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Volume 10 Chapter 14 Kokucho Agewa, Kokucho’s Sin And My Punishment

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 One of the six noble families that have ruled this country of Japan since ancient times, the Kokucho family.

 Kokucho is second only to the Sumeragi family, which reigns at the top of the six families along with Yukishiro, in terms of influence.

 I was born into the Kokucho family, and I was raised to become the next head of the family from a young age.

 I was always bad at expressing my will and timid, so it was easy for me to live a life that was only walking towards the goal that was prepared for me on the rail that was decided for me. But… the result of that did not necessarily bring good things.

 ”Good morning. Respected Head.”

 ”Good morning.”

 As soon as I wake up in the morning, someone from the house comes out and helps me with my morning preparations.

 For the 32 years I have been alive, I have done this every day, but I still feel ashamed to show my indecent appearance to others.

 But if I were to say that I don’t need them, all of them would lose their jobs. And if that happens, it would be difficult for them to transition to the next job and adapt to the changes in their living environment. When I think about them, I can’t say such selfish things.

 ”Good morning. Today, we have a lunch meeting with Fuji Shion and Prime Minister Habu, so we have prepared a light breakfast for you.”

 ”Thank you.”

 After finishing my morning preparations, I entered the large dining room to have breakfast. And there, I coincidentally encountered Kujaku-kun, who had just finished his meal.

 ”Good morning.”

 ”…Oh, good morning.”

 Kujaku-kun responded curtly and returned to his room.

 During my sensitive years, I was often met with disgust or contemptuous gazes as if they were looking at something dirty, but recently, I feel like those things have disappeared. But it doesn’t change the fact that I am disliked.

 But it could be said that it’s unavoidable.

 ’Agewa-sama, would you like to come with us to a nice place?’

 That was exactly when I was in high school.

 From that time, I was surrounded by many followers, and I received an invitation to play from one of them. Oh, it might be the first time I’ve received an invitation to play.

 I went to that person’s house with a high spirit.

 But in the basement of the house I was guided to, there was an event that makes me feel nauseous just by remembering it.

 ’Agewa-sama, which boy do you prefer?’

 When I saw several young boys with collars and leg shackles, and their empty eyes, I instantly understood what they had been through.

 The mother of the girl who invited me today is one of Kokucho’s executives.In other words, I understood that this is one of the businesses Kokucho is doing.

 It was also the moment I realized how sh*tty the Kokucho family is.

 ’Agewa-sama, I apologize. There would have been newly arrived boys if we were a little earlier…’

 Saying that, the woman who flatters me shifts her gaze towards the woman holding a small boy.

 ’Hehe, let’s do something fun with big sister now.’

 A young boy, held in the arms of a woman, made eye contact with me.

 Clearly not yet of age, and probably not even three years old, the boy had an anxious expression.

 I wanted to somehow save that boy. With that thought in mind, I used my position to negotiate with the person in charge of running this place. However, there was a strict rule here that no one other than the head of the Kokucho family could get involved, regardless of their position.

 At that moment, I realized. Unless I became the top of Kokucho, there was no way to do anything about this place…

 And because of feeling sick, I ran away alone. Since it was a day to come to this facility, there were no escorts, so I walked the road alone, plagued by a sense of powerlessness.

 ’I see… that’s right…’

 Even if I were to report it to the police, it would likely be covered up or I wouldn’t even be allowed to intervene. That’s the six noble families.

 I realized that I couldn’t suddenly do something when I had only lived my life on the rails. Only those who have been able to think for themselves, take their own actions, and live with their feet on the ground in this world can do such things.

 In the end, I stood still, unable to do anything, as a tricycle zoomed past me at top speed.

 ’Ah, Agewa-oneechan!’

 The small tricycle that crossed in front of me came to a sudden halt.

 At first, I didn’t know who it was.

 ’Huh, ah… could it be, Emily-chan?’

 It was Yukishiro Emily-chan, who was considered the next successor of the Yukishiro family, second only to the Kokucho family, riding the tricycle.

 ’What happened, Agewa-oneechan?’

 Emily-chan got off the tricycle with wide strides and approached me while picking her nose with her little finger.

 Hmm… even though Emily-chan is such a beautiful girl, there’s something slightly disappointing about her.

 ’But what about you, Emily-chan? What are you doing in a place like this?’

 ’Um, well. My Emily-sensor detected something from this riverbank, eh… cough cough, never mind. I was just patrolling the city to see if there were any boys being attacked while riding a tricycle. But more importantly, Agewa-oneechan, you look down. Are you okay?’


