Male Idol V10c22

Volume 10 Chapter 22 Shirogane Aqua, An Unexpected Co-Star

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 [What’s this?]

 [Aqua-sama, looking cool today too!!]

 [Shirogane Aqua-Momofuku Foods presents Aqua Kitchen]

 [When it’s Aqua-kun, it’s not Shiro-kun’s channel, but it’s streamed from Beryl’s official channel, right?]

 [Weren’t they supposed to do this in November?]

 [November got postponed because there was a sudden soccer tournament in the schedule.]

 [Aqu-tan in an apron, looking cool!]

 [There’s a guest, right? I wonder who the first guest will be.]

 [I hope Kohina Yukari, I hope Kohina Yukari hope, I hope Kohina Yukari hope]

 [Hey! Don’t try to summon some weirdo!!]

 I looked at the streaming screen and waited for a decent number of people to gather before starting the show.

 ”Good morning, everyone. Good afternoon. Good evening. It’s time for Aqua Kitchen. This program is brought to you by Momofuku Foods.”

 In this broadcast, we have a sponsor called Momofuku Foods, a big company famous for their cup noodles. I thought my greeting might have been a bit too formal, but since we have a significant contract with Momofuku Foods, it’s better to be cautious.

 Alright, today, Kohina-senpai, the troublemaker, isn’t here, so I’ll do my best not to cause any broadcasting accidents! With that in mind, I pumped myself up.

 [Aqua-kun, are you feeling a bit nervous? You seem to have a more serious atmosphere than usual.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Huh? Even Aqua-sama has become serious!? (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Here we go, another fun atmosphere where something’s bound to go wrong.]

 [Already, that guy Hagetoru messed up and got his comment deleted by Nee-san. It’s hilarious! LOL]

 [It’s amazing how Hagetoru hasn’t been caught in real life.]

 I wonder if that person whose comment got deleted out of the blue is okay.

 This time there’s a sponsor, so if they really get permanently banned?

 ”And so, I’d like to introduce our first guest. Welcome!”

 ”Hey there! Hey there!”

 The first guest is Kaede. Is it just my imagination or does she seem a little happy?

 [Morikawa LMAO]

 [Here we go, I have a bad feeling about this.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Pull back! Boo Booo!!]

 [She still have that hoge face.]

 [Aqua-sama, you better think about who you’re co-starring with.]

 [Is this a sign that Kohina Yukari is taking over again!?]

 [We’ve triggered Aqua Kitchen -> Yukari Kitchen flag…]

 [Yukari Rice: Did you call?]

 I feel like the comments section is being particularly harsh on Kaede. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

 Also, please don’t come out, senpai.

 Speaking of which, is that person really free? She called me like an idiot the other day…

 ”The guest this time is the national broadcaster, Morikawa Kaede!”

 ”Hello, this is Morikawa Kaede from the national broadcaster, whose program was almost hijacked the other day!”

 Why is Kaede the guest, you ask? There are various reasons.

 It could be because she appeared on the national broadcast’s Everyday’s Today Meal last month and they wanted to repay me. Or maybe it was the sponsor’s request to focus on people who have a contract with Beryl for the first episode. There’s also the recent discussion about the host of the year-end singing contest. It’s something like that.

 [Right away, she’s using her own story!]

 [This person is hilarious, LOL.]

 [I want to learn from this positive side of Morikawa.]

 [A woman who doesn’t fall easily, that’s Morikawa.]

 [If we compare her to a certain baseball game, Morikawa has high durability and guts.]

 [If we compare her to a certain baseball game, Morikawa is a wild pitch and a flea’s heart, LOL.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Can she cook with a broken collarbone?]




 I looked at the comment section and turned my eyes back to the camera.

 ”As you know, Morikawa-san broke her collarbone as a result of getting carried away and wrestling with a lotion sumo wrestler who won a gold medal at the world championship during the evening news program of the national broadcasting station. For some reason, they started to fight seriously halfway through and took it to the ground, where she won.”

 I don’t understand what I’m saying, but this is all true.

 Why did she end up doing lotion sumo during the evening news?

 The program review committee of the national broadcasting station is still struggling to find out the cause.

 Mentioned by Announcer Onizuka-san, Kaede has a habit of taking things in a different direction, so be careful.

 [He really doesn’t know what he’s talking about lol]

 [Well, I guess it can’t be helped. The player said she want to fight Morikawa-san.]

