Male Idol V10c35

Volume 10 Chapter 35 Bulletin Board, Hustling From The Morning!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Live Broadcast] Together with Big Sister! [Christmas Special]
8 Anonymous
Didn’t win this time in the live broadcast
11 Anonymous
Too bad!
13 Anonymous
It’s almost impossible to win, so it can’t be helped
16 Anonymous
The difficulty of winning tickets for Beryl and the right to participate with Big Sister is almost the same, LOL
18 Anonymous
Possible, LOL
20 Anonymous
23 Anonymous
Firstly, it’s normal not to win
Don’t even look at the people around who won
So, those who won are lucky, I think
27 Anonymous
Anyone without kids watching “Together with Big Sister”?
29 Anonymous
Are you talking about me?
31 Anonymous
It’s me
34 Anonymous
I don’t have kids, but I’m watching too
Not because I’m preparing for having kids, just fantasizing about having them, LOL
37 Anonymous
Totally get it
39 Anonymous
That was me a few years ago
I started to think about having children in that flow, so I did some research and talked to my mom about it, and then I decided to have a child
Of course, it’s not a child with a male partner, but when I had a daughter, I found a sense of purpose and was able to work hard
43 Anonymous
This is a good example
45 Anonymous
That’s a nice story
48 Anonymous
But I understand the sense of purpose that comes with having a daughter
My lonely single life suddenly became colorful
Of course, there are many difficult things, but that’s different. This is this
And when you have a child, there’s a system for moms to cooperate, support systems for retired moms, extracurricular classes to support moms by students, and comprehensive support systems from basic intercoms during the period until social reintegration. Company’s slow return system, irregular office attendance system, and complete telework system – the support is well-equipped. It was quite uneasy at first, but somehow, it works
51 Anonymous
Also, if you’re going to have a child, there’s the option of a temporary friend marriage. Providing support for each other, having a child, and cooperating in raising it. But, usually, you end up getting married if you do that
54 Anonymous
That’s a common occurrence. When I got married, I was anxious about raising a child alone, so I lived with a close friend for a while. And surprisingly, it turned out to be more rewarding than I thought
57 Anonymous
My friend and I, who lived in a share house, both had children in a similar way..
61 Anonymous
Temporary friend marriages are becoming more common. Didn’t the Prime Minister also have a temporary friend marriage?
65 Anonymous
No, she has a daughter, but she didn’t marry. However, she seems to meet her daughter occasionally
68 Anonymous
Sigh, I’m starting to feel like getting married
71 Anonymous
Marriage is great! Even between girls, it goes well if there’s a good mood
74 Anonymous
Does it go well…?
78 Anonymous
I understand. In the early days of marriage, we did it every day for months
80 Anonymous
You guys don’t have obscene conversations in the morning! It’s a children’s show!
83 Anonymous
This is how the next generation of Chijou is being produced
86 Anonymous
Children don’t read bulletin boards, so it’s okay. If they did, that one is a future Mary for sure
89 Anonymous
Mary’s reputation is being damaged LOL
92 Anonymous
>> Next Page
Because of those idiots, Mary’s reputation is seriously damaged LOL
97 Anonymous
But even so, this year’s top exam popularity is Otomezaki. Aqua-sama’s school or the school where a woman married Aqua-sama. The children are faithfully following their desires
104 Anonymous
Too obvious LMAO
108 Anonymous
It makes me smile to see that our future selves are being nurtured properly
113 Anonymous
“Did Otomezaki finish the entrance exam as a special case?”
117 Anonymous
The academic tests had too many applicants, so a nationwide common test, like a test for each prefecture, was conducted on the same day
Otomezaki’s former students, current university students, and high school student councils were mobilized nationwide
Those who passed the minimum line are invited to come to school from the 26th to the 30th to take another simple test or have an interview. By the way, the recommendation group is already finished. Also, those who passed the nationwide common test during Beryl’s audition camp will start in January as a special case
121 Anonymous
Does Beryl have a special quota? Is that okay?
