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Volume 10 Chapter 41 Natsuki Sana, The Reason I Aimed To Become An Idol

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 ”Thank you so much for your help!”

 I put on my work outer garment over my dusty white dress, wore the school-designated jersey pants, and put on a construction site helmet.

 With a screw in my mouth and a charged driver on my shoulder, I spread my legs wide and descended from the ladder.

 ”I think this should be fine, but please have a professional check it, just in case.”

 ”Thank you so much!”

 In the past, my grandma, who was a carpenter, ran a construction company. I used to hang out there every day, so I’m familiar with these tools. By the way, my best skill is chiseling, and my grandma even said I was good at it.

 ”Sorry, does anyone have a spare time?”

 ”Oh, I’m going now!”

 This is the Tokyo International Forum where Beryl’s concert will take place. As one of the audition members, I’ve been visiting the site since last night.

 After taking a nap, I started helping the staff with carrying their luggage on the way back. Since then, I’ve been running around the site.

 ”Well then, be careful not to drop anything heavy! On the count of three!”

 Hmm, ohh…

 We slowly move the furniture that four of us lifted, being careful of our surroundings.

 ”Make sure to watch out and not bump into anything!”

 ”Coming through with something heavy!”

 ”Watch out for the corners!”

 ”Be careful not to hit them!”

 I’ve been to the site a few times to help with light work, but it’s important to prioritize safety even for the smallest tasks.

 After all, there have been many accidents at sites where safety was neglected, and sometimes the entire live event had to be canceled due to accidents.

 So, as I heard from grandma, at proper sites, everyone understands this and verbally communicates and unifies their intentions, ensuring safety while working.

 ”Alright, now let’s put it down. Be careful not to pinch your fingers!”

 ”Slowly, slowly!”

 ”Okay, I’m ready!”

 Phew, that was heavy. I wiped the sweat off my cheek and bowed my head to say thank you. Grandma always said you shouldn’t forget to show gratitude on the job!

 ”Thank you very much!!”

 ”No, thank you! You’re the part-timer, right? You really saved us!”

 Yeah… maybe it’s because of how I look, but they completely mistook me for a part-timer.

 I guess I still haven’t shaken off the habit of the student council president who would always approach people in need. Who would’ve thought it would lead to this… well, it’s fun, so it’s not a problem! Hahaha, Grandma and Mom always said not to worry about the small stuff, too!

 ”Is anyone available to help?”

 ”Oh, yes! I can do it!”

 When I looked at where they rushed to, there were a ton of costumes hanging on hangers. My eyes sparkled at the thought of the outfits that the members of Beryl will wear during the live performance.

 The idol’s stage costume is sparkling and cool.

 ”Sorry for bothering you even though you’re busy!”

 ”No, not at all!”

 ”Sorry, but could you get a hanger rack similar to this one from the storage room? Take the sturdiest one. This rack is broken with a snapped stopper, and it wobbles. It would be bad if it falls.”


 Even a small thing might lead to an accident later on. That’s why everyone is considerate even about the details. Some may think it’s too much, but I believe safety comes first.

 Exiting from the backstage to the corridor of the stage, I head to the place where spare equipment is kept. Um, is it here? Finding the hanger rack in the storage room, I check its condition and push it with a rattle.

 ”I brought it!”

 ”Thank you. I’m sorry for asking this as an additional task, but I’m busy with quality control… Can I ask you to move the costumes? Oh, please keep the order the same, thank you!”

 ”Yes, it’s okay!!”

 I gently pick up the costumes.

 The costumes have delicate embroidery and are adorned with many sequins, so I have to be careful when moving them. If something were to fall or a part were to fly off, it could be an irreparable disaster.

 ”Um, let’s start with this first costume… Ah”

 ”Hmm? Is something wrong?”

 ”Oh, no, it’s nothing”

 I pretend nothing is wrong and smile.

 This costume belongs to Aqua-kun… Upon closer inspection, I can tell from the lingering scent that it was used during the rehearsal, even though there’s a Shirogane Aqua plate on the original hanger rack. You see, I have a keen sense of smell.

 I carefully move the costumes one by one. While it may be work clothes for the craftsmen, these stage costumes are the attire for Aqua-kun to do his job. That’s why I need to handle them with care.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san’s appearance is complete!”

