Male Idol V10c5

Volume 10 Chapter 5 Bulletin Board, On A Usual Sunday Mornin

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Episode 14] Heaven’s Sword Main Thread Part 1 [Beyond the Smile]
5 Anonymous
It’s exciting!
7 Anonymous
Why is Sunday morning so fun? Oh! It’s because of Heaven’s Sword!!
8 Anonymous
My mom is leaning forward in front of the screen more than my 3-year-old little sister, LOL. Well, I’m sitting next to mom, though. Sorry, little sister. Endure it on your big sister’s lap
10 Anonymous
There is no day when the roads are as quiet as at this time. I can even hear the singing of birds. What a lovely morning
12 Anonymous
At this time, even our cats and dogs at our house are watching TV with serious expressions, not even fighting, you know?
Animals are amazing after all. They instinctively know who’s a good guy
13 Anonymous
It’s like everyone disappeared from the world outside, LOL
15 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to Aqua-sama’s birthday stream this week too
17 Anonymous
Ultimately, it became a stream because it’s a weekday
Shiro-kun has been streaming occasionally, but I think it’s been a while since Aqua-kun streamed as Aqua
19 Anonymous
Do you want to hear the story about how the cake shop turned into a living hell? With Christmas coming up, I think we’ll definitely break our sales record this month
Anyway, I’ll charge up my motivation with today’s broadcast and prepare for Wednesday
20 Anonymous
There are an unbelievably large number of events in December
There’s a festival on Christmas and congratulations to those who won. Beryl’s game, supervised by Hakuryuu-sensei and Aqua-kun, is coming out too. I’m really looking forward to it
23 Anonymous
By the way, the details of that mysterious game were released
In this game, you play as the main character who just got a job at Beryl Entertainment
It turns out you’ve been assigned to the super cool Manager Division!
Your job is to help the team and make sure everything runs smoothly for the members. But wait, there’s a surprise – you’re also responsible for the personal lives of the talented stars!… From here on, it’s a surprise after you buy the game!
Shirogane Aqua himself supervised it, and the writing is done by popular author Hakuryuu Aiko-san
In the powerful live scene, we use live audio sources, and you can experience new songs that have not been released yet, as well as new songs written exclusively for this game, before everyone else! Also, all the dialogue of the characters appearing in this game is recorded by the actual people themselves. Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira… Who will you become the manager of?
Genre: Otome game
The special edition will be rated Z, the regular edition will be rated D, high school version will be rated C, middle school version will be rated B, and the all ages version will be rated A. The lower the age rating category, the softer the expressions in the ending, etc
Please note that for the Z rating, because it involves a life-threatening situation, it is recommended for customers who have a high resistance value to Beryl… Shirogane Aqua-san. By the way, I almost died while writing this description
※If you feel abnormally excited or experience palpitations while playing the game, please stop playing immediately and consult a specialized mental clinic at a large hospital near you
26 Anonymous
At this point, the atmosphere is already unsettling, LOL
What even is an otome game? Is it a game where the desires of maidens (virgins) are boiled down? In that case, it makes sense that it was written by Aiko-sensei
27 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling about this
The game that Aqua-sama is involved in is definitely not normal. And the rate Z is way too intense LOL
28 Anonymous
>>23 >>26
I have a feeling that Shumi is insanely addicted to it
30 Verification Team *010meTA473
My bad!! I don’t deny getting addicted to it though…
33 Anonymous
You’re not denying it! LOL
35 Anonymous
Huh? Usually, Nee-san would explain the details in situations like this. Is she not here today? I want to know what’s happening with rate Z…
37 Verification Team *010meTA473
Work. By the way, Nee-san hasn’t played rate Z, only up to rate D. But she told me to stick with the all-age rate A
38 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Today, it’s just me and Shumi. Hehehe
40 Anonymous
Even though you’re married, rate A, LMAO
42 Anonymous
Are you kidding?! Even the legal wife being recommended rate A is too high of a hurdle…
45 Anonymous
What kind of game requires mental preparation to play? Isn’t it a mistake that it’s not a dating game but a death game?
48 Anonymous
Exactly, LMAO
49 Anonymous
I really think so LOL
What is Beryl trying to make us do…
51 Anonymous
Speaking of games, there will also be an action game called Heaven’s Sword. Everyone should buy it
Also, it said in the update on January 1st at 10A M for the Driver fighting game that all members of the Heaven’s Sword group will be added
It seems that Chijou will also be added to go along with it. Kunka Kunker is popular after all
53 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is coming!
54 Anonymous
On the day, I’ll use Kunka Kunker and get close to the overflowing characters of Heaven’s Sword, sniffing their scent
57 Anonymous
Then I’ll use Ro-Schutz-Marr and spread that coat towards the Heaven’s Sword group, doing that thing where a mysterious light comes out. Hehehe!
