Male Idol V10c46

Volume 10 Chapter 46 Shirogane Aqua, I’m Playing Santa Claus

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 December 24th, 8:00 PM.

 After the Christmas Night Parade, the four of us changed into Santa Claus costumes and gathered in the building’s parking lot. There was a camera in front of us, and although it wasn’t in real-time, it would be edited and broadcasted with a time delay.

 ”Well then, everyone, I know you’re tired, but let’s go for the last job of the day.”

 ”Understood. I think I’ll be able to sleep soundly tonight.”

 ”Haha, I’ll probably fall asleep as soon as I get home too.”

 ”Yes. Let’s do our best for the children who are waiting for us!”

 As expected, Shintaro seems a little tired physically. On the other hand, Tenga-senpai, just like me, seems to still have some energy left.

 We had discussed it with Ako-san beforehand, and it might have been a good idea to finish as soon as possible and distribute the remaining work between me and Tenga-senpai.

 ”All right, let’s start filming! 5, 4, 3…”

 We smiled at the camera. It may seem like an ordinary scene, but in an instant, we all became accustomed to it, and I couldn’t help but feel deeply moved.

 ”Yes! So, as I was saying, the fun Christmas Eve is almost over! And tomorrow is another day. A joyful Christmas is waiting for us! In other words…”

 ”””Christmas is not over yet!!”””

 Toa winked at the camera.

 ”Everyone!! Are you ready to receive presents?”

 I couldn’t help but notice that Toa was wearing a mini skirt, but it was too late to comment on it. Shintaro blushed a little and made a heart shape with his hands.

 ”We, the members of Beryl, want to deliver… love on this holy night.”

 Unlike me and Toa, Shintaro rarely does things like this, so I think it’s incredibly rare. Tenga-senpai struck a cool pose towards the camera.

 ”From now on, we will go to everyone’s place with our presents!”

 Tenga-senpai… The pose you showed me in the waiting room a month ago, you were thinking of using it on this day, huh?

 ”Well then, everyone, let’s be careful not to have any accidents… Oh, and it’s past 8 o’clock, so let’s try not to cause too much inconvenience to the nearby residents.”

 ”Aqua, you suddenly became so practical…”

 ”Well, it’s because this is everyone’s first solo night shoot outside. I thought I should say it properly.”

 ”Got it. I’ll be careful.”


 We received a large bag with presents from the staff and each of us got into separate cars that were prepared.

 I’m accompanied by Ako-san, and she’s the one who will be operating the camera.

 ”Well then, driver, please take care of us.”


 The location bus that departed from Beryl’s headquarters starts running towards the first destination.

 When I looked outside, I saw a woman hurrying towards the station, holding a present in her hand. I wondered if she was going home to spend time with someone important. It made me feel warm and happy.

 ”Well then, Aqua-kun. Where are we going first?”


 I took out a postcard from my pocket.

 [Um… Nice to meet you, hello. My name is Manatsu. I’m a 4-year-old who loves my mommy very much. Mommy loves Aqua-oniisan, and I love Aqua0oniisan too. Mommy works late for me, and she always looks tired. I want to give her a special present. So, first up is Manatsu-chan, who loves her mommy.]

 We, Beryl, have collaborated with Morinaga and Fuji Department Store to hold a campaign where special gifts from Beryl members will be delivered.

 The winners will receive presents from our partner companies, which will be deposited in mailboxes across the country between 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM.

 I’m really looking forward to imagining everyone checking their mailboxes in the morning. Additionally, tomorrow morning, the delivery company will have a special prize prepared, which will be a Christmas present from Beryl members.

 It includes personally selected gifts and a letter, but there are only 100 winners, so it’s not a large number. The biggest prize in this campaign is for Beryl members to personally deliver the presents.

 However, due to our parade until the last minute, it’s difficult for us to go to a distant place on the 24th.

 Therefore, we decided to separate the locations, with the Tokyo metropolitan area on the 24th and an out-of-town expedition on the 25th.

 I also plan to take the morning flight on the 25th, returning to Tokyo on the last flight. I’ll probably get home late. By the way, I couldn’t go home today either, so I only briefly talked with Kanon about Christmas at the event earlier… As a trade-off, I’m really looking forward to spending the 26th with Kanon.

 ”Oh, is it here?”

 In a certain place in Tokyo, I sneak out while checking my surroundings. I have to make sure not to disturb the neighbors too much.