 What was I thinking? I told Emily-chan everything.

 I know I shouldn’t involve such a small child, but Emily-chan is the type who naturally makes me want to talk to her. She has a kind of divine atmosphere that makes me want to confess, even though she is still a child.

 ’Hmm, hmm. I see. That’s very enviable.’


 ’No, nothing. So, you want to stop the bad sisters who are doing bad things, but you can’t do anything because they are in a stronger position than you, right?’

 ’Y-yes, that’s right.’

 Emily-chan made a smug face and snorted loudly.

 ’Emiri knows! In that case, you just have to ask someone who has more power! Come on, let’s go!’

 Emily-chan stopped a passing taxi and took me to the house with the most power in this country.

 ’Eh, Emily-chan, don’t you need an appointment?’

 ’Eh? No, I don’t.’

 I was speechless. Even if they were the heads of the Kokucho or Yukishiro families, they couldn’t meet the Sumeragi family so easily. But Emily-chan acted as if it didn’t matter at all and shouted loudly.


 Yeah, of course no one came out.

 The guards also looked very troubled and didn’t know what to do.

 I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for bothering you while you’re working.

 ’I guess I have no choice. I’ll use that method…’

 ’That method…?’

 ’Yeah! Agewa-oneechan. Adult-oneechan have a lot of secrets she doesn’t want to be known!’

 What does that mean? Emily-chan is a child, but sometimes she says difficult things. Emily-chan took a deep breath again and raised her voice.

 ’Hey, everyone, Auntie Kikuri’s sexual fetish is…’

 ’Yes, yes, yes, yes! Stop! Emily-chan, stop!!’

 The head of the Sumeragi family, Sumeragi Kikuri-sama, who dashed out of the house, pressed her hand against Emily-chan’s mouth while sliding on her head.

 Oh… the kimono she was wearing is in a terrible state, and even the maid who came out later looks pale.

 ’Mmph, mmph…’

 ’Emily-chan, didn’t we say that it’s a secret conversation between Auntie Kikuri and Emily-chan only? Right?’

 Kikuri-sama… is scary. It’s definitely not a face you can show to a child. Emily-chan, perhaps overwhelmed by that intensity, nodded with a slightly faded expression.

 ’Uh… Kikuri-oneechan’s face was so scary that I think I peed a little bit…’

 After changing Emily-chan’s underwear to a new one, I explained the situation to Kikuri-sama again.

 ’I see. I understand the situation. In fact, I knew that Kokucho was involved in that kind of business, but I didn’t know the exact location.’

 ’If that’s the case…!’

 ’However, I need a reason or compensation for my actions. If I were to move solely based on your requests without any justifiable cause, it would lead to discussions about whether the Head of the Sumeragi family, Sumeragi Kikuri, should listen to the words of a powerless child from the Kokucho family and Yukishiro family. Such a situation would create significant imbalances in the power dynamics among the six noble families.’

 I couldn’t say anything in response.

 ’Now, I’ll ask you again. Emily-chan, Agewa-chan, what can you offer me as compensation?’

 ’I… I have nothing to offer.’

 Everything I currently possess belongs to Kokucho family. I have nothing except what I hold as Agewa of the Kokucho family. Therefore, I have nothing to offer as compensation. Even as a member of the Kokucho family, I have no significant power, except for the possibility of becoming the next head.

 I’ve come to realize that I can’t achieve much on my own.

 Beside me, Emily-chan stood tall.

 ’Then, when Kikuri-oneechan has a child, I will help them with all my strength!!’

 ’…Is that a promise as the next head of the Yukishiro family?’

 Kikuri-sama asked Emily-chan with a gentle tone.

 Emily-chan shook her head left and right in response.

 ’No, that’s not it! Because if the Sumeragi family asks for help, it means that they can’t do anything by themselves, right? Then, the Yukishiro family, who is weaker than the Sumeragi, can’t do anything either, right? Besides, our family is not that rich, so we would be troubled if the Sumeragi rely on us. That’s why I, just Emily, will help you with all my strength! Because, for me, just Emily, those things don’t matter!’

 Kikuri-sama and I looked at each other without thinking.

 Looking at Emily-chan who said that confidently, I wonder why she thinks that there is value in that, even though our positions are not so different.

 ’Hehe, hehehe… I see. So you’re just Emily-chan, huh… You don’t care about the nobility’s ties, and you’re helping my child as a human being. That’s not bad…’

 ’So, will you listen to Agewa-oneechan’s request now?’

