Male Idol V10c43

Volume 10 Chapter 43 Kokucho Agewa, Witch Of Destruction

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It seems that Beryl’s members are going to have a live performance on Christmas. I, for some reason, ended up applying for Morinaga’s campaign to win tickets for the live.

 Well, well, there’s no way I’ll win since there are so many people applying. But I feel so foolish for thinking that, I want to slap myself on the cheek.

 ”I won…”

 Since I won, it would be rude not to go. But why of all things, a pair ticket… There aren’t many people I can rely on in times like this.

 ”I’m sorry!! I really want to go, but that time on that day is a bit… so Agewa-neechan, please enjoy it by yourself!”

 Gah! Emily-chan rejected me… I grip my phone tightly and hang my head in disappointment. Ugh… I’ve lost someone I can rely on. What should I do? Just as I’m lost in thought, someone approaches me.

 ”What’s wrong? Can I ask you something?”

 When I looked up, it was the Prime Minister standing there.

 I struggled internally. Should I confess everything to the Prime Minister and invite her, or should I find someone else?

 To be honest, as someone with social anxiety and only Emily-chan as a friend, I didn’t think I could invite anyone else.

 Well, there’s no other choice, right?


 I confessed to the Prime Minister that I won a pair ticket, but the person I was planning to go with couldn’t make it.

 ”As expected of me, to think that the ticket would come to me. Well, this must be because of my good deeds!”

 ”Damn it, Prime Minister!!”

 ”Is that what adults do? Representative Tanigawa ended up being hospitalized for eating too many biscuits!”

 ”Stop, Representative Sato! It’s not good to hit the Prime Minister with a log. I understand the feeling of wanting to hit her with a log, but as the Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, I can’t overlook that.”

 I saw the Prime Minister, who was talking boastfully to other popular politicians nearby, and thought, “I shouldn’t have invited this person after all.”

 No matter how much there are respectable aspects… or rather, unless she does childish things, there are really no respectable qualities. And yet, she goes too far with her misbehavior and intentionally act silly to get laughs…

 Huh? I’m starting to feel a little uneasy about whether this person is really suitable as the Prime Minister. However, this person is still liked because all of that is taken as charm, I suppose. Yes, it’s completely opposite to me.

 ”Well then, see you on the day!”

 ”Yes, um…”

 ”Alright, I’m going to brag to everyone!”

 ”Prime Minister, please keep it moderate.”

 A few days later.

 I rushed to the venue with the Prime Minister on the train. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden a train normally. I was a little excited because no one noticed us thanks to the perfect disguise.

 ”Hehehe, it seems like our disguises are perfect!”

 ”Prime Minister, please don’t speak too loudly. We might get caught. As the Prime Minister of a country, please refrain from taking actions that increase the risk.”

 ”I understand!”

 I wonder if she really understand… Well, once the live performance starts, she’ll probably calm down a bit.

 ”Wow, I’m so excited!”

 ”I know. Ever since I got the tickets, I’ve been feeling excited.”

 ”Yeah! I’m really looking forward to it!”

 ”I never thought I’d get to see Aqua-kun live. I’m so happy!!”

 Just a little more until the start of the show, and I can see the expressions of the fans sitting around me. Compared to Christmas last year, it’s clear that the expressions of the citizens are brighter. I strongly felt that this country is heading in a positive direction.

 ”Oh, Representative Kokucho, it looks like it’s about to start.”

 ”Yes, Prime Minister, it seems so.”

 The spotlights hanging from the ceiling were dropped one by one, making a sound.

 It’s about to begin…!

 The loud cheers of the fans who were convinced enveloped the venue. On the screen hanging in front of me, the characters slowly appeared.

 [Everything in this world was about to be engulfed in darkness.]

 Everyone listened to the delicate sound of the violin.

 Ah… Although it’s not mentioned explicitly, this melody undoubtedly belongs to Shintaro. Not only me, but a few other fans also noticed that.

 [Due to the hunting conducted by the witches, most of humanity has been wiped out, and only a few humans and elf women remain in this world.]

 The initially beautiful sound of the violin gradually gained strength and power.

