Male Idol V10c40

Volume 10 Chapter 40 Bulletin Board, It’s Okay To Laugh Christmas Special

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Yuu-oni Final Episode Pre-Broadcast] It’s Okay to Laugh! Christmas Special [Second Round of Kohina Yukari’s Room?]
8 Anonymous
Appeared as a surprise in “Together with Big Sister.” Surprise charity concert at Saint Mary Hospital. And “It’s Okay to Laugh!,” Aqua-kun and everyone, are you all okay?
10 Anonymous
Everyone, don’t push yourselves too hard
12 Anonymous
Can you believe it? There’s also a Christmas live from 15:00 to 17:00 after the latter part of “It’s Okay to Laugh!” It seems like something will happen from 17:00 to 19:00 afterward, but..
15 Anonymous
Is it a lie!? I mean, the concert ends at 17:00, and where did the travel time to start at 17:00 go!?
18 Anonymous
Maybe, but isn’t there some big event starting near the live venue?
20 Anonymous
Where is the live venue again? Oh, it’s at Tokyo International Forum
23 Anonymous
Why didn’t they choose a dome or a martial arts arena or a stadium? Why did they choose Tokyo International Forum? That place only has a capacity of 5000 in the biggest Hall A
25 Anonymous
There might be a meaning to it, even though it’s already filled with other concerts
Plus, they have merchandise sales in Hall E, Halloween Festival and Summer Comic Market exhibitions in Hall B, various film screenings and music video showings in Hall C, Heaven’s Sword, Beryl and Beryl performances in Hall D, and other exhibitions. It’s probably good that they reserved it all for themselves and could do various things
27 Anonymous
The schedule is crazy..
December 23rd
Live streaming of Last Survivor until 24:00
December 24th
08:00-08:30 Christmas Special Live Broadcast “Together with Big Sister”
10:00-10:30 Christmas Charity Live at St. Mary’s Hospital Stars Orthodox Church
12:00-13:00 Christmas Special of “It’s Okay to Laugh!”
10:00-10:30 Christmas Charity Live at St. Mary’s Hospital Stars Orthodox Church
11:00-12:00 Distributing Flyers for Heaven’s Sword in Shinjuku, Handshake Event
10:00-12:00 Selling Aqua-kun’s CD at 3 CD Shops in Shibuya
10:00-12:00 Talk Show and Autograph Session at Beryl Shop Marunouchi Store
Everyone gathers again
15:00-17:00 Live at Tokyo International Forum
17:00-19:00 Something is happening
30 Anonymous
This schedule is hellishly hilarious LOL
32 Anonymous
Did Nee-san or Aa-sama come up with this schedule? It’s insane
33 Anonymous
This, during the available time for moving, meetings, rehearsals, and meals, and even the nap time seems to be short
35 Anonymous
I’m already near Tokyo International Forum, but it seems like they’re expanding the restricted area for the street market. And the police vehicles are amazing! They’re everywhere, it’s like they have helpers from all over the country
38 Anonymous
I wonder what they’re trying to do..
41 Anonymous
Everyone, please don’t do anything reckless
43 Anonymous
It’s about to start soon!
46 Anonymous
It’s here!!
47 Anonymous
It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!
49 Anonymous
Being able to see Aqua-kun in the morning and again at noon is beyond amazing
53 Anonymous
While eating breakfast, watching Aqua-kun play with the children, and having lunch while listening to Aqua-kun’s talk. It’s practically cohabitation. Our newlywed life in my imagination has started
57 Anonymous
There are too many people with vivid imaginations, as always. LOL
60 Anonymous
It’s the same flow as the previous broadcast!
62 Anonymous
Morita-san, they did that before, lol
65 Anonymous
Even though we know it’s the usual, they have to do it
68 Anonymous
69 Anonymous
70 Anonymous
It’s here!
72 Anonymous
It’s a leak!
74 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is here, just a little!
76 Anonymous
Clearly, he was pushed by someone
78 Anonymous
This, Kohina Yukari is pushing
80 Anonymous
What are you doing behind there, lol?
83 Anonymous
Ayana-chan seems exasperated behind the scenes, LOL
85 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, don’t fight like a child, lol
88 Anonymous
It’s hereeeee!
90 Anonymous
A surprise guest came, not a surprise!!
92 Anonymous
Thank you so much, thank you so much!!
94 Anonymous
The joy of being able to see Aqua-sama twice in one day
Thank you, God. A-qu-a!!
96 Anonymous
Followers, restrain yourselves, lol!
Every time Aqua-tan appears, you worship him!!
98 Anonymous
Oh, another high touch!?
100 Anonymous
Huh? A pie touch event!?
101 Anonymous
I heard that the pie touch event has started
103 Anonymous
There are only convenient hearing impairments around me, LOL
105 Anonymous
Please, Nee-san, come back soon!!
