Male Idol V10c11

Volume 10 Chapter 11 Shirogane Aqua, A Gentle Lie

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 But still, what a huge amount…

 I’m pondering what to do in front of this mountain of presents.

 For now, should I start with this perfectly palm-sized box that I unconsciously grabbed?

 ”Um, who is this… ah, it’s Grandmother Mary. Thank you!”

 I wonder what’s inside.

 With an excited feeling like that of an elementary school boy, I open the present box.

 Yes, until this moment, I was purely looking forward to the contents of the present.

 [Mary-sama is the first batter!]

 [Baba-nami (Wife’s Granny): Kyaa!]

 [Aqua-sama, are you okay with that carefree face!?]

 [This… I have a bad feeling about this.]

 [Just the fact that it’s Shumi’s Granny makes it smell dangerous. (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Starting off with something suspicious and it’s so damn funny LOL]

 What came out of the box was a ring case.

 ”Hmm… a ring case?”

 The moment I opened it, I closed the lid.

 Yes… yes, yes, yes. Um, were the gemstones on the ring that big?

 ”Oh no, this is, this is bad…”

 I hold my head.



 [I thought it was suspicious when the ring case came out LOL]

 [Even the generous Aqua-sama instantly judged it as bad ring LMAO]

 [What was inside it?]

 [This is definitely a treasure class]

 I open the lid again and check inside, then show the contents to the camera.



 [No way, this is a national treasure LOL]

 [The jewel is so big I’ve never seen anything like it LOL]

 [Is there such a big jewel? ]

 [The ring part is just an extra]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Wait…isn’t this the jewel used for the crown…]




 Huh? Did someone just say it was the jewel used for the crown!?

 No way…. It’s just my imagination, it’s just my imagination….

 ”Um…thank you, Grandmother Mary! I’ll just keep this safe and sound for now”

 I’ll consult with Kanon and the Prime Minister later.

 This is clearly not something I can keep by myself.

 It needs to be stored in a museum or an art gallery with tight security.

 I try to calm myself and pick a new present.

 ”Then next is…”

 Please! Let the next one be more normal, I wish.

 Oh, maybe this paper bag is good.

 ”Um, who’s next… ah, it’s Morikawa Announcer.”

 Come to think of it, she’s already returned to Japan, right?

 I heard she got in big trouble, but I wonder if she’s okay?

 [Of all people, Morikawa, LOL]

 [Here comes another terrible one, LOL]

 [Hogekawa, she actually managed to return home, LOL]

 [Of course the next one to be drawn is Morikawa, lmao]

 [Personally, she’s the most dangerous one, LOL]

 [I hope she didn’t send any erotic goods, LOL (This comment was deleted by admin Citrine because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 When I opened the branded paper bag, I found a leather shoulder bag inside.

 Oh, it looks really cool and the simple design seems versatile and easy to use.

 I picked up the small note that was inside.

 [Um, to Aqua-kun. I chose something that won’t get in the way when you ride your bike. Please use it in your daily life, if you like. Because, you know. Wow, seriously? Thank you!]

 I checked how it looked on me in the nearby mirror.

 [You’ve got to be kidding, LOL]

 [Breaking news, Morikawa turned out to be normal, of all people]

 [Morikawa Sommelier: Everyone seems to have forgotten, but even if Morikawa-san is rotten, she is an announcer for the national broadcasting, so it’s natural that she has good taste.]

 [Now that I think about it, she’s a proper announcer. Of course, she wouldn’t give weird gifts.]

 [Maybe it’s from her boss, the person from the complaint handling department at the national broadcasting station, or rather the Morikawa consultation desk. They must be the most delighted.]

 [Since my expectations were extremely low, it looks surprisingly good. It’s a mystery.]

 [Unexpectedly, Morikawa’s stocks soared. LOL]

 [I’m glad she even considered about the bike.]

 [Morikawa actually has decent taste. It’s annoying, but her choice of clothes and hair set are cute.]

 I placed the bag that Morikawa-san gave me on the table, and then I chose the next gift.

