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Volume 10 Chapter 13 Bulletin Board, The Legendary Show That Reached Its Final Episode In The First Episode

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[December is full of events] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua Part 3946 [This is no time to be slacking!!]
5 Anonymous
Is it true that the audition acceptance notifications have already been sent out?
7 Anonymous
Yes, it’s true
8 Anonymous
The people who passed the document screening over the past three days had their auditions, and the main competition contestants for the show were just decided
12 Anonymous
I heard that everyone was amazing because if you make it to the main competition, you can meet Aqu-tan. My friend who failed in the first selection told me
15 Anonymous
That’s probably true
17 Anonymous
My sister went to Aqua-sama’s idol selection competition, but she said it was impossible. Subaru-chan, Toa-chan’s sister, and Lapis-chan, Aqua-sama’s sister, are also participating, but I heard that everyone else is at a high level
20 Anonymous
Is that for real? If it’s Toa-chan and Aqua-sama’s little sister, it’s almost certain
Tama-chan mentioned it in her stream, but it seems like the sister looks exactly like Toa-chan, so she’s probably unbeatable against the stray females around here..
23 Anonymous
I was also there, and I’ll say this for the honor of the little sisters, it wasn’t just being considerate, it was seriously amazing
Her face is cute, her voice is cute, her gestures and expressions are cute, she really gave off that idol vibe
Also, whether it’s Aqua-sama’s genes or not, Lapis-chan seems to have a natural and pure side, which makes her perfect for the center position, I think
Subaru-chan does have a resemblance to Toa-chan, but she has a more boyish vibe that really got to me
Today, when she took off her coat and hat, she was wearing a shirt, suspenders, short pants, and knee-high socks!? I thought, “Damn, she’s amazing.” Subaru-chan also has the type of presence that stands out on its own, but the synergistic effect with Lapis-chan next to her is ridiculously amazing
There were a few others who were just as amazing as these two
Moreover, I realized that they knew each other halfway through and they were talking in that group, I see, the friends of the beautiful girl are also beautiful girls, I thought…
26 Anonymous
I was also at the scene, but everyone who was older than high school students had given up faces
And one of the crazy guys was Sumeragi Kukuri-sama, and the other two. I checked when I got home, but the other two were Shumi’s little sister, her Highness Hermie, and Princess Finus, the sister of Queen Shams of the Arabian Peninsula Federation, who Aqua-kun went to the other day…. It’s obvious that the five of them have different specs from the start
That’s why when I saw a foreign beautiful girl, I thought, it’s Shumi’s little sister. Shumi’s little sister is definitely cheating. Because if you ignore the fact that she has Shumi inside, she’s normally a beautiful girl!!
29 Anonymous
If you ignore the fact that she has Shumi inside LOL
30 Anonymous
So that’s what happened at the idol audition… crazy
I went to the duet audition, but there was a super beautiful woman and I gave up
She sang well, had a beautiful voice, what’s going on!
33 Anonymous
There’s still a possibility of hiring multiple idols, and the staff said they wouldn’t limit the number if the performance is good, so it’s still okay. In fact, my best friend also went to the main competition and was determined to do her best, so the competition has just begun
38 Anonymous
Is the audition program going to be broadcast in January? Looking forward to it
41 Anonymous
I’m from the group that passed, and I’m seriously looking forward to it
45 Anonymous
Wow! Really! Good luck to the bulletin board group!
49 Anonymous
I also wanted to go to the main competition and receive guidance from Coach Aqua while touching me… I mean, without any inappropriate touching…!
Did the judges see through this wicked feeling of mine!!
52 Anonymous
The judges are competent, aren’t they?
53 Anonymous
Unforgivable to allow such envy and shameless thoughts!! Well done, judges!
57 Anonymous
You can see the overview of the idol audition on Beryl’s website
-Shirogane Aqua Production, 1st Idol Audition
Selection period: December 24th (Sat) to January 5th (Thu)
You are free to spend your time until the selection period
During the period, you will have a training camp with all the candidates who passed the first screening
Also, during the period, you will receive dance and singing lessons from the judges, and guidance from Shirogane Aqua
Those who enter the camp from the 24th can watch Beryl’s Christmas Live Fest from backstage
Selection song: “Let’s Fall in Love Just Once.”