 ”Aqua-kun, what do you think?”

 ”Well, according to the preliminary investigation, she hasn’t come home at this time, right?”

 ”It seems so.”

 ”Then, let’s go inside the house now.”

 I ring the doorbell.

 ”Excuse me. It’s Beryl Entertainment. Is Manatsu-chan here?”

 Pitter-patter, small footsteps are heard from behind the door.

 ”This voice… Aqua-oniisan?”

 ”Manatsu-chan, Merry Christmas~. Congratulations on winning!”

 ”Wow! It’s the real Aqua-oniisan!”

 Oh, I feel like people are moving around the neighboring houses. Maybe they’ve noticed something. It would be troublesome if I stay here and it becomes a commotion.

 ”Manatsu-chan, sorry to bother you, but can you let big brother inside the house?”

 ”Sure, it’s fine. Oh, but Aqua-oniisan, you can stay with us the whole time, okay?”

 ”Hahaha… I appreciate it.”

 I entrusted my shoes to the staff member who stayed in the car to avoid being noticed, and followed Manatsu-chan’s guidance to the back living room. Only a few staff members accompanied me, while the rest returned to the car.

 ”Is your mommy coming back soon?”


 I crouched down and spoke to Manatsu-chan at eye level.

 ”Well then, let’s surprise mom together, just the two of us. Manatsu-chan, will you help big brother?”

 ”Yes, I will!”

 She’s such a good kid. I gently stroke Manatsu-chan’s head.

 ”There, do you have a place for me and the cameramen to hide?”

 ”Oh, then Aqua-oniisan and the cameramen can come here! I think the other staff members can go to the second floor room!”

 Oh wow, it’s no surprise that she applied for this campaign alone. Manatsu-chan seems quite mature for a 4-year-old. After our meeting, we each go to our respective hiding places and I hide inside the closet.


 I smell a woman’s scent. Is it really okay for me to be hiding here? It feels very taboo. I tried my best not to look at the lingerie inside the clear box next to me, even though I can see through it.

 Well, I don’t think it’s possible, but Manatsu-chan, could it be that she… No, no, Manatsu-chan is only 4 years old, there’s no way something like that would happen.

 ”I’m home~!”

 ”Oh, mommy, welcome back~!”

 Oops, it seems like Manatsu-chan’s mom has come home.

 I quietly focus on the conversation outside.

 ”I bought some chicken, so let’s eat it while it’s hot. I also bought a cake, so don’t worry.”

 The timing for us to leave is when her mom sits on the sofa and starts watching TV. According to Manatsu-chan, they would have a meal together while watching a recording of me.

 I plan to surprise her mom from behind while she’s engrossed in the TV. So, I patiently wait for the sound of the TV to reach me.

 ”Wow! Aqua-sama riding a horse looks so cool!”

 ”Manatsu also wants to play pretend with Aqua-oniisan and the horse.”

 Oh, it seems like Manatsu-chan and her mom have started watching a live video. I gently open the closet door without making any noise and slowly approach the living room.

 ”Kanon-oneesan, lucky you!”

 ”Hey! Aqua-sama, come to my place too!!”

 If you say so… I gently whisper in Manatsu-chan’s mom’s ear from behind.

 ”I’ve come.”


 Surprised, Manatsu-chan’s mom turns towards me with a startled expression. I wave my hand and speak again to the frozen Manatsu-chan’s mom.

 ”Good evening, Natsumi-san. I came here with a reindeer, not a horse. I am Shirogane Aqua, Santa Claus.”

 ”Huh? Ah… why?”

 It seems that Natsumi-san’s mind is still processing the reality in front of her.

 ”Actually, starting from today, I started working part-time, and this is my first house visit. Oh, did you not need a present by any chance?”

 ”I do!”

 The response was immediate.

 I looked at Manatsu-chan, and we high-fived each other to celebrate the successful surprise.

 ”Actually, Manatsu-chan applied for Beryl’s Christmas present project, and she won the special prize for it.”

 I took out a postcard from my pocket, read it in front of Natsumi-san, and then handed it to her.

 ”Ah… Ah…”

 Natsumi-san hugged Manatsu-chan tightly, tears streaming down her face.

 It’s great that she’s happy, but it’s hard to overlook a girl crying on Christmas.

