Male Idol V10c51

Volume 10 Chapter 51 Late-Night Bulletin Board, Shumi, Why Don’t You Have Some Milk At Home

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Holy Night] Thread talking about the Emperor of the Night, Shirogane Aqua [Merry Christmas]
1 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, your naughty Hagetoru-san made the thread erect like a n**ple, guhehe!
※This thread isn’t a regular bulletin board
Late-night exclusive threads are a late-night social gathering exclusive for ladies
In other words, if you’re not… a lady, go home, drink some milk, and go to bed
※Ladies, make sure to read the rules of this thread
Please try to create threads after 12 o’clock to avoid inconvenience
While it’s possible to start the next thread, be sure to fill it up by daybreak at 7 o’clock without fail
No need for a part indication, as many late-night pseudonyms will come, so let’s get along well
If you have any problems, ask the Verification Team… or rather, rely on Nee-san
2 Anonymous
The comments and the thread title are trash-tier, geez
5 Anonymous
Trashy thread title, otsu. Lol
7 Anonymous
You’re a lost cause, dude… but I get it. Otsu!
8 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is too cute that I rub my p*ssy every day
11 Anonymous
I feel you. I want to spoil tired Aqu-tan during an event. What’s wrong? Want to chat? While breastfeeding, I want to pat his head gently! Sorry for being gross
13 Anonymous
I get it. If it’s Aqu-tan, he might become my ideal baby. Since the first time I saw him, I’ve been waiting, with a baby bed and a rattle ready
15 Mom *M0THERfxxk
Lately, there are more kids wanting to turn Aqua-kun into a baby, and it makes me happy. Aqua-kun really oozes that overflowing baby cuteness, doesn’t he?
If I could welcome Aqua-kun into the baby room I prepared, I wonder how happy that would be
18 Anonymous
Good evening, mom
Lately, it seems like the number of moms in this group is increasing!
I’ve also recently noticed the charm of baby bottles
19 Anonymous
The oldest member among the Shirogane Aqua mom fans, here we are, the motherf***er!
23 Anonymous
During the busy year-end period, there was someone at the job placement office asking if they were recruiting for Beryl’s toilet cleaning!
They are definitely residents of this area! We’re working seriously, so don’t bother us!!
If there was such a job! Before recommending it to anyone, I’d quit my current job and get employed there!!
27 Anonymous
You’re really getting extreme today lol
29 Anonymous
Thank you for your hard work as always
31 Anonymous
LMAO, you!
36 Anonymous
Sorry. That might be me…
37 Anonymous
Is the cleaning staff at Beryl outsourced?
40 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s outsourced
42 Anonymous
Clean Aqua Systems is the front company of Holy Aqua Religion. To join, you need to become a believer and raise your rank within the cult. By the way, only elites can become responsible for garbage collection
46 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Avoid Holy Aqua Religion at all costs!
49 Anonymous
Is it a dislike among the same kind?
50 Anonymous
Hagetoru is surprisingly decent in places like this
53 Anonymous
Power Map of Aqua-sama’s Fans:
– Mommy Faction… those who want to play sweet mommy-shota scenarios, many of whom have baby beds and rattles at home
– Big Sister Faction… those who also want sweet onee-shota play, often liked by those who enjoy harassment play
– Little Sister Faction… Females who dream become his litte sister and being used as a s*xual toy, with a strong desire for r*pe. Strangely, they worship Lapis-chan, his own sister. They proudly identify themselves as followers of the St. Lapis Church
– Toilet Faction… Those who just want s**en, also known as the s**en-extraction device faction
– Dog Faction… Absolute loyalty to their master, often disregarding their own dignity, similar to the Toilet Faction
– Cat Faction… Initially, they just wanted to be pampered by Aqua-kun, but recently, individuals who feel palpitations watching interactions with Toa-chan have taken over
– “Hey, Shumi! Nnngh!” Pure Faction… Shumi
58 Anonymous
No matter how many times I see it, Shumi is the only one that cracks me up LOL
61 Anonymous
Almost everyone here is a regular on the bulletin board, but they’re nowhere to be seen, huh? lol
63 Anonymous
You can feel their good upbringing in how they strictly adhere to the 18+ rules. Or maybe that’s what’s cute about them. It’s different from that guy, Nakatta-san, who’s been hanging around here since kindergarten
64 Anonymous
Honestly, I’m really worried about Shumi. I wonder if Aqua-sama is having a comfortable intimate life. I’d love to ask in the main thread, but I’m holding back, thinking it might be against etiquette
68 Anonymous
I understand. He seems reserved, and his knowledge about intimacy seems shallow. I’m curious about what would happen if Aqua-sama has unique preferences
70 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I want to save Shumi
73 Anonymous
If Aqua-sama has unique preferences, it would be too much for us, lol
75 Anonymous
If a prince like Aqua-sama had unique preferences, that would be perfect!!
