Male Idol V10c32

Volume 10 Chapter 32 Shirogane Aqua, Beryl And Fans’ 48 Hours Begin

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Oh no… We won’t make it in time like this…

 Is everyone aware of that? They’re all silently focused on their tasks.

 Even Kohina-senpai is not messing around, and even Kaede… Yeah, well, I think she’s doing the best she can.

 And on top of that, Kanon, who was inexperienced at first, is now gathering at a high-speed like a veteran player.

 Wait, huh? Is Kanon more skilled at handling than me? Maybe it’s just my imagination?

 [This person LOL]

 [She stopped pretending to be a cat]

 [Clearly the movements of someone who has spent thousands of hours playing]

 [The certainty in crafting and the efficiency-focused gathering route are all too perfect LOL]

 [Kanon-sama! If you go any further, Aqua-sama will realize that you’re actually a gamer!!]

 [Just a moment ago, she was just following behind Aqua-sama, LOL.]

 [She suddenly realized there was no way they’d make it in time and started panicking, LOL.]

 [Whoever came up with this impossible plan in the first place, LOL.]

 [The plan is good, but I feel like they’ve set the wrong target.]

 [By the way, where did Inko go?]

 [I haven’t heard from her since she got money from Hagetoru.]

 [Saying she’s getting money from Hagetoru sounds dangerous, LOL.]

 [Taking advantage of Hagetoru, who always seems short on cash, is just hilarious, LOL.]

 [Of all people, borrowing money from her… LOL.]

 Oh, speaking of which, I wonder if Inko-senpai has come back yet?

 She said she’s going to earn some money and hasn’t returned since. I hope she’s okay…

 While pondering such things, I focus on the mining in front of me.


 ”What’s up? And Shintaro too.”

 I pause my work and turn my gaze towards the two.

 ”For now, we managed to gather enough weapons and armor for everyone. Thanks to Kanon-san’s hard work, we were able to pull it off somehow.”

 ”We’ve also come to a point where we can supply ourselves with food and water. Thanks to Tsukimachi-san’s help, we were able to set up faster than expected.”

 Kanon and Ayana really put in their best efforts. I’ll make sure to thank them later. Especially Ayana, who not only takes care of Kohina-senpai but also helps Shintaro with maintaining the fields and water sources. I have a feeling I would have been buried alive if I were mining with Kohina-senpai.

 [It’s becoming clear who’s useful and who’s not, huh?]

 [Useful: Kanon-sama, Ayana-chan, Hagetoru. Not useful: Kohina Yukari, Hogekawa, Inko.]

 [Even though they gained three useful people, they also got three deadweight individuals, so it’s completely neutral, isn’t it?]

 [Hey, in the end, maybe they only needed the initial three people…]



 [To be honest, it would have been enough with just the first three. Aqua-kun for gathering, Toa-chan for crafting, and Mayuzumi-kun for maintenance. The balance was perfect too.]

 [In the end, it turns out that the first three, Toa-chan, Shintaro-kun, and Aqua-sama, are the most useful…]

 [Hmm? I feel like I’m forgetting something.]

 [Huh? Am I not forgetting something?]

 [You guys are on purpose, aren’t you?]

 [This… this wasn’t intentional. It’s just that the average rate of the bulletin board users is like this.]

 Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we can finally see the goal.

 Now, what we need is a means of transportation to get to the offshore oil field… This is the trickiest part.

 Since it’s not connected to land, even the Oppai Aqua isn’t useful, and it’s tough without a helicopter that can enter from the air or a boat.

 Now, what should we do? As I was thinking about that, I heard the sound of a propeller spinning from above.

 ”What’s going on!?”

 Everyone looked up at the sky in unison.

 And there, a helicopter appeared from a distance and slowly approached us.

 ”You guys kept me waiting!!”


 Inko-senpai descended from the landed helicopter. Is it just my imagination that she looks a little smug?

 ”What happened!?”

 ”…I got it right.”

 ”I got it?”

 ”With that scrap metal that Hagetoru-san blessed me with, I win a series of matches twice as many times!!”