60 Anonymous
Officer, it’s these people!
61 Anonymous
If you go too far, you might get banned LOL
63 Anonymous
Game commentators and Vtubers seem to have already tried it
Sayamu Inko said that when she kicks with Driver, Aqua-kun’s lines play and she was surprised along with her opponent
The other characters apparently had lines too, but it seems that only Kenzaki had post-victory lines that she has never heard before
According to the developers, Kenzaki has 12 different post-victory lines, with 2 of them being rare. Additionally, there is a special victory animation exclusive to Kenzaki, so she recommend searching for it
In addition, it seems that Chijou has lines after battling a specific Heaven Sword team. When the Heaven Sword team wins, the lines are the same as the original work, but when Chijou wins, there are after-like lines, so it’s a must-see
I was also moved to tears by this line that was just leaked this morning. The rest of the lines are a surprise until you play
When Ro-Schutz-Marr defeats Kenzaki, “Kenzaki, thank you for looking at me.”
When Kunka Kunker defeats Kamishiro, “I’m sorry, you have to bear my sins too. Poison Chalice.”
When Deka-Onna defeats Tachibana, “When you stood up to me in flesh and blood, your figure was really cool.”
65 Anonymous
D*mn, just Chijou’s lines alone make me cry
66 Anonymous
The development staff is amazing…. Definitely fans of this…
68 Anonymous
This god-tier game can be enjoyed for free with additional updates for free, the world is crazy…. Good, keep going!!
69 Anonymous
The Heaven’s Sword team is completely supervised by Director Hongou and the staff. But this, the Chijou team seems to be doing their own ad-lib
After watching the actual broadcast, they said that they assumed this is what the girls who were saved would say on their own media social
70 Anonymous
I can’t do it, I’m not good at fighting games but I have no choice but to play
72 Anonymous
Honestly, am I the only one who’s scared that Heaven’s Sword will end?
I don’t have the confidence to endure not being able to watch Kenzaki and the others on Sunday mornings
75 Anonymous
I really think so
77 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword loss seems dangerous. Isn’t there someone who will go so far as to fall into darkness in Chijou?
80 Anonymous
It seems that even Crutch Department’s Head is worried about that and consulted with Director Hongou
However, in the formation meeting, Crutch Department’s Head also proposed whether it’s okay to continue tying Aqua-kun and the others, who have a future, to this work
Even though I’m the number one fan, I thought this person was amazing
Especially, even if “Heaven’s Sword” ends, Kenzaki and Aqua-kun’s long journey of life will continue. Everyone cried at the words that Aqua-kun will also carry Kenzaki’s heart
84 Anonymous
Crutch Department’s Head
85 Anonymous
Please Kenzaki, save her
86 Anonymous
You’re not the Department’s Head anymore, you’re the chairman
88 Anonymous
Can you believe it? This is a former retiree
Heaven’s Sword has changed her life
90 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is about to start changing lives..
92 Anonymous
It hasn’t started yet, and I’m already crying over Heaven’s Sword
94 Anonymous
I just thought, I think Aqua-kun makes girls cry the most in the world!
96 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Don’t you dare to cry in front of the screen while the guys are trying to do their best in Heaven’s Sword!
100 Anonymous
This guy is so right!
101 Anonymous
You’re right!
102 Anonymous
105 Verification Team *010meTA473
Heaven’s Sword! Heaven’s Sword!
107 Anonymous
>> Next Page
Heaven’s Sword! Heaven’s Sword!
108 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword! Heaven’s Sword!
113 Anonymous
It’s starting!!
124 Anonymous
This time’s Chijou is Noh Mask, understood!!
128 Anonymous
I understand Noh Mask’s feelings too well
132 Anonymous
I understand because I’m not good at laughing either. I’ve been told that I look cold to boys and it’s scary…
137 Anonymous
In Heaven’s Sword, Chijou always gets stabbed by someone
141 Anonymous
OP has arrived!
143 Verification Team *010meTA473
I like the OP!
150 Anonymous
It’s funny how at this time, we divide into a group that listens quietly and a group that sings together
155 Anonymous
I sing passionately with my colleagues in the break room while I’m working
164 Anonymous
Last week, I had work and went outside, but I remember singing together with a lady who seems to be working on weekends at the electronics store’s display
171 Anonymous
The common language of all citizens is Heaven’s Sword’s OP
178 Anonymous
The national anthem was being sung by Aa-sama the other day, but this song could be the national anthem too
182 Anonymous
Every time, even though it’s the same OP, we get excited…
188 Anonymous
Huh? Isn’t that me…
200 Anonymous
202 Anonymous
204 Anonymous
The unexpected encounter of bulletin board users in real life LOL
213 Anonymous
The theory that bulletin board users are everywhere
226 Anonymous
The number of people looking at the bulletin board increased because of Aqua-kun
Social Media keeps crashing, and above all, the Shumi effect is huge
235 Anonymous
OP is finished!