 ”Natsumi-san, don’t cry. It’s only okay for a girl to cry when someone important passes away or when she’s on a bed.”

 ”Fa, fa-a… so amazing…”

 Natsumi-san stopped crying, but her face turned bright red all of a sudden.

 ”Yes, then let me give a Christmas present to Natsumi-san. Open it and see. I would be happy if you like it.”

 Natsumi-san opens the bag of the present I gave her.

 Inside, there is a one-of-a-kind prototype, a sideways Aqua-kun dakimakura pillow, made during the process of creating the lying Aqua-kun.

 ”If you don’t like it, I can replace it with something else.”

 ”This is perfect.”


 ”This is already my child.”

 Natsumi-san interrupts my words with a greedy look and tightly embraces the Aqua-kun dakimakura pillow.

 Damn, that pillow. It always gets more attention than me, with the mom’s breasts pressed against it.

 And seriously, mom, you squeezed it too much. The neck of the Aqua-kun dakimakura pillow is in a terrible state.

 ”I also have a Christmas present for Manatsu-chan.”

 ”Yay! Aqua-onii… Santa Claus-san, thank you!”

 The present I gave to Manatsu-chan is the version where Aqua-kun is lying on his back.

 This is also a prototype and is a one-of-a-kind item, so please take good care of it.

 ”Do you have anything else you want to do?”

 ”Huh? Well, since we’re at it, how about taking a photo, shaking hands, or getting an autograph?”


 I signed and shook hands, and we took a photo together. Additionally, since Aqua Santa Claus provides excessive service, I also gave her a hug and patted her head. It’s not because the mom had big breasts or because she was cute, just so you know.

 ”Well then, Manatsu-chan and Natsumi-san, enjoy your Christmas.”

 ”Yes! Thank you so much for today!”

 ”Santa Claus, thank you for granting Manatsu’s wish today!!”

 She is such a good girl. I hugged them again at the entrance and waved goodbye.

 ”Oh, it’s Aqua-kun!”

 ”No way!”

 ”It’s the real deal!!”

 ”Santa Claus!?”

 Ah, crap. It seems like the presence of the filming staff waiting outside has made the local residents aware that something is being filmed.

 ”Sorry, everyone. We have to move on to the next location!”

 I press my index finger against my own lips and wave goodbye to everyone before quickly getting into the car. It would be a hassle if a crowd forms and the car can’t move.

 ”Well then, everyone, enjoy your Christmas night.”

 I open the car window and wave my hand. I wish I could give each person a present, but this is the best I can do right now.

 I’m sorry. By the way, it seems like Beryl will be distributing presents in this area later, so please forgive me for that.

 ”Well then, driver. Please take us to the next location.”

 ”Yes! Leave it to me!”


 Once I settle down in the car, I take out the next postcard from my pocket.

 [I am a 35-year-old company employee working in a trading company. The other day, my 28-year-old subordinate confessed to a man she liked and got rejected. To encourage her, I want to give her a gift that I won in Beryl’s campaign. I hope I wins! I thought I would respond to her kind heart, wanting to do something for my junior.]

 After being shaken in the car for 20 minutes, I arrived at my destination and got out of the car. I arrived in front of the employee entrance of a hotel in Tokyo.

 The staff from Beryl informed me that her colleagues are having a dinner here to cheer her up.

 ”We have been waiting for you, Shirogane-sama. This way, please.”

 ”Thank you. Thank you for taking the time for me, even though you’re busy.”

 When I asked the concierge, I was told that everyone is already having dinner and it’s almost time for dessert. Upon hearing that, I came up with a good idea.

 I quickly changed into a hotel staff-like suit in an available room, having obtained permission from the hotel. I am grateful to everyone at the hotel who accepted my sudden request and to the stylist team who accompanied me in a separate car with costumes just in case.

 ”Um… Can I take a photo for my colleagues?”

 ”Of course.”

 The hotel staff captured my appearance with a smartphone camera. After that, I pushed a cart with a dessert… or rather, a Christmas cake, and headed towards the intended location.

 On the way, I passed through a dining area where many customers were having their meals before going to a private room. Thanks to the hotel informing them in advance, everyone covered their mouths with both hands and remained quiet.

 ”Excuse me. We have brought the dessert.”

 Instead of me, the concierge person called out in front of the door.

