Male Idol V10c2

Volume 10 Chapter 2 Shirogane Aqua, Enveloped In A Gentle World

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Instead of Kaede, who broke her collarbone in lotion sumo, I ended up appearing on Sunday Debate at the last minute.

 I heard that Kaede usually has Sundays off, but this time she was scheduled to appear as a special guest because the Prime Minister was also going to be on the show.

 So the reason why I became her replacement is because the Prime Minister invited me to try filling in for Kaede.

 But can an idol like me appear on Sunday Debate, which focuses on economics and politics?

 I was a little worried, but I accepted the offer to appear considering the Prime Minister asked me to share my honest opinions from the perspective of someone working in the entertainment industry, and also because I have been grateful to the national broadcasting company in the past and didn’t want Kaede to potentially cause trouble for the company in the future.

 ”Uh, so that’s why today’s special guest is Shirogane Aqua, but I guess I don’t need to talk anymore. No one is interested in the Prime Minister’s casual talk, just to be sure, is there anyone? See, there isn’t!”

 Laughter from the staff and commentators can be heard.

 The Prime Minister is so used to variety shows that it’s hard to say anything, but I couldn’t help but smile at the Prime Minister’s improvisation.

 ”By the way, what’s up with today’s Heaven’s Sword?”

 I choke on the Prime Minister’s unexpected question.

 Wait, are we not talking about politics? Is this a digression from the beginning?

 ”Hey, Prime Minister, that’s another network’s program. Are you sure it’s okay…?”

 ”It’s fine, it’s fine. The public broadcaster is just airing a video of burning firewood at that time. However, even if they can’t get good ratings, they shouldn’t be joking around like this. Hey! Bring out the person in charge!”

 Huh!? I didn’t know because I don’t watch other channels….

 When I’m at home, Kanon monopolizes the TV and watches Heaven’s Sword intently, so I’ve never switched to another channel. That’s why I didn’t know that the public broadcaster was airing such a program behind the scenes.

 Kohina-senpai was complaining that because of it, Sunday mornings have become nothing but Heaven’s Sword!! So, that’s what she was angry about…

 ”Prime Minister, isn’t your previous statement considered workplace harassment towards public broadcasting staff?”

 A opposition party member sitting in the commentator’s seat raises her voice.

 In response to that comment, the Prime Minister stands up from her chair and walks confidently towards the camera.

 ”Oh, earlier, there was a comment from opposition member Nabe-san… ora rather Watanabe-san, suggesting that it was not power harassment. Um, from my perspective, I have absolutely no intention like that. I was just trying to make people laugh, you know? But it seems I got a little carried away… That’s why I would like to take this opportunity to correct my inappropriate remarks and apologize. I’m sorry!!”

 The Prime Minister bows her head towards the camera.

 Huh? Is this… some kind of comedy sketch or something?

 No, no, everyone is awkwardly laughing, what have you been doing since morning, Prime Minister!?

 ”Um, let me gather my thoughts. I was deeply moved by the story of Heaven’s Sword earlier, so I really want to do that hug in the parliament as well. After the debates, I want to hug the opponent and praise each other’s efforts.”

 Well… I guess it’s alright.

 Wait, no… I feel like it’s quite off, but having a respectful attitude towards someone you’ve competed with is necessary, whether it’s in sports or anything else.

 ”I think it’s a good thing to praise each other’s efforts. This time, after the World Cup final, I was deeply touched seeing the players praising each other’s efforts. Having someone you can respect is a wonderful thing.”

 The Prime Minister nods at my words.

 ”Do you have anyone you respect, Aqua-kun?”

 ”There, I suppose it’s the president after all. And then there are the family members who support me, Beryl’s comrades, everyone on the staff who works together to create programs and live performances… Well, and also, Kohina-senpai, for the time being.”

 ”What do you mean ‘for the time being’?”

 ”Well, if I say it, she’ll bother me later.”

 The Prime Minister burst into laughter at this remark, but the people around me seemed surprised.

 I wonder what happened? Is it possible that Kohina-senpai is someone I’m not supposed to mention, like a character from a certain blockbuster movie?

 ”Excuse me, Shirogane Aqua-san, may I ask a question?”

 ”Yes! Um, go ahead, Sato-san.”

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san, don’t you find it rude or annoying to be around Kohina Yukari-san? I don’t think it’s normal for a woman to interact with a man in such a manner.”

 Certainly, compared to other women, Kohina-senpai doesn’t seem to hold back.