Lyrics and music: Shirogane Aqua
Arrangement: MojaP/Nekoyama Toa
This is the first song written and composed by Shirogane Aqua, an idol belonging to our company
We have distributed audio data, sheet music, lyrics, etc. to the candidates who passed the first screening, but it is forbidden to post or share them on social media or with third parties
Selection judge chairperson: Atori Ako/Beryl Entertainment president
Special judge: Shirogane Aqua/General producer
Singing judge: Kobayashi Daigo/Music producer
Camera judge: Oda Nobuhisa/Photographer, Hongou Hiroko/Heaven’s Sword director
Dance judge: Mizusumi Ichise/Beryl Entertainment Exclusive Choreographer
60 Anonymous
62 Anonymous
Lyrics and Composition by Shirogane Aqua
63 Anonymous
Is it okay for Aqua-kun to handle the lyrics, even if the composition is still a question!?
65 Anonymous
I just want to know if the lyrics alone were decent..
68 Anonymous
So many people are in a panic knowing that Aa-sama is in charge of lyrics and composition LMAO
They say you’re free to spend your time until the camp, but it’s probably a good idea to practice and address the issues pointed out by the judges
Also, being able to watch the Christmas Live Festival from behind the scenes is amazing
72 Anonymous
The duet audition details were also in the overview, but I was like, “Huh.”
After passing the song selection evaluation, things seem to get tough, but is this okay? LMAO
Duet Project with Shirogane Aqua
Selection Period: December to January with each candidate
Selection Song: “chivalry” by Aria Catalini ft. Aqua Shirogane
Selection judge: Daigo Kobayashi, Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Kanon, Aria Catalini, Renilla Barnes
As mentioned in the previous announcement, the expected number of successful candidates for this project is between 0 and 1 person
The finalist who passes the selection song evaluation will be qualified for the duet only after successfully passing the final examination, which is a one-on-one battle with the world-renowned opera singer, Aria Catalini
Duet song: “(Title to be determined)”
Lyrics: Aria Catalini
Composition: Renilla Barnes
Arrangement: Daigo Kobayashi
Piano: Mayuzumi Shintaro / Capella Amamiya
Violin: Tenga Akira / Julia Hope
Drums: Nekoyama Toa / Daigo Kobayashi
Conductor: Daigo Kobayashi / Renilla Barnes
Performance: National Broadcast Symphony Orchestra / Stars Philharmonic Orchestra / States Symphony Orchestra
Opera: You or Aria Catalini
Rap: Shirogane Aqua
Final Judges: Daigo Kobayashi, Shirogane Aqua, Prime Minister Habu, Her Majesty the Queen Mary, Princess Manaat
The people who pass the final audition will also join Beryl’s national tour
We have two patterns of composition for the duet song
Also, regardless of the result of the final audition, you will be guaranteed a debut with a solo song and an exclusive contract with Beryl Entertainment
Solo song: “Proof of Existence”
Lyrics: Nekoyama Toa
Music: Tenga Akira
Arrangement: MojaP
Guitar: Shirogane Aqua, Tenga Akira
Bass: Mayuzumi Shintaro
Drums: Nekoyama Toa
Vocal: You
77 Anonymous
What are Shumi and Grandma doing LOL
79 Anonymous
Is Grandma really a judge LOL
80 Anonymous
I’m worried about Shumi who is surrounded by amazing judges
I think it’s okay because unlike Morikawa, she’s actually Kanon-sama, but I’m still worried that she might mess up something..
83 Anonymous
The residents here like Shumi in one way or another LOL
86 Anonymous
After all, Shumi has been watched over since she was in middle school
There are probably a lot of people who see her as their own sister or daughter
88 Anonymous
Honestly, I was watching the wedding broadcast as if I was her parent
91 Anonymous
Are you me? After I found out that she was Shumi, I cried by myself and thought how lucky she was
94 Anonymous
A duel with Aria Catalini is too impossible LOL
And the judges are too serious. Renilla Barnes is one of the top two conductors in the world
And isn’t it crazy that there are Prime Minister and royal family members in the final judging?