 According to Inko-senpai’s story, it seems that she took a handful of scrap metal with her and went gambling in town. She melted all the scrap metal she had, but thanks to the kindness of Ramen Hagetoru-san passing by, she received more scrap metal.

 She then continued spinning the roulette and achieved a series of consecutive victories. Inko-senpai expressed her gratitude to Ramen Hagetoru-san and repaid ten times the amount of scrap metal she received.

 [Inko, you really recovered well from that state of despair.]

 [Wait a minute, could it be that Hagetoru is actually just incredibly lucky…]

 [It’s possible. Hagetoru seems to have bad luck as well.]

 [So, Hagetoru is both lucky and…]

 [Even just participating here as an ordinary listener makes you lucky, right?]

 [True, LMAO]

 [Personally, I think the good thing about Hagetoru is that despite not having money, she doesn’t become desperate and actually work to earn.]

 [That’s true.]

 [Deep down, she’s a good guy. Pure.]

 [Hagetoru is pure…?]

 [Did you just say that Hagetoru is innocent?]

 [No, in a way, being faithful to one’s desires is pure, LOL.]

 [Purity, huh, LMAO.]

 [Suddenly, the word ‘pure’ seems dirty!]

 Anyway, now that we have our means of transportation sorted. Which means…

 ”Everyone, it looks like preparations are ready! We’re heading to the offshore oil field!!”


 ”Alright! Everyone, get ready in 30 seconds!”

 Once we entered the base, we changed into the provided gear. With the goal in sight, everyone seemed to be more cheerful. Remember when we were silently chopping and digging? Everyone had empty stares back then.

 When we regrouped, for some reason, Kohina-senpai’s character was sprawled over the driver’s seat.

 ”Leave the driving to me!!”



 ”Let’s cut that out now. Right? Everyone’s tired, so let’s behave.”

 ”Hey! Don’t push, idiot. And where are you pushing anyway!”

 I had a bad feeling about Kohina-senpai driving. And touching her chest when I pushed was totally accidental, I swear.

 By the way, Ayana, next to her, seemed to think the same and was silently trying to move Kohina-senpai’s character away from the driver’s seat.

 ”Inko-senpai, while we have the chance…”

 ”Yeah, leave it to me!”

 ”Hey! Enough! Got it!”

 Phew… Somehow she managed to listen and behave.

 I knew she would do it, but truly she is indeed Kohina-senpai.

 ”Shintaro-kun, sit in the co-pilot seat and handle the radar!”


 ”Hey, Kaede-senpai, don’t push me!”

 ”S-Sorry. But it’s cramped.”

 ”Hey! This is clearly over the capacity limit!”

 ”Kohina-senpai, please squeeze in more. Morikawa-san on the edge will fall.”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Guhehe]

 The helicopter is smaller than I thought.

 In the real world, this would clearly be an overloaded case that could result in legal repercussions.

 [Hagetoru, don’t say weird things just because your chest was touched!]

 [By the way, it was Kanon-sama who touched it.]

 [No one needs to know that Kanon-sama touched Hagetoru’s chest!]

 [Earlier, Aa-sama’s character’s neck movements were unusually fast.]

 [Well, lucky you. Someone had a huge demand for that.]

 [Instead of fake breasts in the game, please look at mine.]

 [Is the comment deletion feature not working? Is it okay?]

 [It seems like the admins has been in chaos since Hagetoru appeared.]

 [Beryl really lacks talented staff, huh?]

 [Let’s all try to restrain ourselves a bit.]


 [Some people might want to watch the archive later, and it’s also for the sake of other fans.]

 [Yeah, that’s right.]

 [The fans of Beryl are so close to each other.]

 [Well, because everyone here is a full-fledged supporter of Aqua-kun.]

 [That’s true.]

 [Could it be that Aqua-sama was a god after all!? Aqua!]

 [Workaholic: Ouch… my stomach…]

 [Are you alright, Workaholic-san? It might be best to go to the hospital.]

 [Workaholic-neki, your stomach always hurts, huh?]

