Male Idol V10c31

Volume 10 Chapter 31 Yukishiro Emily, Last Survivor

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 While I was hogging and watching Aqua-sama’s game livestream, my phone suddenly rang. Seriously, who calls at this time? Whoever can’t read the air and interrupts my super mas***ing time…

 At first, I thought it might be Shumi or Chinposuki, but those airheads who can’t read the atmosphere always behave when Aqua-sama is streaming, so I immediately knew it would be someone else.

 Ah… could it be Nee-san? Maybe she called because I’ve been breaking the comment rules too much. I hurriedly swiped the receiver on my phone.

 ”Hey, if you’re free, help me out!”


 Huh? At first, I wondered who it was, but I quickly realized it was Kohina Yukari-san.

 ”Uh, um, well…”

 ”I have a rehearsal after this too! So hurry up and come! That’s it!”

 No, no, no, I’m just an amateur. I didn’t even have time to make excuses.

 Kohina Yukari-san, bluntly said what she wanted and hung up the phone. I see… I can understand a little more about Tsukimachi Ayana-san’s feelings.

 ”Come to think of it, there was an account from when I played with Kanon…”

 I didn’t have a PC, so I played from an internet cafe. When Kanon said she wanted to play with four people, we all created IDs for this game.

 I remembered firing up the PC in the maid room. I was about to download the game when I realized it was already installed.

 Grandma Mary is impressive. She’s a gamer, so I often get dragged into playing games with her. Somehow, I had a feeling it was installed.

 ”Let’s just go. If I don’t, she might blow up my phone or something…”

 I launched the game and logged in with my account.

 [Hagetoru is here!]

 [No way, LMAO!]


 [Hey hey hey hey]

 [Aqua-sama, run with all your might!]

 [Workaholic: Huh?]

 [TOOOKA: Huh?]

 Huh!? Why am I called Hagetoru… Oh, right. It was the account I made when I played with Kanon, so it became Ramen Hagetoru…

 In this situation, I can’t utter a single word. Otherwise, there’s a possibility it’ll be exposed during the audition.

 I hurriedly type on the keyboard.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Ya yaa!]

 Ah, I made a mistake. Maybe because I was flustered, the text turned into half-width alphabets.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: H, Hello]

 Ah, it turned into katakana, but I guess it’s fine now.

 Kohina-senpai’s character’s gaze, staring at me, feels painful.

 I’m glad that she’s keeping quiet, but somehow, I felt like her character had a smirk on its face at the end.

 Ugh, is it just my imagination? M-maybe I’ve got the most dangerous person holding some crazy secret…

 Phew… well, whatever! Can’t do anything about being found out. Yukishiro’s style is not to sweat the small stuff.

 [Why is it all in katakana, LOL]

 [Started off suspiciously hilarious, LOL]

 [Hey, LMAO]

 [Acting way too suspicious, LOL]

 [Come on, you should join them in voice chat]

 [Admin, please ban her]

 [Aqua-kun, are you safe from being attacked? Are you okay?]

 [Hogekawa and Hagetoru should be thrown in a cage]

 [The katakana sounds so broken that it reminds me of Chijou LOL]

 [Chijou joins the fray!]

 [Driver! Hurry up and come!!]

 [Workaholic: Please don’t cause any problems!!]

 Ugh! Annoying! Keep quiet, bulletin booard people!!

 [Tenga Akira: Hello]


 [Tenga-senpai, LMAO]

 [Senpai was monopolizing the whole chat by himself earlier, LOL]

 [Akira-kun, I guess you were lonely…]

 [Tenga-senpai tried to communicate with someone else, LOL]

 [Please go pick him up quickly…]

 [Senpai, just a little more patience!!]

 Greetings are important, you know.

 So, I type on my keyboard, *clack clack*.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Please, take care, of me!]

 [Tenga Akira: Please!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Today’s, weather is nice, isn’t it?]

 [Tenga Akira: I can’t see anything here…]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: …Well]

 [Tenga Akira: …]

 Huh? That’s weird…?

