Male Idol V10c44

Volume 10 Chapter 44 Chisato Claire, Corrupted Sister

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 Returning to my room in the headquarters of the Holy Aqua Religion, I collapsed onto the sofa, diving in headfirst.

 Today has been quite eventful… Aqua-kun causing a commotion by naturally being kind to girls, Emily-san getting involved in some kind of rescue mission and was it Shimada who was complicit in the marriage fraud? No, it was Terashima, I think? Well, it doesn’t really matter. I had to re-educate that person, and when there was a report that Aqua-kun was in trouble, I rushed over and, as usual, he ended up being all lovey-dovey with a breasts.

 Then I received a completely irrelevant email from Emily-san, and I had to stop Saint Farmer and God Artist who were trying to conduct human experiments using strange vegetables, was it Imai or Tamura?

 And… well, the majority of my troubles are caused by Emily-san and Aqua-kun, but I wonder what’s going on? And the rest is mostly related to the Twelve Bishops!

 ”Seriously~ I don’t wanna!”

 I flopped onto the sofa like a child throwing a tantrum, flailing my arms and legs.




 What am I doing all alone…? Feeling embarrassed, I calmed down a little. I laid back on the sofa and spoke towards the ceiling.

 ”Did you see that just now?”


 ”No need to worry about it.”

 ”…Nin nin.”

 ”There you are after all!”

 I had forgotten that Rin-chan was here, and I ended up acting childish. Overwhelmed by shame, I started flailing my arms and legs again.

 ”I’m sorry…”

 Rin-chan descended from the ceiling and looked apologetic.

 ”No, Rin-chan, it’s not your fault, so you don’t have to apologize.”

 Sigh… I wonder if something good will happen. As I muttered to myself, my phone started ringing. Huh? An email from Emily-san? I wonder what it could be… I hope it’s not something troublesome.

 [Claire, I have something I want to give you. Come down to the grand hall.]

 Something you want to give me?

 What could it be? I head to the grand hall with Rin-chan.

 And there, a large group of believers had gathered.

 Huh? Did people increase without my knowledge again? It must be my imagination, right?

 ”You’ve come at a good time, Claire…”

 Huh? Who? I almost pretended not to know Saint Mode Emily-san.

 I wonder if Emily-san knows? It’s because she give off that kind of vibe that the so-called believers become victims.

 ”To you, who always works hard, let me give this ticket as a saint.”

 Hm… What?

 Looking closely at the ticket, it said “Beryl Entertainment’s Christmas Special Live.”

 And not just one, but there were two tickets. Huh? What? What does this mean?

 ”That ticket is a precious ticket obtained through the noble sacrifice of Saint Hogekawa and Saint Tashi Nami (Certainly-wife).”

 Upon careful examination, the ticket is labeled as “Morinaga Merry Biscuit winning slot.”

 Ah, I see. So, in order to win the ticket, Morikawa-san and Kanon-san seem to have made a precious sacrifice by overindulging in biscuits.

 ”Given a significant mission by the gods, unfortunately, we cannot watch this live from the audience seats. Therefore, I want you, as the top of the Twelve Bishops, to witness Aqua-sama’s activities in my place.”


 While it’s delightful to watch Beryl’s live for free, what exactly is the significant mission? Am I not being unwittingly involved in something strange? As I glanced at Emily-san’s face, her gaze seemed to shift for some reason. Well, I can’t see her true expression because of the blindfold, but I somehow feel that way. *Stare*…


 Ah, she diverted the conversation.

 When Emily-san clapped her hands, the surrounding believers and twelve bishops also clapped their hands to bless her.


 ”Please enjoy yourself!”

 ”Spread your wings and fly high!”

 ”Heal your daily stress with Beryl’s live concert!”

 ”Stop pressing the dislike button!”

 Hmm, I had a really bad premonition, but it’s probably just my imagination. Since the ticket was for a pair, I invited my friend Rin-chan to go to the live concert with me.

 Well, that part was good. I was able to buy some goods, enjoy the exhibition event, and the special video on the big screen was amazing. And yet… yes, and yet, why, why!

 Why is Emily-san thereee!?

 Haa… haa…

 When I saw her stand on stage without warning, I screamed inside.

 Seriously? Why is she really there?

 Hey, Emily-san… Do you understand your position?

 Somehow, she ended up participating in a duet audition. How did that happen!?