 The back of the crowded helicopter is in a chaotic state.

 ”Toa, there’s an empty space over here.”

 ”Thank you, Aqua.”

 I position myself between everyone, protecting Toa against the wall.

 Toa had been attacked by a girl in the past, you see.

 No matter how it’s just a game, when I think back to that moment, I felt like I had to protect him.

 [Ah, ah, ah…]

 [Cat lover-san: Ah…]


 [Hey! Everyone, pull yourselves together!!]

 [Some people were taken in that last attack]

 [It’s troublesome when it’s sudden like this]

 [Good thing I had Actoa beforehand because I had a bad feeling]

 [Even though I’ve already taken the medicine 5-6 times today, I’ll take it once more]

 [Ah, this means there’s going to be a huge shortage of medicine at the hospital next week]

 [The Prime Minister also mentioned that Actoa and Toaqua should be sold at regular drugstores]

 [The expression on Kanon-sama’s character on the opposite side is priceless!]

 [Kanon-sama, serves you right! LOL]

 [It wasn’t even flirtatious. Rather, I was watching the screen while ‘hogging,’ and suddenly a nuclear missile came flying at an incredible speed.]

 Huh? Why is Kanon, Kaede, Kohina-senpai, Ayana, and Ramen Hagetoru-san all staring at me like that? Especially Ayana, what’s wrong? No, no, no, what’s wrong with that? I should ask her directly later.

 ”Everyone, did you forget anything?”


 ”Alright then, let’s go!”

 The helicopter floats in the air and moves forward towards its destination.

 Wow! It’s floating! It’s fast! With this, it seems like we won’t take much time to reach our destination.

 ”Forward! Radar has detected something!”

 ”Oh no! It’s an enemy helicopter! Evade!!”

 Inko-san quickly turns the helicopter around, avoiding a collision with the enemy helicopter.

 And then, it happened.

 I felt like I made eye contact with Kaede’s character, who was standing at the very edge.


 Everything slows down in slow motion.

 Due to the helicopter’s movement tilting, Kaede’s position shifts, causing her to slip and fall.

 ”Captain! Morikawa-san fell!!”

 ”Huh!? Why did she fall!!”

 Um… If you ask me why, I’m not really sure.

 But hey, wait a minute? When I look closely, isn’t the hatch at the back still open?

 Huh? Nobody noticed?


 [Morikawa, I told you to get off the boat and you really fell off LOL]

 [× Got off the boat ○ Fell off the boat]

 [What was she even doing here?]

 [Come on?]

 [Morikawa: “I just came to mess things up!”]

 [Damn, that’s hilarious]

 [Simple, but I love this kind of stuff LOL]

 [I knew someone would screw up LOL]

 [Actually, if someone was going to screw up, I thought it would be Hogekawa LOL]

 [As expected of Morikawa, never failing to meet everyone’s expectations LOL]

 [She’s really committed to comedy. Young comedians should learn from her]

 [Young comedian? LOL That guy is an announcer!]

 [Morikawa, you went too far!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: She was a good guy… I mean, what the heck was she really here for?]

 [Hagetoru LMAO]

 [Hagetoru, you shouldn’t have said that LOL]

 [Fell down gracefully and I burst out laughing, LOL]

 [Someone else died before reaching the destination, LOL]

 I closed the hatch behind me and explained the situation to Inko-san.

 ”The back hatch was open!!”

 ”Why didn’t anyone close the back hatch!? We have ten people here and not a single one closed it, is that normal!?”

 Well, I really think you’re right.

 ”Captain! We confirmed a missile launch from behind!!”

 ”What the heck!?”

 Oh noooooo!

 Luckily, Inko-san managed to evade it, but I saw a missile passing by outside the window.

 Phew, that was close. Just when I thought we were safe, the helicopter shook violently.

 ”Confirmed hit!”

 ”Darn it! Keep going at full speed and shake it off!!”

 Inko-san increased the speed and moved forward.

 Black smoke was coming from the spot where the missile had hit.

 ”Oh no, what are we going to do about this? Useless Aqua, hurry up and do something!”