126 Anonymous
It’s fine. Because those who pass Beryl’s audition already have some talent at that point. Especially in Otomezaki, they don’t limit learning to studying, so it became popular. The purpose of that school is to find out what students want to do and support them. So, there are many serious students there. Thanks to Aqua-sama and others, Otomezaki’s innovative educational policy is becoming clear. Also, since it’s a private school, it’s okay to be free in that respect, right? There are also specialized schools for people like Koshin Pro
130 Anonymous
Or rather, if you look at the ages of the audition members later on, isn’t it not just Inori Hisui-san? It’s definitely a recommendation for someone like Kukuri-sama. That’s why I can only see Inori-san as the candidate…
135 Anonymous
137 Anonymous
139 Anonymous
Come to think of it, isn’t it amazing that Inori-san passed the first test of Otomezaki and made it to the final audition of Beryl? It’s not about talent or anything, it means she was studying while practicing singing and dancing. I, who just took the entrance exams as a commemoration, feel embarrassed…
143 Anonymous
Well, it’s allowed even if you take the exam later on as a special case
146 Anonymous
Even Inori-san is number 9, there are too many monsters
150 Anonymous
The audition is starting the training camp from today, I wonder how it’s going over there
Well, we’re leisurely enjoying Christmas and watching “Together with Big Sister” from the morning
153 Anonymous
Today, there will be a Christmas live, and the album will be released. I’m really excited! Also, I have to go pick up the national collaboration Driver cake that I reserved at the cake shop in the neighborhood!
156 Anonymous
Oh, it’s about to start!
158 Anonymous
Waiting in front of the screen with my child
I’ll also eat the Driver cake with my daughter!
161 Anonymous
163 Anonymous
166 Anonymous
Mori… kawa…?
169 Anonymous
Out of all people, Morikawa is the guest on the Christmas special, huh?
172 Anonymous
Is she okay even though she has a collarbone fracture?
175 Anonymous
Last night, did she not hurt the affected area again? I’m seriously worried if she’s okay..
177 Anonymous
Hogekawa, are you okay not taking it easy at home? I’ve been entertained by you, so I hope you don’t push yourself too hard
180 Anonymous
Sorry. I really like Morikawa. But, well… Kaede’s big sister, kinda got on my nerves. LOL
182 Anonymous
Kaede’s big sister. LOL
185 Anonymous
My daughter looks worried LOL
187 Anonymous
Daughter: “Mom, is it okay with Kaede-oneesan?”
Kids are even worried LOL
191 Anonymous
Kids can be so cruel LMAO
193 Anonymous
Even kids worry. That’s Morikawa’s quality
195 Anonymous
Being loved by kids is good, LOL. But it’s better if they worry. If it’s bulletin board folks, they’ve already given up halfway. Just hope you don’t get seriously injured
198 Anonymous
Kind of feel like if Morikawa has a child, they’d be more solid than big sister. If they stay by Morikawa’s side, that’s how it feels
200 Anonymous
I understand that..
203 Anonymous
Hey, does Morikawa’s arrival mean…?
206 Anonymous
Even someone as tactless as me can tell. This is..
209 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san is coming?
212 Anonymous
It’s Kohina Yukari. Preparations for the program NTR are ready
215 Anonymous
Over there!?
217 Anonymous
You guys are doing this on purpose LMAO. Well, I can’t say I don’t understand
221 Anonymous
While we’re casually joking, a real special guest crew is here!
223 Anonymous
Aqua-sama crew!?
225 Anonymous
Come on! Aqua-sama!
227 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s here ←
229 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is here!
232 Anonymous
Wow, wowowowow, oh… surprised
238 Anonymous
The gymnastics big sister, now the gymnastics big brother, moves like a Driver, and it’s hilarious LMAO
240 Anonymous
Aa-sama, you’re already so crazy from the moment you showed up!
243 Anonymous
It’s amazing, right… Are there really boys who can do that? Even among girls, there are very few who can do cartwheels and backflips like that
245 Anonymous
Right from the beginning, he’s showing off his incredible physical abilities, and my child is just gaping in awe. It’s fine to be surprised, but I’m telling her not to do it because she’ll become Hogekawa
248 Anonymous
Aqua-sama wearing an apron! Thank you, thank you, thank you
250 Anonymous
Apron Aqua-tan’s imagination is running wild. You know it’s a national broadcast, right!!
253 Anonymous
I was impressed by the national broadcast’s accurate understanding of how to use Aqua-sama
257 Anonymous
259 Anonymous
261 Anonymous
Are there any women in their 30s other than me who call him Aqua-oniichan?
265 Anonymous
Stop it
268 Anonymous
Can you stop accurately damaging me, a woman in her 40s?
270 Anonymous
Even my 80-year-old grandmother calls Aqua-oniichan, so it’s okay!
