Male Idol V10c52

Volume 10 Chapter 52 Heaven’s Sword Chapter 17 ‘Future’

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 My name is Yumesono Mayuko.

 When I was in middle school, I attacked Nekoyama Toa-kun, who was my classmate, in the classroom and was convicted of the crime. Since I was a minor, I was sent to a juvenile detention center under probation.

 The life in the detention center was strict. I had to attend classes during the day, and work in the adjacent factory in the evening and on holidays to pay for the damages to the victim. In addition, there was a s*x education program for s*xual offenders like me.

 For the first few weeks, I wondered why I was in such a place, but as I went through the s*x education program, I realized what I had done to Toa-kun.

 Since then, I have been repenting for the irreparable thing I did, and working hard to atone for my sin, even though I know I can never make up for it.

 ”Get out. It’s time for moral education.”

 I was called by the inspector and headed to the auditorium with the people in the same room.

 Oh yeah…today is Sunday, huh.

 Model students, those who diligently attend classes and work, can watch Masked Driver and Heaven’s Sword instead of moral education classes.

 ”Sit down!”

 I follow the supervisor’s instructions and take a seat in the designated area. While some might think it strange that even criminals can watch Heaven’s Sword, we, during viewing, cannot speak out or stand up. A girl in the same room says that this is the most painful time within the Girls’ Institute.

 ”Everyone, face forward! Don’t move!”

 Everyone’s gaze turns towards the television. After a while, Heaven’s Sword begins.

 [Captain Misa!]

 At Toa-kun’s voice, my body almost instinctively reacts. The first time I saw Heaven’s Sword, I locked eyes with him on the screen, and my eyes widened.

 Even though he must have suffered from being attacked by me, even though he should have a trauma that is not strange, but still looking at Toa-kun who is trying hard like this, I was confronted with the magnitude of what I had done, the depth of the sin I had committed, belatedly.

 [No, I will defeat it!!]

 Night Shadow Misa, who was able to overcome the restraints of Kagami, played by Toakun, takes his own actions against Chijou, who cornered him.

 She prepared for the fierce battle with Chijou, armed with the newly issued SYUKUJYO weapons. Thanks to that, the SYUKUJYO side was also able to inflict some effective damage on Chijou.

 [Prepare yourself! Yan-de-Rue!]

 Night Shadow took out her belt and raised her hand to the sky.

 But the beetle that appeared from the sky hit Night Shadow’s hand as if to clap it, and then flew away somewhere.

 [Damn it…]

 While they took advantage of the gap to corner Chijou, Yan-de-Rue had disappeared somewhere.

 [You all did a great job.]

 Commander Tajima’s words made Night Shadow show a bitter anger somewhere.

 Seeing that, Kagami looked at Night Shadow with a worried expression.

 [Why can’t I——]

 Now, Night Shadow, walking alone on the night road, there was a darkness creeping up on her.

 [Why can’t I become a Driver?]

 [Wh-who’s there?]

 Night Shadow turned around, but there was no one there.

 [I’m the one who deserves to be a Driver more than anyone else.]

 [I endured the harsh training to become a Driver, and I kept working harder than anyone else.]

 [And yet, are you saying that they are more suitable to be Drivers than me?]

 Voices that sounded like they were whispering directly to her brain from various directions.

 Night Shadow turned her face towards the surroundings accordingly, raising the weapon in her hand.

 [Coward! Come out!!]

 [Come out? I’m always by your side. Yes, deep within that stagnant heart of yours…]

 Behind Night Shadow, the shadow of Tora-uma is reflected.

 Reacting to it, Night Shadow turns around, but the cautious and vigilant Tora-uma has disappeared somewhere.

 [I apologize for the wait. Please, this way, customer.]

 The scene changes to a trendy beauty salon.

 The modern girl guided to her seat sits down in high spirits.

 As the girls’ school is a place isolated from this kind of world, some of us gaze at the screen with a troubled expression.

 But that’s inevitable because we have committed a sin.

 [Thank you.]


 Kenzaki Souji, who appeared in casual attire, moves behind the customer’s seat with polite but somewhat casual language.

 [What would you want today?]

 Kenzaki, who approached with a proximity that seemed to whisper in her ear, placed his face close enough to create a sense of intimacy.