77 Anonymous
Thinking Aqua-sama is a pervert is just female desire, lol
81 Anonymous
Top 3 preferences I want Aqua-sama to have from before:
1. Engaging in roleplay situations (mother-son, teacher-student, etc.)
2. Cosplay (those over 18 who want to regain their youth play too much with school uniforms)
3. Bukkake (I want him to mark my body, face, or things I usually use)
85 Anonymous
It would be great if he had at least one of them
88 Anonymous
In that case, how about this? The top 5 plays I want to do for Aqua-sama
1st place Paizuri
2nd place Breastfeeding Ha**job
3rd place Pressing down from above with breasts and suffocating
4th place Ej**ate in breasts
5th place N**plef*ck
92 Anonymous
Not “want to do,” but “want to be done to,” lol
95 Anonymous
Erotic stories are great, huh? They become the source of energy and vitality in daily life!
97 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This is exactly Nee-san’s preference
99 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
102 Verification Team *07218KADO6
104 Anonymous
Please take a look at this beautiful sequence of events
106 Anonymous
This artistic style has already reached the realm of art
108 Anonymous
Nee-san’s silent responses are too overwhelming lol. You can see her face transparently from behind, LOL
110 Anonymous
I understand
114 Lady *a9a8471TAi
It’s Christmas today, but I wonder what young boys would be happy to receive? I watched Aqua-kun’s livestream the other day and got him an animal hoodie. I hope he likes it..
117 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is special, so I don’t think it’s a good reference. Toa-chan would probably be happy with an animal hoodie, and it would definitely suit him
Tenga-senpai might not look good in it, but he would probably be happy to wear something like that. As for Mayuzumi-kun, it’s surreal, but he’s kind, so he might still wear it..
119 Anonymous
This is a lady who totally supports Beryl!
120 Anonymous
Mayushin’s animal parka looks great!
122 Lady *a9a8471TAi
Eh… what should I do? Maybe I should buy it again. But it’s already been shipped, so there’s nothing I can do! Aaaaaaaa!
124 Anonymous
Stay alive
127 Anonymous
It’s okay
128 Anonymous
Speaking of presents, there was a woman at the live venue trying to put underwear in the Christmas present box for Beryl members. I laughed
131 Anonymous
Aa-sama might be happy!
134 Anonymous
Is it Hagetoru!?
137 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’ve been not wearing panties from the start. Is there a problem?
141 Anonymous
I’m sorry
143 Anonymous
As always, you’re extreme! LOL
146 Anonymous
Cautionary Note: Some may think it’s okay to fake it with a letter, but Beryl’s staff checks the contents. Documents soaked in explicit content, such as v*gina data, phone numbers, photos, and erotic pseudonymous letters, are screened by the staff and are futile
149 Verification Team*9n2SARETAi
Reposting the rules for gifts to Beryl members
– All gifts, including letters, will be checked by the staff
– Biological items, handmade sweaters, scarves, gloves, etc., are not accepted
– Normal letters are fine. However, please refrain from including v*gina data, phone numbers, social media, email, etc
– Inclusion of photos is also prohibited
– Generally, after each member checks the gifts, only necessary items are extracted and donated
– Please refrain from sending cash, negotiable securities, land deeds, oil field rights, marriage certificates, adoption documents, etc. We’re seriously troubled by such things
Personally, I don’t recommend gifts much. As mentioned at the venue, it will mostly be treated as a donation
Also, from my experience this time, I realized that illustrations and letters with supportive comments are highly recommended. Thanks to Aqua-san’s suggestion, they will be posted in the dressing room, so everyone will see them during breaks and meals
152 Anonymous
Nee-san, you’re amazing
155 Anonymous
I see. So, the gifts were indeed too many
157 Anonymous
Someone sent clothes they wanted Aqua-kun to wear, but he ignored it, thinking it might be difficult since he’s contracted with Corolle. Seems like that was the right call
162 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Too naive
Method matters, there’s a possibility he’ll accept it!!
