Male Idol V10c45

Volume 10 Chapter 45 Kurogami Uruha, Christmas Night Parade

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”What kind of boys do you like, Kurogami-san?”

 ”Hmm, I’m not really sure.”

 I responded with a smile, trying to dodge my classmate’s question.

 ”Oh, I see. Kurogami-san, you seem to suit older guys.”

 ”Ah, I get it!”

 ”No, no, it should be younger boys, right? Like elementary school students…”

 ”Ah, I see…wait, isn’t that a crime!?”


 I watch my classmates get excited about my story with a smile.

 Indeed, compared to the girls in my class, I might appear slightly, well, just a little more mature, but I’m not trying to deceive anyone about my age.

 My romantic interest is simply a regular classmate, and I prefer someone who is lively and a bit mischievous, like a child.

 But when I answer like this, everyone imagines someone with a childlike personality or someone with a arrogant vibe, which is completely different from the nuance I wanted to convey. I can’t properly express the type of person I like. The type of boy I like is different.

 More like… a carefree smile that shines even under the sun, mischievous but able to bring smiles to others, and, um, if possible, a bit… well, a sensual side that can make me feel the opposite sex, an atmosphere that makes my heart skip a beat. That would be even better.

 But such a boy doesn’t exist in this world.

 Not to mention, even in the world of fiction, there is no such boy.

 Yeah, that’s how it was until just a year ago. That’s why, when I first saw Aqua-kun, it was a shock.

 Not to mention his dazzling smile, the way he plays around a bit, the way he makes fun of people like he’s a child but never hurts anyone, the way he pretends to be a boy every now and then, oh, and definitely the part where he absolutely loves to glance at my chest!

 I adore all of that, especially when beryl&beryl engage in playful banter, and the footage of them smiling during live performances is my treasure, watched many times over. While the class often gets excited discussing dramas, I personally prefer Aqua-kun appearing in variety shows.

 Because he’s more mischievous and closer to the cute Aqua-kun when he’s in class. So, when the entire class was invited to today’s event, the Christmas Night Parade, I was overjoyed.


 ”Since it’s close, let’s walk from here. Kokona-san, are you okay?”

 ”Of course!”

 After our meal, we took a taxi to the nearby area and joined the members of Class 1A in the designated section.

 ”Congratulations on being discharged, Kokona-chan!”

 ”Thank you!”

 ”Kurumi-san, I’m glad you made it to the live event!”

 ”Hehe, I was determined to be discharged by today! I really wanted to watch this event with everyone in class!”

 As Lisa-chan and I looked at Kokona-chan, who seemed to be having a great time, we exchanged smiles.

 Looking around, we could see that quite a few people had already gathered.

 This event was a secret, and it had only been officially announced right after the “It’s Okay to Laugh!” program had ended.

 Nevertheless, people quickly gathered, probably because there were rumors on social media about something happening.

 There were police officers and security staff lined up at regular intervals between the blocked-off roads and sidewalks.

 ”I wonder what they’re going to do.”

 ”I’m excited!”

 ”Oh! Something came up!!”

 When I looked up at the sky, I saw live footage projected there.

 The advancements in AR technology are incredible, and it seems that not only Japan but many companies from around the world are investing in it to make Shiro-kun and Tama-chan even more realistic.

 I also saw on the national news that the VR industry is being given equal importance in order to actually meet Shiro-kun and Tama-chan’s world.

 When Beryl moves, the world moves. Aqua-kun’s actions even influence the world itself. While Beryl and Aqua-kun bring positive impacts to the world, there is a sense of crisis from some countries, including the States, towards Aqua-kun and Beryl, who are gaining more prominence.

 This was reported in the serious news by Morikawa-san, who didn’t appear in the other news segment.

 ”Wow, it’s like a festival already.”

 ”Ah… I understand. It reminds me of the Yosakoi festival in my hometown, Kochi.”

 ”Oh, there’s someone selling something over there, Nono-chan!”

 ”Beryl collaboration drink…”

 ”Oh, I see, they’re collaborating with a shop on the street.”

 ”I’ll go order Aqua-kun’s first love strawberry soda real quick.”

 ”Tsuu-chan! Order mine too!”

 ”I’ll also get Aqua-kun’s breast liberation pudding!”

 ”Sato-chan, please get mine too~ Oh, Nodoka-chan said she’ll buy it too.”