 [Maybe it would be better for that person to quit being an announcer and become a sports player instead.]

 [Even though she looks slender and slender at first glance, I wonder what’s going on with her body…]

 [Morikawa, she looks slim and slender at first glance, like a beautiful announcer lady standing there, but she has amazing arm strength. On top of that, she has incredible explosive power and moves swiftly like a monkey.]

 Certainly… to be honest, I think Kotono, who is training, has more muscle and her arms are solid.

 In fact, Kaede is as slim as Kanon, and it’s completely mysterious where she gets that power from her thin body.

 ”So, today, as a special treat, Announcer Morikawa won’t be involved in cooking. Instead, she’ll be trying the dishes that have already been prepared and giving her feedback.”

 Kaede happily sat down on the chair, putting a napkin on her lap, and holding a knife and fork in her hands like a child.

 Um… today’s dish is Japanese cuisine, right? I heard the staff mention it like five times during the meeting earlier.

 [What?! Her role is just to eat Aqua-sama’s cooking?]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Yes! Yes! I want to do that job!]

 [Don’t be ridiculous! I want a refund from the broadcasting!]

 [Is it really allowed to envy something like this?!]

 [I will raise this issue for consideration by the Broadcasting Ethics Committee!]

 [Damn it, I’m getting hungry now.]

 [They’re totally acting like newlyweds!!]

 [For customer inquiries at the national broadcasting, please contact at XXXX-XXX-XXXX.]

 I glanced sideways and sent a signal with my eyes.

 ”That’s why today we have a special guest who will help me with the cooking instead of Announcer Morikawa. Please welcome her.”

 She appeared with a slightly nervous face and bowed her head to the camera.

 ”Yes, so, as I’m sure you all know, she is my wife.”

 ”Today, I will be in charge of assisting with the cooking instead of Announcer Morikawa. I am Shirogane Kanon. Nice to meet you.”

 I wonder what’s wrong? I thought she was used to being on TV like this, but maybe she is nervous because it’s been a long time?

 As her husband, I have to follow up properly and cheer her up.

 [The wife is here!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Shumi, d*e!! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [No way, it’s his wife!?]

 [Are you kidding me!?]

 [Now that I think about it, this kitchen is the one from that commercial…]

 [When it was broadcast on the lunchtime variety show, it made all the housewives scream, you know.]

 [I have a bad feeling about this.]

 This time, Kanon was invited due to the cooperation with another sponsor.

 They’re launching a kitchen product from Panasony, which we, as a couple, will promote in a TV commercial starting today. So, the kitchen I’m using today is the same one from that commercial.

 ”Well then, let’s start cooking right away, considering the time.”

 It’s currently around 4 in the evening, so I need to finish by 5.

 ”The theme for today is Japanese cuisine, so I’d like to start by cooking some rice.”

 I quickly rinsed the rice and put it in the rice cooker along with water. The amount of rice and water is a bit delicate, but for the most part, it’s okay when it clicks into place.

 Since I’m doing quick cooking today and thinking about making it every day, it’s basically good enough.

 ”Today, since we’re short on time, let’s use the quick cooking mode.”

 Once that’s done, we’ll cut the ingredients for the miso soup with a knife.

 ”Well then, Kanon, how about giving me a hand here?”

 I put down the knife and made some space, passing the cooking area to Kanon.

 ”Do your best! You see, using a peeler for the skin will make it faster.”

 ”Uh, okay.”

 Kanon looked a little nervous as she carefully peeled the kintoki carrot. Ah, she looks cute when she’s cooking so earnestly. If no one was home right now, I might pounce on her.

 ”Huh, uh… wait a minute, what’s with this atmosphere?”

 Huh? It seems like Kaede is panicking, but what’s going on?

 [What on earth is happening here?]

 [Morikawa, I get it, LMAO.]

 [Yeah, Morikawa, it’s a disaster.]

 [They’re all over each other like a married couple, huh?]

 [Oh, it’s too thrilling; my mouth is hanging open, desu~wa.]

 [Young girls watching this will definitely have a skewed view of married life.]

 [Kanon-san is so cute and Aqua-sama is watching her kindly!]

 [Half of people are hogging (hoge), the other half are gnashing their teeth.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Shumi should d*e!! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 I can’t see the comments well because they are too fast.

 Is everyone charmed by Kanon’s cuteness?

 ”Huuu, sensei, how about this?”