To Aqua-sama,
Please let Kanon-san wear this! She’ll surely be delighted!!
By the way, I’ve included something for Aqua-sama to wear…!
Included: School uniforms from a certain anime, 2 pieces
166 Anonymous
Genius move!
168 Anonymous
Truly, a woman playing with herself on a holy night is unbelievable!
171 Anonymous
The playful Hagetoru is amazing
173 Anonymous
Trying to make Aqua-sama crossdress and become Aqua-nee is hilarious lol
175 Anonymous
Already completely in the mood of 5 AM
Hagetoru, go to sleep already! Also, Nee-san, you’ve only slept for about 4 hours…
178 Anonymous
Everyone is too excited to sleep, I understand, but it’s already morning…
I woke up just now and was surprised
182 Anonymous
The night is still young!
I want to say that, but it’s already 5 AM…
186 Anonymous
What a morning on Christmas, blooming flowers with erotic talk at 5 AM..
191 Anonymous
Let’s watch to Heaven’s Sword!!
194 Anonymous
There might be many who couldn’t sleep because of Heaven’s Sword
197 Anonymous
I wonder if Aqua-kun and the others could sleep well?
They must be tired, so I hope they take it easy today
203 Anonymous
Yesterday was seriously intense
I bet Aqua-kun and the others is active for like 24 hours if they include rehearsals?
208 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s stamina is bottomless
211 Verification Team*07218KADO6
His night life activities must be thriving!!
215 Anonymous
Dude, LOL
218 Anonymous
Seriously, I wonder how Aqu-tan is during the night
Watching his intense action and boundless stamina, one can’t help but have expectations
223 Anonymous
Well, women do have strong desires
24 hours would be more than enough, and back in their youth, they believed they could easily have s*x for a week or even a month in a sealed room with a boy
227 Anonymous
That’s what I’m talking about. It’s that room, right? The one where every teenage girl is said to have to go through it at least once, the room where you have to have be cr**mpied 10,000 times before you can leave. lol
232 Anonymous
– Starting today, I’m the S*men Extraction Officer. Clinic for 24 hours
– Touring the nation, the Mas***ion (P***y Parade) Express issue on Magic Mirror Series
– The room where you can’t leave until you’ve had cr**mpied Series
Everyone loves that series. Every girl must’ve seen it at least once
237 Anonymous
Nostalgic. The clinic and the ‘can’t-leave-until’ room are just erotic manga fantasies, but the Mas***ion Express actually has live-action content, doesn’t it? I think they got arrested for obscenity… it’s a legendary video now
240 Anonymous
Speaking of the Mas***ion Express, rumor has it they were planning to drive by Beryl’s headquarters and Aqua-kun’s house. It was all going on behind the scenes
But it seems that it was prevented in advance, but if it had been executed, it would have been a legend for sure
244 Anonymous
Personally, I think it shouldn’t be done in real life. There’s no boy who would be happy to see that, and if the Magic Mirror is accidentally released, it’s certain that several females will appear in a row, spreading their legs in an M-shape, a traumatizing sight for sure. Even as a woman, I don’t want to see that LOL
249 Anonymous
Completely agree
251 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Shumi hasn’t seen any of those
256 Anonymous
No way!?
258 Anonymous
Uh-oh, starting to worry about Shumi
260 Anonymous
Maybe we were raised differently… Has Kukuri-sama ever seen them?
263 Anonymous
Certainly, no one from the six noble families would see such things… You, that’s blasphemy
267 Anonymous
The six noble families are like heavenly beings. They probably don’t even know the existence of this gathering of bottom-dwellers
272 Anonymous
Nobles are seriously different from people like us, even in their aura
276 Anonymous
Hagetoru is the kind of person who shouldn’t appear in front of nobles. She might be dragged away for disrespect
279 Anonymous
If that’s the case, I think hanging for disrespect is inevitable when she’s hanging out with Kanon-sama
282 Anonymous
285 Verification Team *07218KADO6
No, no, even the noble ladies might secretly be perverts. It’s okay to have a noble lady who admires the Mas***ion Express!!
