When I look right or left, I only see big-breasted girls.

 Ugh… I feel like my sister-in-law Kanon has also grown bigger, and I feel like there are only women with big breasts around my brother. Is it just my imagination?

 ”Lapis, is something wrong?”

 ”If you’re not feeling well, shall I examine you?”

 Kirika Kotono-san and Miyuki Heliodor Yui-san, the two new wives of my brother, have particularly big breasts. Maybe they’re even bigger than my head. No… I looked closely and can confirm they are definitely big.

 ”Lapis-chan, it’s great that you’re small. I’ve already surpassed an F cup when I was still in elementary school. I’ve given up already…”

 ”Well, I’m already a G cup. Going to G in middle school is complete despair.”

 I have been told such things by my classmates in the past. During those times, in Japan, short stature, small breasts, and a childish face in women were considered attractive to men, so having small breasts was seen as a status.

 However, after my brother declared “the liberation of breasts,” the world completely changed.

 ’Uu, uu, uu… I’m glad I was born with a F-cup. I hugged my mom and cried with her.’

 ’Yesterday, my mom who was too happy made red rice for me. Since my mom has a K-cup, it seems like she was also worried about me.’

 Even though my big brother said he likes small ones, I still can’t believe it.

 Because all the beautiful big sisters around my brother have big breasts.

 ”Lapis, are you feeling sick?”

 ”Ah… Nee-sama, I’m fine. I’m sorry for causing you and Yui-san and Kotono-san to worry. I was just thinking about something.”

 I bow my head to the three people who were worried about me.

 But wow, it’s amazing. Maybe because there are three big people, I almost feel like I’m being squeezed out.

 Uu, why are Nee-sama and Mother big, and only Lapis is small. It’s so unfair!

 ”Lapis-chan, are you still not ready? Hurry up!”

 ”Ah, Mother, I’m going now!”

 Wow! Amazing!

 I am dazzled by the luxurious large bath.

 ”Oh, what a lovely bath! I really wanted to take it with Aqua-chan!”

 Oh, M-mother!

 If you take a bath with my brother, it will definitely become a big problem!

 Emily-oneesan told me she got reliable information that my sister-in-law, Kanon, had her clothes taken off by my brother and was carefully washed from head to toe.

 Just hearing about having my hair dried and my feet massaged after taking a bath, I feel like steam is coming out of my head.

 Oh no… just imagining it makes me embarrassed.

 I pour water from a bucket over my head to drive away impure thoughts.

 ”Lapis-oneechan, over here~nano!”

 After finishing the water pouring, I heard Fi-chan calling my name from afar. Fi-chan is a younger girl than me, and… and! Her breasts are smaller than mine!

 ”Lapis, let’s wash each other’s backs together!”


 Fi-chan and I take turns washing each other’s backs.

 ”Lapis-oneechan, your hair is sparkling and very beautiful~nano.”

 ”Thank you. Fi-chan, your hair is so glossy and beautiful too.”

 Even though we just became good friends, I have to say goodbye to Fi-chan tomorrow. Since everyone has work or school, we’ve decided to return home tomorrow, leaving only Kaede-san behind.

 ”Lapis-oneechan, don’t look so sad. We’re still young. As long as we’re alive, our paths may cross guided by the stars. And in this day and age, we have phones and the internet, so we can meet anytime we want!”

 ”Yeah, that’s true. Fi-chan.”

 I think Fi-chan is amazing. Even though she’s small, she still thinks like a princess. Compared to Fi-chan, I might still be a child.

 ”Yukari, did you wash your body properly? Did you rinse your hair with hot water?”

 ”Yes, yes. I’m fine, really! Also, when did you become my mom, Ako-chi! I’m not a child!”

 On the other hand, there are also adults who act like children.

 By the way, in the corner of my vision, Mother scolded sister for trying to swim in the bath, but I pretended not to see.