107 Anonymous
Hey, what’s with all those paper bags?
109 Anonymous
What is it, what is it?
112 Anonymous
113 Anonymous
114 Anonymous
117 Anonymous
They received a Christmas present from Aa-sama!!
119 Anonymous
121 Anonymous
124 Anonymous
Too jealous!!!!
127 Anonymous
How much merit did they accumulate in their past life to receive a Christmas present from Aqua-sama?
130 Anonymous
Hand-sized Aqua-tan is too cute!!
133 Anonymous
I want this so badly
If it’s at home, I’d kiss it every day!
135 Anonymous
Huh, if I had this in my hands, I could stroke its head forever. Every day, I want to say, “Good job at work today,” and be a good kid
138 Anonymous
I want to marry Aqu-tan already
140 Anonymous
Sad news, folks on the bulletin board. Someone has finally married Aqua-sama’s plushie
143 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This size is just right for sandwiching in the cleavage. It seems like you could even do breastfeeding play by pressing the plushie against the n**ples
Okay, I’ll make progress wearing a babydoll from the morning. Just so you know, don’t ever put this in your p***y for childbirth play or something. You won’t come back home
Basically, with just one stuffed animal, you can engage in pseudo-newlywed play, pseudo-paizuri, pseudo-s*x, and even pseudo-birthing and breastfeeding play. Beryl is truly impressive. Whoever came up with this product is undoubtedly more perceptive than I am when it comes to such matters!
148 Anonymous
Genius Hagetoru-chan is here!
150 Anonymous
Coming back with such a response as the first one after returning really showcases a difference in class, I burst out laughing
Trying to stick a stuffed animal into the v**ina for birthing play is a difficulty level way too high, most people wouldn’t even think about it! But it’s the best!
152 Anonymous
So, Hagetoru is a genius after all… By the way, where were you?
154 Anonymous
Coming up with all that just with a palm-sized stuffed animal is amazing, LOL
157 Anonymous
After seeing this response, I’m convinced I need to buy at least 10 of them
159 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah… no, no. Even though I’ve never even held hands with a boy, I’ll be turned into Aqua-kun’s mom by this doll
161 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari LOL
163 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, you’re still holding a grudge against being pushed in the last survivor, huh? lol
165 Anonymous
This person, lol, there’s a limit to being unpopular, lol
167 Anonymous
169 Anonymous
170 Anonymous
172 Anonymous
A dakimakura?
173 Anonymous
175 Anonymous
177 Anonymous
A huge stuffed animal is here!
179 Anonymous
Wow, aaaaahhhh!
181 Anonymous
I want this so muuuuuch!!
183 Anonymous
I envy Morita-san!
186 Verification Team *07218KADO6
With this size, you can start with cuddling and move on to regular s*x. It’s perfect if you attach an eggplant to the intimate area. Whoever came up with this idea must be a reserved and secretly lecherous individual, burning with desire on sleepless nights
190 Anonymous
I thought the same thing
193 Anonymous
Regular people: Yay! I can cuddle with Aqua-sama in bed. Now the nights won’t be lonely!
Bulletin board users: Hehehe! I can have s*x with Aqu-tan in bed. Now the nights will be even more exciting!
I’m despairing at the difference between social media reactions and bulletin board reactions. Also, it seems I’m in the latter category as well
197 Anonymous
198 Anonymous
Don’t worry, here, everyone is your ally
200 Anonymous
Huh? Isn’t everyone in the latter category?
203 Anonymous
Coming up with such sexual goods, the creator must be an incredibly lecherous person. I thought the same thing as Hagetoru
207 Anonymous
Aqua-kun LOL
209 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-sama LOL
211 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, showing off a nice play trying to hand it over to Kohina Yukari, but ends up giving it to Ayana-chan
213 Anonymous
This is a fine play, desu~wa
216 Anonymous
217 Anonymous
219 Anonymous
Please think of it as me and hug me!!
221 Anonymous
The users on the bulletin board freeze in shock
223 Anonymous
This is basically s*x, isn’t it?
Clearly an invitation for sex
225 Anonymous
Congratulations on your pregnancy, Ayana-chan
Will she retire?
228 Anonymous
Ah, that’s what you meant
230 Anonymous
Ayana-chan definitely misunderstood
She had a complete female expression. I’m sure her ut*rus was descending
232 Anonymous
Sometimes I think Aqua-sama can im***gnate girls with just words
The other boys, including Beryl, are great, but only Aa-sama makes my heart flutter every time he speaks
236 Anonymous
You know, four of us from our women’s college craft circle went to Aqua-kun’s live concert, and we all lost our virginity
We were close friends, so we celebrated together and cried tears of joy on the way back, hugging each other
239 Anonymous
That’s a great story!
240 Anonymous
You can lose your virginity just by going to a live concert!? Seriously!?