 Kanon, wearing a frilly apron, looks up at me with her eyes and shows me the kintoki carrot she peeled herself.

 Ahh… why isn’t this my home. If this was my home, I would go straight to the bed and have a full course until morning.

 ”Yeah. You peeled it well. You did a good job.”


 I gently pat Kanon’s head. Damn, I’m sorry to the sponsor, but I want to eat Kanon, not the food…!


 Huh? Did someone just say something?

 [←Just a moment ago, the guy who was hogging like crazy as Hogekawa, now has the same expression as Hogekawa.]

 [This is where the hell starts!]

 [The usual beryl death game has begun.]

 [Do your best, Hogekawa!]

 [Stay alive, Hogekawa.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Get yourself together, Hogekawa!!]

 [Morikawa LMAO shows off her hoge face for several minutes in front of us.]

 [Hogekawa, just a moment ago, she was the most envied person in the world, and now she is the most pitied. LOL.]

 With the skillful hands that Kanon peeled the kintoki carrot for me, I expertly cut them.

 And let’s quickly peel the daikon radish in the Katsuramuki style.

 [No good, his cooking skills are too good that it’s instantly making me fall.]

 [Aqua-sama, you’re really delicious.]

 [Hey, when you’re peeling the daikon radish like that, isn’t it dangerous to have your shirt sleeves rolled up and your hands up close?]

 [It’s dangerous, you know. He’s just peeling the radish skin normally, but his wrists look so sexy and it makes my heart race.]

 [You can tell just from the way he uses his hands that Aqua-sama is a good man without even seeing his face!]

 [This photographer really knows a lot about women.]

 [Habu: Ahh, I wish I had a reliable husband like that!!]

 [Prime Minister, lol.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Hahaha, the self-proclaimed wife must getting wet next to him. You better change youunderwear too! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)”

 Now that we’ve finished preparing all the ingredients, we move on to the next step.

 ”Yeah, since we have daikon radish too, why not make braised yellowtail with daikon?”

 To remove any unwanted flavors, we give it a good pre-treatment and then toss it into the pot with water and cooking sake. It’ll take about 20 minutes from here, so maybe I’ll make some rolled omelette during that time.

 For that, I need to prepare the stock that I’ll also use for the pork soup. I make the stock with kombu seaweed, bonito flakes, and other things. This stock is a secret recipe from the Mayuzumi family.

 Later, I’ll thank Kiyoko-san and tell her that she can ask me anything if there’s something I can do.

 ”Well then, let’s make a tamagoyaki together with Kanon starting now. Do your best, Kanon!”


 At first, it was going smoothly, but she rolled it a little too fast, and the batter got all crumpled midway.

 ”I’m sorry.”

 ”It’s okay, leave the rest to me.”

 Ta-da! To make sure I don’t make Kanon sad, I put in my best effort to shape it nicely.


 Kaede? Sorry, but I’m really focused right now, so could you do it later? Oh, if you need to go to the bathroom, just go out through that exit on the right.

 [Hogekawa, I understand]

 [Hogekawa, you’re not alone]

 [We have the same faces, so please feel reassured]

 [Darn it, it’s a bit manipulative, but Kanon-sama’s apologetic expression when the omelette got all crumpled was surprisingly cute…]

 [Got it! This livestream is all about observing Kanon-sama to learn how to be loved by Aqua-sama!!]

 [That’s right!!]

 [There’s a genius here.]

 [I see, it’s educational (but the wife material is so good that it’s not educational).]

 [You can really tell she’s being loved for real.]

 [The way Aqua-kun looks when watching from the side is so gentle.]

 [Aqua-sama is seriously good at cooking.]

 [Aqua-kun, want to come over to my place? I’ll take care of you.]

 [Butterfly Lady: I think the way you made that dashi earlier was really good.]

 I place the finished tamagoyaki on the plate.

 Next to it, I put some shiso leaves, and on top of them, grated daikon radish. Yeah, the presentation is perfect now.


 Kanon, who was sitting next to me, smiles and claps her hands gently.

 I mean, why are all your actions so cute, one by one?

 ”Okay, let’s season the yellowtail radish.”

 I add some sugar and start preparing the neighboring pot.

 I’m planning to make simmered spinach and fried tofu here. First, I’ll boil the spinach in boiling water with added salt, then rinse it with water and cut it before boiling it again with the fried tofu. Meanwhile, I’ll add soy sauce to the yellowtail radish and continue simmering it.

