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Volume 10 Chapter 16 Yukishiro Mikuni, Where Is This? I Am Mishu

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 I have two important friends.

 One of them is named Shirogane Marin.

 She seems has a a bloodline that split from Yukishiro family a long time ago, but it’s a story from over 200 years ago, so it’s kind of vague to call her relatives.

 If it were Kokucho family, they might manage that sort of thing properly, but Yukishiro family is all about freedom, so they don’t bother with such troublesome matters at all.

 As evidence, my cousin Emily-chan, who I’m hitting it off with, is pedaling her tricycle with a blank expression today. She seems to be into being a Driver lately and says she wants to create a justice organization to help Drivers in the future. It’s a bit worrisome when she makes a villain-like expression like the boss of the bad guys that sometimes appear in Driver, but I think it’s a good dream for a child.

 ”Oh… Miku-chan, are you leaving already?”

 ”Ah, yeah. I just brought a present for Emily-chan.”

 ”Tricycle, thank you so much.”

 When Emily-chan’s mom called me, Noel-neesan, I answered bluntly.

 She’s still such a beautiful person. It’s a waste for Danjou-kun.

 ”Besides, when I see Emily-chan…”

 ”Hehe. Do you want to see your own child?”

 I nodded slightly at Noel-neesan’s question.

 ”I see. Hehehe, I wonder when I can meet Miku-chan’s secret bride?”

 ”Sorry. I… I don’t want to involve her and the child too much with the nobility because I want them to live quietly.”

 ”I see… That’s right. He’s Mishu-sama’s child and Kokucho is always watching our movements as the Yukishiro main family, so you can’t meet each other easily. I thought maybe if they were close in age, they could become Emily-chan’s friends… but I’ll give up.”

 As I thought, Noel-neesan is a smart person.

 I was hoping that eventually Shitori-chan would grow a little older and be able to take care of herself properly. But now, thinking about the second child inside Marin-chan’s belly, Aqua-kun, it might not be that simple.

 If it becomes known that he was the second boy with the surname Yukishiro after Danjou-kun, even if he’s from a branch family, Kokucho will likely try to get his hands on him. If that happens, Aqua-kun might be engaged to Kokucho’s heir, Kokucho Agewa.

 Considering the age difference between the two, when Aqua-kun becomes a high school student, the other person will be a woman over 30. Unless Aqua-kun is a momma’s boy, he probably wouldn’t want to be forced into marriage with a woman so much older.

 ”Well, if that’s the case, go meet your bride as soon as possible.”

 ”Yeah, thank you, Noel-neesan.”

 I left the Yukishiro main house with my manager who had come to pick me up, riding in a car driven by bodyguards.

 A few minutes after the car started moving, one of the two bodyguards, the one driving, spoke without looking back.

 ”There are two cars following us from behind. One is from Kokucho family, and the other might be the media, I guess.”

 ”From their movements, they both seem like amateurs.”

 The other bodyguard sitting next to me replied without opening her eyes.

 ”Ahaha, Chikako-san. Kazami-san, can’t you do something about it?”

 The manager sitting in the passenger seat turned her face towards the bodyguard who was driving with a worried expression.

 ”Leave it to me. If it’s Chikako Ryback, it’s a piece of cake!”

 ”Don’t worry; we definitely plan to work for the contract fee we received. As long as we’re in the country, the Kazami family will ensure your safety.”

 According to the manager, these two are very famous bodyguards.

 With that in mind, we managed to shake off the following cars and headed to a luxury hotel in downtown Tokyo, where I had arranged to meet Marin-chan.

 ”It’s just for an hour. We’ll be in the front room, so we’ll come to pick you up when it’s over, okay?”


 I parted ways with the three of them and entered the room where Marin-chan was waiting.

 ”Long time no see, Miku-chan.”

 ”Marin-chan, how have you been?”

 We are delighted to reunite after a long time. My relationship with Marin-chan is a bit different from other parents; it’s not about romantic feelings or anything like that. It’s more like a close friendship, to be precise.

 ”Shitori-chan, you’ve grown so much.”


