Male Idol V10c24

Volume 10 Chapter 24 Bulletin Board, Sorry For Our Aqua-Sama

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Shumi, d*e] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 3978 [Lovey-dovey]
8 Anonymous
Shumi and Aqua-sama’s magazine, it was awesome…
11 Anonymous
Too shocking, I had the same face as Hogekawa
13 Anonymous
My little sister saw the magazine and she was frozen like Hogekawa for about 5 hours
After that, I also read it and I was Hogekawa for about 4 hours
16 Anonymous
The kitchen CM, the cooking stream, the magazine and the self proclaimed wife stuff, they all increased their exposure at once
19 Anonymous
Thanks to that, we can see what it’s like to marry Aqua-kun
22 Anonymous
I married a girl, but I’m using their magazine and stuff as a reference a lot
When we have a day off, we always kiss before going to sleep
25 Anonymous
That’s nice
I think I should give up and marry a girl too
29 Anonymous
Why don’t you start with a friend marriage?
I think it would be good to start by living in a shared house with a good friend
33 Anonymous
I did that with a friend I was living in a shared house with, because we couldn’t marry a guy
35 Anonymous
Wow, there are a lot of friend marriages
38 Anonymous
Just a simple question, do people who marry friends do things like that?
42 Anonymous
We just touch each other, but I get excited just by having my gitals played with by hands that aren’t my own, and I get pretty excited if I fondle my breasts or chew on them
46 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shall I tell you about the night I taught Shumi, an innocent junior high school student, how to do mas*bating?
50 Anonymous
Seriously? LMAO
51 Anonymous
53 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’ll stop being friends with you if you say that
And it’s not like you just showed me a book with the instructions!!
57 Anonymous
You said it all yourself!
58 Anonymous
Shumi, you are telling everything by yourself!
61 Anonymous
This is not Shumi or self-proclaimed wife, but klutz wife
65 Anonymous
Ah, I’m glad to see that this place is peaceful as always today
68 Anonymous
Honestly, I thought Hagetoru and Shumi would get married
72 Anonymous
I know, right? They were always flirting on the board
75 Anonymous
There is also an exclusive interview with Mishu-sama, and it seems that friend marriage is getting attention
I had a feeling, but Aqua-sama was really Mishu-sama’s child
79 Anonymous
Wow, genes are amazing
83 Anonymous
I was surprised by Mishu-sama’s exclusive interview. I never thought she would mention Kokucho and Stars
87 Anonymous
I’m associated with the Kokucho family, and it does make me feel a bit uncomfortable. But well, I had quite a few terrible relatives, so it can’t be helped
89 Anonymous
I don’t think Kokucho Agewa’s proposal to strengthen the male protection law, as a politician, was a bad idea. Actually, quite a few people supported that. But ever since Aqua-kun came into the picture..
94 Anonymous
I thought it was inevitable when those three were caught together at the soccer tournament
– Bishop Kythera… The leader of the conservative faction, and the one who originated Japan’s male protection law from Stars’ male protection law
– Agewa… The central figure of the strict male protection law team
– Her Highness Manaat… The strict enforcement of the male protection law that Agewa aimed for leads to the Arabian Peninsula Federation, and the one who determines it is the temple, and Manaat-sama, its leader
The Prime Minister argued that men also have the right to freedom, and the Fuji family wanted to maintain the status quo because it had both advantages and disadvantages, but the situation was similar to Stars. There was even a sense that the enforcement would become stricter, but someone came along and ruined it all
98 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “I will destroy everything.”
102 Anonymous
In the Holy Aqua Religion, Aqua-kun is treated as a god, but Aqua-kun is a god of destruction
106 Anonymous
God of destruction, LMAO
107 Anonymous
I think that’s true, LOL
114 Anonymous
The footsteps of the God of Destruction, Aqua-sama
– The depopulation of the city pleasure thread
The probability of meeting Aqua-sama has become higher than meeting an ordinary man
The thread is still there, but with the Verification Team of four people gone, the number of people has decreased
– Stars completely collapses
Shumi and Mary-sama’s popularity as the top two favorites of the citizens has been taken away. The Stars Orthodox Church has lost its influence
– Black Company completely disappears
With the start of Driver’s broadcast, the number of people who don’t want to work on Sunday mornings has skyrocketed
With the start of the Monday 9PM drama as a trigger, the word “overtime” has completely disappeared from all companies
Of course, those who want to work can still work, but the hourly wage on Sunday mornings and Monday nights is more than double
– Completely disrupts women’s views on men
The women no longer fall for mediocre men
Aqua-kun on the screen is closer and has a more enthusiastic service spirit than the boys around them
– Destroying the hierarchy among men
Other boys no longer follow the men who have oppressed women in the past
– The destruction of Kohina Yukari
He totally destroyed her image of hating men
120 Anonymous
I was reading and nodding until the end LOL
121 Anonymous
I get the last part but LOL
125 Anonymous
Add this too
– Destroyed the image of Kanon, the former princess
After finding out that the inside was Shumi, her image of being serious was ruined by her clumsiness
129 Anonymous
131 Anonymous
I understand LOL
133 Anonymous
They say that only the remnants left by the god of destruction Aqua-sama remain..