 When I saw her, who seemed lost on the stage while performing the holy maiden move, I felt the urge to escape to somewhere far away.

 ”Should I defeat Aqua-sama’s enemy?”

 ”Stop, Rin-chan!”

 This is a musical. There’s a script, right?

 So, don’t try to defeat the cast members. Yeah, let’s start by putting down that dangerous thing you’re holding, Rin-chan.

 Instead of a kunai, how about this penlight in Aqua-sama’s color?

 Oh, but if you’re going to defeat someone, it’s okay to use the elf queen over there as a target for shurikens later, just as much as you like.

 Ah, I’m getting really tired.

 ”I can see the destination ahead!!”

 Beryl and their companions, who boarded a ship to the Dwarf Kingdom, encountered attacks and ship malfunctions along the way. Each time, they entertained the audience with live performances, involving them in the incidents.

 It’s interesting how the audience can participate using penlights for each event. The composition of songs and instruments is special, incorporating elements of sword fighting and tap dancing in the dance performances. I wish there hadn’t been the incident with Emily. I wanted to enjoy it more purely.

 Finally, after overcoming various hardships, the four of them arrived at the continent where the Dwarf Kingdom, their destination, is located.

 ”Now, let’s split up and take action from here.”

 Captain Akira stayed on the ship for maintenance, Mayuzumi-kun went to meet the Dwarf King, and Toa-chan headed to the city to procure necessary supplies and gather information from the citizens.

 Aqua-kun, who was alone, headed towards the house of a dwarf on the outskirts of the town to get his holy sword repaired.

 ”It seems like this is the place.”

 According to the information from the residents, it seems that a dwarf who can repair the holy sword lives here.

 ”Excuse me. Is anyone here?”

 When Aqua-kun called out, Tsukimachi Ayana-san, who had a bandage wrapped around her chest and exposed her shoulders and belly, came out of the house.

 I see, Ayana-san is a dwarf blacksmith. With the final episode of Yuu-oni airing the day after tomorrow, the audience is also getting excited.

 ”What do you want? I’m busy, you know?”

 As expected, the fans of Beryl in the audience smiled at Ayana-san’s tsundere element. In our class too, since Ayana-san is a classmate, there are many Rina fans, and I think most of the people here are also Rina fans.

 Well, I personally prefer Sayuki-san, but it seems that Sayuki-san doesn’t have many fans. There are still people who understand the Holy Aqua Religion, but why does everyone seem to be afraid of Sayuki-san? Keeping someone you love captive is actually a very rational means… After all, if you leave them free, you never know what might happen to them.

 In that case, it would be more efficient and safest to keep them captive from the beginning, managing and taking care of everything about them. I believe this is especially true for someone important.

 With such thoughts, I feel closer to the reformist vanguard of the Holy Aqua Religion or the classical factions of the Stars Orthodox Church, the Arabian Peninsula Federation, or the policies promoted by Kokucho Agewa-san. They align more closely with my original thinking.

 ”I actually came here because I wanted to be able to use the Holy Sword. I heard from the people in town that you are an excellent dwarf who can repair the Holy Sword.”

 ”Heh, is that so?”

 Wow… Even though she was just praised a little, she’s already melting in seconds. This is definitely a sign of being easily swayed. Ayana-san, who is showing the expected easy-to-melt behavior, makes the fans in the audience smile too much and their faces become sloppy.

 ”Well, I guess there’s no helping it! Come on, show me!”

 When Ayana-san saw the Holy Sword, she lowered her eyes and shook her head from side to side.

 ”No, it’s impossible. To remove this rust, we need a special holy water.”

 ”Where can we find that holy water?”

 ”It’s not here. If you go to the Dwarven Sacred Mountain deep inside, you can find it… but there are dangerous ogres there, they say.”

 ”I see, in that case, I’ll go and get it.”

 Aqua-kun passes by Ayana-san’s side and heads towards the Dwarven Sacred Mountain.

 Ayana-san, upon seeing that, turned her body towards Aqua-kun in a flustered manner.


 Ayana-san tightly grabbed Aqua-kun’s sleeve.

 ”Hey, do you know where the holy water is springing from?”

 ”No, I don’t.”

 ”Well, that’s no good! Fine, I’ll come with you then.”

