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Volume 10 Chapter 50 If Sister And Vampire, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It was an extra chapter.

 It’s not part of the main story, but rather an “if” scenario.


 I forcefully lift Sister Emily’s outfit, carefully observing her splendid physique from her feet. Whether it’s Kythera from earlier, or Claire who deceived with her size, does the Stars Orthodox Church only accept women with lewd bodies?

 ”From now on, I will trample your dignity, treat you like a tool, r*pe you, and im***ate you. I’ll let you know, you have no right to refuse. What you can do is obediently offer your womb, a hole to handle my flesh rod, and that unnecessarily large-breasted body.”

 I grab Emily’s breasts like diving in and knead them.

 Emily seemed unfamiliar with this kind of thing, as her body trembled incessantly. Her modest appearance stoked the lust within me, driving me to a maddening desire to violate her.


 Emily’s gesture of suppressing her voice and enduring seemed to stimulate my desires. I cornered her against the wall, taking advantage of her defenselessness, and buried my face in her breasts…

 I see… This is paradise, a man’s paradise.

 Deliberately avoiding her n**ples, I teased only her areolas with the tip of my tongue. As a result, Emily’s erect n**ples twitched with desire.

 Indeed, this woman exudes an atmosphere akin to that of a saint, but there is no doubt that she is a s*xual being. Moreover, her breasts are magnificent, whether viewed from below, above, or even from the side.

 Kanon and Ayana also have beautiful shapes, but it is rare to find someone who combines such beauty with this size.


 Emily’s seductive armpit, peeking out from her lifted sister’s uniform, tempts me.

 I observed Emily’s side breasts while stopping sucking breasts and licked her armpit sweat. This s*x slave… her scent is even good up to her armpits. It’s a bad smell that becomes addictive.

 ”Now I’m going to check your scent.”

 First, I start from the crown of her head. The crown is said to have a strong smell, but her hair has a very floral scent.

 I tried burying my face in Emily’s hair to enjoy the scent, and it felt like being in a flower field. Next, I check the scent from the nape of her neck to her collarbone, and I can’t help but relax with its pure scent.

 Oops, no, that’s not right. I am a bad vampire. What am I doing, being captivated by this woman’s sacred fragrance! I took off Emily’s knee socks and sniffed her soles and between her toes, but there was only a faint sweet scent. No way… this woman doesn’t have any smelly parts at all. In that case, I have no choice but to check her intimate scent as well.

 ”Alright, spread your ass and p*ssy for me.”

 To put it simply, Emily had a very strong female scent coming from her asshole and v**ina. And there was not a single unpleasant aspect to it.

 Normally, there would be a slight unpleasant smell mixed in with the female scent, like the smell of ammonia, which can become addictive.

 But this woman, no matter where I sniffed on her body, she smelled amazing and yet so provocative… I couldn’t believe such a woman existed in this world.


 I rubbed my p**is against Emily’s body. I wanted to overwrite her pleasant scent with the smell of my own p**is, marking her as mine. Now, I laid Emily on a long bench in the church and first rubbed my p**is against her feet.

 Then, I moved on to the space between her big toe and index finger, her calves, thighs, cleavage, underboob, and n**ples, tasting her body with my p**is one by one.

 ”Look, grip it properly. And handle it.”

 Emily, with trembling hands, grabbed my p**is and slowly began to stroke it. Then, as I commanded, she covered my p**is with the knee-high socks and gloves she had taken off, infusing them with my scent.

 My male instincts craved everything about this woman. It’s because I wanted to dominate every aspect of her.

 *Spurt! Spurt, spurttt!*

 Midway, irresistibly desiring to eja***te, I had the s*xual woman Emily catch my s*men in the palm of her hand.


 As I commanded, Emily showed a gesture of checking her surroundings. Perhaps seeing the situation of Kythera and Claire, she thought she had to endure this humiliation herself. Like drinking holy water from the Holy Grail, Emily opened her beautiful mouth and slowly took my dirty essence inside.


 I made Emily gargle with my s*men inside her mouth and, to confirm, made her open her mouth. The hot breath and the pool of cloudy fluid inside her mouth created an incredibly lascivious atmosphere.

 Even with just that, the combo of the s*men threads entwined on the tongue and teeth, along with the blindfolded Sister outfit, is nothing short of touching the taboo of the gods. I ordered Emily to drink the s*men.



 As instructed by me, Emily swallowed the s*men, seemingly checking the taste.

 ”Come on, open your mouth. Let me see if you drank it properly.”