241 Anonymous
To, to, Toa-chan!
244 Anonymous
Kagami is cuter than Night Shadow Misa
252 Anonymous
Commander Tajima and Night Shadow Misa are just for show
And why the new recruit Kagami being the most reliable?
266 Anonymous
I wonder if Toa-chan will transform
278 Anonymous
I’m satisfied seeing Mayushin-kun in a suit since morning
280 Anonymous
Only in Heaven’s Sword can you legally see Mayuzumi-kun in a suit
284 Anonymous
Oh no, thanks to Shin-chan, I’m awakening to suit guys
289 Anonymous
There’s something about the combination of glasses and suits
295 Anonymous
Sometimes he takes off his jacket, but that’s also nice
Ah, I want to Kunka Kunker (Sniff sniff) that jacket!
301 Anonymous
Kenzaki is here!
303 Anonymous
305 Anonymous
312 Anonymous
Don’t get too excited about Kenzaki jokes, guys!
He might be bothered by it! Mayuzumi-kun biting is cute too
325 Anonymous
Kenzaki is in trouble…
328 Anonymous
Is it best to have an all-back hairstyle…?
333 Anonymous
Oh no, Heaven’s Sword and Kenzaki are trying to twist our fetishes again!!
342 Anonymous
345 Anonymous
Adult-like Aqua-sama is dangerous. It resonates with me too much
348 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It seems like it would resonate with the sultry Mami-san
352 Anonymous
Just by seeing Aqua-kun’s wrist coming out of the white shirt, I got excited
356 Anonymous
Am I the only one who feels like if you grow up watching Heaven’s Sword, your future child might become a splendid Chijou?
371 Anonymous
That’s so true, LOL
374 Anonymous
Maybe the broadcasting of Heaven’s Sword itself is a trap set by Chijou…
379 Anonymous
I’m glad I’m an adult. My fetish is definitely messed up
I’ll end up being modified (by Chijou) so that only Aqua-kun is acceptable for me
385 Anonymous
Damn, in the drama, boys are seriously trying their best, but these people!
404 Anonymous
Here comes Noh Mask!!
415 Anonymous
Lightning Hopper!
427 Anonymous
The transformation of Lightning Hopper’s gun is so cool
433 Anonymous
The variable gimmicks during heat discharge and reloading are too cool
442 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s body is glasses, Tachibana-san’s body is a suit, and Lightning Hopper’s body is a gun
459 Anonymous
Lightning Hopper is unusually very “clank clank” today. Director Hongou loves mecha too, so even though she knows it’s excessive, she likes to make it very “clank clank.” Sometimes she goes overboard with it, LOL
468 Anonymous
“Clank clank” ASMR is helpful
477 Anonymous
479 Anonymous
481 Anonymous
485 Anonymous
486 Anonymous
493 Anonymous
There are too many guys cheering for Mayuzumi-kun when he gets beaten up, LOL
499 Anonymous
I quite like Tachibana-san’s beaten-up scenes
503 Anonymous
Lightning Hopper, who has even the weakest driver theory, is said to be the weakest Heaven’s Sword
514 Anonymous
This is why I want to support him
521 Anonymous
Mayushin, hang in there!
528 Anonymous
The siren of SYUKUJYO is here!
535 Anonymous
The bees are here too!
542 Anonymous
As usual, SYUKUJYO is like this..
549 Anonymous
Kamishiro collected it again, and once again SYUKUJYO was useless
556 Anonymous
The siren was ringing, but they went to a different scene. That’s SYUKUJYO
564 Anonymous
SYUKUJYO-chan, you see. That’s why you lost out to Chijou in the “what you want to be in the future” category in the children’s survey. Except for Kagami, it was funny, though
582 Anonymous
Latest version Top 5 occupations children want to become
1st Place Aqua-sama’s wife! (By far the 1st place!)
2nd Place Princess (Because they could marry Aqua-sama!)
3rd Place Employee at Beryl (Because they can have permanent employment with Aqua’s big brother)
4th Place Entertainer (Because they can work with Beryl’s members)
5th Place Chijou (Because they can legally touch boys)
SYUKUJYO was not even in the top 10
591 Anonymous
The interaction between Kamishiro and Tachibana is rare
605 Anonymous
When I see the relationship between Kenzaki, Tachibana, and Kamishiro, my heart pounds
But what excites me the most is Kenzaki and Kagami-chan!!