 Along with it, my heartbeats echoed loudly in my chest. In the next moment, the screen switched to a video.

 [Just a little more until the destruction of this world… Ah! I can’t wait for the day when the world is dyed in black.]

 I was amazed by Kohina Yukari’s performance as a witch. How is she so skilled at playing villains?

 Her acting, dressed as an evil queen and exuding a bewitching atmosphere, instantly erases any impression of being good.

 I see… That’s why she is the mentor of the actor Shirogane Aqua, making it clear to amateurs like me in an instant.

 [Among them, there are those who continue to hold hope and struggle desperately for the future that will come someday.]

 On the screen, women holding babies are projected. If I recall correctly, it’s the actress who played the heroine in Hana-ata. And this story… I glance briefly at the Prime Minister sitting next to me.

 [Their wishes and feelings have become a single thread, weaving through history without interruption.]

 This story is undoubtedly linked to the present world.

 I immediately noticed that. Is the script by Hakuryuu-sensei…? I also read the sensei’s works, so I understand, but I think this is probably her first attempt at fantasy.

 On the screen, a blonde female knight wearing armor and braided hair was shown walking from behind.

 ”Your Majesty! The enemy’s forces are approaching. We can’t hold this position anymore!! Evacuate!!”

 The moment her face appeared, the venue buzzed for just a moment. And no wonder, because the one who played the role of the elven princess knight was Shirogane Kanon-san, Aqua-sama’s legal wife. But what shocked me was the next scene.

 ”I won’t let that happen. Even if we run away here, there won’t be a future for us ahead. So… I will also step forward and fight together.”

 Ah, ah… eh, Emily-chan!? Why is Emily-chan there!? When I looked around, I could see that everyone, except for me, showed signs of agitation. But their agitation is surely for a different reason than mine.

 Many people surely mistook Emily-chan’s appearance on the screen for Yukishiro Mikuni or Shirogane Aqua’s performances. I was also surprised, to be honest. Emily-chan was beautiful from the start, but I thought she was a child who stood out on the screen.

 ”I found you, Queen of the Elves! Oh… the Princess Knight is here too!”

 In the next moment, as the screen split in half, Kuga Reira-san, wearing black knight armor, appeared on stage. And on the opposite side, I could see Emily-chan and Kanon-san, who stood in front of Emily-chan to protect her. The venue was filled with cheers and applause.

 ”Oh, Princess Knight… don’t move. We, the Dark Knights, will exterminate you here by the order of the Witch!”

 Following behind Kuga Reira-san, many women wearing the same armor appeared from behind.

 ”If you move, I can’t guarantee the lives of those here. Give up and disarm yourselves!”

 Reira turned towards us and swung the sword she had towards the audience seats.

 Ah, ah, does this mean we are hostages?

 We, the fans sitting in the audience, realized that we are also characters in this story.

 “Taking hostages, how cowardly!”

 Kanon-san lowered the weapon she had prepared and shouted at the two, “Don’t lay a hand on the hostages!”

 ”Kuh, kill me!”

 Kanon-san, who was willing to sacrifice herself to free the hostages.

 Eh? Eh? What’s going to happen?

 The next moment, a video of a running horse appeared on a new screen in the back.

 Beautiful… The audience was captivated by the sight of a pure white horse with a silver-like tail, and a knight wearing silver’s armor riding on top of it.

 As everyone was taken aback, the sound of a real horse’s neighing came from behind the venue.



 ”What will happen!?”


 ”Is it from behind?”

 Everyone turned around at once.

 At the same time, a real prince on a white horse jumped out from the large entrance at the back.


 ”The prince on a white horse has arrived!”

 ”Huh? Prince? Or maybe a knight!?”

 ”Huh, this is bad…”

 ”This is a critical hit, just like with Yuujin-sama…”

 ”So Aqua-sama really was a prince.”

 ”As expected of Hakuryuu-sensei, she knows…”

 ”Having a blonde-haired Aqua-sama is unfair.”

 What a flashy entrance it is.

 With the powerful sound of percussion instruments, it transitions into a grand orchestra, as if watching a movie.