 Alright, let’s go! I push the cart and enter the room, but it seems like everyone is engrossed in the conversation. Well, except for the woman, who sent me a postcard. I wink at her and place the cart next to the chair where her subordinate woman mentioned in the postcard is sitting.

 ”Sorry for the wait. Here’s our hotel’s special Christmas cake, miss.”


 I gently lean in to get a look at the face of her subordinate, Kazuha-san.

 Kazuha-san freezes, not knowing what’s happening.

 Well, I guess that’s understandable. Even if it’s someone she knows, I’d be surprised if something like this happened.


 ”Huh? Seriously!?”

 ”Why is Aqua-kun here of all places!?”

 ”Oh no. Maybe I drank too much…”

 ”Maybe I’m just tired?”

 Her colleagues show various surprised expressions and reactions.

 Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to startle you.

 ”Hello, I’m Shirogane Aqua, who took on a part-time job just for the sake of you, miss.”

 ”Huh? Huh? Why?”

 Kazuhan-san looks at everyone around.

 Then, the boss or the sender, Maki-san, spills the beans.

 ”So, it seems like I won a special prize!”

 ”Yayyyyy! I love you, Maki-san!”

 ”Maki-senpai… I will follow you for the rest of my life!”

 ”I never thought I would see the live Aqua-kun this close while still alive…”

 ”Without a doubt, this is the best Christmas of my life. Thank you, Maki-san.”

 ”Maki-paisen is so cool. You could even win the Grand Prize for this year’s popular phrase.”

 Senpai winning the Grand Prize for popular phrase? Please spare me that.

 I won’t mention where, but there’s a senpai who seems to be getting carried away, so I hope she stops.


 ”Kazuha, how was it? Wasn’t the surprise present from me amazing?”

 ”It’s definitely the best! Thank you so much!!”

 Maki-san gently embraced Kazuha-san and stroked her head.

 ”Kazuha, you know…that guy. Just forget about him, okay?”


 Looking at Kazuha-san’s face, it seemed like she still couldn’t completely let go of her lingering feelings. Well, it’s understandable since she had always liked him.

 It’s not easy to forget someone like that. I understand that feeling. But…it’s also part of an idol’s job to help others forget. Slowly, I approached Kazuha-san and Maki-san, and gently pulled them closer together. Maki-san seemed surprised that I was embracing her too.

 ”It’s painful for anyone to remember someone they once loved. On nights like this… think about me, Kazuha.”

 ”F-fine… or rather, I already forgot about that person in an instant. Oh, wait…what was his name?”

 Huh? Are you kidding? Can anyone really forget someone in an instant? Well, anyway, she seems to have cheered up, so let’s just leave it at that.


 I smiled when I saw Maki-san blushing. She was wearing a sleeveless knit and had a short haircut. I actually quite liked this combination. Today, even Sugita-sensei was dressed like this, so I couldn’t help but do a little victory pose in my mind.

 ”Maki, will you continue to be my fan?”

 ”Oh, yes. I’ll only support you for the rest of my life.”

 Those words were the best any idol could hear. I took Maki-san’s hand and, although I didn’t actually do it, I pretended to give her a gentle kiss.

 ”Oh, I can’t take it anymore…”

 Oops! I quickly caught Maki-san as she nearly fell backwards. After separating myself from the revived Maki-san and Kazuha-san, I took out a present from the bag I brought.

 ”So, here’s a present from me to Kazuha-san. Here, open it.”

 ”Wow! I’m so happy! I wonder what it is?”

 The present was a CD titled “Lonely Nights with Aqua,” which I made as a prototype.

 This CD is just me talking, but actually, it’s about 6 hours long. In other words, it’s a masterpiece consisting of 6 discs.

 I recorded it with the intention of cutting it after talking for about 1 hour in each of the given situations, but an unexpected problem occurred. After the recording, the staff, including Ako-san, Kotono, and Ai, who were present, said that there was no part to cut at all, which caused trouble.

 As a result, the production of this has stopped halfway. I wonder if this will ever be released into the world.

 ”So, I have prepared the same thing for all of you.”


 ”Thank you! Thank you!”


 ”The best Christmas present has arrived!”

 ”Maki-senpai, thank you so much…”

 I hand each of my colleagues a CD one by one.

 At that time, I go through the full course of signing the CD, shaking hands, and even giving hugs as a bonus.

 ”Maki, if you like, listen to this.”

 ”I will listen. Every day…”

 Well, I didn’t say every day, right?

