Male Idol V10c30

Volume 10 Chapter 30 Shirogane Aqua, I Played A Game With Four People, But Things Got Really Hectic

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 There’s only a little time left until streaming starts. As I looked at the comments on the PC monitor, a lot of people had already gathered.

 [Been waiting]

 [Been waiting since morning]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Was waiting while n**ed (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [The one whose comments get deleted right at the beginning, LOL]

 [Aren’t they aware they’re doing it, or is it just uncontrollable instinct?]

 [Why does Hagetoru always blurt out what she’s thinking?]

 On the monitor next to it, the remaining time until the stream starts was displayed.

 ”Is everyone ready?”

 I could hear Ako-san’s voice from my headphones.

 From the sound of the voice, it seems like she’s okay. Considering what happened last time when she collapsed, I realized that I need to watch out for her more, since Ako-san is always looking out for everyone.”

 ”Yes, I’m ready!”

 ”Yeah, I’m always okay!”

 ”No problem, I’m always prepared!”

 ”Checked and good to go!”

 Not just during concerts, but I really love the atmosphere before something starts. When I hear Ako-san, Tenga-senpai, and Shintaro’s voices, I can tell that they have the same high motivation as me.

 Having members and staff who share the same passion, and fans who share the same heat, is what creates this special atmosphere. I want Lapis and the aspiring audition candidates to know about this. That’s why I suggested forming a unit with Ako-san and the others during the audition training camp.”

 ”Well then, I’ll leave the chat, but everyone, have fun today too!”


 Just 1 minute left until it starts.

 ”Well then, as usual today.”

 I called out to everyone.

 ”Yeah! Just like always!”

 ”Ah! It’s the same as usual today!”

 ”Huh! Even if something happens, you can rely on me!”

 Senpai, I thought in my mind that this is a flag.

 Maybe, just maybe, Toa and Shintaro is thinking the same thing as me, I couldn’t help but smile.


 [Yeah yeah yeah!]

 [It’s not here yet LOL.]

 [Too much anticipation LOL.]

 [Everyone is too eager.]

 [That’s why they say virgins are too greedy LOL. (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Don’t c*m quickly, or you won’t attract guys! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [TOOOKA: Hey everyone, can we keep it together, okay? Especially you, Ramen Hagetoru-san!]

 [There’s someone getting scolded by Nee-san, LOL]

 [The one getting scolded by name is someone we all know, LOL]

 [Here we goooooo!]

 [Coming, coming!]

 [Sommelier: 3!!]

 [Yukari Rice: 2]

 [Shumi the Maiden: 1!]

 The countdown to the start hits zero.

 Taking a brief pause, I let the tension build a bit, then casually mutter just one word.


 Sure, we could ride the hype wave with maxed-out voltage, but today’s stream might go on for a while. So, I wanted to let everyone blow off some steam to make sure nobody gets too tired.

 [Aqua-kun LOL]

 [Low tension incoming!]

 [When Aa-sama starts streaming, the first greetings are often pretty low-key, right?]

 [I actually kinda like these low-key greetings.]

 [What’s up? Ready for some stories?]

 [Do you want to drink Emily-oneechan’s breasts for now? (This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Butterfly Lady: Mom’s breasts are empty (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Aquamarine: Real mom’s breasts are empty! (This comment was deleted by admin Citrine because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Guhehe (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [You guys calm down a little!]

 Some people’s comments have been deleted.

 It’s okay to get too excited, but please do it in moderation.

 ”That’s why everyone. Today, with the Christmas festival the next day, I would like to play a game with the three.”

 I switch the screen to display the top screen of the game I’m playing today.

 ’Last Survivor’

 It’s a game where you live your daily life using items you find on the only remaining island in a desolate world and its surrounding waters.

 [Quite amusing LOL]


 [Wow, they’re totally playing with us]

 [Ahh, Aqua-kun has that side to him, huh?]

 [Hmm, so that’s how you confuse Emily-oneechan and the others?]

 [We’re like carp, constantly opening and closing our mouths. Feed us already!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Hey, wait a minute! Deleting just because of that silly guhehe?! That’s weird!! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Hagetoru, calm down LOL]

 [Hagetoru? Shouldn’t you calm down for a moment?]

 I’m going to explain the game I’m playing today.

