Male Idol V10c29

Volume 10 Chapter 29 Shirogane Aqua, I Can’t Compromise

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 In the dim corner of an empty room, I sat cross-legged, tears streaming down my face.

 ”Uu… I’m sorry… Lapis… Brother… Brother is trying to be strong… but I can’t help but cry…”

 To put it bluntly, Lapis is remarkably easy to read. Her expressions are quite vivid, and it’s clear when she’s lost in thought.

 I’m sure she wanted to join Team D during today’s audition camp. When I told her she was assigned to Team C, her face clearly showed disappointment, visible to anyone who looked.

 Deep down, I wanted her to partner with Subaru-chan and Miyako-chan, her close friends. But even if Lapis becomes an idol like this, I feel like it wouldn’t work out.

 Not just me, but Ayana is also working incredibly hard behind the scenes, pushing herself to the point of exhaustion.

 In our line of work, voice training and dance lessons are essential, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that daily physical conditioning and core training are just as crucial. Some people take it even further by rigorously managing their sleep patterns and diet for optimal health.

 Behind the glamourous facade, there is a need for consistent and dedicated effort. Without a strong determination, it’s impossible to sustain any of these activities. However, this applies not only to being an idol but also to any other profession one chooses. Every job, every position comes with its own struggles, efforts, and worries.

 Of course, both Ayana and I love this job, so we don’t complain or find these training sessions difficult. In fact, we quite enjoy them. But I wonder how Lapis feels about it.

 ’Ayana, can I talk to you about something?’

 ’Consultation? Yeah, it’s fine.’

 After hearing from Kotono and Ako-san that Lapis and the others were being approached, I immediately consulted Ayana.

 Ayana’s career as an idol is longer than mine.

 Above all, in this world full of women, Ayana, who serves as the center of a super popular all-female idol group, is definitely someone whose opinion I thought would be valuable.

 ’I see. I have a rough idea of the situation. So… how serious is Lapis-chan?’

 I pause for a moment before responding to Ayana’s question.

 ’Hmm… I don’t think she has the same level of enthusiasm as you and Ayana when I hesitate to respond immediately to an invitation. If I really wanted to do it, I would answer right away, like Subaru-chan. You can tell from watching the audition videos that Subaru-chan is someone who regularly does this. Oh, and speaking of that, it’s the same with Toa… he has a cool atmosphere, unlike the chaotic competitiveness inside. So, I think Subaru-chan have the mental strength to be idols from the start.’

 ’Hmm, Subaru-chan is competitive? That’s the type I like.’

 I respond to Ayana’s smile with a wry smile. Since she might become our new kid, let’s be gentle with her.

 By the way, Ayana, aren’t you starting to resemble Kohina-senpai a bit? Is everything alright? I hope Kohina-senpai isn’t a negative influence…

 ’Well, Subaru-chan, or someone who does it regularly, is easy to understand from someone who does it themselves or who teaches it.’

 ’Yeah… But if I were to say it, Lapis, who passed the audition just with her talent, is amazing, too…’

 ’Indeed, it means she passed MojaP’s singing evaluation, right?’

 I nodded in response to Ayana’s question.

 I actually saw the footage of Lapis taking the singing evaluation, and I think her singing voice has its own charm. The atmosphere while she was singing was captivating as well.

 But even so, in terms of technical skills or physical stamina required for singing, she is competing to be at the bottom among the members who passed.

 ’It brings back memories… I also had Moja{ watch my duet with Aqua. He pays attention to the smallest details and has a delicate approach to the music, so there are many demanding aspects. But because he doesn’t overlook my flaws, it became a valuable learning experience. But if he could say, ‘Well done!’ it would really motivate me.’

 ;Oh, I get it. It’s good to have that crumpled face and a little smile, right’

 In response to my words, Ayana nodded in agreement.

 ’For the sake of Lapis-chan, for Aqua’s sake, and for the girls who audition like Subaru-chan, I’ll say it clearly, I think being a female idol producer requires a lot of determination.’

 ’What do you mean?’

 ’As you know, considering the global male-to-female ratio and the abundance of mothers, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of girls in the world or in Japan. Without a clear purpose, like love or making money with a straightforward mindset, it’s hard to keep going. I’ve seen many female idols disappear because of that.

 I don’t know how serious Beryl and Aqua are, but if they plan to continue their activities, it will require corresponding effort, determination, and patience. Of course, for Beryl, the Beryl Boost—meaning increasing collaborations with guys—would probably boost sales.

 However, if that’s not the case, and if Aqua is genuinely aiming to lead everyone towards becoming authentic idols, then it’s better not to compromise at all. I want you to see them from an equal perspective like mine. If you’re sincere, they will definitely follow you. Just like Aqua and I are, sincere girls surely desire that.’

 Indeed. Ayana is truly amazing.

 I think Ayana is probably the kind of girl people would call a good woman. Above all, we share a fundamental way of thinking about idols or the entertainment industry. Ayana’s words have all resonated with me.

 ’I…I won’t compromise when it comes to idols.’

 ’Yeah…as an idol who strives alongside you, as one of your fans, I want Shirogane Aqua to be like that.’

 I’m glad I consulted Ayana.

 With my determination set, I will express everything I believe in during the formation meeting with the staff and other judges.

 I thought it would shape the future of all the girls who were chosen as final candidates. However, as an idol, I have made up my mind, but as a brother, it’s still hard to see my sister Lapis feeling lost. So, that’s that, and this is this.