 Since the paper bag was good earlier, should I go for another paper bag? I chose a slightly smaller paper bag this time and checked who the gift is from.

 ”Well… ah, this one is from Shintaro.”

 I showed the tag attached to the paper bag to the camera.

 [Here we are. From Mayushin-kun!]

 [Personally, I’m most excited!]

 [I can watch this with peace of mind.]

 [If it was Toa-chan, he might have trolled, but with Mayushin-kun, it’s alright.]

 [Good flow is coming!]

 Inside the paper bag was a long, slim box.

 Ah, I see. I understand this.

 I smile at the camera and open the box to show everyone.

 ”It’s a sign pen. I used it when I signed in front of the manufacturer here, and it was really good. The capless feature makes it easy to use.”

 I test the writing feel on a nearby piece of paper.

 [As expected of you, Mayuzumi-kun.]

 [Mayuzumi-kun never fails to be Mayuzumi-kun.]

 [As a fan, it’s delightful to receive a gift that Mayuzumi-kun would definitely give.]

 [The bag from earlier might be expensive, but this one seems affordable and likely to sell well.]

 [The price being around 6000 yen is nice. It feels like something a high school student would choose, and it’s cute.]

 [I work as a salesperson at this company. I’m trembling with a mix of joy that Mayuzumi-kun chose it, happiness that Aqua-kun will use it, and fear about what will happen from tomorrow.]


 [Oh, I see. Depending on what is given as a gift, the company will be busy from tomorrow…]

 [As someone from the company, I suddenly realize that this is not unrelated to me and become alert.]

 [I was watching it casually while eating a tangerine in the kotatsu, but I got a call from my boss telling me to be ready to come at any time. Huh? Isn’t it just present opening? Isn’t it just my imagination that our death game has started before we know it?]

 [Now that I think about it, having something that Mary gave me, which is definitely one of a kind in the world, is actually quite precious…]

 [It’s funny how Mary’s gift is getting a reappraisal now.]

 I decided to show my signature to the camera.

 [As usual, your handwriting is pretty, isn’t it?]

 [Your handwriting is genuinely beautiful]

 [And what’s that next to it?]

 [Is that an anal mark!? (This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [These question marks are too much, LOL]

 [Aqua, just a signature is enough, okay?]

 [In fact, this mysterious signature can serve as proof of authenticity]

 [Mayuzumi-kun, you shouldn’t give a pen to the artist]

 [Toa-nyan: What’s this?]

 [Because there are lines around it, is it sp**m? (This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Sommelier: It’s sp**m. As a sommelier, I can confirm it! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [God artist: This is undoubtedly art. I can feel explosive energy from the powerful and unwavering strokes. Perhaps it expresses the heartbeat of life, the mysteries of the human body.]

 [Devout follower: Amazing…. Unlike the complex religious paintings in recent years, this revelation calls for us to deepen our interpretation through a simple and bold expression method reminiscent of hieroglyphic times.]

 [Butterfly: It’s like looking at abstract paintings by Mondrian or Doronée. Excellent!]

 [There are a certain number of idiots who are completely lost, LOL.]

 [There are occasionally people who advocate for Shirogane Aqua as an artist.]

 [Some of them are probably beyond saving.]

 [Yukari rice: Isn’t this clearly glasses? What is everyone talking about?]

 [Hey, there’s someone in the same rating as Aa-sama!]

 [Can you believe that Aqua-kun’s artistic merit is understood? What a lie!]

 Yeah, I think I wrote it pretty well. I especially like the glasses symbol, which is also Shintaro’s charm point next to it.

 ”Shintaro, are you watching? Thanks!! I’m gonna sign from tomorrow!”

 I was worried about what would happen when the national treasure came at first, but thanks to Kaede and Shintaro, I managed to recover somehow.

 I hang the sign pen on the hanger and reach into the pocket of the coat to choose the next present.

 Now then, which one should I pick… Ah, this one!

 ”Next time, I won’t dare to look at anyone.”

 I open the gift box that I picked up.

 ”What’s this…? Perfume?”

 Inside the stylishly designed bottle, I can see something liquid-like. I take out what seems to be perfume from the gift box and show it to everyone.




