Male Idol V10c28

Volume 10 Chapter 28 Shirogane Lapis, The Training Camp Begins

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”To all the audition participants and members of the press, welcome to the press conference for the Shirogane Aqua-produced idol audition, a part of the AQUARIUM project scheduled to be broadcast on the Tokyo TV network. This marks the day when the members who have advanced to the main competition will start their training camp.”

 Upon arriving at the training camp, we were gathered in the lobby, still carrying our belongings. There, we were met by the judges, including Ako-san and others.

 ”I am Atori Ako, serving as the judge chair of the audition committee for this event and also the president of Beryl Entertainment. From today onward, I look forward to working with you all!”


 Until today, I had been feeling relaxed, but as I faced numerous members of the press and saw the flashes of cameras, I suddenly became uneasy.

 I wonder if everything’s alright? Participating with such mixed feelings… Well, for now, let’s focus on what’s in front of me.

 ”Without further ado, in this training camp, everyone will be forming temporary units.”

 Upon Ako-san’s words, the audition participants and the press members behind her started buzzing with excitement.

 ”Uh, this time, apart from the duo consisting of Kokuchō Kujaku-san and Yamada Maruo-san, who will be participating as males, the remaining 18 people have been divided into four units.”

 Huh? What?

 Yamada Maruo-san isn’t the only male?

 This caused even more murmurs among the journalists and participants.

 However, Ako-san, my brother, and the people from Beryl calmly continued with the hosting.

 ”Now, we would like to announce the captains and members of each team, as decided by the special judge, Shirogane Aqua.”

 As his eyes met the paper in his hands, big brother stood up. Despite needing to focus on the audition, I couldn’t help but feel my heart pound at his serious and cool expression.

 ”Now, first, I would like to announce the captains of each team. Team A, Fujibayashi Misono-san. Team B, Amamiya Kotori-san. Team C, Inori Hisui-san. Team D, Sabato Miyako-san. These four individuals will serve as the temporary unit captains, leading their respective units.”

 Wow! Wowww! Miyako-chan is the captain of Team D!! Even though there are many mature ladies, this is amazing!! I almost clapped involuntarily, but since none of the audition members were doing that, I restrained myself and applauded silently in my mind.

 ”Now, moving on, I would like to announce the members of each team.”

 Tension hung in the air around me.

 Team D, Team D, Team D!

 I prayed multiple times in my heart, hoping to be placed with people I know rather than strangers.

 Ideally, I would be happy if Subaru-chan, Kukuri-san, and Fi-chan were in Team D.

 ”Team A will consist of 4 people, including Natsuki Sana-san, Hermie Stars Goshenite-san, Finus-san, and captain Fujibayashi Misono-san. The 4 people whose names are called, please come forward.”

 Aside from the applause from the staff, encouraging voices filled the air.

 Even so, the number of staff members is truly amazing. I wonder how many people are involved in this audition.

 ”As for the intention behind selecting these four individuals, we first envisioned Natsuki Sana-san as the center of the team due to her exceptional level of completion. Considering who could stand beside Natsuki Sana-san without falling behind in her innocence and vitality, we thought that Finus-san would be the most suitable. On the opposite side, in order to maintain balance, we placed Hermie-san at the edge. Lastly, when considering who could harmonize well with these three unique and high-quality individuals, it was unanimously agreed among all staff members that Fujibayashi Misono-san was the only option.”

 When my big brother’s statement came to a pause, a woman who appeared to be a press member behind him promptly raised her hand.

 Upon seeing this, my big brother smiled faintly and extended his hand forward, gesturing to her to ask her question.

 ”Why did the entire staff believe that Fujibayashi Misono-san is suitable for the captain position? May I ask for the reasons?”

 ”Of course.”

 Big brother pointed to the back screen, and the venue dimmed as audition footage played.

 Huh? Wait, were all the evaluations during that time recorded?

 [Actually, this group’s audition will be the last. Do you have anything you’d like to say?]