136 Anonymous
Hogekawa: “Did you call me?”
140 Anonymous
Speaking of Hogekawa, I wonder what will happen in Morikawa’s room in the second episode..
144 Anonymous
The second episode is next month, but the cast list says Kohina Yukari, Shirogane Aqua, Morikawa Kaede
But it seems like a plan, so I don’t know how it will go. But I think they are adjusting for that
148 Anonymous
The funny thing about this is, Kohina Yukari is on the leftmost of the main, and Morikawa is last in the order LOL
The program is totally taken over LOL
151 Anonymous
Now, I see, the program is also Morikawa Kaede’s Room (Temp)
The weather is getting shady LMAO
155 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I am against program takeover!!
I think that’s not good!!
158 Anonymous
160 Anonymous
163 Anonymous
Add this to the things Aqua-sama destroyed
“Morikawa Kaede’s Room”
168 Anonymous
170 Anonymous
To be precise, it was Kohina Yukari who caused the destruction, but let’s just blame it on Aa-sama, LOL
175 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Even if they weren’t taken over, with that clueless staff, Hogekawa would have messed up and the show would have been canceled after the first episode, LOL
Hogekawa may disappear from the show’s name, but it’s better that it didn’t completely vanish, LOL
180 Anonymous
LMAO, so true
183 Anonymous
Hilarious, LOL
186 Anonymous
Looks like it’s confirmed they were taken over, LOL
189 Anonymous
Can’t be helped. Since Aqua-sama is involved, all we can do is watch from the outside like Hogekawa
You know, it’s like with monster movies. Regular citizens can’t do anything when faced with a giant monster, right?
So basically, what I’m saying is, as humans, resignation is crucial, LOL
192 Anonymous
Oh, I see. So, we’re just regular citizens getting crushed by Aqua-sama..
Oh no, this is not good. It feels like a new fetish is awakening in me
196 Anonymous
Well, there’s already a thread for getting stepped on by Aqua-sama, so you might want to check that out
197 Anonymous
Don’t worry, you’re not alone!
200 Anonymous
No way!
202 Anonymous
By the way, did anyone win tickets to the Aqua-rium? I failed the audition in the document screening, but I won tickets!
I’m satisfied because I can meet Aqua-sama live
208 Anonymous
How lucky! Someone who won tickets for Music Stage said the closest experience is during studio recordings, so savor the live Aqua-sama thoroughly
211 Anonymous
Maybe it’s just me, but Aqua-sama’s live feels kinda naughty. Probably because my head’s been poisoned by message boards and Hagetoru. LOL
215 Anonymous
I think so. LMAO
219 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Listen up! If you’re a perv, it’s because you’re a perv, got it?
224 Anonymous
That’s the truth. So, the rating range on the bulletin board is like Hagetoru Chijou Line and..
228 Anonymous
231 Anonymous
Somehow the website has been updated!