 [Shumi the Maiden: What is this…?]

 [Lapis Lazuli: It’s a fashionable bottle.]

 [Ramen hagetoru-san, come out.]

 [Hagetoru, turn yourself in immediately.]

 [Hagetoru just got regulated earlier.]

 [3510 (Admin): Ah…]

 I open the lid of the bottle and sniff the scent.

 Ugh… My nose is instantly overwhelmed by the strong smell.

 Cough, cough. I turn away from the camera and choke for a while.

 ”What is this!?”

 I sniff the scent once more and quickly avert my face.

 [Sayamu Inko: Oh no! Aqua-kun, quickly close the lid!]

 [My heart is pounding.]

 [At first glance, it may look like just perfume to people who don’t know, but there are too many perceptive guys, LOL.]

 [People who can guess what’s in this container at a glance are probably residents of the 18+ version of the bulletin board, LOL (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Is it time for adults here!?]

 [Ah, Aa-sama is still minor.]

 [This is cringeworthy.]

 [Hey, I don’t know if this is from Hagetoru, but this is going too far!]

 [Hagetoru… If you apologize sincerely, I’ll forgive you, so admit your guilt quietly.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: It’s not me!]

 What is this!? It’s like they condensed the unpleasant aspects of a familiar smell from the past into something sickeningly sweet. But then, I notice a note left in the box.

 ”What…? A secret aphrodisiac used by real espionage teams? With just one swing of this, even the most innocent ladies and princesses turn into l*wd females… Wait, who sent this!?”

 I was convinced when I saw the name written on the tag attached to the paper bag.

 ”…I see, that’s how it is. I’d like to open the next gift.”

 I ignore the mysterious aphrodisiac that Pegonia-san gave me and choose the next present.

 But, it’s a secret that I did a happy dance inside my heart. I need to carefully check the feeling of using Kanon and thank Pegonia-san. There is a special bonus this month.

 [It’s probably an aphrodisiac, LOL]

 [The contents of the people in the chat room just got exposed, LOL]

 [Bulletin board members are extremely quick to react to aphrodisiac LOL (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [He was pretended that it never happened, LOL]

 [Hey hey, I don’t know who sent it, but it’s too aggressive, LOL]

 [Ramen Hagetoru-san, surrender to Beryl quickly]

 [I feel relieved seeing Shumi and her little sister so innocent and pure]

 [I never thought I’d have a day when my heart would be healed seeing Shumi]

 [Shumi, you’re fine just the way you are]

 [I see, the woman who would become Aqua-sama’s wife shouldn’t notice that… Well, it’s informative]

 [Those who didn’t know are probably realizing it’s an aphrodisiac now, everyone’s faces must be turning red, LOL]

 [Yukari rice: This person may have a composed look, but I can tell he is celebrating inside his heart]

 Admin-san, thank you for your hard work. Could you please make sure to delete the previous comment by Yukari rice? I took a deep breath and picked up another paper bag.

 ”What’s next… maybe clothes?”

 I peeled off the tape and opened the package, revealing a hoodie with a large print of a sheep character.

 [Oh no.]

 [This is so out of style!]

 [This is so lame LOL.]

 [This is not something a high school boy would wear.]

 [This screams ‘my mom bought it’.]

 [Who the hell picked something so childish?]

 [Is it Shumi?]

 [Yukari rice: Alright, everyone, come out to the front.]

 [Chacha Maru: Yay! We’re matching!]

 [Merry-san: Thank you very much. Thank you very much.]

 I took off my sweater on top and put on the sheep hoodie.


 [Aqua-sama has a change of clothes, ahhhh!]

 [My elementary little sister who was watching beside me died…]

 [Is it okay for us to be watching!?]

 [←The person who briefly hoped that he was naked below the sweater too]

 [3510 (Admin): I’ll clip this here!]

 [I found out who gave it from the reaction earlier LOL]

 It’s warm! The fabric is thick and it’s slightly oversized, which I like.

 ”Yeah, I guess this isn’t too bad.”

 I repeatedly checked my appearance in front of the mirror.

