Male Idol V10c23

Volume 10 Chapter 23 Atori Ako, Take A Break

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 ”Oh… It might not work out…”

 In the morning, I woke up feeling groggy and feverish, realizing that I had caught a cold. For now, I took some cold medicine and then proceeded to discuss the audition and arrange the upcoming Beryl tour starting next month… Ah, it’s busy!

 After leaving the temporary rest area inside Beryl headquarters, I made my way to the elevator hall with unsteady steps.



 Ah, right, it’s already time for Aqua-kun to come for early morning training. I deliberately averted my gaze from Aqua-kun, just a little bit.

 Because, you see, Aqua-kun is currently wearing sporty clothes that accentuate his body lines, and it’s hard to know where to look. To be honest, even I or Kotono-san would barely be able to endure Aqua-kun’s current situation. I wonder if other girls would faint…

 By the way, the members of Clean Aqua Ecosystems who are involved in cleaning the training room and such, I heard from Shitori-san that they clean while wearing full protective suits. Apparently, regular cleaning companies can’t handle Aqua-kun’s sweaty smell, it’s too overpowering!


 Aqua-kun seems to have sensed something, but he slowly approaches me.

 Oh no, no, if he gets too close, I’ll get pregnant! Haha, I know that’s not possible, but even I can’t help but be conscious of this nice smell after a shower.

 ”Ako-san, stay still.”

 ”Uh, swure…”

 Aqua-kun gently places his palm on my forehead.

 Hmm… Maybe it’s because Aqua-kun was holding a cold water bottle earlier, but my forehead feels pleasantly cool.

 ”As I thought. You clearly have a fever, right? Did you stay in the temporary napping room again?”

 ”Uh, um…”

 I stumble over my words and avoid eye contact.

 ”D-don’t worry. I think I’ll get better soon if I take the medicine…”

 I tried to act like nothing happened and just walk past him, but Aqua-kun grabbed my arm and pulled me close.

 Awawawa, wait, now, when I’m not in the mood, if he does something like that, I’ll be more conscious than usual because I’ve been holding back.

 ”No, no, this is a good opportunity. Let’s go home. You promised to go before, right?”

 ”Eh, ah… but, today I have important work…”

 December is especially busy with Events and TV appearances, and if I take a break, I’ll cause trouble for everyone and Aqua-kun.

 ”Then it’s fine, Kotono is there, and Shitori-onee-chan is there too. Ako-san, you should have more confidence in your company’s employees.”

 Aqua-kun said that and lifted me up.

 Eh…ehh!? Th, this is, ah, that, the legendary princess carry….

 ”Come on, let’s go home.”


 What are you going to do when we get my home!? Are you planning on making babies or something…? Ah, no, that’s not it!

 Usually, I can resist it, but today Aqua-kun is coming at me aggressively, so my head is spinning with heat and fantasies.

 Now, Aqua-kun takes me in a taxi and heads straight to my apartment.


 As soon as I enter my house, I remember that the last time I left, I panicked and took off my clothes in a hurry, leaving them scattered everywhere, and that I left the laundry out.

 ”I-I’m sorry.”

 ”Ah, no, I-I should be the one apologizing, sorry.”

 I feel like Aqua-kun was looking at my bra earlier, but it’s probably just my imagination, right? Maybe I’m seeing hallucinations because of the fever. I thought I should take my medicine as soon as possible.

 ”Have you eaten dinner?”

 I shake my head left and right.

 ”In that case, I have some sports jelly that I bought, so let’s eat that. Do you have any emergency medicine?”

 ”Um, it’s in my pouch…”

 I received a jelly from Aqua-kun and swallowed it with my medicine. At first, I felt a little awkward when a condom came out of the pouch, but Aqua-kun pretended not to notice, which was a relief.

 ”Aqua-kun, I don’t want you to catch a cold, so…”

 ”Don’t worry. I’ve taken proper precautions. Ako-san, just think about yourself.”

 Saying so, Aqua-kun made a call to the company and left the room. While Aqua-kun was outside, I changed into my pajamas.

 ”For now, Ako-san, make sure to stay hydrated and get a good rest.”

 ”Y-yeah, got it.”

 Whether it was because I caught a cold or because Aqua-kun was at home, I couldn’t sleep at all because I was too excited. But maybe Aqua-kun saw that I was worried, Aqua-kun gently stroked my head with a touch as tender as my mom’s.

 ”It’s okay, I’m here, so don’t worry. By the way, while you were sleeping, I cleaned up a bit. Is that alright?”


 Why is he so cool? There’s no girl who wouldn’t be thrilled to hear such things from a guy who is so cool and reliable. I felt my temperature rise all of a sudden. Thanks to that, I unknowingly fell asleep.