242 Anonymous
Are you kidding me? LMAO
245 Anonymous
A new page has been added to the legend of Shirogane Aqua
248 Anonymous
I can’t wait for the comic adaptation, Shirogane Aqua’s story, to be published
250 Anonymous
Even though it’s a service from Yuu-oni, the bulletin board is filled with vulgar things. LOL
As always, it’s ridiculous and helpful
252 Anonymous
Rina is cute
253 Anonymous
No doubt, Rina is Yuu-oni’s heroine
255 Anonymous
Hmm, Ayana seems to have rounded up lately. Maybe that’s why Rina’s affectionate side is so cute and gaining popularity. I wonder what happened?
258 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Well, if you’re co-starring with Aqua-sama, even if your n**ples are hard and sticking out, they’ll rub against your bra too much and become round
261 Anonymous
That’s the worst, lol
263 Anonymous
Thanks. When I saw your reply, I was able to calmly reflect on my own response again
265 Anonymous
267 Anonymous
270 Anonymous
Sayuki is here!
273 Anonymous
So many people are moved by Sayuki’s voice, lol. What’s up with her acting skills?
276 Anonymous
Even Aa-sama was trembling, so it can’t be helped
278 Anonymous
I wish she would stop reminding me that she’s an actress once in a while. It really chilled me out because I let my guard down
280 Anonymous
There are too many people with trauma regarding Sayuki, LMAO
282 Anonymous
Sayuki was still in her early days at that time. Sayuki before she fell for Rina. I miss that time in this worldline. The love that came after becoming true friends is too heavy
283 Anonymous
I think Sayuki’s messed up part is her dependence on Nii-sama and Rina. In the cafe terrace episode, while Rina was in the restroom, she switched her own cafe latte with Rina’s, and when Rina came back from the restroom and took a sip from her half-finished cafe latte, Sayuki had a blissful expression as she gently pressed her lips against the straw that Rina used. It was nothing but madness
286 Anonymous
Handing over the charm woven with his own hair to the two of them, huh?
I wonder if it was really hair
Maybe they couldn’t show it because of regulations, but the scene where a razor briefly appeared in the shower scene before that is too mysterious. I wonder which hair he shaved and sewed into it
289 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shall we talk about the story where Sayuki’s gloves that she gave to Nii-sama were slightly twisted?
What on earth did she use them for? If you look closely, they’re a little wet
292 Anonymous
Are you kidding? LMAO
294 Anonymous
No way, for real!!
296 Anonymous
Is this the Verification Team…?
298 Anonymous
I can’t believe it, Detective Hagetoru, LOL
300 Anonymous
It’s understandable that Sayuki is distressed
I think I felt a sense of exclusion because she found out that her beloved brother and Rina, whom she love, are not blood-related
Knowing that they are real siblings, I guess in Sayuki’s mind, the only outsiders are their mother and others, and only Nii-sama and Rina are family. However, I didn’t know that during the indirect kiss with the café latte, so maybe there were signs from the beginning
303 Anonymous
Licking the part of the desk where Nii-sama took a nap, gulping down the bathwater after Rina, wiping her body with a towel stained with Nii-sama’s sweat and marking it in reverse, making a dishcloth from her used panties to wipe Nii-sama’s chopsticks, spoon, fork, and cup, licking a stick candy and carefully repackaging it as a gift for Rina after going around it, Sayuki must have been messed up from the start
306 Anonymous
Who the hell created such a monster LOL
309 Anonymous
It’s Kohina Yukari’s acting ability, who faithfully reproduces it!
312 Anonymous
When I think about it, Aqua-kun really took on this job a lot. Boys would definitely be disgusted if something like this happened. Even as a girl, I’m disgusted..
315 Verification Team *07218KADO6
What are you saying to my heart’s master (Sayuki-sensei)? Well, it gives me a lot of reference. By the way, I also kissed Shumi, who has just kissed Aqua-sama. Guhehe! After watching the Cafe Latte episode, I thought this would be it
317 Anonymous
You, lol
318 Anonymous
Have some self-control!!
320 Anonymous
Th-this is definitely a criminal
322 Anonymous
Don’t do unnecessary things like Hagetoru and Shumi kissing!!
325 Anonymous
Such a stupid idea, lol
327 Anonymous
Hey hey hey, if someone else said this, it would cause a firestorm! lol
329 Anonymous
If someone else said it, there would definitely be an uproar, but since it’s Kohina Yukari, it’s somehow forgiven. What’s this person’s position anyway?
331 Anonymous
333 Anonymous
So cute!
335 Anonymous
Aaaaaah, I want this dakimakura so bad!
338 Anonymous
Eye clinic, lol
340 Anonymous
You should go to the eye clinic!
342 Anonymous
Honestly, Kohina Yukari is the one who’s weird, but it’s somehow funny, lol
345 Anonymous
Ayana-chan and Aqua-kun, perfect match!