 I confirmed there was no s*men left in Emily’s mouth. But really, what an erotic mouth she has. This woman is not only visually erotic but also erotically enticing inside her body.

 ”Let me use that toilet hole. Make sure you suck mine.”

 I grabbed Emily’s head and forcefully thrust mine in. Ugh, it feels like I might lose it just by inserting. Ignoring her will, I shook her head multiple times to satisfy myself.

 The warm temperature inside Emily’s mouth is just right, and her soft tongue and flesh entwine around my p**is like crazy.

 ”Ugh, ugh, ugh…”

 And on top of that, this s*xual woman won’t let go once she starts deepthroating.

 Damn it… It’s unfair how good it feels just from her mouth. I immediately wanted to thrust myself into her p*ssy and savor the sensation.


 *Spurt! Spurt, spurtt, spurttt!*

 I press down on the back of the s*xual woman’s head and push my c*ck against the back of her throat.

 Emily, the s*xual woman, writhes in discomfort, which only further excites me.

 After emptying all my s*men, I release her head.

 ”Cough, cough…! Ugh…”

 Seeing her struggling and choking, my c*ck gets even harder.

 ”It’s impressive how you swallow without vomiting. Here’s your reward!”

 I move behind Emily, the s*xual woman, and start fondling my c*ck between her armpits.

 Damn, this woman feels too good no matter which part of her body I use.

 It’s as if she was born to be a man’s personal s*x toy.

 ”Emily, you are now my exclusive meat toilet from today onwards. Never let any other man use your body. Providing data is also prohibited. Of course, you are not allowed to become anyone’s jerk-off material. Only I can mas***ate with you, and only I can unload my s*men inside you. Your body and soul are all my possessions.”

 I can’t see because she’s blindfolded, but this woman must be incredibly beautiful. I really want to take off the blindfold and admire her beautiful face, but this forbidden act excites me. While enjoying Emily’s blushing profile, I mas***ated, using her as my jerk-off material.

 *Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!*

 I intended to eja***te inside her armpit, but the force was so strong that my s*men splattered onto her sideboob. I thought that after releasing so much, my p**is would lose its vigor, but it remains erect.

 The anticipation of raping this erotic woman in front of me only heightens my excitement.

 ”Open your legs, now!”

 I spread Emily’s legs and press my p**is against the entrance.

 ”I’m going to take your virginity now. Watch closely the moment you get r*ped.”

 As I twisted mine into Emily’s depths, my p**is hit something like a thin membrane. Then, Emily’s virginity enveloped my p**is like it was melting, swallowing my possession into her depths along with the deflowering.

 Ugh… Ah, wh-what is this…

 The moment I realized, I had eja***ted. Unbelievable as it may sound, I had eja***ted the moment I inserted.

 What a hole. The undulations and bumps in this woman’s hole accurately stimulate the pleasurable parts of my p**is.

 No matter how I move or shift my position, the orgasmic pleasure of ejaculation has perpetually continued since the moment of penetration. There’s no way a man can endure this.

 Emily, the woman I desire… She spreads the scent I love, hangs the breasts of my ideal, and possesses the ultimate masterpiece for my p**is! Furthermore, let me say one more thing, right now, I am holding her waist, and even the fleshiness around her stomach is to my liking.

 The hollow of her armpit, the warmth of her mouth, the shape of her feet, the beauty of her fingers, ah! Every element that makes up her body stimulates my instincts as a man and disturbs my rationality.

 Ah, why am I having s*x with this person while pretending? If possible, I wanted to have normal s*x with this woman… To spoil her completely, to make her body unable to be satisfied by anyone else but me, to put a collar called an engagement ring on her, to write a marriage certificate as a pledge, how happy would I have been to have all of that as mine.

 But that is just an illusion. I will violate this woman. I will violate her and bring her down.

 ”Ah… n”

 I covered her body like a beast, ravishing her lips, squeezing her breasts, and thrusting deep inside her again and again. It feels so good that my c*ck can’t help but throb on its own. There’s nothing I can do about it.

 ”Look this way!”


 I straddle Emily and eja***te onto her beautiful face. The s*men on the blindfold looks so naughty and arousing, so I also eja***te on her body, using her breasts.

 While wiping my p**is with Emily’s removed nun outfit, I order her to rub the s*men I’ve spread on her body, to mark it with my scent. Of course, I tell her not to take a bath afterward and to go home as is.

 ”Now… you’re the only one left.”

 I grab Claire’s hair as she lies down and lift her up. Our eyes meet, and she looks like a frightened little bunny.


 I forcefully pull Claire, who tries to escape, into my embrace.