 The prime minister next to me said, “Wow, that’s cool. Maybe I should make an entrance like this in the next parliament session,” but I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it. I belong to a different party, and I’ll leave it to the members of the same party as the prime minister to do their best…


 ”Look over hereeeee!”


 Aqua-sama quickly ran up the slope and jumped onto the stage. Amazing… I’ve only seen someone handle a horse so well in playing horsey with Kukuri-sama. Speaking of which, Emily-chan was always made to play horsey with her when they were preschoolers… Yeah, I remember some incredibly irrelevant information. Let’s focus on the stage.

 ”A… human!?”

 ”Who are you!?”

 Aqua-sama stopped her horse to protect Kanon-san, then dismounted and handed the reins to a person nearby. They’re the real princess and prince… Oh, no, wait, Kanon-san is the real princess… But it seems like I wasn’t the only one who forgot about that.

 ”Speaking of which, Shumi was a princess too.”

 ”Ku, I forgot that Shumi is a princess.”

 ”Oh, now that you mention it…”

 ”Both of you, get ready for a face punch!”

 Aqua-sama pulled out a large sword hanging from his waist and thrust it high into the sky.

 From the costume to the props, everything was probably designed by Mr. John.

 From the buttons to the decorations, everything was thought out for Aqua-sama alone. Its beauty was breathtaking, enough to make me want to gaze at this scene for an hour or even two, completely captivated.

 ”I am the King of Knight! I have risen to purge the darkness that is invading this world and save everything! Witch’s army! We will not let you destroy our ally, the Elven Kingdom!”

 Aqua-sama, also known as the King of Knight, thrusts his sword into the ground.

 As if in harmony with that sound, a loud percussion instrument resounds throughout the venue.

 And then, the music begins.

 [In this battle, how far will it continue? In the invisible mist, struggling, suffering, falling, yet still moving forward. Why do people have to keep moving forward even in such circumstances?]

 It’s a pure and beautiful singing voice that stretches endlessly. No… way? It’s not inferior to Aria Catalini. Or rather, when it comes to this point, it becomes a matter of personal preference. The audience held their breath at her… Emily-chan’s singing voice, which can be described as a close competition.

 [At a certain moment, someone pushed my back, who had stopped moving. I extend my hand to those who are also unable to move. I believe that there is something beyond this mist.]

 By the way, did Emily-chan also apply for the duet audition? On the bulletin board, most people thought that there was no way she could defeat Aria Catalini, but Emily-chan silences everyone with her overwhelming singing voice and vocal skills.

 [Whether we win this battle or lose, our lives will continue. So, why do we fight…? It’s for honor.]

 Everyone is excited by Aqua-sama’s singing. Maybe it’s because his voice is lower than usual. He looks very mature. I think he’ll be cool when he grows up.


 As I gaze at the stage, Reira-san steps forward to stand beside Aqua-kun. Alongside them, one of the Dark Knight’s subordinates and a woman wearing a cloak on the side of the elves also step forward, each taking their place at the edges.

 So now, Aqua-sama stands in the center of the stage, with Emily-chan to his right, Reira-san to his left, and the elven woman and the woman dressed as a knight on either side of Reira-san and Emily-chan.

 I wonder what is about to begin. Then, the two people at the ends, who had been hiding their identities, remove their hoods and helmets. At that moment, a loud cheer erupts from the audience.

 The two individuals turned out to be the world-renowned opera singer Aria Catalini, who plays the knight in this song, and Erika Evermillion, a world-class soprano singer who entered the duet audition along with Emily-chan and Reira-san. They portray as an elf.

 [Let’s put out everything we’ve accumulated in our lives, compete, fight, and improve each other. And now, our greatest battle begins. There is no one to hinder this battle. What we have here is the feelings, souls, and honor of the comrades we have fought together with and the people who have woven them together.]

