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Volume 10 Chapter 19 Shirogane Aqua, It’s Raining And The Ground Is Getting Hard

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 ”Ah… welcoome.”

 When I enter Ramen Takeko, Emily-san greets me with a gentle smile.

 Emily-san works at Grandmother Mary’s place as well, but she also occasionally helps out here.

 I am healed by Emily-san’s soft and elegant smile.

 Just by looking at this, I think it was a good idea to come to Ramen Takeko.

 ”Good evening. I’m sorry. It’s Kohina-senpai’s fault that it got closed.”

 ”Oh, no. If it’s after business hours, Takeko-san said it’s okay to come anytime. Please sit at your favorite seat.”

 Hmm, I still feel a bit distant from Emily-san.

 I’d be happy if she could talk to me with a bit little distance like she does with Kanon.

 ”Takeko-san, I’ll have the soy sauce and half fried rice set. Also, please give me some gyoza.”

 ”Then, I’ll have the char siu ramen (braised pork belly ramen) with white rice, and also some karaage, please.”

 After placing our orders, I quenched my thirst with the water Emily-san had brought.

 Whether it’s summer or winter, drinking the ice-cold tap water at Takeko-san’s place always gives me a nostalgic feeling. Looking out the window, it was still raining quite heavily.

 ”So, do you have something important to talk about?”

 ”…What do you really think about Mishu-sama?”

 I was a little surprised by the unexpected question. At first, seeing the hesitation in her words, I wondered if she was being considerate. It was rare for Kohina-senpai to carefully choose her words.

 ”I can’t say anything because I haven’t met her yet, which is a straightforward way of saying that I don’t have any honest feelings about her.”

 In my previous life, it was normal for me not to have parents, so I didn’t really mind, unlike the old Aqua.

 ”Hmm, so you didn’t think anything of it when she was lost?”

 ”Well, I did think that was a bit foolish…”

 Huh? I heard some clattering noises coming from the backyard. I hope everything’s okay. Did someone stumble in the kitchen?

 ”Well, I guess most people would think that way.”

 Kohina-senpai began to tap the desk in response. Huh? She seems a bit different today. She looks irritated, but not exactly angry…

 ”Senpai… didn’t Ako-san also say that you shouldn’t eat anything that’s fallen?”

 ”Huh!? You useless guy as always!! I’m trying to be considerate here, and she…!!”

 Kohina-senpai abruptly stood up from her seat and headed towards the kitchen in the back.

 Senpai, please don’t cause any trouble for Takeko-san and Emily-san.

 ”Hey, get out of here, will you? I’m getting tired of this!”

 ”Um… but…”

 ”Oh, enough already! I can’t stand this kind of indecisiveness! Make up your mind and get out of here!”

 ”Ah, my heart isn’t ready yet…”

 ”Well, if your heart isn’t ready, that’s fine! I’m already getting tired of waiting!”

 I thought I heard voices arguing, and then Kohina-senpai came out with someone. I was taken aback. What was Mishu-sama doing at Ramen Takeko?

 ”Yes, yes, yes. Anyway, is there something you need to say?”

 I was confused about how to respond when Kohina-senpai insisted on saying “yes” over and over again.

 ”Ah, yes. Thank you very much.”

 ”Hehe, it’s about time you were honest!”

 I caught Emily-san’s eye from the back. Ah, I see. Emily-san has been helping out a lot, I thought to myself, and I lightened up a bit.

 Later, I’ll make sure to properly thank you, but for now, let’s focus on this.

 ”Um, well… Mishu-sama, are you like, my other mom?”

 ”Well, technically, it could be seen that way… but whether I have the qualifications to call myself a parent or not, that’s the real question…”

 I looked at Mishu-sama’s expression and had a vague sense of understanding. The guilt she felt wasn’t just because she got lost for such a silly reason.

 ”Um… maybe, just maybe, there’s another reason why you didn’t come back until now?”

 Mishu-sama’s face showed surprise. Did I hit the mark?

 ”Well, you see, you already know, don’t you? This person here is like you, useless Aqua, but she’s not an idiot. And Mishu-sama, he’s already married, so explain it properly.”

 Kohina-senpai, mentioning useless Aqua is unnecessary. However, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to derail the conversation.

 ”Okay, let me begin by explaining from the beginning…”

 Upon hearing Mishu-sama’s explanation, I couldn’t help but feel a bit skeptical. Kokucho family, if I remember correctly, refers to that beautiful lady who was present at the matchmaking party. Shitori-onee-chan warned me to be cautious because she’s the one promoting the Men’s Protection Act, so there might be some kind of contact. But she didn’t come across as someone unpleasant.

 Somehow, she gives off the vibe of being more sensible and easy to communicate with compared to Kohina-senpai. In fact, if I were to say that she seems to be more dedicated to being a politician than the Prime Minister, it might be disrespectful to the Prime Minister…

 ”I see… So, now that I’m married to Kanon, and now that the political situation in Stars has stabilized and the possibility of interference has decreased, I thought it would be okay to have some contact. But suddenly appearing out of nowhere, you don’t really have the right to do that?”