235 Anonymous
Announcement for the Aqua-rium final participants is here! 🎉
– Idol Audition Main Participants List
1. Natsuki Sana
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Chiba Prefecture
– Age: 18 years old
– Affiliation: Otomezaki High School, 3rd Year
2. Tomoe Setsuna
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Hokkaido
– Age: 23 years old
– Affiliation: Fuji Department Store Shinjuku Branch
3. Shirogane Lapis
– Qualification: Recommendation
– Hometown: Tokyo
– Age: 13 years old
– Affiliation: Private St. Claris Girls’ School Junior High School, 2nd Year Student
4. Lazuli Hauyne Noselite
– Qualification: General Overseas
– Age: 13 years old
– Affiliation: Stars, Junior High School, 2nd Year Student
5. Nekoyama Subaru
– Qualification: Recommendation
– Hometown: Tokyo
– Age: 14 years old
– Affiliation: Private St. Claris Girls’ School Junior High School, 2nd Year Student
6. Sumeragi Kukuri
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Tokyo
– Age: 15 years old
– Affiliation: National Hinomoto Girls’ School Junior High School, 3rd Year Student
7. Hermie Stars Goshenite
– Qualification: General Overseas
– Age: 10 years old
– Affiliation: Stars, 4th Grade
8. Amamiya Kotori
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Akita Prefecture
– Age: 18 years old
– Affiliation: Akita Agricultural High School, 3rd Year Student
9. Inori Hisui
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Kagoshima
– Age: 15 years old
– Affiliation: Amami Junior High School, 3rd Year Student
10. Finus
– Qualification: General Overseas
– Age: 12 years old
– Affiliation: Arabian Peninsula Federation, 6th Grade
11. Uryuu Anko
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Fukuoka Prefecture
– Age: 21 years old
– Affiliation: Teito Hotel Osaka
12. Fujibayashi Misono
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Kyoto Prefecture
– Age: 20 years old
– Affiliation: National Teito Medical University, 2nd Year Student
13. Kirihara Karen
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Hyogo Prefecture
– Age: 17 years old
– Affiliation: Private Mary Girls’ Academy High School, 2nd Year Student
14. Sabato Miyako
– Qualification: Recommendation
– Hometown: Saitama
– Age: 14 years old
– Affiliation: Private St. Claris Girls’ School Junior High School, 2nd Year Student
15. Hoshikawa Mio
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Ehime
– Age: 16 years old
– Affiliation: Gion Kabu
16. Kokucho Kujaku
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Kanagawa
– Age: 18 years old
– Affiliation: Unemployed
17. Nanase Nino
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Osaka
– Age: 16 years old
– Affiliation: Keiyo Technical High School, 1st Year Student
18. Kayano Serika
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Aichi
– Age: 20 years old
– Affiliation: Tokyo Language University, 3rd Year Student
19. Tsushima Kouko
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Hiroshima
– Age: 19 years old
– Affiliation: Ueno National University of Fine Arts, 1st Year Student
20. Yamada Maruo
– Qualification: General
– Hometown: Aomori
– Age: 17 years old
– Affiliation: Seiten High School, 2nd-year student
※ The order is based on the judges’ scores at the time of the preliminary round
※ The judging criteria include singing ability, dancing, charisma, personality, future potential, star quality, and individual uniqueness, evaluated comprehensively
239 Anonymous
Wow!! Really!? Little sis is in 3rd place!?
243 Anonymous
Are there two people surpassing little sis!?
I thought the top 5 were clearly dominating, but now we have 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 10th places..
246 Anonymous
23 years old is the oldest, huh… Hang in there!
250 Anonymous
It was surprising to see Kukuri-sama appear, but it seems like the six noble families are getting involved
– No. 6, Sumeragi Kukuri, 15 years old, 3rd year student at the National Nihon Girls’ School
– No. 8, Amamiya Kotori, 18 years old, 3rd year student at the Akita Agricultural High School
– No. 12, Fujibayashi Misono, 20 years old, 2nd year student at the National Teito Medical University
– No. 16, Kokucho Kujaku, 18 years old, unemployed
254 Anonymous
Fujibayashi may not necessarily be from the Fuji family lineage, but it’s not impossible, right?
They’re good at blending in with ordinary citizens there, and I think it’s darker here compared to Kokucho
256 Anonymous
No. 16, Kokucho Kujaku, 18 years old, unemployed
Even though they’re from the Kokucho family, I can support the unemployed. Hang in there, Kujaku-chan!
259 Anonymous
May I say one thing?
– No. 13, Kirihara Karen, 17 years old, 2nd year student at the private Mary Girls’ Academy
She’s our friend for sure. I won’t be mad at you, so confess
263 Anonymous
Because of those stupid four, Mary is getting a bad reputation, LOL. There has to be at least one normal person among Mary’s friends!!
267 Anonymous
I support Kirihara Karen, the representative of the bulletin board!
271 Anonymous
I feel sorry for Kirihara Karen who was made the bulletin board representative LOL
275 Anonymous
– No. 20, 17-year-old Yamada Maruo from Aomori Prefecture / 2nd year student at Seiten High School High School
278 Anonymous
Sorry to interrupt the excitement, but..