613 Anonymous
Oh no, my heart is pounding
621 Anonymous
Is the palpitation club still alive?
634 Anonymous
There’s something intense about watching boys fighting and grabbing each other’s collars
656 Anonymous
I think we should have more scenes like this!!
672 Anonymous
I laughed at how the thread accelerated when Kamishiro and Tachibana started fighting, LOL
703 Anonymous
Kamishiro “Think about Kenzaki!”
Tachibana-san “You should think about Kenzaki too!”
Kagami-chan “No one understands anything about Kenzaki, huh.”
Is it like this?
Kenzaki is popular, right
716 Anonymous
Kenzaki is the hero and the heroine
727 Anonymous
Look, look, LOL
728 Anonymous
Yes, while the two guys are fighting over Kenzaki, Kagami-chan casually goes to Kenzaki’s side and scores some points
735 Anonymous
738 Anonymous
740 Anonymous
Isn’t it cute when she grabs the hem of his shirt and tells him to be careful?
752 Anonymous
It seems like everything around Toa-chan is too adorable
761 Anonymous
How can I become as cute as Toa-chan?
763 Anonymous
Does anyone know how to become as cute as Toa-chan?
768 Anonymous
It’s unfair to grab Kenzaki’s hem there. Ordinary girls can never do that
772 Verification Team *010meTA473
This is helpful..
774 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Recently, I noticed that Toa-chan is cuter than the heroine in my work, don’t you think?
790 Anonymous
LMAO, it’s funny to watch
793 Anonymous
Hey, is everyone watching? It’s ridiculous that we’re trying to win even though the wife itself have no chance against Toa-chan
808 Anonymous
LMAO, sensei
811 Anonymous
What’s the point if sensei gets discouraged!!
819 Anonymous
Get up, Hakuryuu Aiko!!
825 Anonymous
Laughed because the wife and sensei lost, LOL
836 Anonymous
By the way, it seems like the upcoming Sunday debate will turn into a cabinet meeting again, LOL
842 Anonymous
Speaking of which, where’s Chinposuki? I was wondering. Can’t see her in this area, LOL
863 Anonymous
Yesterday, she said “You’ll watch me later so I won’t spoil it” and refrained from going to this thread
888 Anonymous
Is it time for a commercial…?
900 Anonymous
What? It’s already used up the thread in the first half
913 Anonymous
Oh my, an unexpected (otome) game advertisement in the commercial!
927 Anonymous
932 Anonymous
The voice acting by the actual people is amazing!!
935 Anonymous
938 Anonymous
940 Anonymous
944 Anonymous
Aqua: “Well done. Good girl, good girl.”
946 Anonymous
Hey! What was that just now!!
948 Anonymous
※ The visuals and audio data are for all ages
951 Anonymous
For all ages?
952 Anonymous
What does “for all ages” mean?
959 Anonymous
Huh? Wait, are there really dead people in this game?
962 Anonymous
As someone who works at the Beryl Psychiatric Clinic, I was trembling from that commercial just now. Please, let me take a break during the New Year holidays!!
967 Anonymous
This is bad, bad, bad!
970 Anonymous
Wait a minute, even though it’s inside the game, Aqua-sama will be patting me on the head!?
972 Anonymous
Oh no, my daughter has a blank expression!
977 Anonymous
Hey hey hey, is it okay to release something like this for all ages?
981 Anonymous
If this is for all ages, how intense is Z…?”
985 Verification team *07218KADO6
Is there any s*x scene in Z-Rate?
987 Verification team *07218KADO6
Is there any s*x scene in Z-Rate?
988 Verification team *07218KADO6
Is there any s*x scene in Z-Rate?
999 Anonymous
I found an idiot who is spamming because they are too excited
But I understand the feeling
1000 Anonymous
Hey everyone! Let’s be careful not to become adults like this!
But I understand the feeling
100 1774 *Hi-P3erver
Puhahaha, ladies, it’s great that you’re desperately clicking, but you can’t post on this thread anymore, okay?
Huh? Could it be that there’s a sister who couldn’t reach 1000? Noob, noob!
[Otome Game?] Heaven’s Sword Main Thread Part 2 [Death Game?]
8 Anonymous
The title LMAO
10 Anonymous
Saba-chan, LOL
14 Anonymous
I laughed at the previous thread, LOL
But I understand the feeling!
16 Anonymous
I think everyone was probably thinking the same thing as Hagetoru
18 Anonymous
There probably won’t be any ero scenes, but the company must have judged it to be dangerous
25 Anonymous
The heaven sword game is getting a commercial, too!
29 Anonymous
Wow, wow, wow
33 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is entering the battle, yay!