 Fujibayashi Misono-san raised her hand at that moment.

 [I was actually peeking at the situation from the adjacent waiting room due to a lax partition. With that in mind, please allow me to say this. If there’s a unit audition in the main competition, would you consider forming a unit with Natsuki Sana-san, Her Highness Finus, and Her Highness Hermie?]

 At this, both the screen and the venue erupted in a significant commotion.

 [Leaving aside the unit audition, may I ask why you chose that member for your unit?]

 [Because they seems like the most likely to win. When considering someone who can lead as the center, there were other candidates, but when I thought about the ideal center for the idol group I envisioned, I focused on Natsuki Sana-san.]

 Everyone was surprised by Fujibayashi-san’s clear and straightforward tone. On the other hand, she showed no interest as she watched herself on the screen.

 [By the way, what about the other center candidates?]

 [Tomoe Setsuna-san. Honestly, she was overwhelming. But, I felt that she’s not someone I can harmonize with while holding the reins. Perhaps, the judges themselves might be troubled by handling her. Similarly, Sumeragi Kukuri-san, due to compatibility issues with me, was excluded. Next were Shirogane Lapis-san and Lazuli-san. Regarding them, I felt a lack of enthusiasm. Do they really want to become idols? With that in mind, the ones left were Natsuki Sana-san, Nekoyama Subaru-san, Hoshikawa Mio-san, and Amamiya Kotori-san. I chose Natsuki Sana-san because I believe she has a higher level of completion and can uplift those around her.]

 Eh, ah, me?

 When told I lacked energy, I looked down a little.

 If someone were to ask me why I want to become an idol, I might not have the same intensity of feelings as everyone else. But still, I couldn’t help but be impressed by Fujibayashi-san. I mean, all the people whose names were mentioned earlier have passed… That must mean she has a good eye for talent, right?

 [By the way, it hasn’t been decided yet whether these girls, including you, will pass…]

 [Huh? Are you saying I’ll fail? That’s impossible, right? And if the company doesn’t have the discernment to drop the girls I mentioned, then I’ll just go audition somewhere else. Thank you very much.]

 At this point, the video cuts off, and the room that was previously dark is suddenly lit up. Wow… as it gets brighter, the faces of the press members watching the video contort in some kind of reaction.

 ”Yes. So, I thought if we should let her give it a try. After all, out of these 20 members, there aren’t even 5 people who seem capable of being the captain. If we can focus on Natsuki Sana-san, one of them, as the center, we think this idea isn’t bad. Also, during the team division stage, there was a common understanding among the judges in both the preliminaries and the main competition that we want to create one overwhelmingly strong team.”

 Big brother instructs the staff to hand the microphone to Fujibayashi-san.

 ”Well then, starting from the captain, Fujibayashi-san, please introduce yourself and share your enthusiasm.”

 When Fujibayashi-san turns on the microphone, she smiles as if the previous video was a lie, with a small grin.

 ”I am Fujibayashi Misono, the captain of Team A. I never thought that I would be able to lead the team I proposed. I would like to express my gratitude to Atori Ako-san, the judge chairperson, Shirogane Aqua. the special judge, and all the staff who supported my proposal. As a token of my appreciation, I promise that this team will remain the number one from start to finish and pass the exam. I apologize to those in Teams B to D, but there are plenty of other opportunities, so please do your best there!”

 What? Is this a declaration of war? Even I, who is slow on the uptake, can understand this. I always had the impression that Beryl and everyone else were getting along well, so I never expected someone with such a confrontational attitude to suddenly appear.

 ”This is Team A’s center, Natsuki Sana! I just had a little chat with our captain, Fujibayashi-san. She told me to charge ahead without overthinking, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!! Haha, is this the right way to say it in times like this? Oh well, folks, I’m the number one, the closest to acing this among these 20 girls! If you’re not satisfied with the current ranking or your evaluation of yourself, give it your all and try to defeat me!! I’m always ready for a fair and square challenge from all of you!”