347 Anonymous
Morita-san, lmao
349 Anonymous
I get Morita-san, lol
350 Anonymous
As expected of Morita-san. She understands
352 Anonymous
Aqua-kun and Kohina Yukari getting married? This is just a joke, but if it were true, they’d be a big couple for sure
Whether he marries Ayana or Kohina Yukari, they will definitely be a big couple. Well, their status is different in the entertainment industry
356 Anonymous
I think he should just get married with the two of them
360 Anonymous
Are you me!?
362 Anonymous
There’s someone who thinks the same thing. LOL
363 Anonymous
If he’s going to get married with these two, I want cameras to be rolling all the time. Well, it’s a pity that Ayana-chan has to take care of Kohina Yukari all the time. So cute, though. LOL
365 Anonymous
Oh, I see
367 Anonymous
Wow, really?
370 Anonymous
I’m thrilled with the information from Morita-san. Since all three of them are good actors, I thought maybe it was a script, but I’m glad they get along well
372 Anonymous
They really get along well. Aqua-kun, it’s really like this, huh?
374 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is cool and stylish when acting or doing live performances, but it’s delightful when he shows his natural side in variety shows
377 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is genuine. If there’s anything hidden, it’s probably a slightly naughty side that he’s skillfully hiding. In other words, the hidden part is the best, desu~wa
380 Anonymous
Really, I think he’s a guy who embodies the desires of women around the world, including those aspects. I still doubt the Shirogane Aqua CG theory
383 Anonymous
That theory is so nostalgic LOL. It was said to be Panasonic CG, and it really appeared in Panasonic commercials, causing a stir in some circles
385 Anonymous
Already 10 minutes LMAO
386 Anonymous
Huh? Has it been 10 minutes already!? No way… time flies too fast!
389 Anonymous
390 Anonymous
392Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? That familiar “Hoge” voice..
394 Anonymous
Hogekawa’s here!
396 Anonymous
Hogekawa, you’ve got the wrong TV station!!
397 Anonymous
Breaking news, Hogekawa mistakenly chooses the wrong TV station due to excessive “Hogeing.”
399 Anonymous
LMAO, you guys!
401 Anonymous
I see
403 Anonymous
A special appearance, huh?
Relieved that Hogekawa didn’t make a mistake
405 Anonymous
The bulletin board users are worrying too much about Hogekawa, lol
407 Anonymous
Hogekawa is busy, huh?
Appearing here after a big performance this morning
409 Anonymous
Uh, Kohina Yukari’s room
411 Anonymous
Everyone already forgot about Morikawa Kaede’s room, huh?
413 Anonymous
Hogekawa, LOL
415 Anonymous
She turned it into a joke, LOL
417 Anonymous
How strong is this guy’s mental strength?
419 Anonymous
420 Anonymous
Oh… (I thought it was a staff member who just brought a paper bag normally.)
422 Anonymous
You guys, seriously. LOL
425 Anonymous
427 Anonymous
Oh, oh!
429 Anonymous
Is it really Morikawa?
431 Anonymous
Good news, Hogekawa, making Kohina Yukari speechless
433 Anonymous
Hogekawa being Kohina Yukari’s stopper, who would have thought!?
435 Anonymous
Nice one! Show her once in a while!!
437 Anonymous
The next time, three people would be good. It was a bit too cute last time
439 Anonymous
As a Morikawa sommelier, I feel relieved from the bottom of my heart hearing that the next time will be with three people
441 Anonymous
That’s great!
443 Anonymous
Talking about other stations, LMAO
445 Anonymous
These guys are already too free-spirited, it’s chaotic, haha
446 Anonymous
Aa-sama, Kohina Yukari, Hogekawa all together, there’s no way it will go smoothly. In other words, the second round can be expected to be incredibly exciting
448 Anonymous
Finally finished introducing themselves, lol
451 Anonymous
Flowers from Tsukasa-sensei are here!
453 Anonymous
Here it is! The source of all evil that created Sayuki, lol
456 Anonymous
Thanks to Sensei, the sexual preferences of all the girls in the country have been successfully distorted. Since Nii-sama frequently sniffs the scent of ribbons, everyone wears ribbons
458 Anonymous
The number of flowers is incredible!
460 Anonymous
I’m happy that flowers arrived from the number one fan club member!
463 Anonymous
They are conscious of Yuu-oni’s uniform color, as expected
465 Anonymous
Not just Aqua-kun, but they even prepared for all three of them. The consideration is perfect. This is the true strength of the number one fan club member, who is in the millions
467 Anonymous
Aqua-kun bowed towards the camera after confirming that he received flowers from the Fan Club. I’m sure the person who sent the flowers was smiling
469 Anonymous
The Prime Minister, Mary-sama, and Chairman Fuji Ranko are all here. The flowers in the hallway are amazing
471 Anonymous
The hallway bends ahead. I wonder how far it goes..