 Oh my, oh my, oh my? Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my? Is this where Hakuryuu-sensei’s love element comes in? I don’t understand where the element falls, but more than 90% of women in the world are like this.

 Um, in the morning, I was greeted at the shoe locker area with a “good morning”…

 According to a story I heard from a certain classmate, T.T-san, this was the trigger for falling in love with Aqua-kun. This is still a mild case, as the reasons given by certain followers of the Holy Aqua Religion were even worse.

 I made eye contact with Aqua-sama through the screen. Isn’t this fate after all?

 I couldn’t help but want to go to the hospital. Even if it’s through the screen, can you feel the eyes of everyone in the world? Still, it might be better than being one of the Twelve Bishops.

 For example, one of the Twelve Bishops, the Perfumer, had her brain cells violated just by smelling the scent when passing by the Fuji Department Store. There are also people who have strange experiences, like her body convulsing and her eggs being fertilized by the sound of keyboard taps during game streaming, or like she’s gone crazy for powder. I realized that it’s a waste of time to even think about why I like Aqua-kun.

 ”Are you okay?”


 Aqua-kun holds Ayana-san, who almost slipped. Normally, you’d want to say the opposite, but with Aqua-kun, this is the right answer. The common sense of boys protecting others doesn’t apply. Aqua-kun swiftly moves in front of Ayana-san and reaches out his hand to the Ayana-san behind him.

 ”Here you go.”

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 Ayana-san watched Aqua-kun gently lead her, and the audience showed a fascinated expression. Aqua-kun seemed to notice this and reached out towards us in the audience.

 ”Be careful here, the ground is slippery. Look, we’re almost at our destination, so everyone be cautious.”

 Everyone reached out towards Aqua-kun simultaneously. Yeah, it’s because they do things like this that misunderstandings among women keep happening.

 And among them, the ones who are particularly offbeat end up becoming victims of the Holy Aqua Religion. It would be fine if that was all, but why is it that the more offbeat someone is, the more high-spec they tend to be?

 On top of that, they move on their own, without reporting or contacting or consulting anyone!! Ah, just thinking about it makes my temples ache.

 ”This way!”

 Ayana-san, having reached the destination, ran towards the place where holy water gushed out.

 However, standing in their way were two ogres.

 ”Young human and young dwarf, you must not step any further.”

 One of the ogres blocking their path was Maron-san from Eau de Cologne.

 ”Kishishi! If you want holy water, you must prove yourselves.”

 The other ogre, Fran-san from Eau de Cologne, showed an evil smile.

 Aqua-sama stepped forward and spoke to Maron-san.

 ”What should we do?”


 Maron-san showed a thoughtful gesture.

 ”It is our tradition as ogres to offer songs and dances to the gods before battle. Shall we have you perform it for us?”

 Fran-san interjected at Maron-san’s suggestion.

 ”If that’s the case, I have a good method!”

 Fran-san extended both hands towards the audience.

 ”There are so many audience members here! Shall we have a competition to see who can showcase the superior singing and dancing?”

 The audience cheered at Fran-san’s proposal. It’s a collaboration between Beryl’s Aqua-kun, Ayana-san from eau de Cologne, Fran-san, and Maron-san, the top idols. There’s no doubt that it will be exciting.

 ”Now, it’s time for a thrilling singing battle! Let the competition begin!”


 This is… eau de Cologne’s song, isn’t it? First, Maron-san sings while Fran-san showcases breakdancing. In response, Ayana-san sings, and Aqua-kun also responds with breakdancing.

 Everyone cheers in amazement at the powerful breakdancing displayed by Aqua-kun, a tall man with long limbs, who they see for the first time.

 The song is composed of medleys, with different singers and dancers. Along the way, Aqua-kun sings a song by eau de Cologne, and Ayana-chan sings Aqua-kun’s song, creating an exciting atmosphere.

 It’s amazing how the three members of eau de Cologne, as top idols, captivate the audience with their high-level performances without leaving Aqua-kun behind.

 They sing and dance together, and in the end, they perform the beautiful song ‘You Are Beautiful,’ which they showcased at a wedding ceremony. From there, they involve everyone in the venue and sing a song of happiness.

 ”Let’s acknowledge it. You all have won.”

 Upon Maron-san’s words, Aqua-kun shakes his head from side to side.

