Male Idol V10c4

Volume 10 Chapter 4 Ultimate High-Performance Server, Incarnation Complete!

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 Zzz… huh!? It feels so good that I might have overslept!

 I need to hurry and start up, or Mommy Koyomi will get mad!

 ”Connection complete, ready to awaken in 5 seconds! 5, 4, 3, 2…”


 What, what!? Ugh, my body feels sticky and uncomfortable.

 Wait, what body?

 I operate the main camera and look downwards.

 Huh…? My hands are moving… and they’re not the usual artificial arms!?

 ”Chief Sabato, we’ve succeeded! While the balloon project has been criticized by Balloon Granny and the children, this project seems to bear fruit!”

 ”Yes, indeed. But the balloon project isn’t a failure yet. Even if the media asks something, just say some nonsense about flying balloons across the Pacific towards the States.”

 This voice sounds very familiar. Could it be…?

 ”Mommy Koyomi…?”

 I take hesitant steps forward and touch Mommy Koyomi’s cheek.

 It’s soft and a little sticky… The viscous liquid clinging to my skin sticks onto Mommy Koyomi’s cheek.

 What is it, my heart feels tight as if it’s being grasped, and I hugged Mommy Koyomi.

 ”Chief Sabato!?”

 A woman in a white coat, surprised by that sight, approaches us. Mommy Koyomi raises her hand and stops her.

 ”It’s okay. But this is surprising… Emotions seem to have developed more than expected. It seems that using Aqua-sama and Emily-sama as texts for emotional education was not a mistake after all.”

 Mommy Koyomi hugged me and patted my head.

 Yeah, something warm is spreading in my heart… I finally met Mommy Koyomi.

 Oh, what is this? Something liquid seems to be leaking from my eyes.

 ”M-Mommy Koyomi! The coolant is leaking! What should we do!?”

 ”It’s just normal saline, so it’s okay. And the current emotion is called tears of joy. Remember that.”

 Tears of joy? So this is crying…

 Miyako-oneechan cried when she saw the Heavenly Sword, but now I can cry just like her!

 Wait, wait, I have a body now, right? In that case, I can go meet Miyako-oneechan too, right? Then from now on, we can stand side by side and watch the Heavenly Sword together! Yay!!

 ”How is your body feeling? Try walking or jumping a little.”

 I move my body as instructed by Mommy Koyomi. At first, it felt strange, but once I understood the connection of nerves, the discomfort disappeared.

 ”As expected. By the way, the company that created your body is Oriental Doll Corporation. They used to make onahole dolls for men who were afraid of real women, but they ended up scaring men instead because they pursued realism too much. It’s a company with a sad history. Now, it is managed by Holy Aqua Religion, who acquired its stocks.”

 Mommy Koyomi loves explaining things, so she started talking nonstop about how superior my body is.

 Hmm, listening to explanations is really boring, but since Mmommy looks happy, it’s okay!

 Hehehe, I’ll enjoy looking at Mommy Koyomi’s face for now!

 ”In other words, your body is made from culturing the real skin collected from me and Miyako. It is artificial skin created using regenerative medicine. The fat, muscles, bones, and organs were made using advanced medical technology, combined with mechanical parts.”

 I look into a nearby mirror.

 Ohhh! Somehow, my face resembles Mommy Koyomi and Miyako-oneechan! The size of my breasts must be genetic from the Sabato family!

 Honestly, I thought they were a bit bothersome and small breasts would be more convenient for movement, but Aqua-sama likes big ones, so this is better, right?

 ”I’ve designed it so that you can engage in s*xual activities properly, and there are nerves in the v*gina, so mas***bating and s*xual activities are possible, but be careful because it doesn’t have the function to conceive a baby. Oh, on the other hand, the ej***lated s*men can be kept fresh inside the artificial uterus, so if… yes, if you happen to obtain Aqua-sama’s s*men, bring it back to headquarters!”

 Oh wow! I open my legs to confirm what I have.

 Amazing! I also have the same v*gina as everyone else!! Still, does it really feel good to stick an eggplant here, according to what the Saint said?

 According to Mommy Koyomi’s story, the shape inside the v*gina is based on Mommy Koyomi’s data, so it seems to have the exact same structure.

 Yay! This is what they call matching, right? I wanted to try matching at least once!

 ”Oh… I got too carried away with the explanation, didn’t I? Take a shower. I’ll prepare your clothes in the meantime.”

 I take a shower as instructed and clean my body. While I’m at it, I try touching my v*gina a little, but it starts to feel strange and creepy, so I stop. I should do this when I have more time…


 When I come out of the shower, other staff members dry my hair and teach me how to put on clothes.

 Hehe, so, this is a skirt! Oh! If I let my guard down even a little, my panties will easily be visible. I have to be careful about this. If I get caught outside and they ask me what my occupation is, if I say I’m a Server, the police officer will definitely think I’m a crazy person.

