Male Idol V10c3

Volume 10 Chapter 3 Shirogane Aqua, Countdown To Heaven

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 ”Oh, it seems like there are already a lot of questions coming in.”

 The Prime Minister showed me the screen of the tablet she was holding in her hand.

 There were already many questions gathered there.

 By the way, no one mentioned Kaede. Because her boss’s face had turned into a Hannya mask right there.

 I’ll try to somehow get on her good side later…

 ”Thank you so much for all these questions! It’s difficult to answer all of them, but I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible within the time limit!”

 The Prime Minister operated the tablet and picked out the content of the questions from it.

 ”First of all, well, this is something I was also curious about. Uh, it’s a question from the Mama Friends’ Association, asking if you like older women.”

 ”Oh, I see. Actually, Kanon’s birthday is earlier than mine, and so far, everyone I’ve married, including Hakuryuu-sensei, are all older girls.”

 Considering that I seem to be fixated on older women, maybe I’m quite spoiled after all.

 However, I don’t think I can rely on Kanon so much, but I want to rely on Yui and Kotono’s breasts just once…! But my pride as a man is, ugh… After all, it’s a little embarrassing, and I don’t want them to be disgusted by my childishness.

 ”On a similar note, we received a question from Yujin-sama’s lover-san, who recently moved to Tokyo, about the age range for getting married. Please give specific examples of your family or acquaintances if you don’t specify the exact age range.”

 ”On the other hand, I want to ask the Prime Minister, is age important when it comes to falling in love?”


 The surprised-looking Prime Minister raised her hand and said, “Please wait a moment, I will discuss it,” and got up and headed towards the commentator’s seat.

 ”There might be a chance with this…?”

 ”Prime Minister, please calm down. I’m also desperately holding back my high-five right now.”

 ”I’m fine dying tomorrow. My life has been dedicated to politics, but everything has been rewarded with that one word just now. From now on, I will serve this country and its citizens with even more gratitude for the remaining of my life.”

 ”I’m worried about the elderly who are watching this program. Maybe there are people in front of the screen who have already become Buddha.”

 ”Certainly… But is it okay? Haven’t there already been several deaths in front of the screen?”

 ”Earlier, the government sent out a message on social media asking all citizens to check on any women living alone in the neighborhood to see if they are alive or not. It should soon be displayed as breaking news.”

 After finishing a whispered conversation, the Prime Minister returned to me.

 ”You said that age doesn’t matter, but… is it really?”

 ”Yes, of course I will follow the law. But on the contrary, I wanted to ask, is age really that important? If we judge someone based on their age when it comes to falling in love, we might restrict the possibility of liking that person. For me, the person I have feelings for is the person I like.”

 Ai and Kotono were also concerned about that, but for me, it wasn’t about falling in love with them based on their age.

 However, if Kotono willingly wants to play the role of a big sister for me, then that’s a different story.

 That’s why I sneakily glance at Kotono.

 ”Wait… so, does that mean every girl who starts her period becomes a potential love interest? Huh? Are you making a declaration to all citizens?”

 ”Hm? Did you say something?”

 ”No, no, it’s nothing. Please don’t mind.”

 The Prime Minister scrolled on her tablet and picked up the next question.

 ”That being said, how about this question? Um, it’s from an anonymous woman in her 20s, asking if you could narrow down the good qualities of each female acquaintance to one point. If it’s not about age, I’m curious about what you prioritize.”

 ”Ah, I see. Well, for example, Ako-san… There are many good qualities about our company president, but if I had to pick one, it would be… her tolerance, I guess?”


 ”Yes. She takes work seriously, always tries to be at the forefront of everything. Ako-san has many other good qualities as well, but… how should I put it… I feel like she’s always there for us, for the employees, you know? It’s not just about leading from the front, it’s something else. It’s like Ako-san wraps everyone, including the fans, and creates the company called Beryl. So I think tolerance is the only word for it.”

 I realized that it’s surprisingly difficult to put it into words and convey it to someone.

 Thinking about it, I think Shintaro is amazing for always properly modifying my vague words into lyrics.

 I thought about praising him more personally when I meet him next time.

 ”Also, Tsukimachi Ayana-san, whom I co-starred in the drama, I can honestly respect the way she strives to achieve her goals.”

