Male Idol V10c42

Volume 10 Chapter 42 Sugita Mari, Those are My Proud Student!!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 I looked at the screen of the government-provided women-only app and dropped my shoulders with a sigh. I knew it, but still, the moment I look at the screen, my heart still races.

 ”Well, there’s no way a guy would want to date a slowpoke like me on purpose…”

 After closing the notification page for matching with men, I stare at the page for the use of my v**na data.

 The number of times my data has been used by men: 1

 How many times have I seen this screen? No matter how down I feel, just looking at this screen makes my face slack. And when I click on this item, the data of the person who used it is displayed.

 [Shirogane Aqua]


 It’s no good, Shirogane! I’m the teacher, and Shirogane is the student!

 There’s no way such a thing could be allowed! At least wait until graduation! Right? If you do that, it’ll be legal!!

 No, that’s not it! Calm down, me!! Even though I’ve seen it so many times, just opening this page still unsettles me.

 ”I feel like I’m in a dream…”

 Looking back, a few months ago. I was convinced that this is a machine malfunction, so I called the National Confidentiality Bureau, which manages the data, to confirm.

 ’Is this some kind of mistake…?’

 ’Please wait a moment. Let me check.’

 The National Confidentiality Bureau, which manages the data, made some kind of human error. The conclusion I came to after three sleepless nights is this. Yeah, yeah, it’s a story that could happen normally. If that’s the case, everything makes sense.

 If it’s not that, where could there be elements that make someone find charm in me…?

 ’Um… Since Shirogane Aqua-sama’s liaison officer is here, I’ll connect the call for you.’


 Huh? Huh? Shirogane’s S**en Extraction Officer, too!?

 I almost dropped my mobile phone involuntarily.

 ’Hello, the call has been transferred. I’m Miyuki Heliodor Yui, a first-class S**en Extraction Officer from the National Confidentiality Bureau Health and Safety Division.’

 S**en Extraction Officer… The longing of all the girls living in this country, and among the elite public servants, they are the elite of elites.

 I also worked hard to aim for that in the past, but it was impossible. Becoming a S**en Extraction Officer is such a high hurdle.

 And then, this Miyuki-san, reaching the top rank is quite something.

 I’ve heard stories even for the S**en Extraction Officer, that there are ranks, and once you reach the top rank, you’re suggested assignments involving men closer to your preferences. Surely, she must have studied immensely.

 As a result of her efforts, Miyuki-san, through her own hard work, managed to pull in Shirogane Aqua, the number one man in this world.

 I’d love to hear more.

 Like, what methods are used for extraction, or does Shirogane get carried away in the midst of it all?

 But asking about that would be rude. Above all, as a teacher, it’s improper to intrude into a student’s privacy using one’s own authority.

 As a teacher, it’s a matter of pride to hold back various desires to inquire.

 ’Um… You’re Sugita Mari-sensei, the homeroom teacher for Shirogane Aqua’s class, correct?’


 I hear the sound of someone tapping on a computer keyboard.

 ’OkayD. Upon checking here again, it is definitely in use.’



 I am frozen in surprise. Used? By who? Shirogane did? I can’t organize my thoughts well.


 ’Ah, thank you!’

 My voice became slightly strained.

 ’Sugita-sensei, would it be convenient for you to have a little time after this?’

 ’It’s okay.’

 ’Normally, I wouldn’t be able to tell you about it in accordance with regulations, as it would involve personal information, but…’

 Upon hearing the shocking fact from Miyuki-san, I froze once again. It’s not normal. In retrospect, the student named Shirogane Aqua may have been an entirely different existence from other boys from this moment.

 ’There is a reason I gathered everyone.’

 Afterwards, I asked the girls in the class to stay after school because I had something to discuss. I looked around the classroom, taking my time.

 Everyone seemed anxious, as if they had done something wrong to Shirogane.

 But don’t worry, everyone, you haven’t done anything. I reassured them with a smile, trying to create a soft atmosphere in the classroom. It has been just over a month since school started. The girls in our class have been well-behaved and have treated Shirogane with respect. As their teacher, I feel proud.