 I woke up feeling a strange discomfort, as if something was clinging to my body.


 My pajamas were soaked with sweat. How long had I been sleeping? When I looked at the clock, it was already past noon.

 I think it’s been months since I had such a deep sleep. Looking around, the clothes I had scattered were neatly tidied up.

 ”Ako-san, are you awake?”

 ”Oh, yes.”

 I was thinking maybe he had already left, but my heart skipped a beat when I heard Aqua-kun’s voice.

 No! I’m the president of Beryl! I keep reminding myself that it’s not right to betray the parents who trust me with their children.”

 ”Can I come into the room? Is it okay?”

 ”Yeah, it’s fine.”

 Aqua-kun brought me porridge on a tray. The enticing smell of rice lured me in, and my stomach growled embarrassingly on its own accord.

 ”If you feel like you can eat, have a proper meal and then take the medicine again.”

 Wow, it’s egg porridge! I really like this. Wait, huh? Did this house have rice and eggs? As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any groceries in this house…

 ”By the way, there were hardly any ingredients, so I bought some.”

 ”I’m sorry. Thank you so much for everything.”

 I scooped up the porridge with a spoon and put it in my mouth. Ouch! I must have been too hungry because I forgot that the porridge was piping hot, just like Morikawa-san, who always forgets things.

 Looking at me writhing in pain from burning my mouth, Aqua-kun gives a wry smile. Ugh… he saw me in such an embarrassing state.

 ”Somehow, when I see Ako-san like that, it reminds me of when I used to work part-time at the Cafe Tomarigi.”


 ”Recently, Ako-san, you’ve been really reliable and pushing yourself too hard. So even if there are days like this occasionally, it’s okay, right?”

 Indeed, lately I’ve been, well… or rather, quite, pushing myself too hard. I’m sure Yukari would be furious if she found out, and if she knew I caught a cold, she’ll scold me again.

 ”Well then, shall I spoil the hardworking Ako-san today after a long time?”


 Spoil me? Who? Who is he talking about? While I’m frozen with confusion, Aqua-kun scoops up some porridge with the spoon I was using.



 As I react the same way twice, Aqua-kun smiles and chuckles.

 ”I’ll feed you”


 I panicked and blurted out something ridiculous.

 ”I want you to blow on it.”

 What am I saying? Hey, what did I just say!?

 The desire that I had suppressed deep inside me turned into words and leaked out.

 ”Phew, phew, here you go.”

 Eh? He’s really going to do it? Do I need to pay extra for this service or something….

 I pretended to take out my wallet from my pocket, even though I didn’t have one.

 Oh, I realized that I haven’t grown up at all in essence since then, and felt a little blue.

 ”Mm, delicious…”

 But the porridge was tasty.

 Sniff… The taste of home that I hadn’t had for a long time warmed my heart.

 ”Here, let’s have another bite.”


 From then on, it was a battle with my normalcy.

 The time I spent being fed by Aqua-kun was so blissful that I felt like I was living a lifetime of luxury.

 ”Alright then, I’ll go do the dishes.”

 ”Oh, in that case, I’ll use the bathroom too…”

 As soon as I stepped outside the room, I noticed something. The pile of cardboard boxes that had been cluttering the hallway had completely disappeared…

 Could it be? For a brief moment, I peeked into the living room and saw that everything I had left lying around was neatly tidied up. There was even a note on the table, indicating where everything had been put away.

 Huh? Are we already a married couple?

 Oh no, no, stop it, I’m thinking too much again. Let me just go to the bathroom and calm down for a moment. As I went to the bathroom, I took off my sweaty underwear and put it in the washing machine. While I was at it, I decided to change into a fresh pair of underwear… And strangely enough, even the sink and the toilet seemed to be cleaner.

 Wait, oh no, did he see my Aqua-kun poster in the bathroom!? There was a sticky note attached to it.

 [I’m happy that Ako-san put up the poster, but it’s a little embarrassing in the bathroom.]


 I was about to hit my head against the bathroom wall, but managed to hold back.

 If I did something like that, Aqua-kun would definitely rush over, asking if something happened.

 If that happened, I would have to explain the cause, exposing my embarrassment.

 I absolutely have to endure that.

 ”If there’s a hole, I want to go in…”

 To compare, this embarrassment is as embarrassing as my mom finding er*tic books or a v**rator neatly placed on top of the clothes she folded after cleaning the room.

 A-anyway, I left the bathroom, writhing in shame, and headed back to my room. I’m going to sleep. After all, I thought that I could forget everything while sleeping.

 ”Welcome home.”

 ”I-I’m home…”

 Huh? Are we a married couple?

 When I returned to the room, Aqua-kun was wiping the table.

 I couldn’t help but avert my gaze from Aqua-kun out of embarrassment. Ugh, there’s no way I can meet his eyes.