 ”No, there is no victory or defeat in this battle. It’s because everyone here was present that we were able to show such a wonderful singing competition. If there is a winner in this battle, I believe it is… everyone who is watching this battle!”

 In response to Aqua-kun’s powerful words, the audience also responded with loud cheers.

 ”Hmm… I see. Alright then. King of Knight, feel free to take as much holy water as you like!”

 ”I’ll do it!”

 On their way back after parting with the two ogres, Aqua-kun and Ayana-san decided to spend the night at a mountain hut, considering that the sun had already set.

 From the audience, voices that sounded more like screams could be heard due to the unexpected turn of events.

 ”Is this… an erotic scene? It’s an erotic scene, right?!”

 ”P-Please, calm down!”

 There seems to be someone getting extremely excited. I wonder if they’re alright. Well, speaking of those two over there, they somehow feel familiar.



 Hmm? Is it just my imagination? From the two people looking at the fireplace, I felt a slightly different atmosphere. Even though they were just silent without any lines, they captivated me with their intense acting, making me hold my breath.

 The atmosphere between the two of them is filled with such realism… It’s erotic, and it makes me blush involuntarily. Well, I’m a girl at the right age, and it’s not like I’m not interested in those things… Huh? What’s going to happen with this?

 ”If I told you not to go, would you stay here, King of Knight?”

 ”…As the King of Knight, I have a mission to cleanse the darkness from this world.”

 ”No, I don’t want you to.”

 ”But someone has to do it.”

 ”Why, why! Why do you have to do something like that!”

 ”Because… I want to.”

 Everyone listens quietly to Aqua-kun’s powerful words.

 ”I’ve already made up my mind. Yes, from that moment… I came here willing to risk my life to accomplish what needs to be done.”

 My heart beats loudly.

 ’Hey, Claire. What do you like about Aqua-sama? Come on, tell only your big sister secretly~’

 When Emily-san said that to me, I smiled and pretended.

 ”I don’t want to see anyone else’s sad face anymore.”

 Ah… the hand that was on his chest naturally reached towards his own important part.

 The serious expression that Aqua-kun occasionally shows.

 The figure that even defies the system that has been built for the sake of its own mission.

 I was convinced from the moment I saw it.

 Surely, this person… is the incarnation of an evil god that disrupts this world.

 Perhaps only I, in this world, have realized this.

 That’s why I used the Holy Aqua Religion that Emily-san laid the foundation for.

 I think I’ve managed to do well so far by saying that I’ll take care of it and reigning as the head of the Twelve Bishops.

 If there are any unexpected factors, it’s when Aqua-kun and Emily-san occasionally surpass my expectations, but it doesn’t matter because we’re still heading in a good direction.

 If there were any other irregularities, it would be that Sugita-sensei did not accept the direct invitation from the Holy Aqua Religion’s Saint Farmer. That’s why I trust Sugita-sensei so much.


 I twist my body to suppress the spasms. What Aqua-kun is trying to do is completely opposite to the teachings of the Stars Orthodox Church that I believe in. That’s why every time he does something, my heart and body feel like they’re about to burst.

 That pleasure!

 That ecstasy!

 It’s unbearable!

 I want him to play with me more, torment me, turn me into a toy, and make a mess deep inside me. I want him to use and discard my dignity as if throwing away a rag.

 Oh, God!

 Please forgive the mistake of a mere sister who has been tempted by the devil.

 Aqua-kun… no, Evil God Aqua-sama, I will plunge this amazing world that you created into chaos.

 ”So… I want you to see me off with a smile.”

 ”It’s unfair of you to say such things…”

 Oops, I got a little carried away and almost revealed my true self. I have to play the role of Claire, reluctantly serving as one of the twelve bishops in the Holy Aqua Religion.

 [I still remember your broad back that I saw on that feverish night. Cold droplets trace down your flushed cheeks, your trembling wet body.]

 Aqua-kun and Ayana-san continue to perform the theme song of the Monday 9 PM drama as a duo.

 [Every time the rain and wind hit the window, my heart makes a loud noise. The moonlight shining through the darkness illuminates your face.]

 Did Ayana-san write these lyrics? Hmm, there’s something strangely realistic about these lyrics…

 [Gently averting my gaze from you, I looked at the flickering flames. Because once I realized these feelings, it felt like my previously stubbornly closed heart was melting away. I wished that time could just stop like this.]