 Isn’t talking about the weather a common topic for conversation between a man and a woman?

 [The conversation isn’t flowing, LOL]

 [That’s why I said at the beginning that talking about the weather is no good!!]

 [What? Isn’t talking about the weather exciting? That’s what I saw on the bulletin board…]

 [Throw away any information you see on the bulletin board!]

 [You shouldn’t trust the bulletin board.]

 [The information on the bulletin board is nothing but garbage.]

 [Believing the bulletin board is foolish, especially since it’s full of virgins who have never even had a conversation with a guy.]

 [Shall I tell you about the time when the virgin rate on the bulletin board was 98.8% according to a previous survey?]

 [Stop it! It’s reopening my wound!!]


 [Is it true that if you’re over 30 and still a virgin, you become a witch?]

 [It’s true. That’s why Nee-san can use a magic spell that puts pressure on her opponents and makes them panic.]

 [Bulletin board users, that’s not magic. It’s just who she is from the start!!]

 [toooka: If inappropriate conversations continue, you will be banned. Please be aware.]


 [Sorry, I’m really sorry!!]

 [But not banning it is just Nee-san’s kindness.]

 No no, when Aqua-sama was working part-time at cafe Tomarigi, even though it was night, I accidentally said, “It’s nice weather today, huh?” And he said, “Indeed, the moon looks beautiful tonight. But Emily-san is even more beautiful.”

 And before quitting the job, when I said, “It’s nice weather today, huh?” he said, “Indeed, perfect weather for cherry blossom viewing. But I’d rather look at Emily-san than the cherry blossoms…”

 Ah, I remember now. At that time, Aqua-sama’s conversation skills were amazing, and I didn’t know how to respond, so the conversation didn’t continue.

 Thinking about it, it might be best to avoid talking about the weather with men after all.

 ”For now, let’s start gathering and collecting materials! We need a lot of things like weapons, armor, and transportation! Let’s divide the tasks and work together efficiently!”


 Following Sayamu Inko-san’s instructions as the leader, we split into several groups.

 But why of all people, I’m stuck in the same group as Shumi and Chinposuki. Damn it, I was doing a victory dance when I heard I was in the same group as Aqua-sama, but why are these unnecessary extras tagging along!

 ”There are many dangerous beasts here, so Kanon stay behind me.”



 Aqua-sama, that girl, has played this game for over 1000 hours. She’s not the kind of person to step back! When we played this game before, she treated beasts as mere materials and silently hunted them!

 And hey, if you’re a girl too, step up and fight in front of Aqua-sama! I was feeling annoyed, so I threw the stone I had in my hand at Shumi, who was right in front of me.

 ”Ouch, what are you doing? Uh… Ramen Hagetoru-san.”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Sorry, I didn’t, mean to interrupt.]

 ”Ugh, just be careful next time, alright?”

 I threw the initial equipment stone I held in my hand at Shumi, of course, intentionally. She came with a somewhat lovey-dovey atmosphere, so naturally, my body moved to stop her.

 [Nice! Hagetoru]


 [Nice fight!]


 [Stop the lovey-dovey atmosphere!]

 [Hagetoru is immediately helpful, and Hogekawa LOL is completely useless]

 [Hagetoru is truly something. She knows what’s up]

 [As expected of the representative of the bulletin board, she knows]

 [I asked her in place of the viewers!]

 [The theory that Hagetoru is capable is coming out unexpectedly]

 [I’m getting excited!]

 [Darn it, Kanon-sama’s voice is still just as beautiful as ever]

 [Workaholic: Kanon-san, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!]

 When we arrived near our destination, we began collecting the materials specified by Inko-san. In the midst of that, I happened to stumble upon something.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Something, Strange, Found]

 ”What do you mean by ‘something’? Oh, look, it’s a mushroom.”

 ”Oh, mushrooms can be eaten, right?”

 When I checked the status of the mushroom I picked up, it said it was for consumption.

 I hope it’s not poisonous… Oh, there’s someone perfect for this!

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Hey, Hogekawa!]


 [Ramen Hagetoru: Try, eat, it!]