 With one hand resting on the seat where the woman sat, he gently played with her hair as if confirming its texture. Unable to endure the unbelievable closeness, my several inmates stood up, only to be grabbed by the correctional officer and taken to the re-education room.

 [Um… well, you know, feel free to… do whatever you want…]

 The woman, her face turning red, glanced at Kenzaki through the mirror from time to time.

 [Well, let’s see… maybe you should boldly reveal your forehead. Big sister, since your forehead is so beautiful, it’s better to show it properly.]


 Wow… he’s still the same as ever, I think. Honestly, he’s not my type, but I can understand why he’s extremely popular with most women. A man with a playful and gently attacking atmosphere like this towards women has never existed before, and I think the term “prince” might just be made for him.

 [How about that, Kenzaki! Behold my original and creative haircut!!]

 It’s the usual pattern.

 Whenever Kenzaki is working, Kamishiro is always there.

 [W-what… is this… me!?]

 The customer that Kamishiro handled had a punkish mohawk hairdo.

 [Yes, that is the optimal hairstyle that embodies your inner thirst and passion!!]

 No, that’s too much.

 Sure, it suits her, but it’s way too aggressive.

 [T-thank you! I-I’m actually shy, but I love heavy metal, and I always wanted to try this kind of wild hairstyle!!]

 I thought she was lying, but when I saw her happy face, I realized she was serious.

 Somehow, I had a feeling, a woman’s intuition, that she would keep this hairstyle even after this job was over.

 [Well done. But, I’m shining just as much as you are.]

 Kenzaki points his finger to the sky.

 [My mom used to say that it’s the man’s duty to make a woman shine and flutter like a butterfly by giving her honey.]

 At an earlier than usual timing, some more people drop out and are taken away by surprise attacks.

 Heaven’s Sword is a reward? That’s not true.

 I’ve never seen anyone who came back safely after being taken to the re-education room.

 [Don’t be afraid. Come on, shine with my hand. You are my muse.]

 Ugh… Why did she change her clothes as well as her hairstyle when she just came to the beauty salon?

 But, surpassing the urge to retort, the woman who Kenzaki styled her hair looks cute even from a girl’s perspective.

 It must have been done by a pro, right?

 That’s what I try to calm myself down, but as if to shatter my heart, there is a small caption in the bottom right that says that this hair arrangement, costume, and everything else are produced by Shirogane Aqua himself.

 [Is, is this me…?]

 I look at the girl again, and she is really cute.

 By exposing her forehead, she looked a bit childish, but her cheerful atmosphere and bright smile were cute, and it was clear that he knew this girl well and coordinated her outfit.

 And this dress, I don’t know what brand it is, but I bet it will sell out today and the store will run out of stock. That’s what I felt.

 [Damn… I lost.]

 Kenzaki approached the depressed Kamishiro and showed a serious expression.

 [There is no win or lose in this contest. Look, the woman you cut her hair looks great too. And, she must be very happy. Then, that’s good enough. If there was a win or lose, the victory would belong to them all, and I would rather be a loser who loses to their smiles.]

 Ah… he’s really a good guy, annoyingly so.

 This is all ad-lib anyway, right? Yeah yeah, looking cool, looking cool. Today too, I feel like saying that Shirogane Aqua is being Shirogane Aqua.

 [So, why are you here?]

 Kenzaki headed towards the waiting area as is, approached a customer, and gently took away a magazine.

 [I got caught, tehe.]

 Kagami, who had been disguised as a customer, stuck out his tongue quietly. Unchanging. That gesture… I remember it well because I liked Toa-kun.

 [You’ve come here for something, haven’t you?]

 Now, gathered on the rooftop of the building, Kenzaki, Kamishiro, and Kagami discuss Chijou and Yan-de-Rue. Unlike Tachibana, who operates with SYUKUJYO, Kenzaki and Kamishiro act independently without coming under jurisdiction.

 Between those two and SYUKUJYO, it’s Kagami who’s mediating.

 [I see… It seems the next Chijou is quite shy.]

 Even from the beginning scene, Yan-de-Rue is swift, making things quite difficult for SYUKUJYO. Once the discussion on the rooftop ends, Yan-de-Rue is again shown fleeing.

 [Don’t run!!]

