Male Idol V10c12

Volume 10 Chapter 12 Shirogane Kanon, Am I The Legal Wife?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Phew! After taking a bath, it’s coffee milk!”

 ”No no, after taking a bath, it’s fruit milk.”

 ”I think I prefer regular milk.”

 ”Strawberry milk…”

 Nee-san holding a bottle of milk, Chinposuki holding fruit milk, and Hagetoru holding coffee milk all turn their gaze towards me.

 ”Sigh… Shumi, that’s not it.”

 ”Huh? Shumi? Huh? Even as a fan of fruit milk, that’s too much.”

 ”Shumi-san likes strawberries, right?”

 ”Oh! Come to think of it, this person used to wear strawberry panties in middle school.”

 I glare at Hagetoru.

 It’s fine today since Aqua isn’t here, but what were I planning to do if it was known that I was wearing such childish panties? I try to avoid childish panties as much as possible so that I can handle any situation.

 Also, it’s not like I have to have strawberry milk! Pegonia next to me has melon milk!! And who was the one talking about breast size earlier!? I’m not that small!!

 ”By the way, Shumi-san, is Aqua-san really okay?”

 ”Well, I think he’s fine since he’s with Kohina-senpai.”

 I don’t know what happened to Aqua, who left the house after Kohina-senpai called him, but I think this kind of thing happens once in a while, so I don’t have to worry too much.

 Considering that Nee-san doesn’t know, I think it’s not work but personal, but are those two really nothing? After all, we’re close friends who shared cu***lingus relay… No, no, no, anyway, whenever something happens, just let me know.

 ”So, what should we do? It’s a special sleepover, and it’s too early to go to sleep, isn’t it?”

 Chinposuki and Hagetoru start bickering while clicking the remote control’s channel buttons.

 Hey, don’t argue! Chinposuki has a broken collarbone, so be quiet, or you’ll get in trouble with your boss again.

 ”Huh? There’s a TV program called ‘Kaede Morikawa’s Room’ in the TV guide. Kaede-san, is there a new program starting?”

 ”Oh, that’s right. It’s a live broadcast, and they invite guests to chat. It started today.”

 Huh? I thought something is not right, so we looked at each other.

 ”Wait a minute, Chinposuki, think about it. It’s a live broadcast, so why are you here? It’s starting in about five minutes.”




 Why are you looking so surprised, Chinposuki? Why are you here instead of the studio for a live broadcast?


 ”Chinposuki, don’t panic now! Change your clothes and go to the broadcasting station right away!”

 Hagetoru, holding the key to the bike, immediately tries to change Chinposuki’s clothes.

 But it’s already too late, while we were in a panic, Morikawa Kaede’s room started without her being there.





 Everyone freezes when they see Kohina-senpai’s unhappy face on the screen.

 [Huh? What’s this? Is it already started? Huh, what? Is this show always like this? It’s not organized at all from the start, just like someone else. At least give a proper signal to start. It’s too unfriendly to the performers! And who’s the AD? Are you an amateur? Come here for a moment!]

 We are overwhelmed by Kohina-senpai’s unruly appearance from the beginning.

 Kohina-senpai, if you put too much pressure on the staff, it will be called harassment!

 And earlier you said you were the first guest, but huh? The host is here, so maybe they’ll start with only guests?

 [Hey, Yukari-senpai, calm down.]

 At a familiar voice, we exchanged glances.

 For some reason, Chinposuki always had her mouth open.





 Huh? Wait… Nee-san?

 Nee-san and I looked at each other, shaking our heads to convey that we didn’t know anything about this.

 I didn’t even know that he was going to be on this show, and it seemed like Nee-san didn’t know either.

 [Um, well, right now, in the case of our first-time guest, Kohina Yukari-senpai, it seems like her behavior gave the impression that she was putting pressure on the staff… but, um, she didn’t intend to bully the staff or anything like that. Yes, it’s just that she didn’t express herself well, and her overflowing enthusiasm to make a better show, to work together as a team to create an enjoyable program for the viewers, came across in a way that might have seemed like she was applying pressure.]

 [Too long! Are you the Prime Minister?]

 What an unreasonable… Even though Aqua was desperately trying to cover up, when Kohina-senpai said it was too long in one sentence, we were not just surprised but frozen beyond that.

 [First of all, because you’re so concerned about that kind of thing, recent variety shows have been so boring. Throw compliance in the trash wrapped in a newspaper!]


 Aqua shouts loudly, trying to stop Kohina’s words.