36 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is really going for it!
40 Anonymous
42 Anonymous
I’m buying it!
45 Anonymous
They even have a catchphrase for buying it!
49 Anonymous
Saying ‘I’m buying it’ during a match is absolutely pointless, lol. You’re completely defenseless at that time
53 Anonymous
I bet there will be people doing this in official tournaments too
57 Anonymous
61 Anonymous
The line when he defeats someone is so cool..
68 Anonymous
Kenzaki: ‘Oh, pitiful soul who knows not of love. Drown in the depths of my love.’
Kenzaki: ‘If no one else will love you, I will, upon this earth.’
Kenzaki: ‘I am Kenzaki Souji, a man who loves you.’
72 Anonymous
Huh? Is this a real-life death game?
74 Anonymous
Hey, there’s no way to hold a gaming competition with this game! LOL
75 Anonymous
The psychological damage is way too much. Kenzaki is likely to be banned from pro gaming tournaments, LMAO
78 Anonymous
This is for all ages. And it’s free…? Please, let me spend money on it!
83 Anonymous
Oh no, even the commercials are jammed with information
86 Anonymous
Is it okay even though there’s still the second half?
89 Anonymous
Whoever said it was a calm Sunday morning, come out!!
Where is it calm!!
96 Anonymous
The second half is starting!!
100 Anonymous
Here it comes!!
104 Anonymous
Wedding venue?
109 Anonymous
Commander Tajima’s good idea
113 Anonymous
There has never been a good result from Commander Tajima’s good idea
116 Anonymous
117 Anonymous
119 Anonymous
123 Anonymous
Night Shadow Misa in wedding dresses!
126 Anonymous
Huh? Huh? Huhhhhh?
131 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, Toa-chan is wearing a wedding dress too!!
133 Anonymous
135 Anonymous
This is no good!
137 Anonymous
They threw something outrageous at us on a Sunday morning, LOL
141 Anonymous
You’re kidding, right…?
143 Anonymous
It’s cuter than the legal wife in a wedding dress!
146 Anonymous
Toa-chan, come marry me
148 Anonymous
Methods for Toa-chan to become my bride [search]
153 Anonymous
Stop it already, our lives have lost meaning!
158 Anonymous
Hey, why is he cuter than me, a woman?
160 Anonymous
Sad news, Toa-chan is cuter than me
164 Anonymous
Lucky you, Kobayakawa-san
165 Anonymous
Even though she can’t transform, isn’t this a reward? In the story, Toa-chan and her are getting married. That’s not something that usually happens
169 Anonymous
SYUKUJYO’s entire brain LOL
172 Anonymous
Who would have thought that Commander Tajima and SYUKUJYO are competent?
178 Anonymous
Finally, SYUKUJYO is starting to function
182 Anonymous
Isn’t Kobayakawa-san doing a decent job of acting?
186 Anonymous
As expected of the future top actress, Kobayakawa Yuki. She’s said to be one of the best among young talents. If it were some variety talent like Morikawa, they would be excited and attack him
195 Anonymous
Here comes a new name!
198 Anonymous
Here comes Chijou!
201 Anonymous
Night Shadow Misa!?
203 Anonymous
208 Anonymous
Oh, the usual is here, huh
209 Anonymous
Ah, again, the usual, huh..
212 Anonymous
※It’s toilet time
215 Anonymous
How did she hide the belt in the bouquet?
218 Anonymous
Strange… scene..
219 Anonymous
Strange scene, it’s hereeee!
222 Anonymous
Even among children, this one is made into a joke, LOL
226 Anonymous
My 4-year-old daughter said, “Big sister, don’t give up yet…”
230 Anonymous
Chijou is quite kind, right
Because it waits for this wasted time, LOL
233 Anonymous
Someday, I hope Kobayakawa-san will be rewarded
236 Anonymous
Even so, I believe that someday Kobayakawa-san will also transform!
239 Anonymous
By the way, since December, part of the Shibuya scramble sign has changed to “coming soon…”
246 Anonymous
Toa-chan fighting in a wedding dress is cool!
251 Anonymous
It’s only Toa-chan after all
256 Anonymous
Bee-san, grasshopper-san, they’re here!
262 Anonymous
It seems like the fight has ended
265 Anonymous
Come, come, come, come, come!
268 Anonymous
(The struggle for Kenzaki) is temporarily at a ceasefire!
271 Anonymous
Please, hero
275 Anonymous
Wooo, the henshin scene is here!
282 Anonymous
294 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, even up to three perspectives, LOL
297 Anonymous
Director Hongou does a lot of cool scenes. LOL
300 Anonymous
Don’t focus on their ass from the morning! Thank youuuu!!