273 Anonymous
Senpai, please tell her that she’s amazing
275 Anonymous
The vitality of women who have survived difficult times is amazing. We should learn from them
279 Anonymous
I’m going to ask Aqua-oniichan to take responsibility and welcome everyone as his little sisters. Including s*xual relationships, of course
282 Anonymous
283 Anonymous
285 Anonymous
290 Anonymous
With that entrance call just now, the IQ of the bulletin board suddenly dropped, LMAO
294 Anonymous
It’s too funny, right? Lol
296 Anonymous
Look, it’s not that expensive to begin with
299 Anonymous
302 Anonymous
304 Anonymous
Those three are Mary, who boasts one of the highest test scores in Japan
Shumi is at the top level even in the national mock exams, and both Hagetoru and Chinposuki are scholarship students, so they’re really smart
307 Anonymous
Japan has started
310 Anonymous
It seems that those three went to a school that’s smarter than Nee-san
But intelligence alone can’t measure everything, huh?
314 Anonymous
Now, that kid who moved next to Aa-sama is amazing
317 Anonymous
That little girl is not to be underestimated. My sixth sense tells me so
320 Anonymous
Morning exercises with Aqua-oniisan!?
323 Anonymous
Yes! Yes!! I want to do morning exercises with Aqua-kun too!!
If possible, please do it with intense piston movements!!
326 Anonymous
Is it okay to broadcast something like that in the morning!?
329 Anonymous
Is it true that Aqu-tan is doing naughty exercises with kindergartners in the morning!?
332 Anonymous
You guys, LOL
335 Anonymous
As usual, it’s terrible. Terribly LOL
338 Anonymous
Is it a baby-making exercise with mom? Everyone, good for you. Maybe a little sister or maybe a little brother will be born
340 Anonymous
Phew, the national broadcasting is amazing. Who cares about the Broadcasting Ethics Committee
Thank you for the live broadcast of s*x in the morning!! For now, I’ll just pull down my panties and wait!
343 Anonymous
Hey, calm down, it’s just a normal exercise! It’s not a naughty one!!
346 Anonymous
Phew, I’ve changed into a diaper with Aa-sama’s appearance. Truly amazing. My cr**ch is already sticky!
349 Anonymous
Hey, Chijou people! Your turn is tomorrow, tomorrow! Don’t get the day wrong!
352 Anonymous
Aa-sama, I wonder what kind of position he has s*x in…?
355 Anonymous
Hey, stop it, everyone! I want to ask Shumi, but I’m holding back!!
358 Anonymous
Shumi, even if it’s anonymous, I want you to post your experiences in some erotic magazine. Maybe even Hakuryuu-sensei
361 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei’s experiences are probably already being distributed to all citizens as part of the government’s education..
364 Anonymous
You guys always turn to erotic stuff right away! Well, I can’t blame you, but now is the time to watch “Together with Big Sister”!
367 Anonymous
Next is Aqua-sama’s performance
370 Anonymous
Morikawa, are you okay with the gymnastics?
373 Anonymous
I’m worried that Morikawa might mess up
376 Anonymous
Morikawa’s recklessness is making me nervous
379 Anonymous
Morikawa, don’t do something reckless
381 Anonymous
Ah, you don’t have to jump out with such momentum!
385 Anonymous
I can’t help but feel nervous just watching
388 Anonymous
Hey, if you stretch your hands out like that, it’ll hurt later!
392 Anonymous
I don’t care about injuries or anything like that. Morikawa doesn’t fight on that level. Always giving 100% effort
396 Anonymous
I have a feeling it’s going to turn into a disaster
399 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how the kids are keeping their distance from the sister’s dynamic movements. LOL
403 Anonymous
The fact that the kids are more aware of the atmosphere is amazing. LOL
405 Anonymous
Damn it, I want to listen to Aqua-sama’s beautiful piano melody, but I can’t concentrate because I’m too focused on Morikawa’s powerful dance. LMAO
407 Anonymous
Aa-sama is also skilled at playing the piano, right?
It really feels like a prince
410 Anonymous
Shumi looks like a genuine princess, but Aqua-sama seems more prince-like, including everything. But well, Shumi has amazing qualities too, because Shumi is Shumi..
414 Anonymous
Hehehe, every time Aa-sama presses the white key, he plays with my pu**y, and every time he presses the black key, he pinches my n**ples. It feels amazing..
419 Anonymous
A genius has appeared!