 [What do you want! It’s so noisy!]

 [Kohina-senpai, this is someone else’s show. Are you trying to end this show on its first broadcast!?]

 [That’s right! Where is the host?]

 The host is here.

 Hey, Chinposuki, don’t hide behind Nee-san!

 [Um… I heard that Morikawa-san fractured her collarbone, so she took the day off today.]

 [Huh? Even so, normally she should come to the studio, right?]

 Yeah, that’s reasonable. Everyone, except Chinposuki, nodded.

 Kohina squints her eyes towards the camera. Maybe she has a script.

 [Huh? What? We’re leaving her behind because she’s useless?]

 [The staff didn’t write anything like that! So today, because Morikawa-san intervened to help me take on this job, I came as a substitute. It was really sudden, so we didn’t have time to announce it. I think everyone who’s watching must be surprised.]

 Yes, at least your wife is surprised in many ways. By the way, is this a commercial broadcaster? Lucky you, Chinposuki. If this were a national broadcasting, you would have been scolded by your boss.

 [Alright, then let’s just take over this program ourselves. Hey, you there, staff member. What’s your name? Oh, Nakanishi, right? Change the sign behind you to Kohina Yukari’s room starting next week.]

 [Hey, Kohina-senpai!? Can Kohina-senpai, who gets angry so easily, handle being a host?]

 [Then take responsibility and do the host job! So you’ll also come starting next week.]

 [Um… If I do that, Morikawa-san will cry, you know? She wasn’t even invited today…]

 Yes, she’s crying next to me.

 Huh? Did you want to chat with Aqua-kun? Over there?

 [So, what exactly will we do in this program?]

 [Well, just casually talk while lounging in the room. Because…]

 [What is this vague plan! Hey, producer! It’s ridiculous to make money with this, isn’t it? Come out and apologize to the viewers! Or rather, apologize to us first! You completely left everything from hosting to planning to me and this guy!!]

 [Stop, Kohina-senpai, stop!!]

 I can’t help but smile when I see Aqua being thrown around by Kohina-senpai who can’t be controlled. Who would have imagined that Aqua would be the one to stop her? That’s why it’s already a bit more interesting.

 ”Oh, Kohina-senpai is closer to being a wife than you’re. But don’t worry, Shumi.”


 ”I had my show cuckolded by Kohina-senpai, but Shumi, you had her husband cuckolded by Kohina-senpai… poor thing.”


 ”Shumi-san… please do your best.”

 ”Huh? Nee-san…?”

 ”Come on, don’t act like you didn’t hear. Miss. If you had used that erotic underwear and pushed him down…”


 Everyone, what’s with you all! I haven’t been stolen away or anything!! Aqua is my husband!!

 And there’s no way I would wear underwear that exposes such important parts! I’m not just some pervert!! Even Aqua would be disgusted.

 [Oh, by the way, it seems like there’s some kind of instruction. Um, what was it? To create a room-like atmosphere, please change your clothes.]

 [Wait, isn’t this a live broadcast? We should have done that before the show! It’s not a complete waste of time while changing clothes! Seriously, the staff of this show… their planning is just too bad. Did you guys not even inform the real host that there would be a broadcast today?]


 Aqua looks at me and understands everything.

 Well, that’s right. If there had been a normal notification, Chinposuki wouldn’t be casually drinking fruit milk here today…

 [Well then, I’ll go to the dressing room over here.]

 [Yes, see you later.]

 Both of them open the left and right doors in the prepared room set and enter the dressing rooms at the same time.

 [But, is this really okay? Right now, nobody is being filmed on the camera…]

 [That’s exactly what I said earlier! Anyone who starts watching the show now will definitely think it’s a broadcast accident! Well, it’s not a complete broadcast accident!!]

 [If you say that, then isn’t it already a broadcast accident that Morikawa-san couldn’t come?]

 [I see. If the host is a broadcast accident, then the show is also a broadcast accident. I’m starting to lose even the energy to get angry if I understand it.]

 Ah… We all look at each other’s faces as we hear the sound of clothes rubbing against the screen when changing clothes.

 Wait a minute, if I hear Aqua’s sound like that, I feel kind of naughty… Hey, Hagetoru! Don’t cover your important place with your hand between your legs! Really!!

 [Kohina-senpai, have you changed your clothes?]

 [Just a moment… Hmm, I’m ready!]

 [Then, let’s go outside.]


 The two of them opened the changing room door.