 For now, I’ll just act like a stranger.

 ”Ayana-san, is it okay to sit next to you?”

 ”Yeah, it’s fine, Lapis-chan.”

 As I slowly lowered my body into the bathtub, I turned my gaze to Ayana-san sitting next to me.

 She truly is Tsukimachi Ayana-san, the center of the popular idol group Eau de Cologne.

 Even as a woman myself, Ayana-san is so beautiful and cute that it makes my heart skip a beat. I wonder if she’s ever fallen in love with brother or something like that.

 ”Lapis-chan, is something wrong?”

 ”Well… I was just thinking that there are so many beautiful women around Nii-sama.”

 Surely there are many women aiming for brother.

 But even in a situation like today, I thought that even if he acted normally, my brother wouldn’t be approached.

 When I see him being surrounded by incredibly beautiful people like Kanon sister-in-law, Ayana-san, Emily-san, and Kukuri-chan, I don’t think most women would dare to approach him.

 ”Hehe, yeah. Kanon-san is really beautiful, but that person… Yukishiro Emily-san is truly stunning. I was amazed when I first saw her too. I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was a child actor, but I think there are probably only a few people in the entertainment industry who can compete with those two. They both have elegance and charm, and sometimes, I can feel their overwhelming presence. If they were in this world, they would definitely be top stars.”

 I nodded in agreement.

 ”But Ayana-san, you are also very beautiful!”

 ”Lapis-chan… thank you!”

 Wow, Ayana-san hugged me tightly.

 Ayana-san’s bust is probably around a C cup.

 If I had at least a size C, maybe my brother would look at me with a sexy gaze.

 Thinking like that, maybe Ayana-san is the ideal I should aim for.

 ”The shape of Ayana-san’s bust is really beautiful. Do you do any special care or something?”

 ”Um… at night, before going to bed, I apply cream and massage myself, and I’m careful with my bra so that the shape doesn’t get distorted. Since I also do modeling, it’s important for clothes to look good on me. Do you want me to give you the cream I use?”

 ”Wow, really? That makes me so happy!”

 When we were having a fun conversation, Emily-san came over to the same bath.

 ”By the way, weren’t you both talking about breasts earlier?”

 ”Oh, yes. I was asking Ayana-san about breast care. Well, you see… mine are small, so I thought at least improving their shape…”

 I touched my flat chest with both hands, as if trying to hide it.

 Emily-san’s eyes sparkled as she saw that.

 ”I see… Lapis-chan, do you also want your breasts to be bigger if possible?”


 After checking the surroundings, Emily-san cleared her throat and spoke softly. Both Ayana-san and I held our breath at her serious expression.

 ”I see. In that case, there is a good method.”



 Hm? When I looked beside me, Ayana-san was also leaning forward in the same way. Wait, does that mean Ayana-san also wants to be bigger than she is now?

 ”I obtained this information from a certain bulletin board…”

 The three of us leaned closer.

 ”It seems that when a man massages a woman’s breasts, female hormones are secreted and the breasts become bigger.”


 ”B-By a m-m-m-man…!?”

 Upon hearing Emily-san’s shocking revelation, both Ayana-san and I covered our mouths with our hands and exchanged glances with each other.

 ”Moreover, according to reliable sources I’ve heard from, it seems that when touched by a desired man, breasts actually grow bigger.”

 Emily-san redirects our attention towards Kanon-sister-in-law. Oh, oh, oh! Now I understand why Kanon-sister-in-law has gotten bigger.

 ”Without a doubt, she was a D. Look at that! Without a doubt, she’s an E.”


 Emily-san is very knowledgeable and teaches me various information. I also want to become a beautiful and calm adult woman like Emily-san someday.

 ”Huh… then…”

 Ayana-san’s face, who was next to me, suddenly turns red. What happened?

 ”Tha-tha-that means, Kanon-san gets massaged by Aqua every day…”



 Upon imagining what happened after that, both me and Emily-san blush.