96 Anonymous
There’s no amateur who can beat Aria Catalini LOL
And I thought it was a normal duet, but it’s an orchestra with rap and opera? Are you okay…?
At least some people died because of the opera
99 Anonymous
There is
100 Anonymous
There was. And not all the participants were amateurs
The judges were surprised too, but there were famous people as well. I was surprised too
There were also some people who worked with Aqua-kun. But, I don’t know if they could pass or not
104 Anonymous
It was someone from the same group or the group behind, but number 072, she was amazing
The moment she sang, I gave up on breaking through. It was not about her skills, but her voice was so beautiful and clear that it made me feel the presence of god
106 Anonymous
Number 072 was really awesome LOL
She was beautiful and good at singing, I was like, oh, no way
She looked like the beautiful lady who appeared for a moment when Aqua-sama sang in the Arabian Peninsula Federation the other day
109 Anonymous
There is a huge difference between number 072 and the bulletin board
111 Anonymous
Hagetoru LOL
114 Anonymous
Don’t compare her with a filthy human who says things like mas***bating!
117 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Alright, you guys, come out!
120 Anonymous
Hagetoru, you were alive!?
121 Anonymous
Bad news, Hagetoru was alive
123 Anonymous
I thought for sure you were killed by Nee-san… She’s so persistent
126 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, I’m not dead!! Nee-san is a woman with a big heart. She can handle something like that just fine. Besides, we’re together right now
129 Anonymous
That’s so typical of Hagetoru, always getting carried away like that
130 Anonymous
There couldn’t be a more obvious flag, LOL
133 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I also got rejected in the document screening. By the way, I applied for an idol audition wearing a high school uniform and lying about my age, but I got caught
138 Anonymous
Oh, wow
140 Anonymous
Seriously, LOL
141 Anonymous
No way, no way, LMAO. It’s obvious that you would get caught. But the fact that you still applied is amazing… Your mental strength is incredible
146 Anonymous
Huh? By the way, is it okay for Ch…mposuki to be here in a place like this?
149 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I have nowhere else to go, am I being kicked out…?
152 Anonymous
No, I didn’t mean it that way… Umm, is your cellphone okay?
Did you receive any messages from someone?
154 Anonymous
Cough cough, oh, by the way, what was the late-night program today…?
You should check the program guide a little. *flips through*
157Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
No incoming calls?
There are only boring programs on today
163 Anonymous
Phew, oh, it seems like a new program will start soon
I’m looking forward to it
I hope it starts soon
165 Anonymous
I think today is the day that a super interesting program called “Something’s Room” starts
168 Anonymous
People on the bulletin board are too kind…
171 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
The title seems boring, but was there something like that?
175 Anonymous
It’s hopeless. No good
177 Anonymous
You shouldn’t call Shumi “useless” if you’re like that
179 Anonymous
Seriously, this guy, LMAO
182 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
186 Anonymous
188 Anonymous
189 Anonymous
Clearly, it seems like she won’t make it in time, LOL
192 Anonymous
Well then, Morikawa Kaede’s room seems to be getting interesting, so should I take a look, LOL
193 Anonymous
195 Anonymous
I’m moved by the kindness of the bulletin board
198 Anonymous
What does “graduate” mean for Mary?
200 Anonymous
[Hurry, it’s a festival] Morikawa Kaede’s Room [She’s not there]
8 Anonymous
It seems interesting, LOL
12 Anonymous
Nice thread, LOL
Good job, LOL
16 Anonymous
If I remember correctly, the first guest was Kohina Yukari, right?
Lately, she’s been appearing on variety shows out of nowhere and dominating them all
19 Anonymous
Can’t help it. She’s funny
23 Anonymous
It’s about to start!