 The voices of the five people overlap. Wow… Reira-san is also a world-class musical actress, so it’s not surprising that her singing is amazing. Huh? Emily-chan doesn’t pale in comparison to Reira-san, Erika-sama, and Aria-san? The top three in the duet audition are at this level. Wow…

 No, what’s even more amazing is Aqua-sama’s singing ability, which clearly stands out even when singing with those four people. Yeah, I gave up thinking deeply about it. When I was looking at the bulletin board, I saw someone write that it’s because Aqua-sama is Aqua-sama, so there’s nothing I can do about it. I guess I’ll do the same. Magic words are convenient…

 [Now, let’s begin our battle. What lies beyond the peak of victory and defeat? Standing here, that is already an honor. We don’t need to think about unnecessary things anymore. So, let’s enjoy fighting, competing, and growing together!]

 As they finished singing until the end, Erika-sama and Aria-san, who were standing on both sides, waved their hands with smiles in response to the cheers from the audience and exited the stage.

 Perhaps this whole sequence was incorporated because there were many skeptical voices about the level of the duet audition on the bulletin board. At least now, no one will question the duet audition after seeing this.

 ”The King of King of Knight, huh! What can you do alone? I will destroy all the elves here!”

 Aqua-sama, who caught Reira-san’s attack, effortlessly deflects the attack. Aqua-sama gracefully dodges Reira-san’s subsequent attacks with elegant steps.

 Everyone is mesmerized by the beautiful sword dance and action scenes. Well, speaking for all the girls, I think everyone was just amazed by how cool Aqua-sama was.

 Now, Aqua-sama continues to corner Reira-san.

 However, the moment Aqua-sama swings his sword down, along with the dramatic effect of Reira-san’s cape fluttering, Reira-san disappears from the stage.

 Huh? What? What’s going on!?

 As the audience looked confused, Reira-san appeared again from the edge of the stage.

 Oh~! It’s an illusion!

 ”Our witch army is immune to physical attacks! King of Knight, you are strong. However, with that, you cannot defeat us!”

 Wait a minute! It’s unfair that physical attacks don’t work!

 Bring out the scriptwriter!!

 And the script was written by my beloved Hakuryuu-sensei…

 What should I do? As everyone watched with bated breath, a man rushed to help the King of Knight.

 ”Oh, King of Knight! The weakness of the Dark Knight who uses the power of darkness is light!”

 Kyaaa! It’s Shintaro-kun!

 Everyone, look! That’s our Shintaro-kun!

 Shintaro-kun was wearing glasses of a slightly different shape than usual, and he had a dignified robe with a large antique-style book with chains in his hand.

 It looks great on him!! Beryl’s live performances allow free photography, so I need to take some pictures for Kiyoko-san. Let’s somehow get them to Kiyoko-san through Shion-san without her knowing it’s me.

 ”I appreciate it. Who are you exactly?”

 ”I am an elf scholar. Our clan has been researching to purify this darkness that covers the world. Now is the time to save the world. Let’s fight together, King of Knights!”

 This is Beryl! Normally, Toa-chan would be the first one to come, but it has been revealed in an interview that Shintaro-kun was the one who encouraged Aqua-kun to become an idol.

 That’s why, right now, at this moment, the fans cheering and doing victory poses are undoubtedly Shintaro-kun’s fans! Good for you, Shintaro-kun… You have so many fans!

 [You are always free. With those wings, you can fly anywhere. To a scenery no one has ever seen before. Even if you can’t see anything in front of you, you keep walking without hesitation. Carving your own path. Even through the world. Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!]

 Towards a shining future. It’s Shintaro’s signature song! And this time, it’s a special duet version with Aqua-sama.

 [I felt like I was being crushed by expectations and pressure. I wanted to run away, but I didn’t even have the courage to do that. I’ve been living, constantly thinking about reasons to give up. But now, I’m only thinking about facing it.]

 The song of the two who have been fighting since the very beginning brings tears to my eyes. Aqua-sama also said that the reason he is here now is because Shintaro pushed him forward that time.

 [I am free. I can fly to wherever I want. To a scenery no one has ever seen before. Even if I can’t see anything in front of me, I keep walking without hesitation. Carving my own path. Even through the world.]

 A duet that combines the dance of just the two of them. At first, Shintaro, who was called robotic and stiff, is showing a synchronized dance with Aqua-sama, which is truly moving.

 [I can go anywhere. Because I am free, right? There’s no need to hesitate. Unseen scenery is waiting for me. Keep pushing forward. Towards the future. Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!]