303 Anonymous
Ahh, my p**sy is getting irritated
304 Anonymous
After the henshin scene, there are fewer people. Definitely mas***bating, LOL
309 Anonymous
315 Anonymous
Even though Kamishiro should hate Chijou for killing his family, he changed after meeting Kenzaki. In fact, they were already bonded from their first encounter, it’s too cute
331 Anonymous
Unlike Kamishiro, Tachibana is gradually hardening his attitude towards Chijou. So he believes that Kenzaki should also become ruthless. That’s Tachibana’s kindness
349 Anonymous
Tora-uma is hereee!
351 Anonymous
Tora-uma, who is popular among children, has arrived!
356 Anonymous
If you keep being so selfish, Tora-uma will come to you and turn you into Chijou! If you’re happy about that, you should be careful about your daughter’s future
362 Anonymous
Tora-uma has always been after Mayuzumi-kun… I mean, Tachibana-san, right?
368 Anonymous
I knew it…she’s after that ass!
373 Anonymous
Tora-uma-san, suspected of liking butts
384 Anonymous
388 Anonymous
Poison Chalice!!
393 Anonymous
Kenzaki, come quickly!!
394 Anonymous
Please, Kenzaki!
399 Anonymous
402 Anonymous
Yabba, Toa-chan looks cool!
406 Anonymous
Today too, Toa-chan is consistently cool
410 Anonymous
Just between us, the new recruit Kagami or should I say, Toa-chan, is the second most handsome after Aqua-kun. I know the inside story of the live, so I thought that during the Halloween Fest
415 Anonymous
418 Anonymous
Night Shadow Misa is back!
423 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san, nice!
425 Anonymous
Showing some guts!
431 Anonymous
433 Anonymous
434 Anonymous
436 Anonymous
441 Anonymous
443 Anonymous
445 Anonymous
448 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Uh, I have a bad feeling about this
450 Anonymous
Yes yes, Kenzaki, Kenzaki
451 Anonymous
Yes, yes, Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Aqua
453 Anonymous
This is not Kenzaki, it’s Aqua-sama
456 Anonymous
Unfair! Kenzaki is really unfair!
460 Anonymous
Kenzaki is unfair, understood
463 Anonymous
466 Anonymous
Wearing a white tuxedoooo!
470 Anonymous
472 Anonymous
Ah, ah… Aqu… a… Aaaaaah..
475 Anonymous
Unavoidable palpitations
478 Anonymous
Palpitations, “Do you think you can escape from me?”
480 Anonymous
Everyone, do your best!
481 Anonymous
Kenzaki and the others are fighting too! Let’s not lose, let’s do our best!
484 Anonymous
No, no, no, nooooo!
490 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I was going to say “Oh, the legal wife is in danger”… but it’s getting a bit pitiful, so I’ll stop
Don’t cry, though
493 Verification Team *010meTA473
Huh? Was Toa-chan married to Aqua?
502 Anonymous
My child is in shock because they saw on TV that Kenzaki and Kagami-chan got married..
506 Anonymous
I’m worried about the future of the children who grew up watching this
517 Anonymous
Hagetoru can read the atmosphere…?
519 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword, that even makes Hagetoru read the atmosphere
523 Anonymous
That’s right
524 Anonymous
Huh? You didn’t know?
526 Anonymous
Everyone knows!
531 Anonymous
Shumi is in confusion LOL
537 Anonymous
Hey, why is Kenzaki so cool?
538 Anonymous
Ah, no. Just by looking at Kenzaki, my p**sy gets wet
540 Anonymous
Kenzaki should take responsibility and marry all of humanity. That should solve most things
543 Anonymous
My mom said
545 Anonymous
Today’s “My mom said” has arrived!
546 Anonymous
Today’s “My mom said” is readyyyy!
548 Anonymous
My mom said! My mom said!
550 Anonymous
Yes, yes, today Kenzaki is Kenzaki!
553 Anonymous
I smile at Kenzaki’s lines
556 Anonymous
I only know three men who can make all women smile. One is Shirogane Aqua, another is Yuujin-sama! And the last one is Kenzaki Souji!
561 Anonymous
Kenzaki is definitely going to make all the girls notice him
563 Anonymous
564 Verification Team *010meTA473
No way..
567 Anonymous
He won’t transform!?
569 Anonymous
Is the toy manufacturer angry too…?
572 Anonymous
Wait a minute
575 Anonymous
Kissing a beetle? Ohhhhh!
578 Anonymous
580 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Ah, excuse me, can I ask a question?
A girl who lost to a beetle is passing by
Sorry, really, sorry for being alive
585 Anonymous
Heroine Beetle
592 Anonymous
How can I become Kenzaki’s beetle!?