 ’Now, everyone, close your eyes and relax.’

 After making sure everyone’s eyes were closed, I spoke to them as gently as possible in a slow, calm tone.

 ’Those who have willingly shared data for Shirogane Aqua-kun’s ‘squeezing’ purposes, please raise your hands.’

 Well, I guess everyone will raise their hands. That was to be expected.

 Even the teachers are doing it, so there’s no way young female students with strong se*ual desires wouldn’t be doing it.

 Hm? No, Tsukimachi Ayana-san isn’t here. Oh, right, she said she had work today and went home.

 ’Furthermore, for those who claim that their data was used by Shirogane Aqua-kun, please honestly raise your hand without feeling embarrassed. Don’t worry, I am 100% on your side, even willing to risk my retirement. As proof, I have written my resignation letter today. So please trust me, believe in Sugita Mari, a woman standing alone.’

 One by one, everyone raises their hand, blushing. Yeah, it’s embarrassing, I know. But sorry, this is an important question.

 ’Alright, now everyone, open your eyes. Trust me, I want you to have faith in me, your teacher.’

 Initially, the confused students hesitated, but with Washimiya-san’s words of “Let’s do as the teacher says,” they slowly open their eyes.




 Everyone froze as they looked at me, raising their hands. And slowly, their gazes turned towards the surroundings.

 ’Wait, Tsu-chan too?’

 ’Nonoka-chan, seriously!?’


 ’Huh? Wait, this…’

 ’Huh, no way…’

 ’Everyone, raising their hands…?’

 Everyone in the classroom, including me, raised their hands. When I heard about this from Miyuki-san, I was surprised, but Shirogane managed to conquer all the girls in the class in just over a month.

 It’s unbelievable. He might even surpass the legendary mas**ion master on the 0721 bulletin board.

 ’So, that’s how it is. It seems like everyone didn’t talk about being used to others.’

 This was genuinely surprising. In a normal high school, the girls who were used would use that as leverage against other girls, forming a caste within the class.

 But the girls in this class had been silent, considering the feelings of Shirogane and the other girls. I couldn’t help but be moved and almost shed tears.

 ’Today, I asked everyone to stay after school to tell this story.’

 Everyone showed a bewildered expression.

 Don’t worry, there’s no need to be so nervous. No one will get angry or anything.

 ’Now, I will start an extracurricular class for emergencies, together with everyone. As a lecturer, today we have invited Miyuki Heliodor Yui-san from the National Confidentiality Bureau Health and Safety Division, a top-class S**en Extraction Officer. Applause.’

 Everyone stared at Miyuki-san with eyes full of envy.

 It’s a natural reaction. There’s no girl who doesn’t aspire to be the top profession of an S**en Extraction Officer.

 ’Hello everyone in Class 1A of Otomezaki High School.’


 ’Nice to meet you. I am Miyuki Heliodor Yui, a Special Class S**en Extraction Officer from the National Confidentiality Bureau Health and Safety Division, as introduced by Mari-sensei Sugita. Thank you for taking your valuable time today.’

 Upon seeing Miyuki-san bowing, everyone hurriedly bowed as well.

 ’From now on, I would like all of you here to undergo pre-training with Sugita-sensei, so that you will be ready for any s**ual activities with Shirogane Aqua-sama.’

 The murmuring students looked at each other and showed signs of excitement.

 Still, this is the first time in my teaching career that something like this has happened. If I were the same age as them, I think I would be holding hands and celebrating with the children sitting around me.

 Understanding that, both Miyuki-san and I are patiently waiting for everyone to calm down with a heartwarming feeling.

 ’In this extracurricular class, we will learn about the preparations before s**ual activity, how to respond when s**ual activity actually begins, appropriate ways to encourage consent during s**ual activity, consideration for men after ej***ion, how to deal with the situation after ej***ion, discussions with men after finding out about pregnancy, national insurance systems and congratulatory money, social welfare systems related to child-rearing and childbirth, and more.’

 Miyuki-san is distributing books related to it. Since I am a student this time, I plan to borrow Tsukimachi-san’s seat and attend the class.