422 Anonymous
There are truly a bunch of geniuses on this bulletin board
426 Anonymous
You guys, seriously, you should get arrested at least once. LOL
427 Anonymous
↑The guy above is also playing with her pu**y
By the way, I’m also pinching my n**ples
431 Anonymous
Stop mas***ing with the internet, LOL
434 Anonymous
Seriously, just hearing his voice makes my uterus react. It’s inevitable because my female instincts are seeking that male called Aa-sama
439 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s voice resonates directly in the uterus… If he sings for me in person, even a married woman would willingly open her legs
442 Anonymous
Next corner is here
445 Anonymous
Here comes a four-letter food!
447 Anonymous
448 Anonymous
449 Anonymous
450 Anonymous
Oh… udon!
451 Anonymous
452 Anonymous
453 Anonymous
454 Anonymous
461 Anonymous
You guys, LMAO
465 Anonymous
I thought again that this place is terrible, LOL
468 Anonymous
I can understand “D*ck” to some extent, but m***ation and s*x are not food, LOL
472 Anonymous
Barely, the udon person was here
This person was a bit suspicious too, LOL
475 Anonymous
How much do you guys want to eat Aqua-sama’s d*ck?
477 Anonymous
Rather, I want him to eat my girl parts…
479 Anonymous
I’m preparing milk for Aqua-sama
482 Anonymous
485 Anonymous
La Maine LOL
Hey, someone got poisoned by Driver, LOL
489 Anonymous
Looks like there’s a girl who’s a fan of Tenga-senpai!
493 Anonymous
Ramen Hagetoru LOL
496 Anonymous
Hagetoru LMAO
500 Anonymous
Bad news, the loli rate range was the same as ours
503 Anonymous
The future of this country is bright!
Long live Japan! Long live the bulletin board LOL!!
508 Anonymous
Damn, thought lolis were harmless, but some bulletin board folks have slipped in!
511 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, run away!
Even if they’re lolis, bulletin board folks are dangerous~!
514 Anonymous
Moms, be careful, LMAO
518 Anonymous
Did the kids get infected by Hagetoru without us knowing? Are they okay?
522 Anonymous
Next is the text removal, huh
525 Anonymous
Removing text sounded like dirty words
528 Anonymous
I want to “nuki nuki” Aqua-sama too
531 Anonymous
Hey guys, show some restraint!
534 Anonymous
Damn, today, without Nee-san around, there’s no order at all!
Nee-san, come back quickly!
537 Anonymous
It’s inevitable for Chinposuki and Nee-san, but why aren’t Shumi and Hagetoru here?
540 Anonymous
545 Anonymous
Suki, suki, suki, suki!
550 Anonymous
553 Anonymous
I love you so muuuuuch!
558 Anonymous
Kids, are they geniuses…?
561 Anonymous
Breaking news, about the fact that the kids are more talented than us
564 Anonymous
I loved it so muuuuuch!
567 Anonymous
Yes, the best Christmas present came first thing in the morning
569 Anonymous
Sorry, everyone. I’m going to marry Aqua-sama
Because I love watching Aqua-sama in front of the TV
I love him more, so we have no choice but to get married
572 Anonymous
Oh no. Even though there are already many mentally unstable yandere girls around Aqua-sama, the misunderstandings are progressing even more
578 Anonymous
My junior high school girl’s sister doing weird stuff like saying, “I love you too, Kyururun!” to Aqua-sama on the screen, and it was creepy, but I realized I did similar things
583 Anonymous
I cried the moment he said I love you. Even though it wasn’t directed at me through the TV, it was the first time a boy said he loved me. It made me so happy
585 Anonymous
The part where Aqua-sama spreads both hands is also a high point. It feels like he’s embracing even someone like me with big breasts and a big butt
590 Anonymous
My grandma cried too. She said she never had a man say he loved her in her whole life. The weight of those words is no joke. It was good; I recorded it
596 Anonymous
The clip has been spreading like crazy on social media. It instantly became the top trending worldwide
601 Anonymous
Because Aqua-sama returns “I love you” in response to “I love you”, we love him so, so, so much
605 Anonymous
I don’t need to be rewarded. Even if Aqua-sama could live even one more second, it would make me happy
608 Anonymous
We are lucky to be born in the same era as Aqua-sama. If there are boys like this in the world, we’ll do our best to search for them
611 Anonymous
Is the next song about brushing your teeth?