 Here, I’ll just read it out in my own words, based on the given materials.

 ”So, here’s the thing. This game can be played by dividing into several groups and competing against each other, but today we’ll be battling NPCs.”

 I thought this game would be more interesting if played with around 100 people or so. I’ll suggest it to Ako-san next time.

 ”So, without further ado, let me introduce the cheerful members who will be playing the game with me today!”

 I’ll raise my excitement level a bit here.

 [My excitement just shot up out of nowhere LOL]

 [It’s moments like these, right?]

 [Cheerful members LOL]

 [Wow, I wonder who they are? Who could it be?]

 [Wow, I’m so excited!]

 [Everyone knows it, but they’re being too kind. LOL]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Ah (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 The comment section is still lively as always.

 Unlike big events, this kind of livestream brings fans closer, so it has a different kind of charm.

 ”The first member is a bundle of energy! With his infectious smile, he can turn winter into summer!! It’s Nekoyama Toa!!”

 I turn on Nekoyama Toa that appeared on the call chat app.

 ”Hey there… it’s the cheerful Toa…”

 My excitement dropped! Your intro has less energy than mine!!

 [Not cheerful at all, LOL]

 [Toa-chan knows, LOL]

 [Well, he’s doing it on purpose.]

 [It’s freezing cold! We’re in the dead of winter, not summer!!]

 [Here comes the super cold Toa-chan!!]

 [These guys are way too close, aren’t they?]

 [Oh no. I’m getting palpitations, I need to take my medication]

 [I’ll take Actoa to suppress my palpitations]

 [Actoa? Is it different from the medication I got, Toaqua?]

 [Cat lover: Thank you so much… thank you]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Huh? Could it be that all my comment are getting regulated? (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 Alright, let’s regroup and move on to introducing the second person.

 ”Next up is our lively and energetic second member! My glasses never fog up. It’s the cheerful Mayuzumi Shintaro!”

 I turn on Mayuzumi Shintaro text.

 ”Oh… good evening, everyone. I’m Mayuzumi Shintaro.”

 Shintaro? What’s up? You seem a bit unsettled, huh?

 [Shin-chan LOL]

 [Maybe he got a little flustered because he couldn’t grasp the difference in the two’s energy levels. So cute!]

 [Good luck Mayushin, you’re probably the only decent one]

 [Butterfly Lady: Mayuzumi-kun, do your best!]

 [Geez, Shin-chan got dragged into it because those two started with a weird tension! It kinda feels like Beryl is gradually, or rather from the beginning, going off track, but I kinda like it LOL.]

 [Generally, when these two start a skit, poor Mayuzumi-kun becomes the sacrifice.]

 [Mayuzumi-kun probably wanted to give it his all and get energetic. I like that about him.]

 [Seriously, Toa-chan and Aqua-kun are like this, LOL.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Damn it! This must be the work of Nee-san!! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 Alright! The comments section is getting lively! I’ll add to the excitement right here.

 ”Yes, that’s why I thought today I’d do it with these two.”

 It’s a promise, but I have to do it, after all.

 [Is Senpai here? LOL]



 [Aqua-sama, you forgot one person LOL!]

 [Of all people, the one who seems to bring out the most cheerfulness LOL.]

 [Oh, even Tenga-senpai would cry LOL.]

 [Hey Aqua-kun, look closely! Can’t you faintly see someone else?]

 [Senpai is looking at you as if he want to join. Shouldn’t you make him your comrade?]

 [Aqua-kun sure likes to rely on senpai. Kohina Yukari is the same, but he’s only teasing Tenga-senpai on purpose LOL.]

 [Wait, are you weak against senpai, Aqua-kun!?]

 [Phew, even though I’m a third-year high school student, I’m transferring to Otomezaki.]

 [As a senior in the industry, do I stand a chance!?]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Since you can’t see it anyway, I’ll go ahead without hesitation, ghehe!]

 Just as I was about to click, Tenga-senpai barged in before me.

 ”I have arrived! Tenga Akira, the lively and carefree one, let’s gooooooo!!”

 Ah… Senpai’s mood is all over the place.

 No doubt about this fun atmosphere. It’s like the high-tension mode during the beryl and beryl times.