 [Hey, what’s that? A sheep? That’s not the one I gave you!]

 [It seems like it. I have the one you gave me at home, so this is probably the same product, but a different one. By the way, Kohina-senpai, what is that? A cat? Oh, a tanuki?]

 [Who’s a tanuki? It’s a tiger! Look, ‘Roar!’ Aren’t you scared?]

 [No, it’s rather cute… Umm, yes. It’s scary.]

 [Wait a minute! If you were about to say it’s cute, then say it’s cute!]

 [I might have made a mistake about the cuteness.]

 [Just be honest and say it’s cute!]

 I exchanged glances with Nee-san.

 ”Hehe, hehehe, I couldn’t help it.”

 Seeing Nee-san, who rarely laughed, clutching her stomach and laughing, Hagetoru opened her mouth wide.

 ”Nee-san… you laughed?”

 ”Even I can laugh sometimes, so what?”

 ”Eeek! I’m sorry!”

 I noticed this during the last stream, but if you’re going to apologize right away, you shouldn’t say it in the first place….

 Well, Hagetoru is probably the only one who can tease Nee-san like that, and she seems to enjoy it too.

 [So, what are these cards on the table?]

 [Um, these have today’s topics written on them, so if you run out of things to talk about, please pick one. Which one do you want?]

 [Here, this one!]

 She picked so fast!

 Without hesitation, Kohina-senpai picked up a card and handed it to Aqua.

 She’s not going to read it herself, huh…. I looked at Kohina-senpai who used Aqua with her chin and thought, this person is really incredible.

 [The first topic is…the year is almost over, but is there anything you haven’t done yet?]

 [No. Next.]

 [Hey! That’s too quick, right!?]

 [Then, do you have anything?]

 [No… I guess.]

 [See! You’re the same as me, there’s no way we have anything left to do! We do what we have to do quickly! This is the condition of a capable woman! Who is the staff who thought of this boring topic?]

 Kohina-senpai pulled out the next card and handed it to Aqua.

 Huh? Is that topic over already? At this speed, the cards will be gone in no time…

 [Okay, next topic… What do you think about this show? I mean,]

 [It’s sh*t, next.]

 [Hey, Kohina-senpai, it’s not appropriate to say ‘sh*t’ during a live broadcast. You should be more oblate.]

 [Oblate and sh*t, I just spoke the truth! I mean, even if we’re turning the cards face down and concealing them like this, if you draw this question first, isn’t there nothing to say? It’s one thing if these questions come at the end, but shouldn’t you realize this when you’re planning it, considering there’s a chance it could come up first while it’s still concealed?]


 [The staff should think a bit instead of looking clueless! Do they really think they can make money with such a job!!]

 Ah, I see. I can somewhat understand what Kohina-senpai is trying to convey in her angry outburst. It does seem like a lapse on the staff’s part.

 [Enough of this. Let’s just flip all the cards and only answer the ones that seem reasonable. Otherwise, this will drag on and we’ll be dragged into it as well. Unless the staff wants us to become boring participants!?]

 Well, it should be fine at this point… The show might seem uninteresting, but the conversation between Kohina-senpai and Aqua is entertaining even now. Kohina-senpai and Aqua ignore the game and flip all the cards to check the topics.

 [There’s not a single decent one here! What’s wrong with the staff of this show!]

 [Ah… this one is not so bad, right?]

 [Which one? Ah… well, this one is better than the others.]

 [Yeah, then let’s go with this topic.]

 Aqua shows the content written on the card to the viewers.

 [What kind of job do you want to try next, Kohina-senpai? Do you have anything in mind?]

 [Isn’t it polite to answer first when you ask something like that?]

 [That’s true, you got me there. I… let me see. I want to do something more like, a show where I can interact with the fans. And also, the other day, I went on a trip with beryl&beryl and that was fun, so I think it would be interesting to do something where I go somewhere.]

 [That sounds good. I want to go to a hot spring or something and relax.]

 [Going to a hot spring for work sounds awesome, doesn’t it?]

 Kohina-senpai seems to have come up with something and starts calling the producer’s name.

 Who calls the producer in the middle of a live show? Is this what they say, like master like disciple? No one can stop Kohina-senpai’s freedom anymore.

 I see. So that’s why the host of this show is Chinposuki and the substitute is Aqua. A normal host would probably die from stress.

 [How much is the budget for this show?]

 [Uh…? Well, that’s…]

 Seeing the producer’s flustered expression, we can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.