 ”Well, even if you say that…”

 ”I’ll fix it!!”

 Kanon grabbed something like a hammer and reinforced the wall with boards, making banging sounds.

 Thanks to that, the black smoke subsided, but when I looked at the repaired spot, huh? Is it really okay like this? I became really anxious.

 ”Phew… for now, this should be fine.”

 ”Kanon, you’re amazing!”

 ”Oh, well… it was just a coincidence, yeah, just a coincidence.”

 Kanon, there’s no need to be modest. If Kanon hadn’t fixed it, it could have been a disaster.

 [She prepared a hammer before it hit, LOL]

 [She’s already a pro at this game, isn’t she?]

 [Breaking news, Kanon-sama was just a professional gamer]

 [Well, uh, this… is not just 1000 hours. She has been played with a lot more.]

 [No doubt, there are times when someone alone destroys the main base of the Stars, the largest clan, solo.]

 [Is it a lie? LOL]

 [Maybe this guy can handle it alone?]

 [No, at that time, it wasn’t solo; there were two people. I’m pretty sure there was one more… Oh, I see, that’s what it was.]

 [I remembered too. I see. Maybe another helper will come this time.]

 [Back then, I was convinced that Kanon and Mary in this game were definitely fakes. Can’t believe even Mary-sama…]

 [No, that’s too much LOL]

 [If Mary, who had a rocket launcher, was the same as Mary-sama, then our Prime Minister, Habu, was doing the same thing LOL]

 [Remembering Representative Sato, who carried a log and Mary with a rocket launcher.]

 [How does she win against a rocket launcher with a log? LOL]

 [But the log actually won, you know.]

 [Is it a lie? LOL]

 [Mary, the former queen, vs. Sato, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was too intense. Can’t believe neither of them was real.]

 The comments section is noisy, but I haven’t had a chance to read since earlier.

 Moreover, as we somehow manage to shake off the enemy helicopter and head towards our destination, another problem descends upon us.

 ”Captain! We’re out of fuel!!”

 ”Huh!? Why!? Didn’t you fill it up!?”

 We exchange glances and shake our heads. Well, it seems like nobody remembered to check the fuel… that’s what happened.

 ”Why is it like this? Not a single person checked the fuel!! This is bad. Everyone, throw your bags away! If we reduce the weight, maybe we can just barely make it. We can get plenty of fuel on the way back from the oil fields!”

 Following Inko-senpai’s suggestion, if we want to extend the range, we have no choice but to lighten the load.

 We open the hatch and toss unnecessary baggage into the sea. However, there isn’t much we can discard. In other words, there’s only one option left.


 ”Hmm? What is it?”

 I offer a gentle smile to Kohina-senpai.

 ”Thanks for your hard work.”


 Alright, she hasn’t realized yet.

 I totally pushed Kohina-senpai’s character, like, really hard!

 ”Whoa, hey, ahhhhhh!”

 And bam! I shoved her right into the sea. Since we were at a low altitude, I made sure to visually confirm that Kohina-senpai was totally fine. I kinda felt a bit refreshed when I pushed her, but I’m sure it was just my imagination.

 ”Hey, what the heck are you doing?!”

 ”Senpai, leave the rest to us and just swim back, okay?!”

 ”Hey! Remember this later! You, you useless Aqua!!”

 Phew… I gotta pat myself on the back for a job well done.


 [Nice Fight]

 [GG, that was awesome]

 [I’m seriously impressed with that judgment and decisiveness]

 [Aqua-sama never fails to surprise, LOL]

 [Pushed without hesitation, LOL]

 [Seriously, that was terrible, LOL]

 [Hogekawa in the chat was like ‘Grr!’ and I burst out laughing, LOL]

 [Well, this was bound to happen, LOL]

 [Aqua-sama’s super nice to girls, but she’s treating Kohina-senpai like totally randomly, LOL]

 [If you’re gonna say that, only Kohina Yukari can call him ‘Useless Aqua’! LOL]

 [That’s nice. I want to be pushed down too…]

 [My heart flutters at the sadistic Aqua-sama.]