596 Anonymous
Wa-wait, I won a premium room pass in an event and touched Kenzaki’s beetle, ahhh!
601 Anonymous
Wait a minute, he really won’t transform!?
604 Anonymous
607 Anonymous
609 Anonymous
610 Anonymous
Kenzaki: “Don’t worry, Noh Mask, I’ll go and pick up your heart now. So just wait there quietly.”
615 Anonymous
Oh no, he’s so cool that my p**sy broke
618 Verification Team *010meTA473
As expected, Kenzaki is the coolest in the world!
What should I do? I was all for Yuujin, but now I’m swaying towards Kenzaki…
623 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Don’t mess with me!
This is Aqua-kun’s ad-lib, right!?
Real life is such a sh*tty game!! How am I supposed to win…
626 Verification Team *07218KADO6
When will you come to pick me up?
631 Anonymous
I want someone to say that to me at least once
635 Anonymous
If someone tells me to wait there because they’re coming to pick me up, I have the confidence to wait until I die
639 Anonymous
Can you stop instantly turning a girl’s heart into a maiden?
643 Anonymous
Sorry for the confusion, but the two, including your husband, is the same person
That’s why, Shumi, die
645 Anonymous
Do you know? Shirogane Aqua = Yuujin = Kenzaki Souji, they’re all the same person
For now, Shumi, die
652 Anonymous
Huh? Is this for real!?
655 Anonymous
You’re joking, right? LMAO
658 Anonymous
Is this an ad-lib? LOL
664 Anonymous
Is Aqua-sama able to say this ad-lib…?
667 Anonymous
Phew~, as expected of the sh*t shumi, there’s no doubt marrying Shumi is the right thing to do
You’re lucky, Shumi. If Aqua-sama wasn’t here, you would have been single for life
671 Anonymous
For now, Shumi, die
672 Anonymous
Shumi, die
673 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi, die
679 Anonymous
682 Anonymous
684 Anonymous
693 Anonymous
Kenzaki: “There is no woman in this world who I cannot embrace. So rest assured, and let your heart be embraced by me.”
696 Anonymous
Could it be that this is also an ad-lib…!?
700 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
There’s no way I can win like this, *Thud* (sound of throwing a pen)
By the way, I heard from Director Hongou that only Kenzaki is ad-libbing because the scriptwriter went mad
703 Anonymous
Ah, it’s no use anymore… My v*gina is experiencing sweet climax
Are they mistaking it for having s*x? My ut*rus is coming down so much it hurts
705 Anonymous
Am I the only one who comes so sweetly that my p**sy becomes happy even though I don’t play with it?
709 Anonymous
Sad news, Shirogane Aqua-san, just by appearing in a drama, he makes all the girls come sweetly
712 Anonymous
I don’t know who this suit actor is, but it’s amazing
This suit actor, from the way she moves, it’s definitely Nico-san, right? Legends are amazing after all. It’s on a different level
718 Anonymous
Nico-san is incredible. She’s on a different level from us, whose p**sies come
723 Anonymous
726 Anonymous
Go, Kenzaki!!
730 Anonymous
Kenzaki: “[Me? My name is Kenzaki Souji, a name of a man who brings smiles to all women in this world… no, not just the present, but also the past and the future.”
This is Shirogane Aqua
734 Anonymous
That line could work for Aa-sama too
736 Anonymous
I thought it would be impossible for the past, but it looks like my mother’s memorial photo is actually smiling… Kenzaki, you’re amazing
739 Anonymous
741 Anonymous
Kenzaki: “Do I look like a man who would miss a girl’s smile?”
There’s no way I could see that!!
744 Anonymous
No, he’s too cool, I’m going to die
748 Anonymous
749 Anonymous
Hang in there, Kamishiro!
751 Anonymous
Get up, Kamishiro!
756 Anonymous
758 Anonymous
760 Anonymous
Oh no, I’m crying
762 Anonymous
Damn, he’s too cool saying he won’t let them go
764 Anonymous
Hey hey, why are these people so cool?
768 Anonymous
769 Anonymous
Ah, this is not Tora-uma
771 Anonymous
Looks like Tora-uma’s anti-fans are increasing
773 Anonymous
This person is amazing. They’re kicking boys to make it more realistic even though they might receive hate. I support them. Mayuzumi-kun probably knows that too
776 Anonymous
Tachibana: “I won’t let you go…!”
779 Anonymous
781 Anonymous
782 Anonymous
785 Anonymous
Commander Tajima…?
788 Anonymous
Commander Tajima is hereeeee!
791 Anonymous
800 Anonymous
The intense energy from Kenzaki is spreading!
803 Anonymous
That stubborn guy, trying to save the heart of a girl by showing determination!! And you, a fellow girl, are getting in the way!!