 Common sense dictates that you can’t ask such a question during a live broadcast.

 Even as an ordinary viewer, I understand that much, but for Kohina-senpai, who considers it a trivial matter, it’s irrelevant.

 I recall that there was someone on TV who mentioned that Aqua Shirogane had never fought on the same dimension as us, such as our fixed notions and common sense, regarding his eccentric behavior. I think Kohina-senpai is exactly the same.

 Taboos on TV and such inviolable areas are completely pointless in her presence. This is because Kohina-senpai, like Aqua, does not appear on television on that level.

 [Oh, I’ve got a great idea! There’s that host who’s on leave due to a broken collarbone, right? Since she’s not on TV, we can just cut her entire fee and go on a hot spring location shoot ourselves! I’m a genius. So, let’s do it like that.]

 As if it were already a decided matter, Kohina-senpai only says what she wants and dismisses the producer.

 Chinposuki sitting in front of the TV set had a sad expression while watching this.

 ”Darn! Sniff, sniff, sniff…”

 Yeah, it can’t be helped, right?

 But, even though Hagetoru is pretending to comfort, it can’t be helped. I don’t think she’s really comforting at all. It’s more like rubbing salt in the wound.

 [So, Kohina-senpai, what kind of job do you want to do?]

 [Well… I wasn’t really interested in stage plays or musicals, but if it’s with you, I wouldn’t mind doing it once in my life.]

 [Oh! I got that on record. Are you really okay with it?]

 [I’m fine with it. But if the script is boring, I’ll have to re-educate you from scratch! Make sure you bring something interesting, okay?]

 Upon hearing this, Nee-san next to me and I rejoiced with both hands together, as fans. Because Aqua and Kohina-senpai appearing in a stage play or musical is nothing but exciting. While thinking about that, I received a message on my smartphone. I wonder who it is? Huh… Kuga Reira-san?

 [Because it sounds interesting, I’ll join too.]

 Wow! Speaking of Kuga Reira-san, she’s undoubtedly one of the top musical actresses in Broadway in the States. Even if Aqua and Kohina-senpai’s first challenge is already attracting attention, if Kuga Reira-san joins, it’s going to be amazing…I immediately told Nee-san next to me about it.

 As expected, she can’t handle it anymore, so she’ll leave it to everyone in Beryl from here.

 [Well, shall we move on to the next topic?]



 Aqua couldn’t help but ask again when he received such a curt response from Kohina-senpai. Kohina-senpai sighed and looked back at the cards.

 [Look at other topics. There’s nothing interesting! For example, this one! What’s your favorite food?]


 [Okay, done. Do we need to dig any deeper than that? Besides, everyone knows that Aqua likes udon. At least, you could have asked which udon shop you like… Well, if I say anything more, it might cause trouble for the shop tomorrow, so let’s stop here.]

 Kohina-senpai, nice decision…!

 But even though you can consider other people’s feelings, you’re like that.

 You can read the atmosphere that Aqua mentioned, but you choose not to…

 [By the way, Kohina-senpai likes curry. And not spicy, but the sweet one with honey.]

 [Hey! Why are you exposing that? And besides, you’re not bad with spicy either!]

 [Well, I just really don’t like extremely spicy food, but I usually have medium spicy curry…]


 [Huh? That’s just too unreasonable…]

 Oh, so Kohina-senpai doesn’t like spicy food. By the way, I also prefer mild curry, but I’m curious why Pegonia next to me is nodding so much.

 ”Master … I wonder if he actually likes childish women?”

 I’m sorry! I’m just childish!!

 Thanks to that, I can enjoy eating the mild Driver curry!

 [Talking about food makes me hungry. Can I order something?]

 [Kohina-senpai, you’re just too free-spirited…]

 [Oh, there’s a refrigerator and kitchen here, right? Can you cook something?]

 [For real… Oh, there are actually ingredients in here.]

 When Aqua opened the refrigerator, there were all the usual things inside.

 [This show clearly has a low budget, but they spend money in weird places. If this guy didn’t come today, these ingredients would have been completely wasted! Don’t waste food!!]

 [Huh? Kohina-senpai is saying that…?]

 [What? Do you have a problem?]

 [N-No… I don’t.]

 Aqua took out the ingredients from the refrigerator and turned on the IH (Induction Heating) stove to start cooking.

 [Senpai, we don’t have rice. Is a sandwich okay?]

 [Huh? I mean, a sandwich is fine, but why is there no rice?]