 Night Shadow corners Yan-de-Rue again. From the screen, it seems like a solo operation this time, but is everything alright?

 [Why do I have to be chased after? I haven’t done anything wrong!!]

 [Haven’t done anything wrong? Using that power of darkness, causing suffering to many!]

 With a rapid succession of actions and flashy attacks, Night Shadow pushes Yan-de-Rue into a corner.

 Certainly impressive, but thanks to Kobayakawa Yuki’s brilliant performance as Night Shadow Misa, there was not just an overwhelming strength, but rather, an impression of somewhere between intense and flustered.

 [I’ve got you now!!]

 Seeing through that, Yan-de-Rue seized Night Shadow’s leg, stopping the attack with perfect timing, and then grabbed Night Shadow’s throat, slamming her against the wall.

 [Now! Confront the darkness within your heart!]


 As memories flashed back, Tora-uma’s voice from earlier echoed. Gradually, those memories traced back to Night Shadow’s childhood.


 The child Night Shadow clung to a woman in SYUKUJYO uniform. Could this person be Night Shadow’s mom?

 Her mom lifted up her daughter, Night Shadow, and gently stroked her head.

 [Did you come? Misa.]


 I noticed that Mom was wearing something like a belt.

 That’s right, she was originally a member of the SYUKUJYO squad.

 [Mom, you were so cool! But… aren’t you scared?]

 [Of course I am.]

 Night Shadow tilted her head at Mom’s words.

 [You fight even though you’re scared…?]

 [Yeah. To protect the men who have become scarce. That’s the mission of the Drivers.]

 The same….

 That’s how we were taught too, but I didn’t protect him, I did something terrible to Toa-kun.

 I couldn’t control my desires, assuming Toa-kun belonged to me without permission, and I ended up doing unforgivable things to him.

 No matter how much I regret it, I can’t heal the wounds Toa-kun suffered. I’ve truly done something irreversible. Even as I suffer for the sins I’ve committed, I feel it’s just self-indulgence. Because Toa-kun and those like him, the victims bearing these scars, their marks will never disappear.

 [Can Misa do it too…?]

 Night Shadow hugged the stuffed toy tightly, wearing an anxious expression.

 What is this? A frilly costume like that of a cute little girl, a childhood unimaginable from the current Night Shadow.

 [Haha, Misa is a strong kid. Maybe she could become a better driver than Mom.]

 A fleeting moment of happiness… right after, an image of a Driver engulfed in a sea of flames was reflected.

 The place feels somewhat like Heaven’s Sword, but this is probably the first time using the Driver. Alternatively, it could be a prototype of Heaven’s Sword. It’s likely the Night Shadow’s mom transformed into the Driver.


 In a soot-covered dress, the child Night Shadow reaches out, crying and screaming.

 [Tajima! I’m counting on you!]

 [Captain Night Shadow. But…]

 [Just go! Chijou’s executive… Ego-Ist. This one is strong. I can’t defeat it while protecting you all!]

 [Ugh… understood. We’ll bring reinforcements for sure!]

 Saying that, Tajima runs in the opposite direction, carrying the child Night Shadow. The desperate cries of Night Shadow’s mom weigh heavily on my heart. At this point, the scene shifts back to the present.

 [Don’t… mock me!]

 Night Shadow exerted strength into the hand holding the weapon, managing to escape from the restrained state by somehow attacking Yan-de-Rue.

 [Cough! Gah… Hah… hah…]

 Night Shadow crawled on the ground, coughing painfully.

 [Yes… Remember. I… I have to become stronger than anyone else!]

 Night Shadow aimed the weapon at Yan-de-Rue. However, the weapon was sent flying far away due to Yan-de-Rue’s attack.

 [It was almost there! Now, onward, deeper into the unknown!!]

 Yan-de-Rue advanced toward Night Shadow. However, gunshots flew in, halting the advance.

 [Eek! The third Driver. Lightning Hopper!!]

 [Chijou… defeat!]

 With unparalleled precision, Lightning Hopper cornered Yan-de-Rue with precise shots.

 But interfering with that was Tora-uma, emerging from the shadows.

 [Now is the time. Escape, Yan-de-Rue. I can’t afford to lose you in the middle of the plan.]

 [I’ll run even without you telling me!]

 With Tora-uma’s intervention, Yan-de-Rue quickly escapes from the scene.