473 Anonymous
Oh, a message from President Beyond Production
475 Anonymous
LOL, it’s a nuisance already, isn’t it, President?
478 Anonymous
Causing trouble already, huh?
480 Anonymous
Being 24 and taken care of by two high school students is the best! I wanted to be like that too!
482 Anonymous
I recently realized that I made a lot of mistakes. I thought it was like this at first
[Mother]… Kohina Yukari, [The twins’ child]… Aqua-kun, Ayana-chan
But, it was actually like this
[Father]… Aqua-kun, [Mother]… Ayana-chan, [The high-maintenance baby]… Kohina Yukari
485 Anonymous
Your interpretations are so alike, it’s scary
488 Anonymous
Got into a fight with a stray cat, LMAO
490 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san, an actress who seriously fights with stray cats
491 Anonymous
May… maybe she was just learning how to act like a cat. Yeah
Huh? There’s no way she was seriously fighting, right? Huh? She’s already 24, right?
493 Anonymous
Salted mackerel fillet, LMAO
495 Anonymous
There really was a person fighting over a cat and a fish
497 Anonymous
Ah… (realizing I was eating alone in the park, feeling indescribable)
499 Anonymous
Damn, eating alone, I kinda feel sorry
501 Anonymous
Pretending not to notice, LOL
502 Anonymous
In times like that, just ignore it
505 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, LMAO
507 Anonymous
This is completely causing trouble for her juniors
509 Anonymous
Assisting the cat, LMAO
511 Anonymous
Assisting the cat, Roger that!
513 Anonymous
I’ll also assist the cat!!
514 Anonymous
Ah, it’s a stray cat
I was watching that
516 Anonymous
A nostalgic story… Was it three years ago? I was also watching that
Since then, I’ve realized that Ayana-chan is actually a kind girl
518 Anonymous
I hate being a pet of Kohina Yukari, LOL
520 Anonymous
Seems like she’s always biting her owner
522 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s pet, huh?
525 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Aqua-sama’s se*ual pet, you say!?
Yes, yes! I volunteer!!
527 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
Morita-san is expanding my se*ual preferences!
529 Anonymous
Even though it’s almost winter comiket, they’re exploring new routes again!!
531 Anonymous
I want to take a walk with Aqua-sama in the park while being connected to a leash
533 Anonymous
Wow, my imagination is running wild!!
535 Anonymous
Hey, you guys, behave yourselves!!
537 Anonymous
539 Anonymous
Making Ayana-chan a pet!?
541 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, spill the beans!
543 Anonymous
Could it be that Aqu-tan is also getting into it!?
545 Anonymous
It seems like there might be a surge of suspicious people entering Aqua-sama’s neighborhood while hiding in cardboard boxes
547 Anonymous
Don’t you dare try to get picked up by getting inside a cardboard box!
550 Anonymous
Since Aqua-kun lives near the National Diet Building and the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, the security is extremely tight. Just carrying around a cardboard box will get you approached by someone saying, “Excuse me, miss.”
553 Anonymous
Ayana-chan’s face is red. LOL, and Kohina Yukari is also blushing for once
555 Anonymous
He has to take responsibility for this!
557 Anonymous
The two of them are sitting in chairs while hugging their dakimakuras naturally! Wow, I wish I had a dakimakura too
558 Anonymous
Lucky! Dakimakuras are so nice
560 Anonymous
They’re literally choking it LOL
562 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is blushing!!
565 Anonymous
It’s on sale!!
566 Anonymous
568 Anonymous
I’m going to buy it tomorrow!!
570 Anonymous
No way!!
572 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Well then, should I really go and buy it?
575 Anonymous
I’m grateful to have Toa-chan’s dakimakura
576 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s dakimakura is a lifesaver
578 Anonymous
I have a high demand for Mayushin-kun’s dakimakura
580 Anonymous
He must be really tired with all the concerts and stuff
582 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to the concert too!!
584 Anonymous
It’s so incredibly lucky to see Aa-sama two or three times in one day
586 Anonymous
587 Anonymous
589 Anonymous
Abuse of power!!
591 Anonymous
593 Anonymous
I’m jealous…
595 Anonymous
Wait a minute, is it okay to show this kind of video from noon?
598 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s muscles… gulp
600 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari LMAO
602 Anonymous
You sneaky bastard, picking your own fans!!
603 Anonymous
Don’t mess around, lol!
605 Anonymous
607 Anonymous
609 Anonymous
These breasts… Aqua-kun, doing a victory pose in my mind
611 Anonymous
I used to feel sorry for girls with big breasts, but now I envy them
613 Anonymous
A man who can change the world’s values in just a few days, that’s Shirogane Aqua
When Aqua-kun says it’s white, it’s white, and when he says it’s black, it’s black
615 Anonymous
Where do you want to touch!?