 I embrace Shitori-chan as we celebrate our reunion.

 I realized that kids really grow up a lot when you haven’t seen them for a while, by looking at Shitori-chan. I stand up and slowly bow to Marin-chan.

 ”I’m sorry, Marin-chan. I feel like I’ve burdened you too much.”

 ”No, not at all. In fact, thanks to Miku-chan, I was able to have two children, so I want to express my gratitude. I originally planned to raise the children on my own from the beginning, but Miku-chan is so kind… Haha, maybe we’ll even make a third.”

 Today, I came here to talk to Marin-chan about that very thing.

 ”Marin-chan, about that…”

 ”I understand. It’s because Aqua-chan is here, right?”

 I nod. In order to protect Aqua-kun, who is about to be born, she must avoid the risk of having any more children with me.

 ”Speaking of that, I’m thinking of having a child with someone else to protect Aqua-chan and Miku-chan.”


 I’m surprised by Marin-chan’s words.

 Even though there are no romantic feelings between us, I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea of Marin-chan breeding with someone I don’t know.

 ”I’m thinking of making a deal with Rena-chan.”

 ”Oh, Renata, huh…”

 Renata Hauyne Noselite.

 She is our other best friend who came to study abroad from the Stars during our middle and high school years.

 She is the only daughter of the Earl’s family in the Stars and now works in trade mainly in Africa and Southeast Asia.

 She has a straightforward personality and is very easy to get along with from my perspective.

 ”Rena-chan says that her mom keeps telling her to have a child.”

 ”Ah… I guess it’s the same in every country. But even though she’s a noble in the Stars, does it not matter if the partner is not a man?”

 ”Yeah, her mom said she didn’t have high expectations, so she called it ‘forcing it.’”

 ”Haha, that’s just like Renata. So, as a return, she asked you for the same thing…”

 ”Yeah. If Miku-chan doesn’t like it, I can decline. But I think it’s necessary to protect Aqua-chan and to make sure that Aqua-chan’s parent is not revealed to be Mishu-chan. And also, I think Shitori-chan is very reliable, so it’ll work out.”

 I think I can’t beat Marin-chan.

 She really considers how to protect the family more than I do.

 Because of my job, I’ve delegated most of the childcare to Marin-chan. The only thing I can do is make sure she doesn’t suffer financially and fulfill what Marin-chan wishes for.

 ”Understood. I don’t want anything to happen to Aqua-kun either, and if our close friend Renata is in need, I want to help. Well, it doesn’t mean I can actually do anything… If Marin-chan doesn’t mind, I have no right to oppose. At least, even if a child is born between Renata and Marin-chan, I don’t mind.”

 ”I see. Well, that’s fine then. Hehe, since Rena-chan is pretty, I’m sure Lapis-chan, the little sister, will be pretty too.”

 ”Haha, you’ve even decided on the name already, huh? Marin-chan, you’re really quick.”

 And so, a deal was made between Marin-chan, and Renata, our close friend, and two years after Aqua-kun was born, Lapis-chan was born.

 I was busy with work, and my base was in the States, so I couldn’t visit them often, but everything went smoothly after the children were born. But even on such days, the end would eventually come.

 ”Marin-chan, I talked to Renata, but now the Stars side is getting suspicious. If it’s revealed that my blood, Yukishiro’s lineage, is in Aqua-kun, Stars Orthodox Church might forcibly move to seize Aqua-kun under the pretext of protecting Lapis-chan, who has the blood of the Earl’s family.”

 After Her Majesty the Queen Mary abdicated and the queen became Her Majesty the Queen Furia, the royal family’s influence has been declining in Stars, and the Stars Orthodox Church, led by Bishop Kythera, has been gaining power.

 Thinking about that, I thought it would be better if they didn’t find out that Aqua-kun is my child.

 ”So, Marin-chan. It might be tough, but let’s not meet for a while.”

 ”Miku-chan, if it’s just me and the children, it will be fine. I had a feeling something like this might happen, watching the news every day… It’s lonely and sad, but ever since Prime Minister Habu took over domestically, things have been heading in a good direction. I believe that one day we will be able to meet again. Also, this is just a hunch, but someday, Aqua will surely meet you, I think.”