 [You again. Don’t get in the way!]

 [Sorry, but I’ll be leaving here too.]

 Having avoided Lightning Hopper’s attack, Tora-uma enters the shadows and disappears somewhere. It’s unfair to appear and escape freely as long as there are shadows. But being a executive, it’s natural to be this strong.

 [Are you okay…?]


 Night Shadow stands up without taking Lightning Hopper’s extended hand. It seemed like her own pride was peeking through.

 [Yan-de-Rue and Tora-uma seem to be planning something.]

 Tachibana, who released the transformation, adjusts his glasses with a quick motion.

 For some reason, just that was enough to trigger a few people in here, who were taken away by the legal instructor to the re-education room.

 It was a scene that happened every time, but somehow there were always one or two guys who reacted to this place.

 [I know! That’s why, I have to stop them at all costs!!]

 Night Shadow muttered in frustration, hitting the wall, then straddled the bike she had ridden and sped off somewhere.

 [That’s the story. This is the information that was relayed by our collaborator, Tachibana Zanki. There is no doubt that Yan-de-Rue and Tora-uma are planning something.]

 The scene changed, and Commander Tajima, who had finished explaining, rested both elbows on the table and clasped her hands in front of her face.

 The squad members who were in the conference room left to start their actions according to Commander Tajima’s instructions.

 Looking closely, Night Shadow’s figure was not there.

 As one of the soldiers who received the order, Kagami entered the dressing room after the other soldiers had changed, and put on the SYUKUJYO uniform.

 [How long do we have to keep doing this?]

 Normally, there should be a commercial break at this time, but for some reason, there was no CM today.

 The screen continued to show Kagami’s flashback scene.

 [You are Kagami Natsuki, right?]

 The one who spoke was Commander Tajima.

 A person wrapped in a blanket appears in the corner of a pitch-black room.

 The blanket was slightly lifted and Kagami showed a frightened face, and the scene jumped to the past flashback.


 Chijou who harm the ordinary citizens were shown.

 A person who looked like a mother ran away with a small Kagami’s hand.

 She showed a panicked face.

 [Give us, the boy! Hand over, the boy!!]

 The two try to escape to a shelter, but the path leading there was blocked by Chijou’s attack.

 [Over here!]

 In a moment’s decision, the mom led him to a nearby warehouse, hiding Kagami in a cramped space.

 [mom, I… ]

 [It’s okay, Natsuki.]

 With an anxious expression, his mom gently stroked Kagami’s head.

 [Natsuki, listen. If, for some reason, I can’t come back, from now on, you’ll live as a girl.]

 [mom, not coming back…? No way!]

 [I’m sorry. You can resent me as much as you want for this, but I believe living as a girl will offer you a safer and more peaceful world than living as a boy. So, okay?]


 It’s not an unusual story.

 Even in the real world, there are many boys with female faces who dress up as girls when they go out, and it is common for boys to actually identify themselves as girls until puberty.

 While the two are talking, some Chijou come into the warehouse.

 […! Natsuki. It’s okay. Leave it to mom!]

 His mom closed the door inside the warehouse and purposely made a sound to make Chijou follow her.

 The screen then returns to the present day.

 [I heard you’re actually a boy.]

 Kagami nods slightly at Commander Tajima’s gentle question.

 [Your mom was attacked by Chijou and is currently receiving treatment at SYUKUJYO hospital.]

 [Is mom safe!?]

 Commander Tajima neither confirmed nor denied Kagami’s question.

 [Your mom is alive and uninjured. But… she hasn’t regained consciousness.]

 Kagami hugged his mom, who was lying on the bed, and cried out her name.

 Commander Tajima watched him with a pained expression.

 [You have two choices. You can either stay in the facility as a boy under SYUKUJYO’s protection, or you can live a normal life as a girl… well, not exactly normal, but with some freedom. Either way, I’ll support you fully.]

 The child Kagami wiped his tears and looked straight at Commander Tajima.

 [I want to live as a girl from now on. So, please make me a member of SYUKUJYO!]

 I see, so this is how Kagami became a member of SYUKUJYO.

 Kagami aimed to live a normal life among girls to become an ordinary SYUKUJYO. As he became involved in Chijou, he gradually discovered that the cause of Chijouization on the female side was not unrelated to the male side. Merely hating Chijou wouldn’t solve this problem.