 [Huh? Isn’t it cute?]

 [All of Aa-sama’s cuteness is packed here.]

 [All moms and big sisters who are fans of Aqua-sama seem to all be captivated]

 [Cute Aqu-tan is cute and captivating to older people.]

 [Sorry, Yukari rice-san]

 [Actually, I like the childish Aqua-kun more than the cool Aqua-kun…! I want boys to always stay as boys]

 [Aquamarine: Someone I don’t know, but understands Aqua-chan]

 [Citrine (Admin): Kyaa! A-chan, look over here! Let’s take a picture together later with your big sister]

 [TOOOKA (Admin): I might be really weak to this kind of thing…]

 [Yui-nyan: Aa-sama is cute…]

 [Toa-nyan: Hmmmm…]

 [Toa-chan is a little jealous! But no need to worry, Toa-chan is cute too]

 [Actually, Toa-chan should wear matching clothes too, right?]

 [Cat lover: That’s a wonderful suggestion!!]

 […If possible, let’s invite Mayushin-kun too!]

 [I wonder if it’s too much to ask Senpai to join. Mumbling]

 [For those who want to adore boys, it’s irresistible!! Definitely with the four beryls!!]

 [I want to be the mother of the boys in beryl wearing animal hoodies…!]

 [Stop it, because it really captivates me as a nursery teacher!]

 [Butterfly Lady: Oh my, oh my, I wonder what a wonderful space it would be, just by imagining it! To make it happen, which kindergarten should I invest in, does anyone know?]

 I decided to continue the stream while wearing this, since it was a rare opportunity.

 ”I knew right away who sent this to me. It’s Kohina-senpai, right? I think senpai is the only one around me who would select this… probably!”

 I looked at the tag on the paper bag and made a victory pose.

 I remembered that she must have remembered when I bought a room wear with Kanon before, I liked the one with sheep, but I couldn’t wear it outside.

 ”Yay, I got it right! Thank you, Kohina-senpai!!”

 I made a peace sign to the camera.

 [Huh? Why everything he does is so cute?]

 [Kohina Yukari-senpai, I’m sorryyyyyyyyy!]

 [It should be lame normally, but how did it turn out like this]

 [I’m on Rina’s side, but the relationship between Kohina Yukari and Aqua-kun is real]

 [Ruuna: Fluffy Aqua-kun… I want to use him as a pillow… Zzz]

 [There’s no reaction from Yukari rice-san, did she die?]

 [Maybe she’s embarrassed?]

 [I bet she didn’t expect to be thanked with such a full smile LOL]

 [Even Kohina Yukari-san, who was said to hate men, was captivated by Aqua-sama’s smile in an instant]

 [Good news, Kohina Yukari, she had a human heart after all]

 [Huh, Kohina Yukari still has a lowly and female part left in her]

 Well then, which one should I choose next?

 This time I’ll go for this huge box.

 ”Oh, the next one is a gift from Tenga-senpai and Director Hongou”

 This time I checked the tag normally and confirmed the names of the senders.

 But wait a minute! There’s no way I can move this from here.

 The person who brought this in must have had a hard time.

 [Tenga-senpai is here!]

 [Paisen is here!]

 [Together with Director Hongou? This gives me a bad feeling]

 [That’s huge LOL]

 [What did they put in there to make such a big box LOL]

 I untied the ribbon, but I was at a loss as to how to open it.

 [Passing Poison Chalice: The side of the box is hinged]

 Oh, that’s true.

 I opened the lid and looked inside, and I was surprised.


 I looked back and forth between the camera and the box.

 [What was in there?]

 [He’s slightly shocked LOL]

 [What did they do? LOL]

 I closed the lid for a moment and stood in front of the box with the camera. Then I slowly opened the door and showed everyone what was inside.


 [A life-size Heaven’s Sword!]

 [Is that really Heaven’s Sword? LOL]

 [I had a feeling]

 [Wow, that’s awesome!]

 [Please sell this for real]

 [I want one too]

 [Wait a minute, the guitar in his hand, is that a beetle?]