617 Anonymous
S-she can choose!?
619 Anonymous
Very service-minded LOL
621 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If you’re a regular on the bulletin board, then it’s definitely the click clack eggplant, right? Oh, it’s starting to public ha**job?
623 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is too defenseless. Doesn’t he even think that someone might touch him down there? Is he underestimating girls’ sexual desires? Even if his partner is beautiful, I don’t think he wants some unknown girl rubbing his down there
625 Anonymous
Look at Aqua-sama’s face. This expression that seems to say “You can touch me anywhere.” If he asked them to touch him down there, she even seems willing. Is this the aura of a champion?
628 Anonymous
There are way too many guys who want to touch a d**k, it’s hilarious, lmao. Is this the level of people on the bulletin board…. Well, if I were to touch, it would definitely be a d**k
630 Anonymous
Not in a naughty way, but from an academic perspective, I want to touch Aqua-sama’s private parts. I want to check how hard it really is
632 Anonymous
The stomach…?
633 Anonymous
I’m glad the girl is a decent person
635 Anonymous
Thank you, red sweater lady. It’s good that you’re a decent person. If you were nee-san, he would have allowed you to touch it
637 Anonymous
639 Anonymous
Just touching the abs, but damn, it’s sexy. LOL
641 Anonymous
The lady is breathing heavily
643 Anonymous
This can’t be helped
645 Anonymous
Nice one, Morita
647 Anonymous
That’s good. It was about to become a prohibited broadcast, LOL
648 Anonymous
Planning to end the show, LOL
650 Anonymous
Second round of Kohina Yukari’s room?
652 Anonymous
Is this how the number of victims increases? LOL
653 Anonymous
Hogekawa, LOL
655 Anonymous
The highlights are missing from Hogekawa’s eyes. Is she okay? LOL
656 Anonymous
Hogekawa, unexpectedly turning into Sayuki!?
658 Anonymous
The lunchtime variety show with Aqua-kun and Ayana-chan is great
660 Anonymous
I want to watch Ayana-chan and Aqua-kun’s lunchtime information program. It seems really laid-back and peaceful. It’s nice that no one seems to be unhappy
662 Anonymous
What’s going on!?
663 Anonymous
They brought something
665 Anonymous
What is about to begin?
668 Anonymous
Today is the final episode, huh? (I look into the distance with a distant look)
670 Anonymous
Certificate of commendation!
672 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, reverse! Revers!
673 Anonymous
Here comes the cliché! LOL
675 Anonymous
Damn! LOL, it’s a classic joke, but still LOL
677 Anonymous
Clap, clap, clap!
679 Anonymous
Morita-san must be happy about this!
681 Anonymous
Ghostwriter Mayuzumi Shintaro LMAO
683 Anonymous
Ghostwriter LOL
685 Anonymous
Ah, I see
Thought so. LOL
687 Anonymous
They’re coming prepared from the start, huh?
689 Anonymous
Looks like the announcement has begun. LOL
691 Anonymous
They don’t care about other stations, huh? LOL
693 Anonymous
They’re really going all out, huh? LOL
695 Anonymous
No taboo words for Kohina Yukari and Shirogane Aqua
Is their dictionary broken or something? LOL
698 Anonymous
Nice precise comeback, Morita-san!
700 Anonymous
M-Stage LMAO
702 Anonymous
That’s from another station too!
704 Anonymous
Apologies to the M-Stage staff. LOL
706 Anonymous
This is a joke. LOL
Aren’t they aware that she was going to jump and the camera work was done properly? They even cut out Director Hongou
708 Anonymous
Second time promoting Yuu-oni. LOL
709 Anonymous
Promote properly
711 Anonymous
Ghost commotion at Tenga-senpai’s new house!?
712 Anonymous
714 Anonymous
He came up with some amazing words lol
715 Anonymous
It’s intriguing, huh?
717 Anonymous
A private park date with Toa-chan!?
719 Anonymous
A boat ride together, huh?
720 Anonymous
Uh-oh, I need to take Actoa
722 Anonymous
I’ll go find Toaqua
723 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s glasses have a complex fracture, LOL
725 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun’s glasses have passed away, LOL
727 Anonymous
So, why did it turn out like that, huh?
728 Anonymous
Even here, he’s doing some promotion, huh?
730 Anonymous
beryl&beryl are from the same station, so it’s fine, huh?
732 Anonymous
The infamous actress, K.Y., LMAO
733 Anonymous
Isn’t that Kohina Yukari!
735 Anonymous
Huh? I’m jealous that Aqua-kun gets to eat location catering!!
736 Anonymous
If it were me, I’d want to scavenge for leftovers after Aqua-kun finished eating..