 [There’s a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker, and even shaved ice and mochi machines, but for some reason, there’s no rice cooker!]

 [W-Wait a minute! Why is the most important thing missing? Huh? You forgot to buy it? Seriously, who forgets to buy that? Apologize to the rice farmer!]

 [Senpai, stop. It’s not a good line for you to say when you forgot that there was still rice and made it all hard in the rice cooker.]


 Hehe, hehehe… Aqua’s retorts are spot-on and it actually made me laugh.

 ”I see. So, Aqua-kun is even aware of what’s inside Kohina-senpai’s rice cooker…”

 ”Oh, this is bad for that girl named Shumi, the legal wife position is in danger. Did you post it on the bulletin board?”

 ”Hey! Hagetoru, stop that!”

 Seriously, stop grinning like that! You always get happy at the slightest thing happening to me.

 I reach out to take Hagetoru’s phone from her, but she dodges at the last moment, causing my hand to grab onto something big of Hagetoru’s instead.


 ”Hey, Hagetoru, don’t make weird noises!”

 ”Well then, I’ll just squeeze yours too. Hehehe, entrust everything to the massaging expert, Hagetoru-san.”

 ”What!? Don’t come near me with that lewd hand gesture!”

 While Hagetoru and I were having a childish fight and squeezing each other’s breasts, Aqua finished cooking.

 [Ta-da! Here’s a thick omelette and boneless ham mustard sandwich!]

 [Wow, it looks delicious!]

 Oh… it does look delicious…

 Hagetoru and I stopped our play and exchanged glances.

 ”Well, for the sake of Shumi-san, who’s hungry, I’ll make a sandwich for you!”

 Hagetoru quickly made a similar sandwich. Well… Pegonia just gave her a perfect score for cooking.

 ”Munch, munch… Mm, it’s perfect.”

 Pegonia stuck her thumb up while eating the sandwich. Hagetoru is perfect when it comes to cooking like this.

 ”Wait, did this show take over Chinposuki’s daily meal segment too?”

 ”Sob, sob… The sandwich is salty and delicious…”

 Hagetoru seemed to regret saying that herself and comforted Chinposuki by offering her the sandwich. Well, Nee-san and I had to comfort Chinposuki as well.

 [When I get full, I feel sleepy. How much longer does this show go on?]

 [Senpai, it’s not good to sleep after eating! If you’re free, at least help with the dishes while I clean up.]

 [Are you my mom or something?]

 Aqua meticulously wiped the table with the cloth he brought and then relaxed in the kotatsu.

 I wonder if it’s just my imagination that these two seem to live together like this? I gave a stern look at Hagetoru, who was annoyingly teasing me about being cuckolded while I was nearby.

 [So, what’s going on lately? Aren’t you busy this month? You don’t have time for this shitty show.]

 [Senpai, there must be viewers enjoying it, so there’s no need to keep cursing like that.]

 [Huh? We’ve just been chatting about nonsense this whole time! Only idiots would laugh at something like this…]

 Aqua hurriedly covered Kohina-senpai’s mouth with the towel.

 ”Kohina-senpai, it’s not good to criticize the viewers like that…”

 Kohina-senpai managed to escape from Aqua’s hand and looked at the camera with wide eyes.

 [Those who watch this kind of aimless show and laugh are probably as brainless as popcorn! The staff, the host who didn’t came, the viewers, all of them are brainless! Even the sponsors aren’t doing their part! I’m starting to worry about whether I’ll actually get paid for this!]

 Oh… indeed, now that it’s pointed out, it’s been over 30 minutes without a single commercial break.

 [I heard this show compiles the commercials in one place to minimize interruptions during the talk.]

 [Hmm, that’s a good point! If you guys can do it, you should work harder in other areas too!

 [That’s why, I hope that Kohina-senpai and all the viewers will be able to tolerate it even if it’s a little mushy since it’s the first broadcast.]

 [Yeah, you guys are quite aimless, just like the show.]

 To be honest, I can understand Kohina-senpai’s reason for getting angry. As she pointed out earlier, the show is quite aimless. Many of the questions on the cards were subtly awkward, I think. Even so, I think many people watching this show are probably laughing.

 The banter between Aqua and Kohina-senpai is exquisite. Both can play the role of the funny one or the serious one, and it’s interesting how Kohina-senpai is relentless with Aqua, unlike the other female cast members.

 I feel sorry for Chinposuki, but from next week, I wouldn’t be surprised if this show becomes “Kohina Yukari’s Room.