 However, as someone who has only been reincarnated in this world for less than a year, I find it surprisingly comfortable to talk to Kohina-senpai with the same level of familiarity as women from my past life.

 And since she doesn’t mind, I don’t have to worry either, which is also nice.

 ”I may not be called senior like Kohina-senpai, but personally, I think it would be better if women could interact more casually with me. It is very important to talk and interact with each other to get to know one another. So, I would like to increase opportunities where men and women can interact without barriers, like the matchmaking party the other day.”

 ”Yes, yes, yes! I have a question!”

 I cheerfully replied to the Prime Minister who raised his hand.

 ”Aqua-kun, don’t you participate in matchmaking?”

 Upon the Prime Minister’s question, the commentators in their seats leaned forward.

 Huh? Even the staff members suddenly became restless. What’s wrong?

 ”Well, I have hosted matchmaking parties before, and experience is important for everything, so it might be worth trying matchmaking at least once in life.”


 The female announcers from the national broadcasting station who were observing started fixing their makeup all at once.

 The senior announcer, Kaede’s boss, who saw that, scolded them angrily.

 That person seems to be going through a lot of hardship.

 There’s also something about Kaede, so after the show, I’ll say thank you to her. And by the way, let’s also say to take care of Kaede from now on. I think after this show, she is going to pick up Kaede in the Arabian Peninsula Federation… I’m really sorry….

 ”But I don’t want to do anything that Kanon dislikes, so I have to consult with her first.”

 ”Aqua-kun, you’re quite close with your wife, aren’t you? I think the viewers in front of the TV can only see fragments, but when you went to the Arabian Peninsula Federation, you were constantly lovey-dovey.”

 Kanon says not to be too lovey-dovey in public, but I can’t help but overdo it.

 As the conversation continues, the Prime Minister asks,

 ”By the way, I have one question. When did Aqua-kun start dating Kanon-san?”

 ”Well, the first trigger was when I escorted Kanon at a party, but then she came to visit me when I got sick during summer vacation, and that resulted in us planning a date at the end of summer.”

 Even though it happened a few months ago, it feels like a long time ago, maybe because every day is fulfilling.

 ”So… I was defeated. From the beginning… Maybe I fell in love at first sight, but I wanted to kiss her… and that led us to start dating. As you all know, after that…”

 MP Nakahara, who was sitting in the commentator’s seat, whispered and motioned to the Prime Minister.

 The Prime Minister stood up from her chair and headed towards the commentator’s seat.

 ”Prime Minister, is it okay to broadcast this? K-kiss is too stimulating for Sunday morning…”

 ”That’s right. I’m sure my daughter is imagining it and fainting in front of the screen right now.”

 ”No doubt it will be discussed in the Broadcasting Ethics Committee. Who will take responsibility?”

 ”Everyone, please calm down.”

 The Prime Minister and her team whispered and discussed something quietly.

 I wonder what’s going on? Did something happen?

 ”First of all, I will take full responsibility for this.”


 ”However, I want to ask, don’t you all have interest in Aqua-kun’s story?”

 ”It’s impossible not to have interest!”

 ”All female citizens must curious too! Maybe even the boys want to know?”

 ”If it’s about Aqua-sama, we, citizens, want to know everything…!”

 ”But, Prime Minister, it is necessary for both the opposition and ruling parties to work together on that.”

 ”I agree with her, Prime Minister. What we need now is unity. Prime Minister, I am a member of the opposition party, but I want to show my respect for that determination by risking my position and participating in this live broadcast.”

 ”Hey! Don’t show off by yourself, young politician! If it comes to attacking the Broadcast Ethics Committee, I will accompany you. Let’s build barricades and take a stand together!”

 ”Please calm down, everyone and especially, the last comment, Representative Tanigawa. This is not the Showa era anymore! Anyway, I will take responsibility for whatever happens. So, let’s continue the program as it is. Is there any objection?”

 ””””No objection!””””

 Oh, the Prime Minister has returned. I wonder what they were whispering about. Maybe something serious happened and they had an emergency strategy meeting? Thank you, everyone.

 ”So, the time until you got married was really short, wasn’t it?”

 ”Yes, we didn’t date for a long time. So, when I thought about Kanon, I wondered if it was okay to act selfishly at first. But still…”

 ”But still…?”

 ”When Kanon was going to marry someone else, I felt upset. But more than that… yes, now I think it was my own male desire coming out.”

 ”What do you mean by male desire?”