 This person is on fire. Playing the rival role with such high spirits!

 Ugh… for some reason, it stings a bit in the depths of my heart, or maybe I’m just imagining it. Oh, a few people discreetly averted their gaze. They must be comrades with similar old wounds as mine.

 ”I’m Finus~nano! From Team A! Feel free to call me Fi-chan casually! By the way…”

 Fi-chan’s gaze sharpens.

 At the young age of 10, everyone is in awe of the princess of a country.

 ”Oh, I need to pee… Where’s the bathroom? I’ve been holding it in for a while, and I might leak~nano…”

 Some people burst into laughter.

 Or rather, I burst into laughter too.

 Fi-chan asks Haa-chan, who was sitting next to her, where the bathroom is, but she goes off to pick flowers in the middle of introducing herself.

 Well, it’s too much freedom, but Fujibayashi-san seems happy, smiling away. Is she angry, or is she really laughing… Let’s not think too deeply about it.

 ”I’ve been chosen for Team A, I’m Shirogane Hermie.”

 Shirogane!? Huh?

 My brother quickly grabs the microphone in a panic.

 ”Haa-chan!? Wait a minute…”

 ”What is it, Daddy?”

 Daddy!? I open my mouth wide, just like Morikawa-san did in the previous cooking broadcast I appeared on.

 Brother seemed just as surprised, fumbling with the microphone like Morikawa-san. The entire venue, surpassing mere astonishment, had even Ako-san frozen with wide-open eyes.

 ”Phew… I forgive you.”

 Forgive? Nii-sama, what on earth are you forgiving!? Hey, Nii-sama! It’s not okay to act like nothing happened, trying to casually brush it off!

 ”Well, I came to this country with no intention of returning to Stars. Thank you.”

 Haa-chan bowed slightly and returned the microphone to the staff lady. Huh? Is it over…? Looking around, everyone still seemed frozen from the initial shock. In such a situation, Brother alone, appearing entirely normal, took the microphone.

 ”Yes, thank you all. As I mentioned earlier, we expect an overwhelming performance from Team A in the actual show. Do your best. Now, let’s move on to the announcement from Team B.”

 Team B is Amamiya Kotori-san’s team, if I remember correctly. The people who had a puzzled look on their faces earlier have now returned from their state of mental paralysis, feeling the tense atmosphere.

 ”Team B will consist of Sumeragi Kukuri, Kirihara Karen, Nanase Nino, and the captain Amamiya Kotori.”

 As their names are called along with applause, the four individuals step forward. Just like the previous four, they are all beautiful or cute, as expected of those who have been chosen for the main tournament.

 ”The center of this team is Sumeragi Kukuri-san. Many staff members suggested Hoshikawa Mio-san, who has a similar atmosphere, but personally, I thought about Kirihara Karen-san and Nanase Nino-san, who have a different atmosphere, because I want to see a new chemical reaction. As for the team captain, I deliberately chose Amamiya Kotori-san, who is also a center-level, but with a different charm. I’m looking forward to what kind of chemical reaction they will show us.”

 Amamiya Kotori-san, who was handed the microphone by a staff member, smiles sweetly. As expected of a center-level, her smiling face is incredibly idol-like.

 ”**Nico Nico Happy Smile!** I’m Amamiya Kotori, Team B’s captain! I never thought someone from Akita like me would be chosen as captain, so I was really surprised! I want to make Team B a group that’s always smiling and sparkling!”

 Wow, a-amazing… From any angle, she’s definitely an idol powerhouse. Somehow, no matter how I look at her, she’s cute, and her gestures and voice are so charming. The quality of her completeness feels, well, a step or two above everyone else.

 ”Sumeragi Kukuri, Team B’s center. I’m really happy Aqua-senpai chose me as the center! For Aqua-senpai who chose me, I’ll do my best with all my might!”

 Huh? Who is it? I thought… Oh yeah, Kukuri-san is a completely different person when brother is around. I remembered.