– No. 20, 17-year-old Yamada Maruo from Aomori Prefecture / 2nd year student at Seiten High School High School
282 Anonymous
Hey, I think everyone’s losing their minds, but the last person, it’s a boy, right?
286 Anonymous
Oh, it’s a boy!?
290 Anonymous
Oh no, I didn’t expect a boy to apply, so my brain was lagging..
I see, so that can happen too
293 Anonymous
Wow, the time has come!!
295 Anonymous
Another boy is joining Beryl!?
298 Anonymous
It’s a festival, hurry up!!
302 Anonymous
Hey, but this kid, he’s number 20, right?
If a boy applies, shouldn’t he get in automatically?
307 Anonymous
I thought so too
I thought the judges would be lenient because he’s a boy, but are they really judging him seriously?
313 Anonymous
Maybe they are?
The recommended candidates also passed the paper screening, but they participated in the preliminaries too, you know
I thought he was impressive there, but there were others who were better or equal to him..
319 Anonymous
I was in the preliminaries too, but Tomoe Setsuna was amazing
She was 23 years old, one of the oldest in the preliminaries, right?
324 Anonymous
I was with Natsuki Sana-san, but there was this gap, you know?
Despite her high-performance skills, she had this childlike innocence that seemed to resonate with the judges during the preliminaries
She completely rocked the white dress and nailed the transformation pose, just like the previous Drivers
Her special skills include playing the piano and the violin, and her hobbies include playing in the river and catching bugs. I mean, it was unbelievable! And her adorable smile might have been a deciding factor
330 Anonymous
Someone mentioned before in the thread that Amamiya Kotori-san and Hoshikawa Mio-san were amazing
336 Anonymous
Hoshikawa Mio-san was seriously incredible. I thought she would be easygoing, but when she started singing, she was way too cool, and I was blown away
341 Anonymous
When Aqua-kun appeared, it was amazing how everything started to connect like this
You guys, I think something is definitely changing among boys
345 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You guys, I hope you realize that you’re going overboard. We should all take a moment to think about how us girls should interact with boys, too
349 Anonymous
Are you… kidding me?
352 Anonymous
Everyone! Run before the disaster comes!!
356 Anonymous
You must’ve eaten some dangerous mushrooms because you’re broke, right? Come on, confess to Nee-san without getting mad
358 Anonymous
Mom always says not to eat things you find on the ground!!
361 Anonymous
Thanks, everyone, for everything so far. It seems like today the Earth is going to be destroyed by a meteor collision
366 Anonymous
You guys, LMAO
369 Anonymous
Hagetoru is so weird… because she said something sensible, everyone got confused!!
373 Anonymous
I found a reply telling you not to say that today, LOL
381 Anonymous
Hagetoru! Your username got hacked, man!
384 Anonymous
The evaluation of this thread towards Hagetoru, LMAO
388 Anonymous
You… are actually in your sage time after mas*bat*ng, right?
392 Anonymous
394 Anonymous
397 Anonymous
Ah, I see, understood
401 Anonymous
Putting Hagetoru’s gags aside, here are the members who passed the preliminary round
– Duet Audition Main Finalists
1. Yukishiro Emily
– Qualification: General
– Affiliation: Ramen Takeko, 2nd-year student at Mary Women’s Academy University
2. Erika Evermillion
– Qualification: General
– Affiliation: World-renowned soprano singer
3. Kuga Reira
– Qualification: General
– Affiliation: STAR LIGHTS PARTNER: States
4. Jou Maron / Eau de Cologne
– Qualification: General
– Affiliation: M.U.C (Make Up Cosmetics RECORD)
5. Sayamu Inko / Holospray
– Qualification: General
– Affiliation: BIRD Leader Corporation
6. Yukishiro Mikuni
– Qualification: Recommendation
– Affiliation: STAR LIGHTS PARTNER: States
7. Kokucho Kaguya
– Qualification: General
– Affiliation: National Japan Women’s College, 1st-year student
8. Natalia Rosenesta
– Qualification: Recommendation
– Affiliation: Private Otomezaki Academy High School, 2nd-year student
9. Hizume Sayaka / December
– Qualification: General
– Affiliation: Catasthrope, PRiSM agency Corporation
10. Kato Iria
– Qualification: General
– Affiliation: Fairies, Fairy Tale Company
※ The order is based on the judges’ scores during the preliminary rounds
※ In addition to pure singing ability, the criteria for judging will include the approach to the song, the compatibility of the voice with the music, and the potential for improvement leading up to the final performance
※ For participation in the main event, permission has already been obtained from their respective agencies
※ Contracts with record labels, various agencies, or our company are currently only open to those who are not affiliated with any at the moment
406 Anonymous
1st place? Seriously? LMAO
410 Anonymous
Erika-sama, the world-famous soprano singer, is in 2nd place!?
