Male Idol V10c27

Volume 10 Chapter 27 Shirogane Kanon, Daddy Aqua!?

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 ”Hey, onee-chan, can I stay over? I have nowhere to go.”


 One day, out of the blue, my little sister, Hermie, showed up at my house. And she only had one suitcase with her! Who does she think she is, some runaway girl? And on top of that…

 ”Kanon-neechan, long time no see~nano!”


 Why is Fi-chan here? What’s going on!? I couldn’t help but think that perhaps Pegonia and grandmother conspired to do something unnecessary again.

 ”It wasn’t me, Miss. Actually, the cause might be master (danna-sama).”


 I tilt my head, wondering what’s going on. Or rather, Pegonia, please stop predicting my thoughts.

 ”Hey, remember that idol audition that Master posted? Miss is showed up wearing a magical girl idol outfit, and the usual four idiots were about to apply as a group of four!”

 Pegonia is proudly showing off the black history photograph that the verification team of four took on a whim, showing it to me.

 Panicking, I quickly snatch it away and stuff it into my pocket, making sure the others don’t see.

 ”Hey!? Oh, uh, th-those were not mine, we were just fooling around together… wait, did you just call me an idiot!?”

 ”It’s just your imagination, Miss. Oh, maybe your ears are sick. Let’s go to the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) later. While we’re at it, should we visit the gynecologist to check if you’re pregnant?”

 ”N-no way! I’m not going!!”

 Thinking back to when we tried to apply for the idol audition, my face turns red.

 It was truly a disaster. And to make matters worse, we got carried away and ended up wearing school uniforms…

 But, I think it was great that all four of us could wear Mary’s uniform and take a commemorative photo together. Because, it felt like we became classmates regardless of our age difference, and that made me a little… no, quite happy.

 ”So, since we’re just standing and talking at the entrance, both of you should come inside.”

 ”Yeah. Excuse us.”

 ”Yes, we’re coming in~nano! Excuse us!!”

 Wait a minute? I suddenly stopped walking in the corridor. If I think about it normally, isn’t it strange that these two can come all the way here without any bodyguards?

 And who guided them from outside the apartment to the entrance? Well, the only ones who can do that are Grandmother and Pegonia! See, I knew these two were collaborating, geez~!

 ”Miss, women who worry about trivial things won’t be popular. Emily-san said the same thing.”

 ”I’m already Aqua’s wife, so I don’t need to be popular!”

 Hey, I feel embarrassed saying it myself, you know.

 ”Nice self-destruction, lol.”

 Hey! You totally said “LOL” after that ‘nice self-destruction,’ didn’t you? Seriously, Pegonia wasn’t like this before meeting Aqua… But, well, okay! Now Pegonia smiles more, so it’s all good!”

 ”So, both of you are really going to audition for idols?”

 ”Yeah. Actually, we just finished the audition. We came to Japan three days ago and stayed at Beryl’s dorm until the exams were over. They took care of us.”

 I see. In that case, I wondered if Aqua knew that the two were coming. Fi-chan looks at me and lowers her eyebrows, showing a sorry expression.

 ”Kanon-oneechan, I hope you don’t get mad at Aqua-oniichan too much about this. We asked him to keep quiet because we wanted to surprise everyone…”

 ”Hehe, it’s fine. If I get mad at Aqua for something like that, it won’t end well for me.”

 In the first place, normal girls don’t get angry at boys, right? But Aqua wants either Ako-san or nee-san to scold him for some reason!

 ”Onee-chan… you’re really going through a lot, huh?”

 ”Kanon-oneechan… don’t worry about it~nan.”

 Huh? Am I imagining it, or are the two younger girls giving me pitying looks?

 ”Miss… looks like you’re going through a tough time.”

 Hey! Pegonia is on this side! Why should I, the master, be the only one who has to suffer? Ugh!

 ”That’s why, onee-chan, just let us stay at least until the training camp starts, okay?”

 ”Yeah, that’s fine, but…”

 Normal boys would usually show resistance if other girls, even relatives, wanted to stay over. But Aqua is completely unconcerned, even when Emily-senpai stays over. So that part should be okay, I guess.

 ”Both of you, if you pass the audition, you’ll have to work in Japan. Is that okay?”

 In a normal situation, it’s an unbelievable story that two members of the royal family, who are not even in middle school yet, would establish a base in this country without any guards.