 How does brother touch? Gently? Or, unexpectedly forcefully…?

 Ahh, no, I can’t go there. If I think about it any further, lewd juices will come out from down there and dirty the bathwater.



 Didn’t you just make a face like something is wrong?

 Is it just my imagination?

 I got out of the bath and headed to the outdoor bath that was mentioned earlier.

 Even so, it’s really spacious. There are a lot of baths here, and I thought it would be nice to be able to bathe in such baths every day like Fi-chan.


 No one had come to the outdoor bath furthest in the back yet.

 Hehe, looks like I can enjoy this in private.

 I soak in the bath and head towards a spot with a good view.

 ”It’s beautiful!”

 I am fascinated by the beautiful streetscape and the starry sky that can be seen from here.



 Th…This voice, could it be brother!? I slowly turn around. And then I meet the surprised face of brother leaning against the rocks.

 ”La-Lapis, why are you here?”

 ”N-Nii-sama, why?”

 Brother averted his gaze and pointed to the side door.

 ”I-I heard that there was an outdoor bath, so I came from there.”


 There’s something written in the local language, but unfortunately, I can’t read it.

 Even if I could read it, I don’t think my mind would be able to process it since we’re in this situation, bathing naked with brother.

 ”I see, so that’s how it is… Lapis, I think this place is a mixed bathing area, and that over there is the entrance for men only. That’s why a key card is need to move.”

 My big brother looks at the key card hanging from his wrist.

 As expected of my big brother. Unlike me, who is not calm, he analyzed it calmly.

 ”Sorry, Lapis. I apologize for accidentally seeing you naked. I’ll make it up to you later, but I have to leave here right away——”

 Before brother finishes his wourd, multiple footsteps and voices could be heard from afar.

 ”Oh wow! It’s an open-air bath, lucky us! Ako, Ayana-chan, come over here!”

 ”Yukari-senpai, wait!”

 ”Yukari, don’t get too excited and bother Ayana-chan.”

 It’s Ayana-san, Yukari-san, and Ako-san! And two familiar people also came running from behind.

 ”Shitori-chan, hurry up!”

 ”Yes, yes, mother, please don’t slip and fall and break your bones like Kaede-san.”

 Furthermore, Kanon-sister-in-law’s group came from behind.

 ”Hey, Kanon, this way is the open-air bath. Come quickly!”

 ”Emily-senpai, wait!”

 ”Please be careful, Miss and Emily-sama.”

 For some reason, more and more people are gathering.

 And my big brother, upon seeing Kanon sister-in-law, seemed to have a somewhat disheveled expression, but it must be my imagination.

 ”Hmm, not bad at all.”

 ”That’s right. Isn’t it just as good as Kukuri’s place?”

 ”Oh, my family’s home has a bath of a similar size.”

 ”But then, it’s great to have an open-air bath with everyone.”

 ”Everyone, please watch your step.”

 The group includes Kukuri-san, Queen Shams, Grandmother Mary, Grandmother Ranko, and the Prime Minister.

 ”Rinon, look at this huge bath! It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

 ”Captain, we’re working right now.”

 Rinon-san and Akiko-san were wearing swimsuits and carrying what seemed to be weapons that could withstand rust. I suppose they are acting as escorts.

 ”Yui-san, look. The starry sky is really beautiful.”

 ”Oh, wow… it’s beautiful…”

 Kotono-san and Yui-san were looking at the night sky with sparkling eyes.

 Huh? I feel like even my brother’s eyes sparkled like a child for a moment…

 No, brother. Even if you avert your gaze from Lapis now, Lapis is still watching you closely.

 ”The Arabian Peninsula Federation is great… There’s talk of a special program and a sequel to Heaven’s Sword, so I’m considering shooting overseas. The scenes of drivers fighting on the desert and doing parkour on bikes in the souk would definitely look good on screen. Aqua-kun, of course, and even Tenga-kun now could probably do parkour.”