 ”I wanted to make Kanon mine uncontrollably. Kanon is my woman, no one else’s, I wanted to say that she is Shirogane Aqua’s woman. Even if Kanon had feelings for another man, it wouldn’t have mattered. I just wanted to make it clear that I am a better man. That’s how much I wanted to make Kanon mine, it’s pathetic, right?”

 ”…Is that the best?”

 ”Huh? Did you say something?”

 From the commentator’s seat, a voice can be heard calling for the Prime Minister.

 In response to that, the Prime Minister heads towards the commentator’s seat.

 Oh? Are they okay? Is something serious happening?

 ”Prime Minister, is this really okay!?”

 ”If he says he wants to make her his, it’s enough to imagine people dying!?”

 ”I see, only the chosen ones who can endure this can marry Aqua-sama…”

 ”Confirming wife death!”

 ”Even if it’s not his wife, anyone would die when told something like that. I also fantasized about putting myself in that position and I felt like I would ascend to heaven. Look, my orangewatch on my arm recorded temporary cardiac arrest, see?”

 ”Are you okay, Representative Tanigawa!?”

 ”Wow, but it’s too much for me to claim that she’s his. So there really is such a wonderful man in existence.”

 ”This sense of arrogance is definitely Yuujin-sama…”

 ”Yuujin-sama really did exist.”

 ”Prime Minister, let’s make Hana-ata a textbook!”

 ”Everyone, please calm down!! I also got a little overwhelmed, but this is probably important, so important. I think it will become an important material for future generations in history lessons. Understand, we have no choice but to go with this flow. That’s all we can do. So everyone, please hang in there!”

 After the discussion ended, the Prime Minister returned here.

 Well, she must be really tired. Her work seems tough.

 ”Wow, Kanon-san is loved. By the way, do you have any thoughts about marrying other women?”

 ”Other women… well, yes. Actually, I’m thinking of marrying three other women.”


 Prime Minister, you’re overreacting, but you know, right…

 ”Two of them are ordinary people, so I can’t mention their names here, but one of the three is Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei, the famous author of No-Rin.”

 I have already discussed this matter with Ai in advance, involving both companies.

 After considering each other’s positions, it was decided that it would be better to properly disclose the fact that we are both famous people.


 ”Hakuryuu-sensei is hereeeeeee!”


 ”Seriously, Sensei… I’m so moved!”

 ”Congratulations, Senseeeeeeei! I’ve always been a fan of yours!”

 Whoa!? I was surprised.

 All the members of parliament sitting in the commentator’s seat stood up vigorously while doing a victory pose.

 Before I knew it, the Prime Minister and everyone else joined in and formed a circle, linking shoulders and jumping while spinning around.

 Even though they’re different in age and party, they get along well.

 ”As expected, it’s Sensei. She proved that what was written in No-Rin is correct!!”

 ”No-Rin is the holy book for all girls! Shouldn’t it be designated as a government-approved textbook!?”

 ”From next year, Hana-ata and No-Rin should be included in textbooks, right?”

 ”No, shouldn’t Heaven’s Sword be included as a video material as well?”

 ”In that case, shouldn’t Beryl’s live footage be incorporated into music materials?”

 ”The government should take the lead on this and support the live-action adaptation of No-Rin.”

 ”Prime Minister’s proposal is accepted without objection!”

 Hmm, I don’t know what they’re talking about, but they seem to be discussing something very important with serious expressions.

 Also, I don’t know why, but even veteran announcers who were visiting the broadcast are very excited.

 ”If it’s sensei’s age, we have a chance too!”

 ”To be able to marry the coolest boy in the world at that age is already legendary.”

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei will definitely be featured in history textbooks published in the coming years.”

 ”I won’t ask for something as luxurious as Aqua-kun. Is it impossible for me to have a tea party with a boy through my connection with Kaede-chan…”

 ”In that case, I want Toa-chan! I don’t need anything sexual, I just want to put him on my lap and stroke him forever!”

 ”I’m Tenga-kun! He said he wants to work as a solo artist even on variety shows, so I want to support him!”

 ”Then I’ll take care of Mayuzumi-kun. I want to take care of every little thing for a neat and tidy boy like him!”

 ”I know it’s reckless, but I want to challenge Aqua-kun. These H-cups are for Aqua-kun!”

 ”As expected, we need to bring her back as soon as possible!”

 It seems that now even the young announcers are getting excited.

 ”Please, senpai!”

 ”Kaede-chan, come back soon!”

 ”Morikawa! This is not the time to have a broken bone! Heal it in seconds for our sake!”