 [So carefree LOL]


 [Am I the only one feeling the insanity from cheerful Akira-kun?]

 [Tenga-senpai, let’s calm down for a moment, okay?]

 [You probably couldn’t come up with anything because you were too carefree LOL]

 [Just imagining carefree Tenga-senpai makes my heart warm and fuzzy]

 [Oh no. I’m starting to worry just from the beginning.]

 [Bad news, they’ve only finished greetings so far.]

 [Hey, could it be that Senpai is already getting excited and his mood is going crazy for tomorrow’s festival?]

 [Reminds me of the senpai who used to play morning basketball at beryl and beryl LOL.]

 [Well, looks like he won’t be able to sleep tonight LOL.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Huh!? My comment from earlier wasn’t deleted!? Could it be, Nee-san, that you manually picked and deleted only my comment without properly checking…? (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 It’s understandable that Toa is low on energy when waking up due to low blood pressure, but Senpai, are you really sleeping properly?

 After this livestream, we’re planning to go straight to the overnight rehearsal. Hopefully, he won’t collapse along the way…

 Ako-san might already be aware, but just to be safe, please contact your manager, Kai-san.

 ”And so, with that in mind, let’s continue as the Last Survivors with these three!”




 I explain the objective of today’s game to everyone. First, we need to establish the foundation for survival on the island and search for the initial destination, the offshore oil field.

 There are other things we need to do, but for today, let’s stop here.

 ”So, everyone, see you later!”

 I closed the chatting app and logged into the game.

 First, I need to create a character, but the game company and the staff from Beryl worked hard to create avatars that look just like us four. In other words, they have already prepared the characters for us to control, so we can skip that part.

 ”Oh, so this is it. Wait, I’m shirtless!”

 I spin around, looking at my standing figure.

 Wow, it’s amazing. The face really looks like mine!

 [Oh my goshhhh!!]

 [Can they stream something like this? Can they stream something like this? Can they stream something like this]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Sorry, Shumi (Kids) It’s time for a break, baby!]

 [Sommelier: Is this an 18+ game!? (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [3510: ●REC]

 [The admin is going wild, LOL, I can’t stop laughing]

 [Even though it’s an AI, it has too many ulterior motives, LMAO]

 [I’m so excited that I might not be able to sleep tonight…]

 [Hey, can I mas***ed for a moment? (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Guys, I understand your feelings, but don’t let your desires out! Remember how humble we were in the beginning!!]

 [Just as expected from Beryl. They start the game and within seconds, they already know everything]

 [Aqua-sama’s game livestream has never been normal, not even once]

 [Prime Minister: Since it’s fictional youth, it’s safe! If anyone starts blabbering, I’ll bring a rocket launcher and storm the city hall!!]

 [Prime Minister, LMAO]

 [If the Prime Minister says it’s okay, then it must be fine]

 [The other day, the Minister of Justice was on her knees begging for mercy, constantly chanting about legality, so we should be fine, LOL]

 [Can you believe our country is being shaken just by a picture of a six bread in the game? This is our country, LOL!]

 [It’s the best, isn’t it!!]

 First of all, I need to secure some clothes to wear… huh? What about everyone else?

 Come to think of it, is anyone else around?

 I was standing alone on the beach.

 ”Hey, everyone, where are you!?”

 No one seems to be around to respond to my call.

 The in-game voice chat can only be heard when you’re close enough, so it seems like the starting point is more spread out than I thought.

 [Aqua-kun, bottom left!]

 [Aqua-kun! Bottom left! Bottom left!]

 [In times like this, use the general chat!]

 [Look at the bottom left!]

 Hmm? Bottom left? Oh, there’s something written there!

 [Nekoyama Toa: Voice chat can only be used when you’re nearby, but you can have text conversations in the game.]

 [Tenga Akira: I, in the forest, hear strange animal sounds. Help… not moving.]

 [Mayuzumi Shintaro: Just now, faintly, I think I heard Aqua’s voice.]

 Oh, I see. Is that what’s going on?

 [Shirogane Aqua: For now, I’ll meet up with Shintaro nearby.]

 [Mayuzumi Shintaro: Roger that.]

 [Nekoyama Toa: First, let’s all gather. I’m at F5, but I want to build a base around G7, which is easy for resource gathering.]