 [To be honest, it just looks like they’re being all lovey-dovey. This is definitely a flirting, right?]

 [Ayana-chan’s silent push must have built up a lot, LOL.]

 [Well, after Hogekawa, they were just doing more unnecessary stuff.]

 [It’s funny that Hagetoru, who I thought would cause the most trouble, is actually being useful, LOL.]

 Oh, we’ve finally found our destination!

 With the end in sight, even if just for a moment, I feel relaxed.

 ”We’re about to land at the heliport, but the enemy NPCs will attack right away. Is everyone ready for battle? Just so you know, this is our first and last chance.”

 We all nod silently as we grab our weapons.

 That’s right. If we die here, we’ll have to start over, so we need to gather our spirits.

 ”All right! Let’s go!”


 As we arrived at the heliport, we all jumped outside. The enemies quickly approached, but we managed to hide behind cover and fight back.

 Man, these guys are too strong! But we have Inko-senpai with us. Inko-senpai is amazing, effortlessly taking down enemies while covering us and giving us instructions to lead us successfully.

 Furthermore, the experienced Ramen Hagetoru-san showed precise movements, and Kanon also played a huge role here. Wow! My wife is so cool!

 [Haha, the wife can’t hide her excitement anymore]

 [No wonder she’s known as the Eraser’s partner, the Destroyer]

 [The Destroyer, LMAO]

 [Suddenly such a cool nickname came out, huh? LOL]

 [Kanon-sama, are you okay with all these embarrassing moments being exposed?]

 [That guy will never be able to see the archive of this livestream, LOL]

 [There’s someone with such a lame name as Eraser? Crazy!]

 [Hey, stop that!]

 [It’s better to stop bad-mouthing the Eraser.]

 [You’ll be erased for real!]

 [There are so many guys who are shitting their pants at the thought of Eraser, LMAO.]

 [Eraser (LOL), Destroyer (LOL), they’re probably in the same rating range.]

 Alright! Just one more push!!

 At that moment, I could hear the sound of propellers falling from the sky.

 Thinking it might be enemy reinforcements, I looked up to see a hang glider with propellers flying towards us.

 ”Hahahahahaha! Sorry for making you wait, everyone!! I’ve arrived!!”

 Wait, Senpai!?


 [Things are getting hot!]

 [Damn, a Driver came!]

 [Tenga-senpai sure knows how to make an entrance!]

 [Wait, I forgot about Tenga-senpai. Damn.]


 [Everyone’s really happy, but I’m sure they all forgot, LOL.]

 [At least Aqua-kun completely forgot. That’s the look on his face.]

 [To be honest, I thought he was gonna be ignored until the end, but here comes their savior.]

 [Here’s the helper!]

 Everyone’s spirits soared with the unexpected arrival of Tenga-senpai. Of course, no one here would ever admit they’d forgotten about him.

 But in the next moment, Tenga-senpai’s hang glider grazed something like a cable, losing control and careening wildly until it collided with a valve nearby.

 ”Haha! Whoa-ho-ho!”

 The hang glider, perhaps from the impact, exploded mid-air. Ah, yeah… I kinda had a feeling something like that would happen. Phew… let’s just pretend we didn’t see anything and focus on our own battles.

 [It’s a complete failure!]

 [Why’d he even come?]

 [Dang, Tenga-senpai, dang LOL!]

 [It snagged so gracefully, spun so gracefully, and exploded so gracefully.]

 [What a beautiful fireworks display it made.]

 [Fireworks are fleeting, aren’t they?]

 [Props to Tenga-senpai, though, for snagging a small hang glider and making it this far alone.]

 [Tenga-senpai, going back into that forest by himself again, LOL!]

 [How did it come to this, LOL?]

 [He’s being reckless!!]

 [Everyone, it’s time to pay our respects to Tenga-senpai with a battle!!]

 Afterwards, the battle progressed smoothly, and we successfully gained control of the oil field.

 I thought it was the end, but then I heard the sound of a large helicopter approaching.