 ”Oh… I would be happy to assist you at that time. I will speak with Her Majesty and offer my suggestions, so please feel free to ask anytime.”

 ”Haha, thank you very much, Mana-sama.”

 A sequel to Heaven’s Sword!? A special program and a movie!?

 Some incredible information has come out, but brother, is that true!?

 ”No way…”

 Brother didn’t know. Even though he’s the main character, he seems to have been kept in the dark, just like the ordinary viewer.

 Even clueless Lapis could tell with just one look at brother’s surprised face.

 Wait… Brother, didn’t your gaze seem to be directed downward towards Mana-sama’s face earlier?

 Huh? Just my imagination? He’s shaking his head left and right, but that’s not the case, right?

 ”By the way, sensei, when will the continuation of No-Rin come out?”

 ”Um… Probably, sometime soon, maybe?”

 ”Hmm, even as the author, you don’t know when it’s coming out?”

 ”Because I am the author, I don’t know when I can write next.”

 ”Hmm, being a writer sure is tough, huh?”

 No-rin still hasn’t continued. But well, the new book just came out recently.

 And at the shopping mall, Grandmother Mary and Grandmother Ranko were joking about whether they would die first or No-Rin would be completed first, but it was too much of a dark joke to laugh at…

 ”Kuh, I have no way to escape… Can’t help it. Lapis… Please protect your big brother! Lapis is the only one I can rely on!”

 ”W-What, Nii-sama!?”

 Big brother embraced me and gently sank his body into the bathtub, hiding behind me.

 Because of the temperature difference between the hot spring and the outside air, steam was rising, and thanks to the cloudy water, even if others couldn’t see our heads, it shouldn’t be noticeable from the outside.

 But, this posture…

 Does big brother realize?

 When he embraced me, his hands touched my chest.

 ”Why does Nii-sama need to hide?”

 ”Well, it would be bad if someone were to find out here. There are women from other countries, important ones at that, so I need to avoid trouble by not being known as much as possible…”

 Ah… I see… My brother’s influence has become too strong, and now it’s not just about the collected sperm, but also about the issue of free s*xual activity and marriage problems, which may become a government consideration.

 The Prime Minister told Mother about it. I remembered that my sister said that my brother is abstaining now, so if he looks like he’s struggling, Lapis should help him.

 ”Oh… someone’s here?”

 The presence of someone is getting closer.

 ”Oh, Lapis-chan, you’re here.”


 I slide my position to hide my brother from Kanon sister-in-law.

 Hmm… my brother’s fingertips rubbed against Lapis’ n**ples, and I almost made a strange sound. No, Nii-sama, if it’s okay with Lapis’ breasts, you can do as you please later, so please behave and be quiet for now.

 ”What’s wrong? I heard from your sister earlier that something was strange, but are you okay?”

 ”I-I’m fine. Umm, wait, wait, I just got tired from playing too much on the trip.”

 Something hard and stick-like is poking Lapis’ buttocks.

 Nii-sama, I don’t know where you found that stick, but right now Kanon sister-in-law is nearby and it’s difficult, so please don’t play tricks on Lapis and toy with me.

 ”Oh, I see. It was my first time coming to this country for personal reasons, so I had a lot of fun.”

 ”Uh, yes.”

 Hey, hey, Nii-sama! Since Lapis is covering your back, please don’t try to peek at Kanon-san’s naked body. Weren’t you supposed to be abstaining?!

 Besides, you can always freely see Kanon-sister-in-law’s naked body! Instead, please show more interest in Lapis’ precious, yes, precious naked body!!

 ”Oh, wow, this side has a nice view too.”

 Oh, someone else has come again.

 And this voice is….

 ”Oh, Yukari-san.”

 ”Kanon-chan, and Lapis-chan too. Excuse me for intruding.”