 ’Yes, of course. I was just testing you anyway, so I was going to help you even if you didn’t do anything. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done something like that…’

 ’I see. Then, it seems I don’t have to use my trump card.’

 Trump card!? Do you mean to say that there is still something else?

 Kikuri-sama asks Emily-chan gently.

 ’By the way, just to be sure, Emily-chan, what is your trump card?’

 ’Well, Fuji’s auntie’s little sister is a big shot at a TV station, and she said that if we leak the information to them, the media people will swarm out and they won’t be able to do anything bad for a while. I thought that would be better than going to the police, because Fuji’s auntie and Kokucho’s auntie don’t get along well, right?’

 Kikuri-sama’s cheek twitches as she hears that story.

 This might be the first time I’ve seen such an expression on Kikuri-sama’s face.

 ’Um, well… if we do that, at worst, the six noble family itself, or rather the nobility itself, might disappear, but is that okay with Emily-chan?’

 ’Yeah! My dad and mom probably wouldn’t care about that… Besides, Kikuri-oneechan and Agewa-oneechan don’t seem too happy when I mention that names, right?’

 Emily-chan’s words felt like a sharp stab in my chest. Kikuri-sama looked surprised and turned her gaze towards me.

 ’Agewa-chan, I have one request.’

 ’What is it?’

 ’Please keep a close eye on this child… Somehow, I have a feeling that in the future, she won’t be confined by something as petty and closed-off as the aristocracy. She might end up doing something incredible.’

 ’Y-yes, understood!’

 Is this what they call the intuition of the head of the family?

 Anyway, we got into the car Kikuri-sama had prepared and headed to the upper house of the Kokucho family, where the facility from earlier was located.

 It was all fast from there. I don’t know if Kikuri-sama was prepared, but in the blink of an eye, she took control of the scene, presented it as evidence, and swiftly pushed my mother into resignation.

 Please! I hope I make it in time…!

 I quickly went to the underground facility and headed towards the room where that young boy had entered.

 And once again, I was reminded of my powerlessness.

 The boy, after being s**ually assaulted, looked at me with a very frightened face.

 ’Let go of me! Who do you think I am?’

 The woman who played tricks on the boy was dragged away by the members of the Sumeragi family.

 ’I’m sorry. It’s all because of my incompetence… I’m sorry.’

 I embraced the unconscious boy and desperately apologized. Although apologizing won’t change anything, it’s the only thing I can do.

 ’Now, we’ve obtained results beyond expectations, but do you two want something?’

 After everything was over, Kikuri-sama said that to us.

 It’s audacious of someone like me to want something. I even thought I wanted to be given a punishment if possible.

 Before someone like me could speak, Emily-chan opened her mouth.

 ’Nothing! After all, it was Kikuri-oneechan who solved the case. Ah, but… I hope there won’t be any more of this kind of thing.’

 ’I understand. But if that’s the case, Emily-chan won’t get anything in return. Is that okay?’

 In response to Kikuri-sama’s question, Emily-chan laughed through her nose.

 ’Well, it’s what Auntie Mishu said.’

 The sight of Emily-chan at that time is still burned into my eyes. More than anyone present, she spoke with the air of a noble, confidently and elegantly.

 ’A truly good woman doesn’t seek any rewards!’

 I felt that within the young girl who declared that she didn’t care about being a noble, I saw the pride of her true nature as a noble. But it’s not because she is a noble. I think it’s because she has lived as just Emily-chan and has nurtured that mindset throughout her life.

 The head of the Fuji family and members of parliament who helped control the scene were there, but everyone was looking at Emily-chan. Some of them even knelt down with respect.

 I can’t let this go on…!

 I thought I had to change too.

 I looked at Kikuri-sama and clenched my fist tightly.

 ’I have two requests.’

 ’…Go ahead.’

 Kikuri-sama asked me as if to confirm my intentions.

 ’First, this child… these children, I will take responsibility for them and do something about them!’

 I’m sure these children have nowhere to go.

 But I didn’t want to send them back to the facility, so I decided to take responsibility for them myself.

 Because I didn’t think that Kokucho’s responsibility had nothing to do with me.

 ’And, for that, can you entrust Kokucho family to me?’

 ’Do you think you can handle Kokucho family…?’

 I nodded firmly to Kikuri-sama’s question.

 I was really nervous, but I didn’t show it.

 ’I’m sure, Kokucho’s darkness… no, this country’s darkness is not just this. So, I will gather everything in Kokucho.’