 ”Enemy reinforcements!”

 You’ve got to be kidding me… to be honest, we’re running low on ammunition and we’re already exhausted.

 ”Everyone, pick up weapons and ammo from fallen enemies and fight back! Just focus on surviving!”

 Under Inko-senpai’s instructions, we gathered in one place and confronted the enemies using narrow passages.

 But at this rate, we’ll run out of bullets and clearly, we’re desperate.

 Amidst all this, I could hear the sound of a small propeller again.

 I thought maybe Tenga-senpai had come back, but we were surprised to hear a voice from an unexpected person.

 ”Everyone. Sorry to keep you waiting. Leave the rest to me.”

 ”Woah… Manager Kirika!?”

 Kotono, who jumped off the hang glider, easily slaughters the nearby enemies.

 The weapon she’s clearly holding is different, huh? And what’s with that completely covered leather suit. Isn’t it… too much!?

 [Eraser 92 is here!]

 [92 and Kanon combination]

 [Is this a joke LOL]

 [Breaking news, Nee-san is also a pro player]

 [Wait, Eraser (LOL) refers to Nee-san?]

 [Hey, I’m going to delete the comment from earlier]

 [Sorry, I made a typo earlier so I’m going to delete the comment]

 [There are so many people Erasing the previous comments in a hurry, LOL]

 [It’s great when people voluntarily delete comments before the admins removes them, LOL]

 [Was the slow deletion from the admins because of this?]

 [Nee-san, are you logging in from a nearby internet cafe, LOL]

 [Seriously, thank you for your hard work.]

 [Eraser 92, Destroyer Kanon, Mary with a Rocket Launcher, Commando Habu, and Sato the Log… Ah, those were the days.]

 [Sato the Log is acting a little strange, LOL. She’s always been the craziest one.]

 [Sato, apparently quitting as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, should come back to the game again, LOL]

 Kotono and Kanon quickly defeat all the enemies together. Damn… or rather, I feel like we should have called Kotono as a backup from the start. No, it’s just my imagination. Let’s pretend it’s nothing.

 ”For real… Is this Eraser and Destroyer?”

 ”Eraser? Destroyer?”

 ”Ah, never mind! It’s just me talking to myself, so don’t worry about it!”

 After successfully taking control of the oil fields, we scavenge for supplies and loot. Phew, all that’s left is to go back. Yeah… everyone thought the same, and we were confident that we would finish within the given time.

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Everyone, come to the, heliport!]

 Huh? What’s going on?

 I became worried about Ramen Hagetoru-san’s comment, so I hurriedly made my way to the heliport.

 And there, I saw the completely wrecked and flattened helicopter.

 ”Huh? Wait…what happened to the helicopter we came in?”

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Because, of this]

 ”Huh? What is it?”

 Ramen Hagetoru-san was hopping around near a small pile.

 What is this?

 [Ramen Hagetoru: It’s, the remains, of Tenga-senpai’s, hang glider.]

 Ah…I see, I get it now.

 So, the wreckage from the explosion must have fallen on top of this and flattened it.

 It was already in bad shape, getting hit by missiles and all.

 I guess there’s no helping it. So…how do we get back?

 ”It seems like my hang glider fell into the sea and got carried away.”

 ”What about the enemy’s helicopter?”

 ”They dropped off the crew and flew off somewhere else.”

 ”What? What? You mean there’s no way to get home from here?”

 Everyone exchanged glances.

 ”We have no choice but to swim.”

 ”No, that’s too reckless.”

 As they say, swimming from here would be too reckless indeed.

 [hogekawa_kaede: I’m building a boat with Kohina Yukari-san and heading there]

 [kohina_yukari: Useless Aqua, remember it later!!]

 I wonder what they’re talking about. Pretending to be oblivious, I descend to the bottom of the plant and head towards the place where the boats can come and go.

 [Hey, is that a lie?]

 [They say Kohina-senpai and Hogekawa are actually useful here?]

 [This development is really exciting, knowing that their deaths served a purpose.]