 ”So, why does this guy always end up in such a troublesome situation?”

 ”Well? This has been the case since he came back from the press conference at the audition camp.”

 Kohina-senpai, who had nothing to do and stormed into my house, and cute Kanon, who is always there yesterday, today, and tomorrow, are watching my state.

 Normally, people would leave me alone, but Kohina-senpai is not like that. That person doesn’t have any consideration for others.

 ”Ugh, at least turn on the lights or something.”

 Kohina-senpai, who entered the room normally, operates the remote control and turns on the lights.

 ”So, what’s wrong?”

 ”Lapis is still working hard at the camp all alone. So, I am also experiencing loneliness just like Lapis.”

 ”Huh!? What’s that, are you stupid?”


 ”Yes, you’re stupid. I’m not surprised that you love your sister so much, but you’re the type that doesn’t slack off at work either. Anyway, it was inevitable that it would turn out like this when your sister applied. Just give up.”

 Ugh… Well, even if I didn’t consult Ayana, I don’t think I would have slackened off. If I showed favoritism towards Lapis, it would disrespect the other participants who are preparing for the exam with determination.

 ”Or what? Is she going to casually debut, eventually appear in a drama, and then co-star with me, and pass the torch to me instead of her beloved brother? Either way, it ends there. Let me tell you, if I were an idle idol who came to the drama set with a carefree attitude, I would have made countless people cry.”

 Come to think of it, she said something like that before… She said it in front of Ayana and me, about how we don’t cry, and I remember the staff around us being shocked.

 ”Hey, you! Tomorrow is the Christmas event, right? Do it properly!! If you show me a boring stage, I’ll blow you away!!”

 Kohina-senpai grabs my arm and pulls me with both hands, urging me forward.

 Being dragged by the small-bodied Kohina-senpai, I didn’t flinch, but since I figured she’d get annoyed if I didn’t move, I obediently stood up.

 ”Jeez! If it was gonna end up like this from the start, you shouldn’t have done it. Right?”


 Huh? Wait a sec, are Kohina-senpai and Kanon getting along a bit? Come to think of it, lately, it seems like Kohina-senpai has been hanging out at my place more often.

 ”Even though I said that earlier, I’m not an oni, so just told her nicely that she’s not suitable and she should stop.”

 ”Senpai… that wasn’t exactly nice. In fact, not at all. Senpai, you might want to look up words like consideration and kindness in a dictionary.”

 I feel like I could interrogate Kohina-senpai for about an hour on where the kindness was in her words just now.

 ”Grrr! I was actually thinking of saying some nice words to you, you know!”

 ”Huh!? Are, are you saying kind words, Senpai? Is this some new kind of scam or something!?”

 I opened the window at home to check the weather outside.

 There was no sign of heavy rain…

 ”Hey, Kanon-chan. Can I be really mad?”

 ”I think it’s okay. But recently, I’ve come to understand Aqua a little bit. I think Aqua is hard to understand in situations like this, but Aqua is just being spoiled.”



 I don’t know what Kanon and I were talking about, but Kohina-senpai suddenly became in a good mood and came closer to me, reaching out desperately to pat my head.

 ”Okay, okay. If you want a little sister that much, I’ll be your little sister instead. Onii-sama, Yukari really looks up to Onii-sama!”

 ”Huh!? Senpai… that’s a bit…”

 Just by imagining Kohina-senpai becoming my little sister, I felt extremely exhausted.

 I would definitely become a slave to my sister, and a complete master-slave relationship would be established.

 I could easily imagine Kohina-sempai sitting on top of me, who was acting as a chair named “Onii.” She was shamelessly eating the ice cream I bought. At this point, it was certain that I would have to take care of Kohina-senpai 24/7.

 ”Huh!? After making me do all this, why are you acting all sorry and saying ‘I’m sorry!’?”

 ”Well, I have the right to choose a little sister too. It would be nice to have a little sister like Kanon, who is obedient and super cute.”

 Hey, Kohina-senpai, take a look at my Kanon. Isn’t she cute with her face all red?

 ”Seriously… I worried for no reason. If you can crack jokes like that, then you must be fine.”

 ”Eh…? Worried…?”

 Who? Who are you worried about?

 ”…Can I seriously punch you now?”

 ”I apologize. Thank you for putting up with troublesome me.”

 ”As long as you understand.”

 Well, my mom and Shitori-oneechan said so too, but usually Lapis is pretty reliable, so it’s hard to tell, but sometimes, when it comes to her affairs, I get a little spacey.

 I guess you could call me a slow starter, it takes a bit of time for the engine to start running.

 But I think as long as there’s passion in her heart, there’s nothing to worry about.

 That’s why I chose Lapis to be in Team C, which has many exciting members. I thought it would be good for Lapis and for everyone on Team C.

 ”Anyway, isn’t it about time to go to Beryl?”

 ”Oh, yeah…”

 Today is December 23rd. We’re planning to have a pre-Christmas game streaming session for tomorrow’s Beryl Christmas Fest.

 I need to focus on my work too.

 ”Well then, I’m off!”

 ”Take care.”

 ”Don’t play a shitty game like last time!”

 Leaving these two at home is a little worrying, but with Pegonia-san here and Grandmother and Emily-san on the lower floor, it should be okay. I left Kohina-senpai and Kanon at home and rode my bike to the Beryl headquarters.

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