 I open the map screen.

 So, when they say F5 or G7, they’re talking about map coordinates. The map is divided into a grid like a checkerboard, with the top left being A1 and the bottom right around Z26. My point is… close to D10, I guess.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Shumi’s D-cup, got it! But that guy has been getting a bit plump lately, you know? (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Hagetoru, what have you been up to all this time?]

 [Most of Hagetoru’s comments have been deleted.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I have a bad feeling about this.]

 [Anyway, she’s probably just saying something pointless again.]

 I was thinking of gathering everyone together first, but it might be better to ask someone who is also experienced in this game, to create a base beforehand.

 [Shirogane Aqua: I’m a D-10. Oh, and I’ll go there after meeting up with Shintaro, so go ahead and create the base.]

 [Nekoyama Toa: Okay, got it.]

 [Mayuzumi Shintaro: I’m also a D-10. Understood. By the way, where is Tenga-senpai?]

 [Shirogane Aqua: A]

 [Nekoyama Toa: A]

 [Tenga Akira: Me, the P’s 3]

 So far!

 Why is only one person in such a weird place….

 [Only senpai whose footsteps don’t match LOL]

 [This is the distance between the senior and three juniors]

 [Shh! If you say that, Akira-kun will feel sorry!]

 [Cat lover: Ah, ah, ah… Thank you. Thank you very much]

 [Earlier, both Toa-chan and Aqua-kun completely forgot about Tenga-senpai’s existence, right]

 [Leave it to me! → Only one person is missing LMAO]

 [Senpai-chan is amazing at collecting flags!]

 [This whole situation is just a perfect and hilarious flow, LOL]

 I’m worried about the senior, but let’s prioritize the reunion of the three of us here.

 [Shirogane Aqua: Senpai, if it’s possible, please come closer to us even just a little bit. We will prepare our equipment and gather here first, so we can go and pick you up.]

 [Tenga Akira: Got it. I’m waiting, alright?]

 I organize the situation in my head.

 First, I need to meet up with Shintaro, who’s nearby. After that, I’ll head to the place where Toa has set up a base for us. I’ll prepare my equipment and go pick up Tenga-senpai. Yeah, that’s the plan for now.

 ”Hey! Shintaro!”

 I call out as I search the surroundings.

 On the way, I spot what seems to be a barrel washed up along the coast.

 I wonder if there’s something inside this…?

 I click on the barrel.

 Then, a set of clothes like pops out from inside.

 ”Yes! I got some clothes, everyone! Say goodbye to the pants-only life!”

 I put on the worn-out clothes.

 They’re kind of torn in places, but well, it’s better than having nothing. Yeah.


 [The clothes is ruining…]

 [All right, everyone, let’s disperse.]

 [Darn it, who the hell left a barrel rolling in a place like that?]

 [I wish I could’ve stayed pants-only forever…]

 [You guys, seriously, LOL.]

 [Wow, there are so many people faithful to their desires! LOL]

 [Why is everyone suddenly losing their excitement?]

 Huh? Has the comments section gone quiet?

 Or is it just my imagination?

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Wait, it’s like being attacked by a swarm of torn rags after all…]





 [Hagetoru… so you really were a genius after all!]

 [Yeah, only Hagetoru truly gets it]

 [Nee-san! You forgot to delete it!!]

 [No good, just imagining it gets me all excited (This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [That guy called Hagetoru always explores our fetishes and it’s so damn hilarious! LOL (This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Admin, seems like you’re lacking staff; your judgment has become dull and ambiguous, LOL]

 Yeah, it was my imagination.

 I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems like everyone is getting excited and it looks like everything is going well.

 ”Hey, Aqua! Where are you!”

 Ah, I can hear Shintaro’s voice! I also raise my voice loudly.

 ”Shintaro! I’m here! I’m right here!”

 I turn my gaze towards the direction of the voice and see a figure on top of a cliff near the beach.



 Whoaaaa. Even though we only met in the game, I feel so happy. Shintaro slowly descends from the cliff and approaches me. In his hand, he had something like a stick that I don’t know where he found it.

 [Mayushin-kun’s going shirtless, yayyyyyy!]

 [Yes, I’m overjoyed!]