 Kukuri-san, after introducing herself with a cat-themed twist, passed the microphone to her side.

 ”Team B, it’s Kirihara Karen from Mary! Through this audition, I’ll redeem the tarnished reputation of our fallen alma mater!! Swearing on the name of Mary!”

 Hmm… redeem the tarnished reputation?

 ”Karen-chan, Karen-chan! It’s meaningless to redeem a tarnished reputation! In such times, you should say ‘resigning honorably’!”

 ”Hmm…? Captain Amamiya Kotori-sama, is that true…?”

 No, no, no, it’s the other way around! Nanase Nino-san, unable to endure, interjected into the conversation, thinking the same as me.

 ”Hey, hey, both of you got it wrong!! It’s resigning honorably and redeeming tarnished reputation! So cliché, really…”

 ”Oh… I’ve learned something valuable. Grateful to you, Nanase Nino-san.”

 Kirihara Karen-san nodded several times.

 ”Uh-oh, this is the face of someone who seriously misunderstood… Mary, isn’t she supposed to be smart…?”

 Mary is one of the leading girls’ schools in Japan, alongside St. Claris. As evidence of this, there are plenty of intelligent big sisters like Kanon sister-in-law and Emily-san attending.

 ”Well, we don’t need that kind of comedy! I’m Nanase Nino from Team B, although I was born in Osaka, I’m currently attending a technical college in Chiba. I’m so enthusiastic… So, watch out, or I might jump on you! So, even though it’s a short time, let’s get along!”

 Oh? The big sister who was in front of me diagonally suddenly grabbed her buttocks with both hands. I wonder what’s wrong?

 After introducing all the members of Team B, my brother takes the microphone again.

 ”Thank you, everyone from Team B. This place is really… It has a lot of students with high potential, so I think it would be interesting if we can enhance each other’s charms.”

 My brother looks down at his paper again.

 ”And now, I would like to move on to the presentation of Team C.”

 Ah, I’m getting excited/nervous.

 Subaru-chan hasn’t been called yet, so if things go well, I might be able to be in the same team as Miyako-chan. At first, I was worried about being placed with people I didn’t know, but I have a feeling that my brother has put the three of us in the same group. Yeah… thinking about it that way, I feel a little relieved.

 ”Tomoe Setsuna-san. Hoshikawa Mio-san. Kouko——No, tsushima Kouko-san. And Shirogane… Lapis-san. Including Captain Inori Hisui-san, the five of you will be Team C.”

 Huh…? I froze at my brother’s words. I never expected to be called here, so I was shaken.

 ”Lapis-chan, go first.”


 When Miyako-chan told me, I hurriedly went to the front.

 ”Um, when it comes to this team, I, as the producer, have been making all the decisions from the beginning to the end. The staff suggested Tsushima Kouko-san or Hoshikawa Mio-san as the captain and proposed having Tomoe Setsuna-san and Shirogane Lapis as the center, or changing one of them to Hoshikawa Mio-san in a W-center formation. However, upon reviewing everyone’s footage again, I personally felt a shining quality within Inori Hisui-san.”

 Brother flips the board he’s holding, showing it to everyone.

 Written there are: 1st place, Inori Hisui, 2nd place, Amamiya Kotori, 3rd place, Hoshikawa Mio.

 ”As you all know, in the actual order, the opinions of the judges are reflected. Therefore, the order is Natsuki Sana-san, Tomoe Setsuna-san, and Shirogane Lapis-san. However, if I were asked who I want to produce among the 20 people who passed the preliminaries, without hesitation, I would mention these three names. So, believing in that intuition, I will not only entrust Inori Hisui-san as the captain but also the center position of this team, where anyone could be the center.”

 The venue murmurs at the announcement from my brother. No one, not even Tomoe Setsuna-san in second place or me in third place, could have expected that Inori Hisui-san, who is in ninth place, would be entrusted not only as the captain but also as the center.