 I threw the mushroom towards Hogekawa’s character.

 Then that character started munching on the mushroom.


 [I have a bad feeling about this]

 [Hogekawa, you came in handy]

 [Good news, Hogekawa is useful]

 [Official poison tester, LOL]

 [Hogekawa’s treatment, LOL]

 [Lost a valuable one]

 [Hogekawa, you’re being reckless!]

 [Already dead, LOL]

 [Workaholic: I’m sorry, Morikawa-san, I’m sorry]

 Hmm, doesn’t seem like there’s any change from what I saw. Is she okay? Just when I was getting a bit lax, Hogekawa’s character collapses right in front of me.


 Oh… hey! You alright?

 I make my character squat down and check Hogekawa’s stats.


 [Oh no, is she dead!?]


 [Hogekawa dead, LMAO.]

 [She played her role, huh?]

 [The flow’s been perfect so far, LOL.]

 [I was relieved that the poison was properly used]

 [Rest in peace!]

 [Why did Hogekawa even come to this game?]


 [Ramen Hagetoru: Alright!]

 Precious… well, not that precious. Hogekawa, I’ll give it my all for you! So, rest peacefully!

 [Just like Aa-sama, LOL.]

 [Praying with her hands together, LOL.]

 [This is what you call a best friend.]

 [I thought I came to watch Aqua-sama’s stream, but it turned out to be a surprise bulletin board stream, LOL.]

 [Current Trend Rankings, with Hagetoru taking the top spot, followed by the Bulletin Board at second place, the Verification Team at third, and Hogekawa at fourth. And hey, let’s not forget about Nee-san at fifth place. Unfortunately, “Shumi, die” didn’t make the cut due to being a banned phrase. LMAO]

 [It’s hilarious how the Bulletin Board crew dominates the trending words while Aqua-sama is streaming. They should consider forming a group with these four and debut as idols. Wouldn’t that be something? LOL, they’re already super popular.]

 [Normally, this kind of situation would cause chaos, but everyone here is just too kind. Wow.]

 [Everything is forgiven because it’s entertaining.]

 [Isn’t Hagetoru becoming invincible without even trying?]

 [If it’s Hagetoru, she has been invincible from the start, right?]

 [Workaholic: That’s not good, is it?]

 After gathering materials, we make our way back to the base.

 When we arrived, we were four, but now we’re only three.

 Living on this island makes us realize the harshness of survival.

 ”Only Hagetoru killed, though.”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Don’t, say, weird, stuff]

 Even though it’s just a game, having a teammate die is pretty heavy. Everyone’s got this serious look, but, I mean, it’s Hogekawa we’re talking about.

 [LOL, this guy]

 [Uh-oh, I get what Hagetoru’s thinking without her saying anything]

 [Huh? Am I, like, an esper? I can understand everything Hagetoru’s thinking]

 [Breaking news, bulletin board folks, turns out Hagetoru sommelier]

 [Hagetoru sommelier, LMAO]

 [Nobody cares about Hogekawa, it’s hilarious]

 [I bet everyone thinks Hogekawa won’t show up anymore, but she just respawned at the base like normal]

 On the way back to the base, a voice we recognize came from somewhere.

 ”Hey, listen to me!!”

 What’s going on? A dispute? We head towards the voice.

 ”Kohina-senpai… What are you doing?”

 Heading towards the direction of the voice, for some reason, there was Kohina-senpai wrestling with a horse. Huh? What’s up with this person, picking a fight even with animals that aren’t NPCs in the game? That’s crazy…

 ”You can see it, right? I’m trying to ride the horse!”

 Oh, come to think of it, you can ride horses in this game, can’t you?

 ”But, you can’t ride without a saddle, you know?”

 ”Where can I get one of those?”

 ”Um… maybe if you go to the town, you can exchange for it or something.”

 Exchange my foot! A hardcore gamer like you who’s been playing this game for 1000 hours definitely knows, so just say it clearly! Don’t act cute in front of Aqua-sama! I should definitely throw a stone after all.