414 Anonymous
1st place, Ramen Takeko, LOL
The only one who’s signed, LOL
416 Anonymous
I suddenly feel a connection with Ramen Takako
419 Anonymous
The person in 1st place is Mary!
Our fellow is in the lead again!!
424 Anonymous
Eririn in 2nd place is unacceptable!
But everything’s forgiven with Ramen Takako and Mary. ←Right here, right now
427 Anonymous
Let’s hope Kirihara Karen-chan and Yukishiro Emily-chan work hard as the board representatives
Mary’s probably all board members anyway
433 Anonymous
The person in 1st place, is that the beautiful Ramen Takeko’s waitress?
438 Anonymous
That’s the same beautiful waitress. I hope she does her best!
Like, there’s no way that person is a bulletin board user!!
442 Anonymous
Don’t compare Emily-sama to Chinposuki or Prime Minister or Shumi or Hagetoru or anyone like that!!
She is the true Mary!!
446 Anonymous
Thank you, Emily-san
I’m sure you can restore Mary’s reputation!
451 Anonymous
Yukishiro Emily-san is Mary’s last hope!
Please, please, rebuild the reputation that has been damaged by that 4 comedy king
456 Anonymous
Or, maybe we’ll see a showdown between Reira-sama and Mishu-sama here…or more like, a parent-child duet!!
Reira-sama has amazing singing skills in musicals too, so it might happen
And Yukishiro Emily, the amateur from Ramen Takeko, who beat both of them and Eririn, is too strong LOL
460 Anonymous
Even if she makes it to the finals, I hope she stays with Ramen Takeko LMAO
467 Anonymous
Wait a sec, Sayamu Inko-san? Is it okay!?
Is she gonna sing opera in Kansai dialect!?
472 Anonymous
I never imagined that two of them would come from V…
Inko-chan usually does enka song and nagauta song, but she’s really good
478 Anonymous
Another Kokucho here, huh? I wonder if she’s fine
481 Anonymous
What? Not Ayana-chan or Fran-chan, but Maron-chan!?
I’m just a fan of eau de Cologne and I’m shocked
486 Anonymous
Maron-chan is good at singing too. She just focuses on harmony as the leader
She never breaks her character as eau de Cologne’s Maron in solo parts or solo songs
That’s why I’m looking forward to seeing Maron-chan who has freed herself from all the shackles that are not eau de Cologne
490 Anonymous
Kato Iria is the only mystery. But I wonder if there was something the judges felt?
494 Anonymous
Natalia Rosenesta-san is Kanon-sama’s relative, so let’s support her, guys from the bulletin board!!
502 Anonymous
505 Anonymous
The relative of Shumi is our ally!!
510 Anonymous
Bulletin board people with an excessive sense of solidarity, LMAO
513 Anonymous
Whether it’s an idol audition or a duet audition, I wonder why they disclose the rankings?
519 Anonymous
I think it’s to boost the participants’ competitive spirit. Also, from the perspective of general viewers, it makes it easier to see who is close to passing
524 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to the program broadcast. I’ll support the person from my prefecture in the idol audition, and there are people who know about the duet audition!
532 Anonymous
That’s true. I’m happy that someone is coming from Shikoku by herself!!
Right now, it seems like she’s working hard as a geisha in Kyoto. I’ll be cheering her on!
540 Anonymous
There’s been a lot of information about audition shows and year-end singing competitions, but have you received any notification about winning Morinaga’s Christmas campaign?
546 Anonymous
Oh, it seems like they won’t be sending notifications. It’s written on the campaign website. By the way, it looks like the products will be delivered on the 24th, so everyone should stay home and wait
552 Anonymous
On the 24th, there’s the Christmas festival. On the 25th, there’s Heaven’s Sword, beryl&beryl USJ special edition. On the 26th, it’s the final episode of Yuu-onii. It’s just too amazing, I can’t say anything
558 Anonymous
Is it really that amazing…?