 My hands holding the camera tremble. My fingers lack strength to press the shutter. Then, the Prime Minister who was standing next to me gently took the camera and took the photo on my behalf.

 [I no longer want to blame someone else for my life. There’s nothing to give up by blaming something. Your back always taught me that. That I’m a fool, you made me realize.]

 Shintaro stepped forward and shouted towards the audience.

 ”Lend me your power, everyone! The power of light that everyone possesses, to the King of King of Knight!”

 Wha- What does this mean!?”

 I didn’t know what to do at first.

 [The present moment, where nothing is visible, is so enjoyable. I will carve my own path for tomorrow!]

 A fan who understood Shintaro’s intentions took out two colored penlights and began waving them vigorously. Ah, I see! We were too absorbed in watching the stage and forgot about the penlights.

 [We are free. We can fly anywhere we want, to unseen landscapes. Even though we can’t see anything in front of us, we walk without hesitation. We carve our way. Even the world itself.]

 One by one, the light from the two colored penlights spreads like ripples. The scene is beautiful, spreading a warm and cozy feeling in our hearts.

 [We can go anywhere. Because we are free, right? There’s no need to hesitate. Unseen landscapes are waiting for us. Keep pushing forward. Towards the future.]

 Without a doubt, the thoughts of the children here have become one. This is the world that I…we aimed for.

 [We don’t know if this is the right answer or not. Maybe we’re doing the wrong thing. But we can’t give up just because of that. Ever since the day we said we’d make everyone smile.]

 The lyrics Shintaro sings resonate with my own.

 However, one difference is that I am aware that what I am trying to do is not the right way.

 However, unlike Emily-chan, I was clumsy and this was the only way I could think of.

 [I want to bring my smile to you. I want to convey this feeling. For that purpose, I will keep reaching out. I can go anywhere. Because you and I are free, right? Let’s go together, to the same future.]

 Even if I sacrifice my future, there is something I must do.

 All this is so that we can all fly toward the same future.

 One of the spotlights illuminates the stage, and the dark army retreats one step at a time.

 [Everyone is free. They can fly anywhere they like, to unseen landscapes. Even if nothing is visible in front of us, let’s walk together. Let’s carve our own path. Even the world itself.]

 My family has carried too much burden. So, someone has to balance the scales. If that’s my role, I will quietly accept that judgment.

 [We can go anywhere. After all, we are free, right? There’s no need to hesitate anymore! I will take everyone to unseen landscapes. Even if it’s slowly, towards tomorrow.]

 A loud applause is given to the two who finished singing. This country is currently going through a transition, and everyone is starting to walk towards a brighter future with Beryl.

 That’s why I must put an end to methods like Kokucho’s here. But… if I have even a little freedom, I want to choose the person who will guide me.

 Maybe I’m not as skilled as Hakuryuu-sensei, but this script is written for me, so I’ll accept it.

 ”This, this is the future we’ve been waiting for…”

 ”Prime Minister…”

 Looking at the serious profile of the Prime Minister, I felt like I saw her true self after a long time. Hehe, if she always acted like this, her approval rating would be even higher.

 But since she only shows this side occasionally, maybe that’s why she’s well-liked. I remember being told that if you’re always on edge, you’ll collapse.

 ”Darn it, the power of light!! Retreat! We’re retreating!!”

 The army of witches led by Reira-san, who was cornered at the edge of the stage by the power of light, exits.

 ”Human Child. I have been saved. Perhaps you can purify the darkness that will engulf this world.”

 Emily-chan is truly beautiful… Standing next to Kanon-san, she doesn’t pale in comparison. The special aura emitted by these two and their appearance is just as impressive as standing next to Aqua-sama.

 ”Scholar, accompany the King of Knight on his journey as the representative of the Elves.”

 ”Yes, Your Majesty!”

 And so, Aqua-sama and Shintaro-kun embarked on a journey from the Elven Kingdom to the outside world. While the screen displayed the explanation of the story, the backdrop swiftly changed.

 The two, dressed in traveler’s attire, ventured deep into the forest. All for the sake of obtaining the holy sword that purges darkness. However, a new assassin’s evil hand approaches their destination.