 ”Ouch! What are you doing, uh… Ramen Hagetoru-san?”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Sorry, I didn’t, mean to.]

 ”Geez, again? Be more careful from now on, okay?”

 Gah, easy for you to say. The one who dodged the stone I threw with an amazing character control shouldn’t be saying that kind of line.

 Clearly, it’s the movements of someone who’s doing it! Aqua-sama, this person is lying!!

 [Kanon-sama’s movements are exactly the same as the one who’s doing it, LOL]

 [Come to think of it, that girl was definitely a sh*t otaku]

 [And she even managed to dodge when thrown from a blind spot, which means she understood that Hagetoru would throw at that timing, LOL]

 [Even during the streaming, there was no hesitation. She was clearly mimicking the movements of someone who’s doing it]

 [This woman… she’s actually strong]

 [Huh? Could it be that the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings is actually the strongest?]

 [She was deceiving us?]

 [It’s hilarious how everyone is being careful and calling her Kanon-sama, LOL]

 [Even if you don’t think about it, she was already the strongest from the beginning, being married to Aqua-sama]



 [What, what’s happening?!]

 [Could it be that we were the ones being played with]

 [Hagetoru, you can throw more stones]

 I’ve been trying to throw them since earlier, but none of them are hitting at all.

 Next to her, Aqua-sama doesn’t even notice at all, which is quite impressive in a way…

 ”Well then, let’s go to the town now.”

 ”Eh? We’ll get scolded by Inko-san.”

 ”I’ll carry the materials.”


 Kohina Yukari-san throws all the items she had at Aqua-sama.

 Wow, in a world where girls are nothing more than boys’ baggage carriers, how amazing is it that the strongest and greatest man in the world is being made to carry the baggage… Shumi and Tsukimachi Ayana-san next to us are even grimacing!

 [I want Kohina Yukari to publish a book. I want her to teach me how to make Aqua-kun listen to her approach.]

 [Just so you know, even if you try to approach a boy, never imitate Kohina Yukari’s method. Only Aqua-sama is allowed to do this.]

 [I recently noticed that Aqua-sama is so different that it’s only natural that Kohina Yukari, who is equally different, is effective. So it’s not really a useful reference.]

 [The final battle weapon designed specifically for Aqua-sama, Kohina Yukari.]

 [Weapon LOL.]

 Seeing Tsukimachi Ayana-san looking exhausted, I also throw the necessary supplies to Shumi and accompany the two.

 Or rather, Ayana-san, isn’t it a rehearsal now? Are you okay being so worn out?

 ”Well then, let’s go!”

 I ask Shumi to apologize to Hogekawa and the base on my behalf when they meet, then part ways with the two.

 It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to Aqua-sama, but it’s better than just watching the two lovebirds.

 After walking for a while, I spot something that looks like a figure near the town we’re heading to.

 Oh…! Crap! It’s an enemy NPC character!!

 These guys carry guns and start shooting at us without hesitation.

 ”In times like this, preemptive attack!”


 My real voice and Ayana-san’s voice through VC merge.

 For some reason, Kohina-senpai throws a rock she has in her hand at the enemy.

 Of course, there’s no way it’ll hit at this distance.

 Rather, the NPC reacts to the stone and notices our presence.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Run, away! Escape, quickly!]

 ”Why won’t it hit! This d*mn game!!”

 ”Kohina-senpai, let’s escape quickly!”

 D*mn, what should I do!?

 I recall what happened when I played in the past.


 [Ramen Hagetoru: Enter, the Safety Zone, in the street!]

 We make a curve and escape towards the city.

 Once we enter the Safety Zone, it’s in our hands.

 [Did you do something again, LOL]

 [Hagetoru, did you mess up something again?]

 [There’s a possibility it’s Kohina Yukari]

 [How did this happen, LOL]

 [Hagetoru! If you’re not around, those two will be all lovey-dovey!]

 [Huh? Why is it from Hagetoru’s perspective and not Aqua-sama’s?]

 [It can’t be helped. The staff couldn’t stand the flirtation either.]

