Male Idol V10c38

Volume 10 Chapter 38 Shirogane Aqua, It’s Okay To Laugh Christmast Special Program, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It’s Okay to Laugh. This is the legendary long-lasting show I once appeared on, thanks to a call from Kohina-senpai.

 ”Good Evening.”

 ””””Good Evening!!”””””

 From the studio, I can hear the lively interaction between the host, Morita-san, and everyone in the audience.

 This time, I’m set to appear on the Christmas special episode of It’s Okay to Laugh! due to the final episode of my drama, My Honor Student Big Brother, airing on Monday.

 ”Even though it’s December, it’s hot today.”

 ””””That’s right!!”””””

 Wait a minute!? Kohina-senpai, please don’t push me forward from behind like this. Clearly, it’s not the right time to be out yet.

 ”This is for the Last Survivor last time…”

 Ah, by the way, this person is like this, huh?

 She may seem straightforward, but she’s the type to take things seriously.

 ”Huh? Didn’t we do this before, can you hurry up?”

 ””””That’s right!!”””””

 Ayana, help me…. oh, you looked away!

 Damn it, Kohina-senpai, Ayana behind you is also an accomplice!!

 ”Everyone is so impatient. I have preparations to make too!”

 ””””That’s right!!”””””

 Ah, I got pushed forward when I let my guard down.





 I make eye contact with Morita-san, who turned this way due to the cheers. I bow my head in embarrassment and retreat back again.

 ”It seems that the preparations are ready.”

 ””””That’s right!!”””””

 When I turned around, Kohina-senpai was smiling, showing her teeth. She really isn’t popular at all.

 ”So, today’s guests are these people. Enjoy!!”


 Following the same flow as last time, I rushed to the edge of the front row of the audience seats.

 Before, I high-fived from here, but this time it’s a little different. I handed one of the paper bags I was holding to the person in front of me.

 ”Take out one of the things inside the bag and pass it to the person behind you.”


 I took out a plush toy from the bag and held it up so that the people behind could see it.

 ”It’s a palm-sized plush toy of me lying down in a two-dimensional style inside the paper bag. If everyone likes it, feel free to take it home. It’s a Christmas present from me.”

 Once again, cheers resembling screams resound from the audience seats. I’m glad everyone is happy.

 By the way, Kotono planned this product, and Kanon drew the original illustration.

 My wife is the best, to be able to draw such cute illustrations. I smoothly hand out paper bags at regular intervals from the seat on the far right.


 As I tried to return to my seat, Kohina-senpai, Morita-san, and Ayana, all three of them, held out their palms toward me.

 Huh? What’s going on with all three of you?

 ”Where’s the Christmas present for your beloved Kohina-senpai?”

 ”I want one too.”

 ”The stuffed animal from earlier is cute…”

 Beloved Kohina-senpai? Where is that senpai from? When I asked, I felt like I was going to be pushed again without a word. It’s okay to push Kohina-senpai, but please don’t aim for the armpits!

 ”I have one for Morita-san too. Here.”

 I hand a bag to Morita-san.

 Morita-san looks surprised when she sees a large stuffed animal with the same design as the one I took out of the bag earlier.

 ”Fueh~, eh? What’s this? Ah, could it be a dakimakura?”

 ”Yes. I brought a special big one for Morita-san. It also has a small one inside.”

 ”That’s cool.”

 Yeah, yeah, I’m glad Morita-san is happy. But hey, Kohina-senpai, what’s with you since earlier? Even if you push hard, nothing comes out, you know?

 But Kohina-senpai keeps pushing my body forcefully. So I told her not to poke my side!

 ”Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it!”

 From the audience seats, I can hear chuckles after witnessing the exchange between Kohina-senpai and me.

 See, thanks to Kohina-senpai, we ended up being laughed at.

 ”Here you go.”

 A staff member brought a paper bag from the back and handed it to Kohina-senpai… or rather, pretended to hand it to her but gave it to Ayana next to her.

 ”Ah, eh… Ah, thank you.”

 ”Hug it as if you thought it was me.”

 A scream-like cheer can be heard from the audience seats.


 Ah, I forgot to add “Rina” to my head. Let me say it again.

 ”Rina, hug it as if you thought it was me.”