 ”In a little while, the audience will start coming in!”

 ”Everyone, stay focused on the task at hand while keeping the remaining time in mind!”

 ”Tenga Akira-san may enter!”

 ”Nekoyama Toa-san has entered the dressing room!”

 ”Mayuzumi Shintaro-san might be a little late due to traffic congestion!”

 ”What’s the situation with Aqua-kun?”

 ”He will soon be getting in a car and coming here. But just now, there was a message from Hanabusa-san, who is heading towards here from Shinjuku with Mayuzumi-kun, saying that there seems to be traffic congestion in the Shinjuku area, so I’m not sure what will happen…”

 For a brief moment, I glanced around and saw countless people within my field of vision.

 The rental fee for the large venue, electricity costs, money spent on the stage and costumes, and the personnel expenses for those involved can be understood with just a little thought.

 That means the lives of the people involved are connected to the performances Aqua-kun puts on.

 I see… Aqua-kun willingly takes on a hard schedule and always delivers a perfect live performance, perhaps because he is aware of the weight he carries on his shoulders while working. I think that’s really cool.

 ”The costume change is complete. Can you please check?”

 ”Thank you!! That really helped!”

 The costume person grabs my hands with both hands and shakes them vigorously.

 ”Oh, and one button was about to come off.”

 ”Which one!?”

 I lightly pick up the hem of the white costume from the hanger rack.

 ”This white one.”

 ”Really! Thank you!!”

 When the costume staff checked the problematic area, they called out to another staff member nearby.

 ”Can you fix these buttons for me?”


 ”And remember where they should be placed!”

 ”Got it!”

 After thanking the costume staff once again, I left the scene. Looking around, everyone seemed busy, checking for safety while moving quickly.

 ”Attention, production team!”

 When I turned my gaze in the direction of the voice, my favorite Director Hongou was standing there.

 ”I just confirmed that Aqua-kun will arrive here in about an hour! So I don’t think we’ll have much time for final checks. If you have any fixes to make, come to me! By the way, where is Hakuryuu-sensei?”

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei is out at the moment! She went to check the next event!”

 ”Understood. That’s fine then. The script doesn’t need any modifications, right?”

 ”Yes! I heard that there are no issues with the script!! Oh, but Aqua-kun and the others might add some ad-lib during Driver’s performance, so please be careful about that.”

 ”Understood! We’ve already anticipated that, so it should be fine!”


 When I heard the word “Driver,” my blood started to boil inside me.

 And not only that, the famous romance novelist Hakuryuu-sensei will be directing the live performance of Driver. It’s definitely the first time something like this has happened. I wonder what will happen, I’m so excited!

 Heaven’s Sword is a story with salvation for girls, so I think Hakuryuu-sensei’s script will definitely be a perfect match.

 Ugh, I want to see it… I want to see it, but I’m neither a staff member nor do I have a ticket, so I don’t have the qualifications to watch it. It’s probably not a good idea to keep blending in as a staff member either, even though I have the staff ID. I feel like it’s about time to join the audition group.

 Where did everyone go? I’m not sure because there are too many people.

 ”Hey, Nico-san, I would like to double check this part, is that okay?”

 ”Of course, go ahead.”

 I turn around at the familiar voice. It’s not Kamishiro, it’s Tenga Akira. And the person next to him, her name was Iwanari Niko, right!?

 Wow, wow, wow! I restrain my body and mind from getting all excited as a fan of Driver.

 ”When I turn here and extend my right foot straight forward, it becomes difficult to extend my left foot in the next scene…”

 ”In that case, I think it’s better to step forward with your right foot as far as possible, and when you put it down, pull it back slightly. That way, the momentum to move forward remains, and there’s more flexibility in the movable parts, making it easier to transition to the next action.”

 Wow… This is live guidance from Nico-san, who used to be a suit actor for Driver.

 Wow, that’s amazing. It’s so cool and enviable…!

 ”I see. So, is this the right way?”

 ”Yeah, yeah. I think it’s good like that.”

 Huh? What’s wrong, I wonder?

 Even though it went well, Tenga-san seems a little down.

 ”Shirogane did well even with the same choreography.”