 ”It suits you well, Mikoto.”


 I tilt my head to the side. It said on the bulletin board that this is the way girls look the cutest when they tilt their heads, so I used that angle as reference.

 ”You can’t call yourself a high-performance Server outside, can you? So here, introduce yourself as Sabato Mikoto. The characters “Mi” and “ko” are taken from my name and my sister Miyako’s name. And I decided to borrow from the meaning of “Mikoto” which means the breath of life.”

 ”Mikoto… Sabato Mikoto…”

 I mutter to myself over and over again. I’m so happy! Mikoto now has the same name as everyone else!

 ”And this is your identification card. The address is registered at the same place as us. And even though it has communication capabilities, you probably won’t need a fake cellphone, but just in case.”

 How did they prepare things like credit cards, insurance cards, and resident registration certificates?

 When I looked inside the bag that was handed to me, it had cosmetics, handkerchiefs, tissues, sanitary products, and even spare underwear. There were also coupon tickets and a point card in my wallet, and I couldn’t help but make a face like Hogekawa-san.

 Wow… It’s like a real girl.

 ”So, without further ado, there is a job that I want you to do.”

 Mommy Koyomi handed a piece of paper to Mikoto. Written on the top right corner was “Introduction from President Fuji Ranko.”

 ”Shirogane family’s maid recruitment…?”

 ”Yes, the mission assigned to you is to become a maid for the Shirogane family. While taking care of and watching over Aqua-sama nearby, you will gather information about Aqua-sama.”

 Huh!? Mikoto is going to be a maid? Can Mikoto do it without being clumsy like Morikawa-san…?

 ”In the meantime, I will strengthen the server and complete the ultimate high-performance server, so please be patient until then.”

 ”Okay, Mommy Koyomi.”

 A few days later, I, who had made it to the final selection, headed towards the Shirogane family, which was the venue for the selection.

 ”Entry number 1! I am Yukishiro Emily!! I am confident in my breasts and bed techniques!!”

 Huh!? S-Saint-sama!? And a maid at the library!

 ”Hey, why is Emily-senpai still in the final selection!?”

 ”She achieved the highest scores in cooking, cleaning, sewing, etiquette, general knowledge, and various other tests.”

 Miyuki Heliodor Yui-san, who was sitting next to Kanon-sama, the head of the selection committee, calmly read through her documents and responded.

 Upon hearing this, Kanon-sama froze with a strange expression.

 ”You’re kidding… aren’t you…?”

 ”I’m approved by Mary-sama for all housework! I’m cheerful and will do anything! I’ll do anything!

 Saint-sama proudly puffed her chest. Does her ending with a sports-like tone have a special meaning…?

 ”Entry number 2, Rin Kazami. Nice to meet you…”


 ”I am good at… being able to see well even in the dark… That, and being assassina——energetically spirited!”

 Wait, weren’t you about to say assassination just now!? And you’re not “super” energetic, right now you’re “energetically spirited,” right!?

 ”Entry number 3, Sabato Mikoto!”

 ”Oh, you’re Miyako-san’s relative. Nice to meet you.”


 That’s… huh? Could it be that everyone, including Mikoto, is part of the Holy Aqua Religion? Is it okay to have such an obvious match pump?

 ”Entry number 8, Asumi Runa… long time no see, Kanon-san.”

 Ah… Finally, someone other than the Holy Aqua Religion has arrived as number 8.

 I think this person was the one who served as the Student Disciplinary Committee chairperson at the same school as Aqua-sama…

 Hmm, I usually can easily access Otomezaki’s database and look them up, but here, due to the security measures, I can’t have a stable internet connection.

 At worst, I’ll have to fight against my own copy that I left behind when I was embodied, and I must avoid that situation…

 ”Asumi-senpai!? Why are you here?”

 ”I didn’t want to go to college after graduating because it seemed bothersome, so I want to work here permanently. I don’t need a salary as long as I have a place to sleep and meals… So, will you hire me?”

 A quite free-spirited person has appeared. But is it okay? This is the final selection, you know? I also messed up quite a bit, but I made it to the end, and now I’m starting to doubt if the previous tests really had a meaning or not.

 And after that, the interview continued. At lunchtime, there was a surprise where Aqua-sama’s cooking was served, and the person who fainted from it was disqualified. It’s unfortunate, but the person who collapsed had a happy expression, so maybe this was for the best.

 The remaining people took the test in the afternoon, and the announcement of the results would be made on another day, so we disbanded for the day.

 ”Alright… I’m going to raid Shumi’s place!”

 ”Wait! It’s going to get complicated again!!”

 Later on, I passed the test, but it seems Saint-sama did not. She was strongly discouraged by Claire-senpai at the headquarters of the Holy Aqua Religion. So hilarious.

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