27 Anonymous
It’s hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
28 Anonymous
It started LOL
30 Anonymous
Hilarious LOL
33 Anonymous
Close-up of Kohina Yukari LOL
35 Anonymous
She looks pissed off from the start LOL
38 Anonymous
Oh, oh, oh, you’re dead >Morikawa
41 Anonymous
This is because Morikawa didn’t show up and Kohina Yukari-san is super pissed off LOL
44 Anonymous
Run Morikawa. She’ll kill you LOL
46 Anonymous
She’s snapping right away and I’m laughing LOL
48 Anonymous
I thought it was a messy start, but then she pointed out the flaws of the show right away and I’m cracking up LOL
50 Anonymous
Morikawa didn’t show up and she’s angry -> criticizes the show -> confronts the staff
The combo is too perfect LOL
53 Anonymous
I wonder if it’s not acting because it’s Kohina Yukari, but it’s hard to tell
At least to an amateur like me, it looks like she’s doing it naturally
58 Anonymous
60 Anonymous
63 Anonymous
68 Anonymous
70 Anonymous
74 Anonymous
76 Anonymous
79 Anonymous
I heard a familiar voice!!
82 Anonymous
I don’t care about Morikawa’s absence anymore!!
84 Anonymous
I’m a Morikawa sommelier, but I can’t hide my excitement at Aqua-sama’s appearance
87 Anonymous
Eh? Is it possible that all the programs that Morikawa-san is in, Aa-sama is the substitute?
91 Anonymous
Morikawa, you can take a break forever!!
95 Anonymous
Thank you Morikawa!!
98 Anonymous
The woman who is thanked for not being able to appear on the program, Morikawa Kaede LMAO
101 Anonymous
Aqua-sama LMAO
106 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is long LOL
108 Anonymous
I was about to say “That’s the Prime Minister!” but Kohina Yukari gave a precise retort and I laughed LOL
112 Anonymous
It’s so long, LOL
117 Anonymous
The only one who can say that Aqua-sama talks too much is Kohina Yukari, LOL
120 Anonymous
Her retorts are perfect, LOL
126 Anonymous
Just throw compliance out the window, LOL
129 Anonymous
There are too many problematic statements from the beginning, LOL
131 Anonymous
Well, she’s openly challenging the Broadcasting Ethics Committee, LOL
134 Anonymous
No wonder… Recently, the top 3 in the Broadcasting Ethics Committee deliberations
1st place – Shirogane Aqua
2nd place – Morikawa Kaede
3rd place – Kohina Yukari
Even though she just appeared on variety shows recently, she’s already in 3rd place, LOL
Is there a chance that this show has gathered the top 3? Oh, that’s bad, LOL
She’s openly challenging the Broadcasting Ethics Committee
138 Anonymous
I think it’s quite dangerous that Aa-sama is playing the role of a stopper, LOL
143 Anonymous
It’s already strange that Aqu-tan is the one trying to stop things
Usually, it’s the other way around, right? LOL
146 Anonymous
I intend to finish it in the first broadcast, LOL
148 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, LOL
150 Anonymous
This may be the first and last time, I watch the program with a distant look
154 Anonymous
I heard that Aqua-kun is appearing
157 Anonymous
Aa-sama is appearing for real!?
159 Anonymous
People are gathering in a crowd
Those female pigs flocking to Aqua-sama!! Yes, I’m talking about myself
163 Anonymous
Sad news, Morikawa Kaede’s Room, the person is absent and there’s a possibility the program will end
165 Anonymous
It’s legendary for the program to end without the person being present
168 Anonymous
Will it be engraved on another page of the Morikawa legend?
172 Anonymous
Morikawa Kaede, a woman who has something in a sense
176 Anonymous
Even if she’s not appearing, she leaves her mark, LOL
178 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari may not be straightforward, but what she says is logical
181 Anonymous
That’s true. Why isn’t she coming, LOL
184 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s room, LOL
187 Anonymous
Sad news, Morikawa Kaede’s room, today is the final episode, LOL
189 Anonymous
Morikawa is finished, LOL
192 Anonymous
Eh? Aqua-kun is also coming out next!?