 ”Yeah, Akira-kun is really observant. Aqua-kun has excellent core stability, but what’s even better is that he doesn’t have any strange habits in each movement, so it’s good to observe closely. Even Mizusumi-sensei said that there’s no better role model than Aqua-kun. It may not be to that extent, but I think Akira-kun’s goal right now is to be able to use his body freely as he wishes.”


 Yeah, I also practiced by imitating Aqua-kun’s dance, so I understand it well.

 Aqua-kun doesn’t overlook any movement, rather he takes care of each one diligently. Just like how he values the girl, it’s evident even to an amateur like me that he pays great attention to every choreography.

 ”Today, it may look like this, but considering the future, it might be better to expand the range of joint mobility. Having a flexible body will enhance actions and dance moves. Currently, strength training and aerobic exercises are your main focus, but let’s add more stretching exercises from now on. Kai-san, can you keep Akira-kun’s schedule a little open?”

 ”Understood. In that case, I’ll make time in the early part of January.”

 ”Kai-san, can you make it for the morning of the 26th?”

 ”Akira-kun, I’m planning to go back to my hometown from the 26th. The Shinkansen ticket is for 03:20 pm.”

 ”Ah, I see. That’s why I thought maybe before that. If it’s in the morning, there is still some leeway, and it depends on Nico-san’s availability.”

 ”If you don’t mind my daughter accompanying us, I can do it on the morning of the 26th.”

 ”Of course.”

 ”Well then, I’ll schedule it at the studio. I’ll join you too.”

 ”…Sorry. Come to think of it, Kai-san is also off that day.”

 ”It’s fine, it’s fine. I was planning to go to the office on the 26th anyway, so don’t worry.”

 I see… If the range of motion in the joints is wide, it allows for more flexibility in movements and enhances the expressiveness of the body.

 When I watch Aqua-kun’s dance, it seems like he has control over every part of his body, from the tips of his toes to the tips of his hair. I confirmed it by reviewing the footage frame by frame, and Aqua-kun looks incredibly cool no matter which scene you pause at, like a miraculous still image.

 Like Tenga-san, I’m also not very flexible, so I’ll try consulting the instructors at the training camp to actively incorporate stretching.

 ”Where’s Moja-san?”

 Ah… I quickly hide myself upon hearing the voice.

 Toa-chan here. I didn’t do anything wrong, but I ended up hiding for some reason.

 ”Oh, what’s up?”

 ”I want to go back to the original idea for the transition in the song.”

 ”Are you serious? We only have two hours left until the performance, and you want to do it without any practice?”

 ”But still, I don’t want to compromise. I’d rather take the challenge than regret it when I go to sleep tonight.”

 ”But if you fail, it’ll be a disaster.”

 ”I’ve been practicing, so please trust me.”

 ”…Alright. I also think the previous idea was better.”

 ”I knew it!”

 Toa-chan and MojaP smile at each other.

 They must have some kind of trust in each other. That’s how it felt.

 ”I think you understand, but don’t rush through the first half. But don’t slack off either. If you feel like you need a break, rely on Shirogane. It’s not like it’s game over if your legs cramp, but it will definitely affect the live performance afterwards.”

 ”Yeah. I talked to Shintaro, but the pace control of the music is in my and Shintaro’s hands. Leave that to us. And considering the second half, we also need to save Aqua… If something happens, we’ll probably rely on Aqua again.”

 Toa-chan showed a frustrated expression.

 I felt like I saw his competitive side peeking through his face.

 ”It’s frustrating, isn’t it?”

 ”Yeah, it’s frustrating. Even though both Shintaro and I have been working on building our stamina, just keeping up is a struggle.”

 ”Well, don’t rush. Even if you rush, there won’t be anything good in this world.”


 ”For me, you know, I’ve been waiting for this moment for decades. Yet, here we are. Your buddy is like a supersonic passenger jet.”

 ”That’s like a one-way ticket with no stops in between.”

 ”Hahaha, you got it! So basically, once you get involved, you have to be prepared. Both you and I.”


 I was touched by MojaP-san’s words, who had been waiting for decades.

 That’s right… Unlike female idols, it’s not something that men would normally consider doing on their own.

 But still, there was someone who believed and waited, convinced that someday someone would come.