 ’Normally, this kind of thing would never happen, but… as you can see from the current situation, Shirogane Aqua seems to have a much stronger s**ual desire than other men. So, this time, I consulted with Sugita-sensei and we decided to take this approach.’

 Miyuki-san mentioned over the phone that a special emergency meeting involving the Prime Minister and ministers, the first of its kind since the establishment of the National Confidentiality Bureau, was held.

 After all, not only the entire class, but even a teacher like me, who is a bit behind, has been used as material. Shirogane is undoubtedly a great person who will be featured in textbooks. At least the 34 students and one teacher here have been saved.

 No matter what happens in the future, we will never forget this moment. After that, we had an enjoyable lesson from Miyuki-san, who is an expert in extracting s**en, for two hours.

 ’Finally, I will provide you with my contact information for Sugita-sensei. If there is any s**ual activity with Shirogane Aqua-sama, please don’t hesitate to consult with the teacher immediately without feeling embarrassed. When discussing with your parents or family, either I or Sugita-sensei will accompany you to ensure their peace of mind. Don’t worry, you are not alone, everyone is here for you.’

 Miyuki-san may not show much expression, but she is a reliable and kind person. I think it’s good that she is the S**en Extraction Officer for Shirogane.

 ’And one more thing, I would like to talk about the collected s**en using everyone’s data.’

 With Miyuki-san’s serious expression, the relaxed atmosphere in the classroom becomes tense.

 ’Regarding the collected collected s**en, I cannot provide detailed information due to regulations. However, for this batch of s**en, I have made arrangements to ensure that the first round reaches everyone, although it is conditional.’

 Everyone stood up involuntarily. Of course, I stood up as well. Although I wanted to scream, I managed to keep my composure when everyone stood up. In other words, the girls here can definitely have children with Shirogane.

 ’However, please keep this information confidential. It has not been officially confirmed yet, so please keep in mind that depending on everyone’s actions, it may not be possible to receive it.’

 Miyuki-san nailed it to the entire class.

 ’Well then, today’s extracurricular lesson will end here. Thank you all for staying until the end.’

 I thought Miyuki-san was a very polite and sincere person. Everyone applauded as Miyuki-san left the classroom.

 Still, a great achievement that will never be known in history… This was the first step of the hidden Shirogane Aqua legend, as far as I know.

 ”Sugita-sensei, what’s wrong?”


 I lifted my face from the desk where I had collapsed and turned towards the voice.

 ”Sh… Shirogane, what’s the matter?”

 As the homeroom teacher for Class 1A, I continued to interact with him as usual, as if nothing had happened

 ”Oh, um… I brought the printout about next month’s attendance…”

 ”Oh, I see. Thank you. Let me take care of it.”

 The students who are engaged in entertainment activities and extracurricular activities at Otomezaki are required to submit their schedules for the next month.

 This is to allow students who are short on time but eager to learn to acquire missing credits through online classes, among other methods.

 But Beryl is not the only one receiving special treatment. In my class, Shirogane Kanon, who is also Shirogane’s wife, Tsukimachi, and Chisato, who seems to be helping at her family’s house, are also using this system.

 ”Sensei, if you’re tired, please don’t push yourself.”

 Hmm, Shirogane is so kind, caring about me like this. A normal teacher would misunderstand and put on a fake smile here.

 ”If you say that, it’s the other way around. Shirogane, it’s good to work hard, but don’t push yourself too much. There are many girls who would be sad if you collapse.”

 ”Haha… I’ll handle it well.”

 I heard about him getting a fever during summer vacation. If that had leaked out, it would have caused quite a commotion.

 Now, if Shirogane were to collapse for some reason, the news would be filled with it from morning till night.

 The hospital where he was hospitalized would be surrounded by fans, and well-wishes would pour in from influential figures around the world. Prayers would be offered from various places, and some of the world’s top doctors might gather, don’t you think?


 As I thought about so, my mobile phone placed on the desk starts flashing.

 What could it be? When I check the notification, it says that I have matched with a man.