 ”I see, but that’s as a professional point of view? If there’s anything you thought about as an opposite sex, please let us know.”

 ”Well… If I say this, she might get angry, but when I see her praying-like appearance before the matchmaking party or before filming the drama, I personally feel moved.”

 ”Please be more specific!”

 ”Ayana… even though she is usually strong-willed, I feel like she’s still anxious before going on stage, and as a man, I want to hug her tightly from behind and tell her it’s okay.”


 The Prime Minister opens her eyes wide and stands up, heading towards the commentator’s seat while making a strange noise.

 ”What a vulgar atmosphere!”

 ”Prime Minister, please calm down, Prime Minister!”

 ”And what does he mean by hugging her from behind? Does everyone have that experience?”

 ”Of course not! There’s no such experience, that’s why I’m a serious politician, to create such a society!

 ”Wait, were Tsukimachi-san and Aqua-kun already dating? This is definitely a sign of agreement, isn’t it?”

 ”Ah! Victory for the Rina faction! Take that, Kohina Yukari fans!”

 ”Am I the only one with a bittersweet feeling in my mouth!?”

 ”Prime Minister! Calm down anyway! If you show the citizens your state of panic as their representative, your approval rating will drop!”

 The Prime Minister, who had returned to her seat, continued speaking.

 Is she really okay with being so busy since earlier?

 Are there no balloons or anything flying in from somewhere while whispering like that during the live broadcast?

 ”Anyway, is there any other female acquaintance you can give me a name?”

 ”Look, that actress, for example.”

 ”Actress…? Oh, right, I remember now.”

 ”Yes! That person!”

 ”Kobayakawa Yuki-san, who co-starred in Heaven’s Sword, right?”

 Huh? Prime Minister, weren’t you about to fall off your chair just now? Are you okay?

 ”Kobayakawa-san is not someone who talks a lot, but in some ways, she resembles Tenga-senpai. I think she is someone who cares about those around her and pays attention to her surroundings. I also respect her for being serious about her work and having high concentration. Also, during filming, the two of us often talk about exercise and meals, and I find her very dedicated, so I take it as a reference. Actually, I’ve had the chance to touch her abs, and they were really firm and impressive.”

 ”Huh…? Aqua-kun touched Kobayakawa-san’s abs? Or was it the other way around?”

 ”At first, I touch them, and then it seemed like she wanted to touch mine as a thank you. It was like we were touching each other.”

 ”Was it over your clothes?”

 ”I’m not sure about that. I think it was when we used the running machine together, so we were probably in our bare skin.”


 The Prime Minister stood up again and headed towards the commentator’s seat, making a strange noise.

 ”Oh no, this is about s*x. It’s become a big mess! We’re talking about s*x on national broadcasting since morning!”

 ”Prime Minister! Please calm down. We need you to be level-headed.”

 ”Yes, we can only sit in this seat, trying not to lose consciousness, enduring and enduring to avoid going crazy. That’s why we need the Prime Minister to do her best!”

 ”Nakahara-san, there’s a limit to what I can tolerate! A man and a woman touching each other’s abs…? Isn’t this already s*x!? Huh!? Whoa!? I was so surprised that I thought my jaw would dislocate!”

 ”Prime Minister! It’s okay, everyone feels the same way. On social media, there are a lot of images of those d*mn women with the hashtag ‘Girls who want Aqua-kun to touch their belly buttons’ and are lifting up their roomwear to show their navels.”

 ”I’m not in demand either, but should I take a photo of my belly button and upload it…”

 ”Prime Minister! No, you can’t. It will cause a huge backlash! It was because of that trend that representative was left and missing!”

 ”Oh, really!? Representative Tanigawa, there’s nothing left for her but to apologize with a n*ked dogeza”

 ”Prime Minister! Speaking of which, because Hakuryuu-sensei got married, fans are flooding her social media with n*ked dogeza, thinking they might get some benefits like Hakuryuu-sensei. Every single one of them has been suspended… Oh, representative’s account…”


 ”Ah… she’s n*ked…”

 ”Representative Tanigawa was a good person…”

 Huh? Prime Minister came back with a serious expression. Is she okay?

 ”I’m sorry, Aqua-san. So, speaking of other seniors…?”