 In the midst of Kagami’s struggles, Kenzaki Souji appeared. Unlike conventional Drivers, Kenzaki not only defeated but also saved their hearts. Kagami was moved by his kindness, strength, and unwavering determination. Well, it’s annoying. Even if all the girls in the world like Kenzaki, I dislike this guy. Because…

 [Agent Kagami, can you deploy? Chijou has appeared.]

 [Understood. I’m heading there now.]

 In the city where Chijou ran rampant, Yan-de-Rue was at the center.

 Night Shadow, the first to rush to the scene, launches an attack against Chijou. The SYUKUJYO members who arrived without delay support Night Shadow while guiding the evacuation of the citizens.

 [Come on, why are you getting in the way! You’re all women too!!]

 Yan-de-Rue launches an attack against Night Shadow. Although Night Shadow skillfully avoids the opponent’s attacks and counterattacks, she realizes that there are ordinary citizens in the line of the enemy’s attack and try to intercept the attack to protect the citizens.

 It’s a reckless move, but as a member of SYUKUJYO, she must protect the ordinary citizens. I felt the pride of Night Shadow Misa as a member of SYUKUJYO.

 [I won’t let you do that!]

 Kamishiro intervenes and intercepts the attack launched by Yan-de-Rue with the beloved sword Caliburn. Unable to withstand the unnecessarily cool posing, a few more participants drop out.

 [What’s going on? Seriously!]

 Kamishiro engages in a flashy sword dance, battling Yan-de-Rue.

 Is it just my imagination, or do the action scenes seem to be getting better with each episode after 14?

 [Come! Poison Chalice!]

 Kamishiro transforms while fighting and corners Yan-de-Rue.


 Yan-de-Rue tries to escape again.

 But there’s another Driver there.

 [Where are you going, lady? Surely you’re not planning to ditch our date, right?]

 Yes, about 10 people died in one go.

 There’s even a legal instructor among the fallen, but let’s pretend I didn’t see that.

 I’ll say it again, I really dislike this guy. Why is he so full of himself? Does he think every woman in the world likes him? Just so you know, I’m definitely not one of them.


 Even though it’s something he does every time, a few people are still taken away here.

 [Kyaa. Truly, Lord Heaven’s Sword, how cool!!]

 Yan-de-Rue’s eyes turned into heart marks as she wriggled her body.

 Exquisitely disturbing. This one. For a moment, the words “disgust” crossed my mind, but I shouldn’t have felt this uncomfortable… probably.

 [But I’m sorry. Because we are tragic heroes and heroines, we will never be united! So, yes. Embrace my chest and die!!]

 Yan-de-Rue spreads both hands wide.

 Then, civilians from the surrounding shadows appear.

 Looking into their eyes, they seem hollow, giving an impression of being somewhere sick.

 [These people…!]

 Kagami accesses the database of SYUKUJYO.

 Then, recently, the list of people who went missing completely matched the appearance of ordinary citizens who appeared.

 [Now, go!]

 The appeared ordinary citizens launch attacks towards the Driver.

 Probably, they are being controlled by Yan-de-Rue.


 The SYUKUJYO members were bewildered. Heaven’s Sword tried to knock out the opponents with his palm strikes, avoiding to hurt them as much as possible, but the girls who had turned into zombies kept getting up.

 Poison Chalice realized that this was going nowhere and prepared to attack with his weapon.

 But at that moment, he remembered the mother and daughter who worked at the cafe and hesitated to strike.

 [You cowards! Fight fair and square!!]

 He shouted.

 In response, a familiar voice answered.

 [Coward? There is no such thing as cowardice in a fight]

 I had a rough idea of what was going on, but it was still a shock to see Chijou’s executive, Tora-uma, joining the battle with a wicked smile. She must have captured many citizens in her shadows and brainwashed them with Yan-de-Rue’s dark power.

 The situation seemed to turn against them, but as soon as Tora-uma showed up, someone launched an attack.

 [I won’t let you have your way!]

 Lightning Hopper, as usual, showned his butt. Here, a few more people dropped out. Before they knew it, they were in a field hospital situation.

 [Could it be, you’ve been following me all this time?]