 Huh? Why…? Wait, isn’t this the government’s matchmaking app? Ah… I remember now. I registered with a general matchmaking agency a few years ago. I think I forgot to cancel my membership. The meeting is scheduled for one week later at the Teito Hotel…

 ”Excuse me, Sugita-sensei. I caught a glimpse just now, but is it a matchmaking meeting?”

 ”Oh, uh… yeah. It seems like someone I registered with a long time ago is still alive.”

 ”Oh, I see. That’s good for you.”

 ”Haha, thank you.”

 Now, what should I do?

 At first, I thought about refusing, but opportunities like this are rare. Above all, as a teacher and to properly face the student, I felt the need to cut off my feelings for Shirogane.

 ”So, this is the place…”

 A week later, I arrived at the designated Teito Hotel and headed to the lobby.

 I made sure to take care of myself by going to the spa and gym, and this morning, I also went to the beauty salon and bought proper clothes at Fuji Department Store after a long time. I believe I have made efforts in my own way.

 ”You must be Mariko Sugimoto-san.”

 ”Ah, well… I’m Sugita Mari.”

 ”Ah, I apologize. I’m Terashima from Best Matchmaking.”

 No matter how you look at it, she had a friendly and clean smile. For some reason, I couldn’t help but find him a bit suspicious. Above all, the fact that she got my name wrong raises doubts.

 ”Please follow me. The gentleman you’ll be meeting is waiting over here.”

 She guided me to a partitioned area in the corner of the lobby.

 ”This is Imamura-sama, who wanted to be matched with Sugimoto——Sugita-sama this time.”

 As I turned my gaze towards him, a man sitting in a chair with a dignified attitude stared at me with a stern expression.

 At first glance, his attitude seems unpleasant, but perhaps he is not feeling well or nervous. Let’s assume that.

 ”Nice to meet you, I’m Sugita Mari. Thank you for requesting a meeting today.”


 He might not be the talkative type. That’s normal for most men, and it’s just a story about the boys in my class being strange.

 ”Now, Sugimoto——Sugita-sama. Before you proceed with the conversation with Imamura-sama, I would like to ask for an upfront payment…”

 ”Ah, yes.”

 I became calm before taking out my wallet. Ah, this seems like a scam… If I were like other women, I would have just taken out my wallet here.

 ”I’m sorry. If that’s the case, I’ll excuse myself here.”

 I tightly gripped my bag and tried to run away from that place.

 ”Wait, Sugimoto-sama! If you let this opportunity slip away, you might never be able to have a conversation with a man again!”

 ”Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter. Besides, my name is Sugita. Can I trust a company that can’t even remember the names of its customers? And above all, just because you’re a man, I firmly refuse to accept such an attitude!”

 I said it! I finally said it!

 Honestly, I’ve been thinking that way from the beginning, but I’ve been holding back!

 Because, no matter how I look at it, that man doesn’t show any interest in me.

 Rather, he’s even oozing with disgust. I don’t need such a man!

 I have my pride, and I’m not that cheap of a woman!

 In addition, in Shirogane’s Breast Liberation Declaration, he strongly said that women should take better care of themselves, so I also wanted to take better care of myself.

 More than the man named Imamura who was looking at my chest and sighing, Shirogane, who looks at my chest with affectionate and gentle eyes, is 100% better!

 ”With that said, I will take my leave.”

 Saying that, I tried to move away from the spot. At that moment, the man named Imamura stood up from his chair and glared at me.

 This is bad. This man seems to have a larger and more powerful body than me.

 ”Hey! This is different from what I heard!”

 ”I-Imamura-sama, please calm down.”

 ”Noisy!! You too! Old hag, making me go through all this trouble! Don’t get carried away!”

 Ah! I tried to dodge instinctively, but because I was wearing high heels that I wasn’t used to, my footing was unsteady, and the man’s outstretched hand pushed me directly.

 Ugh… I was thrown to the ground and hit my waist hard. The man grabbed my freshly set hair and pulled it forcefully.

 ”Just hurry up and give me the money! Look, I’m even having a conversation with you. It makes sense for you to happily cry and give me the money!”