But, Aqua-kun looks like he eats his meals cleanly. Even in beryl&beryl, he didn’t leave a single grain of rice in his bowls
738 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is kind
739 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is such a good girl, I’m becoming a fan
741 Anonymous
He ate the tamagoyaki without permission LOL
743 Anonymous
He did a subtle prank LOL
745 Anonymous
Salted salmon LOL
746 Anonymous
Even though he’s a big actor, it’s hilarious that he remembers such small details LOL
748 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san LOL
750 Anonymous
Having five bento boxes is too reckless LOL
751 Anonymous
What happened that her ended up with five LOL
753 Anonymous
754 Anonymous
755 Anonymous
757 Anonymous
Kuga Reira intentionally forgot her bra!!
759 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei is under house arrest LOL
761 Anonymous
Come to think of it, I was wondering why Hakuryuu-sensei wasn’t here, and it turns out she’s being confined LOL
763 Anonymous
Sensei doesn’t draw, LOL
765 Anonymous
Director Hongou is a suspicious person, LOL
I understand, LMAO
767 Anonymous
Director Hongou, questioning, LMAO
769 Anonymous
Mary-sama, is it a lie that your physical age is in your 30s!?
771 Anonymous
Mary-sama, you can give birth to a baby instead of the wife
773 Anonymous
Huh? Prime Minister? Huh?
775 Anonymous
Invited Aa-sama to dinner, and no contact?
Well, this is a parliamentary inquiry
777 Anonymous
Hogekawa LOL
779 Anonymous
Shaman’s doctor, LOL
780 Anonymous
Some amazing power words came, LMAO
782 Anonymous
Other people’s X-ray photos, LOL
784 Anonymous
Hey, is it a lie, LOL
785 Anonymous
It’s true, LMAO
787 Anonymous
Regarding Mishu-sama’s matter, I casually let it go
789 Anonymous
I want to know the details there, lol
791 Anonymous
Is Kanon cute today?
792 Anonymous
Today’s information is irrelevant
793 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, I don’t need that information
795 Anonymous
Last time’s telephone shock was good, right?
796 Anonymous
Yeah, yeah. If possible, we also wanted to watch it with the four of boys today
798 Anonymous
Why is Kohina senpai with me, lmao?
799 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, we’re thinking the same thing
800 Anonymous
It’s already been more than 20 minutes, lmao. That’s right. It’s gonna be 30 minutes soon, lol
802 Anonymous
Sudden hearing loss is helpful, lol
804 Anonymous
>The suspicious visitation salesman of the water purifier
This is the story I heard in the Aqua-kun thread, lol
>The sketchy recruit for a new religion
It’s the Holy Aqua Religion!!
807 Anonymous
What is this, lmao?
810 Anonymous
Staff, lmao
812 Anonymous
I see, this part was thought of by the staff, lol
814 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “This program also ends today”
Me: “Huh?”
816 Anonymous
It’s ending, huh, lol!
818 Anonymous
Don’t end, lol
820 Anonymous
It might be okay to steal LOL
821 Anonymous
Here comes a title that’s not even funny LOL
823 Anonymous
The program name is already over the top LOL
825 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? So, Kohina Yukari-san is taking the Hogewife place?
That’s great!! Do more!!
827 Anonymous
You, LOL
829 Anonymous
The second and third Hogewife LOL
831 Anonymous
Morikawa had a surprised look on her face LOL
833 Anonymous
It’s a lie!!
835 Anonymous
It’s the 40th anniversary!!
836 Anonymous
838 Anonymous
Congratulations, Morita-san!!
840 Anonymous
Amazing. It’s already been 40 years..
842 Anonymous
If Aqua-kun is the host, it’s fine
844 Anonymous
If it’s Kohina Yukari, the show won’t come back LOL
846 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, with the conviction that not even Morita-san would reply, LOL
847 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, it’s really amazing since appearing on variety shows. Even though she’s at the highest level as an actress, I never thought she could break into the world of variety shows with such a veteran presence
849 Anonymous
851 Anonymous
Hogekawa, what’s wrong?
853 Anonymous
Here comes the fallen Hogekawa!!
855 Anonymous
What a development, LOL, who even needs a fallen Hogekawa?
857 Anonymous
The only strengths of Hogekawa are smiles, energy, and power, and now she’s fallen into darkness!? In a way, isn’t the world coming to an end? No one wanted such a serious development from you!
859 Anonymous
Prank successful!!
861 Anonymous
863 Anonymous
Morikawa, is that true!?
865 Anonymous
I was moved seeing Hogekawa retaliate against Kohina Yukari!!
867 Anonymous
Morikawa can do it!!
869 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, strangely suspected
872 Anonymous
Eyes sparkling for no reason, LMAO
874 Anonymous
875 Anonymous
877 Anonymous
878 Anonymous
The wink!