 [Shin-chan is so wild with a stick in his hand for going shirtless…]

 [I feel like I’m about to embark on a new territory with the sea man Shin-chan.]

 [Kuh, why aren’t you wearing glasses!]

 [Staff! You forgot to wear the most important item!!]

 Hmm? Glasses? Ah, now that I think about it, they were in the barrel earlier…

 ”Shintaro, I’ve got something cool for you, check this out!”

 ”Huh? What is it…? Oh, I see!”

 I stared at Shintaro’s character intently. Then, right in front of me, Shintaro’s character put on glasses with a ‘click’ sound effect.

 Oh, the lens is slightly cracked, but it’s still the same old Shintaro.

 [Such an evil character]

 [As expected, Aqua-sama knows what’s up]

 [This is it!]

 [Our Mayushin-kun has arrived!]

 [Panichi glasses are the best!]

 [The comforting feeling of being back home, it’s the best.]

 [It’s amazing how he picked up the glasses from the barrel before reuniting.]

 [Developer: By the way, glasses are rare items… You’re kidding, right?]

 [Developer LOL]

 [The developer is already flustered, LOL]

 [>Developer, relax, relax. The real deal starts now, so do your best.]

 [Aqua-kun creates miracles along with his breath. The sister of the Holy Aqua Religion said that (This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 After reuniting with Shintaro, I head towards coordinate G7. Along the way, I pick up items like fallen branches and stones to replenish my item inventory. I’m sure they can be used in crafting.

 ”Oh! Shintaro, over there!”

 ”Oh, there seems to be some kind of building. Could that be our base?”

 It’s a simple structure, like a prefab hut, but it’s a properly built building! It must be the base that Toa set up at that coordinate.

 ”Oh, everyone!”


 ”We did it! We’re together again!”

 We approach and jump for joy. It was a bit lonely at first being alone, but now that the three of us are together, it feels like the usual.


 [Aqua-sama’s innocence is too much for me to handle]

 [Tsk! Toa-chan, it’s a shame he’s wearing proper clothes…]

 [Mayushin-kun, you’re so happy, it’s adorable!]

 [Toa-chan wearing clothes… I feel relieved, but also a bit disappointed…]

 [Once again, being toyed with by Toa-chan, LOL!]

 [It’s fine… I wouldn’t mind being toyed with by Beryl’s boys.]

 [Everyone looks like they’re having fun, and I can’t help but smile too.]

 [Everyone, I’m so glad for you!]

 [Oh? Did we forget someone?]

 [Tenga-senpai… mumbles]

 [Haha, everyone forgot about Tenga-senpai, LOL!]

 [Hey everyone! Let’s remember about our senpai!]


 I let go of the button I was jumping on.

 Completely forgot about senpai…

 [Hahaha, totally forgot about it.]

 [Hilarious, LMAO.]

 [Even Toa-chan LOL.]

 [This, Mayushin-kun forgot about him too, like, normally, LOL.]

 [I don’t even feel sorry for senpai…]

 [It can’t be helped. It’s all the fault of the flag-waving senpai.]

 [Wouldn’t it be better to die and respawn?]

 [Even if senpai is respawn, the initial respawn point won’t change unless he sleep in a bed and save.]

 I glance at the lower left corner of the in-game chat.

 [Tenga Akira: S.O.S! S.O.S!]

 [Tenga Akira: Just when I thought I had escaped from the forest, it turned out to be a sheer cliff.]

 [Tenga Akira: Where is everyone…?]

 [Tenga Akira: I guess I have no choice but to turn back and return to the forest. The animals are making loud noises.]

 [Tenga Akira: Everyone, are you still not here…?]


 [Now they’re putting on a determined face!]

 [They pretended not to see it. LOL]

 [Hurry and go pick up Tenga-senpai!!]

 [He’s alone in real life and in the game, so please support Tenga Akira-senpai!]

 [Senpai, do your best! Hurry and go pick him up!]

 [I guess I’ll just give up on Senpai.]

 [There was no senpai]

 [Even the comments section is trying to abandon senpai, LOL]

 [Senpai, LMAO]

 [Before starting, he sets up some flags, LOL]

 First of all, I have to prepare my equipment to go pick up senpai. One thing to be careful about when going to pick them up is the enemy NPCs.