 When I checked the sub-monitor next to me, I saw that the video had switched from Aqua-sama’s perspective to my own.

 Official broadcast, seriously!? Are you insane? Oh, wait, Server Manager Admin’s AI and the head developer are both followers of ours. No sane person is among my followers. No sane person would ever join a religion like that.

 ”Hey, why are you targeting me all the time? You sl*t!”

 Well, that’s because you threw stones of hate, in other words, became the enemy’s target. Huh? Wait a minute. If that’s the case…

 I smoothly slowed down and ran alongside Kohina Yukari-san, then smoothly moved aside.

 Ayana-san, who happened to make eye contact at that moment, seemed to have noticed and went in the opposite direction from me.

 [They’re in sync, LOL]

 [It’s hilarious how the two of them are keeping their distance from Kohina Yukari, LOL]

 [Q: Prove the distance between the three of them. A: Here you go.]

 [Kohina Yukari being abandoned is absolutely hilarious, LMAO]

 [So Kohina Yukari-san is not an actress but a veteran comedian. I just found out now.]

 [Both of them really understand the situation, it’s so funny, LOL]

 [Just seeing Kohina Yukari appear makes me burst into laughter, LOL]

 [No doubt Kohina Yukari, the psychopath, probably threw stones at the NPC enemies. Even if you didn’t see it, you can tell.]

 [Even if you didn’t see it, everyone knows exactly what Kohina Yukari did, it’s too funny, LOL]

 Phew, we should be fine at this distance.

 When we get near the city, a message saying “You have entered the safe zone” appears.

 As I was waiting absentmindedly at the entrance of the town, Ayana-san arrived a little late.

 Yay! To celebrate our mutual survival and reunion, the two of us started jumping around.

 And then, from somewhere, a loud voice approached.

 ”Hey! Why are you both abandoning me?!”

 Oh… she’s alive. Impressive. If it were Hogekawa, she would have definitely been done for.

 I thought I should learn from this persistence.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: It’s, your, imagination!]

 ”Yeah, yeah.”

 Ayana-san and I casually averted our gazes from Kohina Yukari-san.

 ”Do you think such a wrecked performance will work on me? Seriously. If you abandon me next time, I’ll make sure to run in the direction you guys are escaping to!”

 Haha… haha… a dry laugh escaped. Surely, it wasn’t a joke; I thought she might actually be serious.

 [Wow, LOL, she really survived well in the real world]

 [Kohina Yukari’s survival skills are awesome]

 [Hogekawa would’ve died in seconds]

 [I kinda thought she could just go with the flow, but that guy seems like she could dodge in this game!]

 [So, why are these guys in the town?]

 [As someone with gaming experience, I started getting a bad feeling.]

 The three of us managed to meet up and entered the town to get the saddle we needed. But when we went to the crucial shop, we realized there was no scrap metal to buy the saddle.

 ”Hey, what’s up with this?!”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Levitation → Recycle → Scrap Metal]

 ”Ramen Hagetoru-san, you’re really knowledgeable. Thanks a bunch.”

 ”If you’re so knowledgeable, you should’ve said something before I attacked!!”

 Oh man, can’t stop someone who throws a stone the moment enemies come into view. We used the recycling machine to exchange unnecessary materials for scrap metal.

 Alright, with this, we can buy the saddle. I thought so, but because I gave materials to Aqua-sama and Shumi earlier, my inventory was low, and we didn’t have enough scrap metal.

 ”Hey! What are you doing? At this rate, we won’t be able to buy a saddle!”

 Well, there’s no helping it. It seems like we have to do that. I really wanted to avoid just that, but it can’t be helped.

 Some people become addicted to it, and I really didn’t want to do it, but to increase funds, there’s no other choice. Let’s go do that.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Follow, me!]

 I lead the two of them to the place where we can do it. Then, I heard familiar Kansai dialect voices coming from the building.

 ”Why the heck! This is definitely being controlled remotely behind the scenes!! Manager, come out!”

 Oh no, maybe we should just go back.