 ”Human child, King of Knight… and the Elven scholar. Your journey ends here!”

 A newly appeared Dark Knight blocks their path. Leading the Dark Knight is none other than Kobayakawa Yuki, who co-stars in Driver. This brings a smile to the faces of Driver fans.

 Reira-san, who has a cool vibe, and the tall Kobayakawa-san both looked amazing in armor. I bet they were both popular during their days at the girls’ school…

 ”King of Knight! The power of light!”

 ”Of course!”

 What’s up with that battle cry!? I wondered, but the audience went wild with Aqua-sama’s improvisation. Yeah, he was just on stage a moment ago. I’m sure even Morita-san, who’s watching on TV, is thrilled.


 Aqua-sama thrusts his sword, but the spotlight doesn’t spread. Instead, the mist floating around the stage spreads even more. It seems like it’s part of the performance, where the light is blocked by the dense trees of a deep forest. Aqua-sama and Shintaro-kun are suddenly pushed into a pinch.

 The fans, myself, the Prime Minister, we all desperately wave our penlights, but the light doesn’t reach.


 ”What’s wrong, King of Knight! Is this the extent of a human knight’s power!”

 Uwaaaan! Aqua-sama and Shintaro-kun are in trouble! Help us, Emily-chan. Kanon-san!! It’s a despair-like situation and a voice descends from the heavens.

 ”Don’t give up, King of Knight.”

 Ah… Is that voice…?




 ”He’s hereeeee!”

 Some people scream while chugging medicine. A-Are they alright? Well, it’s an unofficial medicine from the country, after all~.

 ”Who’s there!”

 Kobayakawa-san looks up at the sky. Then, wrapped in a beam of light, Toa-chan, dressed as a fairy, descends to the ground.

 Huh? Huh? Floating in the air? When I think about it, it must be an effect using wires, but the way he gracefully descends without a hint of the wires is incredibly natural. Toa-chan lands before the King of Knight.

 ”Fairy race… I wish you could just stay holed up in the forest!!”

 ”Yeah, you’re right. I’ve been cooped up for a long time, just as you said… But then I realized that’s not enough. That’s why I’m going with them too!!”

 So that’s Beryl, huh?

 Who wrote this script?! It’s my beloved Hakuryuu-sensei!

 ”Now, rise, King of Knight! I’ll infuse that sword with the power of light.”

 The spotlight envelops only the two of them.

 [Flowing stars fall into the sea. If you reach your hand to the night sky, everyone’s hopes will twinkle.]

 It’s Toa-chan’s black and white world!

 And this is the acapella starting version he showed at Beryl’s Summer Comic Market!

 [I’m now in a black white world…]

 After the acapella turn, it transitions into a powerful orchestral performance.

 [The drop of tears that spilled, my untold lie]

 This was the third time he sung this song. Even for someone like me, it’s clearly getting better and better.

 ”Oh, there!”


 ”And Shiro-kun too!”

 Two angels, Tama-chan and Shiro-kun, descended from the heavens and started circling around Toa-chan. They are just so adorable. Everything about them is cute.

 And then, as if to add to the excitement, two new angels descended. Oh, oh, those are the skins of the two who were said to be added to the Vtuber Division, right? Wow, is this their first appearance here? I’m looking forward to Shintaro-kun’s Vtuber debut.

 [My heart, frozen in fear, is melted by your gentle warmth.]

 Wowww! It flew! It jumped!!

 Toa-chan flew in the sky and circled above us. Some people were trying to peek at his underwear from below, but let’s stop that.

 By the way, the prime minister next to me, who was desperately trying to see his underwear, I stopped her with all my might. You can’t see anything from those sturdy shorts, so let’s give up.

 [Even if these feelings can’t be conveyed, under this vast universe, you and I are connected. These feelings of mine gently tighten my chest, but everything quietly sinks into the black-and-white world.]

 When Toa-chan’s song ends, King of Knight Aqua-sama raises his sword high with a shout. As the light from the spotlight spreads, the mist covering the floor clears.

 ”Damn, is this the end?”