 The people around us raised their voices as they witnessed this scene. However, Terashima from Best Matchmaking quickly intervened.

 ”Everyone, this is just a quarrel between a man and a woman! Please don’t mind it!”

 With these words, no one could intervene.

 Even the hotel staff involuntarily stopped moving. If I could somehow signal for help, maybe things could be resolved. But due to the impact of falling, I hit my stomach on the corner of the table and couldn’t make my voice heard. I thought about taking out my wallet from my bag and escaping from this situation, but my bag flew far away from the previous impact.

 Please, anyone, I don’t care who… Just help me, or at least report it. That’s all I wished for.

 ”What are you doing…?”


 I was puzzled by a familiar voice.

 Perhaps my consciousness was blurred by pain, and I might be hearing hallucinations.

 ”Let me ask you one more time. You there, who are you and what are you doing?”

 A voice lower than usual.

 It wasn’t the gentle tone I usually hear, nor the cheerful one.

 It was a voice that seemed to desperately suppress anger.

 I was surprised by the unfamiliar voice, but it seems it’s not a hallucination after all.

 ”Sh… Shirogane Aqua… W-why are you in a place like this…”

 Terashima, in astonishment, collapsed on the spot.

 The customers and employees around, unable to comprehend what was happening, stared at the situation in front of them.

 Shirogane slowly approached me and tightly gripped Imamura’s wrist, who was grabbing my hair.

 ”Ouch! What are you doing?!”

 ”What am I doing? It’s actually me who wants to ask that.”

 Shirogane squatted down and gently placed his hand on my back.

 ”Sugita-sensei, can you speak? If it’s difficult, just blink to signal me.”

 I tightly grabbed Shirogane’s arm and managed to speak from the depths of my stomach.

 ”W-Why are you here?”

 ”I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to see it, but at that time, I caught a glimpse of the company’s name. And then, when I was watching TV with Toa and Shintaro at Ramen Takeko, the national broadcasting news mentioned that the company might be a fraud. So, I hurriedly came here. Sugita-sensei, she said something about the Teito Hotel after a week…”

 I see…

 Ah! To think that he would worry about someone like me and come to help, he’s such a kind person. It brings tears to my eyes.

 Seeing that, Shirogane, for some reason, directed an expression that seemed to suppress his anger towards Imamura.

 ”Hey, Aqua, you’re running too fast!”

 ”But… thanks to that, it seems we were able to prevent further damage.”

 ”No way… right?”

 When I turned my gaze towards the voice, there stood Nekoyama and Mayuzumi, out of breath, rushing over.

 Nekoyama and Mayuzumi tensed up when they saw me.

 It seems like the situation is really bad.

 ”Sugita-sensei, I’ll lift your body a little.”

 Shirogane gently lifted my body.

 W-Wait a minute, is this… the legendary princess carry!?

 The pain instantly disappears in the face of such a shock.

 ”S-Shirogane-sama, please come this way.”

 The manager of Teito Hotel, who noticed the situation, led us downstairs and guided us to a nearby long sofa.

 It seems like the staff called someone who can handle the situation properly.

 ”I apologize for the delay in response. We are currently arranging a doctor exclusively for the hotel, so please wait a moment.”


 To be honest, at first, it was difficult to speak properly because the corner of the table hit my stomach hard, but now I feel quite alright.

 ”Sugita-sensei, if it hurts, please don’t push yourself and let me know.”

 ”I-It’s okay, it’s okay! Despite appearances, I’m tough.”

 Shirogane gently sat me down on the long sofa and knelt down to take off my shoes.


 ”Sugita-sensei, I’ll say it again, please don’t pretend to be strong or push yourself.”

 ”Y-Yeah, I-I understand.”

 Shirogane had the same smile as always, but it was really scary.

 Normally, I understand that he’s the type who doesn’t get angry.

 ”Um, this…”


 The other customers in the lobby scattered the contents of the bag and brought it to me.

 ”I’m sorry. At first, I didn’t know what was happening.”

 ”I was also surprised, I’m sorry.”