 [A beetle guitar, really? LOL]

 [That’s so cool!!]

 I read the note that was inside.

 ”Um, this is a real doll that has a mannequin made to my size and wears the actual suit. Really? That’s amazing…! The suit can be taken off and on, and it’s from Director Hongou and the staff of Heaven’s Sword. Thank you!!

 And this beetle guitar is from Tenga-senpai, and this is also amazing. Thank you, senpai! Wow…it really has a beetle design. This is nice. I’ll keep the guitar in my room, and this life-size doll in the entrance. It’s spacious and I was wondering what to put there.”

 I thanked Director Hongou and his team and Tenga-senpai again.

 [When I go to Aqua-kun’s house, that will be there?]

 [Aa-sama’s house seems like it only has treasures]

 [Wow, that’s cool. Please make a replica of this even if it’s not the actual one and sell it!]

 [One of the driver fans: Hahaha, I’m glad you’re happy. By the way, we will be selling replicas of this by order, so look forward to it. It’s not as high quality as the real thing, though.]



 [No way, that sounds exciting!]

 [Passing Poison Chalice: With this, Kenzaki can always transform into Heaven’s Sword!]

 [Seeing Senpai so happy, I couldn’t help but smile too.]

 [Akira-kun, I’m glad for you!]

 Now, which one should I choose next?

 After Shintaro and Senpai, should I go with Toa?

 ”But which one is it?”

 I stare at the chat column on the tablet.

 [Toa-nyan: The one in the wrapped bag over there.]

 Is it this one?

 I carefully peel off the sparkling wrapping paper and take out the contents.

 Oh… this is it!

 ”It’s a keychain! And it matches the one Toa has. Thank you!”

 I saw the keychain Toa had attached to the keys of the house he used to have and thought it would be perfect for attaching to my bike keys.

 [Cat Lover: Ah…]


 [No good. I have palpitation.]

 [TOOOKA (Admin): If you are suffering palpitation, please stop watching for a moment, calm your mind, and then resume watching. If you still can’t calm down, I recommend giving up on today’s viewing and going to the nearest hospital for a diagnosis before watching again.]

 [Is that statue called “Self-proclaimed wife” still breathing?]

 [Toa-nyan: Don’t worry, it’s brand new]

 [So cute!]

 [Thank you, thank you]

 [I thought a lot of people got up because their reactions suddenly became dull due to their palpitation, LOL]

 I express my gratitude to the screen once again.

 Hm? The end of the streaming time is approaching soon.

 I can’t open all of them, so maybe I’ll open two more and finish.

 ”This is… Kanon!”

 At first, I was happy as usual, but I stop my hands from untying the ribbon as I remember something.

 Is it okay to open this…? So far, whether it’s from Pegonia-san or Grandmother Mary, all the gifts from the people around Kanon have been things that I don’t know how to react to, so I’m getting really anxious.

 [Aa-sama, it’s funny how you hesitate, LOL]

 [I know]

 [So far, there have only been terrible gifts from the Stars team]

 [What happens twice happens three times]

 [Show us the truth for the third time!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!]

 [Aqua-kun’s manner and expression suddenly became as calm as a bomb disposal team]

 [Hey? This is opening a present, right?]

 I gently opened the gift bag and checked the contents.

 ”What’s this…?”

 I take out the fabric inside the bag and gently unfold it.




 [Why did the screen go black!?]

 [3510 (Admin): We apologize, but inappropriate images appeared, so please wait for a while.]

 [It’s definitely underwear!]

 [Sexy underwear arrived!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Did you see this, Japan? This is the former princess of Stars, Ero Wife-san, LOL. (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Huh…? This isn’t the one I put in! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Pegomaru: Because the gift chosen by the young lady was too childish, I made a judgment and switched the contents myself. I will make sure to give the gift that the young lady prepared to Master later, so please rest assured.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I’ll be away for a moment.]

 [Shumi can be angry about this, LOL.]

 [Unnecessary meddling, LOL.]

 [But, did Aa-sama seem happy? Or was it just my imagination?]

 [Such a child. I wonder what Shumi gave as a present.]