 [So Tenga-senpai was the only one who died in vain…]

 [Hey, if it wasn’t for Tenga-senpai’s accident, these two wouldn’t have been useful, right?]

 [Well, isn’t it more accurate to say they weren’t useful at all?]


 [Breaking news, the comment section is chaotic due to idiots, LOL.]

 [The comment section is always chaotic though, isn’t it?]


 [This is never gonna end, huh?]

 After waiting for a while, a small figure approaches from a distance.

 Oh, isn’t that it?! Hey! Over here!!

 I repeatedly make my character jump to signal where we’re waiting.

 [Hmm? Doesn’t something seem off?]

 [For a ship, the shadow seems unusually small, doesn’t it?]

 [Ah, I have a bad feeling about this, LOL.]

 At first, everyone was happy about the rescue, but as the shadow gets closer, everyone’s characters’ expressions become tense.

 Huh? A ship…?

 [Hogekawa, that’s not a ship! It’s just a raft!]

 [They’ve got two pieces of flimsy wood!]

 [Oh man, LMAO!]

 [I had a feeling it would be like this, LOL!]

 [Speaking of ships, they were built pretty quickly, huh? That makes sense.]

 [What is a ship, anyway?]

 [Of all things, it’s a raft, LOL.]

 [I was hoping at least a boat would come, but that expectation was betrayed.]

 [They’re not even rowing it! They’re paddling! Seriously!]

 [They didn’t come to rescue them, they came to be rescued, LOL.]

 [And not to mention, it looks like only two people can fit on this thing, right?]

 [With two rafts, a maximum of four people… huh? There are ten of them, what are we going to do with the remaining six?]

 As the two rafts docked, Kohina-senpai got off the raft with a smug look on her face.

 ”How about that! It’s the Queen Yukari ship!”

 Yeah, I gently pat Kohina-senpai’s head with an indifferent gaze.

 I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with Kohina-senpai with such a peaceful feeling before.

 It reaffirmed that she’s really quite a disappointing person.

 [Things are getting pretty bad, LOL.]

 [Kohina Yukari seems so happy.]

 [I want to have a mental state like Kohina Yukari too.]

 [Queen Yukari is amazing, LOL]

 [The only person I know who can make such a boastful face on a raft]

 [I feel like I’ve been shown the presence of both a student and a master in this person]

 [I hope Ayana-chan never becomes like Kohina Yukari]

 [Ayana-chan, with her mouth wide open, is so cute]

 [I’m grateful to Kohina Yukari for making me realize Ayana’s cuteness]

 For now, we managed to fit ten people onto the raft.

 Hmm, it’s difficult after all. Some fell off as it overflowed.

 ”No good. Let’s gather the luggage with a few people and have some forced respawns. Might be better.”

 ”Yeah, that seems like a good idea.”

 So, only the carefully chosen four of us ended up returning on the raft.

 This is where we say goodbye to everyone except the three people who started the game and Kaede, who won at rock-paper-scissors.

 Huh? Is it really okay with just this group?

 Inko-senpai, Kotono, and Kanon. Feels like it would be better if we were all together, but oh well, we’re just going home, so it’ll work out somehow.

 ”Hey, that’s my Queen Yukari!”

 ”Yeah yeah, I’ll hear the story later.”

 Saying that, Inko-senpai respawned at the base with Kohina-senpai.

 Me, Kaede, and Shintaro split into two groups and paddled the raft.

 Yeah… Unlike the trip there, the trip back was really plain.

 We paddled across the empty sea, and once we reached land, we headed to the base on foot.

 Along the way, Kaede fell off a cliff and broke her bones and various things happened, but somehow we managed to return near the base.

 [Hogekawa, breaking bones in both reality and games, huh? LOL]

 [Hogekawa, come on, LOL.]

 [At this point, all we can do is laugh.]

 [I can’t help but smirk, LOL.]

 [Morikawa Sommelier: I had a feeling something like that would happen.]

 [Yeah, in the end, she didn’t really do anything useful.]

 [No, Morikawa was helpful till the end.]