 Ah… I also want to try Aqua-kun’s first love strawberry soda.

 Just as I was thinking that, Lisa-chan said she’ll order three servings and headed towards the staff.

 Thank you, Lisa-chan. In times like this, Lisa-chan always acts quickly and helps me out.

 Huh? Oh, oh, oh, breast pudding!? W-wouldn’t that be a bit embarrassing? I actually want to try it a little…

 [Um, testing, testing, this is Kirika Kotono from the organizing committee of the Beryl Entertainment Christmas Night Parade. The event will begin in the closed-off section after the 5 PM live performance. The scene will be projected in the sky, so please enjoy the footage until the Beryl members arrive.

 I think this is the starting point and will be the end of the parade. At the end of the parade, on behalf of everyone at Beryl, our talent Shirogane Aqua will make an announcement to the fans, so please listen until the end. And as for the important notice, please make sure not to inconvenience the people around you, the cast, or the staff, okay? Yes, thank you for your cooperation. Now, please enjoy the live performance.]

 Is the person speaking famous?”

 The working women in the neighboring area were getting excited.

 ”There’s no fool who would pick a fight with Nee-san, right?”

 ”Hahaha… It would be meaningless if I died after looking forward to the event…”

 ”I made eye contact with her before and thought my soul was being taken away.”

 ”I also felt like I had a knife at my throat just from her gaze…”

 ”Isn’t it amazing? Just her pressure made my heart shrink by half, maybe.”

 Somehow, it feels like the surroundings have become a little quieter.

 ”Here, this is for you, Uruha-chan.”

 ”Ah, thank you, Lisa-chan. This is money.”

 I put my lips on Aqua-kun’s first love strawberry soda’s straw.

 Mmm, it’s sweet, refreshing, and delicious… Wait, what!? I was surprised and almost dropped the cup.

 When I looked closely, Aqua-kun’s face was printed on the cup lid.

 W-Wait, does this mean a kiss…?

 As I raised my head, I repeatedly exchanged glances with the girls who ordered the same thing.

 ”I-I let my guard down…”

 ”As expected of Beryl. It naturally comes out as ‘Berry.’”

 ”Whoever came up with this, they deserve a Citizen’s Honor Award…”

 ”I wonder if I can make a baby with a kiss?”

 ”Huh? I’m already planning to marry the lid of this cup.”

 ”Ricchan!? And even Momiji-chan!? Please, both of you, come back to your senses!”

 I pretend like nothing happened and gently kiss the straw again.

 Ah, I love it. Even though I know it’s just a drawing, the choice of art is so much to my liking.

 The scene that was chosen for the cup’s design is when Aqua-kun, who was working on the farm with beryl&beryl, turned towards the camera. I’ve already played this scene frame by frame thousands of times, so I know it well.

 ”Kurogami-san is give off such a relaxed vibe, it’s amazing.”

 ”I can’t help but admire her. I want to become a calm big sister like that too…”

 ”Oh no, I can’t handle it anymore. It’s too cool, I can’t take any more sips.”

 ”We’ve been in the same classroom with the real Aqua-kun for over half a year, and we still get flustered just looking at his pictures. Hilarious…”

 ”It can’t be helped. This is just too unexpected.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, I mean, when you put your lips on a straw, Aqua-sama is right in front of you! You can’t stay normal after that!”

 By the way, I don’t have that much composure either. But… ah, it’s just wonderful. It really feels like I’m kissing Aqua-kun. I’m so happy…

 ”Oh, there’s something over there.”

 ”Hey, I’m interested in the live performance!”

 ”The container for Breast Liberation Pudding is amazing… it’s dangerous. The side is indented for easy holding, but if you press your n**ple there… the package design is too effective, it’s a dilemma.”

 ”Aqua-kun’s grilled eggplant skewer!? OK to bite! OK to lick! OK to sandwich!?”

 ”Hey, that’s definitely crossing a line!”

 ”Look closely, huh, it’s unofficial. No Beryl’s mark, and she’s wearing a nun’s outfit. Definitely a suspicious person.”

 ”Sugimari-sensei warned not to get close even if Holy Aqua Religion tried to recruit you. Let’s stay away.”

 Class 1A is having a lively time without causing trouble for those around them. While watching from a distance, I concentrate on the live footage. There were various things happening, but as the indoor live comes to an end, the outside becomes even more noisy.

 ”Exciting, exciting!”