806 Anonymous
Abe-san, cry during this performance
809 Anonymous
That acting just now wasn’t adlib, right?
It felt more like Abes-san’s life that has been accumulating up until now
But it overlaps perfectly with Commander Tajima, so professional actresses are amazing
813 Anonymous
Commander Tajima’s stocks are skyrocketing
816 Anonymous
Kenzaki, gooo!
818 Anonymous
This is too cool!
820 Anonymous
Entrust your feelings to Kenzaki and go!
825 Anonymous
No, Kenzaki is too cool
829 Anonymous
Gooo! Kenzakiiii!
832 Anonymous
834 Anonymous
He got it!
835 Anonymous
Kenzaki is the best after all!
837 Anonymous
839 Anonymous
840 Anonymous
843 Anonymous
Saying those lines gently is cheating…
846 Anonymous
Aaaah… Aaaah…!
849 Anonymous
My vocabulary is dead, can only produce screams
851 Anonymous
Last wish..
853 Anonymous
Ah… One last wish..
856 Anonymous
No, don’t cry like this..
860 Anonymous
I can’t see ahead because of the tears anymore!!
864 Anonymous
865 Anonymous
868 Anonymous
In the end, that girl was able to smile. She must have been saved… That’s why..
870 Anonymous
873 Anonymous
876 Anonymous
Kenzaki, other cast members, staff, and even Director Hongou are all too unfair!
And the beetle! You have the best timing, you know!
880 Anonymous
The beetle will appear here
883 Anonymous
Is there a henshin cooler than this?
885 Anonymous
Last week, I thought, “There won’t be a transformation cooler than this.”
This week, I’m thinking, “Th-there won’t be a transformation cooler than this… right?”
889 Anonymous
Last week, I thought, “Today’s Heaven’s Sword is the best ever!”
This week, I’m thinking, “Today’s Heaven’s Sword is the best ever!”
Next week, I’m thinking, “Today’s Heaven’s Sword is the best ever!”
892 Anonymous
Even though it’s just a henshin scene!
Even though it’s just a promotion for the toy!
Don’t make me cry, damn it! Even though I already bought it, I want to buy another one!!
901 Anonymous
When I told my daughter that this is a hero, she said “Yes.”
907 Anonymous
This FULL SPEED song is too hot!
912 Anonymous
Even though the screen is hot, everyone in my house is silently watching. They’re engraving the sight of Kenzaki trying to fulfill her last wish, as if she were a hero
917 Anonymous
Kenzaki… maybe it’s because of the ad-lib, but he overlaps with Aa-sama. He overlaps with the figure of Aa-sama, who saved our world. That’s why… he’s a hero
923 Anonymous
I’m sure Aqua-sama will appear in many dramas and movies in the future. But I think the impact of seeing him for the first time and Kenzaki will continue to stay in my heart
928 Anonymous
I remembered Morikawa saying that our country has Shirogane Aqua. Kenzaki, become a hero of Japan!
932 Anonymous
I wonder if boys are watching Heaven’s Sword. I want them to watch it
936 Anonymous
I can’t say anything anymore. He’s too cool
942 Anonymous
My daughter was silently watching Kenzaki’s back
948 Anonymous
Even after defeating them, we can see the melancholy from everyone’s backs. The want to tell us not to be so discouraged
952 Anonymous
Night Shadow Misa!?
956 Anonymous
961 Anonymous
Night shadow Misa: “Be proud! You definitely saved her heart. So don’t make such a sad expression. Send her off with a smile.”
965 Anonymous
969 Anonymous
This is coming
971 Anonymous
Stag beetle-chan, please start fluttering for Night Shadow-senpai too
976 Anonymous
Please, let Kobayakawa-san transform as well
977 Anonymous
When I saw the caption, it was definitely Nico-san. Thank you, Legend!!
982 Anonymous
Are all the characters cool?!
986 Anonymous
The cut of Kenzaki looking up at the sky at the end is amazing…
988 Anonymous
Even though it was just his back, Kenzaki definitely had a smile at the end…
990 Anonymous
Oh no, I cry every time
993 Anonymous
Ah, no good. I’m already in a daze this morning
995 Anonymous
It’s good, this is morning. There’s nothing else afterwards, so I can calmly be in a daze
999 Anonymous
Today was also the best. Thank you, driver!!
1000 Anonymous
If it’s the 1000th, I hope the girl in Noh Mask is saved!!
1001 774 *Hi-P3erver
Uwaaaaaaaan! Today’s Heaven’s Sword was also the best!
I’m sorry, ladies, but you can’t post on this thread anymore
Come back next week! If you don’t come, I won’t forgive you! Pout, pout!

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