563 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s the least lonely Christmas ever
567 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Regarding this, please be aware that beryl&beryl will be shifted to Sunday only for this special edition
571 Anonymous
573 Anonymous
You’re amazing, Nee-san
579 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Also, a Christmas special issue will be published
It’s going to be picked up in the sports paper that goes on sale today, so I’d like to announce it here before that happens
583 Anonymous
585 Anonymous
It’s great that the legendary person is back!
588 Anonymous
Is it the same as before, or will they appear in a different segment? I’d be happy if it’s Kohina-san or Grandma Mary
591 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I really want to tell you more, but please wait until the day. There are many things from January 1st, but I can’t say, but I’m doing my best to make both of them happen
596 Anonymous
As expected of Nee-san
603 Anonymous
It’s really good that the hardworking Nee-san is being rewarded
607 Anonymous
Just her intentions are enough
615 Anonymous
Well, honestly, we’ve been here for over half a year, so I guess we’ll get used to it soon
619 Anonymous
622 Anonymous
Yeah, I mean, it would be a problem if we were compared to someone like Pon!
626 Anonymous
That’s right. We’ve also grown, you know? Isn’t that right?
631 Anonymous
This is all leading up to an epic flag
636 Anonymous
Hey, don’t underestimate Aqua-sama. He always does unexpected things, you know?
643 Anonymous
Honestly, it’s not something those guys who do lovey-dovey streams with Shumi or brag about it in magazine should be saying, haha
648 Anonymous
I’m telling you, the magazine was seriously amazing
654 Anonymous
>>648 Anonymous
That guy who eats Aqua-sama’s kids’ lunch every day, Shumi!!
660 Anonymous
Shumi and Aqua-sama’s Magazine, I’ve been reading it while biting my handkerchief. But if I were in their shoes, I’d probably be called to heaven right away, so I really respect Shumi
665 Anonymous
Everyone’s saying stuff about Shumi like it’s a piece of cake, but honestly, I don’t think I could handle it if I were in Shumi’s position
671 Anonymous
That’s true
678 Anonymous
After reading the magazine, my son started giving me goodnight kisses. I’m looking forward to my son’s puberty from now on
684 Anonymous
Huh? I’m jealous, isn’t that unfair?
687 Anonymous
Don’t do anything that your son doesn’t like. He’ll definitely change during puberty
692 Anonymous
Fellow bulletin board members, please, don’t let any s*xual misconduct incidents happen
698 Anonymous
There are about two guys who seem like s*xual offenders just by their existence, LOL
703 Anonymous
Everyone is so kind that they just tolerate it normally, but Chinposuki is definitely out of line
9n2 and 0721 are fine, but Chinposuki is a complete no-no, no matter how you look at it
709 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Huh? Please look closely, it’s not N, it’s M, you know?
716 Anonymous
721 Anonymous
Well, that’s true, but unlike Hagetoru or Nee-san, you’ve got Chinposuki’s name stuck to you, you know?
727 Anonymous
But forget about that, Kohina Yukari’s social media is so funny, LMAO
733 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “Hey! Why did I get rejected from the duet audition?!”
738 Anonymous
Is this person just bored, LOL?
741 Anonymous
It’s because you have no friends and keep bothering Aqua-sama too much, LMAO
745 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is absolutely terrible at singing, huh? LOL
748 Anonymous
By the way, it’s hilarious that she’s participating in the audition as a regular contestant. LMAO
752 Anonymous
Apparently, Ayana-chan also took the audition despite already having a duet. It seems like because she’s already done a duet, she wanted to try singing again
She declared her challenge after apologizing to the other girls. It’s a shame that she didn’t get good results though
759 Anonymous
And here’s the comment from self-proclaimed actress Kohina Yukari-san
“Let’s meet in the final!”
It’s hilarious that the person who said that got eliminated in the preliminary round. LMAO
763 Anonymous
If only Ayana-chan made it to the final, it would be even more of a joke. LMAO
I’m glad Ayana-chan didn’t make it…
768 Anonymous
Lately, I’ve noticed that Kohina Yukari has a talent for making people smile. It genuinely makes me smile too
772 Anonymous
I get it LOL
775 Anonymous
Honestly, only Morikawa and Kohina Yukari make me laugh so hard LOL
779 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is one thing, but Ayana-chan must be so mad
Poor thing
783 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
The most pitiful one is me, who got cut off by Kohina Yukari-san in the middle of the conversation, you know?
