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Volume 10 Chapter 15 Chisato Claire, Operation To Capture Yukishiro Mikuni

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 ”Worker Holic, huh. Sorry, I failed to secure Mishu-sama.”


 I almost dropped the cell phone I was holding when I received a call from one of the 12 bishops of Holy Aqua Religion Church, Powder Maniac.

 As a matter of fact, I have received a message from one of the cafe’s employees, who was a follower, that they had captured Mishu-sama, who had come to watch Aqua-kun’s birthday livestream, and I immediately sent Powder Maniac to the cafe.

 It was supposed to be a reliable and easy job, but how did it come to this?

 Apart from her biscuit addiction, she is relatively sane, so there must be a reason for the failure. I asked her for the reason.

 ”…Well, it’s an unbelievable story, but after going to the bathroom, she got lost on the way back and ended up going through the staff exit to the outside. So, by the time the staff noticed, she had already gone somewhere else.”

 Huh…? Is that something that normally happens?

 I thought, but when I realized that this person is Aqua-kun’s other mother, one of the causes of my stomachache, and also related to Emily-san, the cause of my stomachache number two, I somehow convinced myself.

 I see… Is it because we think we ordinary folks can’t handle it?

 ”Understood. Powder Maniac, please continue the search in the surrounding areas. We will also arrange for reinforcements from our side.”

 ”Roger that.”

 Phew… I let out a sigh as I hung up the phone. They say happiness escapes when you sigh, and I think that’s exactly right.

 ”Ninja, are you there?”


 The ninja descended from the ceiling with something in her mouth.

 At first, I thought she was carrying a scroll like a real ninja, but when I looked closely, it turned out to be a calorie-adjusted nutritional food.

 ”I was eating~de gozaru… Nom, nom…”

 ”I’m sorry…”

 Huh? When it comes to ninjas, don’t they usually have ninja food?

 ”You see, the small, black lump of ninja food tastes so bad that no one wants to eat it anymore. In the modern era, this is what ninjas eat for their nutrition.”

 I felt like my dreams were shattered.

 ”Um… I’m sorry to bother you on your day off, but can you gather some people and come over?”

 ”Understood——Huh? Who are you?”

 Kunoichi throws what she’s holding.

 ”Oh, that’s an amazing reaction.”

 From the shadows emerged the cause of my other stomachache, the Dark Saint, also known as Kythera, the bishop of the Stars Orthodox Church.

 ”But… what is this that you throw?”

 ”Oh… it’s my meal… I mistook it for shurikens.”

 Rin-chan… kunoichi have their quirks, huh?

 Occasionally, she can be a bit scatterbrained or clumsy. Emily-san used to joke that she’s the real “absentminded” ninja, not the kind that actually comes from the ninja village. But it’s not a laughing matter because she actually escaped from the ninja village…

 By the way, the Dark Saint eats the nutritional food as the kunoichi were eating.

 ”Is this shortbread? It reminds me of the sweets from Stars. Anyway, here you go. Our sweets aren’t as delicious as those in Japan, but please enjoy.”

 ”Th-thank you.”

 ”I humbly accept your gratitude.”

 Kunoichi and I received a box of sweets from the Dark Saint.

 The inside are scones with clotted cream, jam, and a tea set. Oh, these are quite expensive, aren’t they?

 It reminds me of when I was studying abroad at Stars.

 ”I-I’ve never had scones before…! Thank you!”

 Oh, I’m glad. But wait, that’s not it!

 Why did the Dark Saint come to a place like this?

 She already does whatever she wants, and now she suddenly moves here. She must be planning something without my knowledge, right?

 Ah… why are there so many people who can move freely here? Oh, I see, it’s because the God they believe in and the Saint-sama act freely! I understand now.

 ”Worker Holic, Kunoichi is the greatest force in our Holy Aqua Religion. As much as possible, it would be best for the observer and Kunoichi to not leave Aqua-sama’s side.”

 Hmm, but then the problem becomes who to send.