616 Anonymous
Aqua-oniisan’s toothbrush..
619 Anonymous
Oh no. It’s too erotic, my n**ples are getting hard!
622 Anonymous
The national broadcasting is amazing..
I wonder if they’re planning on shooting a location shoot at the Broadcasting Ethics Committee building this morning!?
627 Anonymous
Haah, haah… I want Aqua-sama’s toothbrush..
630 Anonymous
Rather, I want it to be a dual-use toothbrush for both me and Aqua-sama..
635 Anonymous
Muah, muah, slurp, I want the liquid from when he spits to flow into my mouth..
639 Anonymous
If there’s a sink that Aqua-sama throws away after brushing his teeth, it’s here!
644 Anonymous
Perverts are swarming in, LOL
649 Anonymous
No, this is dangerous! I feel like it’s better to move on to the next corner
653 Anonymous
Following those who want to be Aqua-sama’s toilet, trash can, tissues, and chopsticks, now there are perverts who want to be Aqua-sama’s sink and toothbrush
658 Anonymous
I’ve seen perverts who want to be Aqua-sama’s bike seat or step, LOL
662 Anonymous
The bulletin board is operating as usual, and I’m smiling too. Even without Hagetoru, it’s still normally terrible
665 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s changing clothes!?
667 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s changing clothes too!?
670 Anonymous
Here comes the erotic sceneーーーーー!
673 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
677 Anonymous
Haa haa, haa haa…
Is it okay if I pull down my skirt now?
679 Anonymous
681 Anonymous
Those impatient guys are already getting excited, LOL
685 Anonymous
The live thread of “Together with Big Sister” is best, LOL
688 Anonymous
690 Anonymous
693 Anonymous
Aqua-sama didn’t change clothes…
697 Anonymous
Tch, I thought it was Aqua-sama’s change of clothes, but it was a scene of a loli changing
700 Anonymous
Even looking at the vertical lines of a loli doesn’t do it for me…
703 Anonymous
My enthusiasm instantly drops seeing a loli’s nak*ed, LOL
706 Anonymous
At least if it were a shota changing clothes…
709 Anonymous
I knew it. Uh… sigh..
712 Anonymous
What about Aqua-chan’s change of clothes? Huh?
Do you think there’s a demand for changing the clothes of a 3 or 4-year-old girl?
I was stupid to expect it from a national broadcaster
715 Anonymous
You guys are too disappointed, LOL
Well, next is a puppet show
719 Anonymous
A puppet show, huh
723 Anonymous
I don’t know what it is. I feel sorry for the people inside the puppet, but there’s something about this puppet that irritates me
727 Anonymous
Here comes an ugly cat doll!
730 Anonymous
Even I, who likes ugly cat-chan, feel irritated somehow
I wonder why?
736 Anonymous
A showdown with the kids and throwing balls
742 Anonymous
Go kids!
748 Anonymous
The puppet is desperate, LMAO
751 Anonymous
Taking the kids seriously, LOL
Hey, who’s inside? Not very adult-like, too
756 Anonymous
Complaints will come
759 Anonymous
At first, I thought Morikawa couldn’t read the room, but it seems like she’s actually helping out the kids. She seems so indulgent with them that it’s easy to see she’s going easy on them intentionally, which probably annoys the kids to the point of scolding her because she’s being too obvious about it
762 Anonymous
Even Aqua-kun is supporting the kids normally LOL
767 Anonymous
Here comes the cat vs everyone! This development is intense!!
771 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
That cat started interfering LOL
775 Anonymous
Damn, LMAO
778 Anonymous
I bet the national broadcasting customer service is getting lots of complaints, LOL
783 Anonymous
It’s understandable that it’s not very popular among adults, LOL
787 Anonymous
788 Anonymous
790 Anonymous
This is not good
792 Anonymous
Hey, cat! Don’t pretend to stop aqua-sama and hug him from behind!
797 Anonymous
This is getting heated
But Aqua-sama is just laughing normally, well, whatever
799 Anonymous
I feel like I’ve seen that cat somewhere before. It’s like… the person inside… hmm
802 anonymous
Forced termination, LOL
804 anonymous
The children are dominating, LOL
808 anonymous
The doll got revenged, LOL
812 anonymous
Has there ever been a mascot that received as much hate in the past?
816 anonymous
Next, next
819 anonymous
Is it time for a silhouette quiz?
823 anonymous
Silhouette quiz is here!