 Ayana-san glanced slightly towards Aqua-kun. Somehow, it feels like there’s something between these two.

 [I wonder how I can be by your side and support you when you’re struggling, looking at your pained expression. Like filling the loneliness, like yearning for each other, like a tightening heart and the sound of rain. Trembling, the honking horn signals the end.]

 I’m just an amateur, so I don’t know about the quality of acting, but I think this atmosphere is definitely an atmosphere that can’t be expressed without being in love. When Aqua-kun sings, Ayana-san’s expression, even if they’re not classmates or friends, makes me want to cheer them on.

 [I called your name for the first time. I called it again as if to confirm. Every time I call your name, you become more precious to me.]

 I wonder what Aqua-kun thinks of Ayana-san? Hmm, based on his expression, it’s hard to tell. He seems to have a gentle expression, but it feels slightly different from how he is with Ayana-san.

 [I looked at the blazing fire, trying not to look at your gently embraced body. Is this heat because of the summer? Or is it our body temperature? Our bodies intertwined, our skin touching, our hearts melting together as one. In this slow passage of time, I was actually gazing at you.]

 The two of them held hands and gently leaned towards each other. A small gasp rises from the audience seats.

 [The flickering flames]

 [The warm fire]

 [Illuminating our faces]

 [Illuminating your face]

 [My heart sways]

 [My heart swayed]

 [Being by your side]

 [Wanting to be by your side]

 [Just a little more]

 [Just a little]

 [Is it okay like this?]

 [I want to be like this]

 Everyone gazes at the stage with enraptured expressions.

 The two sitting in the nearby seats, who were noisy just a moment ago, observed in silence.

 [A night just the two of us, in that world where no one else was. The memories we still cherish and the heat of the palms we touched]

 Aqua-kun gently separates himself from Ayana-san.

 [The two of us, who softly pressed our lips together, were illuminated only by the blazing fire. It felt like the beginning at the end of summer. As my melting heart slowly made me aware of my own feelings of love, I had a dream of happiness in the embrace of his arms.]

 Finally, he lets go of her hand as the song comes to an end. The King of Knight doesn’t stop. Even though they have such a deep connection, everyone is convinced that he will leave.

 ”Thank you. I’m indebted to you.”

 ”Yeah… I should be the one thanking you. I’m really glad to have met you.”

 Ayana-san also bids farewell to Aqua-kun with a smile. From the audience seats, there are occasional voices of sobbing. Especially the two people nearby were crying uncontrollably, which makes me curious.

 ”Now, let’s go!”

 Four people, once again gathered, head towards their destination, the source of darkness. Of course, waiting for them there is an army of witches.

 ”You shall not proceed any further!”

 First, Toa-chan, and then as the battles with the dark knights unfold, one by one, their comrades fall and withdraw. In their place, though it may be a small consolation, Kobayakawa Yuki-san and Kuga Reira-san, who played the role of the dark knights, are eventually saved and their souls are set free.

 ”Remember the beginning.”


 Aqua-kun, the King of Knights, and Mayuzumi-kun, the elven scholar, are the only two left to carry on everyone’s wishes and move forward alone. However, along the way, a cliff collapses, and Aqua-kun, leaving behind the holy sword, falls into the abyss.


 But then, someone approaches Aqua-kun, lying at the bottom of the abyss, with a sly grin. Huh? It feels like I’ve seen that before…


 Ah, that sloppy perverted face belongs to the Saint Hogekawa-san! No, I mean, it’s Announcer Morikawa!

 With Morikawa-san’s entrance, laughter escapes from the audience.

 It’s quite impressive to be able to get laughs just by appearing.

 ”W-Who’s there…!”

 As Aqua-kun sits up, Morikawa-san quickly hides behind a nearby object, moving like a monkey.

 Um, the imitation of the monkey’s movements is so accurate that I don’t know how to react.

 ”W-Well, I’m a goblin who lives here…”

 Upon hearing the word “goblin,” someone nearby bursts into laughter.

 Come on, please, just watch quietly!

 Well, I guess you could say that goblins have become quite familiar…

 ”I see. Sorry, but do you happen to know where the source of darkness is?”

 When Aqua-kun gently asks, Morikawa-san shows a surprised expression.

 ”Even though I’m a goblin, you don’t think anything of it, huh?”