880 Anonymous
This is pregnant
881 Anonymous
Can you stop imp***ting with just a wink?
883 Anonymous
You guys, LOL, we don’t need that kind of coordinated play
885 Anonymous
Hey, LOL, Kohina Yukari-san?
887 Anonymous
Woman trying to get idol Shirogane Aqua to buy a spare pair of panties, actress Kohina Yukari LOL
889 Anonymous
This is bad, LOL
890 Anonymous
Finally, the commercial came on. Going to the bathroom!
891 Anonymous
Suddenly, everyone is gone, LOL
Everyone’s in the bathroom. Because it’s been non-stop until now
894 Anonymous
Hurry up, guys! We’re going to miss the commercial break!
896 Anonymous
I’m back!
897 Anonymous
899 Anonymous
Hey, when I came back, are there fewer people?
There was Morita-san, Hogekawa, Aqua-kun, Ayana-chan, and… was there someone else?
900 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari disappeared, LOL
902 Anonymous
What happened to Kohina Yukari?
904 Anonymous
Koguma-senpai, LMAO
906 Anonymous
What’s Koguma-senpai, LOL
907 Anonymous
That’s fine if it stays like that, lol
910 Anonymous
This bear cub stuffed animal is kinda cute
I might buy it if it becomes available, lol
912 Anonymous
Aqu-tan holding the bear cub is so cool…
914 Anonymous
Team Rina has arrived!
915 Anonymous
It’s official
916 Anonymous
Well, yeah
If it’s between Sayuki and Rina, it’s definitely Rina
918 Anonymous
Team Rina’s complete victory, LOL
920 Anonymous
Everyone’s reading the atmosphere, lol
922 Anonymous
Sayuki, I kinda like it, but everyone’s reading the atmosphere, lol
924 Anonymous
Ayana-chan looks happy receiving a souvenir from Aa-sama
925 Anonymous
Ah, recently, Ayana-chan is so cute, it’s troubling
927 Anonymous
I feel like I heard Kohina Yukari’s voice just now, but maybe it’s just my imagination
930 Anonymous
And even the next question reads the atmosphere properly
932 Anonymous
The audience seats are properly trained, huh
935 Anonymous
And Morita-san’s question also reads the atmosphere, with 108 people
Well, it’s more like staged harmony, but it’s good
After all, no one is unhappy
937 Anonymous
Koguma-senpai is here, lol
938 Anonymous
Koguma-senpai, LOL
940 Anonymous
Koguma-senpai, lol
942 Anonymous
It’s not a malfunction, lol
943 Anonymous
It’s so funny, lol
Everyone here is properly trained, lol
945 Anonymous
This is also based on one’s daily actions, lol
948 Anonymous
CM again LOL
950 Anonymous
I couldn’t go to the bathroom earlier, so I’ll go now
951 Anonymous
I wonder who the next guest will be
953 Anonymous
Mary-sama again, maybe
955 Anonymous
Oh, this time the commercial break ended quickly
957 Anonymous
Hogekawa and whispering
959 Anonymous
Announcer Morikawa received a private phone call, LOL
961 Anonymous
The manager of an overseas auction said that if Morikawa’s phone were to be put up for sale, it might fetch the highest price ever, lol
963 Anonymous
Received a phone call of national secret level, LOL
964 Anonymous
965 Anonymous
This voice is the Prime Minister, LOL
967 Anonymous
The commercial break is too short, it’s like a toilet break, LOL
969 Anonymous
This is a matter for parliamentary investigation, LOL
971 Anonymous
Just a regular announcer going out for drinks with the Prime Minister, lol
973 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
974 Anonymous
Darkness fallen Aqua-sama has arrived!
975 Anonymous
Darkness fallen Aqua-sama, really!?
977 Anonymous
Wait! Don’t pry open my fetishes anymore!!
979 Anonymous
Morita-san, lol
981 Anonymous
Being pursued by representative Kokucho, lol
982 Anonymous
Well, just by ditching Aqua-sama for a meal
983 Anonymous
A new episode has arrived!!
985 Anonymous
It’s Okay to Laugh~!!
988 Anonymous
It’s Okay to Laugh!
990 Anonymous
Is this the end?
992 Anonymous
We’ve spent most of our time with these four, lol
994 Anonymous
Well, I expected it to turn out like this
996 Anonymous
Looking forward to the next time, lmao
998 Anonymous
Everyone, take care. Let’s meet again during the live show!
999 Anonymous
Ah, I’m so happy that Aqua-sama can still be seen!!
1000 Anonymous
If it’s the 1000th, I hope we can see Aqua-sama again in “It’s Okay to Laugh!”
And to the bulletin board community, Happy Christmas!!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Ladies, don’t just stand there with hoge faces, hurry up!!
From 3 PM, it’s Beryl’s Christmas live!!
Make sure everyone doesn’t forget!!

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