 Kobayakawa-san and the witch army retreat for the second time. Well, well, now we have three people together. Aqua-sama and the others find the holy sword that was deep in the forest, but the sword was rusty after many years. It’s not usable like this.

 Because of that, they set off to the Dwarven Kingdom in order to be able to wield the Holy Sword. However, when they arrived at the city near where the ship was supposed to depart to the continent where the Dwarven Kingdom is located, they found out that the ship had already been destroyed by the Witch’s army, and it seems like they won’t be able to set sail.

 It seemed like they were at a complete dead end, with no other choice but to give up… Just when everyone thought that, a gigantic ship slowly appeared from the depths of the stage. Everyone let out a surprised cry.


 And all eyes turned towards the person standing at the front of the ship.


 He jumped down and struck a cool pose.

 ”You made me wait!! I’m Captain Akira, the man who rules the seven seas!”

 I see… I’m starting to understand a few things. This script has its share of chuunibyou-like elements here and there, but well, I guess that’s just how it is. But both the fans and I are more than satisfied, so I won’t say anything.

 ”Now, let’s go!”

 Four people boarded the ship and began playing musical instruments, singing joyously.

 [You are a light, a shining beacon in the moonless night sky. I wanted to shine brightly around you.]

 Finally, the four of them were together… The ship they boarded started cutting through the world cloaked in darkness.

 [You are a light, a shining beacon in the moonless night sky. Even in the darkest places where light can’t reach, you illuminate them with brightness.]

 The spotlight illuminates the path after the four people pass, enveloping it in light. This is Beryl… Wait, if you look closely, it says “Beryl Enterprise” next to the ship! Attention to detail!

 [There may be times when you feel weak and overshadowed, or days when clouds block your light. Even on such days, no one will blame you.]

 Shirogane-kun opens his arms wide and speaks to us.

 ”Courageous crew members of the Beryl! Row with all your might!! Let’s embark on a journey together, heading towards our destination!!”

 Akira-kun spins the sword in the air with both hands. Well, upon closer inspection, one hand has turned into a claw.

 Yeah, it seems like he enjoys that kind of thing… By involving the audience in the story, a stronger sense of unity is created between Beryl and the fans.

 [Because in this pitch-black world, you continue to shine the brightest.]

 Everyone raises their penlights in both hands and spins them around. In response, the oars attached to the side of the ship start spinning. Could it be that they are tracing the movement of the penlight’s light? Amazing…

 [Because you are the light, a shining beacon in the moonless night sky. With you, I feel like we can go anywhere.]

 Is it okay? Even if I board this ship…

 [The darker the night sky becomes, the more you shine. And everyone around you starts to shine brighter too.]

 There are many boys who have become unhappy because of Kokucho. I am not allowed to go with them.

 [There are times when you feel weak and overshadowed, and it’s okay to have days blocked by clouds. Even on such days, no one would blame you.]

 The movement of the hand that was waving the penlight naturally stops. I feel like my chest is being crushed by guilt.

 [Because in this pitch-black world, you continued to shine alone.]

 I feel truly pathetic. Even though I thought I had made up my mind, I’m still escaping from reality like this. Even though I’m no longer a child, the real me hasn’t changed since middle school.

 [I am grateful for the miracle of meeting you.]

 As the music reaches its climax, my heart is dragged into darkness.

 [Thank you for this destiny of meeting you.]

 The barrier called “Kokucho” will never let me go. That’s why I thought I would sink to the bottom of the sea along with this barrier.

 [Because you are the light, a shining beacon in the moonless night sky. Ah, what a wonderful sight.]

 Yes… I shouldn’t long for a prince charming.

 [The world you illuminated shines so brightly. With the light you shine, everyone discovers the beauty of the world.]

 When the song ended, the hall was filled with cheers.

 But, my heart didn’t soar.

 I am Kokucho, the head of the Kokucho family, the witch clan that tormented the men of this country, Kokucho Agewa….

 Yes, at that time, I thought I understood everything.

 Even though no one in this world can predict his outrageous actions.

 So, I would come to know this a little later.

 That Shirogane Aqua is the real prince who came to save this world…

 Until the day I, trapped in Kokucho, am saved, there are less than two weeks left.

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