 ”I wonder what’s starting!”

 ”Wow, I can’t wait!”

 Along with my female classmates, I nervously gaze at the building in front of me.



 ”The lights!”

 With a simultaneous disappearance of lights from most buildings and shops, something begins.

 ”It’s starting!”

 ”Someone’s coming out!!”

 With the sound of drums, people wearing the same armor and helmet emerge from the building.

 The impeccable march of the female knights left everyone breathless in its intensity.

 ”What’s starting?”

 The tempo of the music gradually increased, transitioning into the familiar intro of a recognizable song.

 “Let’s go boys and girls!”

 A cheer erupted at Aqua-kun’s voice. As the columns of knights neatly split to the left and right, Aqua-kun leaped into the passage between them alone. It’s hard to believe someone could keep up such energy for almost two hours. Where does he find that vitality?

 But, that’s the part I… like. Aqua-kun extended his fist towards our direction in the same costume we saw on stage earlier.



 ”Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”

 ”King of Knight, Aqua-sama, too cool!!”

 Then, he extended his fist towards the opposite passage.

 In the midst of great applause, Aqua-kun begins to sing the song he performed at the Halloween festival.

 ’The song heard in the deep darkness. The voice calling us.’

 Aqua-kun’s singing resounds through the main street. In an instant, the world changes to Aqua-kun’s color.

 ’In the midst of suffering, there’s someone struggling. A wounded heart screams.’

 Right after that, Mayuzumi-kun appears and stands back-to-back with Aqua-kun at the intersection, striking a pose. Oh, what is it? When I realized that the two of them are the same height, I felt a very precious feeling.

 My classmate, Mizuse Kaho-san gazes at the two of them with passionate eyes. Kaho-san was originally interested in Mayuzumi-kun, but ever since Aqua-kun used her v**inal data, she seems to have embraced darkness in her heart.

 I couldn’t understand the meaning of what Kaho-san was saying, something about imagining anything being done to Mayuzumi-kun right in front of Aqua-kun… So I pretended to smile and deceive, and it seemed like she understood.

 ’Am I the one who’s crazy, or is it the world? A broken clock with stopped hands. No one knows what’s right. But someone is crying even now, in this very moment.’

 Toa-chan, who suddenly jumped out from behind, approached the two while performing towards the audience. Then, he jumped and hugged them from behind. Some people who saw this almost fell, and someone nearby hurriedly caught them. Niino Akari-san from Class 1-A, who was about to collapse, was gently supported by Hatayama Sayaka-san, who was also in the soccer club and was nearby.

 ’Light had been lost from the world.’

 Finally, Tenga-san appeared and approached the three, hesitating about what to do.

 He couldn’t find any gaps to enter because the formation of the three was too perfect.

 From the audience, a voice saying “Go for it, Shirogane-kun!” could be heard.

 ’A heart on the verge of bursting screams. Does it have any wishes? I could only stand by and watch as the world tilted.’

 Seeing Tenga-san like that, Aqua-kun breaks the formation and the four of them come together, appealing in all directions. I think this is great because they can be seen from all angles.

 Still, I’m not sure, but maybe the trio from 1-A earlier was like a service directed towards us? It might not be true, but I decided to think that way.

 ’This isn’t just someone’s story. It’s everyone’s story.’

 The four people who were in the center of the intersection slowly start walking towards the direction they are facing.

 Aqua-kun approached our area.

 When I saw Aqua-kun performing live, my heart started pounding loudly. Even my classmates who were excited just a moment ago were now captivated by the different Aqua-kun.

 ’What can we do? Is this action right? While we pondered, time didn’t stop. Somewhere, someone’s crying voice could be heard.’

 As I looked up at the sky, a dragon appeared out of nowhere.

 Huh? What’s going on? Oh, wait, it’s just a CG. Is this another technology that uses AR?

 Nonetheless, it was truly impressive, as if the dragon was freely flying in the sky. The dragon flew through the gaps between buildings and landed in the center of an intersection.

 ’Don’t cry alone.’

 After Aqua-kun struck a pose at the end of the dance, he waved towards us and started moving towards the opposite sidewalk, with the dragon at the center, rotating to the right.

 ’We decided after seeing you in pain. Even if it’s wrong, we’ll move the hands of the clock forward. On the night we resolved to change the world, we started running to break through the impasse.’

 Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-chan, and Tenga-san appeared in front of us in a clockwise rotation as if swapping places. Oh, by the way, can I take a photo of this? It seems like when everyone pauses and takes a pose, it’s a chance for a shutter. Ah, I forgot… I wonder if someone could take it.

 ’Bidding farewell to the days of shedding tears. To laugh together with everyone, we’ll overcome everything.’

 Oh, I thought I heard a loud cheer, and then more co-stars appeared. Ayana-chan noticed us when our eyes met and pointed to Kanon-chan next to her. When we waved our hands in response, they waved back.

 ’Let’s envelop the world in gentle light.’

 The cast members who appeared later responded to the fans’ requests with performances.

 It’s true that Kohina Yukari-san is quite good at fan service. She would throw kisses back to those who asked for them.

 However, I think it’s a bit much to respond to fans’ requests by chopping their heads. Surprisingly, Announcer Morikawa was particularly popular, and many people wanted to shake hands with her.

 From children to adults, for some reason, she was almost as popular as the four members of Beryl. I was impressed by how easily she went from imitating goblins to mimicking gorillas, all in response to the children’s requests. That’s what being a professional is all about, I suppose.

 ’Today, under this starry sky full of stars, like making a wish, we all saw the same scenery. We vow tonight to change even the world. We’ll run through anything!’

 After the dragon took off into the sky again, Aqua-kun called the other cast members to the center of the intersection and waved both hands towards the fans who had gathered on the street, forming a circle together.

 When Aqua-kun finished singing, he received a microphone from a staff member who came running.

 ”Everyone! Thank you for coming today!”

 In response to Aqua-kun’s voice, everyone cheered and applauded.

 ”Maybe there was already a little explanation, but from now on, we will parade through the closed-off section for two hours! Finally, we will go around in a circle and come back here, so please wait as you are!”

 ”””””We’ll be waiting!”””””

 ”Really? If you go home…”

 ”””””What if we go home?”””””

 ”Tenga-senpai might cry.”

 ”””””Is that so!?”””””

 ”Yes, I might cry because I’ll be lonely…”

 Tenga-san, who shows a crying gesture, receives laughter from those around him due to his cheerful attitude.

 ”Tenga-senpai is quite a lonely person, isn’t he?”

 ”Yeah, the other day, something happened on him…”

 ”Stop! That’s enough! My sealed memories of darkness…”

 ”What did Tenga-senpai do… Aqua, do you know?”

 ”No… come to think of it, the other day, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai…”

 ”Kuh… Shirogane, stop. If you go any further, the seal on my right eye will be released and I’ll go berserk!”

 ”Senpai, didn’t you say it was your left eye the other day?”


 ”Aqua, don’t tease senpai too much, okay?”

 ”No, senpai likes being bothered by Aqua, so isn’t this just perfect?”

 Hehe, hehehehe, I like this. It’s irresistibly good to see Aqua-kun relying on this senpai of his.

 That’s great, Aqua-kun’s wives must be pampering him a lot. I also want to spoil Aqua-kun and make him feel loved every day.

 And, if he occasionally plays a naughty prank on me, that would be amazing. Though I don’t expect it every day… Aqua-kun used to have relationships with all the girls in our class, so I understand that one woman alone may not fulfill his se**al desires.

 ”Oh, but now is not the time for that!”

 ”Yeah, we’re already running late for two hours!”

 Aqua-kun waves his hand towards us, and everyone follows, waving their hands to the fans around.

 ”Well then, see you later!”

 ”Everyone, wait for us!”

 ”We’re off!”

 ”See you later!”

 When the music started again, a large vehicle with the same design as Beryl’s ship appeared on the main street in front of me. It is likely a modified large truck or bus, isn’t it?

 The four of them boarded the prepared ship and stood on the deck, waving their hands in all directions. From that moment, it felt like I was truly in a dream, such a surreal feeling.

 During the journey, the four of them performed songs and guitar performances. Aqua-kun also showcased a piano solo performance. The audience was particularly excited when they performed a medley of Driver’s songs, which will be broadcasted tomorrow.

 Morikawa-san, who played the role of Chijou, delivered flawless movements that made everyone burst into laughter. Aqua-kun seemed to be laughing too… She is so talented that sometimes it’s easy to forget that she is an announcer.

 Furthermore, at major intersections, dance performances were showcased as well as a duet of Ayana-chan’s solo song by Kohina Yukari-san and Aqua-kun, which created a lot of excitement. It seems that this was not the first time Kohina Yukari-san sang in public.