 ”About that, I’m thinking of leaving the royal family just like onee-chan.”


 ”Ah, I’ve told Mom and Victoria-oneechan about it, and also Grandmother Mary and Kythera… Oh, and I’ve consulted with Emily-oneechan as well, so it’s okay.”

 Okay? How would I know? Wait, with that lineup, wouldn’t it be okay to consult me as well? I mean, Emily-senpai is clearly a stranger! Maybe, just maybe, I’m lower than Emily-senpai…

 Ah… I’m starting to feel really sad.

 ”Miss, it’s okay.”

 Why is Pegonia looking a little happy?! Hermie, who witnessed our conversation, looks apologetic.

 ”But Grandmother… She said that newlyweds have a lot to do, so I shouldn’t call onee-chan too much until she has a child.”


 Sign, even though Hermie is only 10 years old, what is she saying already!!

 ”And also, Emily-oneechan said that onee-chan is doing sports events like track and wrestling and judo every night… Is onee-chan going to become an athlete?”

 Alright, Emily-senpai is banned from entering starting from tomorrow. It’s decided.

 ”Anyway, after passing, are you going to live with Grandmother?”

 ”I thought about that too, but Beryl is arranging a house for me, and the manager said I could live with her and Fi-chan there. Plus, Kythera is also here. We’ve been talking about living together.”

 Huh? Wait, what…?

 What do you mean, Kythera is here too?

 I don’t even know about that…

 ”Miss, surprisingly, not knowing anything is a happy thing, you know.”

 Hey, why does Pegonia keep reading my mind and teasing me about it!? Ugh, it’s definitely Emily-senpai, Emily-senpai, or Emily-senpai’s bad influence!

 ”I’m back~”

 Ah, this carefree voice, there’s no mistake. Aqua has returned.

 ”Whoa, you two were already here?”

 ”We’re intruding.”


 As expected, Aqua knew. Mmm, even though I didn’t know anything on purpose, I puff out my cheeks in a deliberate manner.

 ”Yes, yes, so cute, so cute.”

 Aqua… It’s nice that you’re patting my head, but isn’t your response to me a bit careless?

 ”Miss is really troublesome, so there’s nothing I can do about it. Rather, Master is kind just for paying attention to you. If it were me, I would ignore you. Among all the people in this wide world, there are only Master and Emily-san who always care for the troublesome Miss. Maybe Miss should be grateful to the two of them…”

 Huh? Did she think it’s my fault? Must be my imagination, right?

 ”Well, let’s put Kanon aside for now. Until the training camp starts, I won’t give any advice to either of you to maintain fairness. Of course, if you want to practice individually, you can use the room I’m using.”



 I must say, Aqua really doesn’t compromise when it comes to being an idol. He’s got that covered, huh?

 That’s what I thought, but seeing Fi-chan naturally end up on his lap after a few dozen seconds, those thoughts become suspicious. Huh? It’s not like he’s favoring family members, right?

 Or rather, Fi-chan sitting on his lap normally, and I find myself envious… What am I saying to a little kid!


 Huh!? This look… When I look at Hermie, she seems to be looking at Fi-chan enviously.

 ”Hmm? Does Haa-chan want to be held too? Come here.”

 ”Yes, daddy.”



 Oh, I reacted the same way as Aqua. Hehe…

 ”Oh, sorry. I made a mistake. I, um, haven’t relied on a man before…”

 ”Phew… I’ll forgive you. From today, this big brother is your Papa.”

 Aqua? He looks really stern, but is it just my imagination that his expression seems to soften?

 ”Well then, Fi-chan will also call you daddy from today, Aqua-oniichan!”

 ”Yeah yeah, having two adorable daughters like this, Daddy is so happy~”

 Yeah… seeing Aqua playing with the two of them like that, it really warms my heart. I can’t help but think that even if Aqua had children, he would give them lots of attention. When I thought about that, my heart felt all warm and fuzzy.

 ”Miss, let’s have a baby. I also want to spoil Miss’s and master’s child. I’ll do my best, so let’s hold a late-night athletic meet together!”

 ”What are you saying, Pegonia, you idiot!”

 Jeez! You always say such weird things. We’re taking care of these two little kids at home, so there’s no way we can do that!

 ”Are both of you hungry?”