 Lightning Hopper’s appearance managed to restrain Tora-uma, but the situation didn’t change at all. Poison Chalice tried to attack the civilians who attacked him several times, but he hesitated and struggled every time.

 His encounter with Kenzaki and the others, and the mother of the coffee shop, must have changed him. Kenzaki and the others, who were on the defensive, were running out of steam. One by one, the members of SYUKUJYO also fell. And finally, even the Drivers who were trying to break the brainwashing of the civilians knelt down and untransformed.

 [Bwahahahaha! SYUKUJYO, and the Drivers. You guys are done too.]

 Here, the prisoners around me also stood up and shouted, “Don’t lose, don’t lose.”

 Under normal circumstances, they would have been sent to the re-education room, but the law enforcement officer was also enthusiastic, and that wasn’t the case.

 [Am I… Am I only capable of watching here?]

 In Kagami’s mind, memories of his mom flashed back.

 [I think there’s a safer and more peaceful world waiting for Natsuki if she lives as a girl rather than as a boy.]

 Kagami’s promise with mom bound his heart as he tried to stand up.

 Yes, it’s better not to listen to what mom says and not stand up.

 I whispered that to myself in my heart.

 No matter how you look at it, it’s a despairing situation, and even if Kagami tried to stand up alone, I don’t think things will turn around from here. Above all, when they have taken brainwashed ordinary citizens as hostages, in the end, it’s a defensive battle.

 [Not yet…!]

 Kagami looked at Kenzaki, who was trying to stand up with a strained voice.

 [It’s useless! You understand that, don’t you? Why bother standing up?]

 Kenzaki reached out and pointed to the sky.

 [My mom said, in life, humans encounter unreasonable things, and there are days when they are crushed by their own powerlessness. Sometimes, they hit a high wall and are repelled, or they face the impossible that they can never overturn. At such times, it’s okay to run away… Haha, surely, this was my mother’s kindness shown to me.]

 Tora-uma, Yan-de-Rue, Night Shadow, Kamishiro, Tachibana, and Kagami, as well as us viewers watching in front of the screen, all gaze intently at Kenzaki.

 […I’m sorry, mother. I’m going against mom’s orders. Because if I don’t give up, if I stand up, I can still fight!!]

 The unexpected cancellation causes a stir around me.

 [Kenzaki Souji said, “If you’re supposed to be a hero, if you strive to be a hero, never give up, no matter how despairing the situation!”]

 Tachibana and Kamishiro slowly rise.

 I… I still hate this guy.

 With just one word, with just one action, he involves everyone around.

 After all, if you see such a sight, you can’t give up anymore.

 Seriously… What am I doing!

 I felt Kagami’s, no, Toa-kun’s inner voice and was taken aback.

 [Ugh… In such a situation, what can anyone possibly do now!]

 Tachibana stood up and took off his glasses with a twisted frame.

 A scream rose around me from his painful expression.

 [Sure, it’s irrational to say the least… But you know, the heart can’t be moved by reason alone.]

 Kamishiro wiped the blood from his lips.

 His feet were wobbly, and he looked like he would collapse at any moment.

 [Ha… I thought you were a hopeless guy, but this is the first time we agree on something, Tachibana. Look at me. I’m still fine.]

 He was clearly bluffing.

 But none of these boys were giving up.


 The ordinary citizens controlled by Yan-de-Rue’s orders clung to the three of them.

 Seeing that, Kagami clenched his fist and stood up.


 When I realized it, I was muttering that.

 [I’m sorry, mom. I’m sure you wanted me to live in a peaceful and safe world. But… I want to fight with Kenzaki and the others!]

 Kagami, who had just started running, and Toa’s figure overlapped. Looking at him taking a step forward, the weight of my committed sins tightened my heart. It’s not a problem that can be solved by a simple apology. Nevertheless, as I watch Toa running, I continue to apologize to him in my heart.

 [Senpai, I’ll borrow this!]


 Kagami takes the fallen Night Shadow’s weapon and stands in front of Yan-de-Rue.

 [I… My name is Kagami Natsuki! I’m… a man!!]

 [Huh!? There’s no way such a cute boy exists!]

 Kagami launches an attack against Yan-de-Rue. Whether surprised by the sudden attack or shocked to learn that Kagami is a man, Yan-de-Rue takes an instant hit to the antennae on its head. At that moment, several ordinary citizens who had clung to Kenzaki and the others fall to the ground.