288 Anonymous
That’s not possible
291 Anonymous
You’re really going to get scolded. Actually, you should get scolded
294 Anonymous
I went to sniff around the night Parade venue for lingering scents earlier, but they had already finished and lifted the roadblocks
297 Anonymous
Completely suspicious
303 Anonymous
Had a lot of companions, huh?
306 Anonymous
Crazy LOL
309 Anonymous
There’s information spreading on Social Media that Aqua-kun was seen at the airport…
315 Anonymous
Thought it was a fake, but it’s true
318 Anonymous
Doesn’t seem to be a composite
321 Anonymous
Information is coming from several people at the same time, so it seems legit
This time of day, it must be an early morning flight
324 Anonymous
Hey, hey, Aqua-kun probably hasn’t slept much…
327 Anonymous
I like how the newsboy cap and sunglasses give off a sense of incognito
333 Anonymous
At first, I thought the sunglasses were Corolle’s, but they’re the same model as Tenga-senpai’s aviator
Even though Senpai usually treats him roughly, why does he occasionally show a friendly side?
338 Anonymous
Actually, the newsboy cap is a different color from the one Toa-chan had in the past!
341 Anonymous
Oh, my heart is palpitating… I need to take my medicine
344 Anonymous
What about Mayushin-kun!? Don’t you have matching items with Mayushin-kun!?
349 Anonymous
Hmm, his clothes and shoes are from Corolle Homme..
352 Anonymous
I couldn’t find anything matching with Mayuzumi-kun, but the bag was a gift from Morikawa
356 Anonymous
Don’t mess around
358 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hogekawa can read the room!
361 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
As expected of Announcer Morikawa! You have good taste!!
364 Anonymous
367 Anonymous
Things are starting to get ridiculous in various ways
369 Anonymous
You seem really happy, huh?
370 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This is terrible
374 Anonymous
Rejoice. According to someone I happened to meet by chance, when asked to sign, what Aqua-kun took out from his bag was a signed pen he received from Mayuzumi-kun during a birthday livestream
377 Anonymous
Yes, it’s precious
380 Anonymous
Aqu-tan always teases us like that!
385 Anonymous
And we’re messed up because we enjoy it
388 Anonymous
I actually think Aqua-kun might be a bit of a sadist. Despite usually being very gentle and caring, creating an atmosphere that seems kind and indulgent, he sometimes shows a mature, boyish atmosphere and plays pranks like a mischievous boy
391 Anonymous
The man making a woman’s v**ina convulse through the screen is definitely not a sadist
394 Anonymous
No, no, Aqua-kun is definitely a masochist
Even if the girl takes the initiative, he would be delighted
397 Anonymous
That’s just fantasy!
401 Anonymous
No, it’s not like that!
During an event preparation, not on purpose, a female staff member fell. At that moment, Aqua-kun, with his natural physical ability, instinctively put his body in and caught her
At first glance, it looked like a position similar to cowgirl, and everyone was in an uproar. But what surprised me more was that Aqua-kun seemed strangely happy. At that moment, I was convinced that Aqua-kun would be happy even if a girl pushed him down!!
405 Anonymous
Is that a lie!?
408 Verification Team *07218KADO6
As a Verification Team member, can I ask you more details about that story? I think I need to make sure that there’s no chance of accidentally inserting it when you roll around without panties
412 Anonymous
How are you planning to throw Aqua-kun’s Aqua-kun outside the pants LOL
415 Anonymous
Why are you so greedy when it comes to that kind of thing?
418 LoveLoveAqua-samaOD *chuchuaqua
I want to be forced to ride cowgirl while being strangled by Aqua-sama. Having Aqua-sama take away even the right to live and die, making me engage in s*xual activities, wouldn’t that be the best?
421 Anonymous
Here comes another Ahegao pervert
423 Anonymous
She’s back. The real Sayuki. Also known as Sayuki No.2
425 Anonymous
Hey, you’re in middle school! We know it’s you. Kids like you should go to bed early!