 ”If it’s her, I feel like it will heal in about two weeks.”

 ”Why did she even break her bone… I still can’t understand the reason for doing lotion sumo on the national broadcast.”

 ”The person at the complaint consultation room was crying. They were laughing and saying that 80% of the consultations at the national broadcast’s customer consultation room are about Kaede-chan… They were joking about renaming it the Morikawa Support Room. They didn’t look happy though…”

 Oh… the Prime Minister has returned.

 Even though she’s sweaty, is she okay?

 I say, “Here’s a handkerchief,” and hand the Prime Minister a handkerchief.

 While wiping the sweat off her forehead with the handkerchief, the Prime Minister says she’ll buy a new one for me later and puts the sweaty handkerchief in her pocket.

 ”I see, so this time it’s Kaede-chan… you’re going on a date with Morikawa Kaede, the announcer, right?”

 ”Yes. But…”

 I choke on my words there.

 The Prime Minister looks worried and peers into my face, wondering what’s wrong.

 ”Well, when I went to the Arabian Peninsula Federation with the Prime Minister for work, thanks to the kindness of Her Majesty Queen Shams, we were able to have a shopping mall all to ourselves for shopping. But, you know… how should I put it, I also thought that I would like to go on more normal dates outside, not just with Kanon, but also with Kaede and the women I might be involved with in the future.”

 I know that I’m being unrealistic.

 It’s common for entertainers to secretly go on dates in my world as well.

 But unlike the previous world, here, boys who date girls are overwhelmingly supported by girls.

 I heard from Kanon and the others, but it seems that dating itself is seen in a positive light as if I also have a chance.

 But…well, there’s no point in saying such things.

 ”I’m sorry. I was being a bit selfish.”

 I lightly bow my head towards the camera.

 ”No, there’s no need to apologize.”

 Them, the Prime Minister stands up seriously and speaks gently yet forcefully towards the camera.

 ”My fellow citizens, could you please spare a little bit of your time to listen to what I have to say?”

 The other politicians sitting in the commentator’s seat stand up and line up behind the Prime Minister. What is about to begin?

 ”Now, are you all happy…?”

 The Prime Minister weaves her words as if questioning the citizens through the camera.

 ”If you think that you are even a little happier than before, please, please…! Would you please grant his, Shirogane Aqua’s, small wish?”

 The Prime Minister clenches his fist tightly and appeals with strong words.

 ”As a woman myself, I can understand very well the feelings of everyone who wants to make a fuss about Shirogane Aqua. But you know, he, Shirogane Aqua, is just a regular person like all of you in his private life. He is a fellow Japanese citizen! Isn’t it a problem that we all should think about, that he can’t freely go outside and go on a date with a woman, with Toa-chan, yes, Toa-chan! I said it twice because it’s important, but isn’t it an issue that all the citizens should consider?”

 ”That’s right!”

 ”Well done, Prime Minister!”

 ”That’s why we chose you as our Prime Minister!”

 The Prime Minister spreads her arms in front of the camera and speaks.

 ”Have you all seen beryl&beryl, everyone? I’ve seen it three times after returning home. Probably everyone has watched it so much that the videotape is worn out… Oh, what is it, Nabe-san? Now, it’s an important point…”

 ”Prime Minister, times have changed. No one uses videotapes anymore.”

 ”So, DVDs?”

 ”No, DVDs haven’t been released yet, so I think everyone watches it on streaming sites.”

 ”Ahem! Anyway, everyone! That doesn’t matter. Anyway, what I mean is if everyone promises to act with moderation, we will be able to see the everyday lives of the Beryl members, shopping or going on dates outside, in our own daily lives!”

 ”That’s right! “

 ”Our party fully supports this!”

 ”This is an appeal from all politicians and the government!!”

 The important person from the national broadcasting who was watching this approached the Prime Minister and handed her the remote control, saying something in a small voice.

 Facing the camera again, the Prime Minister raised her hand high in the air as if taking an oath and passionately appealed with strong words.

 ”I, as the Prime Minister of Japan, declare here as the representative of all citizens of this country whom I love! We, all Japanese citizens, regardless of age, gender, or race, even if we are members of Beryl, pledge to work together with the government and citizens to create a safe and secure society where anyone can walk outside without worries, regardless of whether they are a teenager or Shirogane Aqua!!”

 ”Yay! As expected of the Prime Minister!”

 ”As a representative of the opposition party, I fully support the Prime Minister’s statement!”

 ”All citizens, please cooperate with us!”