 [I see. If only I can cut off those antennae…]

 [Damn! I let my guard down, but it won’t hit me the second time!!]

 Kagami does not give up and launches an attack, but Yan-de-Rue blocks every attack.

 Taking advantage of this opportunity, the cunning Tora-uma sneaks up to Kagami, but the one who stops it is Commander Tajima, who rushes to the scene on a bike.

 [Do not get in the way!]

 [That’s my line. Didn’t I tell you not to act like a fool when the man was trying to stand up?]

 Although Commander Tajima’s actions are not flashy, she keeps Tora-uma’s actions in check with minimal movements.

 [Look, what can a mere mortal boy do?]

 On the other hand, Kagami is extremely poor.

 As time passed, he became defensive against Yan-de-Rue’s attack.

 [Still…Still! I don’t want to be protected by someone anymore!! I won’t run away anymore! Because, I, I… I want to save Chijou, you, you, along with Kenzaki and the others. Yes!!]

 A tear rolled down my cheek naturally.

 As if answering Kagami’s… no, Toa-kun’s voice, a stag beetle appeared out of nowhere and danced in the sky.

 Seeing that, Kenzaki shook off the people who clung to his body and ran out.

 Kenzaki picked up the belt that Night Shadow had dropped and threw it to Toa-kun.

 [Kagami! It takes courage to confess something. It hurts to overcome something. But still… still! I dare to say it to you! Reach out… reach out your hand!!]


 This person.

 After the incident, I was told how much Toa-kun had suffered.

 I always wondered how he could stand up like this.

 But at this moment, everything fell into place in my mind.

 It was this person, Kenzaki, no, Shirogane Aqua who saved Toa-kun’s heart.

 [Lend me… lend me, your power!]

 Everyone thought stag beetles would descend from the sky. However, the stag beetle only spins around in the air and doesn’t make any further movements. Is it really impossible? The moment everyone thought so, Toa reached out towards the sky.

 [I am weak! But… because I am weak, I believe that I must have a heart that can save others!! That’s why!]

 In response to Toa’s shout, a beautiful butterfly descended from the sky, as if answering. The moment the butterfly touched Toa’s outstretched fingertips, there was something in his hand for transformation.

 [Thank you for coming to someone like me.]

 With a belt around his waist, Toa held up the beautiful butterfly’s transformation tool in front of his face.


 The fourth male Driver in history. Someday it was bound to happen, probably everyone knew it in their hearts. However, borrowing Tachibana’s words, everyone’s hearts alone cannot move it. The viewing room is in an uproar, but it’s no longer about going to the reeducation room.

 I was glued to the screen in front of me.

 [Masked Driver, Butterfly Mask!]

 Ah… Ah!

 How, how beautiful it is.

 A pure white Driver like an unblemished swan.

 Compared to other Drivers, Butterfly Mask has slender body lines and an overall sense of sharpness.

 Above all, the most distinctive features are the large cape on the shoulders and a spear longer than their height.

 [I haven’t heard of a fourth Driver!?]

 Yan-de-Rue panics.

 At this moment, a new song by Toa-kun plays in the background.

 As Butterfly Mask starts moving in sync with it, he quickly close the distance with Yan-de-Rue with light steps.

 [Eek! W-What are you guys doing!!]

 Yan-de-Rue incites the general combatant Chijou against Butterfly Mask.

 But Chijou, who was toyed with by Butterfly Mask’s dancing steps, was easily defeated by the spear handling that looked like a dance.

 It was different from Kenzaki’s powerful action, Kamishiro’s cool action, and Tachibana’s action with little movement. Butterfly Mask’s action was brilliant and graceful, and we were fascinated by its beauty in front of the screen.

 [This looks bad, and in times like this, running away is the best option!]

 While it incited Chijou, Yan-de-Rue ran away to a far place.

 Butterfly Mask spread his cloak wide in the air and held his spear.

 [Armor Purge!]

 Butterfly Mask became sharper.

 Somehow, the white armor with silver lines after the armor purge reminded me of Shirogane Aqua, and I hated it.


 As time accelerated, the spread mantle in the air transformed into glossy butterfly wings.