195 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-senpai, you’re awesome!!
198 Anonymous
From today on, I’ll call you Kohina Yukari-san!!
202 Anonymous
Thank you thank you!!
205 Anonymous
209 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is a god!!
213 Anonymous
You guys are so obvious LMAO
216 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s stock is soaring right now!
221 Anonymous
The bulletin board people are too easy to read LOL
227 Anonymous
Call the producer LOL
232 Anonymous
This guy is fearless LOL
236 Anonymous
I get what she wants to say
I work in the TV industry too, but this mess is such a waste of these two co-stars
I mean, Kohina Yukari and Aqua-kun are the two people that every station wants to hire right now
239 Anonymous
I understand what she wants to say, but what she’s doing looks like harassment
But when we look closely, it’s because they are the program producer and the guest, so normally, Kohina Yukari’s position is lower. That’s why it’s interesting
243 Anonymous
Changing clothes live!?
247 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is changing his clothes, aaaaaah!
252 Anonymous
255 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
258 Anonymous
The divine program has started…!
262 Anonymous
However, it seems the program host is absent, LOL
269 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s room, it’s the best since the first broadcast, LOL
274 Anonymous
If the host has a broadcasting accident, then the program is also a broadcasting accident, LOL
277 Anonymous
What are we being made to watch?
281 Anonymous
And then, everyone disappeared, LOL
285 Anonymous
I can hear the sound of rustling clothes from behind the door, huh!
290 Anonymous
Oh no, my p***sy getting a spasm
293 Anonymous
Well, it’s off to the broadcasting ethics committee from the first broadcast, LOL
298 Anonymous
I’m watching, hoping that the door to this dressing room will accidentally open
303 Anonymous
Sheep Aqua-tan has arrived, aaaaaah
309 Anonymous
315 Anonymous
Thank you very much. Thank you very much!
I can say whatever I want!
322 Anonymous
How can I bring home Sheep Aqua-kun?
326 Anonymous
I want to use Sheep Aqua-kun as a dakimakura and sniff him!
333 Anonymous
Kunka Kunker discovered!!
335 Anonymous
I understand the feeling
340 Anonymous
Tanuki is here!
343 Anonymous
This, it’s a tanuki!
347 Anonymous
It’s the tanuki that was on the previous livestream!
351 Anonymous
354 Anonymous
Huh, a tiger?
358 Anonymous
Isn’t it a mistake for a tanuki?
362 Anonymous
※It’s a tiger
366 Anonymous
Do we need that caption? Lol
368 Anonymous
The staff is incompetent. They should have prepared a tanuki
If they watched the previous livestream, they’d understand. Are they really variety show staff?
371 Anonymous
375 Anonymous
380 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, are you okay!?
384 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s aesthetic sense is dead!
388 anonymous
About Aqu-tan’s lack of aesthetic sense
393 anonymous
This tanuki… I mean, tiger animal suit, it’s gonna sell like crazy!
399 anonymous
The topic card is here!
403 anonymous
Seems like they’re writing pointless topics
408 anonymous
Time to choose!
412 anonymous
She’s choosing too fast, LOL
416 anonymous
Things I haven’t done this year!
419 anonymous
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Intimate time with Aqua-kun!
425 anonymous
I still haven’t had a baby with Aa-sama!
429 anonymous
You guys, LOL
433 anonymous
No way, LOL
436 anonymous
Next, LOL
444 anonymous
No mercy, LOL
447 anonymous
There’s no Aqua-sama either!
451 anonymous
Aa-sama, you forgot about having s*x with me!
458 anonymous
A good woman is one who gets things done quickly, understood!
462 anonymous
That’s right. I also need to hurry up and have a baby with Aqu-tan!
469 anonymous
This thread is over, LOL
475 Anonymous
Hey guys, he’s a minor you know!
480 Anonymous
What do you guys think about this show?