 ”Other seniors!? Oh, right, there was one more.”

 ”Yes, yes, that person. What do you think of that person?”

 I think about the other senior in the industry.

 ”I see… Well, she is also a very dedicated person when it comes to work, just like Kobayakawa-san.”

 ”I see, I see.”

 ”But she’s different from what you see on screen. When she’s not acting, she’s quite friendly and approachable…”

 ”Uh-huh… Friendly!? She’s friendly!?”

 ”Yes. And despite her mature appearance, she actually has a very childish side.”

 ”I see, I understand the childish part… Wait, did you say she has a mature appearance?”


 ”Huh, you’re talking about a senior, right?”

 ”Yes, Kuga Reira-san is technically a senior.”

 The Prime Minister falls off the chair.

 Hey, are you okay, Prime Minister!?

 I reach out and help the Prime Minister up.

 ”I see, so that’s the senior you meant.”

 ”Reira-san has a certain atmosphere. I think she is one of the more unique actress among the actress. In terms of screen presence and glamour, she is undoubtedly top class among Japanese actresses. I am greatly inspired by her way of captivating the audience. Oh, but no, it’s not good. I just remembered that Rihito-san told me not to praise her too much because she easily gets carried away.”

 ”I see… As a girl, how is she?”

 ”Isn’t Reira-san just normally beautiful? That’s why, as I mentioned earlier, I think she’s the type that is difficult to approach if she remains silent. But she’s the type that is friendly and initiates conversations, so she surprisingly has charm, and that’s probably her most attractive quality.”

 The Prime Minister murmurs, with a blank expression, “Oh, is that so?”

 I wonder if it’s just my imagination that she seems to be in a daze.

 ”By the way, we’ve been receiving questions like this as well.”

 The Prime Minister clears her throat lightly.

 ”From the eternal 18-year-old K.Y-san, the most reliable and adorable senior in Tokyo, we have a question. Previously, you mentioned the name of Kohina Yukari-san, a great senior and actress whom you admire. Please list five or more admirable qualities of Kohina-san, whom Aqua-san flatters. If you truly admire her, you should be able to do it, right?”

 I hold my head in my hands.

 The Prime Minister swipes the screen of her tablet and looks at other questions.

 ”Also, under the pen name Yukari Goha, please tell us ten admirable qualities of Kohina Yukari-san, the actress whom Aqua-san admires more than anyone else in the world. If you truly admire her, you should be able to talk about her for about an hour. There are similar questions as well…”

 ”Let’s move on to the next question.”


 ”Let’s move on to the next question.”

 I urge the Prime Minister to move on to the next question as if nothing had happened.

 Seriously, what is that person doing from this morning… If she has free time, please clean her room or something.

 Making me clean the room regularly, making me prepare meals in advance… Am I Kohina-senpai’s live-in wife?

 Moreover, please fold the cardboard and take out the garbage. Also, since I am a healthy man, please wash your own underwear at least! Thanks to you, I even know about Senpai’s underwear rotation, you know!

 ”Well… Aqua-kun’s pressure is strong, so let’s move on to the next question. This question is from a 28-year-old person from Mie who loves sweaters. ‘I bought a sweater called “Virgin-killer swe——The Sweater that Makes Inexperienced Men Fall for Women” from a magazine’s online store, but it’s embarrassing because my breasts are sticking out, so I can’t wear it. It’s still sleeping deep in the closet, but Aqua-sama, do you like this kind of clothes?’”

 Virgin-killer sweater!?

 The Prime Minister tried to cover it up, but now, she definitely said that it’s a virgin-killer sweater, right?

 Hmph, even though I may look like this, I’m an artist, and my ears are exceptionally good.


 I choose my words carefully with a serious expression.

 I try to use my full brainpower to figure out how to obtain a picture of a 28-year-old woman, especially one with big breasts, wearing a sweater that kills a virgin.

 Even if I ask the company to send it to me, it will probably be checked and omitted by Ako-san, Shitori-onee-chan, or Kotono. What should I do?

 ”First, let’s talk about the sweater. I think you should just wear it normally. There’s absolutely no need to be embarrassed. It’s okay even if it sticks out! In fact, praise your lively body even more if it sticks out!”

 Ping! I just had a great idea!!