 ”Yes. Actually, we haven’t eaten yet…”

 ”Actually, we’re really hungry~nano”

 ”Alright, then Daddy will make a children’s lunch for the two of you!”

 ”Wow! Children’s lunch! What a lovely sound~nano!”

 ”There’s such a thing as children’s lunch, huh… I’m looking forward to it.”

 Hehe, just like a real parent and child.

 While it makes me smile, thanks to Pegonia’s remark earlier, I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

 Geez, really! Aqua really want a baby, idiot…

 ”The food was so delicious…”

 ”Thank you for the meal. Daddy, it was really delicious.”

 ”All three of you finished without leaving anything behind. That’s impressive!”

 Aqua says this while patting each of our heads in turn.

 Oh? When did I become Aqua’s daughter too?

 ”Well, Miss, there’s sauce on the corners of your mouth.”

 Pegonia shows a rare gentle smile and wipes away the sauce on the corners of my mouth with a tissue, as if a mom soothing her child.

 Huh? I feel like Pegonia is subtly in a bride-like position. Or is it just my imagination?

 ”Pegonia-san, could you hand me that?”

 ”Yes, Master. Oh, I’ll wash this for you.”

 ”Yeah, thanks.”

 Oh… oops, now I’m looking like Kaede-senpai during her cooking streams.

 ”Oh, the bath is ready, so everyone, please go ahead and get in.”

 ”Yes, understood.”

 ”In that case, Fi wants to take a bath with Haa-chan and Daddy!”

 Fi-chan!? Normally, guys don’t take baths with girls, you know!?

 ”Oh, that sounds nice. Shall we all take a bath together then?”


 ”Bath time, bath time, let’s go in the bath with Daddy~nano!”

 ”Bath time with Daddy. I’m really looking forward to it.”

 Calm down. Calm down, Kanon. Both of them are still elementary schoolers, so it’s okay if they haven’t had their periods.

 And considering the difference in physique, there shouldn’t be any situation where Aqua would be attacked.

 Phew… That’s right. They’re both still children. It’s not time to panic yet.

 ”Oh, Miss, while Her Highness Fi-chan may be exempted, Hermie-sama has already started her period. Even though her body is that of a child, she can still give birth.”


 W-What should we do!?

 ”Please don’t worry, Miss. Anticipating something like this, I have installed surveillance cameras in the bathroom.”

 ”N-Nice one, Pegonia! It would be too late if there were any mistakes, so let’s monitor it properly ourselves!”

 I click a button.

 The living room television displays the state of the bath.

 ”We’re washing Daddy’s back! Scrub, scrub!”

 ”Daddy’s back is really big.”

 When the screen turns on, I see Hermie and Fi-chan scrubbing Aqua’s back.

 Haa… I didn’t think it would come to this, but what should I do if things have already started?

 I felt relieved in a heartwarming way, seeing them both.

 ”Thanks you both——Huh, Haa-chan?”

 Huh? When did Hermie end up in front of Aqua?

 ”Daddy, can I wash your back too?”

 ”Huh? Ah… before, kinda, yeah.”

 ”Daddy’s body, should I scrub it more?”

 ”Fi-chan, please scrub Daddy more!”

 Aqua is caught off guard by their enthusiasm. Okay, maybe Pegonia should step in to help.

 ”Hmm. Perhaps Her Highness Hermie could be more reliable. Changing masters might be worth considering…”


 ”Haha, just kidding.”

 Geez, always teasing me like that! Well, not the time for that. Oh, what about Aqua? Is he okay?

 ”Hey, you two, don’t scrub me too hard like that… Oh well, never mind. It was fine before, right? So, how about you both wash each other’s bodies?”

 ”Yes, let’s do it~nano!”

 ”…OK, got it.”

 Huh? Did I imagine it, or was there a pause for Hermie just now?

 After washing their own fronts, Aqua then started washing the backs of the two.

 Yeah, this should be okay, I thought, letting my guard down. But then, Hermie said something outrageous.

 ”Daddy… my fingers are too small to reach inside properly, so I want Daddy’s big fingers to wash me.”

 ”Hmm? Alright, Haa-chan, where?”

 As Aqua bent down, Hermie turned towards him.

 And then, she reveals the sensitive area of a girl who hasn’t grown any hair yet.