 ”Is there anything else you want me to do?”



 I’m idiot! I’m such an idiot!! I was just about to say something that could easily be seen as trying to make a baby. That was close. I read in a book before that when humans are weakened, they want to have s*x. Is that really true?

 ”T-these pajamas, they’re sweaty so I want to change…”

 ”In that case, I’ll bring a towel for you to wipe yourself.”

 Alright, let’s try to calm down for now… but, there’s no way I can calm down!! I mean, being alone in my room with Aqua-kun like this, it’s just beyond anything I could have imagined.

 As I writhed on the bed again, Aqua-kun filled a basin with hot water and brought a towel for me to wipe myself with.

 ”Okay, I’m stepping outside for a bit.”

 ”Oh, wait, could you at least wipe my back first?”

 Wait, what? What am I even talking about? I’m completely losing it. I can’t do what I usually do so easily.

 ”Um, alright. I’ll try not to look.”

 Ugh, this is so wrong! This situation, it’s practically harassment or even a crime against minors. If Aqua-kun reports this to a magazine, I’d get arrested instantly. I unbutton my pajamas one by one, trying not to expose my embarrassing chest to Aqua-kun.

 ”T-then, I’ll wipe your back now.”


 Oh… the moment the towel touches my back, my body reacts with pleasure. No, I need to control myself, my voice, my body, everything.

 But there’s a stain spreading on the pants I just changed into. This is a crime, isn’t it? If I go any further, I’ll definitely cross the line.

 If that happened, everyone would be unhappy. I turned back as if Aqua-kun had stopped me, trying to cut off my thoughts.

 ”Aqua-kun, it’s okay after all. I’ll take care of the rest——Huh?”

 Aqua-kun, after turning towards me, froze in place. Looking closely, I realized his gaze wasn’t on my face but lower. I shifted my gaze in that direction, and… my boobs came into view.

 Awawawa, this is embarrassing in front of Aqua-kun… no, I’m not a Chijou. This is definitely not like me at all. I immediately tried to apologize, but I panicked, losing my balance.

 ”Oh, be careful!”

 Aqua-kun supported me as I almost tumbled off. That’s fine, but one of his hands had grabbed my arm, while the other one accidentally ended up on my breast.

 Ah, no way, if he does this to me, I, I…! My womb deep inside wants to get pregnant with the baby of the boy in front of me, and it keeps sending me signals.

 I can’t resist the instinct of a woman that eats away at my reason. No, no, I have to stop! Stop it!!



 Our eyes meet as Aqua-kun looks surprised. At that moment, the door of my room slams open.

 ”I kept you waiting! I came all the way here for you!”

 I freeze as I see my friend standing smugly on the other side of the door.

 ”Huh? Oh… Sorry. You can continue. It was my fault. I interrupted the s*x…”

 ”It’s not s*x!”

 ”Kohina-senpai, this is misunderstanding!”

 My voice and Aqua-kun’s voice overlapped.

 ”See, after all, s*x…”

 ”That’s not true! I’m just getting my back wiped, so we haven’t done anything yet!”

 It was definitely a little suspicious, but I barely held on!

 ”Not yet, huh…?”

 ”If you dig deeper, I won’t talk to you for a week.”

 Yukari had a face of despair when she heard that.

 ”A-Ako-san, I’m sorry. That…”

 ”No, it’s okay. I’m sorry too”

 Aqua-kun is kind, so he apologizes for some reason, but it’s clearly my fault 100%. I even let him touch my breasts of all things, I really did something bad.

 ”Kohina-senpai, please snap out of it. Kohina-senpai”

 ”Y-you don’t have to shake me so much. It’s okay!”

 Aqua-kun shakes Yukari’s body back up and hands her the towel in his hand.

 ”Then, please help me wipe Ako-san’s body.”


 ”Who else is there besides Kohina-senpai? Ako-san has a cold, so please.”


 For some reason, Yukari awkwardly wiped my body.

 I’m sorry. You even brought me spare pants…

 I heard from Yukari that Aqua-kun contacted her and rushed over.

 I also thanked Yukari for that.

 ”Hehe, you know, Ako-chi and I are best buddies, so you can rely on me even more!!”

 Honestly, I was really saved by Yukari coming over.

 If it had just been me and Aqua-kun, it might have been really dangerous.

 Thanks to Yukari’s arrival, I felt calmer or maybe just relieved, and I fell back asleep in bed.

 Oh, I think I might be thirsty.

 I got up from bed and stepped out into the hallway from my room.

 Then, I heard cheerful voices coming from the living room.

 ”Kohina-senpai, please don’t play with the ingredients.”

 ”I’m trying my best to cook, you know!?”