484 Anonymous
This isn’t an easy topic for the beginning, LOL
489 Anonymous
Is it because the drawing is bad or because there are idiots who put in such questions without thinking, LOL
493 Anonymous
Well, it’s obvious, LOL
496 Anonymous
The program is sh*t, LOL
499 Anonymous
Sh*t, understood
501 Anonymous
Heeere, it’s a sh*tty show
505 Anonymous
Honestly, I thought it was a sh*tty show from the title alone → Kohina Yukari’s Room
508 Anonymous
I like how Kohina Yukari can say “sh*t” properly, LOL
514 Anonymous
The staff is really incompetent
Even with these random drawing topics, they should have known there was a possibility they would be drawn early
517 Anonymous
Certainly, LOL
522 Anonymous
Even Aqu-tan doesn’t defend them anymore, LOL
526 Anonymous
The staff is just screwing around, LOL
529 Anonymous
Staff: “Screw it~”
Morikawa: “Screw it~”
Exactly, LOL
533 Anonymous
How about changing it to Hogekawa’s Room starting next week?
538 Anonymous
They drew all the cards, LOL
541 Anonymous
Turned all the cards face down, LOL
544 Anonymous
Well, that’s a plan ruined, LOL
549 Anonymous
Can’t help it, LOL
553 Anonymous
A chaotic mess, LOL
557 Anonymous
That was close, LOL
560 Anonymous
Aqua-chan whispering to Kohina Yukari, so cute!
566 Anonymous
I envy that..
571 Anonymous
Got some interesting work coming up!
578 Anonymous
This is a great question!!
582 Anonymous
A project where you can interact with your fans!?
589 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Interact with the fans? Is that a euphemism for s*x!?
593 Anonymous
Shaa! S*x time!!
596 Anonymous
Seems like the comments on the bulletin board are over because it’s late at night, LOL
600 Anonymous
I thought the comments on the bulletin board were over, but there was someone who had the last word >>589
604 Anonymous
beryl&beryl was good, right!
607 Anonymous
Looking forward to the second round of beryl&beryl!!
610 Anonymous
I wish they could have more episodes, but it’s difficult because everyone has to go to school, you know
615 Anonymous
Hot spring here!
621 Anonymous
A hot spring?!
626 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is there something dripping!?
632 Anonymous
I thought someone who was suddenly energetic had appeared, but it turned out to be a thread resident named Hagetoru. LOL
638 Anonymous
Morikawa’s salary got cut, LMAO
642 Anonymous
Bad news, the salary gets cut when Morikawa is not around
647 Anonymous
Morikawa Kaede, the woman whose existence is being systematically erased. Lol
650 Anonymous
Thanks. Hogekawa!
654 Anonymous
A woman who is appreciated for not appearing, Morikawa Kaede. LMAO
659 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is going to be in a musical or stage play!?
666 Anonymous
Seriously?! This will definitely become a legend!!
672 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is also going to be in it. It’s amazing!
677 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is amazing
Invite Aqua-kun for the next broadcast
An episode with Aqua-kun at the hot springs
Aqua-kun guarantees a musical or stage performance with her
680 Anonymous
The ticket demand seems amazing, LOL
685 Anonymous
Well, it’s a good thing Morikawa didn’t come, right?
689 Anonymous
Morikawa is being appreciated for not coming, LOL
691 Anonymous
Hogekawa’s stock is at an all-time high, LOL
695 Anonymous
Wow, I don’t know who the scriptwriter is, but I’m looking forward to it!
697 Anonymous
Educate Aa-sama!? I’m getting excited. If I were Aa-sama’s teacher, I would give some private lessons after school
702 Anonymous
No topic, LMAO
706 Anonymous
709 Anonymous
This face is indescribable, LOL
713 Anonymous
Seriously, that’s a face of disbelief, LOL
718 Anonymous
Favorite food, LOL
721 Anonymous
Well, that’s true. After eating Sanuki udon at beryl&beryl, there are a lot of udon pictures on SNS
725 Anonymous
Udon is great, LOL
729 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san can consider the feelings of the shop staff
733 Anonymous
Good news, Kohina Yukari, can properly consider beginners
737 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is quite friendly to ordinary people
744 Anonymous
She can read the air but doesn’t read it, that’s Kohina Yukari
748 Anonymous
Is her curry mild? LOL
752 Anonymous
Actually, Kohina Yukari-san, it’s a kids’ curry!