 ”Yes, because when Aqua-chan was born, he had the same starry eyes as you, Miku-chan. So I thought this child would also become an amazing child like Mishu-sama.”

 Marin-chan’s intuition is quite accurate. Even so, I didn’t expect it to turn out like this at that time.

 No, not just me. I think nobody in this world would have thought it would turn out like this.

 Aqua-kun hit his head and was hospitalized at the beginning of the year.

 When I heard that story, I unconsciously took a taxi to the airport to catch a plane. But when I arrived at Haneda Airport, I was told by Marin-chan that Aqua-kun had regained consciousness.

 I thought about going back, but I wanted to see my family at first sight, so I was unsure about what to do.

 Maybe it would be normal to go back. But if Marin-chan and Aqua-kun were nearby, I didn’t want to go back. After a while, I decided that I still wanted to see them, even if it was just a glimpse from a distance, so I headed to Shibuya’s scramble crossing.

 I heard from Marin-chan that Aqua-kun would appear on the runway as part of a friendship event with the Stars. At first, I thought it was some kind of mistake. But…

 ”In this country, there is a Shirogane Akua…”

 She must have been unconscious too.

 But everyone at the scene listened to the voice that came from the forgotten microphone of the national broadcaster’s announcer with a dumbfounded expression on their faces.

 Of course, no one could enter inside the restricted area.

 Outside the restricted area, disguised, I watched the large display. I collapsed in tears right there.

 I think the tears didn’t stop flowing from the moment his face became slightly visible while striking a pose.

 It wasn’t just me; everyone was crying.

 Maybe, this country, no, the world might get better.

 Maybe everyone secretly thought so.

 After that, Aqua-kun was amazing.

 I cannot continue my reclusive life after the runway and must resume my activities as an actress.

 To tell the truth, I had several chances to meet Aqua-kun after that, but I was afraid to meet him.

 That’s why I even asks Marin-chan to go out with me and runs away with a useless lie.

 ”I have to make up my mind soon…”

 I didn’t think I was the type to be so wishy-washy.

 But now, I aimlessly spent time by the riverbank until it got dark, then I wandered onto a nearby small street.

 At that moment, the light from a bike coming from the right illuminated me.

 ”I found you, Yukishiro Mikuni…”


 The bike’s headlights were so bright that I had to shield my eyes with my hand.

 Who could it be? I prepared myself, thinking it might be Kokucho.

 Although the power of the Stars Orthodox Church has weakened due to Aqua-kun’s actions, the threat of Kokucho still remains, albeit not as strong as before.

 If Kokucho Agewa were to acquire Aqua-kun in this situation, it might even be possible for them to dominate this country and the Stars.

 ”You should be grateful that I was the one who found you, not the weirdos. Honestly, I’m being too kind to take care of both you and your child.”

 ”Senpai… I think Aqua would be even more grateful if you didn’t say things like that. After all, it was Emily-san who told us that she might be in this direction and the one who lent us this Bike, and who asked us for the protection…”

 ”Well, that’s that, and this is this!”

 Among the two figures I saw in the headlights, one of them was approaching me.

 Despite her petite figure, she exuded a pressure that was hard to ignore, and an aura that left no room for doubt.

 At first glance, I thought she was different from the one I knew until now.

 Just like people have growth periods, there are actors who suddenly excel at something.

 I don’t know what triggered it for her, but she is definitely not the same person I knew.

 Because even I never felt awe towards other’s smile, not even Reira-chan…

 So I am convinced that she, while being in this country, has entered the same realm as me as an actress.

 ”If you understand, then you should also be grateful to me, the great actress Kohina Yukari-sama, just like that Useless Aqua!”

 Even the intense light of the headlights is nothing but a spotlight that adorns her in front of her.

 Kohina Yukari, the actress who proudly displays her stardom, capable of cutting through any darkness, just like me, Aqua-kun, and Emily-chan, boldly smiled with her back arched.

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