 Whether it was a surprise for the staff or an ad-lib, the moment Ayana-chan blushed with embarrassment was truly thrilling. Additionally, Aqua-kun surprised everyone by performing a duet with Kanon-san in response to fan requests from the roadside. Afterward, each of the four members showcased solo performances, and before we knew it, everyone was already returning nearby.

 ”2 hours really flew by, didn’t they?”


 ”Oh wow, is it already over?”

 ”No way, don’t let it end!”

 Everyone who returned from the ship stepped off and went up on the prepared stage. Tenga-san took the acoustic guitar, Toa-chan on percussion, Mayuzumi-kun on bass, and music producer Moja-san sat at the synthesizer.

 ”Before the last number, we will sing a new song that we provided for the currently airing drama, RE:LATED! Please listen. Carpe diem!”

 RE:LATED is a drama that revolves around a girl who was once trapped in the past and, through various encounters with different people, finds the courage to face the future again. I believe it’s nearing its final episode, but I haven’t watched it, so I don’t know the details.

 ’I have to face this emotion, once and for all. So, I take a step forward. I need to overcome this pain and move on.’

 Ah… rain.

 ’Layering blooming flowers over the passing days. Like grieving over the seasons that pile up, I lament the final flower. Watching a plucked flower, memories of that time resurface. The love that once resided within me.’

 As the rain begins to fall lightly, the four of them continue their performance without stopping. Fortunately, the fact that they were playing their instruments under a roof was their only solace.

 ’My ignorant and innocent heart is sweetly whispered to by the magic called temptation. An extravagant ball, where I only concealed the surface with a dressed-up dress. I wish I could deliberately drop the glass slipper in front of you. But I could only watch from afar. The newly awakened emotions buried deep within my heart only torment me.’

 All the other cast members also showcased their performances without losing to the rain. Not a single person left the scene. We also silently watched everyone’s performance.

 ’The feelings I wanted to convey… I love you… it’s painful… I cherish you. As the days of regret pile up, the withering flowers continue to accumulate. Like mourning the passing seasons, I lament the last flower. If these feelings, piled up one after another, bear poison… The love that once resided within me.’

 The rain intensifies even more.

 Still, Aqua-kun brushed his wet hair and stepped forward alone to perform.

 ’If these emotions, accumulated over time, bear poison… Before the clock chimes, I wish I could return (I wish I could have ridden back in a pumpkin carriage before the clock strikes. It was enough to watch from afar.’

 Please, stop the rain! We hope that everyone can continue their performance until the end. Whether it’s the collective wishes of Beryl’s members or the fans’ wishes, the intensity of the rain gradually subsides.

 ’The faint feelings I couldn’t tell anyone only torment me. These feelings I was never informed of… it’s painful… I love you… I can’t endure it. The fairy tale I heard in my childhood. Since I couldn’t become Cinderella, I’ll become the heroine.’

 It was probably just a passing shower. The rain’s intensity was truly decreasing, almost like a lie.

 ’I’m sorry. I was too timid to take a step forward. So when these emotions wavered, let’s finally face this feeling. The days when I loved someone are still in my heart. Now, let’s take that step forward, this time without regrets.’

 Everyone looks up at the sky. On a moonless night, in the night sky after the rain has stopped, the stars twinkle, and there is even a rainbow. Is such a miracle possible? And snowflakes gently drift through the night sky.

 ”Everyone! It’s the last number to warm up your chilled bodies! Phantom requiem!”

 Aqua-kun performs a song by Yuu-oni while still full of passion. Recreating a scene shown with Kohina Yukari-san and Ayana-chan in the story, the audience’s excitement rises, and they request an encore.

 The encore is Shikiori (Season by Season)… It’s a special song for us, and just listening to it brings tears to our eyes. Continuing in that flow, the four of them further perform the bonus song, “Only Star,” which they showcased during the declaration of freedom for breasts. Ah, this was such a fun live performance. And with this, it comes to an end.

 ”Haa… haa…”

 Aqua-kun’s breath can be heard through the microphone.

 He really did his best. Amazing. It’s amazing, Aqua-kun.

 I feel like there are a lot of people walking with their legs close together.

 Is it because they got wet in the rain earlier?

 ”Thank you so much, everyone!!”