 [Damn, his efficiency is so good that I can’t say anything.]

 [I think the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries should appoint Aa-sama as a food education ambassador. I believe it would be more effective than female celebrities or actresses who only have a pretty face and have never cooked.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: I’m hungry and it’s Hagetoru’s dinner… Grandma also suddenly started clamoring for Japanese food.]

 [I want to be Daddy Aqua’s daughter, who is good at cooking.]

 [Oh no, if I keep seeing this, my ideals will become even higher.]

 [*This is an extremely special case. Never take it as a reference!!]

 [The caption just now, LOL.]

 [I know, LMAO.]

 [And look, even the sponsors are going ‘Hoge’.]

 [Kanon-sama and appearing on TV together is dangerous. The whole world of girls will stop]

 [Look! Hogekawa hasn’t moved a millimeter since earlier LOL]

 [Don’t point the camera at Hogekawa regularly! The staff must be playing around with Hogekawa for sure LOL]

 Everything is going smoothly. In addition to the tamagoyaki with dashi stock, the simmered spinach and fried tofu are complete.

 After turning off the IH stove where I’ve been simmering the simmered radish, I start preparing the final menu, which is the pork soup.

 ”First, let’s stir-fry the vegetables.”

 Then add the dashi stock and bring it to a boil.

 ”Alright, Kanon, can you skim off the scum?”


 I watch Kanon closely from the side as she skims off the scum, with sweat forming on her forehead.

 Being able to see Kanon’s adorable figure up close and getting paid for it, what a fantastic job…

 Thank you, Momofuku Foods!

 I notice that the camera is moving towards me, so I pick up a cup noodle nearby and wink.

 [Yes, this cup noodle will be sold out tomorrow]

 [Is this a sign for us to just eat cup noodles?]

 [Did Aqua-sama become a super sadist!?]

 [That’s so hot]

 [Stop it, I feel like I’m awakening something]

 [I’ll just quietly slurp my cup noodles]

 [Yukari Rice: I don’t need you to tell me, I slurp cup noodles by myself every day, so what?]

 [I won’t say who above me, but LOL]

 [Momofuku Foods, there is another person here who can be in your CM LOL]

 After Kanon carefully removed the scum, we added miso and simmered it.

 Meanwhile, the rice was cooked, so Kanon and I prepared some tofu and pickles.

 ”OK, let’s dissolve some more miso for the last time”

 And it’s done… I added some green onions as a final touch to the pork soup in the bowl, and sprinkled some chili pepper on it. I also garnished the simmered daikon with shredded yuzu, and put some edamame on top of the tofu.

 [He’s totally a pro now!!]

 [I want to be Aqua-sama’s bride]

 [Everyone says they want to be Chijou, or get a job at Beryl, but I answered the best answer in one shot: I want to be Aqua-sama’s bride. This is the face of his wife]

 [Shumi d*e! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Shumi d*! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Shumi d*! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: This can’t be helped]

 [Hogekawa, are you alive?]

 [Look, Hogekawa is dead]

 [Finally, we can’t hear Hogekawa’s hoge voice LOL]

 [Hogekawa, you are not alone!!]

 [Well, Hogekawa will go hoge too]

 [Nearly an hour of what we were made to watch → Lovey-dovey time with his wife!]

 [Everything was so shocking…]

 [Oil Queen: How many oil fields do I need to dig up to eat this meal?]

 [Somebody’s talking from a different dimension, lol.]

 [Another crazy one has arrived, lol.]

 Seems like there’s been a sudden increase in comment deletions. Is everything okay, I wonder? Anyway, let’s dish up the final meal and it’s done!

 ”Yes, it’s ready!”


 Oh, Kanon is so cute. There, there.

 I gently stroke Kanon’s head.


 Kanon and I set the dishes in front of Kaede.

 Kaede? How long are you going to hold a fork and knife in your hand?

 [About the guest…]

 [The fate of a girl who got eaten up by substitutes.]

 [Hogekawa LMAO.]

 [Keep on living!]

 [Both Kohina Yukari and this time, seriously, LOL.]

 [Hogekawa, there’s something kinda likable about you in these situations, lol.]

 [Your mouth’s been wide open this whole time, lol.]

 [A bit of horror, LOL.]

 [I get it. I totally get it, Morikawa. We’re on your side, lol.]