 ”Please! For all men and all women!”

 Everyone bowed their heads to the television camera.

 The staff and announcers from the national broadcasting station applauded while watching it.

 Honestly, I was overwhelmed and frozen by the seriousness of the Prime Minister.

 The Prime Minister lifted her head and pointed to the remote control, indicating the D button.

 ”All citizens, please have your remote control ready. And if you support the statement I just made, please press the blue button on the far left after pressing the D button! If the support rate is less than 100%, I will resign as Prime Minister!”

 In conclusion, it was really 100%. I thought it was a lie, and I had to look back several times.

 Moreover, even if there were people with two devices, the number of valid responses exceeded 54 million, which is almost the total number of households…

 When the Prime Minister chanted “banzai” with everyone, he returned to his seat next to me.

 ”So, Aqua-kun. From now on, please go on normal dates and play with everyone. At first, we will keep a close watch on you from a distance, but it’s okay for you to go outside like before. I guarantee that as the representative of the citizens. I, The Prime Minister, am believed by the citizens, you know?”

 ”Ah, thank you very much.”

 After bowing my head to the Prime Minister, I bowed my head towards the camera.

 I’m so surprised that my mind can’t keep up, but tears are about to come out due to this unexpected development.

 To be honest, I felt a sense of confinement in my daily life since September when Heaven’s Sword started, even though I went shopping with Kanon at the supermarket below, watched movies in a private room with prior notice, and went to an amusement park with Kohina-senpai and the others with security guards.

 I remember talking with Toa and the others about wanting to play more outside, and I remember apologizing to Kanon and saying that I actually wanted to go out more with just the two of us.

 ”I’m sorry. Excuse me for a moment…”

 During the live broadcast, I turned my face away from the camera to hide my teary eyes, knowing that it was something I shouldn’t do.

 ”Aqua-kun, let me speak on behalf of the citizens. We have truly been saved by you, Beryl, or rather, idol Shirogane Aqua. We may not be able to give much back to you, Aqua-kun, but we want to cooperate with you to make this world a little easier for you to live in. Besides, you’re still a child. Rely more on adults. Just like earlier, Abe-san and Commander Tajima were saying something similar with the Heaven’s Sword. It’s not right for women to just sit back and watch while men show their spirit and work hard.”

 The Prime Minister pats my back lightly.

 Oh, this is not good. I stand up from my seat and cover my face with both hands, completely turning away from the camera.

 ”I’m sorry. Thank you very much. I’ll be back in a bit, so please wait if you can.”

 Those were the best words I could say right now.

 I didn’t expect things to turn out like this because of my little selfishness, but I think I was genuinely happy.

 That’s why I thought I should work harder. Because there’s probably nothing else I can do.

 ”Yeah. Well then, all citizens, the live broadcast is still going on. If you like, why not ask Aqua-kun a question from the viewers? Um… this time, for the live broadcast, we are temporarily borrowing the ultimate high-performance server, the Ultimate High-Performance Server-chan, which was evolved from the Beryl headquarters of the national broadcasting station. So please send your questions to the official website.”

 The Prime Minister points to the bottom of the screen.

 ”Oh, well, it looks like Aqua-kun’s revival will take a little more time… Eh? Are we connected to Kaede-chan? Oh, well, since we’re here, let’s show the state of Kaede-chan who is hospitalized. Okay, let’s switch the broadcast.”

 With that, the screen switched to Kaede’s image.

 [Okayyyy! 23 consecutive victories!]

 [Kaede, arm-wrestling, strong. Bone, broken. Absolutely, a lie!]

 Uh… Even though one of her collarbones is broken, what is Kaede doing…

 In the hospital room, it seemed like Kaede was having an arm wrestling competition for lunch juice and dessert, get-well sweets and fruits were lined up on Kaede’s table.

 [Hey hey hey, I got the juice for lunch!! Who’s next! I won’t lose in arm wrestling!! The Japanese representative, athlete Morikawa Kaede, will sing the national anthem!]

 In the next moment, the image on the TV monitor switched for confirmation.

 [We sincerely apologize for the inappropriate video that was shown just now.]

 In the studio, while the other announcers trembled in the presence of their intimidating boss emitting a strong chill, only the Prime Minister was laughing hysterically.

 Haha, hahahaha!

 Thanks to Kaede, my tears have dried up.

 Kaede is really the best. Just being with her makes me feel brighter.

 Alright! I think the next segment is the viewers’ question corner. I’ll do my best!!

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