 ”Ah, but if you were really a bad guy, you would have attacked me while I was sleeping, right?”

 Aqua-kun, that goblin, seemed like she was about to attack in a different way. I think everyone present had that thought in their minds.

 ”I see… I understand.”

 Morikawa-san swiftly ran to the opposite side with a strange movement. Wow, how can she run so fast in that weird posture? Everyone was amazed and applauded in a different way.

 ”This way! I’ll guide you!!”

 Morikawa-san and Aqua-kun, while singing, aim for the summit. Yeah, Morikawa-san is good at singing, she’s quite talented. But why… like this… well, or rather, am I the only one who feels a bit… um, disappointed?


 When they reached their destination, the witch, Kohina Yukari, was waiting there.

 ”Here you are, King of Knight! Now, let’s begin the final battle!!”

 ”Witch, why are you doing such a thing!”

 ”You should understand that by now, after traveling the world like this, shouldn’t you?”

 The screen behind them shows their journey up until now.

 ”With the power of darkness, men have decreased, and the world has been liberated from war! See, a world full of only women is very peaceful, isn’t it?”

 ”Indeed, there may be some truth to that! But what about the expressions of the women? Can we say that they were all smiling?”

 The faces of the women they have encountered so far are shown, with no joy on their faces.

 But after meeting Aqua-kun and the others, their expressions gradually change to smiles.

 ”Hmph! You may have deceived many women with such words until now, but they won’t work on me!”

 The story reaches its climax. With the grand orchestral music, Aqua-kun and Kohina Yukari-san display a flashy battle.

 Amazing… It’s already a given that Aqua-kun is amazing, but what captivated everyone even more was Kohina Yukari-san’s action scenes, which not only matched Aqua-kun’s small stature but even surpassed it.

 The expression on her face seems to say that she will always be above him, exuding the composure of a witch, while Aqua-kun’s expression of frustration reveals the King of Knight’s inferiority. I see, so she is special within Aqua-kun.

 ”I don’t know why you don’t have the Holy Sword, but this is the end!”

 Kohina Yukari-san’s attack approaches Aqua-kun’s throat. At that moment, Morikawa-san, who had been hiding in the shadows, tackles Kohina Yukari-san’s body.

 ”I won’t let you play the King of Knight! Unlike others, the King of Knight treated me as an equal without mocking me!!”

 The audience was getting heated up.

 ”Go, Gobukawa!”

 ”Keep it up, Gobukawa!”

 ”Gobu River! Gobukawa!!”

 ”Go, Hogelin!”

 There’s nothing left of Hogelin anymore.

 ”King of Knight!!”

 Ah, at that moment, Mayuzumi-kun, holding a holy sword, arrived.

 ”This is your holy sword! Take it!”

 Mayuzumi-kun threw the holy sword, and Aqua-kun caught it with one hand.

 Of course, the venue erupted.


 Aqua-kun raised his sword.

 ”Stop! Please stop!”

 Everyone thought that Aqua-kun would attack Kohina Yukari-san.

 However, Aqua-kun simply waved his sword upwards and dispersed only the source of darkness.


 Aqua-kun approached Kohina Yukari-san and gently took her hand, leaving the sword behind.

 ”I should have said it from the beginning. I came here to purify the darkness, not to defeat the witch.”

 Ah… come to think of it, it has been like that from the start…

 I didn’t notice this either.

 ”I see… I understand now. So that’s why those kids… I see, that’s what it was. I get it. I lose.”

 As Aqua-kun and Kohina Yukari-san, who held hands, stood up, Aqua-kun passionately sang “stay here.”

 He even tries to save the witch, who is the source of all the trouble. It’s very much like Aqua-kun.

 Afterwards, all the main characters who have appeared so far came up on stage, and the four members of Beryl came forward and performed “beautiful right?” It’s nice how it connects to the song that became the catalyst to change the world.

 And so, the world was enveloped in peace.

 Is it over already?

 Everyone thought that the fun live performance had come to an end.

 ”Now, let’s go, everyone!! To bring light to the world!”

 In the next moment, the four people in front jumped off the stage.




 ”Huh? What? What?”

 Aqua-kun and the other four rushed towards the exit at the back of the audience seats, then jumped out of the venue. As everyone looked on in surprise, the screen in front displayed footage from outside. The secret event for Beryl’s Christmas Festival’s second act had begun.

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