 [Morikawa Sommelier: That expression…You still have some room to spare, right?]

 [Sommelier, really, lol.]

 For some reason, Kaede freezes, so to keep the show going, I place the prepared meals on the opposite side of Kaede’s meal.

 First, I taste the yellowtail radish. Mmm, delicious.

 ”So good!”

 Seeing Kanon’s face as she enjoys the food, my expression brightens too.

 [They’re starting to lovey-dovey again!!]

 [Sayamu Inko: I thought it was food attack, but it’s lovey-dovey attack!!]

 [Wow… this is too stimulating to be shown on mainstream TV.]

 [I’m already watching it as if I’m becoming his wife.]

 [I understand.]

 [Rather than being jealous of Kanon-sama, I want to blend into this warm atmosphere too.]

 [I understand. I want to be a part of this happy family too.]

 [Actually, I’m watching as if I’m their child.]

 [Their child!?]

 [There’s a genius among us!]

 [Daddy Aqua! Mommy Kanon!!]

 [Aquamarine: I wonder if he would give mommy more attention if I became A-chan’s daughter?]

 [Theis child thing, it’s already confirmed to be beautiful girl or boy even before they’re born, it’s amazing LOL]

 [Hey, in the next “dream job” ranking, “their child” job will skyrocket!]

 I take a bite of the rolled omelette we made together.

 Mmm, the inside is perfectly fluffy and the broth adds a delicious flavor!

 ”Is it tasty…?”

 ”Yeah. Here, try some…”

 I bring the picked tamagoyaki closer to Kanon.

 ”Open wide.”

 ”Mmm… it’s delicious.”

 Seeing Kanon’s embarrassed face, I have the urge to hold her tightly.

 Um, can we end the broadcast now? I want to be alone with Kanon and get even closer, but it’s okay to finish, right?


 [Well, this is definitely s*x (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [It’s almost time for the livestream to end, but can I ask you to show me what happens next for the sake of future reference? Nah, I don’t have any ulterior motives at all, you know.]

 [Of course, they’ll continue livestreaming in the bedroom afterwards, right?]

 [This world-renowned big company, like Momofuku Foods, not livestreaming what comes next? No way that’s happening!]

 [Anyway, I took off my clothes.]

 [I heard that you can get pregnant from what just happened. Is that true?]

 [My little sister is really cute and healing.]

 [Even the polluted people on the bulletin board are being purified by her pure aura.]

 [Yukari Rice: Are they all having fun eating together while subtly mocking those who eat alone?]

 [Having fun with three people?]

 [Yukari Rice, watch the show! Only two of them are having fun, haha!]

 [That one person is definitely dead, haha!]

 [Morikawa, don’t worry!]

 [Everyone, listen up! Be careful with your actions because sometimes one event can lead to something really crazy!]

 Ah, just a moment ago, Kaede, who was frozen, started behaving like a robot that ran out of oil.

 ”Sob, sob, uuuu… This food is delicious!”

 I’m so happy that she’s enjoying it to the point of tears. Look, there’s plenty more if you want seconds, so eat to your heart’s content.

 ”So, it’s about time to wrap things up. Thank you all for watching today.”

 ””Thank you very much!””

 I wave my hand in front of the camera.

 ”See you later!”

 And that’s the end of the broadcast. The remaining food is shared among the staff and people from Momofuku Foods who were visiting. Kaede seems to have recovered too, as she eats her food with gusto.

 ”Well, I was just sitting in a chair, so I thought it might not go well… But somehow, it turned out alright.”

 ”Ahaha, well, sometimes it happens. I’m always saved by Kaede, so I’m glad I could help Kaede this time.”

 ”Aqua-kun…! Uuu, munch munch, the food is so delicious!!”

 Phew… I was more nervous than I thought because of the live broadcast and the time limit, but I feel like I did well.

 Everything goes smoothly without Kohina-senpai.

 There was no trouble, and no need to apologize for anything.

 When I’m alone, there’s not a single problem, so I’m reminded that Kohina-senpai is the source of all evil.

 ”Aqua, this pork soup is tasty.”

 ”Yeah, of course it is. We made it together, so there’s no way it’s not delicious, right?”

 ”Geez, Aqua, you…”

 ”Come on, eat this too.”

 Hm? I feel like I’m getting a lot of stares from around me.

 Nah, it must be my imagination. I enjoyed the meal time with Kanon.

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