 ”Yes, that’s exactly right.”

 I wonder how I would feel if I were in Mishu-sama’s position.

 If, for example, children were born between Kanon and my other wives, would I be able to leave their side?

 I don’t think I could. So maybe that’s why I would continue to make every effort to be by everyone’s side, no matter what.

 But perhaps that’s a method only allowed by my own position.

 I’m sure Mishu-sama and mother must have considered various options and yet, that might have been the only way. It pains my heart to think about it. Not being able to see each other for almost ten years must be incredibly difficult and lonely.

 That’s why I think Mishu-sama has suffered enough. I gently place my hand on Mishu-sama’s now smaller shoulders.

 ”I’m fine, really. In fact, I’m happy to have a bigger family. I just hope you can meet mother and Shitori-onee-chan.”

 My mom is quite a lonely person, and Shitori-onee-chan, from what I remember, must have had different feelings than me.

 ”T-thank you… Yeah, I plan to meet them properly.”

 As we were talking about that, the sliding door of Ramen Takeko opened with a creak.

 ”Sorry, I was stuck in traffic, so I’m a little late.”

 Ayana!? I was momentarily surprised, but then I saw Mom and Shitori-onee-chan entering behind her, and I understood. Ah, so Ayana brought everyone from the Shirogane family.



 The two of them hugged each other and were overjoyed. Yes, it’s good, it’s good.

 For now, I thought I would leave them alone for a while, so I moved to a different table with Kohina-senpai and Ayana.

 ”Senpai, Ayana, thank you so much to both of you.”

 ”It’s okay if you understand! See, show more respect for me!”

 ”I haven’t done anything, so it’s fine. But more importantly, let’s appreciate Emily-san.”

 That’s Ayana for you. I hope she continues to have that kind and caring heart without emulating someone who’s throwing a tantrum right next to her.

 I make my way over to Emily-san, who I had been quietly observing.

 ”Emily-san, thank you so much. I heard from Ayana that you arranged everything?”

 ”Oh… yeah… Yukishiro is involved too, so don’t worry about it.”

 I thought she looked cute with that slightly embarrassed expression.

 ”Emily-san, is there anything you’d like to ask me for?”

 ”S-Something to ask!?”

 ”Yeah, anything. I’ll do whatever I can.”

 ”Anything!? So, that means, you’ll help me with s*x——?”

 S*x…? Oh, I see! Service (Sekyaku), as in helping with the customer service! Emily-san is quite something. I’ve heard Ramen Takako is a bustling restaurant.

 That’s why, she wants me to look after Takeko-san… Emily-san is such a kind person!!

 Even compared to me, who’s about to mistake s*x for…

 Surely Emily-san is pure, so she probably wouldn’t even think of such a thing, but men aren’t like that, so I want her to be careful. If a beautiful person like her makes such careless remarks, I might turn into a wolf too, so be careful.

 ”Okay, I understand. I’ll help Takeko-san with her ramen shop.”

 ”Eh? Ah… Um… Thanks. But if Aqua-sama helps, it’s probably going to make things even more chaotic and make me even busier… But… that’s enough to make me happy…”

 What a kind person.

 Surely her heart is clean, right? So, her name could be read as “Pure Heart,” not just Emily.

 I feel like Kanon has been blessed with some really good friends.


 ”What’s the matter, Kohina-senpai? Don’t disturb me now, I’m in a good mood.”

 When I tried to chat with Emily-san while ignoring Kohina-senpai, I got a sharp ear-pull.

 ”Although I don’t really care, but as a thank you, could you at least go on a date with Ayana-chan and Emily-chan?”



 Ayana and Emily-san were taken aback, but Kohina-senpai didn’t seem to mind and continued the conversation.

 ”Come on, there are many things like taking them out to a delicious meal, or go to a place the two of then want to go, there are plenty of options.”

 ”I see… I think Kohina-senpai’s proposal is quite reasonable.”

 ”Wait a minute, what do you mean by that? Why do I think you always say a lot to me?”

 ”It’s just a matter of mood.”

 When I said “It’s just a matter of mood, it’s just a matter of mood,” and when I whispered in her ear to forgive me because she was so kind to me, she turned red, which was rare.

 What’s the deal. Sometimes Kohina-senpai’s face turns red, but I can’t quite figure out why.

 ”A-ny-way, I always tell you to say that kind of thing to someone else! Besides, let’s all eat before it gets cold!”

 I feel like I’m being deceived, but oh well.

 By the way, Takeko-san, I apologize for making you feel the need to time the dishes perfectly. I’m going to the kitchen to properly thank Takeko-san.

 After that, since it’s an exclusive reservation, we invited Kanon and everyone to join us for ramen.

 Later on, when the shop were short on staff, I also helped out, but I think it was a really enjoyable time.

 ”Well then, see you!”


 I thanked Takeko-san and left the restaurant.

 Outside, the rain had already stopped, and as I looked up at the cloudless sky, the stars were shining beautifully once again.

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