 There are beasts like wolves and bears, as well as humanoid enemy characters, the same as the last survivor. I’ll need weapons to fight them. And before that, I have to figure out how to get food and water.

 ”Well, for now, I’ll go find something that can be food.”

 ”Then I’ll make weapons for everyone. And I’ll reinforce the base so it won’t be attacked when we’re away.”

 ”In that case, I’ll go get water. I think I can make a filtration device with crafting, so leave that to me too.”

 As expected, Shintaro is reliable. I can count on him. To be honest, I thought we could manage on our own, but let’s just say it was an illusion.

 [Huh? Could it be that they don’t need Tenga-senpai?]

 [It’s hilarious how the three of them can divide the roles!]

 [Go for it, Senpai! LOL, you got this!]

 [Tenga-senpai’s totally monopolizing the chat box at the bottom left. LOL.]

 [Senpai, you’re documenting every single action in the chat like a grade-schooler’s diary. LOL.]

 [Aqua-kun, please do your best and hurry as fast as you can!!]

 I can’t leave Senpai alone for too long, it’s just too pitiful.

 To achieve our assigned goal, I need to go pick up Tenga-senpai quickly.

 ”Ugh, I can’t catch any fish.”

 I dive into the sea with the bait that Shintaro gave me, but I can’t catch any fish as I expected.

 Seriously, this character can’t even dive for two minutes?

 Damn it, in real life, I could dive for at least ten minutes without a doubt!!

 [Go for it, Aqua-kun!]

 [In real life, Aqua-sama can dive for over ten minutes. By the way, Hogekawa can do the same.]

 [Aqua-sama, are you a monster…]

 [Hogekawa and Aqua-sama’s physique is no joke, LOL.]

 [I kinda want Aqua-sama and Hogekawa to appear in Kinniku Banzuke (Muscle Ranking) and the KUNOICHI in a sort of serious way, LOL.]

 [If those two were to try it, they could probably clear all the stages of the Kunoichi like no one before, LOL]

 I’ll give up on catching fish. It’s impossible without fishing gear or a long-lasting oxygen tank for diving.

 Maybe I should look for nuts and such in the nearby forest…

 As I step into the forest, I smoothly collect the nuts.

 And on the way, I stumble upon something.

 ”Yay! Wild corn and pumpkins are growing here!!”

 I happily collect as much corn and pumpkin as I can and return triumphantly to my base.

 ”Aqua, welcome back!”

 ”Oh! I’m home!!”

 Phew, I managed to come back without getting lost, huh?

 [Ah, ah, ah]

 [Cat Lover-san: Thank you, thank you so much]

 [Cat Lover-san, I’ve been nothing but grateful this whole time, LOL]

 [I understand the feeling]

 [Huh, welcome back, newlyweds, huh!]

 [I feel palpitations, so I’ll drink Actoa]

 [Drinking Toaqua now!]

 [There are some people with palpitations, it’s freaking hilarious LOL]

 While organizing the items I brought at the base, Shintaro, who succeeded in generating water, came back.

 Looking outside from the window of the base, it was getting dark, so I’ll wait until dawn to go and pick senpai up.

 Exploring outside at night is dangerous, so I better be careful.

 [Tenga Akira: It’s getting dark outside…]

 [Tenga Akira: I can hear the howling of wolves]

 [Tenga Akira: Yay! I started a fire!]

 [Tenga Akira: The animals are scared of the fire and won’t come near]

 [Tenga Akira: I’m getting thirsty. I’ll drink the water I found in the package I picked up earlier]

 [Tenga Akira: As for food, I guess I can eat the nuts that were lying around here]

 [Tenga Akira: Let’s make a knife out of the stone I found earlier while I have the chance]

 [Tenga Akira: Animals have been wandering around the area for a while now. I should nap on top of a tree.]

 Huh? Has Tenga-senpai’s solo survival begun? Maybe I don’t have to pick him up…

 [Tenga-senpai LMAO]

 [I’m really enjoying this LOL]

 [His adaptability is impressive]

 [The last survivor, Tenga Akira…so cool, right?]


 [That other place seems interesting too LOL]

 [Hurry up and join them LOL]

 [It’s been more than 30 minutes, and he still hasn’t joined them LOL]

 I checked the time and spoke to my neighbor.