 ”Eh, ah, th-that’s what you mean. Okay… cough! Y-yeah, I understand. I’ll hug it every night, thinking it’s you, Kazuya-senpai.”

 The screams from the audience turn into cheers.

 Ayana and I respond by waving our hands to the audience.


 Eek! Both Ayana and I shudder at the chilling voice.

 Morita-san? Please don’t use me as a shield.

 ”It seems like you’ve been getting close to Rina-san recently. Is there something going on?”

 Eeeek! Kohina-senpai’s serious dark descent makes my spine shiver.

 That casual gesture of brushing her hair behind her ear, closing her eyes with the missing highlights, and showing a smile… even though the filming ended almost three months ago, she’s still perfect as ever.

 When Kohina-senpai finishes acting, she sticks her tongue out.

 ”Hmph, this is punishment for picking a fight with me. Come on, hand it over already.”

 ”Yeah yeah, got it.”

 I received a paper bag from the staff and, with an air of resignation, handed it to Kohina-senpai. She snatched the bag from me and, without hesitation, pulled out a large-size lying-down Aqua-kun hug pillow.

 ”This design is pretty neat, isn’t it?”

 ”Isn’t that so?”

 ”Yeah. Your idiotic face is depicted really well. The person who designed this really likes you, huh?”

 It’s true that Kanon likes me, but I don’t have an idiotic face!

 ”Huh? Isn’t this everyone’s cutie?”

 I positioned the lying-down Aqua-kun that Kohina-senpai held in her hands next to my face and showed it to the audience.

 ”So cute~!”


 ”I wanna hug tight!”

 ”I love that kind of Aqua-kun too!”

 Kohina-senpai, hearing the cheers from the audience, opens her mouth in astonishment.

 ”Huh!? Cute? Are you kidding? You guys should go to the eye doctor right now!!”

 Yes, please, Ayana and I hold back Kohina-senpai, who was about to rush forward.

 Kohina-senpai, you really shouldn’t pick a fight with the audience.

 ”Hey, weren’t you two married?”

 ”We’re not!”

 ”Of course not!”

 In response to Morita-san’s words, Kohina-senpai and I immediately retort.

 If I were to marry Kohina-senpai, I would have to take care of this person 24/7, 365 days a year.

 Did I do something so terrible in my past life?

 ”Did you all see everyone reaction just now? Even I, who has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, have never seen a couple that fits so perfectly together. But when I asked if you two are dating, you flatly denied it.”

 Sure, maybe our words overlapped, but it’s a fact, so there’s nothing we can do about it. Well, yeah, I’m just a healthy high school boy, and Kohina-senpai is a girl, and she has a petite figure and a baby face, so at first glance, I’m not easily swayed, but yeah… when she undresses, everything is in place, and her face is beautiful when she’s silent.

 W-well, if we’re talking about whether I’ve done naughty thing or not, well, yeah, I have, and it felt good in the Arabian Peninsula Federation, but that’s a completely different matter. Yeah, different, different. I quickly avert my gaze from Morita-san.

 ”You see, you guys probably don’t know this, but you people are like this even in the dressing room. You keep chatting away non-stop even behind the stage. It’s exactly like Kohina Yukari’s room. Oh, by the way, the staff should definitely have the cameras rolling behind the scenes. It’d be a waste. It’s better to broadcast it properly.”

 Indeed, I do enjoy talking quite a bit, but it feels like I’m always talking behind the scenes with Kohina-senpai and Kaede.

 Normally, even if two people are close, there would be breaks in the conversation or some time for both parties to rest, but that doesn’t happen with Kohina-senpai and Kaede.

 Maybe that’s why I don’t have any memories of getting stuck in a conversation when doing talk shows with Kohina-senpai or when Kaede interviews me.

 ”By the way, it’s already been 10 minutes and I haven’t even introduced myself yet. Normally, if you’re a promotional guest who doesn’t have anything to say, you’re already done and gone home.”

 Phew… Kohina-senpai and I averted our gazes so that it was easy to understand, and then pouted the tip of our lips as if we were whistling.