827 anonymous
I wonder what it is..
830 anonymous
834 anonymous
Thiiis is hilarious, LOL
838 anonymous
Yes, I got it
841 anonymous
Are there silhouette quizzes that are this easy to understand?
845 anonymous
847 anonymous
That’s why it’s too easy to understand
850 anonymous
Just looking at the glasses on the main body is enough to figure it out
853 anonymous
The kids’ faces, LOL
856 anonymous
The kids are so good at reading the atmosphere, it’s funny, LOL
859 anonymous
Yes, they’re all here
862 anonymous
It’s amazing. Thank you very much!!
865 Anonymous
Here it cooooomes!
867 Anonymous
Everyone’s hereeeeeeeee!
870 Anonymous
Happiness is being able to see everyone from Beryl on Christmas morning. Thank you!!
873 Anonymous
Toa-oneechan woooo!
875 Anonymous
Hey, someone just called him onee-chan, LOL!
878 Anonymous
Starting next month, everyone’s gonna sing together!
880 Anonymous
The joy of every morning is heeeere!
882 Anonymous
We’re gonna sing the Moon’s song from Monday to Saturday, so grateful. And Sunday morning is Driver!! Every day of the week is happiness…
886 Anonymous
The shiitake song is here!
889 Anonymous
The shiitake song, the intro really hits me in the heart
891 Anonymous
When I heard shiitake, I thought it would be a silly song, but it’s actually a good song
894 Anonymous
I wonder who composed and wrote this…
898 Anonymous
902 Anonymous
905 Anonymous
Did Aa-sama compose and write this!?
909 Anonymous
I thought it was a strange title, but here’s the thing about the lyrics and composition by Aqua-kun
913 Anonymous
Eat a bunch, grow big, hooray!
917 Anonymous
There are G-cups here. Please eat them!
922 Anonymous
There are n**ples here that turned mushroom-like in color from too much playing around!
926 Anonymous
You know, it’s like… growing big only sounds like a perverted word
930 Anonymous
Do you have a P-cup girl who has grown so big that only Aqua-sama is in demand?
937 Anonymous
Hey, guys, let’s calm down. We’ll get scolded by Nee-san when she comes back
942 Anonymous
Rather than Nee-san, I think Hagetoru was quite the stopper. When Hagetoru is around, everyone usually becomes calm because Hagetoru is too extreme. But if she’s not there, no one can stop themselves. The woman whose importance becomes clear when she’s not around, that’s Hagetoru
In that sense, Chinposuki too
947 Anonymous
Shumi and Nee-san are also important, I think
Because the people on the bulletin board are quite lenient toward Shumi, and since she’s like children, I felt like I should avoid saying anything too extreme when she’s around
951 Anonymous
That’s also true. And the verification team was important too
955 Anonymous
Sad news, the self-governing of the bulletin board was led by that comedy verification team
960 Anonymous
Ah, this is the final greeting
964 Anonymous
967 Anonymous
Don’t go!!
969 Anonymous
Thank you, everyone!
971 Anonymous
I was able to feel happy since Christmas morning. Thank you!!
975 Anonymous
Thank you, everyone, even though there’s a live performance today!!
980 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, Mayushin-kun, Toa-chan, and Tenga-senpai, thank you so much from the morning!!
985 Anonymous
In the end, even the big sisters were crying. I can’t believe the boys went out with the big sisters, it’s truly a historic achievement since the start of the program
988 Anonymous
Is it just me or do I have a bad feeling? This is just the prologue, I have a feeling like that
991 Anonymous
This is not the time for you guys to be fooling around. Beryl won’t end with this. I can smell it strongly
994 Anonymous
Beryl: “Huh? It’s just started, what’s wrong?”
Aa-sama: “Warm-up complete.”
That’s it. I understand
999 Anonymous
Hey, you know, I was watching my big sister with the other families in the lobby of the pediatric ward at St. Mary’s Hospital, and I was surprised to see that Sister with the eye mask from the Holy Aqua Religion and the bishop from the Stars Orthodox Church were walking side by side on the street. Is something happening now?
1000 Anonymous
Wishing everyone in Beryl and on the bulletin board a fantastic Christmas!
1001 3510 * ULTi-Hi-P3
Huh? Ladies, are you clicking away alone on Christmas? Well, I guess that can’t be helped. Today, I’ll be with Mikoto and the friends from the bulletin board! Merry Christmas!!

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