 And so, in response to those words from my brother, a tremendous pressure emanates from Hoshikawa Mio-san and Tomoe Setsuna-san standing beside me. Scary, scary, scary! Nii-sama!? Your statement is really intense and grim, isn’t it!?

 ”To be clear, the concept of this team is internal competition. You must not only compete with other teams but also win the internal battles within your own team first. In other words, I want everyone to compete for the center position. I have nominally chosen Inori Hisui-san as the center, but if you think you’re better, show an overwhelming performance and snatch that position away. This applies to other teams as well. ‘I am more deserving of being the captain and I am the ace at center.’ If you believe that, then eat the captain and center positions that our judges have designated.”

 Awawawawawa, not only us, the C team, but even the atmosphere of people from other teams has suddenly become tense.

 I wonder if I’ll be alright… Can I really do this? I’m becoming so anxious.

 ”Excuse me, Teispo here. Can I ask a question?”

 My brother raised his hand towards the reporters and kindly responded, “Yes, please go ahead.”

 ”This question is for President Atori. Earlier, Shirogane Aqua-san revealed your own ranking in the auditions. Could you please tell us which members President Atori chose for the top positions and the reasons behind your choices?”


 According to Ako-san, she chose me for the first place, Subaru-chan for the second place, and Lazuli-san for the third place. Lazuli-san is my half-sister through our mother.

 Recently, I was watching an exclusive interview with Mikuni-sama and our mother on TV, so our mother told me about it.

 ”Unlike Shirogane Aqua the special judge, who choose with the sense of an idol, as a president of Beryl from a business perspective, I focus on ease of sale and a guaranteed return. As you know, Shirogane Lapis and Nekoyama Subaru are idols under our company, the real sisters of Shirogane Aqua and Nekoyama Toa. Additionally, Lazuli Hauyne Noselite is also Shirogane Aqua’s half-sister, leading to the consideration of a bundled sale with Shirogane Lapis, creating a two-person unit.”

 Upon Ako-san’s comment, the venue was once again filled with a murmur. However, the subdued reaction might be due to the striking resemblance between me and Lazuli-san. When I saw Lazuli-san’s face for the first time today, I was genuinely surprised.

 ”Now, everyone from Team C, please introduce yourselves.”

 The staff lady hands the microphone to our team’s captain, Inori Hisui-san.

 ”Ah, um, well… wait, what!?”

 Inori-san panics because the microphone’s power isn’t turned on.

 It seems like the microphone is malfunctioning. The staff lady brings a new microphone.

 I wonder if it’ll be okay? I’m also nervous, but Inori-san seems more nervous than me.

 ”I-I-I-I’m Inori Hisui, the captain of Team C and the center. Um, well, I’m from a place called Amami Oshima in Kagoshima Prefecture… Gulp, I-I’ll do my best to meet the expectations of the Shirogane Aqua judges. And um, I-I hope to create a group like Team B, with always smiling faces… hahaha, hahahaha…”

 Inori-san’s smile is forced.

 Not only that, but Tomoe-san and Hoshikawa-san aren’t laughing at all.

 Only Tsushima-san and I exchanged a knowing smile, but this team… Could it be that we’re in a fix right from the start? It’s, like, all tense and not clicking, making me seriously doubt if we can really come together as one.

 When Tomoe-san received the mic from Inori, she straightened up.

 ”Team C, I’m Tomoe Setsuna, the center.”

 Whoa, hold up, did she just claim she’s the center? So, does that mean she doesn’t acknowledge Inori-san’s center…?

 ”I will defeat everyone here and become an idol. That’s it.”

 Awawawa! Tomoe Setsuna-san’s words got some people twitching. Uh, what’s this? Beryl, isn’t it supposed to be more laid-back or, you know, more upbeat?!

 ”Team C, I’m Hoshikawa Mio, the center. I came here to become an idol.”