 ”My crotch hole feels itchy in the back, maybe a bug stung it?”

 Yes, it’s out! This is completely inappropriate. It’s intentional.

 ”Ah… I wish Miss were as talented as Her Highness Hermie… Will you be drinking Lord Harumi’s nail scrapings next time?”

 Ignoring Pegonia, I rush into the bathroom, tossing aside my clothes.

 ”Alright, stop. Onee-chan will check your holes later, okay?”

 ”…Yes, understood.”

 Ah, ah, ah, I’m definitely being so deliberate right now.

 Ugh, there’s no room for complacency or mistakes, is there? This has got to be Grandmother’s scheme!

 ”Emily’s plan, it failed.”

 That’s it… After all, I was thinking of banning Emily-senpai.

 In the end, all four of us ended up taking a bath together, but I feel like it would’ve been better to start like this from the beginning.

 During the process, Aqua’s towel that was covering his front came undone, causing a slight commotion.

 ”Look, everyone! The stick that got stuck in Daddy’s crotch is way bigger than Fi’s face!”

 ”Oh, oh, Daddy’s is really big! If it kisses me in the farthest room of the baby’s room, my little body will easily break!”

 Hey, hey! You two shouldn’t stare at Aqua’s like that! This belongs to your big sister, you know! Geez!


 ”Nah, it’s okay.”

 But hey, wasn’t it a bit bigger earlier? Did Aqua prefer a little kid…? But I notice that Aqua is glancing at me. If it’s me… then I’ll allow it!!

 ”Hm? What’s this?”

 Aqua picks up something like a photo that had fallen on the floor.

 Oh, ah! Ahh! Because I headed to the bathroom while taking off my clothes, it seems the photos I had in my pocket were scattered on the floor.

 ”T-This is…!”

 Aqua, as if a drama had just started, collapsed from his knees.

 Ugh, he saw embarrassing photos…

 ”Ugh, I wanted to be a part of this too…”


 I froze, unable to understand what Aqua was saying.

 ”Kanon… this photo…?”

 ”Um, well, that…”

 As I stumbled over my words, Pegonia appeared next to me and explained everything without holding back.

 Upon hearing this, Aqua collapsed and clung to the floor. Are you okay?

 ”Sorry. Dressing up as a magical girl…that’s something only elementary school students do, right?”

 ”Kanon, you don’t know anything.”


 Aqua stood up and placed his hands on my shoulders with a serious expression.

 ”Listen up, okay? Girls of your age look cute when they wear things like this. Even this school uniform photo, Kanon, as a high school student, will definitely look cute.”


 Being called cute made me happy.

 ”But, you know… there’s a lot of value in someone who’s not a high schooler wearing a high school uniform. And if possible, I want them to wear it with a bit of shyness!! Especially, check out Kotono’s appearance! Doesn’t it look like a married woman is wearing a high school uniform or a magical girl outfit, if you’re not careful?”

 ”Uh, yeah…”

 ”That’s the spirit!!”

 Huh? From that explanation just now, I have no idea what’s good about it at all…

 ”While I’m desperately figuring out how to legally get Kotono to wear a school uniform, Kanon, you… I envy you… sniff, sniff…”

 ”Ah, onee-chan made Daddy cry.”

 ”Daddy, cheer up. Hug from Haa-chan coming right up.”

 Wait a minute, is it my fault for what just happened?

 ”Well, there’s no helping it. Master will just have to put up with the young lady’s magical girl appearance.”

 ”Huh? Wait, what’s with that embarrassing play!? Aqua, you don’t want to see that, right?”

 ”It’s the best!”


 ”It’s the absolute best!!”

 ”No way, I’m still doing this…?”

 ”It’s gonna be awesome!!”

 Alright, so for some reason, I ended up wearing the same outfit in front of Aqua. And also, Hermie and Fi-chan wanted to do it too, so we decided to dress them in the clothes we bought for when they were born. Who would’ve thought they’d come in handy here?

 ”Hmm…the size is a bit tight, especially around the chest…”

 ”Wait, why is Pegonia wearing it too!”

 It’s overflowing too much from the chest! And overall, it’s too plump, not like Emily-senpai’s size!!


 Aqua peeked from the wall, looking at us with sparkling, innocent eyes like a child. Seriously, instead of staring from afar, why don’t you come over here already?