 You see, there are many people here whom I don’t know what they are doing, like you, the Saint-sama, the former queen, the young lady of the Sumeragi family, or anyone else might do…

 ”And you might have forgotten… but Kunoichi also has no sense of direction. In the worst-case scenario, the one trying to catch the mummy might become a mummy too…”


 Come to think of it, that’s right…! I heard that she got lost during the Stars incident too, so it would only add more unnecessary trouble.

 ”So, that’s why I, the busiest one here, will go. Is that alright?”

 ”Ah… yes.”

 Of course, there’s no way I can say no.

 I mean, the silent pressure from the Dark Saint is scary… sniffle, sniffle.

 Everyone, you might have forgotten, but I’m just a regular high school student.

 Even at home, I’m just ordinary, not born with a noble bloodline like Emily-san or a superhuman like Aqua-kun.

 In the first place, if you think about it, or even if you don’t, isn’t it strange that I’m the number one, aside from Kukuri-sama and Mary-sama? When I say that, everyone gives me a joking face again.

 I’d rather have that, though…

 ”Oh, and… it seems that there are already many groups moving to capture Yukishiro Mikuni. If Beryl led by Shirogane Shitori-san or the government led by the Prime Minister is ahead, it may not be a big problem, but be cautious of other countries…

 Especially Agnese Taylor Czessic, who is one of the wealthy daughters of the States and seems to be connected to Shirogane Shitori-san behind the scenes, and Natalia Rosenesta, the successor to the Rosenesta Duke family, who is related to Kanon-sama. Also, be careful not to trust the Twelve Bishops or your classmates too much.”

 Huh…? What did you just say?

 I haven’t heard anything about Aqua-kun’s sister being connected to Rosenesta-senpai also known as Powder Maniac!

 Ouch… my stomach… my stomachhhh!

 ”Worker Holic. Stomach medicine.”

 ”Ah, thank you… Kunoichi.”

 ”Ah… if you want, there’s also relaxing herb…”

 ”I don’t need that.”

 In the Holy Aqua Religion, they sell it in a shape similar to cigarettes.

 They say there are no side effects or dependency, but is it really okay?

 I heard from a doctor who is also an excellent painter that it has a tremendous effect on patients with addiction, even terminally ill patients who were drug-addicted became lively in no time, or patients who were on the verge of death due to an illness waved their hands energetically and got discharged, or people who were suffering from mental illness dramatically improved.

 It was all unbelievable and incredible stories.

 But since it’s actually backed up by data, there’s no choice but to believe it.

 First of all, when you think about it, it’s just a Yomo… So, Aqua-kun’s scent is… Huh? So, is Aqua-kun really a god…? Ah, no, Claire! I have to stay focused!! In a world that is being contaminated by broken bacteria, I keep reminding myself that I have to at least do my part and stay strong.


 After being alone again, I sat in a chair with a backrest and spun around.

 Yeah, maybe I’m starting to calm down a little.

 I opened the drawer of the desk and took out a red button that is usually used in quiz shows or comedy sketches.

 If I press this button, it will launch all the nuclear missiles located around the world simultaneously.

 Unfortunately, all the computers that are left in this world are now under the control of some ridiculous AI called the Ultimate Hyper Performance Server.

 The daytime talk shows casually talk about future AI wars and AI gaining self-awareness, but our AI not only has self-awareness, but it also freely roams outside without a care.

 Hmm… I’ve said it many times, but I’m just a high school student. My family is normal too, I’m not like Aqua-kun, who is a god. To someone like me, this organization and button are too heavy.


 But thanks to this button, I was able to help Aqua-kun when he got injured.

 When I gathered the unruly followers and tried to push the button with my index finger, everyone quietly listened to my story… I wonder if they will continue to listen if I carry this with me in the cult. Yeah, let’s do that!

 ”Please, everyone… don’t make it a joke and stop.”

 A few days later, Saint Emily came to kneel down on the ground with me.

 Yeah, if you understand, everyone should refrain from selfish actions and listen to what I say, right? And as for what happened to Mishu-sama…

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