755 Anonymous
Hmm, she has some cute aspects
759 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is okay with medium-spicy curry
763 Anonymous
Seems like the medium-spicy retort curry will disappear from the stores from tomorrow
766 Anonymous
Don’t try to order takeout, LOL
770 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is really carefree, LOL
778 Anonymous
Is she inside the fridge, LOL?
784 Anonymous
Seriously, don’t waste ingredients!
789 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari says things properly and it’s funny, LOL
793 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is cooking!?
798 Anonymous
Is it Aa-sama’s homemade dish!?
802 Anonymous
Wow, that’s so cool!
805 Anonymous
D*mn it!
808 Anonymous
Breaking news, Kohina Yukari’s stocks are plummeting, LOL
812 Anonymous
They don’t have a rice cooker!?
816 Anonymous
Are the staff of this show trying to make enemies of rice farmers?
823 Anonymous
Alright, I’ve dodged the onigiri!
826 Anonymous
With this, Aqua-sama’s salt onigiri is no more. Good, good
829 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san?
834 Anonymous
The rice in her rice cooker must be all hard by now, right?
842 Anonymous
Wait a minute! Why does Aqu-tan know about Kohina-senpai’s rice cooker situation!?
847 Anonymous
Could it be that they’re dating!?
851 Anonymous
Are they already married?
855 Anonymous
Was “Shumi” just a fling!?
859 Anonymous
Hey, Shumi, are you still breathing!?
863 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, are you also making enemies of rice farmers?
866 Anonymous
I’m hungry. I’ll go get some food
869 Anonymous
Meal time
871 Anonymous
Live streaming and eating, huh? LOL
875 Anonymous
I want a husband like Aqua-tan…!
882 Anonymous
The sandwich looks delicious
886 Anonymous
890 Anonymous
They’re totally a married couple
893 Anonymous
Heh, her normal reaction is amazing LOL
897 Anonymous
This normal reaction… Could it be that she gets food made from him all the time!?
901 Anonymous
Hmm, I see
904 Anonymous
905 Anonymous
Aqua Mama!?
913 Anonymous
I want to cry in Aqua Mama’s arms!!
919 Anonymous
It’s crazy that they’re having a normal conversation when you think about it..
926 Anonymous
Viewer criticism incoming!
931 Anonymous
She’s criticizing the viewers LOL
938 Anonymous
She said the viewers’ heads are popcorn LOL
942 Anonymous
What the heck is head popcorn LOL
946 Anonymous
She’s totally making fun of the viewers
950 Anonymous
What a guy LOL
953 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is also brainless!?
957 Anonymous
What is this!?
962 Anonymous
Only Kohina Yukari-san can say “brainless” to Aqua-kun
968 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to Kohina Yukari’s movie in December
972 Anonymous
Mishu-sama, Kuga Reira, and Kohina Yukari have three movies for the New Year holiday
976 Anonymous
Talking about other stations, LMAO
979 Anonymous
Talking about national broadcasting, huh?
982 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to Aqua-kun’s New Year special drama!
986 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “I completely forgot. Sorry.”
990 Anonymous
Apologizing in a normal way!
994 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s reaction, LOL
997 Anonymous
Well, Aa-sama also makes that kind of face, LOL
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, next week it will be Kohina Yukari’s room
1001 3510 * ULTi-Hi-P3
Huh? Morikawa Kaede’s room!? From the next episode, it will be Kohina Yukari’s room! Pukusukusu, Hogekawa’s big sister, program NTR – LOL!
[December is Full of Events] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 3946 [This isn’t the time to mess around!!]
721 Anonymous
I’m back
728 Anonymous
Looking at the thread number growing, I see there were people live-commenting here, LOL
733 Anonymous
I wonder if I should stay here too
742 Anonymous
Here comes another silly topic, LOL
746 Anonymous
What’s up with this theme, LOL?