 [Inko LMAO]

 [Yeah, this is outrageous]

 [Inko, you’re hilarious, man]

 [Even if you’re not watching, you can tell she’s melting away the funds they had]

 [Let’s at least check inside to confirm]

 As we enter the store, there’s Inko-san’s character fervently sticking her face into a roulette wheel.

 This is totally out. It’s not a picture Aqua-sama, a high school student, should see. Well, on the contrary, it might be good to use as a lesson for the opposite effect.

 [As expected, I laughed so hard when I saw this LOL]

 [Poor Aqua-kun, sending them to collect while she gamble, huh?]

 [This is what you call a true scumbag LOL]

 [I feel sorry for everyone who’s collecting seriously]

 [Most people who play this game go crazy from the roulette, so it can’t be helped]

 [If you’ve had experience with games, you’ll understand]

 [This roulette in the game, it drives people insane]

 [Well, if you want to clear the game quickly, there’s really no other way]

 [Inko is actually thinking about clearing it properly]

 [If you’re short on time, I think the roulette can’t be helped]

 [I get it. I get it, but the picture is… too scummy LOL]

 Phew… Let’s pretend we didn’t see anything and leave the room.

 Let’s focus on making money seriously after all. Just understanding that much makes coming here meaningful.

 ”Hm? Everyone, you’ve come to a good place!!”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: No, I’m heading home before I become a bother.]

 ”If you’re gonna be a pain, just go home! Anyway, how ’bout we all spin the roulette? Got a sweet deal to share…”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Nah, we’ve decided to earn our keep legit.]

 ”Hey, hold up! You really think the viewers watching our stream will be satisfied with that!!”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Nope, we just wanna clear the game quick… Uh, can we go now?]

 ”Please! I mean, pretty please! 30… no, 20 is fine! I’ll definitely pay you back tenfold!!”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Alright, just 10 then.]

 ”Thanks a bunch!”

 I toss a scrap metal 10 a little distance away.

 Alright, let’s get out of here while we can!

 Seriously, if only I brought Shumi along for this. That guy’s real-life luck stat is off the charts, I forgot she could pull off a human-powered cheat with everything hitting.

 Looking at that, I’m a girl loved by fate, saying even the game system loves me, that’s so cringy. I was worried as a friend for a while, but I’m satisfied as Nee-san now that she has graduated from chuunibyou.

 [Hagetoru suddenly stopped speaking broken Japanese, LOL]

 [Trying to keep a distance from Inko-chan, LOL]

 [This is for real, lmao]

 [Hagetoru is really funny, after all]

 [Is it possible that only Hagetoru can surpass Aqua-sama…?]

 [Hagetoru and Aqua-sama, the comedy duo, MC and the straight man, they’re both strong at both roles, I feel]

 [Everyone is forgetting, but this guy is just an ordinary listener, you know]

 [Hogekawa, you’re lucky. If Hagetoru was a celebrity, they would’ve taken over the show in seconds, LOL]

 [Hagetoru, you should seriously enter the entertainment industry, LOL]

 [A few agencies are reacting to Hagetoru, it’s hilarious, LOL]

 [Enough of this hassle, Hagetoru, Kohina-senpai, and Ayana-chan can all just leave it to Beryl. I’m sure Beryl can handle everything on their own.]

 After parting ways with Inko-san and leaving the town, we quietly gathered the trash around us and took it for recycling. Thanks to our efforts, the three of us were able to buy a saddle in no time.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Earn, money, earnestly]

 Ayana-san nodded in agreement with my words.

 [Hey, are you kidding me…]

 [Hagetoru is actually saying something sensible!?]

 [Is this the start of 3-B Class Teacher Hagetoru?]

 [This is definitely educational content]

 [How many tricks does she has up her sleeve, LOL]

 [As expected, the words of someone who has struggled with money in real life carry weight]

 [That’s what I’ve been saying. Hagetoru is the most capable]

 [Kohina Yukari, I think it’s also worth trying to make money through roulette, LOL]

 [Ayana-chan, she is annoying, but please keep an eye on Kohina Yukari. That girl seems like she’s about to mess up big time if she becomes a gambler, and she’ll end up being a scumbag using Aqua-sama’s money. So, keep her in check at your place, okay?