 [TOOOKA (Admin): Just to defend Kanon-san’s honor, it was a lunch box and a water bottle that you would normally bring to school or work. I heard that the lid of the lunch box they were using broke, so they bought a new one. And it seems they wanted a mini water bottle.]

 [The present from the wife seems fine to me.]

 [I think it’s good for a high school student like her.]

 [Pegonia-san is a maid, right? I wonder if she’s unexpectedly clumsy…]

 [Aqua-kun would be happy with either one, I think.]

 [Aa-sama would probably be happy with trash as Kanon-sama’s birthday present.]

 [Yukari rice: If it’s that person, wouldn’t he prefer cute underwear with pure white, pastel colors, ribbons, and lace rather than something erotic?]

 [Yukari rice-san!?]

 [Yukari rice… No, please call me Yukari rice-paisen from today!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Thanks for the valuable information!!]

 [Sommelier: Seriously? I’ll make a note of it.]

 [TOOOKA (Admin): Oh, I see.]

 [3510 (Admin): Taking notes, taking notes.]

 [Citrine (Admin): Everyone from Admin Group, are you not forgetting your work? Although it’s a bit late, I have deleted Yukari rice-san’s statement as it violated the regulations.]

 So this means… Is it a sign that she wants to do something naughty with me, now that we’ve grown a bit more mature?!

 I see, I see. Phew~! My body is starting to feel warm. She’s shy, so she secretly appealed to me in this way.

 Understood!! But then, it’s just Pegonia-san playing tricks on me!! Damn it, I got my hopes up! So, this here is the real present.

 [Oh, the screen is back! LOL]

 [The bento box has a cute design, it might be perfect for Aa-sama who’s happy with the current outfit.]

 [Aqua-sama really likes cute things, huh?]

 [Huh? He likes cute girls?]

 [That’s your wishful thinking.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Huh? If he like cute girls, it does mean he’s going to marry her little sister, right? (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions. Currently, this account has been permanently banned by the authority of admin TOOOKA. If you have any complaints about this punishment, please contact the admin directly from the inquiry)]

 [Sommelier: LOL she squ**ted ramen. She’s being ridiculous…]

 [Hagetoru is dead LOL]

 [What did she say LOL]

 [She probably said something perverted again LOL]

 I hold a lunchbox and a water bottle in both hands, and smile at the camera.

 ”Kanon, thank you. I’m really happy. I’ll use it every day from now on!”

 Hmm…? The chat box was really active, but I wonder what happened? Did something happen?

 Well, I don’t have time anymore, so I want to open one last thing. Um… this one!

 ”This will be the last present to open. So, the last one is… who could it be? Oh, Ako-san and… mother?”

 It’s presents from the two of them. I wonder what it could be.

 When I open the gift bag, there is an album with a counter for books inside.

 [Yes. At this point, I cried.]

 [It’s a bit uncouth, but I want to see what’s inside the album.]

 [Aqua-kun has a happy expression on his face.]

 When I opened it, various photos were arranged in chronological order.

 There were pictures of me working part-time at Cafe Tomarigi, scenes of me practicing walking for the runway, a picture of Hana-ata before my first drama shoot, a picture of me running in the backstage during a collaboration with Fuji Department Store, a picture of me having a BBQ with everyone on the set of a driver’s shoot, wedding photos, and various photos since I regained my memory at the hospital.

 And for each photo, there were comments written by everyone.

 It fills my heart with joy.

 When I turned to the last page, there was a message written by mother.

 I read that message aloud.


 To Aqua-chan,

 When I heard that Aqua-chan hit his head and was taken to the hospital, I thought it was a lie many times. I still remember the despair I felt when I saw Aqua-chan sleeping in the bed at the hospital.

 After that, as you know, you miraculously woke up, but you lost all your memories. But I was so happy that you were alive more than anything else. I may not be a good mother. So please let me apologize.

 I also vaguely noticed that you were troubled by how to interact with us, your family. But I didn’t know what to do, and I was desperate to just talk to you and keep in touch.