 I hide my perverted thoughts and face the screen with a refreshing expression.

 ”But if you still feel embarrassed, please send me a picture of you wearing it personally to my Twitter. I’ll check it right away!”

 Fuhahaha! With this, at 28 years old, I naturally obtained erotic images of busty big sister!

 But as I was thinking about such useless things, I felt someone poking my shoulder.

 Hm? Is something wrong?

 ”Aqua-kun, if you say that on national television, it will be known to the president and everyone’s who are watching TV. Is that okay?”


 I messed up… What’s wrong with my Aqua brain? It’s totally useless!

 ”Um, let’s gather ourselves and move on! We have a question from a 23-year-old woman living in Fukuoka Prefecture. ‘I make sweets every day at a café, and I work hard every day because I’m happy when customers say it’s delicious. Aqua-san, who is good at cooking, recently made a candy house with Morikawa Kaede, but do you not make sweets in your private life? If you do, please tell us your specialty!’”

 ”I don’t make sweets that often, but I often bake pancakes with my sister and Kanon.”


 ”Yes, my sister and Kanon are similar in some ways, and when we’re making pancakes, I can tell from their excited and fidgety expressions and gestures. They’re really cute, and I can’t help but want to see them again, so I end up making pancakes.”

 Just remembering it warms my heart.

 It’s not just my fault that there tends to be excessive affection with Lapis and Kanon.

 It’s because they are too sneaky to make me realize how cute they are on a regular basis.

 ”Oh, but when it comes to making sweets, Toa-chan is probably better than me.”

 ”Speaking of which, Toa-chan did make sweets on a livestream.”

 ”Yes. We made cupcakes together in school class, and distributed them to everyone in the class, the student council, and the homeroom teacher.”

 ”Uh… Th-th-th-th-that, is that Beryl’s secret event!?”

 ”No, it’s just a regular school class…”

 ”I’ll be right back!”

 The Prime Minister heads towards the commentator’s seat.

 ”Doesn’t Otomezaki not need any more subsidies from next year?”

 ”Prime Minister, I understand your feelings, but please calm down.”

 ”Yes, please calm down, Prime Minister. You have the same face as when you fought against terrorists who occupied the National Diet Building with a grenade launcher!”

 ”But it’s unfair! I’m a Mary graduate! Look at Mary’s online dictionary! The representatives listed in the list of famous people are Shumi, Hagetoru, Chinposuki, and me. Don’t mess with me by including me in the Four Heavenly Kings over there! And Chinposuki should be censored!”

 ”Well, Mary is basically full of sh*tty women, so it can’t be helped, right?”

 ”Ah, ah, MP Nakahara, that’s a problematic statement! By the way, you graduated from Claris, didn’t you?”

 ”I don’t care about Claris or Mary anymore. In front of Otomezaki, all of them are just a bunch of crap.”

 ”Haah~ I don’t care about that anymore, I want to eat the cupcakes that Aqua-sama and Toa-chan made too.”

 ”Alright, everyone! I’ve come up with a good idea!”

 The Prime Minister whispered something to the members of the commentator’s seat and then returned to this side.

 ”By the way, when is the next home economics class at Otomezaki?”

 ”Um, was it on Tuesday?”

 ”I’ll go.”


 ”As the Prime Minister, no, as a politician, and above all, as an adult! It is only natural for me to prioritize school education to nurture the children of the future! Therefore, it is my duty as lawmakers to observe the actual education scene and see what kind of studies they are actually doing!!”

 The Prime Minister spoke passionately as if giving a speech in front of the camera.

 Huh? Why is her forehead sweating and why does it seem like she’s putting more effort into it than her previous speech?

 The diet members of the commentator’s seat stood up from their seats and applauded.

 ”Prime Minister! Isn’t this an abuse of power?”

 ”This is tyrannical!”

 ”Isn’t this inappropriate?”

 Protest voices were raised from the announcer sisters of the national broadcaster who were observing the scene.

 The Prime Minister responded by gesturing downwards as if reprimanding them.

 ”Everyone, please calm down! I’m sure you’re all worried about whether we politicians are really conducting proper inspections, right? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better for us to do thorough coverage as a national broadcasting station?”


 Applause erupted from the announcers and staff ladies.