 ”Then everyone, enjoy Christmas night!”

 When I come out of the private room and go to the place where other customers are eating, I am greeted with applause and cheers.

 ”Thank you all for your cooperation! If you like, I think there will be presents from Beryl’s staff for everyone, so please receive them if you like. Well then, enjoy Christmas!”



 I wave my hand and leave the place.

 But, before that…

 I stop at the entrance counter and take out my wallet from my pocket, handing my credit card to the staff.

 ”Can you put today’s meal expenses for all the customers on my tab? I’ll pay with a card next time when I come to eat with someone from my family.”

 ”Uh, ah…”

 ”Oh, this is a special one without a limit on the signature, so you don’t need a PIN. Feel free to use it.”


 I rented an empty room again and changed into a Santa Claus costume, then got into the car in the underground parking lot.

 Of course, before that, I handed a thank-you note and a present to the concierge.

 By the way, gifts from Beryl are also prepared for all the employees and guests staying at the hotel.

 ”Sorry for keeping you waiting, driver.”

 ”No problem!”

 ”Well then, please take care of me.”


 I took out the third postcard from my pocket.

 There are still two spare postcards in my pocket, but unfortunately, this will probably be the last one in terms of time.

 [I am a 58-year-old man. I got married to my current wife when I was 18, and it has been 40 years now. Embarrassingly, I have been very unfaithful in my behavior towards my wife all this time. Even when my wife did something for me, being bad with words, I never expressed my gratitude and just kept relying on her.

 In the midst of that, I learned about the story of Shirogane Aqua-san doing various things for her wife, ShiroganeKanon-san, and I was deeply moved. At the same time, I remembered what I had done to my wife and felt very ashamed. So, I also wanted to do something for my wife, and I sent a postcard hoping to at least win Aqua-san’s goods.]

 I see… I understand.

 I read the letter sent by the man over and over again.

 He is currently trying to change.

 I thought that everything we have done was not in vain and it is definitely becoming a catalyst for changing the man.

 ”We have arrived.”

 ”Thank you.”

 Let’s go! With determination, I step out of the car and make my way to the gentleman’s house, which serves as our meeting place. Beryl’s staff had already visited the house beforehand and had a conversation with the client, Hiroshi-san.

 ”Nice to meet you. You’re Hiroshi-san, the one who sent me the letter, right?”


 I shake hands with Hiroshi-san, wearing a smile, and listen to the staff’s explanation.

 ”I see… So, Hiroshi-san, you want me to do something for your wife, Kumiko-san, if possible?”


 ”Well, I guess that’s fine… But I think Kumiko-san would be happier if you did something for her instead of me. So let’s come up with a plan together. Don’t worry, I’ll be there to support you. Let’s work together to make Kumiko-san happy!”


 I ask the staff for assistance and prepare everything. Kumiko-san is currently living in another place, but we’ve already informed her to come here soon.

 ”Does it really suit me?”

 ”Yes, Hiroshi-san, it looks great on you!”

 With the assistance of Beryl’s stylist team, Hiroshi-san is dressed in a suit, and his hair and overall appearance are meticulously arranged.

 In his hand, he holds a bouquet made of roses, his wife’s favorite flower, which only he knows. I take out a handkerchief from my pocket and attach a handkerchief to the pocket of Hiro-san’s suit.

 ”Well then, we’ll be hiding nearby, so do your best!”


 We watch over Hiroshi-san’s condition from a separate room. Then, after a while, Hiroshi-sann’s wife, Kumiko-san, enters the room. Kumiko-san’s face shows surprise at the sight of Hiroshi-san.

 And with a slightly entranced expression, she gazes at Hiroshi-san. Yes! In response to this, I silently high-five with the stylists.

 ”W-what’s happening today…?”

 ”Ah, well… um…”

 Hiro-san stutters.

 It’s okay. I’m watching from behind, making sure everything’s fine! I clenched my hands as if in prayer.

 ”Uh… well, I, um, thank you always!”

 During the planning, we had thought about various things, but it seems all of that flew out due to nervousness. Still, he managed to convey words of gratitude, a simple “thank you”! So, that’s a good first step!

 Hiroshi-san stood up and handed a bouquet of roses to Kumiko-san. Kumiko-san, initially bewildered by the surprise, seemed to feel the reality of it and broke into tears.