 ”Hey, Toa?”

 ”Hm? What is it, Aqua?”

 ”Do you think we’ll finish this today?”

 ”If things go wrong, it might take until tomorrow morning…”

 Oh no. This is bad.

 It will definitely cause trouble for the Christmas festival tomorrow.

 In fact, we won’t make it to the rehearsal in time.

 ”Alright! I’m calling for backup. Let’s find someone who seems free.”

 Once I got Ako-san’s permission, I casually scrolled through my phone’s history. Oh, right! She did mention having some free time at this hour. It was in the comments too, so she should be fine.

 ”I’ve found someone who seems free.”

 When I contacted her, she said she would come right away, so I set her up at the starting point and waited. Those joining midway would respawn at the designated spot, the spawn point.

 [Well, that’s how it goes, LOL]

 [Clearly, this is an all-nighter, right?]

 [They’ve got to prepare for tomorrow’s festival, going all night might be tough, LOL]

 [I wonder who’s coming?]

 [Could it be Mishu-sama!?]

 [Maybe Kuga Reira!?]

 [Unexpected wife…?]

 [There might even be the president’s summoning]

 [Whoa, can’t wait to see who’s coming!]


 ’hogekawa_kaede has logged in.’

 The backup I called for was Kaede.

 When we talked before, I heard that she plays games a lot at home, so now I want to borrow her gaming skills, even if just a little bit.

 [Alright, let’s disband.]

 [Out of all the choices, here comes the helper who seems to be the least useful!]

 [Aqua-kun, that’s not a helper, she’s more like dead weight.]

 [Morikawa Sommelier: I have a bad feeling about this. By the way, the reason the name is “hogekawa” is because someone else is using morikawa’a nMW.]

 [Hahaha, that’s hilarious.]

 [So the real Morikawa Kaede’s ID is a fake, and Hogekawa’s ID is the real one, LOL.]

 Huh? Is it just me, or is Kaede’s movement a bit awkward? It’s like her body and gaze are not matching.

 ”Sorry, my shoulder started hurting just now, so I’m controlling with one hand…”


 [She’s useless!]

 [The downside of lotion sumo again, LOL.]

 [Oh yeah, this guy had a collarbone fracture, LOL]

 [Uh-oh, another burden!]

 [It’s kind of dull to start feeling pain just now, LOL.]

 [Morikawa, come one, LOL]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Morikawa, leave ship, useless.]

 [Hagetoru’s haiku LOL] (T/N: Haiku = a Japanese poem consisting of 17 syllables)

 [Sudden haiku LMAO]

 Gosh, isn’t there anyone new to help us out here!

 If we’re talking about someone I know who won’t cause any trouble…

 While I was thinking about that, someone logged in.


 ’Yukari Goha has logged in.’

 Oh no, the moment I saw the words, I was sure of it.

 [Here it comeeeeeees!]


 [It’s getting exciting!]

 [Yukari Goha, LOL]

 [Finally here, LOL]

 [Aa-sama, Kohina Yukari is a sure thing, LOL]

 [After Morikawa appeared, LOL]

 [Here we go again, Morikawa being cuckolded, LOL]

 [Morikawa←supporting act, Kohina Yukari←the main event, it’s all coming together now]

 [This is definitely going to be a funny one, LOL]

 [Confirmed until morning in a different sense, LMAO]

 I approach Kohina-senpai’s character and start vigorously tapping on the keyboard, stretching.

 ”Senpai, good job!”

 ”Hey! What are you trying to do, send me home!! No returns allowed!”

 As expected of Senpai, the response is quick.

 [Aqua-kun LOL]

 [Dang, this is funny from the start, LOL]

 [Hey, you know…]

 [This duo is cheating, LOL]

 [Both of them are good at ad-libs and comebacks, huh, LOL]

 [Is this an all-nighter? LOL]

 [They’re in sync from the beginning, it’s a lifesaver, LOL]

 [Coming here without being called. This is Kohina Yukari-san for you.]

 [Yukari Goha-san, do you have nothing to do?]

 [She’s not a famous actress, just a bored person, LOL!]

 Oh no, if this continues, it’s going to turn into a disaster.

 I summon someone who will take care of Kaede and Kohina-senpai in my place.