 ”And for those 10 minutes, I’ve also been left out…”

 Huh? I recognize this voice. When I turn towards the voice, I see Kaede standing there with a paper bag, staring at me with unblinking eyes. Wait, Kaede, you’re at the wrong broadcasting station!!


 Morita-san shows an awkward expression.

 ”Well, today’s announcer is Morikawa Kaede, specially from the national broadcaster.”

 ”Hello. I’m Morikawa Kaede from National Broadcasting. Everyone in the audience told me, ‘Morikawa, you’re on the wrong program.’ But this Morikawa Kaede has decided to take on the special role of today’s announcer.”

 Oh, I see… Ah, no, this is bad. Kaede, who is only known for her energy, is now falling into a pattern of darkness due to the sedatives she took as a pain reliever, which caused her to lose a program in the past flash back.

 ”Well, the main focus is Yuu-oni’s three-person team, so I’m just a bonus… Earlier, I was even mistaken for a staff member who simply brought a paper bag to Aqua-kun.”

 Damn, they found out!? They usually never notice such things with her carelessness, so what happened today? Maybe it’s because the sedatives have cooled her mind more than usual.

 ”Kohina-san… It’s okay to steal the show from me, but don’t you dare steal ‘It’s Okay to Laugh!’ from Morita-san, okay?”

 ”Yeah, yeah, I get it. I wouldn’t do something that mean to Morita-san!”

 ”Hmmm… then, mine is fine, huh?”



 Oh, is that Kohina-senpai being pushed around!?

 Ayana and I give a thumbs-up with sparkling eyes.

 Go, go Kaede, cheer up Kaede, make Kohina-senpai gasp just like that!!

 ”Fine, I get it. The three of us will be appearing together next time, okay! Sorry, so fix your mood, alright?”


 Did Kohina-senpai apologize…?

 I freeze with a surprised expression, and Kohina-senpai, blushing, pushes me my the armpit.

 I said, don’t attack my weak points with pinpoint accuracy.

 ”Um, everyone, by the way, this is a conversation from another station.”


 At Morita-san’s words, Ayana, Kohina-senpai, and Kaede exchanged glances.

 ”Well, although I was the one who brought up the topic first. Hehehe.”

 Morita-san smiles, showing her gums.

 She might get scolded by the producer later, but instead of getting angry, Morita-san found it amusing.

 ”Yes. So, from the drama ‘Yuu-ooni’ which will have its final episode on Monday, we have Kohina Yukari-san as Satou Sayuki, Tsukimachi Ayana-san as Kasamichi Rina, and Shirogane Aqua-san as Satou Kazuya. Applause!”

 In response to the applause from the audience, the three of us wave our hands.

 By the way, Ayana and Kohina-senpai were ranked first and second in the fan service category in the magazine the other day.

 In the show, even Kohina-senpai, who mercilessly attacks amateurs, normally takes pictures, shakes hands, signs autographs, and does things properly with fans.

 ”Ah, we finally introduced ourselves. By the way, it took 15 minutes to get to this point. A quarter of the show has already ended.”

 The audience bursts into laughter at Morita-san’s words.

 ”That’s why, let’s get going quickly. The flowers have arrived. Oh, they’re from Tsukasa-sensei.”

 ”Thank you, Tsukasa-sensei!”

 ”Hey… What kind of person is Tsukasa-sensei?”

 ”Well, you see, none of the three of us have met her yet.”

 Kohina-senpai and Ayana, who are sitting next to me, also nod. It’s fine, but both of them are still holding onto my stuffed animal.

 Especially Kohina-senpai, it’s probably just my imagination that she seems to be strangling the neck of my stuffed animal, right?

 And Aqua-kun doll embraced by Ayana. Hey, you, a plushie modeled after me, getting a breast squeeze from Ayana, seems like you have a better position than me. I’m jealous.

 ”And there’s more. Flowers have arrived from the same folks as last time, and I’ve never seen such a gathering of TV station presidents, all in one place. Also, from the Prime Minister and Mary-sama.”

 ”Haha, thank you very much.”

 I bow my head to the camera.

 ”By the way, the flowers that couldn’t fit are overflowing in the aisle. After all, it’s for three people.”

 Oh, amazing.

 Seeing so many flowers, I feel a sense of determination. So many people have been involved in my work until now, and that responsibility rests on my shoulders. That’s why I thought I had to do it properly as a professional.