 ”Senpai, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. What suits you best is sitting quietly at the table and waiting.”

 ”Grrrr! Look at this. I’ll definitely make you go ‘gyafun’ with my cooking someday!”

 When I saw Aqua-kun and Yukari side by side in the kitchen, cooking, it made me smile. Well, it seems like one of them is just being a nuisance though.

 Oh well, I can’t really say much since I’m at the level of hair growing on Yukari.

 ”Ah, Ako-san. Did you sleep well?”

 ”Yeah, thanks to you, I feel better now. Thank you.”

 Yukari looks at me with a piercing gaze.

 ”Don’t go doing something reckless again, okay?”

 ”Hehe, sorry about that. I caused trouble for Yukari too.”

 As I said that, Yukari muttered, “Well, there’s nothing I can do about it.” Even though she’s grumbling like that, I know very well that Yukari is a kind person. So I expressed my gratitude to Yukari again.

 Then, Yukari blushed, looking embarrassed, and swiftly averted her gaze from me. Hehe, you know, it’s really cute when you’re like that. I hope more people get to know that about that side of you!

 ”Ako-san, are you hungry?”

 ”Yeah, I’m starving!”

 ”Can you eat anything?”


 ”Alright then, I’ll prepare something quickly. Please wait at the table with Kohina-senpai, who might get in the way.”

 ”Hey, what do you mean by ‘get in the way’?!”

 ”Okay, okay. Yukari, let’s wait at the table together. Don’t bother Aqua-kun.”

 That day, the three of us had dinner together.

 Looking back now, it was the first time this house was so lively.

 Since I moved in, I hadn’t really done much except sleep and go back to grab clothes…

 ”You know, since you’re here, why don’t you stay the night?”


 Aqua-kun was perplexed by Yukari’s suggestion.

 Wait, hold on, who is staying at whose house?

 Aqua-kun at my place? Huh… Isn’t that, like, some kind of crime, like kidnapping minors or something? Oh, it’s okay if he has permission from your family… What?! Is he seriously staying over!?

 ”So, that’s why, I’ll be in your care today.”

 ”Hehe, since you’re here, let’s have a special reflection session today.”

 Coincidentally, today is Monday. In other words, I found myself watching Monday 9PM Drama sandwiched between the two who are starring in it.

 This is definitely a development that fans would be incredibly envious of. Yukari got carried away and wanted to call Ayana-chan in the middle, but I had to ask her to stop, as it would be a bother.

 I mean, if she did that, I’d have to apologize to the other agency and her mom as well. I really don’t want them to give me more work…

 ”So, Yukari, are you really going to do it?”

 ”Of course.”

 We took out a guest futon and the three of us ended up lying side by side in the living room, sleeping like a triangle.

 Wait, there’s no way I can sleep like this!!

 And I’ve slept too much, so my eyes are wide awake!

 ”Hey, Useless Aqua, are you awake?”

 ”Yes, yes. I’m awake.”

 ”Hehe, maybe you can’t sleep alone because you’ll get lonely? Well, can’t be helped. In that case, I’ll sleep with you.”


 Huh? What on earth is Yukari saying?

 Right in the middle of us, or in other words, Aqua-kun’s futon starts rustling.

 ”Hey! Kohina-senpai!?”

 ”Come on, if we’re doing this, then Ako should come over here too.”

 Huh? I-Is that really okay?

 I do the same and move from my own futon into Aqua-kun’s futon.

 But, this is totally not okay!!

 I got lured into doing it, but it’s completely not okay!!

 ”Kohina-senpai, this is really bad.”

 ”What do you mean, bad?”

 ”Well, um, I’m also, a guy…”

 ”Huh? You’re a guy… does that mean you see us as girrrrrls, Aqua-kun!?”

 ”Hmm… well, I guess it can’t be helped. Come on, you can touch my breasts if you want.”



 Aqua-kun and I had a similar reaction.

 ”Ako-chi, what are you spacing out for? Come on, hurry up and show your breasts. Seriously, you’re just like Morikawa, with that hoge face! What’s the point of growing those D-cups if you don’t let this guy touch them? Come on, Ako-chi’s breasts have a nice shape, so have more confidence.”

 Huh? Huh? Huh?

 I glanced at Aqua-kun’s face.

 And Aqua-kun, in a performance that anyone could see through, pretended to be asleep.

 ”Zzz, zzz.”

 ”Oh, he’s pretending to sleep! Ugh, I said I would let him do it, but he gets scared at the crucial moment!”

 I let out a sigh of relief and gently stroke my chest.

 After a tiring day, I fell asleep again. But the next day, I woke up feeling refreshed and completely revived!

 Alrighty then, time to start fresh and give it my all at work!

 I’m pumping up my motivation once again for the huge New Year’s event that’s coming up.

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