 So I was actually worried when you said you wanted to be an idol. But… I couldn’t deny what you wanted to do. Fortunately, around you, there were only good people, led by Ako-san, and the fans. I think you can see that from the photos in this album.

 You may have noticed already, but this album only has photos of you after that day when you woke up. So let’s make the next album together with us, Kanon-san and everyone in the family, Ako-san and everyone in the company, your friends Toa-kun, Shintaro-kun, Akira-kun, your classmates, and your fans.

 Please don’t overdo it too much, and take a break once in a while. This goes for Ako-san too. Both of you take a good rest! And let’s have fun every day from now on.

 From your mom who loves you very much.


 Well… I guess it’s natural to cry…. You see, I’m quite a crybaby. My mother understood what I was worried about. But knowing that my mother (Kaa-san) was the same as me made me happy.

 [No way. This made me cry.]

 [Baba-nami (Granny’s wife): Aqua-sama, don’t cry…]

 [Aqua-kun’s mom, thank you for including us fans too!]

 [No matter what anyone says, Aqua-sama is like a national idol]

 [Aqua-kun had amnesia…]

 [It must have been tough… It must have been really difficult…]

 [Toa-nyan: When you feel like crying, I think it’s okay to cry a lot. And then, laugh a lot later!]

 [Mayuzumi Shintaro: Aqua, when you’re feeling down, you can rely on me. I’m your best friend!]

 [Passing Poison Chalice: My heart is always with you, junior]

 [Atori Ako (Super Admin): I will take a proper rest. I apologize for causing any concern]

 [Aa-sama is not just cool! That’s what I like the most about you!]

 [Yama-san: You lot of courage… And Aqua-san, who tried to move forward in such a situation, is truly cool.]

 [Yukarigohan: Your mother is so strong, and I see why… As a fellow woman, I respect her.]

 [Sommelier: I’m crying too, and Nee-san next to me is bawling her eyes out. But, it’s fine to cry, but don’t use my dress as a tissue. Those frills are not tissues.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I can’t take it anymore… I’m going.]

 I looked into the bag, and there was still something inside. When I reached into the bag, a large bomb onigiri came out. This is… a late-night snack my mother prepared for me when I was working late.

 ”Delicious… it’s delicious!”

 I ate the onigiri while crying. I couldn’t tell if it was the seasoning nori, the salt, or the pickled plum that was salty, but the onigiri was so salty and delicious.


 Kanon, who entered the room, hugged me. Wait… the stream isn’t over yet, right? Huh? Why is Kanon here?

 ”Come on, how long are you going to cry!”


 Kohina-senpai, holding a sign that said “Prank Success,” burst into the room. And behind her, Toa, Kaede and the others also entered the room.

 ”Well, the plan got completely messed up, but that’s fine. Happy birthday once again!!”

 ”Happy birthday, Aqua!”


 I looked at the tablet again, and my birthday was filled with words of celebration.

 ”Thank you, everyone. I really want to continue the stream, but there are people outside the room who can’t show their faces, so I’ll end it here today. I’ll stream again later! See you! Thank you all so much today!!”

 I bowed to everyone. In response, Ako-san, Kanon, and Toa and the others also bowed to the camera. Then, my mother entered the room.


 ”Mom! Thank you. I really want to thank you for everything so far. At that time, thanks to you being by my side as soon as I woke up, I was able to stay calm without anxiety. So I want to say thank you. I may have worried you a lot so far, and I may continue to do so in the future, but I’ll do my best.”

 ”Yeah, yeah!”

 My mother and I hugged each other and shared our feelings with each other.

 I didn’t want to burden my mother with anything more, and I decided to keep silent about my past life.

 As Kohina-senpai mentioned a while ago, I think there is also kindness in sticking to the end. I don’t want to burden my mother’s small back with anything more.

 And if she finds out that the past Aqua really died, she might be very sad. So I’ll stick to the lie to the end. I thought that was the kindness I could show to my mother.

 ”Mom, let’s make a toast.”

 ”Sure, Aqua-chan. Happy birthday.”

 ”Mom. Thank you for giving birth to me!”

 On that day, we all gathered and had a great time at the headquarters until late at night.

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