 Awawawa, you don’t have to immediately jump into that sold fight, you know! Hoshikawa Mio-san and Tomoe Setsuna-san exchange glances. Even though they’re not glaring at each other, the air between them feels icy… Everyone, did you forget Captain Inori Hisui-san’s words from earlier? Come on, come on, let’s all smile and smile!

 ”Ohohoho! I’m Tsushima Kouko, the center of Team C. Well, not really, desu~wa! With my beauty, I’ll bring smiles to everyone!!”

 It’s intense! And by intense, I don’t mean the character, but it’s a bit flashy, or rather, too sexy… Clearly the opposite of Inori Hisui-san, who is a natural beauty.

 Also, her breast size is exploding… It’s the biggest among the remaining four, even compared to Inori Hisui, who is the biggest among them.

 ”Uh, um, I’m Shirogane Lapis from Team C. I, uh, hope we can be part of a group that never stops smiling, so… I’ll do my best!”

 I was full just introducing myself.

 Sigh… Is this really okay? I can’t help but feel anxious.

 My brother took the microphone again and turned on the switch.

 ”From the staff, there was a suggestion to put my sister, Shirogane Lapis, together with Sabato Miyako-san and Nekoyama Subaru-san in a team. Well, everyone else seemed to be on board with that idea, but personally, I didn’t think it would be good to make Shirogane Lapis an idol as she is now. They say send the cute ones on a journey, but I deliberately threw Shirogane Lapis into the most uncomfortable group for her. For Team C, I hope more center candidates gather and there’s more tension. I’m really excited to see what happens with this group.”

 Nii-sama… I think he saw through the vulnerability and weakness inside of me. That’s why I felt so embarrassed. I have to do my best…because I’m not just a customer, I’m a member of this audition, just like everyone else.

 ”Alright then, I’d like to announce the final Team D. It consists of Lazuli Hauyne Noselite-san, Nekoyama Subaru-san, Uryuu Anko-san, and Kayano Serika-san. And the team captain, Sabato Miyako-san.”

 As we returned to our seats, members of Team D took the stage in succession.

 ”Originally, Lazuli and Nekoyama Subaru were supposed to be the W Centers, but this team has five members. We considered a formation where two would be in the front and three in the back, but… yes. Let’s go ahead and decide the center at this moment.”

 The statement from my brother surprised the judges around. It doesn’t end with just the planned things. That’s my brother… no, everyone’s Shirogane Aqua.

 ”Lets go with Lazuli-san as the center. And then, I would like to see what the team captain, Sabato Miyako-san, does with the team. I won’t give any specific advice about this team. However, even at this point, if you all perform normally, you can secure second place, but you definitely can’t reach first place. That’s the key for this team, what to do about it. Of course, we, the judges, or rather the coaching staff, will support you, but I want you to find out for yourselves what is missing.”

 Miyako-chan. Subaru-chan…

 ”My name is Sabato Miyako, the captain of Team D. Um… I wonder if I’m really suitable as the team captain, but I want to do everything I can.”

 Miyako-chan handed the microphone to Lazuli-san, who was standing next to her.

 ”I am Lazuli Hauyne Noselite, the Team D’s center. I applied for the audition… in order to meet my stepbrother.”

 The words of Lazuli-san stir up the room. Could it be that you want to meet Nii-sama and not become an idol?

 ”Oh, stepbrother… I’ve always, always wanted to meet you…”

 Lazuli-san gazes at brother with a dreamy expression. She’s completely in love. The idol audition doesn’t matter at all… I thought maybe my sweet big brother would react, but he purposely doesn’t respond to Lazuli-san’s words. Seeing that, Subaru-chan, who was standing next to her, snatches the microphone away from Lazuli-san.

 ”Team D, Nekoyama Subaru. I came here to become an idol. So, for that reason… I want to take the center from the uninspired person next to me! And, Shirogane Lapis-san, Natsuki Sana-san, Tomoe Setsuna-san, Inori Hisui-san, I will win against everyone here and become the best idol that Beryl and Aqua Producer envision!!”

 Subaru-chan… you’re serious, huh.