427 Anonymous
Huh? This guy was a middle school student? Seriously?
429 Anonymous
She’s a middle schooler, but she has a fetish for Sayuki, so she has nowhere else to go except the late night board…
I feel sorry for her, so please accept her
431 Anonymous
Phew. As expected of the bulletin board. There’s no decent people here
Only shitty people keep coming out
433 Anonymous
Hey, it seems like everyone except Aqua-sama is gathering at the airport…
437 Anonymous
What’s going on?
440 Anonymous
I’m going to the airport to get some oxygen!
446 Anonymous
Is he going abroad or something?
He worked hard yesterday, so enjoy your vacation to the fullest
451 Anonymous
They all look like domestic terminal
454 Anonymous
Even if he goes on vacation, Aqua-sama would take his wives with him
Wait, that means, it’s just a normal job, right?
Analyzing Aqua-kun’s actions so far, it seems like he won’t go on vacation alone, leaving the wives behind
462 Anonymous
Ah, I kinda get it
468 Anonymous
I wonder what he’s up to this time..
473 Anonymous
Hey hey hey, even with Heaven’s Sword available, what’s he planning to do next!?
476 Anonymous
My schedule for today:
– Watch Heaven’s Sword while having breakfast
– Go to the pop-up shop in the afternoon and grab lunch somewhere
– Watch beryl&beryl while having dinner
Huh? Can’t we say that I’m practically living together with Aqua-kun at this point!?
482 Anonymous
The hospital isn’t open yet
488 Anonymous
Well, it’s Sunday, so the hospital is closed!
491 Anonymous
I understand the feeling. I was thinking the same thing
495 Anonymous
More and more people are showing up. It’s almost 6 o’clock..
499 Anonymous
This is Shibuya Scramble Crossing
There’s movement on the Heaven’s Sword billboard
503 Anonymous
505 Anonymous
Details please!
508 Anonymous
I’m getting hyped up!!
511 Anonymous
Shibuya Scramble update
Summary of the current situation on each electronic billboard
– Heaven’s Sword… a countdown number on the bottom right, time is one week later
– Poison Chalice… Caliburn disappears from the weapon
– Lightning Hopper… someone’s shadow behind
– Backward Driver’s shadow… countdown, seems to be unlocked after today’s broadcast
– RE:START text… countdown, unlocked after the broadcast one week later
– Heaven’s Sword-like shadow… countdown, unlocked after the broadcast one week later
– Kenzaki Souji… Kenzaki, Kamishiro, Tachibana standing side by side from behind
– Kamishiro Hajime… Kamishiro disappears and changes to a collective image of all the Chijou he defeated so far
– Tachibana Zanki… The scene changes to him crouching down and extending a hand to someone
– Kagami Natsuki… Changes to a cool version. A version that’s more boyish in the past, making your heart skip a beat
– Night Shadow Misa… Changes into a tank top after discarding the SYUKUJYO jacket
– For the free space… It’s changed to a Tora-uma image. This change is also a week after the countdown
Everyone seems to have noticed the changes; all the people at the intersection are looking up
516 Anonymous
Hey, hey, hey!
I thought it was just a small change, but it’s pretty different, isn’t it!!
519 Anonymous
I want to go see!
But I won’t make it in time from where I am…
I’ll check it out after the broadcast
523 Anonymous
Seriously, it’s quite different, huh
Tenga-senpai’s cheek-rubbing Caliburn disappeared, there was a shadow behind the Lightning Hopper, Kobayakawa-san was discarding the jacket of SYUKUJYO, there were mentions of RE:START, there are way too many unsettling elements, it’s getting my heart racing
527 Anonymous
I’m close by, so I can probably go
Just gonna go for a bit
532 Anonymous
Please. Let everyone be happy!!
538 Anonymous
There’s been a shift with Heaven’s Sword
It’s not the atmosphere of the late-night board, it’s starting to feel like the usual thread
541 Anonymous
It’s about that time, it’s usually like this anyway
But when it comes to Heaven’s Sword topics, we inevitably end up seriously analyzing, huh?