 Aqua-kun, it’s not just for girls. Knowing that he’s also saving the hearts of boys, my heart was filled with warmth.

 ”I’m sorry. I’m late!”

 Ah, it’s Mayuzumi-kun. I heard he got caught in traffic, but I’m glad he arrived safely.

 ”Are you here, Ichise-sensei?”

 ”Over here. Mayuzumi-kun.”

 Mayuzumi-kun accepted the saxophone from the manager and headed towards choreographer Ichise-sensei.

 ”Please do the final check.”

 ”Sure thing!”

 Oh! Ah, Mayuzumi-kun, who was said to move like a robot on the internet, is playing the saxophone and stepping in a lively rhythm!

 ”Mayuzumi-kun! More like this!”

 I see, maybe she’s saying not to focus too much on the lower body and to think about moving the upper body more.

 ”Hmm hmm hmm!”

 Ah… I think maybe her gaze and neck are too low, so she’s only moving vertically. Maybe she’s suggesting to think about the width of the movement. Somehow, I feel like I see a resemblance to Aqua-kun in Ichise-sensei. She must be the type who values senses and sensibilities.

 ”Yes, I think it’s good. Just be careful of the points I pointed out. I know it’s hard to do while playing, but I’m sure it’ll be exciting during the performance! Phew, yeah!”

 ”Yes! Thank you very much!”

 Mayuzumi-kun exchanged a few words with Toa-chan and Tenga-san before returning to the dressing room while talking to the manager, Hanabusa-san. Judging by his expression, he seems relaxed.

 It seems that Mayuzumi-kun is thinking about the future and trying his best to recover his strength until the last minute. I think it’s amazing when people who can rest when they have the chance actually rest. If I were in the same position as Mayuzumi-kun, I definitely wouldn’t be able to stay still, I would be too excited.

 ”Hey, you there, are your hands free?”

 ”Ah, yes! I’ll go right away!!”

 Time flies, and before I knew it, it was 30 minutes before the performance. Oh no, this is bad. The audience is already coming in, and I should be meeting up with everyone soon.

 While I was thinking about that, Kirika Kotono-san, who was waiting for Aqua-kun at the entrance, came running in, out of breath.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san is back now!”

 Aqua-kun made it in time, and behind the scenes, cheers and applause enveloped the stage. Perhaps the sound leaked outside a bit, as in response, loud cheers and applause echoed from the stage.

 ”Phew, we somehow made it.”

 ”During the middle, Kohina-senpai suggested taking a shortcut, making it more challenging…”

 ”Well, it can’t be helped. It looked like that side was more open!”

 ”Well, well, both Aqua and Kohina-senpai seem to have calmed down, and it looks like we made it, huh?”

 President Atori, Aqua-kun, Kohina Yukari-san, and Tsukimachi-san entered lined up. Despite it being just before the performance, Aqua-kun seemed unperturbed, as usual. In fact, I think everyone had an uneasy expression backstage about an hour before the start. Just Aqua-kun appearing made everyone’s expressions brighten in an instant. Is this what it’s like when a hero comes?

 ’Everyone from Beryl is amazing, but that’s because Aqua-sama is here, after all. It’s not just four boys. I think Aqua-sama has become the spiritual pillar of this Beryl company itself. So, I want Natsuki-san to only look at Aqua-sama. Natsuki-san is similar to Aqua-sama, so it’ll definitely be helpful.’

 Before the tour, I remember what Fujibayashi-san said.

 With a serious expression and eyes that looked straight at me, I immediately knew she was serious.

 ’So, Natsuki Sana… it’s alright to focus only on the Team A center. I’ll handle all the details, and I’ll support from behind. I’ll cover everything with all my might from behind to make these three shine to the fullest. This might be my personality, but during this audition, I want you to trust me. So let’s dash to the top from start to finish.’

 I honestly thought it was pretty cool.

 My heart trembled. At the same time, I thought, if it doesn’t burn here, when will it?

 ’I understand!’

 No more words are necessary, I thought. Hehe, even though I just formed a team, I’m starting to miss my own team a little. It’s probably about time, so let’s go back to where everyone is. I don’t know where they are, but…

 While I was thinking about that, someone called me from behind.