 What’s going on here?

 ”Well done!”

 ”That’s what a Prime Minister should do!”

 ”I’m moved!!”

 ”I’ll vote for you next time!”

 I don’t really understand what’s happening, but it seems to have settled well. The staff from the national broadcasting station approached Kaede’s senior.

 ”Boss, we’ve been receiving protest emails non-stop.”

 ”For now, just blame everything on Morikawa! After all, it’s her fault that it turned out like this!”

 ”Understood!! I’ll convey that to the customer support office!”

 The Prime Minister sat back in her seat and operated the tablet again to select the next question.

 ”Um, okay, the next one is a message from a middle school student in Tokyo who loves volunteering, asking for words of encouragement for the students studying hard to pass the Otomezaki exam!”

 I stood up from my seat and signaled to the camera.

 ”Even though I can’t say this as someone who entered school without taking the entrance exam, no matter what the result may be, setting goals and working hard towards them will surely be a great source of inspiration for your future. So please don’t be discouraged by whatever outcome you face. With that said, I want to tell you that Otomezaki is waiting for you.”


 The Prime Minister stood up from her seat and rushed towards the commentator’s seat, shouting “Charge forward! Charge forward!” It seems like there are no ruling or opposition parties in this country anymore. Because, well, it looks really fun. Can I join in too?

 ”Should I resign as Prime Minister?”

 ”Hold on!? Prime Minister, I understand your feelings, but please calm down for now!”

 ”Next year, I’ll take the Otomezaki entrance exam and wear the uniform.”

 ”Prime Minister!? I understand that you’re acting out of your mind, but please reconsider calmly!”

 ”But he said he’s waiting for me!”

 ”He said it facing the camera! If the Prime Minister resigns, you’ll just become a troublemaker!”

 Are they okay? It seems like everyone is trying to persuade the Prime Minister, or is it just my imagination? The Prime Minister seemed to have been calmed down and returned to her seat.

 ”Cough, by the way, there was also a question like this. It’s from a pen name, Tsukiyo, who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture. They want you to say ‘Come here’ facing the camera.”

 I turn my gaze to a different camera than before.

 By doing this setup, it becomes easier for the staff to work.

 ”Come here…”

 I imagine the moment when Kazuya gently calls Sayuki.


 Hmm… I feel like I can do something more. Maybe it’s because I’m imagining the initial Kazuya, but it feels like it’s just being gentle.

 ”Come here.”

 Next, I imagine Yuujin from Hana-ata.

 Yuujin, who is gentle yet has a dominant presence, fits strangely well.


 Since I have the chance, I should do one more.

 ”Come here!”

 I imagine Kenzaki from Heaven’s Sword.

 I express Kenzaki’s kindness and strong determination to embrace and hold me gently.


 The Prime Minister who went crazy heads towards the commentator’s seat.






 Oh, she’s back.

 They didn’t really say anything other than “Ah” to each other, but is the conversation really happening now?

 ”Haa… haa…”

 Are you okay, Prime Minister?

 I hand the Prime Minister a bottle of water that was nearby.

 ”Gulp, gulp… puhah! I’ve revived… Um, well, there’s a good question here. The name of the submitter is Worker Holic-san, asking if Aqua-sama has anything to confess.”


 Have I ever confessed to anything…?

 ”Well, is there something I’ve confessed to!? It seems many things!?”


 Hmm, did I do something wrong?

 I have no idea… Yeah, no idea. Not even a bit.

 But I thought of one thing, so maybe I’ll answer that.

 ”Well… There’s this classmate who I sat next to starting from the second term, and she gave me donuts last Friday. Um, she was called Miss Donut-san, or Amagasaki Kurura, I think. It was so delicious that it almost made me cry. The plan was actually to eat it together with Kanon, but I secretly ate it with her without telling my wife!”

 The Prime Minister stood up straight, then went to the commentator’s seat and lightly kicked the desk for some reason.

 ”What the heck!”

 ”Prime Minister, this is not good! Your true nature is showing!!”

 ”I also wanted to eat donuts with a boy when I was in high school!”

 ”We all think so! It’s not just the Prime Minister!”

 ”Prime Minister, please remember! Didn’t we aspire to become politicians so that we can create a society like that!?”