 [Ayana-chan has a lot of burdens, LOL.]

 [Ayana-chan, I’ll become a fan, so forgive me, LOL.]

 We head back to where we saw the horse earlier.

 When we reach our destination, the horse from before is already gone, but we find several new horses.

 ”Alright! You’re the one for me!!”

 Kohina Yukari-san approaches one of them.

 ”That horse there has a certain vibe that reminds me of him, so he’s likely to listen to me.”

 Kohina Yukari-san keeps saying stuff like that, but the horse has been munching on Kohina Yukari-san’s character’s head the whole time.

 Mr. Horse, that’s not food, you know! And even though she’s wearing reddish clothes, she’s not a carrot, okay? If you eat her, you’ll get a stomachache and probably puke it out, you know?

 [Kohina Yukari, getting bitten by a horse, LOL]

 [Sad news, Kohina Yukari, getting licked by a horse, LOL]

 [Good job, Mr. Horse, keep it up!]

 [She’s already fed up and not into it, LOL]

 [Of all horses, it had to pick the one with the strongest personality, haha]

 [I think it’s better to stop since this breed of horse is moody, you know]

 [Shw should have gone with a horse like Morikawa next door, with a hoge face]

 [Horses with hoge faces are slower than humans walking, so they’re not useful at all, totally a dud]

 I attach the saddle I exchanged for scrap iron to the horse.

 Alrighty, now I should be able to ride on it.

 ”Well then, here we go!!”

 Kohina Yukari signaled, and the horse… didn’t budge. Completely not listening.

 ”Hey! What’s going on here!! Is this saddle defective or what?!”

 No, that’s not something you hear every day. After waiting for a while, the horse reluctantly started moving forward with a nonchalant atmosphere.

 Hmm, this won’t make for a good story. I was thinking of switching saddles with another horse, but the others had run off somewhere.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: I, will, try riding]

 When I climbed on top of it, the horse started running normally. Wow, this horse is surprisingly fast! It’s not your average one, huh?

 ”Ugh! Why are you like that? Come on, switch with me!”

 Once again, Kohina-senpai tried riding the horse, but as usual, the horse only moved at a leisurely pace.


 [Being licked by a horse is seriously hilarious LOL]

 [Nice! Do more! LOL]

 [Somehow, it seemed like the horse got excited only when Hagetoru was riding it.]

 [Maybe it’s because Kohina Yukari’s character is flat-chested, while Hagetoru’s character is busty…]


 [You’re kidding, right? LOL]

 [This horse is Aqua-sama, LOL]

 [Horse, LMAO]

 [I don’t mind this horse anymore…]

 [This horse is the best!!]

 You’re lying, aren’t you? When I get back on the horse to double-check, the horse seems to glance back at me with a flicker of movement. Yep, it’s confirmed.

 ”What’s up with this useless horse!! It’s definitely not a dud!! From today, its name is Oppai Aqua!”

 Oh… so Kohina Yukari-san named it. The words “Oppai Aqua” appear on top of the horse.

 [You’re kidding, right? LOL]

 [Oppai Aqua, LOL]

 [This is terrible, LOL]

 [This girl is no good, LOL]

 [This is a disaster, LOL]

 [Oppai Aqua is more of an outcast, LOL]

 [Admins, stop messing around and do your job, LOL]

 [I want to ride on the Oppai Aqua]

 [Somehow, the horse is starting to look cool]

 [I’m fine with this horse. I’m going to marry the Oppai Aqua]

 [Developer: Male horses are extremely rare. What’s up with these people?]

 [Developers, LMAO]

 [Developers are going wild, LOL]

 [Give up. Now that we have this team, all we can do is watch]

 [Workerholic: Phew, we managed to get this far safely… phew]

 I thought this name might be a problem, but somehow I feel like Aqua-sama would forgive it.

 I’m curious about our leader Inko-san getting obsessed with the roulette, but we started running towards the base.

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