 ”Did you think you could escape if you fainted? How naive. I’m going to take your virginity and violate you.”

 ”No, please!”

 I forcefully hold down Claire, twisting my p**is into her small honey pot. Of course, there is no foreplay. I forcefully break her hymen and penetrate deep into her closed v**inal flesh.

 ”It hurts. It hurts… please stop!”

 My heart aches as I see Claire, with fear in her eyes and tears flowing, pleading with me. Even though she asked to be violated and told me it’s okay, her acting skills are so convincing that I start to worry if she’s really okay.

 ”Stop? Despite your words, your v**inal flesh has been squeezing my s*men out since earlier, haven’t they?”

 ”No.. it’s different. I… it’s different.”

 ”It’s not different, is it? Look, you tightened around me earlier too. If you want to conceive my child that badly, I’ll give you my seed in your womb.”

 Thud, thud, thud!

 The dry sound of flesh pounding reverberates through the church.

 The sound of Claire’s sobbing and the slurping of her runny nose is incredibly realistic.

 I hasten to finish, increasing the speed of my piston’s movement.

 Claire, realizing that my eja***lation is getting closer, cutely tries to resist by pushing my body away with her hand.

 ”No, no, no! Please. I’ll do anything!! Whether it’s oral s*x, manual stimulation, or even an*l, I’ll do whatever you want… just not inside me, please!”

 Thump… thump… thump…

 Still, I ruthlessly c*m inside Claire, who is crying and screaming.

 To be honest, even as an actor, I’m a little taken aback by the realism of Claire’s performance. I mean, really? She’s an amateur? That’s what I thought. For example, Kythera seemed really happy, and even Emily seemed somewhat pleased, so I was able to do it, but to be honest, I prefer a lovey-dovey atmosphere.

 But I, too, have my pride as an actor. If someone asks me to perform such a role, it is the duty of an actor to respond to that request. Ah… Kohina-senpai from heaven, did you see me? As an actor, I have successfully completed this job!

 ”Wait a minute! I’m not dead!! Besides, don’t use your acting skills for something like that!!” I feel like I heard someone tsukkomi, but it’s probably just my imagination. I hope you rest in peace.

 ”Please, bestow your blessings upon me as well…”

 As I lower my gaze to my feet, Kythera clings to my legs as if collapsing. A little further back, Emily shyly shows off her body, covered in my s*men. And in front of me, Claire, with her legs spread open, gives me a different, more lewd gaze than before.

 Are these really sisters?

 This is starting to seem more like succubi instead of nuns.

 It may be that the one who fell into a trap wasn’t me after all, but that’s a matter for later.

 Right now, I am being forced to cum by three obscene women.


 Requested for anal intercourse, I inserted into Emily’s anus as instructed.


 Dominance and a sense of taboo mixed, and I eja***ted immediately. This woman, even her anus is a fantastic tool… Anyway, the tightness was good.

 ”Ohh ♡ No… that’s the hole for excretion ♡”

 On the contrary, Kythera was not even proper with her anus. That also excited me. Kythera thanked me while I eja***ted. She has completely fallen.

 ”No, no, no! Nooo! This is bad! Please? Please? This is the hole for doing number two, not for sticking in a penis! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Aaaaaahhh!”

 She resisted more strongly than before, so the guilt was intense. But it was incredibly tight and pleasurable. Thinking it was the last time, I completed a long eja***tion.

 ”I messed up…”

 Seeing the three girls covered in semen, I come back to my senses. Or rather, Claire was so serious that I think I was already halfway back. Even though it’s acting, I was a bit surprised, honestly.

 ”Today, we thank you for violating us and blessing us with your seed ♡”

 In front of me, Kythera is bowing with her face on the ground. In a different way, I feel like I’m being pulled in. This woman is definitely a succubus. I am convinced of that within myself.

 ”How was my holes? From today, we are exclusively Aqua-sama’s holes, meat toilets for excretion ♡ We are properly prepared every day so that you can come anytime you like, use us as you like, whenever you like ♡”


 Somehow, I feel like I have to take responsibility for this.

 I barely managed to maintain my consciousness and said goodbye to Kythera-san, who was still somewhat normal. Because I’m the only one who can handle their perverted nature in this world, I decided to take responsibility for them. Well, it’s more like a convenient excuse. I thought that I could enjoy various plays with them, so I took them in with responsibility.

 ”Please take care~!”

 I waved my hand with a smile and left the place, bid farewell by Kythera-san. Huh? It’s somehow different from what I expected… but it felt good, so it’s fine! And thus, the night of pleasure came to an end.

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