 I thought it was really cool to see how serious Subaru-chan is.

 ”Team D, Kayano Serika. This is the last chance for me to become an idol, so I want to give it my all without any regrets. I want to concentrate so I can give everything I have.”

 Kayano Serika-san also has a very serious expression.

 This person, just like Subaru-chan, is really serious…

 ”Team D, Uryuu Anko. Everyone, I’ve been thinking only about passing the audition, but I’ve heard that many people will come to watch our performance on the final day of the audition. I want to deliver a performance that makes those people glad they came. Before thinking about passing or failing, as an idol standing on stage, I want to prioritize the fans and the audience above all else.”

 Upon Uryuu Anko’s statement, Brother nods gently with a kind expression.

 Ah… I see, everyone has been focused on themselves and the team, and I feel like I didn’t see that.

 It’s amazing… I truly think it’s amazing.

 ”Now, let me introduce the two members from Team E. Kokuchō Kujaku-san and Yamada Maruo-san.”

 The sound of camera shutters clicking repeatedly could be heard from the press seats as the two individuals made their appearance.

 One person doesn’t seem to be very nervous, but the other one appears to be clearly nervous, with their hands and legs moving simultaneously.

 ”There have been various opinions from the staff members about these two, but considering their balance, including height, I thought they could create a great harmony if their singing voices fit together well. And as for their dance performances, there is room for improvement through lessons, but I believe they can show powerful dances together.”

 One of the two, with long lower eyelashes and a beautiful androgynous face, took the microphone.

 Badge number 16, it’s Kokuchō Kujaku-san from Team E.

 ”I’m Kokuchō Kujaku-san from Team E. I ended up auditioning by chance, but I think it’s really interesting here. I’m a little worried that I might be dragged down by Yamada who is beside me, but I intend to try everything I can.”

 Are the two of them acquaintances?

 Kokuchō Kujaku-san’s statement seemed to make Yamada Maruo-san a bit frustrated. But somehow, it felt like Yamada Maruo-san’s tension eased because of this statement.

 ”I’m Yamada Maruo from Team E! I came here because I saw Shirogane Aqua-san’s live and wanted to become like Aqua-san! I want to be an idol who can make everyone smile! But before that… I will absolutely not lose to the person next to me!!”

 When Yamada Maruo-san declared this, the venue buzzed louder than ever before. It was not only because Yamada-san’s declaration was impressive, but also because Kokuchō Kujaku-san smiled upon hearing it.

 To some extent, I think everyone who came here today might have thought that men were being treated preferentially. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that way.

 But, what is it… the atmosphere they had earlier? It feels like there’s a bit more of a Beryl vibe, or rather, a Driver vibe. At least, I think the press members were completely captivated by that exchange we just had.

 Because, you know, that tense atmosphere we had just vanished, and all the press people had this somewhat excited smile on their faces. Phew… if anything, we, the female members, might have been the ones who learned something in the process.

 ”Well then, that concludes the press conference for the team assignment. Since there are no lessons today, please take your time and relax in your respective rooms. Ah… but I didn’t say not to do self-training or team discussions, so feel free.”

 Ah… the battle has already begun. What should I do? Teams A and B quickly gathered and started a team discussion.

 ”Um, well, then, let’s have a team discussion too… Lapis-chan, see you later.”

 ”Yeah, do your best, Miyako-chan.”

 I thought it must be tough for Miyako-chan to be the captain.



 Our eyes met.

 ”I’m serious… So, Lapis-chan, I want you to come seriously too!”

 Saying that, Subaru-chan picked up her luggage and headed towards where Miyako-chan and the rest of Team D were gathering.

 ”Um, yeah, Team C will also have a discussion~”

 ”Yes, understood!”

 I went to where Hoshi-san was, but the other three had already taken their luggage and left the venue. It seems everyone quickly put their luggage in their rooms and went for individual training… Is this team really okay?

 And so, with this uneasy feeling, the AQUARIUM audition camp began.

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