 ”Uh, y-yeah…”

 Uh-oh, this is bad, Nii-sama!

 With Kanon-san on the left and Yukari-san on the right, there’s no way you can hide.

 ”Hm? Hm-mm? Lapis-chan… Is there something you’re hiding behind?”


 Yukari-san, your intuition is too good!!

 Nii-sama, be careful with Kohina-senpai. That person has good intuition. I understand now what you meant when you told me that.

 ”Heh-heh, you’re hiding something here. Hmph, hmph!”

 Yukari-san shakes her body from left to right, trying to peek behind Lapis. Aaaaah, this is a desperate situation.

 At that moment, I suddenly felt someone’s presence from behind.

 ”Master… It’s not appropriate to engage in s*xual activity with your little sister in the bath, don’t you think?”

 ”Wait!? Pegonia-san, what are you saying!? Ah…”




 Nii-sama… Even though Lapis was trying so hard to hide you…

 Well, it was hopeless once Pegonia-san came from behind, and I think it’s fine if this group finds out.

 ”Aqua… why are you here…”

 In response to Kanon-sister-in-law’s question, my brother pointed his finger in the same direction he came from, just as he explained to me.

 ”Oh, I see.”

 ”Miss, this could be a trap set by the other party.”

 ”Yes, it’s possible. Faking it as a coincidence and encountering, and then inserting it naturally, it’s a perfect plan.”

 ”Seriously… what are you doing, you idiot useless Aqua. Come, hide behind me.”

 Everyone moves to try and help my brother somehow.

 We absolutely can’t let the three people from the Arabian Peninsula Federation find out.

 And yet, my brother, he looks at Yukari-san and says, “Senpai… is quite a big after all, huh?!”

 Seriously, Nii-sama, really! It’s fine even if it’s small! Please take responsibility for touching Lapis earlier, at least!

 ”Shh! Everyone, someone’s here.”

 Upon Pegonia-san’s words, we line up side by side and hide his figures, pushing my big brother into the rocks.

 ”Oh… Everyone, is there something going on?”

 It’s Mana-sama. We can’t let this person find out.

 ”By the way, wasn’t there someone else here?”

 My heart pounds. We have to deceive her so she don’t find out…

 ”Oh… Manaat-sama, are you looking for someone?”

 The first one to speak is Yukari-san.

 ”As you can see, there are only four of us here: me, Kanon-chan, Lapis-chan, and Pegonia-san.”

 ”…Yes, that seems to be the case.”

 Wow, wow, amazing. So this is the famous actress Kohina Yukari. Since Yukari-san interacts with Mana-sama in this way, there’s no sense of incongruity at all.

 ”Mana-san, if everyone is over there… or could it be that there is someone here whom we don’t know about?”

 K-Kanon sister-in-law!? Is it okay to ask such a bold question?

 ”N-No… it’s not like that…”

 Ah, but she’s hesitating! Seeing Mana-sama like that, I thought Kanon sister-in-law was cool!

 Nii-sama, even though Kanon is usually clumsy, she’s cool when she wants to be. That’s what you told Lapis, right?

 ”…Someone else is coming.”

 Pegonia-san whispered softly to us, as if only we could hear. Who could it be this time? Your Majesty, Queen Shams? Or maybe Fi-chan?

 ”It’s here!”

 Emily-san came rushing over, almost slipping. What’s wrong? Emily-san, who is always calm, seems a bit flustered.

 ”…Huh? Did I just imagine feeling Aqua-sama’s presence and scent?”

 Eh!? Oh, it almost showed on my face.

 ”Huh, what is Emily-senpai talking about?”

 Huh? Has Kanon, my sister-in-law, who was cool just a moment ago, changed her demeanor…?

 ”Kanon, look at this.”

 Emily-san pointed at her silly hair strand.

 ”This is my Emily sensor reacting to Aqua-sama.”