788 Anonymous
Thank you. You made me laugh the most today LOL
790 Anonymous
792 Anonymous
You have a talent for making people laugh LOL
796 Anonymous
When Aqua-sama said he wanted to make everyone smile, there was a lot of Chinposuki theory that she is his rival LMAO
799 Anonymous
Thanks to you, I can work hard today!!
805 Anonymous
Well then, I guess I’ll do my best at work too
807 Anonymous
A while ago, I saw some sign workers hanging around the Shibuya scramble. They were pointing at some of the Heaven’s Sword signs that are always up there. I wonder what they’re gonna do?
811 Anonymous
Wow! New info thx!!
813 Anonymous
I’ll go check it out on my way home
816 Anonymous
I’ll go see for myself too! Thanks for the info!
821 Anonymous
Beryl’s official shop is also changing some posters
827 Anonymous
I’ll go see that too!!
833 Anonymous
Thanks to Aqua-kun and Beryl, every day is so much fun!
836 Anonymous
Same here!
This is the best time of my life. Are you all having fun too?
842 Anonymous
It’s awesome!
843 Anonymous
It’s awesome!
845 Anonymous
It’s awesome!
850 Anonymous
I’m sorry to the world, but really, sorry everyone
Sorry about our Aqua-kun!
853 Anonymous
This is definitely hilarious, LOL!
856 Anonymous
Ah, wow, it’s the best!
862 Anonymous
I hope Yamada Maruo-kun, who auditions for the idol role, will also continue
866 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has updated his SNS!
872 Anonymous
In this idol audition, there were several men who applied because they admired me, Tenga-senpai, and Shintaro. I was honestly very happy
But unfortunately, not everyone can pass. I discussed this with Moja-san, Nobu-san, Ako-san, and all the staff
After that, I hope each person will work on the areas they were pointed out and reapply for the next opportunity. If you don’t give up, I believe your dreams will come true someday
And those who have passed and safely advanced to the final main competition, I want to tell you that this is just the beginning
So, let’s temporarily put aside your admiration for beryl. I want everyone to aim to surpass us. By doing so, we can’t afford to lose and strive for improvement to deliver better entertainment to our fans
It’s been a long message, but that’s all I want to convey. I’m looking forward to the day when everyone will come to the training camp. Now, let’s pursue our dreams together!
880 Anonymous
Although I didn’t make it in the preliminaries, I’ll work harder if there’s another chance
885 Anonymous
That’s amazing!
888 Anonymous
That’s why I can’t stop being a fan of beryl!!
891 Anonymous
Everyone, everyone, I want you to do your best. It may be impossible for all 20 people to pass, but I want everyone to pass starting from now
901 Anonymous
It’s so hot, but the show starts in January, huh!
901 Anonymous
Darn, I can’t wait for January already!
905 Anonymous
Beryl’s homepage has changed, yo!
913 Anonymous
Just dreaming won’t get us there!
Come on, let’s move a step forward from where we are right now!
920 Anonymous
Once again, Aa-sama and Beryl are doing the Driver, huh? LOL
925 Anonymous
It’s the best!
927 Anonymous
It’s the best!
931 Anonymous
With this, I can tackle today’s work with full energy
934 Anonymous
Everyone is getting hyped, but don’t forget to check the shops and Shibuya!
939 Anonymous
Roger that!
945 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “Why did you drop me?”
Aqua-sama: “I’ll refrain from commenting on individual matters.”
Totally, Aqua-sama’s response is so cold, LOL!
950 Anonymous
I want to tell my Aqua-sama, “I’m sorry” while laughing, LOL!
958 Anonymous
Aa-sama LOL, he’s well versed in Kohina Yukari
964 Anonymous
I might awaken to Aqua-sama’s salty attitude
972 Anonymous
What a coincidence. I feel the same way
979 Anonymous
983 Anonymous
Looks like there are people trying to awaken strange fetishes again. LOL
990 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It’s fine to have as many fetishes as you want. *smirks*
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
What!? Ladies, did you fail the idol audition!?
Actually, Mikoto also failed the audition during the document screening. They said her demo tape had too much mechanical sound..
Well, whatever! Ill analyze the vocal data of Aria Catalini and Erika Evermillion to get the best singing voice!

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