 ”Oh? President Natsuki? What’s with that outfit…”


 I turned my face in the direction of the voice, and Aqua-kun had a surprised look on his face as he looked at my outfit.

 ”Oh, that girl, the part-timer. Thanks for earlier.”

 ”I also appreciate your help earlier. Thank you.”

 ”You also helped me carry things!”

 Ah, ahahaha… It’s, it’s kind of awkward…

 I gently averted my gaze from Aqua-kun. Aqua-kun seemed to understand from the staff around him and chuckled.

 ”Haha, President Natsuki, it seems you did a great job. I’m sorry. Even though it was supposed to be just an observation, it seems like you helped with various things. Let me express my gratitude instead.”

 ”No, it’s something I wanted to help with. Besides, I’m glad I could learn various things. I’m the one who should be grateful.”

 In reality, I was able to interact with various people, have conversations, and learn things I didn’t know.

 Moreover, I think it was good to learn about Toa-chan’s feelings, Tenga-san’s efforts, and Mayuzumi-kun’s reliable qualities. Above all, through others, I was able to reconfirm how amazing Aqua-kun is.

 ”Also, Aqua-kun, I’m no longer President…”

 ”Oh, I see… then, what should I call you?”

 ”Oh, um, then, call me Summer King…”


 My idiot, seriously! Why go for ‘Summer King’ when all you had to do was ask to be called Sana normally! Am I back in elementary school?!

 ”Got it. Alright then, Summer King, let me repay you for helping me.”


 ”The audition members can’t go beyond this backstage area, but you can watch from close by, as a special exception. I’ll let Ako-san know from my side.”


 ”Of course. Just… keep your eyes on me, okay? Just kidding.”

 ”Yeah, I got it.”

 ”Huh? Oh, it’s fine if you also watch Shintaro and Toa and Tenga-senpai. Yeah.”


 I thought if he wanted something, he should’ve just asked from the start, but that’s just like Aqua-kun.

 And it’s alright. Even without being told, I’ve been watching him all along.

 Not just because Fujibayashi-san said so.

 It’s because the ideal center I want to become is him.

 ”Okay, I’ll be right back.”

 ”Yeah. I can only watch, but I’ll make sure to burn Aqua-kun’s figure into my eyes.”

 Aqua-kun raised his fist and headed towards where everyone was.

 *Brrrrrr, brrrrrrrrr*

 Huh? A message? I wonder who it’s from?

 Oh, maybe it’s a message from Fujibayashi-san who was worried about me not being here.

 I powered on my smartphone and opened the messaging app.

 [To Sana-chan]

 Oh, it’s an email from my other mom already.

 [On January 1st, I’ve been chosen to participate in something thanks to Aqua-kun’s introduction! Aren’t you jealous~? Sana-chan, do your best in the audition too!!]

 I’m keeping it a secret from everyone, but my other mom who provided me with reproductive cells is the Prime Minister of this country.

 And so, that’s why I’ve wanted to try being the student council president since I was young. What kind of feeling is it to stand above others, no matter how difficult or painful it may be? I wanted to understand what it means to carry the hopes, expectations, and responsibilities of many people, yet still lead from the front, cutting through the unknown.

 Through this, I came to know that many people support me for my own sake. Simultaneously, I learned that the more people there are, the more you have to compromise somewhere, and that you can’t save everyone like a hero.

 Upon entering Otomezaki University, I pondered the path to becoming a politician, but I wondered if I could compartmentalize everything like my other mom. That thought lingered in my mind.

 In the midst of my troubles, a star appeared before me like a comet. That was Aqua-kun.

 Seeing him saving people’s hearts just like a true hero, I thought to myself that maybe if I become an idol, I can also save people without giving up. I thought that maybe I can become an ideal hero just like him. That’s why when Beryl’s audition announcement came, I didn’t hesitate.


 I slapped my cheek to gather my determination. It’s not often that I get a chance to see Aqua-kun up close like this.

 So if I can grasp something here and give back to Team A, it will surely become a weapon for Team A. Fujibayashi-san said we will win as a team. That’s why, as the center, I believe in the captain’s words! I’ve decided in my heart that I won’t let a single second go to waste!

 ”60 seconds until showtime!”

 The stage curtain opens. To not miss this moment, I widened my eyes and watched attentively.

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