546 Anonymous
It’s seriously unsettling that Kobayakawa-san is discarding the SYUKUJYO jacket
I really want Kobayakawa-san to be rewarded properly, and please stop turning her into a Chijou
555 Anonymous
I believe that Kenzaki Souji and Hongou Hiroko will destroy that future
562 Anonymous
For now, I’m going to see the coolest Toa-chan ever
567 Anonymous
There are already pictures on Social Media, but I’m so glad
573 Anonymous
I have a feeling that Toa-chan will mess up our emotions today
579 Anonymous
Just in case, I’ll keep Toaqua and Actoa close by
584 Anonymous
Ah, there’s still time until the broadcast, but my heart is already pounding
There’s no way nothing will happen on this special day when the drama with that Aqua-kun airs on the 25th and January 1st
590 Anonymous
Do you trust Aa-sama or not? lol
596 Anonymous
I’ll be nervous again a week after today
601 Anonymous
I just turned on the TV, and there was a breaking news, what’s this?
608 Anonymous
What’s up?
610 Anonymous
What happened?
615 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword broadcast on national TV? What’s going on…?
622 Anonymous
I’m in Tokyo TV, and the same thing happened here
629 Anonymous
There’s an update on the national broadcast. Apparently, for today only, they’re airing Heaven’s Sword on all channels
634 Anonymous
637 Anonymous
They’ve finally hijacked all the broadcasting stations, LOL
641 Anonymous
They’ve really gone all the way… Well, saying that, for the other stations with disastrous viewership, it might be a blessing. But for the main broadcasting stations, the viewership might decrease. I wonder how it’ll turn out
648 Anonymous
The information is on the top page of the news site! And Heaven’s Sword has been updated simultaneously
– Heaven’s Sword, exclusive broadcast on all channels for the episode airing on December 25th!
– Unprecedented, a Christmas present for the other broadcasters whose ratings are in ruins at the same time slot
– Heaven’s Sword January 1st episode will be broadcasted in an extended version than usual
– All the other broadcasters announced that they will suspend broadcasting on January 1st, the day of Heaven’s Sword broadcast
– Heaven’s Sword, finally broke through the unprecedented 90% range in the highest momentary rating, approaching 100% rating
– December 25th, January 1st broadcast will be uninterrupted by commercials. All sponsors made a wise decision after checking the broadcast content
– Takako Matsugaki, the producer of Heaven’s Sword, exclusive interview “A work that I bet my life on”
– A new change on the Shibuya Scramble billboard. Fans are anxious about the ominous one week later
653 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is here!
656 Anonymous
There’s an interview article with the crutch department’s head!!
662 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This is not the time to get excited about dirty jokes!
It’s a festival, hurry up!
668 Anonymous
This is amazing! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
CM interruption without a break is amazing. The sponsors are really serious. It’s not at the level of business anymore
671 Anonymous
Don’t say that
675 Anonymous
679 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is a moral textbook
682 Anonymous
686 Anonymous
Chijou is here
690 Anonymous
Ah, I want to hear today’s story quickly!
705 Anonymous
My mom said,
Heaven’s Sword blows away even erotic talk
710 Anonymous
713 Anonymous
718 Anonymous
What happened?
721 Anonymous
Chijou’s death scream?
727 Anonymous
When I opened my mailbox, there was something from Beryl
733 Anonymous
735 Anonymous
736 Anonymous
741 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I’ll check the mailbox with full power!!
744 Anonymous
Well, let’s go see if the newspaper has arrived
747 Anonymous
Everyone went to check the mailboxes at the same time LOL
By the way, there was nothing in mine…
752 Anonymous
What? There’s nothing in mine either, is it a delivery mistake?
758 Anonymous
I got a Christmas present from Beryl!!!!!!!!!
761 Anonymous
There was nothing in it…
766 Anonymous
Daaaaaaammmmmm ittttt!
No matter how many times I pounce, nothing comes!
772 Anonymous
Wait a minute, my apartment mailbox is super busy LMAO
778 Anonymous
The elevator to go to the mailbox is extremely crowded LOL
783 Anonymous
The person who received the Christmas present, what was inside?
Maybe some new Goods?
787 Anonymous
It was Aqua-sama’s special actoa for the Christmas night parade. Probably, it will be sold as regular goods starting today
790 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s passport case in a mini Santa outfit! Cute!
794 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s pick was inside… and it’s signed. Huh? Is this for real? I’m so happy because I got a guitar signed too!!