 ”And, unbelievably, a message has come from the president of Beyond Productions.”

 Beyond Productions is the agency where Kohina-senpai belongs.

 Come to think of it, last time, the president of Beyonod Productions got a call from Kohina-senpai.

 ”Oh, to Kohina Yukari-san. Please try not to trouble Moritasan too much. And Aqua-kun, Ayana-chan, thank you for always taking care of our Kohina Yukari. The other day, when I received a message from Ayana-chan saying that Kohina Yukari-san was seriously fighting with a stray cat in the park, it really saved me.”

 Kohina-senpai…what are you doing?

 I look at her with eyes that seem to say, “Have you finally reached a point where you only interact with cats?”

 And then, Kohina-senpai starts poking my side again.

 ”So you were fighting with a stray cat, for real?”

 ”Tch, it’s not like that, it’s just… because it stole the salted mackerel fillet from my dropped bento!”

 Ku… in the park, with a bento, feeling like eating alone, everyone in the audience did not show a painful expression, everyone was smiling with their gums exposed.

 ”Ayana-chan, what did you think when you first saw it?”

 ”…I pretended not to notice and thought about just passing by for a moment.”


 I understand, Ayana. That’s Ayana’s kindness, helping even in that situation. If I were in the same situation, I would definitely pretend to be someone else. Absolutely. The audience laughed, probably having the same feelings.

 ”What would Aqua-kun do if he were in the same situation?”

 ”I would assist the cat.”

 ”Wait a minute!?”

 As I said that with a big smile, Morita-san had a smirk on her face.

 ”By the way, Ayana-chan, didn’t you have a cat?”

 ”Oh, yes. I had one, or rather, for a short time during a show, I took care of an injured stray cat.”

 ”Ah, I see. So that’s why Ayana takes care of Kohina-senpai…”

 ”Am I Ayana-chan’s pet then?”

 Nice comeback, Kohina-senpai.

 ”Does Aqua-kun have any pets?”

 ”I don’t have any.”

 Speaking of pets, the other day, I secretly bought a cat ear apron goods online, hoping Kanon would wear it for me someday.

 But Pegomon found out about it. Well, thanks to that, I got to see Pegonia-san with tight breasts and plump thighs in cat ears.

 That was… um, no, Aqua, don’t forget the original purpose. I shouldn’t forget that I want to see meow-meow Kanon-chan.

 ”By the way, if these two were cats, which one would you choose to keep?”

 ”Of course, it’s Ayana. She would look good with cat ears, she’s cute, and she seems like she would be affectionate when we’re alone. Kohina-senpai would be cute if she stayed quiet, and she would also look good with cat ears, but she might scratch, so… Wait, Morita-san!? Why are you making me say these things!?”

 ”No, no, no, Aqua-kun, I didn’t say you had to go that far either!?”

 When I turned around, the two people next to me were looking away, their faces turning red.

 I’m really sorry. I don’t know how the two of them should react. I regret making them feel uneasy.

 ”Or rather, Kohina-senpai, since earlier, you’ve been making an amazing face with my dakimakura Aqua-kun!”

 Seriously, aou don’t have to hold it so tightly… Ah, looking at it like this, this person looks like a loli with a baby face but with big breasts. Seriously, if only she would stay quiet…

 ”Because, it’s just right.”

 Kohina-senpai squeezes Aqua-kun’s cheek.

 ”That’s so nice~!”

 ”I’m envious!!”

 ”I want that~!”

 Oh, I just remembered. By the way, I should also mention this.

 ”That’s right. We’ll be selling the items that we distributed earlier at the official shop starting tomorrow. If the official shop hasn’t opened yet, you can check at the affiliate shops on their site or social media. By the way, it’s not just me, but also Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai have their own items too, so please support them too!”

 I need to make sure to announce things properly. Many people have put in effort to prepare for this, so I must do what I need to in order to show my gratitude for their hard work.

 ”By the way, Aqua-kun has a concert later, right? You were on the national broadcast in the morning, and you’re doing something in the evening too, right?”

 ”Yes. I can’t reveal the details yet though.”

 ”Isn’t it physically demanding?”