 [Yan-de-Rue, you won’t escape. Release everyone’s hearts!]

 The Butterfly Mask, closing the distance in an instant, cut off the antennae above Yan-de-Rue’s head.

 [Aaaaaah! My lovely cute antennae!]

 Yan-de-Rue rolled, holding its head. By cutting Yan-de-Rue’s antennae, the ordinary citizens who were restraining Kenzaki, Tachibana, and Kamishiro were freed.

 [Over the Time, Clockout!]

 The accelerated world returned to normal. Kagami, now back to normal, reached out towards Yan-de-Rue.

 [I want to hear your story, Yan-de-Rue.]

 [My story…?]

 Yan-de-Rue tilted its head at Kagami’s words. In response, Kagami nodded.

 [No one had ever listened to my story before… and yet, are you willing to listen to me?]

 [Yes. And, it’s not just me who wants to hear your story.]

 As Kagami turned around, Kenzaki and the others, their restraints now released, rushed over.


 Yan-de-Rue reached out, but a voice echoed in her mind.

 Yan-de-Rue, originally just an ordinary civilian, had turned into Chijou because she was deceived and abandoned by sweet words from a man, causing her heart to break. The memories of that time were pulling her back towards Chijou.

 [Ah, ah, ah… I didn’t want to do this!!]


 For a moment, Yan-de-Rue, showing her human form from when she was still human, seemed to move her lips. If only a little sooner, if only a bit more, she might have been able to reach out to her and save her. But now, it was all too late.

 Now, the Yan-de-Rue when she was a human has completely disappeared, and the Yan-de-Rue now, tainted by Chijou, stood before the four.

 [I am Yan-de-Rue, a candidate for Chijou’s executive, here to deal with Chijou’s enemy, Driver!]

 Kagami once again fastened the belt around his waist.

 [Yan-de-Rue, your last words asking me to stop you reached me properly. So…!]

 It was a sorrowful transformation. As Kagami became a Driver, he delivered the finishing blow to Yan-de-Rue with his spear.

 [Thank you… I’m sorry…]

 Those were Yan-de-Rue’s final words. Her words were not broken but rather fluent, like that of a Tora-uma. I think her transformation into Chijou had progressed considerably.

 Anyway, she had stacked up too many sins to be saved. No… a sin is a sin, even if it happens only once. It’s a story unrelated to the victim. So, I don’t think I’ll be saved either.


 Kagami showed a frustrated face.

 There are many unreasonable things in the world, as long as you live… He remembered the words that Kenzaki had said.

 But the four boys, they each had their own determination in their hearts and only looked forward.

 We, the viewer, didn’t expect that there would be no commercials until this point, but it should be over soon.

 Everyone thought so.

 But the next moment, a beam of light flew out of nowhere and attacked Kagami.

 He closed his eyes, ready to take the direct hit.

 But he felt something was wrong, since there was no damage.

 He slowly opened his eyes, and then he was shocked.

 [Kagami… Don’t let your guard down.]

 The gentle smile of Kenzaki, who had covered him, was shown in a close-up.

 And then, he collapsed in front of Kagami.

 [Ke… Kenzaki…?]

 Kenzaki had shielded Kagami from the attack that was aimed at him.

 Kagami, who knelt on the ground, called out to Kenzaki over and over.

 Amidst everyone’s agitation, one Chijou appears. Kamishiro is the first to notice Chijou’s presence.

 [Who are you!]

 I’ve seen this Chijou somewhere before… Ah. As I realize, Night Shadow blurts out in a strained voice.


 That’s right. I recall that this Chijou took the life of Night Shadow’s mom. Along with the breath of Egoist, the screen goes dark, and at the bottom right, the words “to be continued…” are displayed.

 Huh? Is it ending here…?

 In front of us, dumbfounded, Driver’s new opening plays with ED credits. The fists of the four extended: Shirogane Aqua, Tenga Akira, Mayuzumi Shintaro, and Nekoyama Toa… The cuts of these four continue.

 Four drivers riding bikes in the wilderness. Even though we finally gathered four drivers, those who are watching are no longer paying attention.

 Huh? Are we supposed to cross the year like this?

 Inside the viewing room, it’s chaos. Even the law instructors have completely forgotten their jobs. I stand up and, alone, start walking towards the re-education room.

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