 ”No, thank you!!”

 ”It was the best Christmas Eve!!”

 ”Thank you so much!!”

 Voices praising the cast can be heard from everywhere.

 We also shout our thanks loudly.

 ”And with this, Beryl’s 2022 Christmas Live Event comes to an end.”

 Voices of disappointment can be heard from the venue.

 Yeah, we all want to see more. I understand that feeling.

 But I wanted Aqua-kun to rest and take it easy.

 He’s been going non-stop since morning, clearly exhausted.

 ”But! This story is not over yet!!”

 Aqua-kun’s words excited all the fans.

 Huh? What does that mean? Is he planning to perform some more?

 Such a wet body is no good. Shouldn’t he take a break if he’s going to do it? Right?

 ”Do you all know about the closed-off area in Akasaka?”

 ”””””We know!”””””

 ”That’s the land managed by the Sumeragi family, right?”

 Speaking of the closed-off area in Akasaka, there have been various rumors about redevelopment, but it remains an empty lot. What’s the big deal about it?

 ”Well, actually, with the help of various people, we, Beryl…”

 Everyone buzzes at Aqua-kun’s pretentious way of speaking.

 ”Next year! A theme park called Beryl Wonderland, based on Beryl, will be built there!”


 Everyone shouted in astonishment at Aqua-kun’s announcement.

 ”Also, in the theme park, there are plans to include a new hotel operated by Teito Group, who are also the owners of the land, as well as a shopping mall collaborated between Fuji Department Store and Beryl.

 John took care of designing the uniforms and costumes for the staff and cast, while Tenga-senpai, Toa, Shintaro, Moja-san created the music that will be played at the venue. Nobu-san made all the posters, and there is a collaboration with Morinaga-san for a sweets shop. Furthermore, when I first appeared in a magazine, the publishing company made a special book for Beryl Wonderland.

 Itsuki-sensei, Hakuryuu-sensei, and Director Hongou have been helping with the script and directing for the events. Everyone who has supported us, Beryl, has worked together to create a theme park that will surely be enjoyed by the fans. Please, everyone, come and have a blast!”

 Aqua-kun, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-san stood side by side, holding hands and bowing deeply.

 ””””Thank you very much!!””””

 They gradually changed their angles while still bowing, facing in all directions.

 Personally, what surprised me was that even though it didn’t concern me, Kohina Yukari-san, who was at the back of the cast, bowed for a longer time than anyone else.

 I truly felt that she cares a lot about Aqua-kun.

 ”Everyone, thank you once again for coming today! We’re moving on to the next thing.”

 Next? Wait… Does that mean there’s still something else?

 ”Well… Christmas night isn’t over yet, right?”

 A loud cheer erupted, enveloping the entire town. Although they didn’t say what they were going to do, it seems like Beryl’s group still has something planned.

 ”Everyone, enjoy the rest of Christmas!”

 ”See you later! Take a bath once everyone goes home! You mustn’t catch a cold!”

 ”Thank you so much for listening until the end, even though it was raining!”

 ”Be careful on your way back! It’s a promise with Captain Akira!”

 The four of them waved their hands as they descended from the stage, passing by us.

 ”Everyone came. Thank you!”

 ”Toa-chan! It was amazing today too!”

 ”Thank you for coming.”

 ”Mayuzumi-kun, your saxophone performance was incredible!”

 Following the two of them, Ayana-chan and Kanon-san passed in front of us.

 ”Did everyone enjoy themselves?”

 ”Yes! I watched the eau de Cologne performance during the live from here!”

 ”Sorry for the rain. Thank you for coming.”

 ”I was surprised to see Kanon-san perform. She looks great as a female knight!”

 Kuga-san, Kobayakawa-san, Morikawa-san, and the person playing the role of the Elf Queen passed by us one after another, waving their hands. Among them, only Tenga-san and Kohina Yukari-san noticed us. They briefly stopped walking, straightened their posture, and gave us a small bow.

 ”Wow, our senpais are so cool, right?”

 ”They actually acknowledged us as classmates and bowed their heads, right?”

 ”I want to become an adult like them…”

 ”Sometimes Kohina Yukari-san seems to mistake Beryl’s office for something else.”

 ”I feel the same. But the other day, Aqua-kun said, ‘Please make sure you don’t come to our place, senpai. Tenga-senpai can handle it alone.’”

 ”Oh, now I feel a little sorry for Kohina-san.”