800 Anonymous
There was an unbelievable hit mixed in!!
805 Anonymous
So, you’re the guy who got a signed guitar at the unexpected pop-up shop. Good for you!!
809 Lady *a9a8471TAi
Aaaaaaaahh… Mayuzumi-kun and Aqua-kun’s photo was inside. On the back, there are signatures and messages from both
814 Anonymous
Woaaah! Congratulations to the lady too!!
816 Anonymous
I wanna see!
823 Lady *a9a8471TAi
Um, I’m not sure if I took it well, but this…
828 Anonymous
Wow, thank you! Aqua-kun’s mischievous side that seems like he’s up to no good is charming
831 Anonymous
Thanks! The helpless look on Mayushin-kun’s face is priceless!! Actually, not just Senpai, but I feel like Mayushin-kun and Toa-chan are spoiling Aqua-kun quite a bit
836 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
No matter how many times I look, there’s nothing in there…
842 Anonymous
Hilarious lol
844 Anonymous
Thanks for the morning smiles
847 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Serves you righttttttttt!
By the way, why is there no Christmas present in my post?
853 Anonymous
I guess your usual words and actions are really important, huh. You learned your lesson
861 Anonymous
I spit out my gums this morning. Looks like it’s going to be a good day today
865 Anonymous
Thank you for the best Christmas present ever
873 Anonymous
Hagetoru and Chinposuki are amazing
They can make so many people smile with just their misses lol
They have talent lol
878 Anonymous
The Christmas present seems to be from Beryl’s Fan Club
882 Anonymous
Check your mailbox if you missed the present. There’s a Christmas message sent to your registered email address!
886 Anonymous
Wait a minute… I opened the Christmas present and there was a game software of Beryl inside…
894 Anonymous
898 Anonymous
902 Anonymous
Hey! What…?
905 Anonymous
About Beryl’s game…?
913 Anonymous
Yeah. If you look closely at the included paper, it says “Pre-play version.” The pre-play version may have some differences from the final product, but it says you can play it until the end
By the way, it’s the all-age unrestricted version, so you can play any mode. Wait a minute, I’m already overwhelmed by Heaven’s Sword, but now I want to play this too. If I do, I might miss out on Heaven’s Sword. Uwaaaah!
917 Anonymous
Wow, that sounds great!
922 Anonymous
If anyone wins, can you share a play video?
925 Anonymous
Sayamu Inko might play because she won. She’s checking if it’s okay to stream on Beryl
930 Anonymous
Inko, that’s an amazing god-tier pull!!
934 Anonymous
Those who win in the streaming community are probably lucky
939 Anonymous
Seems like there are ordinary people, those in the streaming community, and even some in the entertainment industry winning. Around 1000 people in total, it seems
941 Anonymous
After that, Beryl’s official account replied, “It’s okay to stream.” Can’t say when it will be after Heaven’s Sword ends, but it seems like it will be streamed by the morning
946 Anonymous
Ugh, I don’t want to see spoilers, but I can’t help being curious..
953 Anonymous
As expected of Beryl. Stirring things up since morning!
957 Anonymous
Received a message from Beryl saying, “Christmas hasn’t ended yet.”
962 Anonymous
The official Social Media “Beryl’s Christmas present is just getting started. From now on, everyone from Beryl will go to deliver presents to the first prize winners of the campaign all over Japan!!”
969 Anonymous
It’s hereeeeeeee!
973 Anonymous
Does that mean there’s a possibility that Aqua-sama will come to where I live!?
982 Anonymous
They’re still trying to do something buggy as usual
985 Anonymous
I was feeling down because the national tour didn’t include where I live, but maybe they’ll come today!?
988 Anonymous
Where did Aa-sama go…
993 Anonymous
Please! Aqu-tan, come to my prefecture!!
996 Anonymous
Hehehe, this is why I can’t quit Beryl!!
1000 Anonymous
If I get 1000, Beryl’s Christmas is just beginning!!
And, Merry Christmas to all the fans!!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Aww, sniffle… I entered Beryl’s campaign, but didn’t win. Don’t be too down, everyone! Beryl has lots of present campaigns even after January 1st. You’ll definitely win in the next one, too!

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