 ”That’s right, Prime Minister! Isn’t it great? Our efforts have paid off!”

 ”That’s why we can’t stop now, Prime Minister! Please be prepared!”

 ”In such a difficult situation, only you can be the Prime Minister!! Please, I beg you!”

 ”I see… even the citizens are expecting it. Understood! This Prime Minister will take action!!”

 The Prime Minister returns with a proud expression, and the members of parliament and the public broadcasting station send her off with a standing ovation.

 ”Since time is running out, let’s keep going. Um, from AA-san, who lives in Tokyo, what is the most memorable thing since Aqua-kun started his idol activities? That’s what they say.”

 ”When asked about the most memorable thing… I feel motivated when I see the faces of the fans who are happy at live performances. I’ve talked about this with Toa and others, but seeing the fans’ faces and expressions directly at live performances is a big deal.”

 ”I see…”

 Actually, it’s also connected to my motivation, and it makes me want to work harder and make more people happy. And when it comes to idols, it’s definitely about live performances. After I graduate from school, I also want to do more and more live performances.

 ”Next one, we’ve also received questions from a woman in her 40s who works in the entertainment industry, which means fellow professionals. ‘I know you’ve suddenly become very popular. But if there was anything like wanting to try these small jobs as a stepping stone, please let us know.’ That’s what they say.”

 ”I’ve talked about this with Ako-san as well, but I’m thinking of doing smaller events or something like that during my early career. It might take a little more time, but there will be an announcement to the fan club from the PR department, so please look forward to it.”

 ”I see. Then, there’s a question from a musician in their 40s that Shirogane Aqua-san has been active in a wide range of genres such as rock, pop, EDM, and even collaborations with opera singers. What kind of music serves as the root for yourself? That’s what they say.”

 ”Well, let’s see. Just conveniently… I mean, the staff has prepared it for me, so I will borrow the piano for a bit.”

 I lightly play the piano and sing “Musunde Hiraite” by ROUSSEAU Jean-Jacques, a familiar piece for children.

 It was the root of my music, which I practiced to make the little children at the orphanage happy when I was there in my previous life.

 It was also the beginning of my encounter with the piano. It was when I started to love classical music.

 ”Wow, I wanna go to the kindergarten where Aqua-san is…”

 ”Prime Minister, everyone thinks the same.”

 ”It was close. I almost made a fool of myself in front of the TV.”

 ”I think there are a lot of people regressing in front of children…”

 ”This program might not be able to have a rerun. It’s a one-way trip to the Broadcasting Ethics Committee.”

 I returned to my seat and adjusted my jacket.

 ”Is this the last question? Oh, just in time, we have a question from a male! It’s Takapyon-kun, a 7-year-old boy from Akita Prefecture! ‘To Heaven’s Sword! I also want to become a driver! But whenever my big sister sees Heaven’s Sword on TV, she always makes a fuss and it scares me a little. I started feeling really scared when I thought about being touched by someone I don’t know if I become a driver. Isn’t it scary for Heaven’s Sword to be touched by girls and screaming? And earlier, I was very surprised when my big sister become Chijou without changing her mind.”

 ”Takapyon-kun, thank you. There may be many scary things in the world, but you have to overcome that fear and face them because there are things that you must confront. So, someday when you have someone you want to protect, I want you to gather the courage and go for it. And be kind to girls at that time! Understand? This is a promise between me, Kenzaki, and Heaven’s Sword.”

 I give a thumbs up to the camera, striking a good pose.

 ”That was amazing! Wait, the show is over already? Um, then this is the last one! We also received questions from a confident woman living in Hokkaido, asking Aqua-kun, ‘Besides breasts, what do you like about girls?’ And also, ‘Aqua-sama, while you often passionately talk about breasts, I have a bigger butt. Do you dislike big butts? What do you think about them?’ We’ve been receiving questions like these too.”

 ”I see, both are good! Whether it’s healthy and plump thighs, slender thighs, a big butt that’s about to burst out of the skirt, a small and tight butt, there’s nothing wrong with any of them! Please have confidence in yourself!!”

 Oh, wait. Did I answer too enthusiastically at the end? I wonder if that was okay…

 After the broadcast ended, the Prime Minister high-fived everyone as if she had accomplished a great task.

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