 *Ping! Ping!*

 ’Tsukimachi Ayana@eau de Cologne has logged in.’

 ’Kanon Stars Goshenite-san has logged in!’

 Welcome, you two!! I almost felt like giving them a grateful hug.

 [Kanon-sama, still using her maiden name, huh?]

 [Does that mean she has experience!? We’ve got ourselves a powerful ally here!!]

 [Ayana-chan, summoned just to take care of Kohina Yukari, LOL, that’s hilarious.]

 [You go, Ayana-chan, do your best, LOL.]

 [We finally got someone decent!]

 [With this, they’ll win for sure!]

 [Despite more and more people joining, Tenga-senpai is still going solo, LOL.]

 [A man who loves solitude and is loved by solitude, Tenga Akira, always says things like this…]

 I summon a proper helper without delay.


 ’Sayamu Inko-san has logged in.’

 Inko-san, a fellow game commentator, is experienced in this game.

 Or rather, she has professional level skills. She was secretly watching over as a coach for emergencies, but I guess she thought this was bad and came to help.”

 ”Now that I’m here, you can relax!!”

 Inko-chan!! You’re really reliable!

 [Inko-chan is here!]

 [Inko is a hardcore player, so we can relax]

 [Unexpectedly, Inko-chan is here]

 [Theyll win with this!!]

 [We’re counting on you, Inko!!]

 [Inko, even though you’re participating in the duet audition, are you also doing this? It must be tough.]

 [If Inko is here, everything will be fine, right?]

 [Honestly, if it stayed like this, they would have been up all night, so I’m grateful.]

 Phew, for now, will things work out with this?

 ”Since you guys are unreliable, I called in a backup, so be grateful.”



 This person, did she do something unnecessary again…


 ’Ramen Hagetoru has logged in’

 Hm? Isn’t this the person who always has their comments deleted…

 What!? Kohina-senpai knows them? Wait, can we invite regular listeners?”

 ”Ya yaa!”

 Why in the alphabet!?


 [No way… right…?]

 [This is insane, LMAO!]

 [Huh? Kohina-senpai and Hagetoru know each other? Huh?]

 [We’ve got an unexpected helper, LMAO!]

 [No, no, no! LOL, no, no, no, LMAO, LOL!]

 [Hold on, is this okay?]

 [TOOOKA: Huh?]

 [Nee-san is serious, huh. This is LMAO.]

 [Let’s bring in Nee-san too, and we’ll have everyone, LOL.]

 [Hogekawa, your character also ‘hoge’ ing, LOL.]

 [Hagetoru, just don’t get banned, okay!]

 [Hagetoru, descend!]

 [I can’t even imagine what will happen between Aqua-sama and Hagetoru, LOL.]

 [Things are about to get intense!]

 [Aqua-sama and Hagetoru are meeting!?]

 [Is it okay for something like this to happen? LOL]

 [Wait! This is bad! LMAO]

 [Well, this is confirmed to be uncontrollable, LOL]

 [Hagetoru, you serious? LOL]

 [Hagetoru, Kohina Yukari, Hogekawa, Aqua-kun, no matter what happens, it won’t be strange, LOL]

 [Oh no, this is beyond a game level!]

 [Who could have imagined it would turn out like this? LOL]

 [The bulletin board users are more excited than ever, LOL]

 [I see, this is the last survivor, LOL]

 [The real survival has begun, LOL]

 [Huh? Beryl’s famous death game again?]

 [Ramen Hagetoru, the strongest regular user, has arrived, LOL]

 [Couldn’t the staff have stopped this somehow?]

 [No one can stop the tyranny of Kohina Yukari, LOL]

 [In an official broadcast, a regular person, normally it would end here]

 [Here we go, it’s Aqua-kun, the reason we don’t end the stream here, and it’s all thanks to Beryl, damn! That’s what makes it so awesome, you know? LOL.]

 [Beryl and Aa-sama, no taboo three-letter words here, LOL.]

 [Alright, the course is confirmed until morning!]

 [Worker Holic: Ouch… Ouch, my stomach…]

 Wow, the comments section is blowing up at lightning speed, and I have no idea what people are saying anymore. Ugh, well, it seems like a positive reaction, so should we just keep going?

 Gotta do it!

 And so, our night continues like this.

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