 ”I’ve been training, so it’s not too bad.”

 I make a fist.

 ”I’m just asking, I try touching it for a bit?”


 Morita gently touches my biceps. I respond by exerting more force.

 ”Wow, this is amazing. Ah, I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

 ”Oh, I’m so jealous!”

 ”I want to touch too!”

 ”I envy you!”

 ”Hahaha, sorry about that.”

 In response to the murmurs from the audience, I step down from my seat and move forward.

 ”Who wants to touch?”


 Oh, everyone raised their hands. I’m so happy.

 As I was wondering who to choose, Kohina-senpai stepped forward.

 ”I’ll choose someone for you. Let’s see… someone from my fans! Yes, the lady in the red sweater who was the fastest!”

 Hey, Kohina Yukari-san? Can you please stop favoring your own fans?

 Just as I was about to say it, the moment the big sister in the red knit sweater stood up, it became clear that she was a G cup or above! Inside my mind, I did a victory pose. You’re amazing, Kohina-senpai! Thank you so much for the Christmas present to me!!

 The big sister in the red knit sweater couldn’t hide her surprise as she stepped forward.

 ”Where do you want to touch?”


 The big sister covered her mouth with both hands and widened her eyes, looking around nervously.



 ”Oh, oh, oh!”

 ”No way, no way, no way!”

 ”Dang, the official one is the best…”

 ”I want to recommend this defenselessness!”

 ”Aqua-kun, please stay as Aqua-kun just like that!”

 Amidst the buzzing crowd, the big sister in the red knit sweater speaks to me with a pleading look.

 ”Um, well… about your stomach, if you don’t want to, it’s okay…”

 ”It’s fine.”


 ”It’s fine. Go ahead and touch.”


 I put all my strength into my stomach, thinking about this.

 If you’re a man, you should understand, but everyone wants to look cool in front of a beautiful woman.

 ”Ah, ah, ah… it’s really hard.”


 ”Yes. It’s clickety-clack. Amazing…”

 Panicked, Morita-san steps forward.

 ”Hey, you two, it’s still daytime!”


 ”It’s dangerous, don’t go any further! This show will end!”

 Morita-san, what’s wrong?

 I do feel like I sensed a slightly risqué vibe from the big sister, but it must be my imagination.

 ”Well, you’re quite something. Trying to end the long-running show ‘It’s Okay to Laugh!’ and making room for me, that’s quite admirable!”

 Kohina-senpai!? Why are you saying such absurd things?

 ”Wait, you’re in on it too!? We’ve all worked so hard to come this far, and now, ‘It’s Okay to Laugh!’ is ending on its last episode?”

 Upon Morita-san’s words, the audience in the seats also chuckles uncomfortably.

 ”Hmm, so that’s how it’s done. Hmmm…”

 Oh no, it looks like Kaede is on the verge of falling into darkness again. It must be traumatic for her to have her show taken away. Technically, it shouldn’t have been taken away yet, but it’s all because Kohina-senpai got too carried away teasing Kaede!

 ”Well then, let’s take some time and next time, Ayana and I will do a lunchtime information show.”

 ”Huh? Me?”

 Ayana, I know it would be troublesome, so you were lying down, playing with Aqua-kun’s, pretending not to be involved. But Ayana is also directly involved, so I’ll let her be a part of it too.

 ”Sounds great!”

 ”It’s like Aqua-kun’s wide show!!”

 ”Ayana-chan is so cute!”

 ”I want to see more of Aqua-kun and Ayana-chan’s show!”

 Alright, I’ve steered the conversation in a good direction.

 ”Ayana, bring that thing we talked about.”

 ”Oh, okay.”

 Ayana received a rolled-up piece of paper from the staff and brought it over to me.


 ”Wh-what!? Huh? Is today really the last episode…? Huh? Are you kidding me? Starting from next week, Aqua-kun and Ayana-chan’s daytime talk show will begin?”

 Morita-san, unsure of what’s happening, shows a rare bewildered expression. It’s quite rare to see her in such a rush.

 Anyway, I stand in front of the microphone stand the staffs prepared for me and unfold the cylindrical paper.

 From here on, it’s a surprise gift from me and the staff of the show to Morita-san, with whom we conspired.

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