 [Morikawa’s job is to entertain by putting her body on the line, blowing away the boredom around her. So, she’s really serving her purpose well.]

 [Is this okay for a national broadcast LOL]

 [Oh no, sometimes I almost forget that this guy is an announcer LOL]

 In front of me, the base came into view.

 Finally, I can go back safely. The moment everyone thought that, Shintaro, who had been on alert around us, noticed something.

 ”There’s an armed guy approaching from the east!”

 It was a split-second decision. Thinking that it would be pointless to die here, I aimed the gun in my hand towards the NPC and fired.

 Yes, I thought an NPC enemy character was attacking us.




 Everyone gasped as we looked at the name of the NPC I defeated.

 Tenga Akira….

 Phewwwww… I took a deep breath, exhaling lightly as if nothing had happened, facing forward.

 ”We did it! We’re back! Everyone’s safe!”


 ”Huh? Aqua? Tenga-senpai, huh?”

 ”We did it!”

 Shintaro… Don’t sweat the small stuff! This is just a game, so let’s take it easy, okay?

 [Tenga-senpai, LMAO]

 [He desperately tried to come back on his own to join you, you know LOL]

 [That’s terrible, LOL]

 [Aqua-kun, whether it’s Kohina-senpai or Tenga-senpai, he tends to be kind to his seniors]

 [What about Inko-senpai? Any chance?]

 [Tenga-senpai, why did you have to dress up like an NPC?]

 [I laughed so hard until the end, LOL]

 [He tried to cover it up like nothing happened, LOL]

 [It ended beautifully]

 After that, we took a group photo at the base and called it a day. But I felt really sorry for Tenga-senpai, so as a form of apology, I hopped on Aqua’s “Oppai Aqua” and went to pick up Tenga-senpai in the forest.

 He said he wasn’t bothered, but his face looked really down, and it hurt my heart a lot.

 I’m so sorry. Honestly, it’s a bit late, but there’s no way I can say that everyone truly forgot until senpai arrived. I’ve decided to carry this pain with me until the grave.

 ”So, that’s it for the Last Survivor livestream. See you all again!!”

 I wave at the camera.

 [Good job!]

 [I’m looking forward to tomorrow]

 [Well then, should I try my best to sleep now!]

 [I’m relieved, what would they do if it crossed over to the next day]

 [Everyone, make sure to rest well!]

 [I’m looking forward to tomorrow!!]

 [Kanon-sama GG, Nee-san GG, Hagetoru GG, Hogekawa… yeah]

 [Ayana-chan, thanks for today!]

 [Inko-senpai, leader, great job!]

 [Mayushin-kun, you were amazing until the end!]

 [Toa-chan! You were the cutest today, no, you were cool and cute!]

 [Tenga-senpai, looking forward to this revenge!]

 [Phew, I’m relieved that Hagetoru didn’t cause any trouble, LOL.]

 [Hogekawa, this ain’t the time for gaming. Go to the hospital.]

 [I can’t believe Eraser and Destroyer, LMAO!]

 [Kohina Yukari had me laughing till the end. Thanks, LOL!]

 [See you all again tomorrow!!]

 Wow, there are so many comments.

 I waved at the camera and spoke right up until the last minute. After a while, when the stream cut off, I could hear Ako-san’s voice.

 ”Thank you for your work, everyone”

 ”””””thank you for your hard work!”””””

 I quickly removed my earphones and stepped outside the Beryl headquarters’ streaming room, putting on my down jacket. Shintaro and Tenga-senpai did the same, making sure to dress warmly so we wouldn’t catch a cold.

 ”Well then, everyone, I know it’s tough, but we have a rehearsal now, so take breaks when you can.”

 ”Roger. Let’s all do our best without pushing too hard!”


 ”Oh yeah!”

 ”Got it!”

 We formed a circle with Ako-san and the staff members outside. Along the way, everyone, including a hurried Kotono and the other managers, regrouped and put in their spirit.

 ”For the fans to enjoy December 24th! Let’s do our best!!”


 And so, our long 48 hours with the fans began.

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