 ”But when Tenga-senpai saw Aqua-kun’s words, his eyes sparkled with excitement. Well, I guess it can’t be helped.”

 Various people passed by, and finally, Aqua-kun arrived.

 ”Thank you, everyone. Kurumi-san, were you okay to stay in the rain?”

 ”I’m fine! The staff quickly handed out umbrellas, so we didn’t get too wet.”

 ”I see. I’m sorry, Washimiya-san, even though you had your hair beautifully done.”

 ”In return, you gave us a wonderful performance.”

 ”And Kurogami-san…”

 Aqua-kun glanced at my chest for a moment, then immediately took off his cape.

 ”If you’d like, you can wrap this around yourself.”

 Huh? Oh… It seems my underwear was slightly visible due to the rain.

 The zipper on my coat was broken and wouldn’t close, but I had forgotten about it, so I didn’t even notice.

 ”Oh, what should I do with this…”

 ”Just return it after the break. See you then!”

 Aqua-kun showed me his beloved smile and ran off just like that.

 It’s warm… Aqua-kun’s warmth still lingers on the cloak, making my heart race.

 Even after returning home that day, I felt like I was still dreaming.

 ”Uruha, we need to talk.”

 After I got out of the bath, my mom was sitting there with a serious look on her face.

 I wonder what’s going on? I sit in front of her.

 ”Take a look at this.”

 What she brought was a photo for an arranged marriage.

 ”We received a proposal from Kokucho’s relatives. Congratulations. It’s my Christmas present to you.”

 At first, I couldn’t understand what my mom was saying. I look at the photo of the arranged marriage that was handed to me. 45 years old…a significantly older person…

 ”Uruha, you don’t get chances like this often.”

 My mom is right. Opportunities for arranged marriages are not that common. Just being able to have an arranged marriage is a very fortunate thing. But I couldn’t really get excited about it.

 ”But…if you don’t want to accept it, you can refuse.”


 When I made a confused expression, she smiled.

 ”Well, because Aqua-kun is a million times better! I fell in love with him at first sight since the day he served me at the cultural festival!”

 Ah…now that I think about it, something like that did happen.

 When Aqua-kun met mom, she falls. At that time, I remembered that she was called Shirogane Aqua, the parent killer, wife seducer, and madam hunter at school.

 ”Well, because I don’t hear any good rumors about the guy, and it’s not like it’s going to come back around from Kokucho… no, that’s not it! Yes! This is the real present!!”

 Mom threw the album that was sent from Kokucho far away and handed me a similar album, just like earlier.

 ”Now, open it and see! Open it!”

 I was surprised when I opened it.

 It was written there that she had passed the document screening as Aqua-kun’s matchmaking partner.

 Huh? I didn’t send any documents. Wait, when did they start holding matchmaking events!?

 ”Oh, mom, this…?”


 My mom had a confident smile on her face and leaned back dramatically.

 ”Thanks to mom’s connections. I secretly slipped Uruha’s documents into the list of potential marriage candidates!”


 ”It seems that the marriage candidates are carefully selected from reliable individuals such as Shirogane Kanon-san, Mary-sama, Marin-san, and Chairman Fuji Ranko, based on proper channels.”

 I-I see.

 Certainly, if this were to become public, it would cause a huge commotion.

 Moreover, Aqua-kun is a conscientious person, so if it becomes public, he might voluntarily go through the documents that exceed billions.

 In that case, it would take up a lot of Aqua-kun’s time, and above all, the selection process would take a tremendous amount of time.

 So, it’s not wrong for Kanon-san and others who know Aqua-kun’s preferences well to narrow it down to a certain number. Anyway, since I will become a concubine, it’s important to get along with Kanon-san, the legal wife. Those who can’t do that are not suitable.

 ”That’s why I can’t help you from here on, but do your best!”

 ”Mom… thank you.”

 The best Christmas present from mom, I wonder if it’s really okay to be this happy all day today? I gaze at the documents sent to me, even to the point of creating holes in the bed. Let’s do my best.

 And I also need to apologize to Lisa-chan and Kokona-chan for skipping ahead, and then… Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep just like that.

 Dragon flying descriptions, for example, have already been implemented in reality at the 2017 LOL World Championships. If you are interested in AR that surpasses that, please search for “LOL worlds 2017 elder dragon.” I think people who see it for the first time will be surprised.

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