 ”No, it’s okay. Thank you.”

 As I was speaking, Nekoyama passed by next to me.

 ”So… what were you doing?”


 Nekoyama approached Imamura and looked down at him with a contemptuous and freezing gaze. Oh, wait? Is something a little different from usual?

 ”I will never forgive anyone who hurts our important teacher. The reason I am here now is because Sugita-sensei reached out to me at that time.”

 Nekoyama… No, this won’t do. I can’t stop my tears, which are happier than the pain.

 ”I completely agree.”

 Mayuzumi stood in the way of Terashima, who was trying to escape.

 ”It was because Sugita-sensei was there that I also enrolled in Otomezaki. If I hadn’t met Aqua and the others there, I wouldn’t have changed. Besides… I quite like the current class.”

 Mayuzumi lifted his trademark glasses and glared at Terashima and the others.

 ”So, if you’re going to hurt Sugita-sensei, who is important to all of us in Class 1-A, I… will never forgive you.”

 Terashima seemed overwhelmed by Mayuzumi’s presence and remained motionless on the spot. Perhaps she was a fan of Mayuzumi.

 ”Damn it, are you guys idiots for messing with such an ugly woman?!”


 Uh… This is on a whole different level compared to Mayuzumi and Nekoyama earlier.

 A voice, so chilling that it might be the first time I’ve ever heard something like it, resonates quietly through the lobby of the Imperial Hotel.

 ”Sugita-sensei is a truly wonderful person.”


 ”Considering Sugita-sensei’s seriousness, even today, I think he must have prepared properly for this day.”

 Shirogane entwines my messy hair with his fingertips and neatly arranges it with a gentle touch.

 ”It’s not just that. I, we, know that Sugita-sensei’s heart is beautiful. Of course, in terms of appearance, she’s just a beautiful lady to me. So I guarantee it. Sugita-sensei is so beautiful that it’s a waste for you…”

 Shirogane gently pulls me closer, taking my hand as if treating me like some princess or lady.

 Huh? What? This is Hana-ata… Oh, wait? Could it be that I’m the heroine? No, no, no, snap out of it! Sugita Mari! You’re the teacher of Class 1A at Otomezaki, right? Get a hold of yourself!

 ”Now, sensei, shall we go? It seems like the manager of Teito Hotel has prepared a room for us.”

 Shirogane gently lifts me up again.

 Is this really okay… Experiencing this kind of thing twice in one day…

 ”Hey, hey…”

 ”Don’t say anything more. Don’t taint Sugita-sensei with your dirty words.”

 Shirogane looks at me and smiles.

 ”See? That’s why Sugita-sensei only needs to listen to my voice.”

 Yes, I won’t listen to any other voice except for Shirogane’s anymore.

 No, I can’t possibly teach like this! I added a self-remark.

 ”That’s why I don’t want you to get involved with Sugita-sensei again, okay?”

 ”Oh, Sugita-sensei is such a wonderful woman, you know.”

 Huh? Did we switch from Yakumo Itsuki-sensei’s work to Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei’s? And do three boys really think I’m suitable for this? Managing three of the most outstanding boys in history. I just hope it doesn’t break any laws…

 ”Aqua… Can I just punch that guy once?”

 ”I don’t want Sugita-sensei to touch him with her beautiful hands.”

 Come to think of it, earlier, Shirogane wiped his hands with a handkerchief after grabbing a man’s wrist. It’s not just because they were dirty; there’s a deeper reason.

 I see… this is impossible. It’s harder not to fall for this. Yeah, impossible, impossible.

 It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with him. Yeah, it’s impossible.

 I admit that I give up and love him. Yeah, it’s much easier on the heart that way.

 I will endure as everyone’s homeroom teacher after admitting it. I think that’s the best course of action.

 ”Aqua, is it okay to leave them alone?”

 ”Yeah, Shintaro. I think the police will handle it, so it should be fine. The security personnel are already here, so they won’t escape. There are probably many other victims, so we’ll leave it to the law’s judgment.”

 Afterward, I received medical treatment from the doctor who rushed over and explained the situation to the police who arrived.