 This is my punishment. I thought it was something I had to make up for, as I have done nothing until now.

 ’What are you going to do then?’

 ’I should destroy everything, including myself, when the time is right. I entrust that right to everyone here.’

 I turned my gaze to the nobleman and members of parliament who were present. Among them, I felt my gaze meet with Representative Habu (T/N: Prime Minister), who made a significant contribution this time.

 ’…Agewa-chan, that’s a thorny path.’

 ’Even if that’s the case, I feel like I have to do it. For the sake of the people who have suffered because of Kokucho… I dedicate my life to this.’

 And so, after a short period of time, I ended up taking over the Kokucho family. As for the children, it was decided that I, still a child myself, would keep one young boy under the care of Kikuri-sama.


 The young boy I took in had lost all his memories due to overwhelming fear. However, he still held onto a disgust towards women that had stuck to his body…

 ”Respected head, should I explain to Kujaku-bocchan first, after all?”

 ”That’s absolutely not allowed!”

 After breakfast, I raised my voice at the head maid.

 ”What if… what if Kujaku-kun remembers everything that happened and gets upset?!”

 Something could trigger him to remember that he had been s*xually harassed. I thought it would be better if I were the bad person instead.

 ”Respected Head…”

 I left the living room and got in the car, heading to the meeting.

 ”Agewa-chan, why don’t you relax a bit and take some pressure off your shoulders?”

 ”Yeah, I think so too.”

 I shook my head from side to side to thank the two people who cared about me.

 ”No, I can’t relax. Shintaro-kun from the relatives’ side will be returning soon. I can’t let our guard down.”

 I found out that there are people planning something bad for Shintaro-kun from the relatives’ side.

 So I used my name and went through the Prime Minister to protect Shintaro-kun from six noble families with idea of “Kokucho Agewa is targeting Mayuzumi Shintaro.” By the way, I thought Rihito-kun and Shikimi-chan would definitely protect me. And that expectation went well.

 ”Even if that’s the case, if you don’t take a little break, your scary faces will become scarier.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, what will you do if you make Kujaku-kun hate you even more?”

 That’s not fair. If Kujaku-kun’s name is mentioned, there’s nothing I can do but listen.

 I dressed up in a suit like a normal OL, wore a disguise wig, and went out alone, leaving behind my secretary and bodyguards.

 But once I went outside, there was nothing I wanted to do.


 As I was killing time, walking around the town, I noticed that the surroundings were getting noisy.

 ”Wow, that boy is handsome!”

 ”Is he a high school student? I had to work on my day off, but maybe today will be a good day!”

 ”Is he alone? Or is he waiting for someone?”

 ”I’m so jealous of that boy’s girlfriend. I want to go on a day off date with such a young and handsome guy too!”

 What’s going on?

 I looked in the direction that everyone was staring at.

 And there he was, a prince who looked like he came out of a painting.

 I was so stunned that I kept staring at him.

 And then, it happened. By chance, our eyes met.


 The prince grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

 Ah… I still remember that moment very well.

 I had never been held by a man before, so I was very surprised.

 ”Are you okay, miss?”

 The prince looked at my body, which was pressed against him… especially at the deep valley of my large breasts, and blushed pink.

 At first I thought it was my imagination, but when he deliberately looked away from me, I was sure of it.

 ”Are you hurt? Are you in any pain?”

 ”My heart is hurting really bad right now…”

 I had been feared by Kujaku-kun and the men every day, so everything was new to me.

 ”Ah, maybe this is love…”

 I don’t know what love is, because I never thought about it before.

 Oh, wait, I shouldn’t be thinking about such things. Besides, this child is clearly not younger than Kujaku-kun! If I fall in love, it’s a crime….

 ”You shouldn’t look away; it’s dangerous.”

 ”Yes… I won’t take my eyes off you anymore.”

 Ah… no, that smile is too unfair.

 When I see that smile, I remember the continuation of that story.

 ’I’m looking forward to seeing who Emily-chan will marry in the future.’

 In response to Kikuri-sama’s casually muttered words, Emily-chan starts to think seriously.

 ’Well, um… I want to marry a cool boy! Of course, not just based on looks. Someone passionate like a Driver, always looking forward! Oh, and having a wonderful smile is also important to me.’

 For some reason, I thought that Emily-san would marry a boy like him. So I was surprised. When I saw Emily-chan’s face jumping into the matchmaking party, I became happy. Ah, it seems that the most amazing girls fall in love with the most amazing boys after all.

 The last part is actually connected to Volume 1 Chapter 19.

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