 Eeeeeeeeeh!? That hair strand, does it really have that function? I… kinda want one…

 ”But it’s… p-probably just you imagination.”


 Until just now, you were so cool, but why did you suddenly become so clumsy when Emily-san came… Oh, nice, Pegonia-san. Please continue to keep Kanon-sister-in-law’s mouth shut.

 ”Oh… by the way, everyone, why are you sticking to the rock so much? Could it be that someone is there?”

 Gasp! Mana-sama slowly approaches us. No… those breasts are definitely dangerous! Brother will undoubtedly be completely charmed by them! We, we have no choice but to sink him.

 Wee briefly make eye contact, and Pegonia-san gently puts her hand on my back and sinks brother’s head into the hot spring.

 ”See, there’s no one here.”

 Safe! We barely made it! Thanks to Yukari-san’s acting, Mana-sama also let out a sigh as if giving up.

 ”Oh… it seems to be true. I’m sorry for doubting.”

 Nii-sama, please stop struggling under Lapis’ body. Just a little more, just a little more patience!

 ”No… wait a minute.”

 No, no, no, Emily-san? Wait, the problem has already been resolved, hasn’t it? Even though you don’t know the circumstances, Emily-san is on our side, right?

 ”Oh, I see… So you guys were enjoying Aqua-sama’s leftover bathwater, huh?

 Emily-san confidently points to the entrance where big brother passed by.

 ”There, it says ‘Men Only Entrance’ in the language of this country. In other words… Aqua-sama had already enjoyed the hot springs here before we arrived! And my Emily sensor reacted to Aqua-sama’s trace. It wasn’t a malfunction after all. Yeah, yeah!”

 Oh nooo! That’s close! Close, but it doesn’t matter right now!

 Ah, big brother is mumbling. Oh, no, stop, big brother.

 I manage to hold down big brother’s body somehow.


 The next moment, something soft touches Lapis’ exposed area.

 Ah, ah, ah, it’s sucking the most important part of a girl… Lapis’.

 Could it be, big brother… using the air inside Lapis’ v**ina… Ah… No, if he keeps sucking like that, the room for Lapis’ baby will go down…

 ”I have no choice. Let’s use the air inside my v**ina for a c**nilingus breathing relay to save Master’s life.”


 Did you just mutter something outrageous right now?

 Oh, now Pegonia-san’s important part is on top of brother’s face!

 ”That’s why I also used Aqua-sama’s leftover bathwater…”

 Oh no, Emily-san is approaching.

 We’re in a desperate pinch! In the next moment, Kanon-san took hold of brother’s body with her quick judgement.

 And now Kanon-san’s important part is on top of brother face… Ahh!

 ”Oh, what a nice bath. It feels like I’ve become one with Aqua-sama… No, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say we’ve become even closer!”

 Ahhhhh, I hope Nii-sama is okay.

 Hey, Kanon-sister-in-law, your face is not good.

 No matter how I look at it, it’s a completely aroused female face!

 Yukari-san must have thought it was dangerous, so she pulled brother body towards herself.

 ”I’ll let you know, I would never let anyone else do something like this… Remember that later. Mmm…”

 I feel like Yukari-san whispered something quietly, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying because of the sound of flowing water at the right moment.

 ”Ugh… I’m starting to feel warm. Hehe… I’m going to pick some flowers, be right back.”

 Phew… We’re saved. We all breathe a sigh of relief.

 Emily-san headed towards the restroom with a quick pace.

 Perhaps because I was relaxed, the vision in front of me started to warp. Oh…? Could it be that I accidentally wet myself…?


 ”It seems like she wet herself.”

 ”Uh-oh, Pegonia, let’s take Lapis-chan outside. Yukari-san!”

 ”If it’s about useless Aqua, leave it to me. You take care over there.”

 Oh… I feel dizzy.

 In my hazy consciousness, I was carried by Pegonia-san and left the large bath.

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