 ”I’m sorry. If only I had investigated more thoroughly… I will take responsibility for putting you, my students, in danger. I am also prepared to take responsibility and resign as a teacher.”

 ”Sensei… Did you really listen to our story?”

 ”Yeah, we don’t want that.”

 ”Nekoyama, Mayuzumi… I’m sorry. Is there anything else I can do to make amends?”

 They said that, but the fact remains that I exposed the students to danger because of my own actions.

 ”Well then, I have one request.”

 Shirogane slowly approached me and handed me an envelope that he had in his pocket. I wonder what’s inside? I opened the envelope and was surprised.

 ”This is… a Christmas live concert ticket?”

 ”Yes. I wanted sensei to watch our live performance, so would you like to come?”

 ”Oh, of course… but…”

 As I was about to say that it wouldn’t be a punishment, Shirogane gently covered my lips with his index finger. Uh, ah, u… his fingertip on my lips feels… intense!

 ”It’s because of sensei that we are who we are now. So… please see what we’re doing with your own eyes. Luckily, you have a day off on the day of the live concert, right? Oh well, it’s a bit unfortunate that sensei has to work on a day off just to make sure the students are doing their best.”

 As I stand there dumbfounded, Nekoyama and Mayuzumi latch onto Shirogane’s narrative.

 ”Yep, yep, having to take care of us even on your day off, poor teacher~”

 ”Ah, exactly. Sensei, sorry for making you work on your day off.”

 It’s not like that’s a punishment! I wanted to say, but understanding the students’ feelings is also part of the teacher’s duty.

 ”Oh, I see… I got it. Geez, it was supposed to be a nice day off. Hehe, on the day, I’ll make sure to watch from the beginning to the end!”

 But… I feel a bit guilty towards the other students. While contemplating this, Shirogane reassures me that he has arranged for the classmates to have a good view of the next event.



 A few days later.

 I dress up to the nines on Christmas day and head to the concert hall.

 Because the tickets said, “Make sure to dress up and come stylish!”

 ”Wow, even though it’s only been 2 hours, I’m already looking forward to it!”

 ”Yeah, yeah. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this day.”

 ”It feels like I’m on a date during Christmas, I’m really happy!”

 ”Hey, spending Christmas with such cool boys is the best!”

 There were already many people gathered in front of the venue.

 Those are my proud students!

 I resisted the urge to shout that out and hurriedly made my way to the entrance of the concert.




 From here on, it’s the perspective of Kukuri-sama at the Teito Hotel.

 ”Damn it, let go! Don’t touch me!!”

 Seeing the ugly pig struggling, I couldn’t help but sigh.

 ”It stinks.”

 As I muttered that, everyone present fell silent.

 ”Ku, Kukukukukukuri-sama!?”

 The manager trembled and looked at me with fearful eyes.

 ”What is it, you…”

 As I raised my hand and gave instructions, the accompanying bodyguard forced the man to crawl on the ground.

 ”Even though Aqua-sama had beautifully cleansed the air in the lobby of the Teito Hotel with his breath, you, like trash, pollute it with the stench of your breath.”

 I swung my leg in front of the face of the man who was rubbing his head on the ground.


 I turned my gaze back to the manager.

 ”Take this garbage to a separate room for disposal. We need to eliminate anyone who might hinder Aqua-sama… Well, it’s too late now.”


 Snapping my fingers, I signaled the bodyguards to follow me as we started walking towards the entrance of the Teito Hotel.

 *Click, click, click…*

 The sound of pressing a button echoed quietly in the now silent lobby.

 ”Is this…?”

 Number 1, Worker-Holic, also known as Chisato Claire, entered the lobby while pressing a red button, reminiscent of a quiz show.

 That button is a fake prepared by the sect for her mental stability.

 ”I’ll leave the rest to you. This is my hotel, so feel free to do as you please.”

 With just those words, I left the Teito Hotel.

 That man will surely experience a hellish fate, wishing that he want to die.

 But that doesn’t matter. After all, he was the one who dared to touch something precious to Aqua-sama.

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