 ”It was the best…”

 I’m not really sure what’s going on, but as long as Aqua is satisfied, it’s all good…

 ”Hey, you know, I noticed you were sneakily glancing at Pegonia more than me, right?

 ”Phew, Fi is already sleepy~nano…”

 ”Oh, sorry, everyone.”

 Oh, is it already that time? I thought I was sleepy too, but it’s already time for bed…

 ”Haa wants to sleep with Daddy.”

 ”Fi wants to sleep with Daddy too!”

 ”Huh? Then, how about the three of us sleep together?”



 Wait a second, it almost slipped my notice, but Hermie had a history with bath incidents.

 ”I want to sleep together too.”


 ”I want to sleep together too!”

 While Fi was fine, I positioned myself between Aqua and Hermie to keep an eye on her and stared at Hermie’s back. Somehow, in doing so, I ended up falling asleep without realizing it. When I woke up, it was morning.

 ”Uh-oh, it’s a crisis~nano…!”

 ”Hmm… what’s wrong, Fi-chan?”

 I rubbed my sleepy eyes and sat up.

 ”Daddy’s lower part is swollen!”


 I reassured Fi-chan that it’s something only men have and that it will settle down soon, so it’s okay.

 Good thing. If Hermie was more awake than me, the Nuki Nuki Clinic might have started.


 Oh, Aqua woke up.

 Usually, Aqua is the early riser, so it’s rare.

 Hehe, but today I was the one who woke up first, so I thought it was lucky to see Aqua’s sleeping face.

 ”Oh? Everyone’s up early. Good morning, Kanon, Fi-chan.”

 ”Good morning, Aqua.”

 ”Good morning~nano!”


 It seems that Haa-chan woke up from our good morning greetings.

 ”Good morning, Haa-chan.”

 ”Good morning… Daddy.”

 Hehe, seeing her with a dazed expression, I can tell she’s still sleepy.

 This is where she’s still a child, it’s endearing.

 ”Daddy, need to pee…”

 ”Daddy, Fi needs to pee too.”

 ”Yes, yes. Let’s go.”

 Hehe, just by looking at their backs, it really feels like a dad and a child, my heart feels all warm and fuzzy. Ah…is it frustration? What should I do? I really want to do something naughty.

 ”Oh, Miss, I’m sorry to hear you’re in heat, but is that okay?”

 ”Huh, heat! Seriously! Pegonia, don’t just suddenly appear like that!”

 But still, what does it mean by “alright”?

 ”Peep, bathroom, toilet.”


 I jump out of bed and dash towards the toilet.

 ”Daddy, I’m about to pee my pants.”

 ”Daddyyy? Fi is also about to have a little accident~nano.”

 ”Hmm, which one should I let go to the toilet first… There’s no choice. Daddy, go to the toilet with you two.”

 ”Yes, stop!”

 I hold onto Hermie and Fi-chan and dash towards the other toilet.

 Phew, I made it in time….

 Wait, huh? Earlier, it felt like Aqua was about to say something outrageous, but maybe it was just my imagination?

 With all that going on, our house was really noisy until the day of the training camp.

 ”Well then, I’m off!”

 ”Take care!”

 ”Yeah, both of you, do your best.”

 I tidy up the clothes of the two right before their departure at the entrance.

 ”Well then, I’ll go with you too.”

 ”Yeah, Aqua, do your best too.”

 Aqua takes the hands of the two and leads them outside. Hehe, I wonder if this is what it’ll be like when we get married and have children.

 It’s nice, but at the same time, I feel a little bit lonely because our alone time with Aqua has decreased. While I was thinking about such things, the front door opens and Aqua comes back alone.

 ”What’s wrong? Oh, did you forget something?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right.”

 ”Oh no, what did you forget? I’ll go get it for you.”

 As I say that, Aqua grabs my arm and pulls me close.


 Ah… it’s been a while since we had a goodbye kiss…

 ”This is what I forgot.”

 ”…Jeez. …I love you.”

 I kissed Aqua once again.

 ”Well then, I’m off.”

 ”Yeah, take care.”

 I watched Aqua’s figure as he headed to work, tracing my lips with my fingertips, savoring the lingering taste of the kiss.

 I can’t help but think that marrying this person was the best decision. At the same time, I felt incredibly happy thinking that even if we have children, Aqua will still pay attention to me just the same.

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