750 Anonymous
Hmmm, LOL
755 Anonymous
Doesn’t seem interesting, LOL
761 Anonymous
Today is a total mess, huh? Lol
766 Anonymous
Kohina-san is really furious
772 Anonymous
Some random celebrity on the daytime talk show, LOL. Seriously, this person picks fights everywhere
777 Anonymous
Huh? Is it over now?
783 Anonymous
Ending it like this is a joke, LOL
789 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san once again speaking the truth
792 Anonymous
I’m in the same industry, but I really think she’s right
798 Anonymous
803 Anonymous
The camera is moving!
806 Anonymous
What is she planning to do next!?
815 Anonymous
I’ve arrived at the bed-in!
818 Anonymous
Sorry, but from here on it’s time for SYUKUJYO
Shumi… kids, drink your milk and go to sleep!
823 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
831 Anonymous
For now, I pulled down my panties to my ankles
The crotch area is already sticky
836 Anonymous
D*mn it, Kohina Yukari!
842 Anonymous
I envy her for getting in bed with Aqua-kun!
847 Anonymous
Breaking news, Kohina Yukari’s stocks are falling again
853 Anonymous
859 Anonymous
861 Anonymous
863 Anonymous
The unexpected development has arrived!
867 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah…!
869 Anonymous
873 Anonymous
It’s another material for a duet!
876 Anonymous
882 Anonymous
Yes, I’m dead!
I’m going to die now!!
888 Anonymous
※Shirogane Aqua alarm in effect
891 Anonymous
892 Anonymous
893 Anonymous
896 Anonymous
901 Anonymous
He’s making quite a noisy entrance, LOL
905 Anonymous
It’s too intense, I “came” just from the voice
912 Anonymous
Come on, guys, LOL
918 Anonymous
Is this the end?
925 Anonymous
I can’t wait for the next episode in Kohina Yukari’s room
928 Anonymous
Aqua-kun will appear in the next episode, right? I asked the staff for confirmation
931 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is amazing. She takes it from that crappy flip to an epic development
934 Anonymous
I’ve already made a reservation for the next episode
936 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s room is truly amazing
939 Anonymous
The person who cast Kohina Yukari is quite skilled. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the producer’s job is already done at that point
942 Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
Everyone, this show isn’t “Kohina Yukari’s Room,” it’s “Kaede Morikawa’s Room,” okay? You can’t get the name of the show wrong, right?
947 Anonymous
949 Anonymous
Don’t… mind…
951 Anonymous
955 Anonymous
Alright? Kaede Morikawa-san, you suffered a noble sacrifice, breaking her collarbone in a lotion sumo to create this wonderful show
960 Anonymous
963 Anonymous
964 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Uh, by the way, Shumi has died. Yup yup
969 Anonymous
Confirmation of Shumi’s death!
971 Anonymous
The position of the legal wife is vacant!!
975 Anonymous
And thus, this was the beginning of the subsequent legal wife battle…!
978 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I just got here…
I missed it because I was busy and had my phone turned off for work
983 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s sheep hoodie
Aqua-kun’s sandwich
Aqua-kun’s goodnight
984 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari supremacy
Kohina Yukari supremacy
Kohina Yukari supremacy
988 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
It seems there will be a missed live stream right after this
991 Anonymous
It’s impressive that all four members of the old Verification Team didn’t miss it
Oh… but one person did, LOL
993 Anonymous
The last part was really intense
The next thread in the live commentary thread ended in an instant
995 Anonymous
I will also watch the missed live stream. Thanks!
998 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’m not dead, I’m still alive!!
1000 Anonymous
For the 1000th post, in the next time slot on this channel, we will stream the new program “Kohina Yukari’s Room”
Thank you everyone who watched “Morikawa Kaede’s Room” until today. Just kidding!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Huh? Even though it has exceeded 1001, yo ladies are still here? Geez, you’re so slow! Hurry up or the next thread will be filled up!

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