 Hiroshi-san, looking unsure, gathered courage and gently embraced his wife from behind. I considered leaving the two alone and making a quiet exit, but seeing Hiroshi-san in a bit of trouble, I headed towards the living room where the two were.

 ”Kumiko-san, Merry Christmas!!”


 Surprised, Kumiko-san looked at me. I patted Hiroshi-san’s back.

 ”Hiroshi-san, you did great!”

 ”Ah, but… I forgot the lines…”

 ”It’s okay! You were able to convey the words you wanted to convey. That’s what Hiroshi-san wanted to tell Kumiko-san from the bottom of his heart, right?”


 I explained the situation to Kumiko-san once again. I told her about Hiroshi-san’s participation in the campaign, how Hiroshi-san wanted to express his gratitude himself, the words they had thought of together for Kumiko-san, and how Hiroshi-san truly appreciates Kumiko-san.

 ”Thank you so much. I can’t believe Hiroshi-san and Aqua-san prepared such a wonderful surprise. It will be a lifelong memory.”

 ”Let me say thank you again from me…! It’s really good that I was able to express my gratitude to my wife, Kumiko, in my own words.”

 I knelt in front of the two of them sitting on the sofa and listened to their story while patting their shoulders as they shed tears.

 ”That’s it then. Shall I give you both a special Christmas present from me?”

 I take out a card case from my pocket and hand each of them a business card with my signature, the name card of Chairman Fuji Ranko.

 ”To commemorate our 40th anniversary, Chairman Fuji Ranko and I have prepared wedding rings and a special wedding plan. So, how about the two of you go on a date to Fuji Department Store next time? I would be happy if you could choose your favorite wedding ring and the plan you want.”

 This is the best present I could think of for these two. Oh, and as a bonus, I also included special tickets for an upcoming live performance. So, I really want the two of them to come and see it.

 It doesn’t matter how many times you go on a date with your wife, but to be honest, I can’t help but feel a strong desire to go on a date with Kanon and the others.

 ”T-Thank you so much, for everything!”

 ”Hiroshi-san, keep up the good work from now on.”


 I whisper in Hiro’s ear, making sure Kumiko-san doesn’t hear me.

 ’Next… let’s aim for words like ‘I love you’ or ‘I like you.’ Let’s do your best to reach that point. You can do it, Hiroshi-san, because you were able to properly convey your gratitude to Kumiko-san!’


 Okay! Judging from his expression, I was convinced that Hiroshi-san was already fine.

 ”Well then, both of you, have a Merry Christmas!”

 After saying that, I bid farewell to the two and get into the car. It’s exactly two hours here, the deadline. But there’s something that’s been bothering me.

 ”Everyone, if we still have time… I’m thinking of going to these two postcard locations as well. But if it seems impossible, please don’t hesitate to say so. I don’t want to burden everyone.”

 The postcards were sent by high school and college girls. Technically, I don’t have to go since they are just backup postcards… but seeing everyone’s happy faces in front of me, I couldn’t help but want to go.

 ”Aqua-kun thought you would say that. I’m fine, but everyone can go home now.”

 When Ako-san said that, the driver pointed her thumb towards us in the back seat.

 ”Understood! Please leave the driving to me!”

 Beryl’s staff, who was sitting in the passenger seat, hurriedly made a phone call.

 ”I also called the two of them, even though it’s after hours, and told them we can do the surprise event!”

 When I looked at the other staff members on the location bus, they said they would cooperate with us. Even though I was sitting down, I bowed my head towards everyone.

 ”Thank you all so much!!”

 Seeing me bowing my head, everyone showed a smile.

 ”It’s okay. We’re doing this because we enjoy it!”

 ”Yeah, I joined Beryl because I wanted to do this!”

 ”It’s our job to fulfill Aqua-san’s desires!”

 ”Now, let’s go make everyone happy!”

 In the words filled with everyone’s passion, my eyes also welled up with emotion.

 ”Let’s go. This is the real Beryl Enterprise, or so we pretend!”

 Ako-san joked, making everyone chuckle.

 ”Let’s go. There are people waiting for us. For the sake of those people!”

 Actually, I have one more thing to do after this. But I can’t go to that person without resolving this matter. Because I’m sure that person doesn’t want that. So please wait for me until then. I will definitely come to pick you up.

 The bus we boarded… I mean, the Beryl Enterprise, set off towards the people waiting for Shirogane Aqua.

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