 [By the way, lately… in December, isn’t it time for Kohina-senpai’s starring movie to be released?]

 [Cut it out. You, come see my movie before Mishu-sama’s and Kuga Reira’s. Oh, no, it’s fine.]

 [Huh? Kohina-senpai, are you okay? Did you overeat and upset your stomach?]

 [How rude! In other words, even if you watch their movies first, I want to say that mine is the better one! I’ll prepare two tickets with Ayana-chan’s, so make sure to come see it!]

 [Yes. And if it’s between the two of them, I was invited to the preview and watched it with Kanon.]

 [Just say that already! Geez!]

 In December, Kohina-senpai, Reira-san, and Mishu-sama’s movies are all set to be released around the same time, as discussed on the bulletin board.

 By the way, Aqua was looking forward to Kohina-senpai’s movie, which hasn’t had any preview screenings, unlike Reira-san and Mishu-sama’s films, which have already had some information released.

 I knew better than anyone that Aqua was pretending to be indifferent but was actually excited about it.

 [Speaking of which, aren’t you also in a New Year’s drama on the national broadcast?]

 [Senpai… Morikawa-san is the host of this show, but it’s just a regular commercial broadcast. It’s not on a national.]

 [Oh… I completely forgot. Sorry.]

 [Oh… yeah.]

 Aqua made a somewhat ambiguous expression, and Kohina-senpai teased her.

 [What’s with that reaction?]

 [Well, I didn’t think you’d apologize just like that…]

 [What do you think of me?]

 Well, I didn’t expect Kohina-senpai to apologize either, and I’m sure the viewers feel the same way…

 [Kohina-senpai, stop. It seems like one of the staff has something to say…]

 [What is it? It better not be some boring segment.]

 Aqua received a flip card from one of the staff members.

 [Um… before we take a break, there’s a ranking of things women want to hear from men.]

 [Something like that, it’s just a regular “good night.”]

 [I see. By the way, there are rankings up to 5. And here’s 5th and 4th place.]

 5th place – Thank you for your hard work.

 4th place – You worked hard again today.

 Nee-san next to me said, “Oh, I see.”

 [It seems like many people want to hear words of appreciation.]


 [Kohina-senpai, please show a bit of interest…]

 [But it’s so boring.]

 [Yes, well, shall we go to the end all at once?]

 3rd place – See you again tomorrow.

 2nd place – Thank you as always.

 1st place – Good night.

 [See, it’s just ‘good night’ after all! What’s the point of this flip card?]

 [Well… if you ask whether it has a point or not… it doesn’t, I guess.]

 [See! Just let some random talent on a daytime talk show handle something like this! There’s no need to cast me and this guy for it!]

 [Kohina-senpai, please calm down, let’s take a break for now.]

 Aqua managed to get Kohina-senpai, who had stood up from the kotatsu, to sit down.

 [So, is this all on the flip card? Is there anything else?]

 [There’s nothing else.]


 [By the way, it seems like this is the end of the show.]

 [What!? There’s no way this is how the show ends, with such a loose conclusion! Well, if that’s the case, there’s no helping it. Stand up! Quickly!]

 [Yes, yes, what’s all this about, anyway.]

 Kohina-senpai stood Aqua up and took the camera that had been placed on the kotatsu to the bedroom. They both got into bed.

 ”Sex, here we go!”

 ”As if that’s going to happen! You dummy!”

 I gave a playful retort to Hagetoru and then turned my gaze back to the television screen.

 [Alright. For now, say something like the feeling from the rankings earlier. Use that to wrap up the show forcefully!]


 Aqua cleared his throat lightly and made a face in front of the camera.

 [Thank you as always. You worked hard today with your work and studies.]

 Aqua said that and reached behind the camera. Everyone unconsciously placed their hands on their heads, as if they had been petted by Aqua.

 [Despite the daily hardships, thank you. Well then, see you tomorrow. Good night.]

 Aqua winked lightly at the camera, and the show went to a commercial break.

 ”Oh no, I think I might be pregnant…”

 ”There’s no way!”

 After I calmly commented on Yusuru, I ate a bubble and collapsed

 ”Hey, why are you faint!”


 ”Shumi! Don’t die!”

 ”Sigh… Miss, please grow up a bit.”

 Everyone took care of me like that. Oh, wait, could it be that Kohina-senpai is… No! Surely, that can’t be true, right!? After all, it’s Aqua’s fault. He’s so cool that it’s unfair!!

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